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                 LET FOOD
             BE YOUR MEDICINE
                  Why Full Nutrition Is Better than Drugs

                                Arden Andersen is more than a fixture at almost every Acres U.S.A.
                             Conference. He is a medical doctor with more than a passing interest in
                             the real medicine of Hippocrates — “Let food be your medicine.” He is
                             also a progressive agronomist. In both roles he makes the connection
                             between health in the soil and health in plants, animals and human
                             beings. As a consultant, he works with growers worldwide. It is hard to
                             say whether he is more at home as a teacher, field consultant or health
                             practitioner. Effective in all areas, his greatest impact may well be via the
                             students he has trained to comprehend and use the information con-
                             tained in this interview and in the books he has written.

                         ACRES U.S.A. “Let food be your medi-         don’t provide you with nutrition — they
Arden                    cine,” so said Hippocrates, but nowadays     only block or fool the body into believ-
Andersen, D.O., Ph.D.    the medical profession seems to think
                         that medicine should be our food. What
                                                                      ing, on a temporary basis, that some-
                                                                      thing is balanced. In fact, there was a
                         is your take on all this?                    study completed about 10 years ago in
                                                                      Europe comparing drug versus non-
                         ARDEN ANDERSEN. In fact I was at a           drug therapy for heart disease. They ran
                         conference in Chicago a couple weeks         this study for 20 years as opposed to the
                         ago where there was an excellent presen-     typical 10 years. What they found was
                         tation made by a doctor showing that 75      that for the first 10 years the drug group
                         percent, in some cases more, of all med-     taking anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-
                         ical research today is actually funded by    cholesterol drugs, whatever it might be
                         industry — the drug makers. With that        for heart disease, they found that those
                         understanding, most or many doctors          people fared a little bit better. Not
                         are going to insist, “Well, gee, drugs are   tremendously better, but they did fare a
                         going to take care of everything!” The       little bit better than the non-medication
                         last thing they want to use is something     group. However, when they looked at the
                         that’s going to replace that research        second 10 years of that same group, what
                         money — and that would be food.              they found was that not only did the
                         ACRES U.S.A. But in fact there are a lot     non-drug group fare better just in func-
                         of things in addition to food that replace   tion, they had a lower death rate than the
                         the cold-tar derivative drugs.               drug group. What that study proved is
                                                                      that it’s still nutrition that operates the
                         ANDERSEN. Of course. There are many          body, that gives the body the energy to
                         herbal blends, a lot of extracts from        function like it’s supposed to. You can get
                         food, a lot of nutrients that should be in   by for 10 years with drugs, but eventual-
                         food (and in some cases are in food) that    ly you’ve got to pay the credit card, and
                         actually provide the same kind of medic-     that’s why in that second 10 years the
                         inal results in disease and illness as       drug group fared worse, had a higher
                         drugs. They do so in a much different        death rate.
                         way, however. The reality is that drugs
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ACRES U.S.A. Doctors may understand
this, but the layman does not understand
that the reason there’s almost no              “The reality is that drugs don’t provide you with
research on things that actually work to
replace drugs, is because the pharmaceu-
                                              nutrition — they only block or fool the body into
tical companies can’t make a dime out of      believing, on a temporary basis, that something is
ANDERSEN. That’s correct — a lot of
these things are almost totally driven by
patentability. If you can patent some-        the opportunity to answer it because            ACRES U.S.A. Can you make clear for
thing, that means you can monopolize it       they would all say that their specific          our readers the vitamin connection? We
in the market. However, there’s already a     product is the best. Over the years we’ve       talk about trace minerals, but we also
tremendous amount of research out             heard a lot of tag terms — it’s micron-         talk about vitamins and there’s a lot of
there despite the fact that a lot of people   size, it’s colloidal, it’s this and that. The   confusion about those two concepts.
