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Volume 95                  Number 16                 Lester Spell, Jr., D.V.M., Commissioner                                   Jackson, Mississippi                  August 15, 2006

Mississippi Cattle Producers                                                                                                  Gov. Barbour Supports
Face Grass, Hay Shortage                                                                                                      Drought Relief For
       By Linda Breazeale
     MSU Office of Agricultural
                                                                                                   feed and other alter-
                                                                                                   native feeds if they
                                                                                                   have appropriate stor-
                                                                                                                              Mississippi Agriculture
                                                                                                   age facilities. They
   Mississippi farmers are in the same                                                             may be able to cut
boat as most cattle producers across                                                               expenses if they join
the country, and there is no water                                                                 with other cattle pro-
around any of them.                                                                                ducers to buy in bulk.
   “If it doesn’t start raining some-                                                              Producers need to
where in the next month or so,                                                                     take an inventory of
including Texas and Oklahoma, the                                                                  their cattle and divide
demand for calves will be affected.                                                                them into nutritional
There won’t be much winter graz-                                                                   groups      such      as
ing,” said John Anderson, agricultur-                                                              replacement heifers;
al economist with Mississippi State                                                                lactating,      mature
University’s Extension Service. “All                                                               cows; and dry cows.
the areas around the country that do     these areas don’t get significant rain    They should consider the different
a lot of winter grazing have been very   in time to establish winter annual        nutrient needs of each group, then
dry. It’s going to affect the demand     pastures.”                                estimate how much feed will be
side of the market if at least some of     Anderson said there are abnormal-       needed to get through the fall and
                                         ly dry to severe drought conditions       winter. Analysis of pasture condi-
                                         throughout the midsection of the          tions and feed storage capabilities
                                         country and the Southeast.                should be made.
                                           “We need to see improvements               “It’s time to start making deci-
                                         beyond Mississippi’s borders. Hay is      sions. If feed will be close or short,
                                         going to be very scarce in all states,”   cows will not be in proper condition
                                         he said.                                  for reproduction, and weaned calves
                                           According to the National               will be lighter,” Parish said.
                                         Agricultural Statistic Service in mid-       Parish encouraged farmers to cull
                                         July, 60 percent of Mississippi’s pas-    to the group they prefer to carry into
                                         ture and hay land conditions are list-    the winter. First-calf heifers will have
                                         ed as poor or very poor. The same         the highest nutrient demands, so
                                         conditions can be found in 83 per-        early weaning of their calves could
                                         cent of Alabama pastures, 63 percent      help these mothers.
                                         in Texas and 61 percent in                   Mike Keene, area Extension live-
                                         Oklahoma.                                 stock and forages agent based in
                                           “We may still get enough rain for       Forrest County, said most producers
                                         good fall season grazing. Even if that    are reluctant to give up on hopes of
                                         does occur, people will need to look      producing or finding hay.
                                         at other feeding options,” Anderson          “As a whole, we are looking at
                                         said.                                     about half our normal hay cutting.
                                           Jane Parish, assistant Extension        Farmers are hunting for supplies,
                                         professor of animal and dairy sci-        and if they find any, they will be pay-
                                                                                   ing 20 percent or more than last

                                                                                                                                     Got Hay?
                                         ence, said the biggest concern now is
                                         that producers are significantly          year,” Keene said. “Winter grazing
                                                                                   will be more important than normal.
                                         behind on their hay cuttings and will
                                                                                   They will probably plant earlier than
                                         enter winter with reduced supplies.
                                                                                   usual and that could increase (dis-
                                           “An additional problem is that the
                                                                                   ease) problems.”
                                         grass shortage is forcing cattle pro-                                                In response to concerns over hay supplies this year, a new
                                                                                      Mississippi has nearly 1 million
                                         ducers to feed hay now,” Parish said.                                                        Mississippi Hay Directory is now online at
                                                                                   head of cattle. Half are stocker cattle
                                         “Hay produced during a drought like       and the other half are in typical
                                         this is often cut under less than ideal                                           
                                                                                   cow/calf operations. There are about
                                         management, and the quality may be        20,000 producers in the state, with                    For more information, contact your
                                         significantly reduced.”                   the majority being smaller producers                     local county Extension office or
                                           Parish said producers should look       with other off-farm incomes.
                                         for soybean hull pellets, corn gluten
                                                                                                                                            Dr. Jane Parish at 662-325-7466.

August 15, 2006                                                             MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                          Page 1
                                                                                                                              Texas Department of Agriculture            Editor’s Note: Reprints of
Coping With Drought Conditions                                                                                                Hay and Grazing Hotline
                                                                                                                                                                       Mississippi Beef Cattle Producer
                                                                                                                                                                       Guide To Coping With Drought
   Edited by Claude Nash, Editor             Because each feed has its own                                                    info/hay_grazing/com_hayhotline.htm
    Mississippi Market Bulletin            unique feeding advantages and limi-
                                           tations, it is worth the time to visit                                             USDA Memphis Weekly Feed Report            Mississippi State University
Where To Start                             with someone who is competent in                                                     Extension Service
   One of the first things that            formulating beef cattle diets to avoid                                             ports/lr_gr210.txt                         Dr. Jane Parish, Department of
Mississippi cattle producers should        any potential nutritional problems
do when faced with drought condi-                                                                                                                                      Animal and Dairy Sciences
                                           or disorders in the herd.                                                          USDA Southeast Weekly Hay Report
tions is to assess herd, nutritional,                                                                                             Dr. Richard Watson and Dr.
and other resources. The usefulness        Cattle Culling Considerations                                                      ports/MG_GR310.txt                       Michael Collins, Department of
of different management and mar-             During drought or other condi-                                                                                            Plant and Soil Sciences
keting options varies based on ranch       tions where forage and feed                                                        Helpful Drought-Related Links
resources, management, and mar-                                                                                                                                          Dr. John Anderson, Department of
                                           resources are limited, culling deeper
keting systems.                            into the herd than normal is often                                                                                          Agricultural Economics
                                                                                                                              Alabama Drought Emergency Relief
   Assessments of cattle nutrient          appropriate. This does not mean that                                                                                          Mississippi State University
                                                                                     seem like a good idea, cattle build up   Effort Website
needs, pasture production, stored          producers must liquidate their herds                                                                                        College of Veterinary Medicine
                                                                                     a heat load during the day and need
feed resources (hay, baleage, com-         to survive a drought. Instead, animal
modity feeds, etc.), labor resources,                                                at least six hours to dissipate heat                                                Dr. Terry Engelken and Dr. Pat
                                           nutrient demands should be closely                                                 Dealing with Drought: A resource for
facilities, particularly covered feed or                                             and cool down from an extremely                                                   McCoy, College of Veterinary
                                           matched with nutrient supplies
hay storage capabilities, and other                                                  hot day. Make an effort to limit the     Cattle Producers (Angus Journal)
                                           based upon the economics of provid-                                                                                         Medicine
operational inputs (fertilizer, seed,                                                amount of time cattle must spend in
                                           ing the nutrients for various cattle                                                                                          In     cooperation    with     the
fuel, etc.) need to be closely quanti-                                               a confined area with limited air
                                           numbers and associated nutritional
fied. Any shortfalls in nutrient sup-                                                movement when working cattle.            National Drought Mitigation Center       Mississippi      Department       of
plies and cattle nutrient needs, for         A logical culling order that may be                                                  Agriculture      and    Commerce,
example, must be planned in a very                                                   Hot Weather Management Tips
                                           used is as follows:                                                                                                         Mississippi Cattlemen's Association,
timely manner.                                                                         • Keep water sources clean and         NOAA Drought Information Center
                                             Open old cows                                                                                                             Mississippi Board of Animal Health
                                                                                     readily available              
                                             Open replacement heifers (still
Inventory Resources                                                                    • Provide adequate shade at all        U. S. Drought Monitor                    and Mississippi Farm Bureau
                                           young enough to feed out and meet
  • Evaluate pasture and hay quality                                                 times                                     Federation.
                                           fed market targets)
and supply                                                                             • Work cattle early in the morning
                                             Old cows with unsound mouth,
  • Determine cattle nutrient needs
  • Estimate supplemental feed
                                           eyes, feet and legs
                                             Open cows of any age
                                                                                       • Plan nutrition programs know-
                                                                                     ing that feed intake levels may be
                                                                                                                              Drought-Related Frequently

Alternative Feeds for Beef Cattle
                                             Thin cows over 7 years old (body
                                           condition score <4)
                                             Very late bred 2 year olds
                                                                                     Useful Website List:                     Asked Questions
  Stored forages and feeds should be                                                 Weather Information Sources              Question: I am considering reduced       Answer: Thin cows and lightweight
                                             Healthy bred cows that are over 7
located, evaluated for nutrient value                                                MSUcares Weather Resources               herd numbers to reduce forage and        calves are a likely result if nutrient
                                           years old
and price, and purchased or forward                                                     feed demands on my operation.
                                             Healthy bred young cows 2 or 3                                                                                            demands of the herd are not met. If
                                           years old                                                                          Which cattle should be culled first?     cows are allowed to decline to a state
                                                                                     Hay and Feed Source Information:
                                             Healthy bred cows 4 to 7 years old                                                                                        of poor condition, then additional
                                                                                     Mississippi Hay Directory                Answer: During drought or other
                                                                                                                          nutrients will be required to regain
                                           Cattle Management During                                                           conditions where forage and feed         lost body condition. Research has
                                           Hot Weather                                                                        resources are limited, culling deeper
                                                                                                                                                                       consistently shown that reproductive
                                                                                                                              into the herd than normal is often
                                                                                     Mississippi Market Bulletin                                                       rates of thin beef females are lower
                                           Water                                                                              appropriate. Culling can help allevi-
                                                                                                                              than those of cattle in moderate to
                                              Cattle need access to clean water                                               ate grazing pressure on drought-
                                           and a proper mineral supplement at                                                 stressed pastures and decrease over-     high body condition. Dramatic
                                                                                     Alabama Hay Directory                                                             declines in pregnancy rates occur
                                           all times. Ponds that are drying up                                                all operation demand for supplemen-
                                                                                                                              when cows fall below a body condi-
                                           may not provide adequate fresh,                                                    tal feed or forage. Stocker operators
                                           clean water for cattle. Alternate                                                  running short of forage may want to      tion score of 5 (moderate condition
                                           water sources may be necessary.                                                    consider shipping cattle to feedlots     with general good overall appearance
                                                                                     Arkansas Hay Producers Database
                                                                                       early and can still take advantage of    with spongy fat cover over ribs and
                                                                                                                              retained ownership opportunities as      palpable fat cover on either side of
contracted. Many hay suppliers fill
                                                                                     Commodity Feed Sources for               they pencil out. In cow-calf opera-      tail head) on the 1 to 9 scale for beef
orders to a regular customer base
                                                                                     Arkansas Producers                       tions, prime candidates for culling      cattle. A change of one body condi-
first before marketing to new cus-
                                                                                  are open (non-pregnant) cows, cows       tion score on this system equals
tomers, especially when hay supplies
are tight relative to hay demand.                                                    stock/beef/nutrition/commodity_feed      without calves, cows with physical       approximately a 75 to 80 lb. change
Word of mouth is a common way of                                                     _sources.htm                             defects (cancer eye, bad udder, feet     in body weight on an 1,100 lb. cow.
locating      hay     supplies.    The                                                                                        and leg soundness problems), older
                                                                                                                                                                       Although there is added expense in
Mississippi Market Bulletin and                                                      Kentucky Department of Agriculture       cows (10 years old and older), poor
                                                                                                                                                                       supplemental feed, the cost of having
Internet-based hay directories are                                                   Hay Sales Directory                      producers, late calving cows, cows
                                                                                                                              outside of the desired calving season,   thin cattle that do not rebreed or
also potentially useful sources of                                         
                                                                                     ral/haysales.htm                         and bad temperament cows.                calves that do not grow like they
information on hay suppliers and are
                                                                                                                                                                       should can be even more costly to
listed at the end of this article.
   By-product commodities are a                                                      Missouri By-Product Feed Price           Question: What can I expect if I do      profitability. In addition, dramatical-
                                           Cattle should not have to travel long
viable feed alternative to commer-                                                   Listings                                 nothing to help meet the nutrient        ly reduced weaning weights for
                                           distances for water. Temperature
cially mixed supplements. Take time        increases from 50 degrees F to 90         demands of cattle on drought-            calves from inadequate nutrition can
to evaluate both commodity feeds           degrees F can increase daily water        byprod/bplist.asp                        stressed pastures?                       hurt profitability.
and commercial supplements to              requirements by 2.5 times.
determine what ingredients price in
as the most cost-effective to achieve      Shade
                                                                                     Missouri Hay Market Listings
                                                                                                 To receive a copy of the
target production levels.                     Ample shade should be provided
                                                                                     National Internet Hay Exchange
Nutritional Values of Selected
                                           (at least 30 to 40 ft. per 2 head for
                                           mature cows on pasture). If cattle                   Mississippi Beef Cattle Producer Quick
Feedstuffs                                 crowd too closely together, limited
   Just because certain by-products                                                  Oklahoma Hay Directories
are cheap in terms of dollars does not
                                           shade can be worse than no shade at
                                           all. Shade options include natural        In-State:                                   Reference For Dealing With Drought
mean that they are necessarily a           (trees), permanent (barns and   
good value. The nutritional makeup                                                   tdev/haydir.pdf
of feeds and what they will con-
                                           sheds), and portable shades.
                                                                                     Out-of-State:                                                               Visit
tribute to beef cattle performance         Cattle Working Strategies       
determine their true value. Some             Arrange to work cattle during                                          
feeds can be fed free-choice in self       cooler parts of the day instead of dur-
feeders, while others required daily       ing the heat of the day. While work-      Tennessee Hay Directory
hand feeding.                              ing cattle in the late evening may                 or contact your local county Extension office.

Page 2                                                                        MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                           August 15, 2006
                                                                               ment land, $77,000. Forest, 601-331-        Webster Co., 200 acres, paved frontage,       tained road system, multiple use/pur-
                                   FARM PROPERTY                               8959.                                       internal roads, 12 yr. old mixed pine &
                                                                                                                           hardwood, food plots, utilities avail-
                                                                                                                                                                         pose, $2,300/acre. Hattiesburg, 601-
                                   All farm land must be sold by the actual
                                   owners of farms. “Farm Land For Sale,”      Simpson Co., 88 acres, 3 breeder hen        able, near Eupora, $1,285 per acre.
