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									Greening Your
Business and
Climate Wise
CREW – Northern Colorado Chapter

Kathy Collier, LEED AP
Climate Wise – City of Fort Collins Natural Resources Dept

3 June 2009
                         Why Green?
•   Reduce environmental impact
•   Business efficiency
•   Cost $aving$
•   PR
•   Tenants/employees: Greater productivity, recruitment, retention,
    healthy employees, employee morale, energy savings, water savings
•   Owners: Greater value, greater marketability, higher rents, higher
    occupancy, risk of obsolescence, energy savings, water savings, lower
    insurance costs
•   Community: Peak demand, water treatment, storm water, landfill,
    energy dependence
              Greening Business

•   Energy
•   Water
•   Materials and Resources
•   Transportation
The Balanced Low-carb Diet


                       Green Power

                    On-Site Renewables

           Energy Efficiency; Waste reduction, etc.
                  Energy Top 10
•   Conservation
•   Lighting retrofits
•   Thermostats
•   Retro-commissioning
•   HVAC equipment
•   Economizers
•   Building envelope
•   Appliances and office equipment
•   Green IT
•   People
          Energy Conservation
Conservation: behavior based
• Turn it off, turn it down,
  tighten the schedule, etc.
• Applies to everything
• Culture based is most
• Competition seems to help
                  Lighting Retrofits
Lighting retrofits: replacing old fluorescent, incandescent and
   metal halide with more efficient technology
•   Most common opportunity in business
•   Typical payback, 2-4 years
•   Clear and obvious quality improvements
•   Opportunity to re-design for current needs
Technology types
• T-12  T-8 fluorescent
• Incandescent  CFL (compact fluorescent)
• Exit lights  LED
• Metal halide  high-bay fluorescent
        Appliances and Equipment
Appliances and office equipment:
  don’t forget the refrigerator,
  television, dishwasher and copy
• Buy a new refrigerator and recycle
  the old one
• Look for ENERGY STAR label on
                       Green IT
Green IT: reducing energy use and environmental impact of
  IT equipment with hardware, software and operational
• Largely untapped opportunity
• Specify high efficiency desktops and servers
• Start server consolidation and virtualization
• Optimize setpoints, airflow and cooling for data centers
• Network based power management
• Equipment made with less toxic materials
• Easy to dismantle or recycle at end of life
                  Water Top 10

• Baseline, benchmark, assess!
• Behavior
• Upgrade end-use fixtures
• Irrigation improvements
• “Once-through” water use
• Heating/cooling equipment blowdown
• Dishwasher upgrades
          Upgrade End-Use Fixtures
•   Aerators: 2.0-3.0 gpm 1.5 gpm
•   Pre-rinse spray valves: 2.5 + gpm  1.6 gpm
•   Showerheads: 2.5-3.5 gpm  2.0 gpm
•   Paybacks =< 1 year

• Toilets: 3.5 - 5+ gpf  1.6 gpf or lower
   – Options: ultra-low, dual flush
• Urinals: 3.0 gpm  1.6 gpf or lower
   – Options: waterless, ultra-low
• Paybacks = 3 -10+ years
   Irrigation Improvements
• Sprinkler Audit Program: FREE sprinkler
  system assessment for homes & homeowner

                Sign Up:
                Call 416-2666
      Materials and Resources Top 10
•   “Green” purchasing
•   Source reduction
•   Material reuse
•   Recycle
•   Optimize trash service
•   “Green” meetings and events
•   “Green” cleaning program
               Source Reduction
• Reduce junk mail: write DMA, join Green
  Dimes, etc.
• Reduce use of consumables (e.g., paper)
• Use PDF writer as default printer
• Use backsides of paper before recycling
• Duplex (double sided) printing
• Reusable cups and plates preferable
• Choose minimally packaged items or buy in
• Eliminate use of polystyrene foam cups,
  plates (compostable or recyclable
  alternatives also exist)
• Choose products with recyclable packaging
• Eliminate use of bottled water: opt for
  water pitchers and glasses
Develop recycling program
• Self-haul
   – Rivendell Recycling Center or
     Larimer County Recycling Center
• Add recycling pick-up to trash service
   – Broker large volumes directly
   – Larimer County Recycling Center,
     paper mills, etc.
• Hire recycling company
   – Accepts more materials, rebates
     possible for high value materials
   – Reporting options?
Standard recyclables (variable, based on business type):

•    ** Mixed paper $$
•    ** Glass containers
•    ** Plastic containers (including plastic containers, #1 - #7)
•    ** Metal containers $$
•    ** Corrugated cardboard $$
•    ** Paperboard

• Organics (or compostable / degradable materials)
    ** Materials included in single-stream recycling
    $$ = rebate possible depending on vendor / volumes generated
           Optimize Trash Service
• Frequency of trash pick up function of
  capacity and volume
• Ensure container appropriately sized and full
  when emptied
• Ask hauler about “on demand” collection