are in the business of creating new things    reality is that if we have first of all the
                                              nutrient presence, then we have to have         ANDERSEN. Vitamins are the catalysts,
as opposed to using old tried-and-                                                            the lighter fluid, if you will. I know you
proven remedies — and a lot of foods          good nutrition in the gut as far as appro-
                                              priate microbiology, such as lactobacil-        remember before gas barbecue grills,
are old tried-and-proven remedies.                                                            when you had to go to the grocery store
                                              lus, bifidobacteria and so on, and the
ACRES U.S.A. We know some people              proper acid and enzymes to digest those         and buy charcoal briquettes. In order to
who have osteoporosis and arthritis, and      foods. So there has to be a combination         get those charcoal bricks going you had
holistic practitioners tell us that one of    of all of those things in order for the         to add a little lighter fluid. Well, vitamins
the tried-and-true remedies for this,         trace minerals to be valuable. We find          are very much like that in our biochemi-
either to control it or reverse it to some    that most of the food grown today con-          cal pathways. They’re catalysts for the
extent, is something as simple as             tains some degree of the major nutrients        other things to operate properly, to get
diatomaceous earth, once called               — calcium, magnesium, potassium,                the minerals up and utilized — and of
diatomaceous sand, which is a silica.         those kinds of things — but zero levels of      course a lot of vitamins have mineral
                                              very important critical nutrients — for         components. For example, B12 has
ANDERSEN. Sure. Absolutely. The thing         example, silicon, strontium, vanadium,          cobalt, and the vitamin is that link in the
about it is, osteoporosis is not caused by    chromium, iodine, lithium and so on.            system for making things happen, if you
a lack of a drug. Osteoporosis is caused      So, the only way we are going to get those      will, in the manufacturing process of
by a lack of adequate nutrition and           things today is through supplements.            proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates,
appropriate digestion in the human in         Among the various supplemental prod-            cell components and then the cells
order to utilize that nutrition that went     ucts on the market today, I prefer to use,      assembled to form tissue and so on. The
into the system. I rarely use any drugs in    if possible, amino-acid chelated materi-        vitamins are the catalysts for those
my practice for osteoporosis — I don’t        als, as well as a higher-grade product that     processes — so we can have all the min-
find them necessary, and I find that          I know has a specific amount of these           erals present, we can have all the proteins
many women can’t even tolerate them as        nutrients in them. Trace minerals are           and carbohydrates present, but if we
far as their stomach. I rely on good          critical for the immune system to func-         don’t also have the vitamins, then noth-
nutrition, if we’re really aggressive with    tion properly. For example, selenium is         ing is going to occur. It’s just debris in a
it, I supplement things like diatoma-         very important relative to the prevention       heap. The other thing that vitamins are
ceous earth, things like strontium with a     and treatment of cancer. Very important         very important for in that catalytic
full mineral mix combined with micro-         for countering the mercury we are               process is helping to collect free radicals.
crystalline calcium or calcium hydroxya-      exposed to in the environment.                  For example, vitamin C and vitamin E
patite. With good nutrition and making        Unfortunately, a lot of the food today          work very closely with glutathione, sele-
sure that we have good digestion, we find     doesn’t have any selenium in it. I prefer       nium, manganese, copper and the other
that we don’t have any problem regener-       the amino-acid chelated selenium, the           antioxidant minerals.
ating osteoporosis fully.                     selenomethionine. You can get selenium          ACRES U.S.A. Is zinc included? Iodine?
ACRES U.S.A. Would you make a com-            as a sodium selenite, but again, it goes
ment on trace minerals? They seem to          back to digestion, and I find that if I give    ANDERSEN. Absolutely. All of those
be surfacing an awful lot in the news         a patient a trace mineral mix — whether         trace elements are very important com-
these days, and we’re interested in the       it be in a tablet supplement or a liquid or     ponents in that process of, you might
correct access to them and the best           maybe even in food, for example,                say, dousing out the fire of free radicals,
organic forms of them.                        through seaweed or some such material           which are causing damage to the tissue.
                                              — if I don’t also address their digestive       So the vitamins are triggering those
ANDERSEN. That’s a really good ques-          system it doesn’t work, because metals          intermediate processes that allow us to
tion, and there are a lot of supplement       require a good acid level in the gut as         take that fire, cool it down, and actually
companies out there that wish they had        well as good enzymes for assimilation.