                                   “Farm Land For Rent or Lease” and           houses, 3 bdrm. 2 bath residence house      Kosciusko, 662-582-5910.                      Grenada Co., 28 acres, 2 houses, horse
                                   “Standing Timber For Sale” must             & tenant house, 2 generators, spreader                                                    stalls, pasture, workshop, swimming
                                   consist of ten (10) acres or more!          truck, Mahindra 4WD tractor w/front-        Rankin Co., 16 acres, Florence School         pool, 2 mi. east of Grenada on dead en
                                   In order to advertise under this catego-    end loader, $600,000. Pinola, 601-847-      District, frontage on paved road, good        road, wildlife refuge on 2 sides,
                                   ry, you the owner will have to submit a     5018.                                       house site, utilities accessible, $8,000      $285,000. Grenada, 662-226-8521.
                                   statement/signature of ownership with                                                   per acre. Florence, 601-845-4922.
                                   the ad to include the term:                 Warren Co., 23 acres, 3,700 sq. ft.                                                       Yazoo Co., 15 wooded acres w/1996
                                   “For Sale By Owner.”                        4 bdrm. 4 bath house, guesthouse,           Clay Co., 27 acres, 10 mi. west of West       Cappart mobile home - double wide,
                                   Out-of-state residents owning farm          pool, barn, orchard & 2 ponds,              Point, on paved road, fenced, great           3 bdrm. 2 bath, $63,000. Yazoo City,
                                   property within Mississippi that is         $375,000. Jackson, 601-954-5429 days.       development potential, $45,000.               662-571-0152.
                                   being offered for sale, are allowed to                                                  Columbus, 662-549-2302.
                                   advertise in this category.                 Rankin Co., 36.8 acres in City Limits of
Lester Spell, Jr. D.V.M.           REAL-ESTATE BUSINESSES, LAND                Pelahatchie, all utilities present, ready   Lawrence Co., 28 +/- acres, all or part,
                                                                                                                                                                         Pontotoc Co., 10.78 acres, 2 houses,
                                                                                                                                                                         barn, 3 acre lake stocked w/catfish,
        Commissioner               BROKERS OR ANY PERSON SELL-                 for development, $10,000 per acre.          $1,500 per acre & up. Prentiss, 601-          beautiful white fence w/hwy. frontage,
                                   ING LAND ON COMMISSION BASIS                Raleigh, 228-365-3015.                      792-2810.                                     deer/turkey, Hwy. 9 North, $175,000.
                                   ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ADVERTISE!
                                                                                                                                                                         Pontotoc, 662-488-5921.
                                                                               Leake Co., 40 +/- acres, 4 hen houses       Rankin Co., 39 acres, Hwy. 43, off Hwy.
 Market Development                   FARM LAND FOR SALE                       under contract, 3 tractors, plus other      18 near Puckett, has electricity &
                                                                                                                                                                         Panola Co., 115 acres on blacktop road,
                                                                                                                           water to it, $200,000 for all of it or sale
      Division                                                                 farm      equipment,
                                                                               Philadelphia, 601-389-0080.
                                                                                                                           half. Mendenhall, 601-825-2346.
                                                                                                                                                                         well established shooting range last 15
                                  Copiah Co., 129.6 acres, secluded, 100                                                                                                 yrs., NRA/USPSA/IDPA affiliated,
Mississippi Department of         acres pasture, balance in timber along                                                   Sharkey Co., 240 acres, thinned               comm. water/power, great retirement
                                                                               George Co., 10.1 acres, 3 bdrm. 1 bath                                                    investment w/lots of potential,
Agriculture & Commerce            White Oak Creek, 5 mi. west of I-55,         brick home, ideal hay land or pasture,      mature hardwood, 3/4 mi. road
                                                                                                                                                                         $230,000. Batesville, 662-563-0306.
                                  Hwy. 27 Exit, $1,950 per acre.               borders Hwy. 98 & County Road, Rocky        frontage, many interior roads, duck
     P.O. Box 1609                Brookhaven, 601-757-7146.                    Creek School District, $215,000.            holes, electricity & water, joins Delta
                                                                                                                           National Refuge, $2,250 per acre.             Yazoo Co., 180+ acres, rolling mead-
Jackson, MS 39215-1609                                                         Lucedale, 601-947-3603.                                                                   ows & hardwoods, ponds, live creek,
                                  Rankin Co., 2 lots: 13.765 acres, $4,000                                                 Lexington, 601-260-8038.
                                  per acre; 22 +/- acres, $5,000 per acre,                                                                                               deer/turkey, 45 min. from Jackson,                                                         Winston Co., 38 acres, fenced/cross-                                                      beautiful, $2,250 per acre. Madison,
                                  wooded w/road frontage on county             fenced, ideal hay land or pasture, 2        Carroll Co., 228 acres, mixed hard-
                                  blacktop road, approx. 11 mi. from                                                       wood/pine plantation, frontage on CR          601-853-2752.
                                                                               small ponds & creek, located on Hwy.
                                  Brandon, 601-540-2312.                       397, $115,000. Ackerman, 662-285-           50 & interior roads, food plots, ponds,
  MISSISSIPPI                                                                  6993.                                       sawtooth oaks & strawberry bushes for         Clarke Co., 20 +/- acres, updated
                                  Prentiss Co., 42 acres, half cut-over,                                                   deer/turkey, $1,950/acre. Madison,            3 bdrm. modular home, fenced/cross-
MARKET BULLETIN                   half bottom w/Osborne Creek running          Yalobusha Co., 175 +/- acres, several       601-853-9106.                                 fenced, stocked pond, comm. water,
                                  through it, 2,000+ ft. road frontage,                                                                                                  Enterprise School District, $85,000
      P. O. Box 1118                                                           beautiful house sites, interior roads,
                                                                                                                           Rankin Co., 35.7 acres, exc. home sites,      OBO. Meridian, 601-644-0139.
                                  $1,000 per acre. Arcadia, FL, 863-491-       big hardwood & pine, exc. deer/turkey
 Jackson, MS 39215-1118           6840.                                        hunting, located on county road within      creek, deer/wildlife, great community,
                                                                                                                           Florence area, $3,500 per acre.               Lauderdale Co., 40 acres, 20 acres in 8
                                                                               minutes of Oxford, $375,000. Tupelo,                                                      yr. old timber, 20 acres, 4 bdrm. 2 bath,
                                  Walthall Co., 100 acres, rolling hills,      662-871-7459.                               Foxworth, 601-736-2074.
Phone: (601) 359-1155             home sites, large barns, ponds, county                                                                                                 19 mobile home lots, 1- 16’ x 80’,
                                  water/electricity, fenced/crossed fence,                                                 Smith Co., (Mize) 20 +/- acres, beauti-       income pays mortgage, $395,000.
                                                                               Chickasaw Co., 148 acres w/mature
                                  deer/turkey, saleable timber, 1,900+ ft.                                                 ful 4,000 sq. ft. home, $300,000., addi-      Collinsville, 601-737-5263.
Fax:       (601) 359-1260         road frontage, $3,000/acre. Tylertown,
                                                                               timber      & plantation, $225,000.
                                                                                                                           tional 145 +/- acres of land/timber
                                                                               Starkville, 662-418-2734.
                                  601-876-4844.                                                                            available. Mize, 601-733-5380.                Adams Co., 38 acres in small timber,
                                                                                                                                                                         wonderful deer/turkey hunting, has 5
            Email:                Webster Co., 44 acres, 1/2 mi. road
                                                                               Oktibbeha Co., 82 acres, paved road,
                                                                                                                           Hinds Co., 253 acres SE. of Vicksburg,        good building sites, sold in 5 acre                                                giant oak trees in front yard, pecan
                                  frontage, cedar fenced, creek, some                                                      mature hardwood, young planted pine,          blocks only at $6,000 per acre.
                                                                               orchard, 60 acres in 20 yr. old pine tim-
                                  woods, good hunting, 3 bdrm. 2 bath                                                      179 acres in CRP, adjoins creek,              Natchez, 601-446-6493.
                                                                               ber, 3 bdrm. house, $5,000 per acre.
           Website:               home, swimming pool, bunk house,                                                         stocked 7 acre pond, great hunting,
                                                                               Starkville, 662-320-4441.
                                  sheds, barn, $250,000. Mathiston, 662-                                                   deeded access, $2,650/acre. Summit,           North Greene Co., 20-30 acres, 40%         263-6596.                                    Leake Co., 86 acres, 42.5 acres, 15 yr.     225-752-8499.                                 timber, 14 yr. old plantation, secluded,
                                                                               old pine plantation (CRP), 26 acres nat-                                                  good hunting, lake site, good access,
                                  Yalobusha Co., 100 +/- acres, 33 acres                                                   Copiah Co., 58.20 acres, Wesson               $2,000 per acre. Sand Hill, 601-989-
                                                                               ural growth pine/hardwood, exc. home
                                                                                                                           School District, w/home, pond, creek,         2466.
         Claude Nash              in 14 yr. old pines, 26 acres in 7 yr. old   sites, $4,000 per acre. Flora, 601-879-
                                                                                                                           Hwy. 28 road frontage, $185,000.
                                  pines, some open, rest some mer-             8956 leave message.
             Editor               chantable timber, $1,500 per acre.                                                       Wesson, 601-954-7490.                         Simpson Co., 42 acres, 27.4 acres in 19       Coffeeville, 662-801-8107.                   Newton Co., 353 acres timberland, 5                                                       yr. old + CRP, live spring fed creek, 5
                                                                                                                           Simpson Co., 80 acres, lots of road           mi. SW. of Mendenhall of Athens Road,
                                                                               mi. west of Decatur, fronts public grav-    frontage on Hwy. 28 West, great build-
                                  Forrest Co., 168.5 acres in Petal, 1/4       el road, comm. water, significant tim-                                                    good hunting, $3,300 per acre. Johns,
       Denise Sanders             mi. road frontage, 3 mi. to school &                                                     ing or hunting sites, $1,750 per acre.        601-825-0113.
                                                                               ber value, deer/turkey/ducks, great         Braxton, 601-847-1352.
         Assistant Editor         shopping, good for developing, $10,000       investment/recreational, $1,195 per      per acre plus improvements. Petal,           acre. Meridian, 601-693-2509.                                                             Panola Co., 143 acres, Hwy. 310
                                                                                                                           Perry Co., 60 acres on Hintonville            w/frontage, near Longtown, fenced, 2
                                  601-583-9830.                                                                            Road, approx. 10 mi. south of Richton,
                                                                               N. Marion Co., 30 acres in Bunker Hill                                                    ponds, $1,950 per acre, also 15 acres
         Cyble Jones              Leake Co., 110 acres pasture land over-
                                                                                                                           $2,600 per acre. Crystal Springs, 601-        w/small brick house, 2 barns, 1 pond,
                                                                               Community, wildlife, exc. community,        892-6247.
       Circulation Manager        looking 80 acre lake, 3 bdrm. 2 bath         $3,000 per acre. Foxworth, 601-736-                                                       $115,000. Azle, TX, 817-773-1479.        house, $255,000. Carthage, 601-267-          8464.                                       Copiah Co., 63 acres timberland, 9 acre
                                  0031.                                                                                                                                  Attala Co., 230 acres, 150 acres
                                                                                                                           creek, beautiful house sites, $3,400 per
                                                                               Copiah Co., 29 acres, paved road, water                                                   improved pasture, cross-fenced, plenty
                                                                                                                           acre OBO. Bakersfield, CA, 661-319-
       Patrick Sullivan           Tate Co., 330 acres, 1/2 mi. road            & electricity, 5 food plots & stands,       2666.
                                                                                                                                                                         of water, utilities, road frontage, 80
         Bureau Director          frontage, 60 acres row crop, 58 acres        creek, deer/turkey, $3,000 per acre.                                                      acres cut-over timberland, natural
                                  CRP pines, scattered hardwoods &             Byram, 601-372-5837.                        Holmes Co., 96 +/- acres, 3 bdrm. brick       reforested, good hunting, $1,500 per
                                  approx. 70 acres pasture, nice lake,                                                     house, 5 acre lake, some woods,               acre. West, 662-967-2062.
         Donna West               $1,850 per acre. Senatobia, 662-562-         Choctaw Co., 29 acres, 3,800 sq. ft.        mostly pasture/farmland, all utilities,
        Division Director         8582.                                        4 bdrm. 3 bath brick home, large            frontage, paved road, 1/2 mi. from I-55       Pike Co., approx. 60 acres, w/catch pen,
                                                                               kitchen/living room, finished base-         West, $251,000. West, 662-967-2461.           fenced, 2 ponds, grass & trees, 20 head
                                  Greene Co., 40 acres pine plantation,        ment includes kitchen, bath & bed-                                                        of gentle cattle, 2-6 yrs. old, Charolais
       Michael Lasseter           16 yrs. old, not thinned, no frontage,       room, large front porch, $195,000.          Montgomery Co., 88 acres, road                bull included, $325,000. Summit, 601-
          Agricultural            near Old Avera Community, good               Ackerman, 662-387-4431.                     frontage north & east side, exc.              276-2750.
        Projects Manager          investment, $60,000. Brandon, 228-                                                       deer/turkey, $2,000 per acre OBO.
                                  297-8771.                                    SW. Leake Co., 31 acres, comm. water,       Grenada, 662-417-9835.                        Scott Co., 42 acres east of Forest, 12
                                                                               3 bdrm. 2 bath house w/all appliances,                                                    acres in hardwood - select cut in 1994,
         Andy Prosser             Hinds Co., approx. 40 acres, Terry-          paved road, 2 sheds, 3 buildings, storm     Simpson Co., 40 acres, country living         30 acres in 11 yr. old pines, good hunt-
    Economic Development          Byram School District, off Dry Grove         shelter, Kubota tractor & equipment,        at its best, wildlife, springs, old barn,     ing area, $2,000 per acre. Brandon,
         Coordinator              Road, secluded, pasture & woods,             $275,000. Lena, 601-654-9367.               fenced, quiet, 30 mi. south of Jackson,       601-829-9545.
                                  beautiful house & lake sites, $4,800 per                                                 $3,500 per acre - firm. Braxton, 601-
                                  acre. Crystal Springs, 601-260-3712.         Jasper Co., 306 acres, 40 acres in 18 yr.   847-5575.                                     Neshoba Co., 33 acres, 2 house breeder
        Paige Manning                                                          old plantation pines, 20 acres in hard-                                                   farm, home, $600,000; Kemper Co.,
       Communications &           Scott Co., 25 acres, in Clifton              wood, 150 acres in crop land, 96 acres      Forrest Co., 160 acres, near Brooklyn,        45 acres, 3 house breeder farm, pond,
         Policy Advisor           Community, good home site, exc.              in pasture land, $1,500/acre. Louin,        deeded access to Hwy. 49, 6-7 yr. old         4 bdrm. 2 bath home, $800,000.
