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									Cape Flattery School District Appeals Process for Student Disciplinary Actions
                          Emergency Removal From a               Discipline Action and Short            Long Term Suspension
                          Class, Subject or Activity             Term Suspension

APPEAL TO                 Building Principal/Designee            Building Principal/Designee            Hearing Office

                          As soon as reasonably possible         As soon as reasonably possible         Within three school business days
WHEN                                                                                                    after the date of their receipt of the
                                                                                                        long-term suspension note

                          Informal Meeting                       Informal Meeting                       Written request by student and
HOW                                                                                                     parent to the superintendent's office

DEADLINE                  The beginning of the next school       If not resolved at the school level,   If a timely request for a hearing is
                          business day                           upon giving two school business        received, the school district shall
                                                                 days prior notice to the               schedule a hearing to commence
                                                                 superintendent's office, shall have    within three school business days
           Emergency Expulsion                                   the right to present written and/or    after the date of the request. The
                                                                 oral grievance to the                  student and parent shall have the
                                                                 superintendent/designee. If not        right to appeal the hearing officer's
The superintendent or his/her designee may expel a student       resolved, the student or parent,       decision to the school board within
immediately with godd and sufficient reason. The student         upon giving two school business        three business days after
and parent must receive a hand delivered letter, certified       days prior notice to the               the date of receipt of the hearing
letter, or phone call within 24 hours of the expulsion. The      superintendent's office, shall have    officer's decision. The notice must
student and parent may request a hearing on or before the        the right to present a written         be in writing. During the appeal
third school business day after receipt of notice of emergency   and/or oral grievance to the Board     process the long term suspension
expulsion. The written request for a hearing must come from      of Directors during the Board's        or expulsion is on hold.
the student and parent on or before the tenth school business    next regular meeting. The Board
day after receipt of expulsion notice.                           shall respond to the grievance
                                                                 within ten school business days
                                                                 after the date of the meeting.

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