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									Networking contacts                                                Post Graduate Research Conference 2007 - 12 July, Headingley Carnegie Stadium

                                                                                                                                                         5 key words -
Forename    Surname          e-mail contact                      Faculty             Status           Award type Research Title                          research area              Methodology                        Progress so far
                                                                                                                      Influence of Caffeine and
                                                                                                                     Carbohydrate co-ingestion on
                                                                 Carnegie Faculty of                                 endurance performance,              Caffeine, Carbohydrate,
                                                                 Sport and           Postgraduate                    metabolism and psychological        exercise, metabolism,
Aaron       Thomas           a.l.thomas@leedsmet.ac.uk           Education           Researcher       PhD            affect                              affect                     experimental                       Enrolled

                                                                                                                     What is Community                   Local government
                                                                                                      PhD            Leadership? A study of the          community leadership
                                                                 Faculty of Business Postgraduate     Centenary      ‘meaning’ of community              policy meaning
Adrian      Madden           A.Madden@leedsmet.ac.uk             & Law               Researcher       Award          leadership in policy and practice   construction               grounded theory / case study       Enrolled
                                                                                                                     Materials evaluation and
                                                                                                                     development for the secondary
                                                                 School of           Postgraduate                    stage in the Hashemite kingdom
Ali         Al Khaldi        alisalam754@hotmail.com             Languages           Researcher       PHD            of Jordan                                                      field                              Enrolled

                                                                                                                                                      grounded theory privacy
                                                                                                                     An analysis of the relationship  mobile phone location
                                                                                                                     between individuals' perceptions data civil liberties
                                                                                                                     of privacy and mobile phone      communications data
                                                                                     Postgraduate                    location data: a grounded        retention public
Andrea      Gorra            a.gorra@leedsmet.ac.uk              Innovation North    Researcher       PhD            theory study                     perceptions             grounded theory
                                                                                                                     Black Box or Russian Doll?       Rasch analysis
                                                                                                                     Defining the rehabilitation      outcomes occupational
                                                                                     Postgraduate                    process using modern             therapy physiotherapy
Anita       Slade            a.slade@leedsmet.ac.uk              Faculty of Health   Researcher       PhD            psychometrics                    psychometrics           quantitative                             Enrolled
                                                                                                                     The Politics of Festival and
                                                                                                                     Urban Events: Liverpool          democratic legitimacy
                                                                 Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                  European Capital of Culture      governance power        qualitative policy analysis (not
Anna        Richter          A.Richter@leedsmet.ac.uk            International Faculty Researcher     PhD            2008                             citizens partnerships   yet decided)                             Enrolled

                                                                                                                                                         STRATEGY PLANNING
                                                                                     Postgraduate                                                        SCANNING          PRIMARY AND SECONDARY                       Confirmed
Antonis     Antoniou         antoniou.a@lim.intercollege.ac.cy   HOSPITALITY         Researcher       PHD            STRATEGIC MGT                       BEHAVIOURAL MGT   RESEARCH METHODS                            registration

                                                                                                                     STRATEGIC MGT AND                   STRATEGY PLANNING
                                                                                                                     ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING              ENVIRONMENTAL
                                                                                     Postgraduate                    IN RELATION TO THE                  SCANNING             PRIMARY AND SECONDARY
Antonis     Antoniou         antoniou.a@lim.intercollege.ac.cy   HOSPITALITY         Researcher                      CYPRIOT HOTEL INDUSTRY              BEHAVIOURAL MGT      RESEARCH METHODS                         Enrolled
                                                                 Carnegie Faculty of                                                                     Positive Psychology
                                                                 Sport and           Postgraduate                    Concept of flourishing in           qualitative research
Arabella    Ashfield         a.ashfield@leedsmet.ac.uk           Education           Researcher       MPhil          athletes and business               sport                Phenomenology                            Enrolled
                                                                                                                     What is the North? Territorial
                                                                 Institute of Northern Postgraduate                  Identity and regional policy in     Identity, territory, politics, Qualitative - Comparative Case
Arianna     Giovannini       a.giovannini@leedsmet.ac.uk         Studies               Researcher     PhD            Northern England                    regions, devolution            Study                          Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                                                        Grounded theory, actor network
                                                                                     Postgraduate                 Design as dialogue - A new                                            theory, ethnography, discourse
Arminda     Lopes            a.g.lopes@leedsmet.ac.uk            Innovation North    Researcher       PhD         design                                 interaction design             analysis                       writing up
                                                                                                      PhD Peace                                          reconciliation-justice-
                                                                 Leslie Silver         Postgraduate   and                                                peace-conflict-moral
Ayeray Mirta Medina Bustos   A.Medina-Bustos@leedsmet.ac.uk      International Faculty Researcher     Development Reconciliation after a conflict        values                         Grounded Theory                Enrolled