                                  hunting, paved road, borders govern-         601-739-3663.                               planted pines, lake site, well main-          Preston, 601-677-2494.

August 15, 2006                                                         MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                  Page 3
                                                                                       Alcorn Co., 12 acres, 1/4 mi. off U.S. 45    Calhoun Co., 10 acres cotton land            stored in barn, $24 per roll. Scott Co.,

 Here To Serve You!                                                                    near Prentiss county line, minutes to
                                                                                       Corinth or Booneville, beautiful build-
                                                                                       ing place, deep water well, nice view,
                                                                                       $60,000. Anderson, SC, 864-224-2287.
                                                                                                                                    w/cotton base, $1,000 per year rent,
                                                                                                                                    $1,300 per acre. Duck Hill, 662-565-
                                                                                                                                                                                 Harperville, 601-625-7111.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Good quality Bahia grass hay, 2006 sea-
                                                                                                                                                                                 son, square bales in field $2.50 per
                                                                                                                                    Pontotoc Co., 82 acres, 37 acres farm-       bale, in barn $3 per bale. Newton Co.,
Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce                                       Smith Co., 10 acres, 5 acres in 10 yr.       land & 45 acres hardwood timber,             Hickory, 601-646-5695.
             121 North Jefferson St.                                                   old pine timber, beautiful house site,       $140,000. Pontotoc, 662-419-7586
                                                                                       blacktop road, community water &             nights.                                      2005 & 2006 crop, square & round
               Jackson, MS 39201                                                       power, nearby churhces & country                                                          bales, Tifton 44 or Bahia, commercial
                                                                                       store, $24,000 negotiable. Vossburg,         Oktibbeha Co., 11.5 acres, 2001 28’ x        fert., stored in barn, square bales $3-
                                                                                       601-776-0076.                                76’ mfg. home, 4 bdrm. 2 bath, living        $3.50., 4x5 round bales $20-$25. Leake
                           OFFICE HOURS:                                                                                            room, den w/fireplace, also older            Co., Carthage, 601-267-0461.
                             Monday-Friday                                             Webster Co., 80 acres w/10 yr. old nat-      mobile home on site, $85,000 OBO.
                                                                                       ural re-growth, $800 per acre.               Starkville, 662-323-2767.                    “Horse Heaven” square bales of
                           8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.                                         Starkville, 662-418-4953.                                                                 Sumrall 007 Hybrid Bermuda, $4;
                                                                                                                                                                                 Bahia/Rye grass, $3., top quality.
                       For information contact:                                        Kemper Co., 62 acres, 20 yr. old
                                                                                       natural hardwood regeneration, 1,882’
                                                                                                                                          FARM CROPS                             Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-3925.

                                                                                       frontage on east side of Hwy. 45 at             AGRICULTURAL SEED                         Tifton 44 Bermuda hay, square bales
     Commissioner’s Office                       Livestock Market News                 Electric Mills, great for hunting,              In accordance with the MS Pure Seed       $4., 4x5 round bales $45; 4x5 mixed
        (601) 359-1100                               (601) 359-1120                    $1,475 per acre, negotiable. Oxford,          Law Section 69-3-11 (1) a farmer-grow-      grass round bales, $35; Mixed grass
                                                                                       662-801-2692.                                 er in this state may sell vegetable,        square bales, $3. Lafayette Co.,
             Coliseum                            Make Mine Mississippi                                                               flower, tree and shrub seeds without a      Abbeville, 662-801-8796.
                                                                                       Attala Co., 57.5 acres, $10-$15K in tim-      permit. However, he is required to label
          (601) 961-4000                            (601) 359-1118                     ber on 15 acres, another 15 acres in                                                      350 big rolls of mixed pasture hay,
                                                                                                                                     seed when sold and shipped away from
                                                                                       pasture, remainder in 13 yr. old natur-       his premises. In order to properly label    (2005), $25; 75- 4x5 rolls of mixed
            Ag Museum                             Market Development                   al pines, $1,150 per acre. Starkville,        seed, they MUST BE TESTED. A                grass hay (2006), $30; 250 rolls of Rye
          (601) 713-3365                                                               662-312-8881.                                 signed farmer/grower certificate MUST       grass hay (2005), $35. Montgomery
                                                    (601) 359-1159                                                                   accompany all seed listings. For certifi-   Co., Winona, 662-310-3767.
   Agricultural Theft Bureau                                                           Holmes Co., 40 acres, east of I-55,           cate forms Write: MS Market Bulletin,
        1-800-678-2660                               Meat Inspection                   paved road, house sites, utilities, barn,     P.O. Box 1118, Jackson, MS 39215-1118.      2006 crop, 4x5 round bales of
                                                     (601) 359-1191                    fenced, trees, wildlife, $155,000.            Only in-state residents are allowed to      Bahia/Bermuda mixed good horse hay,
           Aquaculture                                                                 Goodman, 601-594-1625.                        advertise within this category.             $30 per bale. Rankin Co., Florence,
          (601) 359-1102                      Mississippi Market Bulletin                                                                                                        601-845-2093.
                                                    (601) 359-1155
                                                                                       Yalobusha Co., 178 acres near Oxford,                 AGRICULTURAL
                                                                                       good pine timber mixed w/hardwood                                                         Alicia Bermuda horse hay in square
     Board of Animal Health
                                                                                       bottoms, food plots & interior bull-                  GRASS & SEEDS                       bales $4. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-
         (601) 359-1170                           MS Farmers’ Market                   dozed roads, loaded w/deer & turkey,                                                      849-3210.
                                                                                       $2,450 per acre. Tupelo, 662-680-3208.       Custom sprig Tifton 44, 85, 419, Alicia,
    Bureau of Plant Industry                        (601) 354-6573                                                                  Dixie, Jiggs Bermuda, planted on 12”         2006 crop, Alicia Bermuda 4x5 round
        (662) 325-3390                                                                 Pearl River Co., 53+ acres, large            spacing, $75 & up per acre, Dixie            bales, $30 per bale. Rankin Co.,
                                                   Regulatory Services                 mature mixed timber, great hunting           topped all varieties at MSU test. Leake      Brandon, 601-825-5738.
      Consumer Protection                            (601) 359-1111                    getaway w/home or camp sites, 6 mi.          Co., Carthage, 601-267-4471.
        (601) 359-1148                                                                 from I-59, $2,750 per acre. Foxworth,                                                     2006 crop, mixed grass in round bales,
                                                                                       601-731-2708.                                                                             $25., quantity discount. Rankin Co.,
                                                   Petroleum Division                                                                                CORN                        Pelahatchie, 601-278-4748.
       Fruits & Vegetables                           (601) 359-1101                    Leake Co., 86 acres in pine plantation,
         (601) 359-1138                                                                6 yrs. old, blacktop road, comm. water,      New crop of shelled corn, $22 for 55         Square bales of Rye grass hay, sprayed
                                                  Weights & Measures                   1/2 mi. past water tower on Standing         gal. drum; New crop of ear corn, $8 for      & fert., Bahia/mix, $2.50 in field, $3 in
        International Trade                                                            Pine Road - going west, $2,000 per           $100 lbs. Simpson Co., Mendenhall,           barn, delivery available, baling for the
          (601) 359-1158                            (601) 359-1149
                                                                                       acre. Carthage, 601-267-8451.                601-847-0435.                                public. Covington Co., Mt. Olive, 601-
   Keep Mississippi Beautiful                            Operator                      Clay Co., 33 acres, 15 yr. old planted
        (601) 359-1150                                (601) 359-1100                   pines, small remodeled camp house,            FRUITS, NUTS & BERRIES                      Bermuda grass hay in square bales,
                                                                                       Hwy. 46, $80,000. Starkville, 662-312-                                                    good & heavy, fert., in barn $3 per bale.
                                                                                       7160.                                        Green peanuts: Valencia (red), $15 per       Madison Co., Flora, 601-879-9224.
                        Visit us at:                                                   Hinds Co., 12 3/4 acres on Green Gable
                                                                                                                                    bushel (30#); Virginia Jumbos, $12 per
                                                                                                                                    bushel (30#); Super Jumbos, $20 per          2006 crop, Alicia Bermuda horse hay,
                                                                                       Road, 1.2 mi. to Terry, water & electric-    bushel (30#), machine harvested &            top quality, highly fert., $4 per bale,
                                                         ity, 3 acre lake, quiet, beautiful, $9,500
                                                                                       per acre. Terry, 601-878-5401.
                                                                                                                                    cleaned. Covington Co., Collins, 601-
                                                                                                                                                                                 loading available in field or out of barn.
                                                                                                                                                                                 John Littich, Rankin Co., Brandon,
                                                                                       Rankin Co., 40 acres, SW. of Florence,
          MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                  1/4 mi. off White Road on West Tucker                 LEAFY GREENS                        Alicia Bermuda & mixed grass horse
                                (USPS 354-340)                                         Road, $5,000 per acre. Florence, 601-                                                     hay, 4x5 round bales $30; Alicia
     Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce                                845-6418.                                    Old fashioned winter hardy sallet green      Bermuda horse hay, square bales, $4.
                    121 NORTH JEFFERSON STREET                                                                                      seeds, 1 Tbsp. for $2 or 4 Tbsp. for $5      Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-6300.
                                                                                       Yazoo Co., 21 acres, 2 big lots, nice        postage paid. Jan Haley, 55 CR 620,
                           JACKSON, MS 39201                                           timber, gravel road, all utilities, no       Corinth 38834. Ph: 662-462-8277.             Hay for sale - you cut, $400. Copiah
                              P. O. Box 1118                                           neighbors, Patterson Road, plenty of         Alcorn County.                               Co., Hopewell, 601-892-1922.
                     Jackson, Mississippi 39215-1118                                   wildlife, pond site, must see, $55,000
                          Phone: (601) 359-1155                                        firm. Yazoo City, 662-746-9022.                                                           Alfalfa hay, square bales, very green &
                            Fax: (601) 359-1260                                                                                             ONIONS & OKRA                        leafy, smells good, baled July 2006,
                  Email:                               Union Co., 38.8 acres, off Hwy. 30                                                        $8.50 per bale. Simpson Co.,
    Periodical postage paid at Jackson, Mississippi, and at additional mailing         between Pleasant Ridge & Keownville,         Old fashioned multiplying onions for         Mendenhall, 601-847-0435.
office.                                                                                $1,500 per acre, will not divide. Blue       Fall planting, 1 lb. $8 postage paid. Jan
    Presented as a service feature by this Department as authorized by Law,            Springs, 662-534-4094.                       Haley, 55 CR 620, Corinth 38834. Ph:         2006 crop, mixed grass hay, 150 rolls,
Subscriptions are $10.00 per year to bona fide residents of Mississippi, however                                                    662-462-8277. Alcorn County.                 $25 per roll in field. Oktibbeha Co.,
advertisers must be actually engaged in farm or agricultural pursuits. Dealers,        Monroe Co., 180 acres, located on Fire                                                    Starkville, 662-769-3963.
buyers, sellers and business persons engaged in trade cannot list items for sale.      Tower Road near Smithville, hunting,         Free white multiplying onions, plant
    All matters dealing with the purpose of this publication should be addressed       lake, frontage, 15 acres mature hard-        now for green onions for Thanksgiving,
to Claude Nash, Editor. All matters of policy and subjects not dealing with the        wood, remainder 13 yr. old cut-over,         must pick up, absolutely no shipping.            SYRUP, CANE, HONEY,
publication should be addressed to the Commissioner.                                   $1,000 per acre. Amory, 662-256-2652.        Hinds Co., Terry, 601-372-0103.                   BEES & EQUIPMENT
    In offering this public service to bona fide residents of Mississippi, we cannot
verify the contents of each notice. Therefore, the availability of these pages for     Pontotoc Co., 35 acres, New Hope             “Walking onion” sets, form small
listings of farmlands and related personal property constitutes no warranty on         Road, w/road frontage, good hunting,         bulblets on top in spring, also multiply     Pure honey, direct from flower to you,
our part of any statement made by parties to such proposed transactions.               some timber, cut-over, lake sites, will      in ground, 50+ bulblets for $7.50, your      $22 per gal. (pickup), $30 per gal.
    The Market Bulletin assumes no responsibility for any notice appearing in          subdivide, $1,375 per acre. Tupelo,          choice red or white. Scott Co., Pulaski,     postage paid; Quart comb honey, $10
the Bulletin nor for any transaction resulting from published notices.                 662-842-4264.                                601-536-2274.                                (no shipping). Yazoo Co., Yazoo City,
    Advertisers are cautioned that it is against the law to misrepresent any prod-                                                                                               662-746-6004.
                                                                                       Hinds Co., 154 acres, 30 x 50 barn,
uct offered for sale in public notice or advertisement carried in any publication
                                                                                       brood cows & some calves, tractors &                    FEED & HAY                        Old timey horse drawn cane mill, made
that is delivered.
                                                                                       hay equipment, 4 acre pond, gravel                                                        by Chattanooga Plow Co. Improved
    “POSTMASTER, Send address changes to MISSISSIPPI MARKET
                                                                                       road frontage, completely fenced,            Alicia Bermuda grass hay, 4x5 rolls,         #13, $1,200. Leake Co., Lena, 601-654-
BULLETIN, P.O. Box 1118, Jackson, MS 39215-1118 (DMM 455.2i)”
                                                                                       $2,250 per acre. Utica, 601-885-2109.        horse quality hay, cured w/o rain,           9364.