• Optimization = $$ cost savings $$
     Recycling on a Different Scale at Intel

May 9, 2011                                    18
              Transportation Top 10
•   Telecommute
•   Carpool / vanpool
•   Bike
•   Walk
•   Bus
•   Drive efficiently, vehicle maintenance
•   Alternative fuels, hybrids & electric
                Drive Efficiently
• “Trip chain”
• Reduce or avoid idling (diesels too)
• EPA: 1% fuel efficiency loss for every 2 PSI under
  maximum tire pressure level
• Slow down: each 5 mph over 60 mph = paying
  additional $0.20 / gal for fuel
• Car maintenance: 4% increase in fuel efficiency or
Climate Wise: Business Outreach Program

                               Fort Collins folk
 Aaaaah!                         can just call
What do I                       Climate Wise
 Climate Wise: Business Outreach Program
Promotes voluntary GHG reduction through:
• Energy efficiency
• Pollution prevention
• Waste reduction
• Water conservation
• Transportation reduction

Climate Wise provides:
•Technical assistance
• Public recognition
• Peer networking opportunities
• Carbon quantification
• Cost savings
• …and much more!
The Climate Wise Team!
Climate Wise: Business Outreach Program
• A business plan with new tiered partner levels of
Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

• Partner Advisory Committee
provides input into the business
plan and Climate Wise operations

• Last year, committee members
asked staff to build in strict
requirements for Platinum
partners to “continually raise the

                 Climate Wise, Business Smar
  Examples of what Partners are doing
  Some of the 650 projects or measures of 2008 partners:

Recycling/Waste Reduction                 Transportation
• Start solid waste/recycling program     • Alternative Transportation
• Internal materials reuse program        • Hybrid vehicle use
• Purchase in bulk                        • Trip optimization
• Use Silverware instead of plastic       • Biofuel use
• Construction and demolition recycling
• Hold “Zero Waste” meetings and events

Energy Conservation                        Water Conservation
• Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® appliances       • Xeriscaping
• Lighting projects                        • Aerator replacement
      • Utilities LightenUP!               • Sprinkler audit/optimization
• Cooling Tower                            • Indoor fixture replacement
• Turn off computers/lights
• Efficient HVAC upgrade

                    Climate Wise, Business Smart.
The effects of reducing 100,511 tons
CO2e are similar to:

 …planting 8 million trees

 …reducing 1,260,000 car trips from
  Fort Collins to Denver and back

 …saving 108,000 round-trip flights
  from Denver to NYC

             Climate Wise, Business Smart.
Cumulative savings through 2008
Climate Wise Partners saved:

 • nearly 4 billion gallons of water

 • more than 280 million kWh of electricity

 • more than 6.5 million therms of natural gas

 • 83,200 tons diverted from the landfill

 • total cost savings among partners are nearly $24.4

               Climate Wise, Business Smart.
Climate Wise Provides:                     Support

    Climate Wise technical assessment at The Vineyard Church

         Climate Wise, Business Smart.
Climate Wise provides:

 Tools and resources to help
 Data Collection Tool
 Greenhouse Gas Baseline Tool
 Self Assessment Checklist

                        Climate Wise, Business Smart
Climate Wise Provides: Public Recognition

           Climate Wise, Business Smart
Climate Wise Provides: Peer Networking

           Climate Wise, Business Smart
Climate Wise Provides:
Carbon Quantification and Cost savings

           Climate Wise, Business Smart
What Businesses are Saying About
          Climate Wise

            “Climate Wise helps us with structuring
            and maximizing our solid waste
            recycling and natural resource use
            reduction programs. This results in a
            feeling of positive contribution by Odell
            Brewing employees, as well as
            measurable cost savings.”
                           Doug Odell, Owner
                           Odell Brewing Company
What Businesses are Saying About
          Climate Wise

               “Through owning shopping centers in
               other municipalities, we have never
               come across a program that has been
               so forward thinking and forthright in
               helping to identify ways to not only be
               green, but help businesses to see the
               bottom line benefit of being green.”

               Luke McFetridge, NewMark Merrill
               Mountain States – Fort Collins Marketplace
Web Information
      Climate Wise

Contact Information
      Kathy Collier
      221.6312 |

      John Armstrong
      416.2230 |

            Climate Wise, Business Smart.
          Fort Collins Resources 1
• Energy and water programs:
  Fort Collins Utilities: 221.6700

• Recycling and waste reduction:
  Fort Collins Natural Resources Dept: 221.6600
           Fort Collins Resources 2

• Bike and transit programs:
  Fort Collins Transportation Dept: 224.6058

• Technical assistance for all areas for businesses
  (including property owners / managers/tenants):
  Climate Wise: 221.6312
   Resources outside of Fort Collins

• Greeley’s Environmental Awards Program:
  Ruth Quade,
  (awards, free indoor/outdoor water audits)

• Regional carpool/vanpool programs:
  Metropolitan Planning Organization
  (800) 332.0950

 Thank you!

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