                                                                                                                     From Crossing to Cruising: The
                                                                                                                     Role of Tourism in the Cultural History Atlantic 1960s
                                                                 Faculty of Arts &   Postgraduate                    Construction of the Seascape of to 80s Tourism
Birgit      Braasch          b.braasch@leedsmet.ac.uk            Society             Researcher       PhD            the Atlantic Ocean              Seascape Construction          Historical Research                Enrolled

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Networking contacts                                            Post Graduate Research Conference 2007 - 12 July, Headingley Carnegie Stadium

                                                                                                                                                  5 key words -
Forename      Surname     e-mail contact                     Faculty               Status         Award type Research Title                       research area               Methodology                     Progress so far

                                                                                                                                                  XP Agile software
                                                                                                                investigation into story cards    development user story
                                                                                   Postgraduate                 based agile software              story cards eequirement     experimental and grounded
Chetankumar Patel         c.patel@leedsmet.ac.uk             Innovation North      Researcher     PhD           development environments          engineering                 theory                          Conducting research
                                                                                                                                                  pain relief pulse
                                                                                                                The Hypoalgesic Effects of        Transcutaneous
                                                                                                                Pulse Frequencies of              Electrical Nerve
                                                                                 Postgraduate                   Transcutaneous Electrical         Stimulation systematic       block-randomised cross-over
Chih Chung    Chen        c_c.chen@yahoo.com.tw              Faculty of Health   Researcher       Ph.D.         Nerve Stimulation (TENS)          reviews cross over.         design
                                                             Carnegie Faculty of                                                                  Admissions Selection
                                                             Sport and           Postgraduate                                                     Qualities characteristics
Chris         Bouckley    c.bouckley@leedsmet.ac.uk          Education           Researcher       MPhil         Admissions and selection          diversity                   grounded theory                 Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                  Information Literacy
                                                                                   Postgraduate                 Information Literacy of Parents   citizenship access life
Christopher   Walker      cg.walker@ntlworld.com             Innovation North      Researcher     PhD           of Pre School Children            long learning               TBC -                           Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                  Obesity Childhood
                                                             Carnegie Faculty of                                                                  prevalence
                                                             Sport and           Postgraduate                   Prevalence of Childhood           classifications risk        Retrospective cross sectional
Claire        Griffiths   C.Griffiths@leedsmet.ac.uk         Education           Researcher       PhD           Obesity in Leeds                  factors                     observational study             Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                  GDR -Tourism - Pleasure
                                                             Faculty of Arts &     Postgraduate   Centenary                                       -Dictatorship-Everyday      Historical Approach:
Claudia       Mueller     c.mueller@leedsmet.ac.uk           Society               Researcher     Studentship   Touring Socialisms                Life                        Hermeneutics                    Enrolled
                                                             Carnegie Faculty of
                                                             Sport and             Postgraduate                 Stress and Coping in Elite        Stress coping
Clive         Reeves      c.reeves@leedsmet.ac.uk            Education             Researcher     PhD           Adolescents                       adolescents qualitative     mixed methods                   Conducting research