dissipate it without damaging the rest of     ANDERSEN. We find that if we have            into the bloodstream and then end up
the surrounding tissue.                       adequate vitamin D, a number of these        determining what type of omega oils are
                                              things work very well. For example,          going to be formed in the fat. When we
ACRES U.S.A. In working on a manu-            there’s a lot of work recently looking at    have a high-grain diet, we’re going to get
script recently, which goes to press as       the issue of sunlight causing skin cancer.   more omega-6 fats, which means more
Minerals for the Genetic Code, we discov-     If you track that, what they have found is   saturated fat in the meat. That is a stress
ered that there are some 22 subatomic         that skin cancer has paralleled the use of   response. We know that relative to peo-
particles that ride in on the photons of      sun screen, and in fact what they showed     ple, and we know that relative to chick-
light from the sun, which of course           was that sunlight actually decreases the     ens. If we stress people or animals, their
brings us to vitamin D. Would you com-        incidence of some major cancers — lung       cholesterol levels go up. Thus, if we stress
ment on that?                                 cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer,      the rumen with a high-concentrate diet,
                                                                                           those saturated fats go up — of course,
                                                                                           the animal is going to gain weight
  “Vitamins are . . . catalysts for the other things to                                    because you’re going to be putting fat
                                                                                           onto the system, but you don’t have full
operate properly, to get the minerals up and                                               nutrition. If, instead, we get grass into
utilized.”                                                                                 that animal, the biochemistry the rumen
                                                                                           gives us omega-3 building blocks, which
                                                                                           are absorbed into the animal and pro-
ANDERSEN. There’s no question that            colon cancer. Of course that sunlight will   duce omega-3 fats. If we then take it a
when we really get down to the brass          be correlated with the manufacture and       step further and we feed grass that has a
tacks everything is all energy anyway —       utilization of vitamin D by the body and     brix reading of 12 or above, we can get
it all comes from the sun. As far as build-   with overall health, particularly of the     omega-3 to omega-6 ratios in the beef
ing our physical body, without question,      immune system, which is going to corre-      animal that are at least 1:1, and it’s possi-
if we don’t have adequate vitamin D,          late to every disease you can have. When     ble to actually get more omega-3 than
then it’s more than just an issue of          people had tuberculosis years ago they       omega-6 in a beef animal, and still get
assimilating calcium. Medical research        put them in an asylum, and what did          over three pounds a day weight gain.
has shown for quite some time actually        they do? They put them out in the sun!
                                              Sunlight is something that the ancients      ACRES U.S.A. Whereas an animal in a
that vitamin D is correlated not only to                                                   feedlot has little or no opportunity for
calcium, but also to the prevention of        and our forefathers understood was a
                                              very important component of health           movement, never gets a breath of air that
cancer. It seems to be correlated to a                                                     isn’t loaded with fecal dust and chemi-
number of other processes that maintain       and healing.
                                                                                           cals and so on. Would that be correct?
the health of the body — many of which        ACRES U.S.A. Let’s move onto some-
we really don’t understand. Without it,       thing that affects both animals and          ANDERSEN. Absolutely correct. We
there’s a big gap. For example, there’s       human beings and this matter of omega-       don’t need to have those animals there in
research showing that high doses of vita-     6 and omega-3 fats — namely, how the         order to achieve the production levels we
min D may lower blood pressure. We            animals are grown, whether they’re on        need to feed the population.
know that vitamin D has some correla-         pastures or in the feedlot consuming
tion with depression, and it’s important                                                   ACRES U.S.A. I’ve often wondered why
                                              highly refined carbohydrates.                people that are interested in cruelty to
to understand that all of these things
have many more components than we             ANDERSEN. What this has to do with is        animals don’t land on the feedlot system.
can explain — and ultimately, it all goes     the biochemistry in the gut and with the     ANDERSEN. I think that’s a discussion
back to energy. So in collecting that sun-    microorganisms that are part of that         for the politicians!
light, that information called photons —      biochemical pathway. Ruminant animals
all of our cells operate from photonic        were never designed to be healthy on a       ACRES U.S.A. Let’s move on a little bit
energy anyway — the vitamin D is, you         concentrate, a highly refined carbohy-       here and discuss medical consequences.
might say, the wagon component carry-         drate or grain carbohydrate diet, or alco-   What are the consequences of pesticides,
ing a lot of that information.                hol or sugar or whatever is in the latest,   herbicides, fungicides being in, around
                                              greatest computerized ration. Yes, some      and on the food supply?
