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									 Changes in the Education system(Revolutions)
• Shifting the task of educating young ones from
  parents to teachers and from home to school

• Adoption of written word as a tool of education

• Invention of printing and availability of books
  and other teaching learning material
• On account of development of electronics chiefly
  radio, Television, cassette recorder and computer
  and development of systems concept which is
  nothing but a part of educational technology

 Is a science of techniques and methods that are used to
  realize the educational goals:-S. K. Mitra

 Educational technology may be defined as the
  application of laws as well as recent discoveries of science
  and technology to the process of education. S. S.

 A set of systematic techniques and accompanying
  practical knowledge for designing, testing, operating
  schools as educational system” Robert M.Gange
• Educational technology is an applied or practical
  study which aims at maximum educational effect
  by “controlling such relevant facts as educational
  purposes, educational contents, teaching material,
  methods, educational environment, conduct of
  students, behaviour of instructors and inter
  relation between students and instructor. Takshi
• Educational technology is "the application of
  modern skills and techniques to the requirements
  of education and training. Unwin (1969)
    Methods, techniques,
    Laws etc applicable                      Software Approach
     in education

                    Technology of
                                             All Electronic devices
Various systems like testing,                Used in the education
Administration, designing etc                system

               System               Technology in     Hardware
              Approach                Education       Approach
          Nature of Educational Technology
   scientific and systematic in its approach
   believes in the interlink among hardware approach,
    software approach and system approach.
   It is a science that focus on various aspects of
   educational system like
- teaching learning process
-evaluation process
-administration and management process
-teaching learning devices, methods, techniques of
- realization of goals,
- designing the measuring instruments for evaluation of
   teaching learning etc.
     Nature of Educational Technology (cont..)
-   It is more a practical discipline and less a theoretical one.

-   aims for the overall improvement of the system.

-   Not confined to use of electronic media only.

-   It has influenced all stages of education from pre-primary
    to university education, from formal to non-formal etc.

-   Not as a synonym as audio-visual aids

-   Includes instructional technology, teaching technology,
    programmed learning, micro teaching and system
    analysis etc.
         Scope of Educational Technology

   Possibility of use in 3 major areas:

    Instructional process.

    General educational administration and

    Educational testing
    Scope of Educational Technology in instructional
-   selection teaching learning methodologies as per the
    needs of the learners
-   selection of appropriate audio visual aids as per the
    nature of the content
   helps the teachers to define the specific educational
    objectives in behaviour terms and thus enables her to
    measure the learning outcomes in a proper way.
   Teaching     models,   language   laboratory,  micro
    teaching,    simulated    teaching,    team-teaching,
    programmed learning materials, teaching skills,
    teaching methodologies etc are the contribution of
    educational technology.
         Scope of Educational Technology in
     educational adminstration and management
-   training of the teachers at a mass level
-   widening access of education
   Online registration for the courses and online
    admission processes
   CCTVs’ in the classrooms
   radio broadcasting, television telecasting,
    computers (online education) etc in education
    is the by product of educational technology.
         Scope of Educational Technology in
                educational testing

-   Designing and developing of various tools of
-   New assessment criteria and procedures are
    by product of educational technology
-   The     system   approach    of   educational
    technology helps in providing proper feedback
  Hardware              Its software

 Chalk board             Chalk work

     OHP          Content on transparencies

Slide projector       Content on slides

     VCR                Video script

    Radio              Program script

  Television           Program script

Digital Camera     Photos and recordings

  Computer           Computer programs

     LCD           Multimedia presentation
    CCTV            The program that is
  Comparision between hardware technology and
              software technology
  Point of         Hardware approach           Software approach
Belief        principles of engineering and   behavioral science and
              physical science                psychology

Objective     Mechanization of education      behavior modification

Nature        External                        Internal

Components tape recorder, computer,           picture, subject matter on
                                              the paper/printout, the
           projectors, CCTV, radio etc        content on a video cassette,
                                              emails, softcopies,
                                              programed learning
                                              material, software packages
  Comparision between hardware technology and
          software technology (cont..)
  Point of           Hardware approach             Software approach
It deals with   various aids and machines         principles and laws

Related to      Related to the structure, hence   Related to content,
                body of ET                        hence known as soul
                                                  of ET
Interlinked     One is dependent on the other
Helps in        dealing with more students with Helps in clarifying
                less cost and economy in        objectives, task
                finances and at a faster rate.  analysis for better
    Role of Educational Technology in Modern Educational

   use of teaching learning principles, methods,
    techniques etc is the contribution of ET
   qualitative and quantitative expansion of education
    can be achieved efficiently without any compromise
    with help of ???????
   __________ becomes easy and interesting, durable and
   various technologies like e-learning, mobile learning,
    video conferencing, webcasting, virtual classrooms,
    CBTs etc are the contribution of educational
   mechanization of teaching process

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