                                                                                                                Diversity Management in the      Diversity Management in
                                                             Faculty of Business Postgraduate                   Hospitality Industry: A Winning  the Hospitality Industry:
Costas        Michael     michael.c@lim.intercollege.ac.cy   & Law               Researcher       PhD           Balance                          A Winning Balance            Grounded Theory                 Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                 haptics visual-
                                                                                                                                                 impairment user-centred
                                                                                   Postgraduate                 Optimal Specification for a      design HCI
Damian        Copeland    damian@cope-land.co.uk             Innovation North      Researcher     PhD           Haptic Graphic Display           requirements                 Statistical sampling
                                                                                                                                                 spirituality; workplace;
                                                             Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                 How may personal spirituality    leadership;
David         Hufton      sage.dave@googlemail.com           International Faculty Researcher     PhD           affect decision-making at work? phenomenology                 Grounded theory                 Enrolled
                                                                                                                The role of unstructured learner Non-native speaker
                                                             Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                 interaction in the study of a    outside unstructured
David         Barker      barker@nanzan-u.ac.jp              International Faculty Researcher     PhD           foreign language                 interaction independent      grounded theory                 Conducting research
                                                                                                                Performing Singaporean Identity
                                                                                   Postgraduate   100 PhD       for the Touristic Other in the   Identity Performance
Desmond       Wee         d.wee@leedsmet.ac.uk               Arts and Society      Researcher     studentship   Face of the Everyday             Singapore Face Other         Discourse Analysis              Conducting research
                                                                                                                                                 tourism consumer
Dominique                                                    Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                 Consumer Behaviour as to         behaviour segmentation
Roland        Gerber      dg@thf.ch                          International Faculty Researcher     PhD           Souvenirs                        motivation                   to be defined                   Conducting research
                                                                                                  100                                            Tourism Digital Culture
                                                             Faculty of Arts &     Postgraduate   Centenary                                      Festivals Connectivity
Donata        Marletta    D.Marletta@leedsmet.ac.uk          Society               Researcher     Studentship   Emotional City                   Internet                     Ethnographic Study              Enrolled
                                                             Carnegie Faculty of
                                                             Sport and             Postgraduate                 Every Child Matters and
Doug          martin      doug.martin1@btinternet.com        Education             Researcher     PhD           Extended Services                 children's services         grounded theory                 Enrolled
                                                                                                                Public relations and emotional
                                                             Faculty of Business Postgraduate                   labour: a critical feminist       Emotional labour public                                     Confirmed
Elizabeth     Yeomans     L.Yeomans@leedsmet.ac.uk           & Law               Researcher       PhD           perspective                       relations feminist          Phenomenology                   registration

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Networking contacts                                            Post Graduate Research Conference 2007 - 12 July, Headingley Carnegie Stadium

                                                                                                                                                  5 key words -
Forename   Surname        e-mail contact                    Faculty             Status           Award type Research Title                        research area            Methodology                       Progress so far
                                                                                                               Analysis of Community based
                                                                                                 Centenary     Structures for Orphans and         Health promotion
                                                                                Postgraduate     PhD           Vulnerable Children Support in     seeking indigenous                                      Confirmed
Emily      Muga           emmymuga@yahoo.com                Faculty of Health   Researcher       Studentship   Nyanza Kenya                       structures functions     Experimental Design & Analysis registration
                                                                                                               Decision-making under              Decision Theory,
                                                                                Postgraduate                   uncertainty and complexity - the   systems thinking,        Grounded theory and actor
Eurico     Lopes          e.r.lopes@leedsmet.ac.uk          Innovation North    Researcher       PhD           role of learning                   grounded theory          network theory                    writing up
                                                            Carnegie Faculty of
                                                            Sport and           Postgraduate     Doctor of                                      recovery from high
Eva        Detko          E.Detko@leedsmet.ac.uk            Education           Researcher       Philosophy    PhD                              intensity exercise       experimental research               Conducting research
                                                                                                                                                In-school marketing
                                                                                                                                                healthy schools
                                                                                Postgraduate                   A study of commercial activities commercialisation health
G          Raine          g.raine@leedsmet.ac.uk            Faculty of Health   Researcher       PhD           in local primary schools         promotion                Multiple
                                                                                                 Doctor of
                                                                                                 Philosophy                                 process drama English
                                                                                                 English                                    as a foreign language
                                                                                                 Language                                   improvising spontaneity
                          H.Park5692@student.leedsmet.ac.u Leslie Silver         Postgraduate    Teaching      Process Drama for Korean EFL learner-cantered        classroom observation and                Confirmed
Haeok      Park           k                                International Faculty Researcher      (PHDLO)       Context                      creativity              survey                                   registration

                                                            Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                                                    food microbiology        microbiological death and
Hao        Li             h.li@leedsmet.ac.uk               International Faculty Researcher     PhD           Predictive microbiology            mathematical model       growth
                                                                                                               Tourism and the Material
                                                                                                               Culture of Waste. Notions of       Cleanliness Waste
                                                            Faculty of Arts &   Postgraduate                   Order and Cleanliness in Alpine    Landscape Tourism
Jacob      Calice         j.calice@leedsmet.ac.uk           Society             Researcher                     Austria 1950-1990                  Environmental History    n/a                               Enrolled

