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					Chapter Six The Island – 2007 “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Sheena.” Sawyer threw back at her. “Look, we don’t want any trouble from you. You let us go and you won’t ever see us, again.” “You’re not giving orders around here, Tarzan.” She told him. “I am. And you will answer my questions or suffer the consequences.” “How am I supposed to answer your questions,” Sawyer threw back at her, “When I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” “We should get moving.” Ilana looked around nervously. “They may be decoys to distract us so he can ambush us.” “Who are you people?” Sawyer had had enough of this. “We are the people,” she told him, “That will decide whether you live or die.” She poked him in the back with her rifle. “Now get moving.” “Where are we going?” Sawyer dared to defy her. “Your friend, here,” she motioned to Claire, “says you are from Oceanic 815. We’re simply going to take you to your camp.” Claire and Sawyer shared a look as they began walking along the beach. How could the people from their plane have a camp on the island? They’d only crashed a few hours ago. The camp they arrived at twenty minutes later was old and abandoned. It didn’t look like anyone had lived there for years. “Welcome to the camp of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.” Ilana gestured grandly at the dilapidated camp. “So, if you two are one of the survivors, where have you been living all this time, because this camp hasn’t been lived in for years.”

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” Sawyer asked. “I don’t know who lived here, but it certainly wasn’t people from our plane. We only got here a few hours ago.” “Go ahead and look around.” She offered Sawyer and Claire. “You’ll find I’m not lying, but you are. This is the camp built by the survivors of flight 815 and if you were truly survivors of that flight you’d know that. So, go ahead, and look around. Try to find some proof that I’m lying and you’re telling the truth or try to come up with a better lie to try and sell us.” She turned to one of her people. “Don’t let them out of your sight.” “This can’t be our camp.” Claire whispered to Sawyer. “We’ve only been here for a few hours. It’s obvious whoever lived her hasn’t lived here for a long time. Could there have been another flight 815 who crashed on this island.” “We only have her word that the survivors of 815 camped here.” Sawyer told her. “She’s offered us no proof. I wouldn’t trust a word that whack job has to say. I can say a cat is a dog and we both know that isn’t true. She’s just trying to con us.” “Why would she do that?” Claire couldn’t imagine what would be in it for Ilana. “She thinks we killed her friend.” Sawyer reminded her. “She thinks we were on some boat. None of that’s true. The lights are on, but nobody’s at home.” His eyes suddenly fell on an object lying on the ground that looked familiar. He picked it up. “What is it?” Claire tried to get a look at what he picked up. “It’s my wallet.” He stared at it in shock. “How the hell did it get here?” “How can you be sure it’s your wallet?” She pointed out. “It could belong to anyone.” He opened it up and showed a picture of a blonde woman that was inside it. “That’s my mother.” He told her. “This is my wallet.” “You’ve never been here before.” She reminded him. “So how could your wallet possibly be here?” Doubts started to creep in on her. How well did she

really know him? She had no proof he’d really been on flight 815. She only had his word for it and like he said anyone could claim anything and it didn’t mean it was true. “I don’t know.” He told her. “But it is. Let’s look around to see if anything of yours is around here, too.” “It can’t be.” She told him. “I’ve never been here.” But she quickly found out that she was wrong. She found a book lying in the sand. “What is it?” He asked the same question she had a few minutes before. “It’s my diary.” She stared at it in horror. “How is this possible? If we’ve never been here, how can our things be here?” “Maybe we were.” He suggested. “We just don’t remember. Maybe we’ve been on this island a lot longer than we think we’ve been. What year is this?” Sawyer turned to Ilana, praying she’d say it was September 2004, but having a very bad feeling she wouldn’t. “It’s July 2007.” Ilana replied, sending horror coursing through them both. They stared at each other as they realized they’d lost three years of their lives. Three years they had no memory of. “Now that I’ve answered your question, you can answer mine. Where is he? Where is the one you work for?” “I don’t know.” What if everything this woman was saying about him and Claire was true. What if they’d been living here for the last three years and they just didn’t remember it for some reason. “I don’t remember. The last thing I remember is being on flight 815 in September 2004 and then waking up on this island a few hours ago.” “Well then,” She smiled at him in a very menacing way. “Perhaps we can help refresh your memory so you can tell us what we need to know.”