Page 4                                                                           MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                   August 15, 2006
                                             Green, air or kiln dried lumber &            Pine & oak lumber, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10        2- 20’ 10” I-beams, used, $400.              English Pointer pup or older dog, must
  TREES, VINES & SHRUBS                      beams, cypress, red cedar, cherry, oak,      & 1x4’s - 1x12’s, various lengths, 45¢        Simpson Co., Magee, 601-849-5628.            be from hunting stock, started pup or
                                             walnut, tongue/groove, V-groove floor-       per bd. ft. & up. Choctaw Co., Weir,                                                       trained dog. Harrison Co., Diberville,
Extremely fast growing Royal Express         ing, paneling, custom sawing/planing,        662-285-3410.                                 12’ x 24’ Morton heavy gauge steel           228-861-6637.
trees, make good shade, $5 each at           prices start at 40¢. Lowndes Co.,                                                          building, make a great cabin, bunk
sawmill. Greene Co., McLain, 601-753-        Columbus, 662-329-2233.                      Dried red cedar lumber, 1x4, 1x6, 1x8,        house or shop, on skids, $5,000 OBO.         Reg. Shih Tzu, Cocker Spaniels,
2687 evenings.                                                                            8’, 10’, 12’ length, 3,200 bd. ft., 60¢ per   Forrest Co., Wiggins, 601-528-9494.          Maltese, Yorkies, Papillons or other
                                             Bandsaw cut 2x4’s & 2x6x12’, 40¢ per         ft., write to: Dannie S. Hostetler, 4552                                                   dogs of breeding age to raise on my
Trees, 1.5 - 2” caliper, balled, willow,     bd. ft; Random width yellow poplar,          Waldo Road, Pontotoc 38863. Pontotoc          Heavy duty farm buildings custom             farm. Guy Foster, Marion Co., Improve,
sawtooth, oaks, $75 each; Bald cypress,      65¢ per bd. ft. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-      County.                                       built, steel & wood framing, prices          601-731-9706.
Leyland Cypress & crape myrtles, 2”          428-8076.                                                                                  start at $4,500 but are figured individ-
caliper, $75 each, available fall 2006.                                                   Custom cut your logs into lumber your         ually. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-849-          Reg. female English Shepherd puppy,
Calhoun Co., Banner, 662-413-4145.           Treated pine beveled siding, 65¢ LF.         place or mine, prices start at $190 per       4566.                                        any color, but prefer sable/white.
                                             Cedar planed, from 65¢ LF; KD oak,           1,000; Pine & oak lumber available at                                                      Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-5168
60- 5’-6’ snowballs, 3 gal. $15. Smith       poplar, other species from $1.50 BF;         50¢ per bd. ft. Smith Co., Morton, 601-       18 concrete blocks, 12” square, $10          after 7 p.m.
Co., Mize, 601-733-2649.                     KD cypress beveled siding, from 75¢          537-3603.                                     each. Sunflower Co., Shaw, 662-754-
                                             LF. Pike Co., McComb, 601-249-2936.                                                        3591.                                        Dachshund females (12) & (2) males, 1
                                                                                                                                                                                     yr. old or younger, any color, $150 or
  OTHER PLANTS & SEEDS                                                                           POSTS & FENCING                        Large old home w/tin top & old dairy         less, must be registered, CKC, AKC or
                                             Will plane lumber starting at 15¢ per
                                             ft; Tongue & groove 25¢ per ft.                                                            barn, you move or tear down & clean          UAB. Forrest Co., Brooklyn, 601-583-
Variety of 5 heirloom daffodils, mixed                                                    New round pens, 50’ w/4’ gate, $775;          up, free. Calhoun Co., Derma, 662-628-       4885.
                                             Covington Co., Seminary, 601-722-
4/$10; Southern red spider lilies, 8/$10;                                                 60’ w/4’ gate, $900; 50’, 6’ tall, $1,025;    6260.
Mixed daffodils, 10/$10., plus shipping.                                                  240x140 arena w/10’ gate, $3,375. Pike                                                     Male Reg. Chihuahua, 1-4 yrs. old, long
Adams Co., Natchez, 601-445-2270.                                                         Co., McComb, 601-249-1928.                    Metal sheds, 9’ x 9’ open front, must be     or short hair, for breeding to my 2
                                             Full time sawyer, custom saw your logs
                                                                                                                                        disassembled, use as animal shelters,        females, 4-6 lbs. preferred. Jones Co.,
Perennials, pink pine cone begonia, red      into lumber, your site or mine, prices
                                                                                          Pasture fencing, $1.30 per ft. for            4-wheelers, lawn mowers or feed stor-        Ovett, 601-344-0206.
cigar plant, yellow winter jasmine, lan-     starting at $200 per 1,000; Will sharp-
                                                                                          4 strands or $1.50 per ft. for 5 strands      age, $195 each. Lauderdale Co.,
tana, Stella De Ore daylilies, 1 gal. $3.,   en your bandsaw blades $5 each.
                                                                                          of 15 1/2” gauge barbed wire & metal T
canna free, you dig. Smith Co., Mize,        Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-687-
                                                                                          posts. Covington Co., Collins, 601-517-
                                                                                                                                        Meridian, 601-483-9510.                           LIVESTOCK WANTED
601-733-2649.                                1507.
                                                                                          5700.                                         2 houses to be moved or torn down,
                                                                                                                                        $1,000 & $5,000; Barn to be torn down        Aged QH or paint gelding, registered or
Daylilies, Fall sale, unnamed, assorted      Pine, poplar, oak, various widths &
                                                                                          Posts, 6” tip 8’, $12; 6” tip 12’, $16.       for tin & lumber, $500. Union Co., New       not, but must be bombproof & suitable
colors, $1/plant, add $5 for shipping,       lengths, starting at 45¢ & up per bd. ft.,
                                                                                          Greene Co., McLain, 601-753-2687.             Albany, 662-534-7510.                        for young inexperienced rider. Walthall
prepare now for next years season.           custom sawing available w/Wood-Mizer
                                                                                                                                                                                     Co., Tylertown, 601-876-5168 after 7
Reidis Nash, 1483 Hwy. 51 North,             sawmill. Lamar Co., Sumrall, 601-758-        Cattle gap made out of railroad iron,         Horse stalls & barn interiors, fronts        p.m.
Winona 38967. Ph: 662-283-5361.              4933.                                        6’ x 13’, $550. Copiah Co., Hazlehurst,       starting at $325., tack rooms & barn
Montgomery County.                                                                        601-894-3503.                                 doors. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-918-         Miniature donkeys, jacks or jennies,
                                             Portable sawmill, don’t loose your tim-                                                                                                 gentle enough for kids. Adams Co.,
                                             ber, on site sawing, Forrest & sur-                                                        6083. Website:
                                                                                          New 4x4 posts, 10’ long, $8.75 each.                                                       Natchez, 601-695-2660.
     FERTILIZERS, MULCH                      rounding counties. Forrest Co.,              Scott Co., Morton, 601-537-3563.
      & GROUND COVER                         Hattiesburg, 601-582-0815.
                                                                                          New corral panels, 5’ x 10’, $47 each or           FARM WANTS                              Miniature jennies or jennets, must be
                                                                                                                                                                                     registered, under 35” & tame.
                                             Have your logs sawed at your place,          25 for $1,075; 5’ x 12’, $67 each or 25          All items listed under the this catego-   Kentwood, LA, 985-229-3074.
Pine straw, 55 gal. bags, approx. 30 lbs.    $180x1,000 2”, $200x1,000 1”, pine &                                                        ry must be farm/agriculture related.
per bag, $5 per bag, good for flower                                                      for $1,600; 6’ x 12’ heavy duty, 25 for
                                             oak on hand. Yazoo Co., Yazoo City,          $1,925. Pike Co., McComb, 601-810-             Out-of-state residents are allowed to       Small pony or larger type miniature
beds or landscaping. Newton Co.,             662-746-7917.                                                                               advertise in this category.
                                                                                          0507.                                                                                      horse, must be broke to ride & kid
Union, 601-774-8048.
                                                                                                                                                                                     starter friendly, must be reasonably
                                             Truck load of cedar logs, $1,000 bar-        9 joints 2 7/8 tubing, average length                                                      priced. Lawrence Co., Jayess, 601-587-
Erosion hay, $1 per square bale out of
                                             gain. Perry Co., Brooklyn, 601-598-
                                                                                                                                            FEED & HAY WANTED                        7785.
the barn, delivery available. Rankin                                                      21’, $20 per joint. Hinds Co., Clinton,
                                             2628.                                        601-922-3570.
Co., Brandon, 601-825-3217.
                                                                                                                                        2006 crop or barn stored 2005 crop,          Orphaned or abandoned beef calves
Wheat straw in square bales, $2 in field,    Hardwood lumber, red oak & poplar,           3 1/2” drill pipe for fence posts or steel    round bales of hay suitable for cattle, in   project for my kids, reasonably priced.
$2.50 & up in barn, delivery available.      85¢ per bd. ft; Pin oak, 70¢ per ft. ft.     buildings, $3 per ft. Newton Co.,             Lauderdale, Newton, Neshoba, Kemper          Jackson Co., Moss Point, 1-228-475-
Rankin Co., Pelahatchie, 601-278-            Pearl River Co., Perkinston, 601-795-        Hickory, 601-479-7557.                        or surrounding counties. Lauderdale          8502.
4748.                                        8916.                                                                                      Co., Collinsville, 601-626-8088.
                                                                                          12’ cattle gap, new, $500. Covington
                                             Turn your logs into lumber, your loca-       Co., Collins, 601-517-1186.                   Horse quality horse hay, Alicia               LIVESTOCK HANDLING &
Erosion hay, $2 per square bale.
Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-6300.           tion or mine, prices start at $200/1,000                                                   Bermuda, rolls & square bales, close to      TACK EQUIPMENT WANTED
                                             bd. ft., over 25 yrs. experience sawing,     100 new 6’ metal posts, $2 each. Hinds        Poplarville. Pearl River Co., Poplarville,
Erosion hay, $2 per square bale. John        full time sawyer. Ray Harris, Clarke         Co., Terry, 601-878-5401.                     601-299-0264.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Several heavy duty 10’ or 12’ portable
Littich, Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-       Co., Shubuta, 601-776-2322.                                                                                                             livestock panels, 5’ or 6’ tall, within 75
5350.                                                                                             FARM BUILDINGS                           AQUACULTURE WANTED                        mi. of Tupelo. Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-
                                             I will set & sharpen your bandsaw                                                                                                       840-9775 after 5 p.m.
Wheat straw, small square bales, very        sawmill blades, $6 each. Newton Co.,                  & MATERIALS
clean, baled in 2006 w/o rain, $3 per        Decatur, 601-479-7225.                                                                     Small quantity (4-6) grass carp, must        Used 4-horse walker, must be in good
bale, quantity discount. Tunica Co.,                                                      Old barn to be torn down & removed,           be within 40 miles of Byram. Hinds           condition. Mt. Hermon, LA, 985-515-
Tunica, 662-357-3717.                        Pine lumber, sawed from 46 yr. old           20 x 35 small cattle barn, lots of good       Co., Terry, 601-372-1000.                    0098.
                                             slash pine plantation, boards up to 20’      barn wood, free. Attala Co., Kosciusko,
                                             in length, all sizes, cut to your order,     662-418-2624.
 FARM BUILDINGS,                             50¢/bd. ft/up. Lamar Co., Lumberton,                                                                DOGS WANTED                           EQUIPMENT TRAILERS &
                                             601-436-0124.                                Storage house, 9’ x 11’, w/electricity &                                                        WAGONS WANTED
   MATERIALS,                                                                             insulation, $400. Jasper Co., Rose Hill,      AKC female Pomeranian, small type, 7
                                             Pine lumber cut w/Wood-Mizer                 601-727-9232.                                 lbs., any color, not over 5 yrs. old, but
   & SUPPLIES                                sawmill, air dried & shedded, 40¢ per                                                      any considered, not spayed, must be
                                                                                                                                                                                     Corn wagon or wagon on wheels for 2
                                                                                                                                                                                     horses to pull (draft horses). Pike Co.,
   All items listed under the this catego-   bd. ft; 2x4x18- $4.80; 2x4x20- $5.30;        1- 40’ x 405’ chicken house to be torn        free or cheap. Hinds Co., Utica, 601-
                                             2x6x20- $8. Lamar Co., Sumrall, 601-                                                                                                    Magnolia, 601-248-7546.
 ry must be farm/agriculture related. All                                                 down & moved, no steel trusses, only          885-6986.
 items must be offered for sale or their     758-4332.                                    wooden rafters, 4 rows of treated 4x4                                                      50-ton lowboy equipment trailer.
 services offered by persons in                                                           posts, $1,500. Leake Co., Walnut              Reg. Papillon male for sire, prefer tri-
 Mississippi actually engaged in farming.    2,000 linear ft. of 5” solid oak crown                                                                                                  Hancock Co., Pearlington, 228-533-
                                                                                          Grove, 601-625-8423.                          color w/small body frame, must be            7070.
 Only in-state residents are allowed to      molding, $5 per ft; 2,000 sq. ft. of 3/4”                                                  healthy,     spirited     & energetic.
 advertise within this category.             solid oak tongue & groove flooring, $5       Approximately 1,000 sq. ft. house, car-       Sunflower Co., Moorhead, 662-246-            20’-24’ flatbed trailer w/ramps to haul
                                             per ft. Scott Co., Forest, 601-732-3211.     penter says it has good pine beams            5244.                                        tractor & hay. Oktibbeha Co.,
      LUMBER FOR SALE                                                                     under house, must be moved or torn                                                         Starkville, 662-415-9882.
                                             Log cabin siding, yellow pine, 6” & 8”       down, $3,000 OBO. Jefferson Davis Co.,        Reg. female Boxer puppy or under 1 yr.
      & CUSTOM SAWING                        tongue & groove, $1.05 bd. ft; Antique       Prentiss, 601-754-6378.                       old. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-649-5839.        Gooseneck equipment trailer w/dove-
                                             heart pine flooring, starts at $3.85 sq.                                                                                                tail, in good condition. Covington Co.,
Bandsawed poplar lumber, 50¢ per bd.         ft. for 3”. Jones Co., Sandersville, 601-    230 asbestos slade 30” x 12” roofing,         Reg. Great Pyrenees female to put            Mt. Olive, 601-797-4790.
ft. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-           428-7542.                                    $30. Perry Co., Brooklyn, 601-598-            w/goat herd, would prefer 6 mos. old &
6315.                                                                                     2628.                                         older. Neshoba Co., Sebastopol, 601-
                                             Custom & grade sawed lumber & nov-                                                         656-0821. Email:                 HEAVY MACHINERY &
Treated lumber, 10x10x20- $200;              elty wood, green & air dried (moisture       Chicken house to be moved, 40’ x 375’,                                                         EQUIPMENT WANTED
8x8x16- $75; 8x8x20- $95; 6x6x10- $20;       meter tested), generous species selec-       2x6 prefab, trusses on 5’ centers, 3’x24’     Wired haired Fox Terrier puppy. Edd
3x12x16- $75; 6x6x16- $30; 8x8x12-           tion, 50¢ per bd. ft. & up, planing avail-   tin, $11 per lineal ft; Tin only $15 per      Evans, P.O. Box 828, Lucedale 39452.
