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					               Minutes of the E-Board NSO Meeting
                                September 15, 2006
                        Yena Center 3rd floor Conference room

Tom Gauthier
Heidi McCalnon
Robert Fink
Hilary Mason
Jennifer Fustino
CA rep
Robyn Birkedal


   I.       Dues update
            a. Tom Gauthier and Robert Fink are to arrange a meeting to discuss the start
               of activities at the following Denver campuses: Miami, Charlotte, Denver.
            b. There is a rise in the collection of dues this year. Many students paid
               before the start of classes. 198 dues were collected during the Kick Off
               Event 9/7/06. Dues are still being collected daily.

   II.      Budget update
            a. Tom Gauthier has advised all NSO advisors to begin work on the budget
               to submit to the office. If some programs and activities exceed the
               budget, attach a “wish list” to include those items for possible funding.
               Date? It is recommended that you review your budget from last year to
               make decisions.

III. Division updates

         A. Competitive Events – Upcoming events
              a. General Meeting - Monday night 6-7pm Taco Center
              b. Interested students can call if interested in comp. events
              c. Career Day,
                      i. Working on rooms and schedules to host competitive events.
                         Faculty will make it mandatory to attend these events for some
                         courses 1-3:30pm. 11/__/06
         B. Community Action – Upcoming events
              a. Trips
                      i. Different content, same locations
                             1. Mexico- Los Ninos program
                             2. Morocco- academic purposes
                     3. Colloquium 13th- intended for anything related to
                         technology , please contact Hilary Mason if you would
                         like to be involved
                     4. Article with alumni magazine featuring Morocco trip
                     5. Will attend Study Abroad Fair on the 4th
             ii. Local Events planned for CAA
                     1. Student Leadership
                             a. Call for proposals of events
                                       i. Student Leaders develop budget and all
                                      ii. Approved by NSO advisors
                                     iii. Increases development experience and
                     2. emphasize local events this year
                             a. involve Community Service Learning
                             b. possibly combine campuses for international
                                 trips (Denver, Miami, Charlotte).
                             c. If other academies are interested, please contact
                                 Robyn the NSO OA, or Hilary Mason.
C. Leadership Academy –Upcoming events
      a. Kick Off Event
              i. Sign up sheets, will be forwarded to the appropriate people
             ii. New Orleans Trip CLA- final count TBA.
                     1. Goal is 40 people.
                     2. Next Friday is the end of the early bird cost ($200).
                         October 31 is deadline.
                     3. CAT attendees
                     4. Marketing through NSO website and flyers distributed
                         on campus
                     5. Blast e-mail from Leadership Academy will be sent out
                         reguarding this event.
      b. Franklin Covey – organization. Encourage new students to join.
              i. October 3,5, 5:00-9:00pm TACO Center. 27th 8:00am-4:00pm
      c. Gretchen’s Proposal: Allow all JWU students to attend speaker series.
          Leadership series is in question.
              i. If you have a speaker in mind for NSO, contact Jennifer
D. Communication Association – Upcoming events
      a. Interviews for new positions are being held.
      b. Association Meeting on Tuesday the 19th to introduce new members
      c. Ryan, national PBL officer.
              i. Will double as web graphic designer + public relations
      d. 2 new photographers
      e. Web edits
                  i. Please submit updates to Robyn the NSO OA before Thursday
                     at 4:30 in order to have things posted by Monday
             f. NYC- Currently being scheduled
                  i. November, 1st-2nd week. Conflicts with other events.
                         1. Activities will include:
                                 a. Food Network tour
                                 b. Emeril Live
                                 c. Meeting with MTV Network

   III.   Notes
          a. Tom Gauthier is requesting all division’s plans for recognition of their
             events and activities.
                  i. Communications will assist in recognizing the NSO divisions.
                 ii. Encourage cross communications and activities between divisions.
          b. Robert Fink to meet with Tech. Dean Frank Tweedie about the possibility
             of introducing competitive events to the tech. school. Hilary Mason has
             volunteered to set that up.
          c. Next meeting is Friday October 13th 9:30AM Yena Center 3rd floor

Meeting Adjourned 10:15am

*Minutes taken and submitted by Robyn Birkedal NSO OA.

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