The Lamp – 2004 “What do you mean,” Jack was appalled, “that I’m going to take your place here?”

“It won’t be for awhile, yet.” Hawkings told him. “Your way of thinking will need to change. You’ll need to accept that you can’t change things; in fact, the greatest gift you can give is to make sure things happen the way they’re supposed to happen. But it won’t be easy. It takes a special person to be able to do what needs to be done, but I believe you’re just such a person.” She pointed out. “You love Kate Austen, but you had no problem resetting things and sending her to prison for the rest of her life, because you believed you were supposed to uncrash flight 815. That it was your destiny. It’s no different from me sending Daniel to the island knowing I would end up killing him. We both did what had to be done, even if it was at the expense of those we love.” “What makes you think I want to be keeper of this place?” The very idea repelled Jack. If this was really his destiny, he didn’t want it. “Jack,” she told him coldly, “we don’t choose our destiny, it chooses us. Do you think Desmond wanted to spend three years of his life pushing a button? He had no choice in the matter. The island chose him, just as it’s chosen you to serve it here.” “Well, it can unchoose me.” Jack told her. “Because I won’t do it. I won’t become a slave to that island the way you have. I want nothing to do with it. From the moment I had the misfortune to crash on it, I’ve wanted nothing more than to be free of it. I’m just sorry when I exploded that bomb the whole damn island wasn’t destroyed. And I’ll never accept things can’t be changed. In fact, I’m going to prove you wrong. I am going to change things. I’m going to save the rest of them.” He headed for the door.” There was a ten car pile-up on the freeway, tonight, Jack.” He turned around and looked at her. “How did you know that?” He was almost afraid to hear the answer. “Seth Norris caused it.” She told him. “All the people who died in it were the same people who died in the plane crash. You remember them. You burned all their bodies shortly after you arrived on the island. Whatever happened happened, Jack. You can’t change it. If you try, it’ll just happen in another way. Those people died in a plane crash where Seth Norris was the pilot, and this time they died in a massive car accident caused by Seth Norris.”

“You stay away from me.” Jack stomped out of The Lamp, with a new mission in mind. Somehow he was going to save the rest of the people from flight 815. Hawking followed him back into the church. “I don’t know why you’re fighting this, Jack.” She told him. “It’s not like you have anything going for you in your life. Kate is going to spend the rest of her life in prison because of what you’ve done, and when she finds out James is stuck back on the island, it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Her days of having your back and going along with whatever hair-brained scheme you come up with will be over. You have no friends. Your mother wants nothing to do with you. You’re stuck in a profession you don’t even like. In short, you have nothing Jack, but you can have this.” “I don’t want it.” Jack turned and faced her. “You sent your own son to his death. You sacrificed him up to that precious island you worship. You didn’t even try to save him.” “It wouldn’t have mattered.” She told him. “No matter what I tried, he would have died, anyway.” “But not at the hands of his own mother.” Jack threw back at her. “Daniel knew before he died that you sent him to the island knowing you would end up killing him. How do you think that made him feel to know you didn’t even love him enough to try to save him? Everyone dies, Eloise. What you did to Daniel in 1977 was an accident, but everything else you did was on purpose to make sure that accident happened.” “Shut up!” She tried to force the memories at bay that she had done everything she could from the moment he was born to force him on the path that would lead him to her killing him. “He would have died, anyway.” “But not by your own hand.” Jack told her. “I’m not like you. If I had known what you knew, I would have tried to find a way to stop it. Even if I wasn’t successful, at least I would have known I tried to save my own child, not lead him like a lamb to sacrifice.” He added as he stormed out of the church. “I’ll never want this. I’ll never want to be you. I’d kill myself before I ever let that happen.”