$50. Greene Co., McLain, 601-753-            able. Amite Co., Summit, 601-567-            sheet. Scott Co., Sebastopol, 601-625-        Ph: 601-947-3274 nights. George              100+ HP tractor, 2WD or 4WD;
2687.                                        9914.                                        8985.                                         County.                                      Excavator or bulldozer, any size, good

August 15, 2006                                                                    MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                    Page 5
or fair shape okay, cash. Thibodaux, LA,                                                                                           Deer plots, bush-hogging, trails, also      Barrel racing & pole bending training
985-637-3900.                                    MISCELLANEOUS                              POSTS & FENCING                        repair travel trailer roofs & build         available, horse must be broke to ride,
                                               EQUIPMENT WANTED                              ITEMS WANTED                          screens. Amite Co., Smithdale, 601-         over 18 yrs. experience. Jones Co.,
Parts for INT TD25 bulldozer, V-shear-                                                                                             810-3907.                                   Laurel, 601-319-5957.
ing blade. Monroe Co., Aberdeen, 662-
319-8813.                                  150-300 gal. propane tank in good         14’-18’ iron cattle gap, prefer 16’.          Dump truck hauling: dirt, Clay-gravel,      Beagle pups trained inside rabbit pen,
                                           cond., must be reasonably priced.         Madison Co., Ridgeland, 601-941-6991          limestone, tractor work: bush-hog-          reasonable rates. Jefferson Davis Co.,
                                           Jackson Co., Vancleave, 228-826-5063.     ask for Bob.                                  ging, box blade, front loader, residen-     Prentiss, 601-792-5941.
       FIELD EQUIPMENT                                                                                                             tial & commercial work, 40 mi. radius
       & PARTS WANTED                      75-120 gal. propane tank w/regulator.                                                   of Jackson. Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-        Training & boarding, Horse Haven,
                                           Webster Co., Eupora, 662-258-9679.           HUNTING, FISHING &                         954-8903.                                   located in Poplarville, now accepting
4 cyl. Deutz tractors, dead or crippled,
                                                                                      CAMPING ITEMS WANTED                                                                     horses for boarding & training. Pearl
                                           660 gal. propane tank ready to hook up.
will pay cash & pickup, $50 finders fee                                                                                            Bush-hogging, disking, stump grind-         River Co., Poplarville, 601-299-0264.
                                           Coahoma Co., Rena Lara, 662-624-
will be paid if purchase is made. George                                             Polaris Sportsman 6x6 ATV. Thibodaux,         ing & more. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-      Website:
Co., Lucedale, 601-947-4166.                                                         LA, 985-526-4249.                             624-3885.
                                                                                                                                                                               Riding lessons & therapeutic riding,
Medium sized Ford tractor w/front-end            LAWN & GARDEN                       ATV’s, reasonably priced or in need of        Bulldozer, trackhoe & dump truck ser-       Aztec Farms is fully equipped/accessi-
loader, in good cond., at a reasonably         EQUIPMENT WANTED                      repair, Honda 300, Honda Rancher,             vice, home sites, ponds, driveways,         ble handicapped riding facility, NARHA
priced. Jim Compton, Jones Co., Soso,                                                Honda Foreman, etc., & Yamaha.                repair ponds & correct drainage prob-       trained, instructor, welcoming stu-
601-729-3365.                                                                        Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-754-             lems, have fill dirt, gravel, limestone,    dents of any ages & abilities. Hinds Co.,
                                           Sears Super 12 garden tractor or 12 HP                                                  slag, topsoil, etc. Hinds Co., Raymond,     Terry,      601-878-5421.         Email:
                                           eng. for Sears garden tractor. Slidell,                                                 601-259-2710.                     
MF 1440 or Vermeer 504G round hay
                                           LA, 985-502-8082.                         Browning A-bolt 12 ga., slug gun, must
baler for parts or running. Leake Co.,
Carthage, 601-416-9108.                                                              have fully rifled barrel, must be in exc.     Bush-hog blades hammered out, $12 &         BHR Ranch - full and/or pasture board-
                                             TRUCKS, ACCESSORIES,                    condition. Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-        up per pair. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,      ing, arena to ride, rope or play in,
1 or 2 used front wheels with or w/o                                                 636-8707 after 7 p.m.                         601-483-7025.                               $350/$200., horses bought & sold.
tires off MF 255 row crop tractor,
                                                & PARTS WANTED                                                                                                                 Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-928-5426 after
would consider wheels from MF 265 or                                                 U.S. military issue 45 cal. semi-auto.        Tractor work, pasture clipping, heavy       5 p.m.
275 tractor. Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-840-     Full size top for 1972 Blazer; Right      pistol, 1911 or 1911-A1, will consider        brush bush-hogging, box blading &
9775.                                      fender & door for 1976 Chev. step side    any U.S. military pistol WWI or WWII.         disking, free estimates, 60 mi. radius of   Rolling Hills Ranch “TLC” boarding
                                           truck. Leflore Co., Morgan City, 662-     Lafayette Co., Oxford, 662-934-3347.          Vicksburg area, wildlife habitat plant-     monthly, weekly, overnight, vacation,
12’ or 14’ disk in good cond., reason-     254-9453.                                                                               ing. Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-        barn or pasture, round pen, grooming
ably priced; Front-end loader to fit JD                                              Retired, older individual looking for a       8775.                                       area, horses bought & sold. Lamar Co.,
4040, in good cond., within 30 mi. of      Tailgate to fit 1995 Chev. Silverado,     place to squirrel hunt in central MS,                                                     Lumberton, 601-796-3366.
Mt. Olive. Covington Co., Mt. Olive,       dark blue if possible, wide body. Lamar   prefer to hunt weekdays when the              Topsoil, Clay gravel, washed gravel, fill
601-797-3912.                              Co., Hattiesburg, 601-268-0629.           woods are not full of other hunters.          dirt, slag, sand & more, Simpson,           Back Yard Stables - covered barn, spa-
                                                                                     Hinds Co., Edwards, 601-857-4386.             Rankin, Smith & Hinds County areas.         cious stalls & tack room, great family
15’ JD 455 pull type drill. Leflore Co.,   Rust free fenders, front & back for                                                     Simpson Co., Mendenhall, 601-613-           environment, animals will have exc.
Morgan City, 662-254-9453.                 1955-1957 Chev. truck. Choctaw Co.,       Old guns wanted, military or sporting,        1131.                                       care, located in Richland, MS. Rankin
                                           Ackerman, 662-285-7073.                   WWII relics. Pike Co., Osyka, 601-542-                                                    Co., Pearl, 601-503-5071.
Windshield & back glass for INT 986                                                  5237 ask for Ken.                             Tractor work: bush-hog, roads
cab tractor, 886, 1086, 1286, 1486,        Camper shell for Chev. truck, 1999                                                      repaired, box blade, trees cut and/or
1586 will fit. Walthall Co., Tylertown,
                                           model & up. Marion Co., Columbia,
                                           601-441-9245.                                     MISCELLANEOUS
                                                                                                                                   trimmed, tractor & operator for hire.
                                                                                                                                   Montgomery Co., Winona, 662-310-
                                                                                                                                                                                  All items listed under the this catego-
                                                                                              FARM WANTS                           9662.
                                                                                                                                                                                ry must be farm/agriculture related.
JD 4040 tractor w/cab-air or JD 4240                POULTRY                                                                                                                     You must swap/exchange a farm/agri-
tractor w/cab-air. Monroe Co.,                                                                                                     Chair canning of all kinds, repair your      culture item for a farm/agriculture
Aberdeen, 662-369-6806.                        EQUIPMENT WANTED                      Gas dryer, gas freezer, gas refrigerator,     old or antique chairs. Copiah Co.,           item. Only in-state residents are allowed
                                                                                     used solar panels. Amite Co.,                 Crystal Springs, 601-892-5175.               to advertise within this category.
Parts for INT 1480 combine or junked       4 Big Dutchman chain drive feed hop-      Smithdale, 601-810-3907.
combine that you want to get rid of.       pers, with or without transmissions.                                                    Bush-hogging, pasture cutting or            NH 853 round hay baler, w/extra wide
Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc, 662-489-5795.      Lee Co., Shannon, 662-767-3094.           Bottle tree with or w/o bottles.              clean-up jobs, within 50 mi. of             pickup, kept under shed, in real good
Email:                                                        Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-679-            Booneville. Prentiss Co., Booneville,       cond., $5,000 or swap for smaller baler
                                                                                     7607 after 6 p.m.                             662-416-1818.                               of equal value/good condition. Neshoba
Heavy duty tree cutter type bush-hog.           PROPERTY WANTED
                                                                                                                                                                               Co., Philadelphia, 601-527-8200.
Alcorn Co., Rienzi, 662-462-5819.                                                    2 hives w/bees & equipment. Neshoba           Tractor work, bush-hogging, disking,
                                           Young farmer looking for pasture land     Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-1908.              planting & making food plots, also          Reg. APHA & AQHA mares & babies,
7’-8’ heavy duty bush-hog in good          to rent or lease in Collins. Covington                                                  have bulldozer for repair & building        bred back, many to choose from, start-
cond., reasonably priced. Oktibbeha        Co., Collins, 601-517-5700.                                                             roads & water bars. Amite Co., Gloster,
Co., Starkville, 662-415-9882.
                                           4 adults wanting to lease 100-200 acres
                                                                                          EMPLOYMENT                               601-225-7800.
                                                                                                                                                                               ing at $1,000., swap for cattle of equal
                                                                                                                                                                               value. Amite Co., Centreville, 601-810-
                                                                                        Notices are accepted for agricultural                                                  4912.
Allis-Chalmers 6140 tractor for parts      within an hour from Jackson, we are all    work only. Notices are not accepted for      Forestry mowing (up to 6” diam.,) pas-
or running. Tippah Co., Walnut, 662-       experienced & respectful to the land we    housework, nursing, or companionship         ture bush-hogging, state licensed her-      8’ push blade in good cond., $450 or
223-4786.                                  hunt on. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-        needs. Only in-state residents are           bicide spraying (kudzu, cogon, hunting
                                                                                      allowed to advertise within this category.
                                                                                                                                                                               swap for trailer or guns. DeSoto Co.,
                                           209-3758.                                                                               camp areas, etc.,) wildlife habitat man-    Nesbit, 662-429-9455.
Manure spreader, slightly used, 100                                                                                                agement - certified, prof. services.
bushels or more. Pearl River Co.,          Buy land or timber within 100 miles of         FARM HELP WANTED                         Hinds Co., Clinton, 601-924-9091.
                                           Hattiesburg. Perry Co., New Augusta,                                                                                                AQHA 16 yr. old bay broodmare, On
Poplarville, 601-299-0264.
                                           601-964-3662.                                                                                                                       Guard, King breeding, $750; Yearling
NH 851 or equivalent round hay baler                                                 Wanting to locate a retired farm tractor              LIVESTOCK                           bay filly from same mare & High Set
                                           Responsible father w/11 yr. old son       mechanic to help work on farm tractor                                                     stallion, $500., or swap for guns. Hinds
in working condition. Covington Co.,
                                                                                     in McComb area. Pike Co., McComb,
                                                                                                                                      BOARDING & HANDLING                      Co., Terry, 601-955-5391.
Mt. Olive, 601-797-4790.                   looking for 100-300 acre hunting lease,
                                           30-45 min. from Raymond, we have          601-249-2468.
2 tractor tires, 12.4 x 28, in good con-   tractor/equipment.      Hinds      Co.,                                                 Pasture board or full care boarding         Christmas tree farm equipment, Yule
dition. Calhoun Co., Derma, 662-628-       Raymond, 601-624-7700.                    Full time opening for responsible per-        available, 50’ lighted arena, wash rack,    trimmer shearing machine, tree baler,
6260.                                                                                son living in Madison/East Yazoo              turn out pen, separate pastures & great     $2,500 or swap for farm equipment.
                                           100 +/- acres within an hour of           Counties, older person is a priority,         trails, stall care can be accommodated.     Harrison Co., Biloxi, 228-392-5705.
3PH stump grinder for 4000 diesel          Vicksburg for hunting, with or w/o        equipment knowledge a must for                Rankin Co., Jackson, 601-317-2645.
tractor, in good cond., ready to work.     house on property. Warren Co.,            maintenance of roads, etc. Lawrence                                                       QH mare, 2 1/2 yrs. old, broke, gentle,
Leflore Co., Itta Bena, 662-515-8376.      Vicksburg, 601-634-0986.                  Co., Monticello, 1-800-843-1135.              Barrel horse training, starting colts,      needs exp. rider, $850 or swap for older
                                                                                                                                   turning older horses & putting a han-       broke horse for young new rider.
IH 2350 front-end loader to fit 66 or 86   Looking for farm in southern MS, must     Retirement age couple that are wanti-         dle on them, reasonable rates. Jasper       Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-833-
series tractor. Rankin Co., Florence,      have barn, would like to rent or lease    ng to supplement monthly income as            Co., Bay Springs, 601-764-2894.             0256.
601-845-7655 leave message.                purchase. Pike Co., Magnolia,             caregivers, live in 1 bdrm. apartment
                                           1-601-783-5989 after 5 p.m.               on site. Washington Co., Greenville,          F & M Stables offer: training, board-       1979 15’ fiberglass fisher boat, 35 HP
Front-end loader to fit INT 464 tractor.                                             662-820-0761.                                 ing, breeding, arena, trail riding &        Johnson motor, everything on it works
Forrest Co., Brooklyn, 601-297-4698.       Older house w/acreage in the                                                            horses for sale, coming soon - roping &     good, $1,500 or swap for Chev. truck
                                           Lumberton-Purvis area (Lamar Co.)                                                       team     penning.      Lincoln      Co.,    only. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-421-
Ford tractor, 501 Workmaster offset,       Harrison Co., Long Beach, 228-223-            FARM WORK WANTED                          Brookhaven, 601-754-2406.                   6320.
1-row tractor offset, like Farmall Cub,    8147.
looks like 601 Workmaster. Webster                                                   Pasture fencing, $1.30 per ft. for            Double E Farms, horse training by           AQHA sorrel mare, stocky built, team
Co., Mathiston, 662-258-2899.              Deadline to submit ads                    4 strands or $1.50 per ft. for 5 strands      Ernie Theriot, breaking, starting, fin-     penning, barrels, etc., exc. broodmare,
                                              for the September 1st issue:           of 15 1/2” gauge barbed wire & metal T        ishing, handling, specializing in calf      anyone can ride, $2,250 or swap for
JD 420 or 430 LP tractor, any condi-         Monday, August 21, 12:00 P.M.           posts. Covington Co., Collins, 601-517-       roping, over 30 yrs. experience. Stone      started rope horse. Leake Co.,
tion. Forrest Co., Petal, 601-582-9735.                                              5700.                                         Co., Perkinston, 601-310-2329.              Carthage, 601-267-6490 leave message.