                                                                                                               Making healthy choices in
                                                                                                               prison: an analysis of factors
                                                                               Postgraduate                    within the prison setting and the Prison health promotion
James      Woodall        j.woodall@leedsmet.ac.uk         Faculty of Health   Researcher        PhD           potential for improving health.   qualitative               in-depth qualitative interviews   Enrolled
                                                           Carnegie Faculty of                                                                   Everyday Basketball
                          J.Cherrington4429@student.leedsm Sport and           Postgraduate                    'Body Talk':An Exploration of     Embodiment Identity       Self Narrative Interviews       Confirmed
James      Cherrington    et.ac.uk                         Education           Researcher        PhD           Bodily Identity in Everyday Life. Masculinity               Observation Participant Diaries registration
                                                                                                               Occupational therapy practice     Personality disorder
                                                                                                               with patients diagnosed with      forensics occupational
                                                                                                               personality disorder in forensic therapy occupational       Interpretative phenomenological
Jane       Cronin-Davis   j.cronin-davis@leedsmet.ac.uk     Faculty of Health                    PhD           settings                          science                   analysis
                                                                                                               the role of Children's Centres in
                                                                                                               promoting healthy eating and      childhood obesity
                                                                                Postgraduate                   preventing obesity in pre-        parents Children's
Janet      Wordley        J.Wordley@leedsmet.ac.uk          Health/Carnegie     Researcher       PhD           schoolers                         Centres participatory     participatory action research     Enrolled
                                                                                Postgraduate                   Literature of the North of        literature gender north
Jayne      Mansfield      jmemailz@yahoo.co.uk              Northern Studies    Researcher       PhD           England                           legacies comparisons      critical theory                   Enrolled
                                                            Carnegie Faculty of                                Experiences of Obese Children Children's Experiences
                                                            Sport and            Postgraduate                  Who Attended a Residential        Obesity Intervention
Jennifer   Hester         j.hester@leedsmet.ac.uk           Education            Researcher      PhD           Weight-Loss Camp                  Resilience                Qualitative Case Study
                                                                                 Postgraduate                                                    Public Relations ethics   grounded theory/Jungian
Johanna    Fawkes         jofawkespr@aol.com                Faculty of Business &Researcher
                                                                                  Law            PhD           Ethics and persuasion             persuasion Jung           analysis                          Enrolled

                                                                                                               Exploring resilience among Year
                                                            Carnegie Faculty of                                1 students following outdoor    Psychological resilience
                                                            Sport and           Postgraduate                   field weeks within the Carnegie Outdoor Adventure
John       Allan          j.allan@leedsmet.ac.uk            Education           Researcher       PhD           Faculty of Sport and Education Learning                     Mixed Methods paradigm            Conducting research
                                                                                                                                               Ethics Morality/Moral
                                                            Faculty of Arts &   Postgraduate                   MacIntyre Morality and Ethics   Philosophy Political
John       Gregson        johnogregson@hotmail.co.uk        Society             Researcher       PhD           within Marxist theory           theory Marxism              Immanent Critique                 Enrolled

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Networking contacts                                     Post Graduate Research Conference 2007 - 12 July, Headingley Carnegie Stadium

                                                                                                                                               5 key words -
Forename   Surname     e-mail contact                 Faculty                 Status         Award type Research Title                         research area              Methodology                        Progress so far
                                                                                                                                               copywriting discourse
                                                                                                           Locating the skill of copywriting   communications
                                                      Faculty of Business Postgraduate                     within the academic discourse       deconstruction post
Judy       Strachan    j.strachan@leedsmet.ac.uk      & Law               Researcher         MPhil         of marketing communications         structuralism              Discourse analysis                 Enrolled
                                                                                                                                               Suicide + Fantasy +
                                                                              Postgraduate                                                     Psychodynamic +
Julie      Wetherill   julie.wetherill@talktalk.net   Faculty of Health       Researcher     MPhil/PhD     The Suicide Fantasy                 Symbolism + Therapy        Grounded Theory
                                                                                                           Exploring the effects of early
                                                      Carnegie Faculty of                    Centenary     interventions in the criminal       early interventions,
                                                      Sport and           Postgraduate       PhD           justice system on looked after      criminal justice, looked
Julie      Shaw        julshw@yahoo.co.uk             Education           Researcher         Studentship   children                            after children             case studies                       Enrolled
                                                                                                           Drawing around the body:
                                                                                                           subjectivity figuration and
                                                      Faculty of Arts &       Postgraduate                 transition in the embodiment of     art practice drawing
Juliet     MacDonald   juliet.mac@ntlworld.com        Society                 Researcher     PhD           knowledge                           cognition knowledge        Reflexive                          Conducting research
                                                                                                           neuropsychological and              HIV+ neuropsychology
                                                                              Postgraduate   centenary     cognitive profiles of               cognitive CD 4 VIROL                                          Confirmed
KALIMA     KALIMA      kalibanji@yahoo.com            Faculty of Health       Researcher     studentship   HIV+children in Zambia              LOAD                       quantitative and qualitative       registration
                                                                                                                                               Identity culture fashion
                                                      Faculty of Arts &       Postgraduate                 Across Cultural Boundaries -        representation
Karen      Babayan     karen.babayan@ntlworld.com     Society                 Researcher     Mphil         Fashion form and foundation         authenticity               Studio practice                    Conducting research