“Go ahead and try, Jack.” She turned his blood to ice. “But the island won’t let you. It wouldn’t let Michael kill himself. It wanted him to be on that freighter and he was on that freighter and only after he did what the island wanted him to do, did it allow him to die. It’s chosen you to take my place here and you will take my place here. You have no choice.” The Island – 2007 “You handled that well,” Caesar said in his and Ben’s room inside the temple. Harper didn’t know that she believed what Ben was selling, but she knew what he said about Richard was also true. He never liked the leader and he played some role in getting them replaced by a new leader. So she’d allowed Ben and Caesar to stay, for the moment, at least. “They haven’t made me leader, yet.” Ben reminded him. “They still don’t trust me.” “It’s not like they don’t have plenty of reason not to.” He pointed out. “But look on the bright side, you got Jack to trust you and Jack tried to beat you to death and hated your guts. So this should be a piece of cake.” “Jack had hit rock bottom.” Ben reminded him. “He would have trusted anyone who’d thrown him a rope and was willing to give him what he wanted.” “Then we’ll have to do something to make them trust you.” He told Ben. “And something to make them believe that Richard can’t be trusted.” “What are you going to do now?” He was almost afraid to find out. Ben felt Samuel was perhaps the most dangerous person he’d ever had the misfortune to meet. “Prove to them Richard is their enemy.” Ben watched in horror as he transformed himself into Richard. “And that everything you said about Richard is true. That he was involved in the murder of Jacob because he wants to be leader.” “I thought you said you could only transform yourself into dead people.” Ben reminded him.

“The transformation is flawless if I have a dead body.” Samuel now Richard replied. “But I don’t need one. I didn’t need one when I pretended to be your mother.” “That was you.” Ben was horrified. “I always can spot the ones that will be a use to me.” Samuel replied. “And I could see right off you would definitely be a use to me. So I lead you away from Dharma and right to Richard’s path.” He chuckled. “He thought it was Jacob who had wanted him to meet you.” “That’s what you wanted him to think.” Ben realized. “So one day he would think I should be leader of the Others.” “You’re a good manipulator, Ben.” Samuel didn’t even try to deny it. “I’m just better. And you’re a short-term planner while I plan things well in advance.” “Why didn’t Jacob tell him I meant nothing to him?” Ben asked bitterly. “That I wasn’t special. Why did he let me become leader when he made it clear when I was nothing to him?” “Jacob probably would have.” Samuel replied with a smug smirk on his face, “If Richard had ever met him.” “What are you talking about?” Ben asked angrily. “Of course Richard met Jacob. He got all those instruction from Jacob that he gave to me.” “He got them from me,” Samuel revealed. “Have you ever wondered why I live beneath the temple you people worship, while the man you people worship lives separate from you? It’s because he’s not the one giving the orders to you people, I am. I just made you think you were following the orders of Jacob.” “Why?” Ben felt like he’d just had the rug pulled out from under him. Everything he believed to be true was all a lie “Why make everyone believe you’re Jacob.” “Because it amuses me,” Samuel told him. “Do you realize the atrocities I’ve had you people commit in the name of Jacob. And the really sad thing is Jacob could have stopped it simply by coming forward and telling everyone

the truth, but he didn’t. No, instead he sat inside his foot weaving his cloth. He wants you people to be able to rise above your baser instincts and live in peace and harmony without any help from him and for you to resist any of the little games I play with you. But don’t feel bad because Jacob ignored you and left you at my mercy. He’s done that to every single person he’s ever brought to this island.” “Everyone holds Jacob in awe.” Ben still couldn’t believe what he was being told. “If Jacob lives off by himself, how did he get such a reputation on this island?” “It doesn’t take much,” Samuel replied. “Save someone’s life and give them the gift of immortality and they spread the word about what a great guy you are. Richard made Jacob what he is today.” “If it’s all been you,” Ben wondered out loud, “then just what is Jacob good for?” “Not much,” He smirked. “Why do you think I wanted to get rid of him for so long?” “Then why didn’t you?” Ben challenged him. “Why did you have to make me do it if you’re so all wise and powerful?” “The same reason you haven’t killed Charles Widmore.” Samuel threw back at him. “The island won’t let me. But I found a way around it thanks to you and John Locke.” “How?” If there was a way to kill Charles, Ben wanted to know about it. He still hadn’t forgotten Charles was responsible for Alex’s death. “It took me centuries to pull it off.” Samuel told Ben. “You don’t have the life span to pull it off.” “Maybe it wouldn’t take me that long.” Ben suggested. “If you told me how you did it, I’m sure it wouldn’t take me as long as it did you.” “You are a nervy little bastard, aren’t you?” Samuel was actually amused by Ben’s chutzpah. “I made a deal with John Locke’s father, and when Locke