Page 6                                                                        MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                    August 15, 2006
7 APHA Reg. mares, value $1,000., will    CKC Reg. Jack Russell dogs, swap for        Rhode Island Reds, Black Australorp,,       12 for $95, Lauderdale Co., Meridian,
swap 1 for breeding age PB Corriente      flatbed trailer of equal value. Simpson     White Bantams, ages range from 1 day        601-934-7908.                                               EGGS
bull, you choose the mare, some           Co., Mendenhall, 601-847-0795.              to 1 1/2 yrs. old, prices $1-$8, discount
w/babies. Amite Co., Centreville, 601-                                                on larege quantity, Scott Co., Morton,                                                 Jumbo Wisconsin quail eggs, 10¢, no
645-6565.                                                                             601-622-8650.
                                                                                                                                           UNCLASSIFIED                      shipping, Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-

Pea huller, circa 1896, $595; Mule
                                                    POULTRY                           2 mo. old heavy breed white chickens,       Pheasants, laying, $10, Jackson Co.,
                                             Any fowl advertised in this category                                                 Moss Point, 228-588-6424.
drawn iron wheel wagon, $395; 6’ 6”        must be raised on your farm and your       $3, Winston Co., Lousivlle, 662-779-                                                   Jumbo Coturnix quail eggs, 100 for
cigar store Indian, $550., or swap for     advertisement must have the following      0186.                                                                                  $30, shipping available, NPIP tested,
antique     clocks.   Lauderdale Co.,      statement along with a signature:                                                      Ringneck pheasant roosters, 14 wks.        Member MS Gamebird Association,
Meridian, 601-693-1110.                    “These were raised on my farm and I am     Rhode Island Reds, 3 mos. old, $4.50,       old, $12, George Co., Benndale, 601-       Pike Co., Summit, 601-250-0248.
                                           not a dealer, buyer, seller or business    Marion Co., Foxworth, 601-736-6239.         508-8112.
5 yr. old Reg. chestnut QH mare, broke     person engaged in trade. Only in-state                                                                                            Large red hen eggs, $1 per dozen, sat-
                                           residents are allowed to advertise with-   Rhode Island Red pullets, will be 4         Quail, $3 live, $3.50 dressed, Neshoba     isfied customers, Lauderdale Co.,
to ride but not trained, $2,500 or swap    in this category.                          mos.     old    08/23/06,     $8-$10;       Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-5428.           Lauderdale, 601-632-4221.
for older gelding or mare suitable for
young inexperienced rider. Walthall                                                   Dominiques, 2 mos. old, $3-$5, pullets
                                                       CHICKENS                       & roosters, Madison Co., Canton, 662-       4- 2006 banded, light chocolate,           Quinea eggs for hatching, $5 per dozen
Co., Tylertown, 601-876-5168.                                                                                                     Fantail pigeons, $15; Peach face love-
                                                                                      468-2850.                                                                              at farm, Hinds Co., Utica, 601-885-
                                                                                                                                  birds, 3 normal green, 2 blue, $45,        6740.
33’ Wilderness bumper pull camper,        Mixed barnyard Bantam chicks, up to 3                                                   Hancock Co., Perkinston, 228-255-
older model, clean, ready for deer camp                                               Golden Comet pullets, 3 1/2 mos. old,
                                          mos. old, over 100 to choose from 75¢                                                   0115.
or lake home, $3,900 or swap for good                                                 brown eggs, starting to lay, $8,                                                       Bobwhite quail eggs, 20¢; Jumbo eggs,
                                          & up, Lawrence Co., Sontag, 601-823-
tractor. Tate Co., Coldwater, 662-233-                                                Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-726-2713.                                                      30¢. Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-
                                          3261.                                                                                   Young guineas, 2-3 mos. old or older,
2954.                                                                                                                                                                        656-5717.
                                                                                      Chickens, hens, $5, Jackson Co., Moss       $3-$4, Alcorn Co., Walnut, 662-223-
                                          BB Red OEGB, 4-12 wks. old, $10 pair,       Point, 228-588-6424.                        6615.                                      Jumbo Wisconsin quail eggs, 10¢,
2005 bay/white homozygous paint stud      $8 pair available, George Co.,
colt, APHA Reg., $3,500 or swap for                                                                                                                                          Lamar Co., Sumrall, 601-268-7683.
                                          Benndale, 601-508-8112.                     Quail Antwerp Belgian, 4 mos. old, $12      Baby parrots, ready for new homes,
registered horse broke to ride;                                                                                                   Congo greys, $900; Sun conures, $300;
                                                                                      per pair; Araucana mix roosters, 4 mos.
Appaloosa mare, $800 or swap for paint    White Leghorn roosters, 3 1/2 mos.          old, $4, Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-    Umbrella cockatoo, $900; Eclectus                BIRD CAGES,
mare. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-824-       old, $5, Issaquena Co., Glen Allan, 662-                                                male, $800, all vaccinated, banded &
                                                                                      323-2533.                                                                               ACCESSORIES/EQUIPMENT
                                          873-2524.                                                                               hanfed, Jackson Co., Vancleave, 228-
                                                                                      Rhode Island Reds, 12 wks. old, 3 pul-      369-8001.
4 turkeys, 3 hens & 1 gobbler, must       BB Red Bantams, $3 & up, Black Sex          lets, 1 rooster, $15, Rankin Co.,                                                      Used cages, $20 & up, Chickasaw Co.,
take all, $100 or swap for young          Link, silver Leghorn-mix pullets, $4,       Pelahatchie, 601-331-5609.                  Parrots, some breeders, some talking,      Houston, 662-456-0142.
Boer/mix doe or from dairy stock.         Alcorn Co., Walnut, 662-223-6615.                                                       cockatiels, ringneck Quakers, love-
Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-687-                                                                                                   birds, conures, African greys, cockatoo,   New parakeet cages, $10; Cockatiel
1507.                                     Silkies, some were hatched 05/23/06,        TURKEYS, DUCKS & GEESE                      macaws, $25 & up, Chickasaw Co.,           cages, $25, Lamar Co., Purvis, 601-
                                          some hatched 06/12/06, $10, Choctaw                                                     Houston, 662-456-0142.                     794-8248.
AQHA Reg. Skipper W broodmare, 4          Co., Philadelphia, 601-650-1441.            Indian Runner ducks, $6.50; Black
yrs. old, palomino, bred to Skipper W                                                 Swede ducks, $6.50; Broad breasted          Parakeets, $9, discounts on 10 or more;    Flight bird net, 40’ x 130’, $250; 20’ x
buckskin stallion, $3,500 or swap for     Pullets, 4 mos. old, Rhode Island Reds,     bronze turkey, $8; White Chinese            1 pair Fischer lovebirds, $125; Society    130’, $135; Shade cloth, 80% shade,
good big riding mule of equal value.      Australorp, Buffs, Black Sex Links,         geese, $8, all 3 mos. old, Rankin Co.,      finches, $5, Lamar Co., Purvis, 601-       $100. Attala Co., Ethel, 662-674-2228.
Scott Co., Forest, 601-536-3808.          $6.50; Young roosters, $5; White            Brandon, 601-824-9621.                      794-8248.
                                          Leghorn, $5; Assorted Bantam &                                                                                                     Breeding cages/boxes, $10-$100,
FB Basset Hound puppies, born             Polish chicks, $2/up, Lamar Co.,            Buff, Tufted Roman geese, $20; Blue         Quakers, English budgies, bourkes,         Forrest Co., Brooklyn, 601-583-4881.
6/28/06, $150 or swap for FB Alpine       Purvis, 601-794-2607.                       Slate turkeys, $10, Oktibbeha Co.,          parrotlet, finches, blackmasked blue,
goat or FB Sanna goat or any milk                                                     Starkville, 662-323-2203.                   lutino peachface, Fischer/blackmask
goat. Harrison Co., Gulfport, 228-868-    60 pullets, almost 4 mos. old, brown                                                    hybird lovebirds, breeders: Indian ring-      FARM HOME
1464.                                                                                 Toulouse geese, $10, Coahoma Co.,           neck, English budgie, finches,
                                          Leghorns, buff & black Sex Link, $5,
                                          Kemper Co., DeKalb, 601-743-5604.           Clarksdale, 662-902-1185.                   Alexandrine hen, $35-$350, Pike Co.,         MISCELLANEOUS
150 gal. butane tank, in use now, swap                                                                                            Osyka, 601-542-3252.                          All items listed under the this catego-
for 100 gal. tank in working condition.   Whitetail Japanese Bantam chicks, sev-      Gray English Call breeders, $25/pair;                                                   ry must be farm/agriculture related.
Simpson Co., Magee, 601-849-3285.         eral ages to choose from, starting at $1    Mandarin breeders, $50/pair; White          Indian Fantail pigeons, various colors,     Dealers, brokers or businesses are not
                                          & up, Winston Co., Louisville, 662-         Muscovy ducks, various ages, $6 & up,       show quality, $10; Birmingham               allowed to advertise. Only in-state resi-
4 Reg. Paso Fino horses swap for 2        773-7639.                                   Webster Co., Eupora, 662-258-7244.          Rollers, various colors, $25 per pair,      dents are allowed to advertise within
western pleasure QH’s. Bolivar Co.,                                                                                               Webster Co., Eupora, 662-258-7244.          this category.
Cleveland, 662-721-6422.                  5 wk. old Barred Rock chicks, straight      4 turkeys, 3 hens, 1 gobbler, must take
                                          run, $1.50, Franklin Co., Meadeville,       all, $100, Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-      Young guineas, $3 & up, Simpson Co.,         ANTIQUES & FURNITURE
19’ Walkabout w/cuddy cabin, sleeps 3,    601-384-5354.                               687-1507.                                   Magee, 601-849-2299.
$4,000 or swap for 4-horse trailer.                                                                                                                                          Couch, recliner, entertainment center,
Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-373-9281.                                                     16 Muscovy ducks, take all for $3 ea.,      Jumbo Coturnix quail chicks, 60¢, pick
                                          Roosters, 1 yr. old, $2.50, Noxubee Co.,                                                                                           stereo, RCA TV, oak dinette set w/4
                                                                                      or pick for $4, Smith Co., Raleigh, 601-    up; Meat birds, $2, shipping available,
                                          Macon, 662-726-1255.                                                                                                               chairs, $1,000. Covington Co., Collins,
Time to change, 2 brush billies, proven                                               269-3641.                                   NPIP tested, Member MS Gamebird
                                                                                                                                  Association, Pike Co., Summit, 601-        601-517-5700.
breeders, $70 ea., or swap for young      Young game chickens, crosses, hens &
brush nannies, Jackson Co., Moss          roosters, $5, Scott Co., Morton, 601-       Half grown Canation geese, 2 yrs. old,      250-0248.
                                                                                      $50, Pike Co., McComb, 601-249-0165.                                                   Antique claw foot tub, 5’ long, black
Point, 228-475-8502.                      732-6174.                                                                                                                          w/white inside $100 or white w/black
                                                                                                                                  Quail, booking now, meat birds &
                                                                                      Flying mallard ducks, ready for pond,       flight conditioned birds, $3 & up.         claws $250. Alcorn Co., Walnut, 662-
MF TO-20 industrial tractor w/front-      5 Golden Phoenix roosters, this years                                                                                              223-9764.
                                                                                      $8, Lawrence Co., New Hebron, 601-          Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-
end loader, has steering problem,         hatch, now crowing, $5, Lowndes Co.,
                                                                                      694-2743.                                   5717.
$2,500 or swap for 4 breeding age         Caledonia, 662-356-4902.                                                                                                           Lots of old stuff & furniture, $5 & up;
heifers. Pike Co., Ruth, 601-276-2842.                                                Muscovy ducks, all sizes, $2 & up,          4 hand fed Lutino ringnecks, $150;         2 piece Catholic art statue, $2,000
                                          PB Araucana laying hens, $10, Hinds         Hinds Co., Utica, 601-885-6740.             1 pair Lutino ringnecks, $400; 1 pair      OBO. Attala Co., Sallis, 662-289-9508.
Murray 12.5 HP riding mower, 38” cut,     Co., Jackson, 601-371-0094.                                                             Quaker parrots, $350; Misc., finches,
exc. cond., $500 or swap for tractor &                                                White Embden geese, $25; African            $10-$30, Forrest Co., Brooklyn, 601-       Navy/burgundy couch in exc. cond.,
pay difference. Lincoln Co., Wesson,      Mixed breed chicks, 4 wks. old, $2.50;      Grey geese, $25; Mixed Embden &             583-4881.                                  washer & dryer, refrigerator w/icemak-
601-833-8185.                             Sex Link roosters, $4; White Silkie         African Grey geese, $25, Benton Co.,                                                   er, $600 for all or will sell individually.
                                          roosters, $4.50; Sex Link straight run      Ashland, 662-224-6916.                      70 Bobwhite quail brood stock, $2,         Smith Co., Pineville, 601-540-5333.
3 female pups, 3/4 Pit Bulldog - 1/4      chicks, $3, Simpson Co., Harrisville,                                                   Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-
Australian Heeler, born 4/15/06,          601-847-3562.                               Mallard, Rouen, Pekin ducks, 12 wks.        1374.                                      Antique J. Bauer & Co. piano, 1896
1 grown female 1/2 Pit Bulldog - 1/2                                                  old, some older, ready for pond, $50 per                                               Vintage, open - work on front, in good
Australian Heeler, swap for poultry,      PB green legged Gavilan Hatch game          dozen or $5 ea., mixed, Copiah Co.,         Lovely young canaries, singers, hens,      cond.,    $600    OBO.     Stone Co.,
pigeons, waterfowl. Kemper Co.,           fowl, 2 hens from Gavilan Farm, $50,        Hazlehurst, 601-894-1264.                   pairs, $50 & up; Hand fed cockatiels,      Perkinston, 601-928-9631.
