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Advanced Systems that offer the Ultimate View
Never before has the tracking of offenders been so advanced, effective and affordable.
GPS, the key component of our systems, is the latest satellite technology available. It is the
most effective system on earth for pinpointing exact locations.
Unlike more conventional "house arrest" products used today, our systems uses SMART®
(Satellite Monitoring And Remote Tracking) to assist parole officers in tracking offenders
closely and effectively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
On any given day, 5 million offenders in the U.S. are either on probation, parole or some
other form of community supervision. These same offenders account for 33% of violent
crimes. These staggering statistics lead to the founding of Pro Tech Monitoring, Inc. and the
creation of SMART® System Technology.
At Pro Tech, our experienced staff is dedicated to providing the criminal justice community
with better technology to keep offenders under effective supervision. Systems that aid in
public safety, encourage rehabilitation, and modify behavior. For just a fraction of the cost
of incarceration, you can reach your ultimate goal of public safety, of people feeling
comfortable and secure in their communities.

 Company Profile
 Pro Tech Monitoring, founded in 1995, has been a leader in the GPS offender tracking
 market since 1997. Pro Tech Monitoring Inc. is a Delaware Corporation founded in July of
 1995. Pro Tech is headquartered in Odessa, Florida, and currently employs
 approximately 45 people.

 Using the experience gained in tracking more than 20,000 offenders, Pro Tech has
 continually improved the SMART® system over the last four years resulting in a mature
 product that is ideally suited to meet the pilot testing requirements of the New York
 State Division of Parole.

 The SMART® system is currently in use with more then 120 Federal, State, county and
 local government agencies, including the Florida Department of Corrections, Colorado
 Department of Corrections, Kansas Department of Corrections, Texas Department of
 Criminal Justice, U.S Pretrial and Probation agencies and numerous private agencies
 supporting pre and post adjudication offenders. To date, Pro Tech Monitoring is the only
 company in the world that has successfully fielded equipment to track offenders using

 The Pro Tech Monitoring SMART® System utilizes GPS position information from US DoD
 Satellites, the cellular networking system, proprietary software, our Customer Call
 Center and our Surveillance Data Center to make the SMART® System a reliable and
 user friendly offender tracking tool for corrections officers.

 Pro Tech's SMART® system provides real time tracking of offenders (active tracking),
 and post-process, or passive tacking capabilities. An ankle bracelet transmitter
 electronically tethers the offender to a Portable Tracking Device, or the Miniature
 Tracking Device, which communicates position and compliance information to the
 Surveillance Data Center over a wireless connection (active), or a standard land-line
 connection (passive). Corrections officers are provided with unlimited access to the
 stored data via a secure Internet connection or by contacting our 24/ 7 call center. Data
 availability is guaranteed by multiple redundant phone lines, back up power supplies, an
 emergency generator and a mirrored, fully capable back up facility located 15 miles away
 from our primary facility. Tracking data less than one year old is available on-line and
 data older than one year is stored indefinitely and is available on an unlimited basis upon

 Pro Tech provides notification of non-compliance via pager, email and/ or fax. Victims
 and potential victims may also be equipped with a pager to provide early warning of an
 offender entering a specified exclusion zone (active tracking only). To aid in assessing
 offender compliance trends, Pro Tech makes several violation summary reports available
 for on-line viewing or printing. Equipment usage reports, maintenance reports, and other
 summary level reports are also available.

 One of the most useful tools provided as part of the system is the mapping capability,
 which is accessed via secure Intemet for displaying real time position and historical
 tracking data. The proprietary mapping software provides the officer with a useful tool
 for viewing an offenders position and tracks relative to established inclusion zones and
 exclusion zones that have been established by the corrections officer for the offender.
 Compliant and non-compliant points are easily discernable with time, speed and direction
 information also displayed.

 The Pro Tech SMART® System is the only field proven GPS tracking system for offenders
 in the world. The system is available today; with no risk or developmental learning curve
 associated with the Pro Tech system.

                                  Executive Bios:

Steve Chapin - President, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Chapin joined Pro Tech as President and Chief Executive Officer in August 2001. He has
more than 15 years of experience in senior management positions in the aerospace
avionics and electronics industry, most recently having served as Business Unit Manager
for Goodrich Corporation, Avionics and Lighting Division. Prior to that, he served as Vice
President of Sales and Marketing for Gables Engineering, an avionics manufacturer, where
he was instrumental in leading the company to record growth during his 10 years with the
organization. Mr. Chapin brings strong business development (U.S. and international);
government and commercial contracting; and design, development and manufacturing
experience to Pro Tech that will be instrumental in leading the Company's continued
success and future growth as the industry leader in satellite surveillance and tracking
services. Mr. Chapin is a private pilot and a graduate of The Georgia Institute of
Technology where he received a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering.