was born, I healed him the same way I did you when you were a child. You think you could do something like that?” “So was the whole thing about this chosen the Others have been waiting for,” Ben asked, “all just something you made up?” “No,” Samuel grimaced. “There was a chosen, but thanks to you and Jack Shepherd he’s dead.” He went on to explain. “It was another reason why I told Locke he had to move the island. So I could get rid of this chosen. You see, the island is tired of my endless battles with Jacob, so it decided to replace us both with this chosen, who’s supposed to be a combination of both of us. Only I don’t want to be replaced. And now that I’ve gotten rid of both this chosen and Jacob, I won’t be. I’m sure you understand how I felt. It’s the same thing you did to Locke when you thought he was going to replace you as leader?” He smiled smugly. “I manipulated and tricked you all. Hawkings, Richard, Widmore, you, and I pulled it off. Nothing can stop me now. Not even the island.”

Tallahassee – 2004: Anthony Cooper opened his front door and couldn’t believe who was sitting there, in a wheelchair, no less. “What do I have to do to get rid of you?” He wasn’t pleased to see Locke. “Wasn’t pushing you out a window enough?” “Don’t worry.” Locke rolled himself inside the house. “This will be the last time we ever see each other. You answer my questions and I’ll be on my way and you’ll never have to see me, again.” “Don’t tell me you came all this way,” he rolled his eyes in disgust, “to ask me why I don’t want to be your daddy? Why I am the way I am? How I could try to murder my own son?” “I don’t care.” Locke shocked him by answering. “I stopped caring when you pushed me out of a window and nearly killed me. I’m here to ask you about one of your old cons. Tell me what I want to know and I’ll go away.”

“What’s it to you?” Cooper eyed him suspiciously. “You wouldn’t be wearing a wire for the cops to try and trap me, would you, boy? You wouldn’t do that to your poor old daddy, would you?” “You can strip search me,” Locke offered, “if you’d like. At the risk of repeating myself, I don’t care enough about you to try and send you to prison for the rest of your miserable life. I only came here because you have answers I need.” “I’ll pass.” Cooper poured himself a drink. “So, what do you want to know?” “You pulled a con on a woman named Mary Ford.” Locke told him. “Afterwards her husband killed her before killing himself.” “Is there where I’m supposed to feel guilty?” He asked, “See the light and mend my evil ways?” “This isn’t about you.” Locke told him. “This is about somebody else. I want to know why you did the con.” “For the money, genius.” Cooper threw back at him. “Duh!” “This job doesn’t fit your usual MO.” Locke told him. “You like big cities. It’s the only job you pulled in a rural area.” “How do you know my usual MO?” Cooper narrowed his eyes in suspicion again. “Who have you been talking to?” “Before I introduced myself to you,” Locke told him. “I hired a detective to investigate you. He gave me a detailed report on your activities.” “Wait a minute.” This even shocked Cooper. “You knew what I was before you came to me and still you fell for my con?” “I didn’t care what you were.” Locke explained. “All I cared was that you were my father. I never thought you’d hurt me or use me, because you were my father. I was stupid.” He got back to his question. “Why did you pick Mary Ford to con?”

“You’re right,” he told Locke. “She wasn’t my usual con. I didn’t pick her. Somebody else picked her for me.” “Who?” Locke wasn’t surprised to hear this. From the moment Hawking had said James had been chosen and the island wanted the chosen to be an orphan he suspected the island had something to do with the deaths of James’ parents. Obviously, the island knew if his father seduced and conned James’ mother out of their money, his father would do what he did. “It was this dude I had dealings with before.” Cooper told him. “He’s always asking me to do strange things, but he pays well. He told me he wanted me to pull my usual con on this Mary Ford. That he’d double whatever I conned her out of.” “Did he give you his name?” Locke wanted to know. “Yeah,” Cooper downed his drink. “But only his first name, not that it’ll mean anything to you. He said his name was Jacob.” Cooper was wrong. That name meant a lot of Locke. Not that he let that on to Cooper. “You said he had you do other things for him?” Locke asked. “Like what?” “He paid me to run down your mother with my car when she was pregnant.” He told him with a pleasant smile on his face. “He wanted her to go into premature labor with you. Seems like he never wanted you to be born.” “And you did it?” Locke was appalled anew by his father’s lack of any kind of human emotions or decency. When his father had pushed him out a window it wasn’t the first time he’d tried to kill him. “Of course,” Cooper laughed. “He paid me good money and you were nothing to me. All you ever were to me was a kidney to save my life.” Cooper was growing tired of the question and answer session. “If that’s all you want to know, then you can leave now.” He turned to Locke and the smirk on his face was wiped off when he saw Locke was pointing a gun at him. “What are you doing with that gun?”