ACRES U.S.A. If we can transport this         of them actually put alcohol in animal
conversation over to animals, vitamin D       rations! But the organisms in the rumen      ANDERSEN. One of the reasons why I
would figure mightily in beating back         were not intended to digest those sub-       wrote my book Real Medicine, Real
things such as bovine tuberculosis,           stances — they can, but they were never      Health was to point out, first, that people
maybe brucellosis and some of these dis-      intended to. When we put those things in     have options in medicine, but at the
eases that are causing ranchers and           the rumen, we alter the animal’s bio-        same time — and you’re not going to
farmers so much trouble. How do you           chemistry, which means we change the         find this in the agricultural literature,
find that equation squares with human         nature of the fatty acids that are pro-      you’re not going to find it in Farm
medicine?                                     duced. Those fatty acids get absorbed        Journal, you’re not going to find it at one
                                                                                           of your university publications out of
                                                                                                                    INTERVI EW

the Ag schools — there’s a tremendous         ANDERSEN. Yes, I’ve looked into his            make that link between agriculture and
amount of medical research in which the       work and I think it’s very, very intrigu-      medicine, agriculture and human health.
correlation, both directly and indirectly,    ing. It doesn’t surprise me at all that
between disease and pesticides is             there is a potential link between              ACRES U.S.A. Lately we’ve been giving
extremely well established. We’re not just    organophosphates and neurological dis-         the food crops over to the genetic modi-
talking about conjecture. We’re not talk-     ease or neurological aberration, because       fiers.
ing about wishful thinking. There are         that’s what the whole Mad Cow issue is         ANDERSEN. Really, genetic engineering
absolute correlations, the medical litera-    — it’s an aberration of the central nerv-      is just another excuse to avoid good
ture shows, between these substances          ous system, and again, the research all        nutrition and it’s another way of further
and childhood cancers, for example —          correlates organophosphates to those           monopolizing the industry against the
without question. It’s all about pesticides   kinds of problems.                             farmer, against the consumer, and of
and the lack of nutrition which goes                                                         course it perpetuates an increasing use of
with those pesticides.                        ACRES U.S.A. What happens when these
                                              chemicals actually inhabit the gene, pen-      pesticides and more use of medications.
ACRES U.S.A. Meaning compromised              etrate the gene?                               We have more illness, more allergies, etc.
nutrition, when you have chemical mol-                                                       All of that is documented in the medical
ecules tied up, indigestible?                 ANDERSEN. A number of things can               literature. So we have to understand that
                                              happen. The chemicals essentially inter-       all genetic engineering is doing is throw-
ANDERSEN. Absolutely. The thing               fere with the overall communication of         ing a monkey wrench into the body’s
about it is, you’re not going to need the     the system. So picture for a moment that       software program, and that software
pesticide if you have nutrition. The two      you have a computer program that oper-         program then is forever defective.
are not mutually compatible in the same       ates a robot to build an automobile.
system. When we have appropriate agri-        Then somebody comes in and throws a            ACRES U.S.A. What do they call that in
cultural practices, what we find is that we   monkey wrench into the robot. Well, all        computer talk?
have the nutrition — the brix readings        that’s going to do is break the robot.         ANDERSEN. A computer virus —
go up, and we don’t have the pesticide        That’s like getting a heavy metal or           absolutely! Literally that’s exactly what
pick-up by the roots of the plants — it       something like that in the body. But           they are creating with genetic engineer-
simply doesn’t occur. We also know of a       what happens if somebody comes in and          ing. They attach a virus to the gene
connection between pesticides and             they interfere with the computer program       because that virus acts as an activator
Parkinson’s disease, which is a very dev-     that runs the robot? It’s no longer a mat-     component, but then they have to add an
astating neurological illness — three         ter of simply fixing the robot, we have to     antibiotic-resistant marker so that they
very good university studies coming out       go back and correct the basic informa-         can tell whether or not that gene was
of the Gulf War correlated organophos-        tion package. The problem is, if we don’t      successfully inserted, so we automatical-
phate pesticides to Parkinson’s disease.      catch that problem quickly we may end          ly end up with things like antibiotic
That was a landmark study because agri-       up with 1,000 automobiles made defec-          resistance throughout the entire food
culture wasn’t interested in looking at it    tive because of that flawed information        chain.