                                                                                                           The contribution of green-space
                                                                                                           initiatives to the development of
                                                                                                           sustainable communities within      Green space
                                                      Faculty of Arts &       Postgraduate                 the context of local governance     sustainable communities Qualitative - case studies and
Karen      Smith       k.h.smith@leedsmet.ac.uk       Society                 Researcher     PhD           structures and developments         local governance        interviews                            Enrolled
                                                                                                           The Effects of Maturation on the
                                                                                                           Adaptations to Strength and
                                                      Carnegie Faculty of                                  Conditioning Training in High    Maturation Training
                                                      Sport and           Postgraduate                     Performance Junior Rugby         Adaptations LTAD
Kevin      Till        kevtill@tiscali.co.uk          Education           Researcher         PhD           Players                          Rugby                         Quantitative                       Enrolled
                                                                                                                                            informal economy
                                                                                                           Township tourism; linkages       tourism South Africa          Mixed methods, using
                                                      Leslie Silver           Postgraduate                 within the nexus of informal and Small- and Medium             narratives, interviews and
Ko         Koens       ko@kokoens.com                 International Faculty   Researcher     PhD           formal economies                 Enterprises                   network analysis                   Conducting research
                                                      Carnegie Faculty of                                                                   High-protein diet
                                                      Sport and               Postgraduate                 Protein manipulation in          appetite weight-loss          Quantitative data collection and
Lauren     Humphrey    L.Humphrey@leedsmet.ac.uk      Education               Researcher     PhD           overweight and obese children camp                             analysis

                                                                                                           A legal analysis of the
                                                                                                           relationships within professional   employment law
                                                      Faculty of Business Postgraduate                     rugby league in England and         contract regulation
Leanne     O'Leary     l.oleary@leedsmet.ac.uk        & Law               Researcher         PhD           rugby union in New Zealand          governance                 qualitative                        Conducting research
                                                                                                           coping strategies of older
                       L.Sharma-                                              Postgraduate                 person against the problem of  geriatrics, elderly, coping     interview, observation of
Lok        Sharma      Bhattarai@leedsmet.ac.uk       Faculty of Health       Researcher     PhD           social isolation and lonelinessloneliness                      everyday lives                     Enrolled
                                                                                                           PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-            PSYCHOLOGICAL
                                                                              Postgraduate                 BEING DURING THE               WELL-BEING
LONIA      MWAPE       Loniamagolo@yahoo.com          Faculty of Health       Researcher     PhD           PERINATAL PERIOD               PERINATAL PERIOD                MIXED METHOD                       Conducting research
                                                                                                                                          Asperger syndrome,
                                                                                                                                          adolescence, quality of
                                                                              Postgraduate                 Quality of life in adolescents life, loneliness, mental        thematic analysis structural       Confirmed
Louise     Elliman     l.Elliman@leedsmet.ac.uk       Faculty of Health       Researcher     PhD           with Asperger syndrome         health                          equation modelling                 registration
                                                                                                                                          internationalisation SME
                                                      Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                   A Bicultural Management Model Culture and
Manuel     Lérida      m.lerida@bluewin.ch            International Faculty Researcher       PhD           For Internationalising SMEs    Management                      Case Study

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Networking contacts                                         Post Graduate Research Conference 2007 - 12 July, Headingley Carnegie Stadium

                                                                                                                                                 5 key words -
Forename   Surname           e-mail contact               Faculty                 Status         Award type Research Title                       research area               Methodology                        Progress so far
                                                                                                               Socialisation and motivation for
                                                          Carnegie Faculty of                                  participation in visually impaired disability sport
                                                          Sport and           Postgraduate                     and blind athletes in the sport of socialisation motivation
Maria      Antritsou         m.antritsou@leedsmet.ac.uk   Education           Researcher         PhD           goalball.                          participation              mixed methods                      Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                  small family firms
                                                          Leslie Silver           Postgraduate                 Small family enterprises           sustainability factors
Marianna   Kornilaki         m.kornilaki@leedsmet.ac.uk   International Faculty   Researcher     PhD           sustainable behaviour in Crete influence behaviour            Grounded Theory
                                                          Carnegie Faculty of                                  Systematic review and meta-        Meta-analysis bone
                                                          Sport and               Postgraduate                 analysis of exercise effects on density exercise women        Systematic review and meta-
Marrissa   Martyn-St James   hcsmmsj@leeds.ac.uk          Education               Researcher     PhD           bone health in women.              osteoporosis               analysis

