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        IN ITALY,
• There were four members in
  The Beatles: Paul McCarteny,
  John Lennon, George
  Harrison, an Ringo Starr.
  The bend started payng in
  Cavern Club in liverpool in
  1962. Their first successful
  records was “Love Me Do” .
  Their last records was “Let
  IT Be” in 1969. John Lennon
  was shot and killed in New
  York on 8th december 1980.
  In 1995 the three remaining
  Beatles, Paul, George and
  Ringo completed a recording
  made by John Lennon before
  he died. The news records
  was “Free As a Bird”.
• (<<Yellow submarine>>)
• Luciano Ligabue is an Italian
  rock sing-writer. He started
  in the underground mudical
  environment, in 90’s he made
  a lot of albums: “Ligabue”
  (his surname), “Lambrusco”
  (an Italian wine), “Coltelli”
  (knifes), “Rose & Pop- Corn”,
  “A che ora è la fine del
  mondo”(what time is the end
  of the world). After his debut
  as narrator in 1997, with the
  stories of Fuori e dentro al
  borgo(in and out the village),
  one year later the emilian
  rocker started the
  apprecciated by the criticsand
  the public. In 2002 he made
  another film called “Da zero a
  dieci” (from zero to ten), and
  he wrote a new record:
  Questa è la mia vita(this is my
Born on 28th October 1963 at Cinecittà, Rome, Eros spent much of his boyhood
working as an extra in the movies and dreaming of a career as a singer,
encouraged by his father.
When he finished middle school, he tried to get into the Conservatory but failed
the exam, and chose to study accountancy. But he could think only about music,
and he dropped out after 2 years.
In 1982 Eros’s first single, “Ad un amico”(To a friend), Was relesed, but he was
still a raw talent, and it was decided that he should work with an experienced
musician, Renato Brioschi.
In october 1997 the album of greatest hits, Eros, was released, a disc that
combined the spontaneity of his early songs with the internetional pop/rock ot the
cd ”Dove c’è musica” (Where there is music). In February 1998 he set off on a
hightly-successful world tour that was Latin America, the United States and
The disc Eros Live was also released in 1998, and contained two duets recorded
during his world tour: “Cose della Vita-Can’t Stop thinking of you” with Tina
Turner and “That’s All I need to Know-Difenderò” with Joe Cocker.
A year later, in march 1999, Eros redceived the Echo Award ( the Oscar of German
pop music ) in Hamburg for “best international artist”.
1991- Max Pezzali and Mauro Repetto (the 883) made their first debut in Festival of Castrocaro
whit the song “Non me la menare” .
1992-They published their first album “Hanno ucciso l‟uomo ragno” (They killed Spiderman) and
they attained the first position of Hit Parade with more than 600.000 of sold cd.
1993-They returned to record house for made the album “Nord Sud Ovest Est” . It‟s a big event!
This album sold more than 1.300.000 and they won the “Festivalbar „93”. Later Mauro Repetto
left Italy (and the group) and he moved to Los Angeles.
1995-883 participated at “Festival di Sanremo” with the song “Senza averti qui” (Without have
you here), and this album attained the first place of Hit Parade and they won (for the second
time) the “Festivalbar „95” .
1997- On the 18th June it‟s ready the album “La dura legge del gol” (The hard goal’s low) , and
all the summer was under the banner of the song “La regola dell‟amico”(The friend’s rule).
1998- On July went out the album “Gli anni” (The years), a compilation of 883‟s best songs with
the unpublished song “Io ci sarò” (I will be here). It‟s the fifth album of 883 group and it
attained the first place in the Hit Parade of sale.
1999- On Saturday the 23rd October went out the new album “Grazie mille”(Thanks very
much!), and the film TV “Jolly Blue”. It was a big success!!! Since 21st April all the radios
broadcasted the new song “La regina del celebrità” (The queen of celebrity) remixed by Eiffel 65.
2001- By a survey Max Pezzali and his group were the most known and followed by young
people in Italy. The 22nd June went out the album “Uno in più” (More than one) and it attained
the 1st place in Hit Parade in Italy. All the summer was under the banner of the song “Bella
vera” (Really beautiful girl), and “La lunga estate caldissima” (The long hot summer).
2002- Fabrizio Frizzi choosed the song “Bella vera” (Really beautiful girl) ,as the sound-track of
the program TV Miss Italia 2002. Disney and Warner Bros production asked to Max Pezzali to
interpret the song of “Go Go Dolls” , sound track of the Christmast Film “Treasure Island”.
• Lorenzo Cherubini known as Jovanotti , was born in
  Rome on September 27th 1966. He began to work as DJ in
  a lot of local radios and in a lot of discos broadcasting rap
  and dance music. When he was 19, he moved to Milan, and
  working on “Radio DJ” he became very famous as rapper,
  as freedom and as youth symbol. His best songs were,
  “Barabba”, “Penso Positivo” ( I think positive),” and “
  Serenata Rap”(Rap serenade) in the album             “
  Lorenzo 1992 “. Some years later, he transformed his style
  ,enriching it with many musical and cultural references. In
  this period ,his best song were “L’ ombellico del
  mondo”(World’s navel) and “Bella” (Beautiful girl) in the
  album “Lorenzo 1997”. His doughter Teresa was born
  around the year 1998, and she inspired him new songs like
  “Per te” (For you). On 29th January 2002 his last album “Il
  quinto mondo “(The fifth world) went out and it was
  successful, as the previous ones.
• Robert Nesta Marley is a
  lagend around the world and
  a hero in Jamaica. In 1970s he
  made reggae music popular
  among lots of people who
  never listened to it before .
  Some of his hits are
  Redemption Song, Exodus
  and No Woman No Cry. He
  died at the age of 36 for
• The Police was one of the most successful bands in
  the history of British pop music.There were three
  members in the band : Stewart Copeland , Andy
  Summers and Sting (real name-Gordon
  Sumner).The band started playing in 1977 in
  London. Then , they went on a tour in Holland and
  the USA .Their first record “Roxanne” was not a
  success initially but in 1979 they had four
  successful records in the UK .The band’s last
  records was “Synchronicity”. The most famous
  member of the band is Sting: he appeared in several
  films and now is one of the most famous British

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