Dekalb, 601-677-4374.                     stags, pullets from these hens & roost-                                                 white face & yellow cheek, $50 & up,
                                          er, $50 per pair, will sell separately,     Canadian geese, 1 breeder pair, 1 extra     Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-8382.        1 regular size flather bed & 4 flather
1989 Hi-Lo Funchaser camper, w/4 yr.      Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-9272.          goose, all 3 for $120, with federal per-                                               pillows, all for $100., the flather came
old awning, full bath, sleeps 4, $2,500                                               mit, all are pinioned, Lafayette Co.,       African Grey baby parrots, hand fed,       from the Jones Farm. Union Co., New
OBO or swap for small tractor w/bush-     Game chicks: Pure Kelso & Spanish,          Water Valley, 662-473-2467.                 very best talkers, health guaranteed,      Albany, 662-534-5440.
hog or other accessories. Hinds Co.,      1/2 Spanish - 1/2 White Hackle, 1/2                                                     $700, Monroe Co., Nettleton, 662-963-
Byram, 601-214-6321.                      Spanish - 1/2 Bearded Cuban, $20.           Muscovy goslings, grain fed, hatched        2535.                                      4 claw foot bathtubs, $800; 5’ cigar
                                          Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-373-9281.           07/05/06, $5, Scott Co., Homewood,                                                     store Indian, $550; Pie safe, punched
1997 Mercury Mountaineer SUV,                                                         601-536-3155.                               Sweet, loveable, hand fed baby love-       tin doors, $250. Lauderdale Co.,
loaded out, nice truck, uses no oil,      12 Game chickens, 3 mos. old, $4;                                                       birds, $40; Canaries, $45; Doves, $5;      Meridian, 601-693-1110.
$6,000 or swap for tractor of equal       10 game chickens, 1 mo. old, golden         20 unbanded young racing Homing             Breeder lovebirds, $50 per pair, also
value. Clay Co., West Point, 662-494-     yellow, brown, $2, Attala Co., Ethel,       pigeons, $5, take all for $80; 16           taking deposits on baby Quakers, Hinds     Emerson square grand piano, 1870’s,
2328.                                     662-614-3838.                               Fantails, $75; 12 Indian Jacks, $10 or      Co., Terry, 601-878-5042.                  rosewood, beautiful, 6’ wide, ivory

August 15, 2006                                                                 MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                Page 7
keys, $2,000., no delivery. Newton Co.,                                                 Quilts, regular, queen, king, $175 each,     200 amp service panels, $100; Rotem        in exc. cond., $8,500. Jasper Co.,
Lawrence, 601-683-6336.                        COOKBOOKS & RECIPES                      red, white, blue star, orange peel,          AC2000 relay extension boxes, $150         Hickory, 601-727-3501.
                                                                                        Dutch doll, machine pieced, hand             each; Kool cell pads 6” x 6’, $20 each;
Dolls, collection of Cabbage Patch          Rone Family Cookbook, featuring 549         quilted, Attala Co., Ethel, 662-674-         6” x 5’, $17.50 each. Scott Co., Morton,   3PH Fred Cain scissor lift, $400.
Kids, 12 dolls, 1984 year, Cabbage          recipes in 3 ring binder, stand & tabbed    2228.                                        601-537-3563.                              Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-3092.
Patch play pen, 24” x 21”, beautiful        dividers, mail $17 (includes mailing)
needlepoint picture, in great cond., all    to: Rone Family Cookbook, 2805 Attala                                                    JD poultry house spreader, older           5’ Kuhn hay mower, new cond., $2,100.
for $100. Smith Co., Sylvarena, 601-        Road 5217, Ethel 39067. Attala County.              MISCELLANEOUS                        model, in good cond., $600. Leake Co.,     Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-687-
789-5137.                                                                                        HOME ITEMS                          Lena, 601-654-8854.                        5886.
                                            Why Gather In The Kitchen? A collec-
Antique buffet, needs refinishing, $100.    tion of 350 family favorites, send $18                                                   36” belt driven fans, $50 each; 14-ton     Hesston 5545 hay baler for parts or to
                                                                                        30 gal. gas hot water heater, like new,                                                 be fixed, fire damage, w/lots of extra
Jefferson Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-943-     (shipping/handling included) to:            $150. Indianola Co., Sunflower, 662-         feed bin, $900. Scott Co., Forest, 601-
6995.                                       Sybil H. Powell, 206 Lake Harbour                                                        625-8883.                                  parts & belts, $750 OBO. Covington
                                                                                        265-5237.                                                                               Co., Mt. Olive, 601-797-4790.
                                            Drive, Ridgeland 39157. Madison
American oak roll top desk, $400; Cav.      County.
51 Coke machine, $800; NCR brass
                                                                                        Bath bench, $40; Maytag washer, in                   HAY EQUIPMENT                      Bush Hog pop-up square bale hay
                                                                                        good cond., $125; 18.4 cu. ft. Frigidaire
cash register, $800; 1950’s 5¢ Tom’s        Old timey recipes not found today, 75%                                                                                              loader, pulls beside trailer, drops bale
                                                                                        refrigerator, $350. Calhoun Co.,
machine, 5 slot, $175; Penny scales,        of all the recipes are from older ladies,                                                MF 3PH hay rake, $500; M&W 1800            in center of trailer, $400. Lauderdale
                                                                                        Calhoun City, 662-628-5995.
$350. Choctaw Co., Ackerman, 662-           large book, $18 including shipping.                                                      round hay baler, 5x6 bales, kept under     Co., Lauderdale, 601-679-8693.
285-7073.                                   Shirley Brown, 230 Morgan Road,             Kenmore 18 cu. ft. refrigerator w/ice-       shed, one owner, good cond., $4,500;
                                            Alligator 38720. Coahoma County.                                                         PZ 166 2-drum mower, $2,500. Stone         JD 336 square hay baler, $2,100. Hinds
                                                                                        maker, $275; Sears electric stove, $200;
Morgan silver dollars, graded, good &                                                                                                Co., Lumberton, 601-928-5118.              Co., Crystal Springs, 601-878-0052.
                                                                                        Kenmore gas dryer, $125. Rankin Co.,
fine, $16 each. Perry Co., Brooklyn,                                                    Richland, 601-939-4714.
601-598-2628.                                  CRAFTS & WOODWORK                                                                     JD 214T square hay baler, $900; Vicon      Gehl 2580 SS round hay baler in exc.
                                                                                                                                     hay rake, PTO driven, $400; Vicon          cond., 9’ 2” Gehl/Kuhn 1165 cutter in
                                                                                        Rawleigh Products, the old timey/good
1950’s & 1960’s gas pumps, $250 & up;                                                                                                round hay baler, 4x5 bales, $4,500.        good cond., 8-wheel V-rake in good
                                            Kiln for ceramic, large, w/stand, dual      products for personal, home & farm
Gas pump globes, Dino, Texaco, Gulf,                                                                                                 Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-0461.         cond., $12,500 for all. Pike Co.,
                                            control, books, $400. Pearl River Co.,      use, $4.95 plus. Rankin Co., Florence,
$250 & up; Pedal tractors, $100/up;                                                                                                                                             Magnolia, 601-341-8508.
                                            Picayune, 601-798-8238.                     601-845-6220.
Oak roll top desk, $400. Choctaw Co.,                                                                                                NH 664 round hay baler, kept in shed,
Ackerman, 662-285-3624.                                                                                                              ready for work, baling hay now, $7,000     Hoelscher 150 bale forks, picks up 15
                                            Cypress swings & gliders from $119;         Rainbow vacuum, like new, w/all
                                                                                                                                     cash. Union Co., Myrtle, 662-538-5772      square bales at a time, used w/NH bale
                                            Cypress, cedar & oak rockers from $79;      attachments, 2 heads, $600. Simpson
All types of antiques, 2,000 bottles, 400                                                                                            ask for Bill.                              wagons,       $3,000.        Stone Co.,
                                            Oak bar chairs & dining chairs from         Co., Mendenhall, 601-847-9368.
whiskey bottles, beer can collection,                                                                                                                                           Lumberton, 601-928-2389.
                                            $59. Pike Co., McComb, 601-249-2936.
Avon bottle collection, baseball, foot-                                                 Drawstring drapery rods, 1- 6’ one way       NH Super Hayliner 78 square hay
ball, basketball cards, old metal signs,                                                                                             baler, in good cond., barn kept, baling    2003 JD 457 round hay baler w/moni-
                                            Pet caskets made of high impact             pull & 1- 7 1/2’ two way pull, double
$5/up, cash only. Lawrence Co., Jayess,                                                                                              now, bales & operates great, well main-    tor & bale kicker, $15,900; 2004
                                            styrene, sealant strip keeps out water &    valance rods to match (for gathered
601-587-7319.                                                                                                                        tained/serviced, field ready, $2,500.      Walton 9’ tedder, used once, $1,300;
                                            air, 10”-40”, shells are $15-$75., cas-     valance), all for $50. Warren Co.,
                                                                                                                                     Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-6965.         2002 Enorossi 3PH finger rake, $600.
                                            kets are 24”, $155 & up. Jones Co.,         Vicksburg, 601-661-8397.
Old 5’ dining table, double pedestals,                                                                                                                                          Greene Co., Richton, 601-989-2010.
                                            Laurel, 601-428-1000.
honey oak, $75; Large roll top desk,                                                    All natural goat milk soap, skin friend-     18’ Sovema hay tedder, like new,
                                                                                        ly, nothing artificial, various scents, $4   $3,500. Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc, 662-       Ford sickle mower, was running when
oak, 4’ x 3 1/2’, slots for sorting, 5      Squirrel & bird feeders, bluebird &
                                                                                        per bar. Pearl River Co., Poplarville,       509-2723.                                  put up, $200. Madison Co., Canton,
drawers w/lock, $250. Chickasaw Co.,        wren boxes, other woodwork, $5 & up.
                                                                                        601-795-0570.                    Website:                                               601-278-1419.
Houston, 662-456-0142.                      Grenada Co., Grenada, 662-226-3656.
                                                                                            NH 853 round hay baler, w/extra wide
                                                                                                                                                                                MUV-Two hay mover, gets two bales at
RF Scout electric power chair, w/oxy-       Ceramic molds, Indians, canister                                                         pickup, kept under shed, $5,000;
                                                                                        14.0 cu. ft. Frigidaire chest freezer,                                                  once, 3PH, quick hitch, $900. Madison
gen tank bracket, recent maintenance        Santa’s & many more, approx. 3,000                                                       National RCS8 V-hay rake, $1,800.,
                                                                                        frost free, $250 OBO; 36” Thermador                                                     Co., Carthage, 601-267-7851.
w/battery charger, $800. Copiah Co.,        molds, in good cond., $3,000. Marion                                                     both in real good condition. Neshoba
Hazlehurst, 601-940-4660.                                                               6 burner gas stove, all stainless, $2,500    Co., Philadelphia, 601-527-8200.
                                            Co., Columbia, 601-736-2992.                                                                                                        8’ Vicon mower, cut hay last year, NH
                                                                                        OBO., all like new. Holmes Co.,
                                                                                                                                                                                rake, both for $1,500. Grenada Co.,
Steamer trunk, $110. Coahoma Co.,                                                       Lexington, 662-834-5907.                     8’ Vicon hay cutter, in very good cond.,
                                                                                                                                                                                Grenada, 662-226-5217.
Rena Lara, 662-624-5660.                       FIREWOOD & KINDLING                                                                   used 2 seasons for 80 acres total, ready
                                                                                        15’ chest type freezer, $50. Jefferson       for your hay fields, $5,500. George Co.,   JD 510 round hay baler, $2,000 cash
Old farm tools, wash pots, tea kettles,                                                 Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-943-6995.           Lucedale, 228-217-8761.
                                            Several pecan trees on the ground in                                                                                                only. Tate Co., Coldwater, 662-233-
primitive furniture, icebox, old gas                                                                                                                                            1219.
                                            pasture, free to cut up for firewood &      Kenmore 16 cu. ft. type freezer, in good
stove, wood heater & dishes, $25 & up.                                                                                               5’ Kuhn hay mower, used this year, in
                                            haul off. Scott Co., Harperville, 601-      cond., $150. Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc,
Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-2629.                                                                                                      good cond., $900 OBO. Scott Co.,           2 Kuhn high speed cutters, model
                                            625-8653 nights.                            662-489-6964.                                Forest, 601-469-3949.                      GMD 600 & GMD 66, field ready,
Early 1900’s upright piano w/piano                                                                                                                                              $2,500 each. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,
                                                                                        2 sets of steel French doors, standard
bench, $400. George Co., Lucedale,                        GOURDS                        size w/full glass window, $75 each set
                                                                                                                                     JD 530 round hay baler, new parts in       601-754-4223.
601-947-3603.                                                                                                                        undercarriage, ready to bale, $3,500.
                                                                                        or $140 for both. Pike Co., Osyka, 601-      Tate Co., Independence, 662-233-4424.
                                            Gourds, will ship, Martin gourds $2 &                                                                                               JD 530 round hay baler, has some new
Old small table, chairs, dressers, China                                                542-5237 ask for Ken.
                                            up; Craft gourds, 50¢ & up. Mrs. Jerry                                                                                              belts, ready to use, $7,000. Scott Co.,
cabinet, buffet, some blacksmith tools,                                                                                              NH 310 square hay baler, in good           Forest, 601-625-8883.
$25 & up. Forrest Co., Brooklyn, 601-       Davis, 11132 Byrd Doerner Road,                                                          cond.,   $1,600.    Lincoln  Co.,
297-4698.                                   Collinsville 39325. Ph: (601) 737-5333.
                                            Lauderdale County.
                                                                                            MACHINERY &                              Brookhaven, 601-835-3040.
                                                                                                                                                                                       FIELD EQUIPMENT
Fire station twin bed, $450; Black
                                            Gourds, for crafts & birdhouses, clean-
                                                                                             EQUIPMENT                               Vicon 1211 round hay baler, w/bale
wrought iron day bed w/hideaway bed                                                        All equipment listed under this head-     kicker, barn kept, $2,700. Pearl River     JD 4020 tractor w/JD loader, very good,
& mattress, $100; Running Coke              ing & shipping available, $1 & up. Tom       ing must be offered for sale by persons     Co., Poplarville, 1-601-795-6563.          $8,500; INT 1466 black stripe tractor,
machine, holds 12 oz. cans, $200.           Keller, Clay Co., West Point, 662-494-       actually engaged in farming and must                                                   very good, $7,500. Warren Co.,
Rankin Co., Florence, 601-936-5232.         3334.                          website:      have been used on their farm in agricul-    NH 851 round hay baler, $2,000; NH         Vicksburg, 601-638-6292 nights.
                                                 tural pursuits. Dealers are not allowed     square baler, in good cond., $2,000;
Antique clawfoot tubs, $850 & up;                                                        to advertise. Equipment bought by           2-drum hay cutter, in good cond.,          1990 Ford tractor, 62 HP, w/canopy,
Restored to mint cond., will also refin-                                                 farmers for resale purposes are not eli-    $1,400; 4-wheel hay rake, $350. George
ish your tubs or old sinks, also buy
                                            SEWING & OTHER FABRICS                       gible for this free advertising. Only in-
                                                                                                                                                                                dual hyd’s., $9,000; 14’ hyd. disk, $750.
