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					 How to make this Jeopardy game
       work for your topic
• Set up your teams and have them sit together.
• Explain the ground rules.
• Assign a score keeper who will watch to see
  which team raises their hand first for each
  question and they will also keep track of what
  team wins what on the board or flip chart.
• When you’re ready to play the game, open that
  presentation and then hit F5 to put it into the
  “SHOW mode.
• Raise your hand when you want to answer. I
  will call upon the first hand I see raised. You
  get five seconds to answer.
• You get one answer; you cannot change or
  modify it after you have given it.
• If the first team to answer gets it wrong, they
  get that score deducted from their total and
  then the second team that raised their hand
  gets a chance to answer.
• One of the questions will read “DOUBLE JEOPARDY”.
  This just means that this question is worth twice
  what it is listed for.
• When all questions are complete you are ready to
  play “Final jeopardy” . Before you see the question
  each team must write down how much you want to
• After the question is shown, write down your answer.
  You cannot change your wager $$ after you see the
• When the music stops each team reveals what their
  wager was and their answer.
This JEOPARDY “template” was created by Tim
Reicker, New York State Emergency Management
Office, and Made available by the Dutchess County
Community College Fire Science program.

This game prepared by Past Chief Thomas Bartsch,
Valley Stream Fire Department. All material was
taken from the “Firefighter’s Handbook, Essentials of
Firefighting and Emergency Response, New York 2nd
         ANY QUESTIONS????
No? Then let’s play

   “Firefighter Alphabet # 3”

“Firefighter Alphabet # 3”
    “FF Alphabet # 3” JEOPARDY!!!
Letter "L"   Letter "M"   Letter "N"   Letter "O"   Letter "P"

$100         $100         $100         $100 $100
$200         $200         $200         $200 $200
$300         $300         $300         $300 $300
$400         $400         $400         $400 $400
$500         $500         $500         $500 $500
                     Final Jeopardy
Letter "L" - $100

       Glass composed of two or
       more sheets with a plastic
         sheets between them

        What is Laminated Glass
Letter "L" - $200

      The inner layer of fire hose.

             What is a Liner
Letter "L" - $300

         A beam that spans an
       opening in a load-bearing
            masonry wall.

               What is a Lintel
Letter "L" - $400

      The weight of all materials
      and people, but not part of
            the structure

             What is Live Load
Letter "L" - $500

     Any wall that supports other
       walls, floors, or roofs.

      What is a Load-bearing Wall
Letter "M" - $100

        Universal call for help.

              What is Mayday
Letter "M" - $200

      An incident in which the
     number of patients exceeds
       the capability of EMS.
          What is Mass Casualty
Letter "M" - $300

    Provides specific information
   about a chemical, it’s handling,
         health effects, etc.
        What is a Material Safety
               Data Sheet
Letter "M" - $400

   A term used to describe an air
   monitor that measures oxygen
            levels, etc.

            What is a Multigas
Letter "M" - $500

  Actions taken to eliminate a hazard
    or make a hazard less severe.

            What is Mitigation
Letter "N" - $100

   A tapered or constricted tube to
    increase the speed or change
        the direction of water.

              What is a Nozzle
Letter "N" - $200

    The force that makes a nozzle
    move in the opposite direction

         What is Nozzle Reaction
Letter "N" - $300

    The state when all parts of an
      extension ladder are un-

              What is Nested
Letter "N" - $400

     Chemicals that a designed to
           kill humans.

         What are Nerve Agents
Letter "N" - $500

  Agency with sole responsibility for
  testing and certification of SCBA.

              What is NIOSH
Letter "O" - $100

     Used by building personnel,
   taken from a standpipe to fight
           incipient fires.

       What is Occupant Use Hose
Letter "O" - $200

    Has a wheel on a stem housed
        in a yoke or housing.

         What is Outside Stem &
Letter "O" - $300

         Aggressive attack on a
     situation where resources are
        adequate and capable of
         handling the situation.
         What is Offensive Attack
Letter "O" - $400

    Type of SCBA unit in which
   the exhaled air is vented to the
        outside atmosphere.

      What is Open-Circuit SCBA
Letter "O" - $500

   The use for which a building or
        structure is designed.

           What is Occupancy
Letter "P" - $100

    The projection of a wall above
      the roofline of a building.

              What is a Parapet
Letter "P" - $200

   Term used to describe building
     voids housing water pipes.

           What are Pipe Chases
Letter "P" - $300

         A style of wood frame
      construction in which each
      story is built providing fire
       What is Platform Framing
Letter "P" - $400

   A feature providing continuous
    supply of air, keeping toxic
        gases from entering.

         What is Positive Pressure
Letter "P" - $500

  Made from chemically broken
  down natural protein materials.

           What is Protein Foam
~ Building Terminology ~

          Composed of three parts;
the exit access, the exit and the exit discharge
    Final Jeopardy
What is Means of Egress