Notice Letter of Employee Termination to Client

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To:    (name of employee), (job title)
Subject: Notice of Termination

This is to notify you that as of [date] you are being terminated as a result of [state the

You were observed [Please indicate specifically what took place]

Below you will a summary of the events leading to your discharge. (list any previous
counselings or corrective actions, see the examples below)
    Counseling issued on (date) for (what action)
    Written warning issued on (date) for (what action)
    Performance Improvement Plan issued on (date) for (what action)

This Notification of Termination will be placed in your personnel file and you will
become (ineligible, not recommended) for rehire with Duke in the future. You have the
right to appeal my decision within ten (10) calendar days from the date of this letter
pursuant to the Duke policies and procedures by calling Staff and Labor Relations at 684-
5557. A copy of the Dispute Resolution Procedure is enclosed for your information.

Personal Assistance Service (PAS) is available as a supportive, short-term counseling
resource available for you during this time. PAS may be reached by calling 416-1727.

If you have questions about the continuation of benefits please contact 684-5600.

We will need you to do the following:
___ Return ID Badge
___ Return keys
___ Return all client documents
___ Return manuals, plans, projects and work notes, or other business papers
___ Return company credit cards
___ Return telephone cards
___ Return computer
___ Return cell phone
___ Return all other Department property


[Supervisor name and title]

Standards of Conduct and Performance
Dispute Resolution Procedure

cc: Employee Personnel File
    Human Resources, Staff and Labor Relations


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