                                                          Faculty of Arts &       Postgraduate                 reshaping identity and culture:   Tourism identity culture
Martin     Bastide           M.Bastide@leedsmet.ac.uk     Society                 Researcher     PhD           the case of tourism in Siberut    globalisation ethnicity  ethnography                           Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                 Development; Values;
                                                                                                                                                 Policy Process;
                                                          Faculty of Business Postgraduate                     Community Involvement in          Community Participation; Policy analysis; surveys;
Martin     Purcell           m.purcell@leedsmet.ac.uk     & Law               Researcher         PhD           Local Strategic Partnerships      Evaluation               interviews; coding                    Conducting research

                                                                                                               The effects of transcutaneous
                                                                                                               electrical nerve stimulation      Transcutaneous
                                                                                  Postgraduate                 (TENS) on post amputation pain    Electrical Stimulation
Matt       Mulvey            m.mulvey@leedsmet.ac.uk      Faculty of Health       Researcher     PhD           and phantom limb phenomena        Phantom Limbs               Clinical research                  Enrolled
                                                                                                               Mothers' and daughters'
                                                                                  Postgraduate                 constructions of food eating      social constructionism                                         Confirmed
Maxine     Woolhouse         M.Woolhouse@leedsmet.ac.uk   Faculty of Health       Researcher     PhD           femininity and the body.          eating body femininity      discourse analysis                 registration
                                                          Carnegie Faculty of
                                                          Sport and               Postgraduate                 Good practice in competitive      child protection good
Melanie    Lang              M.Lang@leedsmet.ac.uk        Education               Researcher     PhD           youth swimming                    practice coaching           Grounded Theory ethnography        Conducting research
                                                          Carnegie Faculty of                                  Can airmanship be objectively
                                                          Sport and               Postgraduate                 measured in the Tucano Flight     pilot cognitive measure
Michael    Akers             redinexile@lycos.co.uk       Education               Researcher     MPhil         Simulator                         capacity intelligence   Experimental intervention              Conducting research
                                                                                                               THE POTENTIAL GROWTH OF
                                                                                                               MEDICAL TOURISM AND ITS
MS.WANVIP                                                                         Postgraduate                 MARKETING CONTEXT IN              MEDICAL TOURISM IN                                              Confirmed
HA        HONGNAPHADOL       NUKE_H@YAHOO.COM.AU          TOURISM                 Researcher     PH.D.         THAILAND                          THAILAND                    GROUNDED THEORY                     registration
                                                                                                                                                                             This study aims to be
                                                                                                                                                                             practitioner oriented research
                                                                                                                                                                             (Bloor 1977) using a
                                                                                                                                                                             multimethod approach. I plan to
                                                                                                                                                                             study learner transformation in
                                                                                                                                                                             selected behaviours through
                                                                                                                                                                             longitudinal 'telling' case studies
                                                                                                                                                                             (Mitchell 1984). I plan to
                                                                                                                                                                             analyse the data ('analytic
                                                                                                                                                                             induction' Mitchell 1984)
                                                                                                                                                                             gathered using Ethnographic
                                                                                                               The Impact of Different Models                                and to a certain extent micro
                                                                                                 PhD English   of ESOL Support on Learner                                    ethnographic methods and
Naeema                                                    Leslie Silver         Postgraduate     Language      Progress and Achievement in       language world-class        draw common themes and
Begum      Hann              n.hann@leedsmet.ac.uk        International Faculty Researcher       Teaching      Work based Learning               skills inclusive success    relationships between events.       Enrolled

                                                                                                               Entrepreneurial undergraduates entrepreneurial
                                                                                  Postgraduate                 and graduates: Implications for enterprise graduates
Naila      Malak             N.Malak@leedsmet.ac.uk       Business                Researcher     PhD           higher education                skills interventions          triangulation                      Enrolled

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Networking contacts                                           Post Graduate Research Conference 2007 - 12 July, Headingley Carnegie Stadium