Robert P. Posavec - Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Posavec joined the Company as Chief Financial Officer in May 1998 after serving as
Vice President of Finance at the Bannex Corporation, a computer service provider, which
was sold to Wang Global. Prior to this, Mr. Posavec served as Controller and Treasurer of
Morrison International (and its subsidiary Alternative Optical), a manufacturer and
distributor of prescription eyewear. For the twelve preceding years, he held financial
positions of increasing levels of responsibility with the Procter & Gamble Company, most
recently as Plant Financial Manager at P&G's Folger Coffee plant in New Orleans, Louisiana.
He is a Certified Public Accountant and a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia,
where he received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.
J. Chris Defant - Vice President of Engineering
An Electrical Engineer, Mr. Defant worked as a senior engineer for Honeywell Space and
Strategic Systems designing computer hardware and control systems for the NASA Space
Shuttle and Space Station Freedom from 1985 to 1990. In 1987 he co-founded National
Computer Claim Services, Inc. From 1990 to 1995 he served as Vice President of
Operations for Envoy Corporation which processed electronic medical and dental insurance
claims. In 1995, Mr. Defant co-founded Pro Tech and became Vice President of
Engineering. Mr. Defant is a graduate of the University of Alabama and holds a B.S. degree
in Electrical Engineering.

David Segal - Vice President of Software Development
Also an Electrical Engineer, Mr. Segal worked as a senior engineer for Honeywell Space and
Strategic Systems in the capacity of lead software engineer and technical director for all
department software projects related to remote telecommunications control and data
acquisition systems from 1989 to 1994. In 1987 he co-founded National Computer Claim
Service, Inc. From 1994 to 1995 he served as Principle Project Engineer for Envoy
Corporation which processed electronic medical and dental insurance claims. In 1995, Mr.
Segal co-founded Pro Tech and became Vice President of Software Development. Mr. Segal
is a graduate of the University of South Florida and holds a B.S. degree in Electrical

Richard Nimer - Director of Business Development
Mr. Nimer joined the Pro Tech team in March 2003 after a distinguished 20-year career
with the Florida Department of Corrections. In 1986 he started the Electronic Monitoring
program in Florida, and is widely known as an innovator and pioneer in GPS tracking of
felony offenders. He served two terms on the Board of Directors of the American Probation
and Parole Association and is currently on the Board of Directors of the American
Correctional Association. Mr. Nimer has won numerous awards for his development of
correctional programs for the inmate and offender populations and has served on
numerous State and National task forces and boards involving substance abuse and various
offender programs. Mr. Nimer received his BA from Loyola University in New Orleans and
completed his MA at Florida State University.

            SMART® Passive Tracking System
SMART® Passive Tracking offers conventional house arrest plus permanent historical
record of offender movement on a daily basis.

SMART® Passive Tracking is truly advanced technology. It not only ensures offenders are
within the confines of their homes, but by utilizing the Global Positioning System (GPS) and
our patented SMART® (Satellite Monitoring And Remote Tracking) technology, it also
monitors their movements outside the home. All for about the same cost per day as
conventional house arrest systems.

How Does it Work?

SMART® Passive Tracking utilizes Pro Tech's state of the art Miniature Tracking Device
(MTD), which combines our proven GPS, based technology with our tracking software.

The MTD is a small, rugged device that clips on an offender's belt and is "tethered" to the
offender using a tamper-resistant ankle bracelet. The high sensitivity GPS receiver tracks
offenders when outside the home, even in low signal environments. When the MTD is placed
in the Docking Station, charging commences and the MTD reports all offender information to
Pro Tech's Offender Tracking Center (OTC) via a landline. At the same time, the MTD
reports all offender information to Pro Tech's Surveillance Data Center (SDC) via landline.
Immediately an offender's tracking history, including violations, becomes available to
authorities. This information can be accessed at any time by utilizing Pro Tech's PCE
mapping software and a secure Internet connection.

                                    OTHER KEY POINTS

Latest upgrades to the Passive System include: The addition of point and click reference
labels on the maps, inclusion and exclusion zones, notification of violation cleared, one-time
schedule changes, and expanded reporting capability.

Call us at 1-888-67-SMART, to discover how SMART® Passive Tracking can give you the
Ultimate View.