“I told you this would be the last time we saw each other.” Locke smiled at him. “And what you just told me makes this so much easier.” He pulled the trigger. “Goodbye, Daddy.” Jin burst through the door. “What happened?” He saw Cooper laying on the floor dead his eyes frozen in a dead stare. A look of disbelief was forever frozen on his face. “I did what I should have done on the island.” He started to roll towards the front door. “We need to catch a flight to Australia next.” “Why?” Jin followed after him. “Claire told me this psychic tricked her into being on the plane.” Locke told him. “I want to find out just why he did it.” The Island – 2007 Claire had been shoved into one of the abandoned tents on the beach, while Sawyer had been dragged off by Ilana and a couple of her goons to help him remember. She sat on the dirt floor of the tent and started reading her diary. It was like reading the words of a stranger, even though she recognized it as her own handwriting. She read about all these people she’d written about in her diary that she obviously knew, but whose names meant absolutely nothing to her now. Unfortunately, the one person she wanted to know something about wasn’t in there. There was no mention anywhere in it of anyone named James. Maybe that was because he wasn’t one of the survivors like he claimed to be. He could have planted that wallet there in advance. She had no proof he was ever on flight 815. He could be one of these Others she wrote about in her diary who were after her for some reason. They’d kidnapped her and wanted her baby. According to this the reason she wasn’t pregnant anymore was because she had the baby. It had been a boy she’d named Aaron. After she had escaped from the Others she hadn’t been able to remember anything, just like she couldn’t remember anything now. Was that just a coincidence?

Her last entries were about a woman named Naomi coming to the island that brought the chance of rescue. The last words written in the diary were haunting, “We’re finally going to be rescued. A rescue helicopter was on its way to the island and we’ll all soon be heading home. I’m finally going home.” Something must have gone wrong. While the others may have been rescued, she’d gotten left behind for some reason. She heard someone approaching the tent. The flap was thrown back and Sawyer was thrown inside. He was all bloody and bruised. “What did they do to you?” “They tried to help me remember.” He spit out a mouthful of blood. “It didn’t work.” Claire went over to the tent flap and opened it. “We need some water so I can clean him up.” She didn’t know if they’d give it to her or not. She went back to Sawyer. She took off her shirt to rip a piece off it to try and wipe away the blood. “Sweetheart,” Sawyer raised an eyebrow when he saw her start to unbutton her blouse. “I never thought these words would pass through my lips, but not tonight, I’ve got a headache.” “You’re disgusting!” Claire spat back. “I’m just trying to clean you up. Having to look at your face is a rather revolting sight at the moment. It’s the furthest thing from a turn-on you can get.” Ilana came in the tent with a bucket of water. “Here.” She practically threw it at Claire. “We are not savages.” “You could have fooled me.” Claire motioned to what they’d just done to Sawyer. “That was an interrogation.” Ilana justified what she’d done. “You should convince him to tell us what he knows, or you’ll be next.” She suddenly grabbed Claire by the hair. “Do not think because you’re a woman you will be spared. I look forward to interrogating the bitch who killed my friend. In fact I relish it.” Sawyer forced himself to sit up. “Leave her alone.”

“Tell me what I want to know,” Ilana spat as she released Claire. “And I will.” “I can’t tell you what I don’t know.” Sawyer laid back down with a sigh. “You’re loyalty to your Dark Master is commendable.” Although Ilana made it clear she thought it was anything but. “But know he will let us kill you without lifting a finger to save you. He doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. If you tell us what we want to know we’ll let you go unharmed.” “Sure you will.” Sawyer shot her a look telling her he didn’t believe a word she was saying. When she left, he turned to Claire. “We’ve got to get out of here. If we don’t, they’re going to kill us.”

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