                                                                                                                                                5 key words -
Forename    Surname     e-mail contact                     Faculty                Status         Award type Research Title                      research area             Methodology                     Progress so far
                                                                                                                                                                          To look at interviewing
                                                                                                                                                                          Montessori Teachers and
                                                                                                                                                                          Playworkers in a variety of
                                                                                                                                                Playwork Montessori       different play environments. To
                                                                               Postgraduate                                                     philosophy and practice   look at the possible overlap
Nerys       Yeates      david.nerys@btopenworld.com        Arts and Society    Researcher        Masters       Mres                             and overlap               between the two roles.          Enrolled
                                                           Carnegie Faculty of                   PhD           Talent Identification and        Deliberate Practice
                                                           Sport and           Postgraduate      Centenary     development in Sport &           giftedness talent
Paul        Miller      paulymiller@hotmail.com            Education           Researcher        Bursary       Business                         nurture                   Qualitative                     Enrolled
                                                                                                 MPhil Peace   In search of a pedagogy for
                                                          Leslie Silver           Postgraduate   &             developing ethical               Pedagogy Ethics Virtue
Paul        Dowson      p.a.dowson@leedsmet.ac.uk         International Faculty   Researcher     Development   consciousness and virtue.        Aristotle Erikson      Narrative Interviews               Enrolled
                                                          Carnegie Faculty of
                        P.Salisbury4356@student.leedsmet. Sport and               Postgraduate                                                  sport politics welfare
Paul        Salisbury   ac.uk                             Education               Researcher     PhD           Sport and the Labour Party       Olympics socialism        grounded theory / case study    Enrolled

                                                                                                                                                masculinities psychology
                                                                                  Postgraduate                 Men's experience of cosmetic     appearance photo-                                         Confirmed
Paula       Singleton   p.singleton@leedsmet.ac.uk         Faculty of Health      Researcher     PhD           surgery                          elicitation qualitative  photo-elicitation                registration
                                                                                                               The barriers perceived and
                                                                                                               actual to children and young
                                                                                                               people with special needs
                                                                                                               accessing play and leisure
                        rachael.pearce@wolverhampton.go Faculty of Arts &         Postgraduate   Research      activities in the city of        Barriers to accessing
RACHAEL     PEARCE      v.uk                            Society                   Researcher     masters       Wolverhampton                    Inclusive Play            Research                        Enrolled

                                                           Faculty of Arts &      Postgraduate                 Democratic Ideas: The Politics   Jewish-American Fiction;
Richard     O'Brien     bigmelodrama@hotmail.com           Society                Researcher     PhD           of Saul Bellow's Fiction         Politics; Ideology       Archival; interdisciplinary      Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                Basque film
                                                           Faculty of Arts &      Postgraduate                                                  documentary
Ritchard    Emm         ritchard.emm@ntlworld.com          Society                Researcher     PhD           Locating Euzkadi                 nationalism class        Materialist                      Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                Investment Direct
                                                           Faculty of Business Postgraduate                                                     Foreign Determinants
Robert      Kasadha     R.Kasadha@leedsmet.ac.uk           & Law               Researcher        PhD           Foreign Direct Investment        Regions                  Grounded Theory                  Enrolled
                                                                                                               An exploration of women's
                                                                                                               perceptions of the impact and
                                                                                                               influence of context on their                            thematic analysis q
Ruth        Cross       r.m.cross@leedsmet.ac.uk           Faculty of Health                     PhD           health behaviour                                         methodology                       Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                E-learning motivation
                                                                                                                                                widening participation
                                                                                  Postgraduate                 E-learning for hard to reach     social groups community
Sarah       Copeland    sarah@cope-land.co.uk              Innovation North       Researcher     PhD           groups (working title)           learning                tbc                               Enrolled
                                                                                                               Queer Women’s Sport Histories:
                                                                                                               A Poststructuralist-Feminist
                                                                                                               Analysis of the Development of
                                                          Carnegie Faculty of                                  Homophobic and                   Sport Gender Sexuality
                        s.drury8576@student.leedsmet.ac.u Sport and           Postgraduate                     Heteronormative Discourses in    Feminism Post
Scarlett    Drury       k                                 Education           Researcher         PhD           Women’s Sport                    structuralism          Ethnography                        Enrolled
                                                                                                               Consensus Building as an
                                                                                                               Alternative Paradigm for Truth
                                                                                                               Commissions: a comparative
                                                                                                               study of South Africa's Truth
Seidu                                                      Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                  Commission and the Ghana         Reconciliation after
Mahama      Alidu       skkytosh@yahoo.com                 International Faculty Researcher      PhD           Reconciliation Commission.       conflicts in Africa       grounded theory                 Enrolled
                                                                                                               Development of a quantitative
                                                                                                               performance measurement
                                                           Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                  model for commercial events;
Seyed Ali   Sajjadi     A.Sajjadi@leedsmet.ac.uk           International Faculty Researcher      PhD           target audience approach                                   Qualitative                     Enrolled