at all, and in fact had no connection with    package. Well, our genetic material is like
it. It came about because all of these        that software program, and when we             ACRES U.S.A. So, we’ve grown corn, it’s
organophosphate pesticides were used          have a chemical, a pesticide, in the sys-      genetically modified, we’re extracting the
on our troops in the Gulf War and they        tem it interferes with that information        sugar from that corn and substituting all
were coming back with so many inci-           transfer to the hardware, plus we can end      other sugars with corn sugar because it’s
dences of Parkinson’s-like syndrome that      up with hardware that is duplicated with       cheaper. What is that doing to our meta-
the government investigated and eventu-       defects.                                       bolic systems?
ally linked it back to organophosphate
pesticides. So looking at these incidences    ACRES U.S.A. Or goes into wild prolif-         ANDERSEN. We’re having some signifi-
of Parkinson’s disease in our non-mili-       eration.                                       cant problems with that. It’s directly
tary population, then, we have to look at                                                    connected to obesity and diabetes. What
                                              ANDERSEN. Absolutely, and frequently           people don’t understand is that high
pesticides, particularly organophosphate      that happens as well — it’s called cancer.
pesticides. In fact, younger and younger                                                     fructose corn syrup is a combination of
people are getting Parkinson’s disease        ACRES U.S.A. Lindane or organophos-            refined fructose and sucrose from corn.
these days.                                   phates or any of those things can do this?     We thus have a combination of refined
                                                                                             sugars going into the food chain at very
ACRES U.S.A. Organophosphates have            ANDERSEN. That is correct. The inter-          high doses on a regular basis, so we’re
also been implicated by Mark Purdey,          esting thing, though, is that nature does      both stimulating and overriding the
the expert on Mad Cow disease, as being       provide us with the opportunity to             insulin response system on a daily basis
the agent that, given enough time, dis-       reverse all of that, if we provide the prop-   with no nutrition to back it up. We end
torts the prion that may inhabit the          er building blocks to do so. We can do         up with greater weight gain, we end up
brain of an affected animal. Have you         that in the soil, we can do it with plants,    with significant obesity problems in our
looked into any of that?                      animals and people, but not without            youth. In fact, if you track the amount of
                                              having full nutrition. That’s why we           sugar that goes into the American popu-

lation, there has been a continuous             ANDERSEN. Absolutely right — the             deaths. The FDA chose to view that as a
increase over the past 50 years, particu-       body gets to the point where it craves       contamination of a supplement on the
larly after the advent of the corn sweet-       more and more and more of these sugar        market, despite the fact that none of the
ener. Now, in addition to the straight          drinks in the system.                        manufacturers of non-engineered
chemical problems of corn sweetener                                                          L-tryptophan ever had a problem. With
containing both fructose and sucrose,           ACRES U.S.A. How does this affect what       that history in mind, look at bovine
we’re having a problem with it being            we call a “dry drunk?” Someone who           somatotrophin, a genetically engineered
genetically engineered. So we’re also see-      spent his formative years drinking and       bovine growth hormone. The Canadians
ing greater and greater allergic reactions      then goes dry?                               did a review of the animals receiving
to corn products. That then tracks to           ANDERSEN. One thing that we see with         BST and found that there is a significant
more allergies and more inflammatory            alcoholics is that part of the whole alco-   problem. The organs grew larger — but
disorders throughout the human popu-            holic process is a carbohydrate metabo-      they actually lost mass. They lost weight.
lation.                                         lism problem.                                They had more problems with infertility.
                                                                                             They had more defects. They had more
ACRES U.S.A. Metabolically, how does            ACRES U.S.A. And that carries forward        mastitis issues. If it were just a natural
the body handle this new sugar?                 even after they quit drinking?               thing and there were no problem with it,
ANDERSEN. You have to kind of break                                                          you wouldn’t see these consequences in
                                                ANDERSEN. Yes — they have some kind          contrast to natural growth hormone.
it up into sucrose and fructose, because        of carbohydrate problem to begin with
the two have different pathways in which        typically and alcohol becomes that satis-    ACRES U.S.A. What about consequences
they’re utilized and trigger different          factory thing, which is why many alco-       for the human being, though?
