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					                      Boobie Bracelet Controversy
Read the following articles to get an idea of what the story is about:

 You are a journalist. You have just been assigned to cover this story. You go to the
school to interview students and take pictures. Below is some of the information you

WHO: Middle school students

WHAT: They want to wear “I Heart Boobies” Bracelets.

Where: At school

When: Modern day

Why: To support breast cancer research

                                  Quotes from students:

Bobby, 13: “I support anything that says Boobies!”

Genny, 12: “ It makes me feel uncomfortable. I wore the bracelets once and the boys kept
staring at me’”

Samantha, 13: “ I wear them because my mom just beat cancer. I feel like I am helping

Joan, 14: “Who cares, it is just a stupid bracelet”

Shawn, 13: “I hate it when people tell me what I can and can’t do, I am grown up enough
to make my own decisions”

Stephanie, 12: “I wanted to wear one, but my mom wouldn’t let me”
                           Images from the school that day:

    Selling the bracelets has made 65,000 for charity
    30 Students have been suspended for wearing the bracelets
    3 fights have broken out due to the bracelets, one landed a student in the hospital
       for a week