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									  The Art & Technique of Creating Beaded Jewelry
               Apollo Career Center Class Syllabus
Welcome to a fun and creative class about basic beaded jewelry making! I
hope you will learn some new techniques and find some inspiration to create
some beautiful pieces of jewelry! Remember to relax, have fun and be as
creative as you want to be! Feel free to ask questions at any time.

      Instructor:
          o Kim Leopold of Dream Lily Designs Jewelry
          o Contact Information: 586-215-1068 /
      Class Date / Times:
           Part 1: Mondays – March 14, 21, 28
           Part 2: Mondays – April 11, 18, 25
           6-8pm
      Basic Supplies ($50 class fee) Includes the following items:
          o Over 1,000 types of beads – stone, shell, acrylic,
             glass and metal
          o Findings – Clasps, Ear wires, crimps, crimp covers,
             chain, etc. as needed for the projects
          o Beading Wire (.018” Gold or Silver)
      Additional Supplies Needed:
          o Jewelry Pliers
                  Round Nose Pliers (Required): Used for wire loops,
                    and most other curved or rounded shapes in jewelry
                    metals. We will use them for making loops for earrings /
                  Flat Nose Pliers (Required): Used for gripping
                    wire/beads, bending, opening and closing things,
                    straightening things out, etc.
                  Crimp Pliers (Optional): Used for closing crimp beads
                    (also can use Flat Nose Pliers for this)
                  Nipper / Cutter Pliers (Optional): Used to cut wire
                    (these are sometimes “combined” in some of the above
                    pliers, so may not be needed. However, still good to
                    have for smaller gage wires as the cutter on pliers may
                    get worn if used for small things all the time.
          o Beading Mat / Design Tray
                  Sample Mat (provided during class hours) to keep beads
                    from rolling off the table
                  Bead Design Tray (Optional): Allows for better
                    measurement of your designs, multi-strand designs, etc.
   Topics & Projects Made Spring Classes:
      o Part 1 Class
              March 14: 4 pairs of earrings
              March 21: Bracelet and Anklet
              March 28: Necklace
              **If you do not wish to make the item of the night, I will allow
                substitutions for other items on the additional project list –
                please ask.**

       o Part 2 Class (Requires separate registration and completion of
         Part 1 or experienced jewelry skills required)
             April 11: Memory Wire Bracelet & Ring, Cell Phone / Purse
                Charm, Keychain
             April 18: 4 Wine glass charms, Charm Bracelet
             April 25: 2 Wire wrapped wine glasses
             **If you do not wish to make the item of the night, I will allow
                substitutions for other items on the additional project list –
                please ask.**

   Additional projects can be made each night (if time permits)
      o Additional fees will be as follows and will need to be paid at time of
          making the item:
              Earrings $3.00
              Bracelets / Anklet $10.00
              Necklaces $20.00
              2 Wire Wrapped Wine Glasses $15.00
              Charm Bracelet $15.00
              Memory Wire Bracelet $15.00
              Memory Wire Ring $5.00
              Keychain / Cell Phone Charm $5.00
              4 Wine Glass Charms $10.00

   Take Home Kits / Optional “Homework”
       o Make your own “kit” of supplies for specific items to practice at
          home (priced same as additional projects listed above). Spend $30
          in “kits” and get two earring “kits” free!
       o Certain supplies (such as clasps, beads, etc) may be sold
          separately for home project practice as well – please ask if you are

   Sources of Inspiration
      o My website, – lots of jewelry creations
         of mine, information about local craft shows, etc.
      o Rena Klingenberg,
         – tons of articles on jewelry making, selling, success tips, etc. One
         of my favorite sources of inspiration!

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