6                                                                                                                                                                                   C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ee20aded-2e4b-4ab0-be83-044724143f28.xls
Networking contacts                                             Post Graduate Research Conference 2007 - 12 July, Headingley Carnegie Stadium

                                                                                                                                                     5 key words -
Forename      Surname       e-mail contact                    Faculty               Status         Award type Research Title                         research area               Methodology                    Progress so far
                                                                                                                                                   black women education
                                                              Carnegie Faculty of                                BME women entering                race theory social
                                                              Sport and             Postgraduate                 leadership roles within the early mobility cultural                                            Confirmed
sharon        curtis        sharon@ellesmere-cc.fsnet.co.uk   Education             Researcher     PhD           years sector in the 21st century tranference            action research                        registration
                                                              Carnegie Faculty of                                                                  Relative age sport
                                                              Sport and             Postgraduate                 Relative Age Effects in           education attainment
Steve         Cobley        s.cobley@leedsmet.ac.uk           Education             Researcher     PhD           Education & Sport                 inequality            Empirical design

                                                                                                                                                  Stories of Petra; Tourism
                                                              Faculty of Arts &     Postgraduate                 World Heritage Tourism and       Old Stones and National
Suleiman      Farajat       s.farajat@leedsmet.ac.uk          Society               Researcher     PhD           National Identity                Identity in Jordan        Mixture of Qualitative methods      Enrolled
                                                                                                                                                  SME intangibles
                                                              Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                 Relevance of intangibles for the company succession
Susanne       Durst         susanne.durst@hochschule.li       International Faculty Researcher     PHD           purpose of company succession Germany                      Mixed method approach               Conducting research
                                                                                                                 Cultural relationship between    Africa tourism
                                                              Faculty of Arts &     Postgraduate                 some East-African societies and anthropology visual
Tamas         Regi          t.regi@leedsmet.ac.uk             Society               Researcher     PhD           the outside world                culture                   grounded theory                     Enrolled
                                                              Carnegie Faculty of                                Motivation in Second Language
                                                              Sport and             Postgraduate                 Learning in the Kingdom of
Tarig         Abdalla       tarigabdalla@hotmail.com          Education             Researcher     PhD           Saudi Arabia                                               Questionnaire interviews            Enrolled
                                                                                    Postgraduate                 Privations of European Air
Thorsten      Quendt        t.quendt@zementol.at              Tourism Hospitality   Researcher     PhD           Navigations Service Providers    privatisation ANSP        n/a                                 Conducting research

                                                                                                                                               cross-cultural psychology
                                                                                                                                               international education
                                                                                                                                               international students
                                                                                                                 A cross-cultural study of     cross-cultural
                                                              Leslie Silver         Postgraduate                 communicating and negotiating communication concept
Ting          Chen          T.Chen@leedsmet.ac.uk             International Faculty Researcher     MPhil/PhD     needs in studying aboard      of need                   Quantative and qualitative             Enrolled

                                                                                                                                                information management
                                                                                                                                                framework; grounded
                                                                                                                 Information Management         theory method; higher
                                                                                    Postgraduate                 Framework for Higher Education education institutions;
Transmissia   Semiawan      t.semiawan@leedsmet.ac.uk         Innovation North      Researcher     PhD           Institutions                   object-oriented model;  Grounded Theory Method

                                                                                                                                                     Research informed
                                                                                                                                                     teaching, HE provision in
                                                                                    Postgraduate                 Research Informed Teaching in       FE, research-teaching       Qualitative and quantitative
Venetia       Giannakouli   V.Giannakouli@leedsmet.ac.uk      Innovation North      Researcher     PhD           RUN Colleges                        nexus, concept of           approaches                     Enrolled
                                                                                                                 Interactive Curriculum design for   curriculum hospitality
                                                              Faculty of Business Postgraduate                   hospitality and tourism courses     tourism Higher education
Yianna        Orphanidou    orphanidou.y@intercollege.ac.cy   & Law               Researcher       PhD           in Cyprus                           in Cyprus                   Grounded Theory                Enrolled
                                                                                                   Centenary     The Effect of Mental Imagery        mental imagery EFL
                                                              Leslie Silver         Postgraduate   PhD           Training on EFL Learners'           learners input listening
Yong          Yi            yiyong0101@yahoo.co.uk            International Faculty Researcher     Studentship   Listening Comprehension             comprehension               grounded theory                Enrolled

7                                                                                                                                                                                         C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ee20aded-2e4b-4ab0-be83-044724143f28.xls

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