responses in the body. The sucrose is           holics become soda-pop-aholics to com-
going to stimulate the insulin response         pensate as a replacement of their alcohol.   ANDERSEN. In my opinion, from what
system. Since it’s not carrying any nutri-      They still have a problem dealing with       I see, the consequences for the human
tion with it, however, it’s all useless stim-   carbohydrates.                               being are going to be very similar to the
ulation of that insulin process, leading to                                                  L-tryptophan fiasco. I think we’re
insulin resistance, hyperglycemia and           ACRES U.S.A. They can also become            already seeing that in the human popu-
eventually Type II diabetes, as well as         aspartame addicts.                           lation with increased incidence of dia-
obesity and all the things that go with                                                      betes, more childhood cancer and so on.
that. The other component is the fruc-          ANDERSEN. Well, the aspartame just
tose. This is not the same fructose that        increases your craving for more and          ACRES U.S.A. Milk intolerance?
you get from eating a piece of fresh fruit      more sugar, or carbohydrates, so they’re
                                                still craving carbohydrates — the process    ANDERSEN. Tremendous milk intoler-
— that fructose is combined with all of                                                      ances, and the problem is that a lot of
the other nutritional components that           just continues on. What we really have to
                                                do as part of a rehab program for alco-      people think, “Milk intolerance, that just
go with it — enzymes, trace minerals,                                                        means you have a lactose intolerance.”
major minerals, vitamins and so on —            holics is to revise their diet to take out
                                                the refined carbohydrates and only allow     No, it doesn’t mean that. In fact, that
so that fructose has a different signature                                                   misapprehension is exploited as a diver-
into the system. But when we take               them to have the complex carbohy-
                                                drates, high-fiber carbohydrates, as well    sion from what’s really going on. Lactose
refined fructose and throw it into the                                                       intolerance is an enzyme issue. It has
system, we end up with the problem that         as the full nutrition that goes along with
                                                that, particularly the trace minerals, so    nothing to do with the immune system.
we can’t metabolize it throughout the                                                        What we’re talking about is an immune
body. It’s only metabolized in the liver,       that pancreas-liver process of carbohy-
                                                drate metabolism can once again operate      reaction — an adverse immune reaction
and we see similar reactions in the liver                                                    — to dairy as a foreign protein, an
from high-fructose diets as those that          like it’s supposed to.
                                                                                             invader in the body, just like an infec-
occur in alcoholics. We end up with fatty       ACRES U.S.A. BST — bovine soma-              tion. This is absolutely separate from the
liver issues. The satiety or satisfaction       totrophin. What is it doing to people?       so-called lactose-intolerance factor.
from eating is not stimulated by that           They claim it’s exactly the same as what     What I see in my practice is that dairy,
refined fructose, so you overeat because        the cow naturally manufactures.              eggs, wheat and corn are the four most
the body doesn’t feel satisfied. We find                                                     common sensitivities in the population.
that people on a high-fructose diet will        ANDERSEN. They have to claim that,           Well, the dairy in this country, unless it’s
overeat more and more, they seem to             because if they admitted the truth, we’d     organic, is going to be genetically engi-
crave more and more of that sugar — it          shut them down. The reality is, we know      neered through bovine growth hormone
becomes an addictive process. They get          that the first human experiment on           and a majority of the cows eat genetical-
more, and then they crave more, and so          genetically engineered products was          ly engineered soybean and corn — all of
on.                                             L-tryptophan, and we know Showa              the chickens, unless they’re organic, are
                                                Denko in Japan in 1988 was the only          going to have genetically engineered soy-
ACRES U.S.A. Is that what makes many            genetic engineering firm producing
of these sodas so addictive?                                                                 bean and corn that they’re eating, just as
                                                L-tryptophan. It caused 1,500 cases of       most of the corn products in this coun-
                                                eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome and 37         try, unless they are organic, are going to
                                                                             INTERVI EW                   Diet as the NEW
be genetically engineered. You talk to          ANDERSEN. Yes I do. With many of the                      Ultimate Key
other doctors, you talk to government
officials on allergies, exactly the same
                                                common ones, we get quite specific. I
                                                spend a fair amount of time in the book
                                                                                                          to Health & Healing
thing. We’re seeing more and more aller-        talking about autism, about attention                     with Jerry Brunetti
gies and sensitivities to those foods and       deficit, about childhood illnesses.