         DEVICE (MTD               (CHARGING STAND)               (BRACELET)
        Dimensions: 4.2" wide        Dimensions: 3" tall x        Dimensions: 2.5" tall x
        x 3.5" tall x 1.6" thick     5.2" wide x 2.6" thick       2.25" wide x 0.8" thick
        Weight: 15 oz.                                            ' Hypoallergenic 1.25"
                                     Charges the MTD              wide x 0
        Water resistant
                                     Connect to a standard        12" thick strap
        Large LCD for                I IOV power outlet           Weight: 6 oz. Uses an
        messaging                                                 encrypted signal that
        Integrated state of the      LED lights indicate:         frequency hops
        art GPS receiver             "Power On "Violation"
                                     "Phone in Use" and           Signals MTD of strap
        Audible and/or vibrate       "Phone Line                  tampering
        signaling of violations      Disconnected"
        and messages                                              Range to tracking
                                     Built-in high-speed          device: 125- 150 feet
        Stores rules and             modem
        schedules                                                 Waterproof to one
                                     14 hr. built-in back up      atmosphere
        18 hour usable life          battery
        between charges
                                     ANI (Automatic
        Recharge time:               Number
        approximately 4-6 hrs.       Identification)-
                                     prevents offender from
                                     relocating the unit to
                                     an unauthorized phone

                                     Notifies the offender
                                     via an audible,
                                     progressive "beep"
                                     when the phone line is
                                     in use and
                                     communication with
                                     the SDC (Surveillance
                                     Data Center) at Pro
                                     Tech Monitoring is
Unlike conventional electronic monitoring devices,, SMART® Active Tracking offers a means
of intensive supervision at an affordable price. It tracks an offender closely and effectively,
24/7 using Global Positional System (GPS) location information and the wireless network.

How does it work?

The key components of the SMART® Active Tracking System are a Portable Tracking Device
(PTD), ankle bracelet, charging stand, and GPS satellites.

Offenders are fitted with a tamper-resistant ankle bracelet and assigned a PTD to keep near
them at all times. The ankle bracelet acts as an "electronic tether" which transmits signals
to the PTD.

The PTD uses GPS signals and a wireless network to locate and report an offender's every
move. The PTD monitors the signal strength of the GPS satellites to ensure accurate location
information and incorporates a motion detector to monitor movement in areas of insufficient
GPS signal strength. Pro Tech's Offender Tracking Center (OTC) monitors this information.
The PTD is equipped with an LCD, used to notify the offender of violations and for sending
text messages from the agency. This patented communication capability has demonstrated
it's effectiveness in modifying offender behavior and reducing recidivism.

Authorities can even create multiple Inclusion and Exclusion zones, and be notified by fax,
pager or email whenever a zone violation occurs.

Call us at 1-888-67-SMART, to discover how SMART® Active Tracking can give you the
Ultimate View.

       2" wide x 4" tall x 6" thick Weight: 3.8 pounds including batteries
       Rechargeable 18 hour battery
       GPS receiver
       Bracelet receiver
       Motion detectors
       Cellular transceiver
       Computer & memory
       GPS, cellular and bracelet antennas
       Speaker (audible violation notification)
       Tamper resistant
       Case and cover
   Dimensions: 2.5" tall x 2.25" wide x 0.8" thick
   Hypoallergenic 1.25" wide x 0.12"thick strap
   Weight: 6 oz.
   Uses an encrypted signal that frequency hops
   Signals PTD of strap tampering
   Range to tracking device: 125- 150 feet
   Waterproof to 3 atmospheres


   Battery recharged on a daily basis.

   Tamper Detection: Tampering and/ or removal of the bracelet results in a violation
   notification to the offender, departmental staff, correction officers and victims.

          Offender Tracking Center (OTC)
            Our Surveillance Data Center & Customer Call Center
 The Surveillance Data Center is automated to provide tracking information 24 hours a
 day 7 days a week. The facility is a secure site with limited access and multiple
 redundant phone and data lines. A back-up generator capable of supplying 150% of the
 power required to operate the Center at full capability for an indefinite period of time
 provides power interruption capability.
 Pro Tech has a redundant, mirrored back up system, located off-site that is capable of
 providing full surveillance data access with no interruption of service or loss of data. All
 back up and emergency systems and procedures are continuously tested.
 The Surveillance Data Center contains all of the data storage devices, servers,
 computers, modems, and equipment necessary to track and monitor 100,000 offenders
 and may be easily expanded as required. All historical data is available on-line for one
 year and data more than one year old is saved indefinitely and made available for
 viewing upon request. Data downloaded from the PTD is immediately saved and
 available for the officer.
 No unique or dedicated hardware is required to access the data and utilize the tracking
 monitoring software. This software may be installed on any number of machines. Secure
 Internet connections with password protection ensure system integrity.

 The Customer Call Center (CCC) is staffed 24/7 and may be reached at any time by
 agents with the proper security codes and passwords via a toll free telephone number.
 The customer support technicians that man the CCC are trained and certified. The
 Customer Support Technicians provide technical assistance, and, on request, assist with
 programming, scheduling, rule making, and terminations.

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