                                                                                                                                    In this in-depth
particularly an acceleration over the past      Personally, I feel that if we don’t take care
                                                                                                                                presentation, Jerry
decade.                                         of our next generation, a lot of it’s all for
                                                naught anyway. So I spend a fair amount                                         Brunetti shares the
ACRES U.S.A. Is that why many people            of time addressing issues of children and                                       priceless     lessons
report that their children were lactose         of young people, and unfortunately can-                                         and wisdom gained
intolerant until they switched to fresh         cer is spreading faster in children than                                        through his suc-
milk, or raw milk, at which point they          any other age group. We’ve got to take                                          cessful      struggle
were no longer lactose intolerant?              care of these children. I also spend a fair                                     with an aggressive
ANDERSEN. I can’t say that happens              amount of time on neurological and                        form of lymphoma. Learn firsthand Jer-
100 percent of the time, but it’s certainly     injury issues and cardiology. So basically,               ry’s step-by-step plan for restoring
more than a coincidence. I see frequent-        the medical issues that concern farmers.                  health using fresh foods and natural,
ly in areas where people are able to get                                                                  holistic, herbal treatments.
                                                   Dr. Arden Andersen has just released an
those kinds of fresh dairy products, they       expanded and updated edition of Real                          Brunetti touches on the plagues of
say exactly the same thing: “Gee, we            Medicine, Real Health. See page 56 of this                modern civilization — cancer, cardio-
don’t have a reaction anymore!” or the          issue for more information, or visit www.acres            vascular illness, diabetes, allergies and
child doesn’t have a reaction anymore.          usa.com.
                                                                                                          autoimmune disorders, arthritis, and
Sometimes you’ll see it just by going to           For more information about Dr. Andersen
                                                and his work, visit www.ardenandersen.com or              stroke — and offers insights on the true
organic dairy, even the pasteurized stuff.
                                                e-mail info@ardenandersen.com.                            cause of these maladies, and first steps
There are many times that we’ve seen the
disappearance of reactions that we get                                                                    you can take toward effective treatment.
from commercial dairy, which we know                                                                      Learn what lab tests you should pursue,
has a lot of genetically engineered com-                                                                  and how to read the results as a step to-
ponents to it.                                                                                            ward obtaining or recapturing optimal
ACRES U.S.A. Winding this up, would                                                                           The printed curriculum is 57 pages
you be able to give us a quick précis of
                                                                                                          in length and includes the following
what your new book is all about?
                                                                                                          sections: Digestion; Syndrome “X” &
ANDERSEN. It’s really a revision of Real                                                                  Diabetes; Inflammation; Endocrine
Medicine, Real Health. We put a new pic-                                                                  System; Immune Integrity; Detoxifica-
ture on it, we cleaned it up a little bit and                                                             tion; pH; Chemstrip Test.
we did some revisions on it, but it’s still a                                                                 Jerry Brunetti, a livestock nutraceu-
summary letting people know that they                                                                     tical specialist, weaves traditional and
have options in their medical care, and at                                                                cutting-edge knowledge together in this
the same time letting them know there is
                                                                                                          8 hour workshop to make the case that
medical research to show a direct corre-
                                                                                                          farmers are the doctors of the future.
lation between agriculture — and agri-
culture means food — and human                                                                                   2005 Acres U.S.A.
                                                 Acres U.S.A. is the national journal of sustainable
health. I allude a little bit as well to the
                                                agriculture, standing virtually alone with a real track      Pre-Conference Workshop
understanding of the background on               record — over 35 years of continuous publication.           Set of 6 audio CDs and 57 page
agriculture aspects — brix readings,                Eash issue is packed full of information eco-         curriculum packaged together in a 3-ring
quality of food from a farmer’s perspec-          consultants regularly charge top dollar for. You’ll
                                                                                                          binder. Item # CD-SET05BRU — $80.00
tive, from a soil perspective — in fact          be kept up-to-date on all of the news that affects
that’s what we’re going to talk about at           agriculture — regulations, discoveries, research          Set of 5 audio tapes and 57 page
our seminar in December at the Acres              updates, organic certification issues, and more.        curriculum packaged together in a 3-ring
conference, a three-day seminar just on                       To subscribe, call                          binder. Item # T-SET05BRU — $80.00
that process of agronomy. So that book
is kind of the consumers’ side of agricul-
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