                                                                                                                                     Co., Lucedale, 601-508-2291.               Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-0461.
claw foot tubs. Jasper Co., Bay Springs,                                                 state residents are allowed to advertise
                                            Quilt tops, $40-$50., queen $75; Quilts,     within this category.
601-670-6961.                                                                                                                        JD 530 round hay baler, w/new belts &      2 walking cultv’s., 1 mowing machine,
                                            regular $100., queen $125-$150; Infant                                                   wet kit, 1,000 RPM gear box, ready to      2 planters, 2 middle busters, 2 turning
Antique bedroom set, solid maple,           quilts up to 5 yrs., $30; Blankets $15.           DAIRY EQUIPMENT                        bale, $7,800. Walthall Co., Tylertown,     plows, 4 Georgia stocks, 1 fert. dist.,
chocolate color finish, dresser w/large     Jasper Co., Rose Hill, 601-727-9232.                                                     601-876-4092.                              $5 & up. Lowndes Co., Caledonia, 662-
mirror, chest & nightstand, beautiful                                                   Mueller Hiperform 1,000 gal. milk                                                       356-6483.
cond., $300 OBO, must see to appreci-       Quilts, all sizes, lots of patterns to      tank, top & bottom units, in perfect         3PH heavy duty hay spear, $250. Pike
ate. Amite Co., Smithdale, 601-567-         select from, $25-$75., I will quilt your    cond., $4,500. Walthall Co., Tylertown,      Co., McComb, 601-249-2468.                 8’ push blade in good cond., $450.
2601.                                       tops. Leake Co., Walnut Grove, 601-         601-876-4092.                                                                           DeSoto Co., Nesbit, 662-429-9455.
                                            625-8423.                                                                                NH BR770 round hay baler, in exc. field
Antique dresser, circa 1850’s, $250; Old                                                                                             ready cond., $15,000; NH HT 152 10-        CIH 2155 cotton picker, in exc. cond.,
Kelsey hand printing press w/type           New style quilting machine, exc. cond.,         POULTRY EQUIPMENT                        wheel V-rake, $4,000; Bush Hog HM          $40,000; 22’ CIH 496 disk, $4,500; 1set
fonts, $60 each or 2 for $110. Leake        $6,000 OBO. Carroll Co., Vaiden, 662-                                                    2009 hay cutter, $3,500. Stone Co.,        of 12” spacers to fit JD or CIH, $200.
Co., Lena, 601-654-3624.                    464-0420.                                   14’ Chandler litter spreader, extra large    Wiggins, 601-928-5288.                     Tallahatchie Co., Oakland, 662-647-
                                                                                        tires, in exc. cond., $6,200. Rankin Co.,                                               8956.
4 poster cherry queen bed, in good          Janome Memory Craft 9000 sewing,            Brandon, 601-946-8697.                       NH 850 round hay baler, $3,000 cash.
cond., $75. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-      quilting & embroidery machine,                                                           Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-3890.         Kubota M4050 diesel tractor, 632 hrs.,
845-8382.                                   includes 10 memory cards & acces-           Metal nests, roosts in front, ready to                                                  w/6’ Howse bush-hog, 6’ box blade, all
                                            sories, in exc. cond., $1,200 firm.         hang, 6 hole section for $15. Forrest        M&W 4500 round hay baler, 5x5 bales,       for $8,000. Scott Co., Forest, 601-625-
                                            Lamar Co., Sumrall, 601-758-3811.           Co., Wiggins, 601-528-9494.                  less than 500 bales on baler, shed kept,   0493.

Page 8                                                                           MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                  August 15, 2006
MF 261 tractor, 65 HP, w/1,300 hrs.,         good cond., $1,200. Rankin Co.,             1978 JD 8630 tractor, 300 HP, w/cab-         1967 JD tractor, in good cond., w/good        very good cond., $2,750. Kemper Co.,
hyd’s., canopy, 12’ Woods clipper,           Brandon, 601-594-1731.                      air, 3PH, low hrs., minor repairs, must      tires, ready for use, $3,000. Lauderdale      Dekalb, 601-743-4313.
$20,000 for both. TO-30 Ferguson trac-                                                   sell, $16,500. Newton Co., Hickory,          Co., Meridian, 601-482-2670.
tor, excellent, $3,500. Webster Co.,         Rhino 15’ 4” cutter, heavy duty foldup      601-527-3806.                                                                              IH-Case 685 tractor, 70 HP, w/1,665
Mathiston, 662-263-6596.                     wings, in good cond., $4,500. Tate Co.,                                                  18’ field cultv., hyd. fold out w/cylinder,   hrs., ROPS, shedded since new, mech.
                                             Senatobia, 662-562-5431.                    Case 1070 tractor w/front-end loader,        needs new hyd. lines, in good cond.,          perfect, $8,500; 6’ Bush Hog brand cut-
INT 1066 tractor w/duals, in good                                                        good 60-70% rubber, 4 spd. trans., w/3       great for planting Rye grass or food          ter, $750; 7’ Prime disk, $850. Clarke
cond., $6,500. Benton Co., Hickory           Massey-Harris TO-30 tractor, 4 cyl.,        spd. power shift, $7,650. Lafayette Co.,     plots, $600. Copiah Co., Hazlehurst,          Co., Stonewall, 601-917-2316.
Flat, 662-333-7315 after 7 p.m.              w/FMC 5x5 clipper, $1,850 OBO.              Oxford, 662-234-5043.                        601-573-2036.
                                             Copiah Co., Hazlehurst, 601-941-0518                                                                                                   1983 INT 284 diesel tractor, kept in
2 INT 1440 combines w/corn & grain           ask for Davis.                              1969 JD 4020 tractor, in good cond.,         JD 2130 tractor, 63 HP, runs good,            garage, in mint cond., $6,500. Holmes
headers, all equipment sheltered,                                                        runs good, w/exc. rubber, canopy, JD         w/new tires, lift & PTO strong, $6,900.       Co., Lexington, 662-834-3229.
$10,000 each; 2 JD 7100 6-row                2000 Kubota BX2200HD 4WD diesel             148 loader w/bucket & hay spear, 7’          Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-783-3179.
planters, 1 conventional, $1,200., 1 no-     tractor, 875 hrs., MMM, 3PH, PS, in         bush-hog, $11,500 OBO. Newton Co.,                                                         JD 5400 tractor, 60 HP, w/front-end
till, $2,000. Wayne Co., Waynesboro,         good cond., shedded, $4,750. Madison        Lawrence, 601-775-0237.                      JD 1020 gas tractor, 40 HP, runs great,       loader, 1,260 hrs., 6’ bush-hog, disk &
601-735-5289.                                Co., Madison, 601-853-4275 nights.                                                       $3,900. Smith Co., Raleigh, 601-849-          blade, all for $17,200. Scott Co., Forest,
                                                                                         1949 JD MT tractor, runs good, w/pull        9887.                                         601-625-7400.
3PH 3 tine heavy sub-soiler, $400; New       1961 Allis-Chalmers D-10 tractor            type bush-hog, 12’ corn trailer, $3,000.
22” 1 1/2 square axle disk blades, $18       w/cultv. & independent PTO, $2,200.         Jasper Co., Pachuta, 601-727-3076.           1984 Ford 1900 tractor, in exc. cond.,        2000 Mahindra 4505 tractor, 45 HP,
each. Covington Co., Hattiesburg, 601-       Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-824-1743.                                                       w/4’ bush-hog, 4’ box blade, 4’ disk,         w/250 hrs., PS, remotes & 7 tine reno-
270-4115.                                                                                1978 JD 2130 diesel tractor, 65 HP,          $4,000 OBO. Smith Co., Taylorsville,          vator, must see, $7,500. Rankin Co.,
                                             2000 JD 5320 4WD tractor, $18,000.          w/canopy, bad motor, good tires, good        601-725-4604.                                 Brandon,     601-506-8669.     Email:
1952 JD 50 tractor, w/tricycle front         Covington Co., Mt. Olive, 601-797-                                                                                           
                                                                                         rear end, rebuilt starter & rebuilt hyd.
end, elec. start, good rubber all around,    4236.                                                                                    Ford 9N tractor, w/bush-hog & disk,
                                                                                         pump, $2,500. Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-
original JD paint, 3PH, exc. cond.,                                                                                                   runs/looks good, w/good rubber,               JD 2750 tractor, 85 HP, in good cond.,
$3,500. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-      Allis-Chalmers WD-45 tractor, w/facto-                                                   $2,500. Marion Co., Picayune, 601-798-        $9,500. Yalobusha Co., Oakland, 662-
323-8223.                                    ry wide front end, recent eng. overhaul                                                  7827.                                         623-5298.
                                                                                         Ford 8700 tractor, w/cab-air-heater,
                                             by prof. machine shop w/new clutch,         540/1,000 PTO, 115 HP, duals, 6,300
2003 MF 251 4x4 tractor, 55 HP,              pressure plate & throw out bearing,                                                      1990 Long 2510 diesel tractor, 52 HP, 3       4-row 3PH section harrow, in fair
w/front-end loader & hay fork, 650                                                       hrs., in good cond., w/good paint, field     cyl., w/low hrs., original tires, canopy,     cond., $100. Tallahatchie Co.,
                                             $6,500. Montgomery Co., Winona, 662-        ready, $10,250. Itawamba Co.,
hrs.,    $16,000.    Lauderdale Co.,         417-3351.                                                                                PS, hyd. on back of tractor, new bat-         Charleston, 662-647-3194 after 8 p.m.
Meridian, 601-616-8173.                                                                  Tremont, 662-652-3303.                       tery, cranks/runs perfect, $7,500.
                                             JD 4430 tractor w/duals, JD 148 front-                                                   Lauderdale Co., Bailey, 601-737-4818.         1954 JD 60 LP row crop tractor, com-
2 IH 720 2-row silage cutters, under                                                     1987 JD 1050 tractor, w/1,175 hrs.,                                                        pletely restored, too many new parts to
                                             end loader w/bucket & hay spear,            front-end loader & hay spear, $6,500; 5’
shed, field ready, also 1 windrow pick-      8’ bush-hog, $18,000. Covington Co.,                                                     NH 718 silage chopper, always shed-           list, $5,500. Scott Co., Morton, 601-
up head, all for $5,000. Montgomery                                                      disk, $375; 5’ bush-hog, $400; 3PH           ded, 2 Shwartz silage wagons, $3,500          732-1472.
                                             Collins, 601-517-5700.                      grader blade, $150. George Co.,
Co., Winona, 662-283-2643.                                                                                                            for all. Alcorn Co., Corinth, 662-665-
                                                                                         Lucedale, 601-508-2291.                      2010.                                         Farmall 656 tractor, in good cond.,
                                             Allis-Chalmers CA tractor, w/wide
1970 JD 3020 tractor, in exc. cond.,         front, Ford finishing mower, fabbed                                                                                                    w/good rubber, new battery, kept shed-
$8,500; 1967 JD 4020 tractor, in exc.                                                    14’ chisel plow w/5 shanks, $3,850;          INT 966 tractor w/dual wheels, needs          ded, $5,000. Lee Co., Mooreville, 662-
                                             3PH, hyd. work okay, could use valve        24’ offest disk, Bush Hog brand model
cond., $7,800; 10’ Howse heavy duty                                                                                                   batteries, runs good, does not use oil,       842-3396.
                                             job, smokes at idle, clears under load,     246, disassembled, $2,500. Pearl River
bush-hog, like new, $2,000. Monroe                                                                                                    $3,900. Jefferson Davis Co., Bassfield,
                                             $1,600. Jackson Co., Moss Point, 228-       Co., Lumberton, 601-796-2000.
Co., Aberdeen, 662-369-6806.                                                                                                          601-943-5827.                                 IHC Farmall H tractor w/3PH, $1,500.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Coahoma Co., Rena Lara, 662-624-
14’ JD disk, in good cond., w/new cylin-                                                 Super A tractor (red), in good cond.,        Plow stocks, plows harrow teeth,              5660.
                                             Deutz 4006 tractor, 40 HP, in exc.          w/set of plows & disk, $2,000. Newton
der, $800. Prentiss Co., Booneville,                                                                                                  planter, starting at $5 each. Smith Co.,
                                             cond., $4,000. Madison Co., Madison,        Co., Hickory, 601-646-2232.
662-728-3445.                                                                                                                         Mize, 601-733-2649.                           IHC 1206 tractor, restored, cranks &
                                                                                                                                                                                    runs good, $3,800; 706 tractor w/6’
2001 Kubota L3000 4WD tractor, w/box                                                     1959 JD 430T show tractor, in new            IHC 715 combine w/table, 1 MF Super           bush-hog, $3,000. Bolivar Co., Boyle,
                                             6’ Land Pride finishing mower, w/side                                                    92 combine w/table, both $600., not
blade, front bucket, tiller & finishing                                                  cond., $4,800. Monroe Co., Nettleton,                                                      662-721-8772.
                                             discharge, 540 gear box, $800; 7’ J-Bar                                                  running. Sunflower Co., Indianola,
mower, only 500 hrs. on tractor,                                                         662-963-3315.
                                             disk, w/20” slotted blades, $700; 3-bot-                                                 662-887-3514.                                 Old Dexter tractor for parts or fix up,
$16,000 OBO. Lincoln Co., Wesson,
                                             tom old Ford turning plow, $200.                                                                                                       needs tires, motor runs, $1,000 OBO.
601-835-3005.                                                                            Combine reels for JD 925F header,
                                             Yazoo Co., Yazoo City, 662-746-2948.                                                     6’ King Kutter finishing mower, less          Copiah Co., Crystal Springs, 601-892-
                                                                                         $1,200 each. Washington Co.,
2-row do-all, 3PH, $250; 3PH roller,                                                     Hollandale, 662-822-8609.                    than 30 hrs., exc. cond., $800. Alcorn        3884.
$250; 2-row pull type roller, $250.          2003 Kubota L3130 4x4 tractor, w/PS,                                                     Co., Walnut, 1-662-223-6595.
Bolivar Co., Cleveland, 662-721-6579.        power shift, 275 hrs., 60” finishing                                                                                                   Moline G705 diesel tractor, $2,000;
                                             mower, 4’ box blade, 4’ landscape rake,     14’ x 48’ Holly land plane, in great
                                                                                         cond., used very little, $3,500 OBO.         2 red Farmall Cub tractors w/plows,           Moline G705 LP tractor, bad eng.,
JD 5400 tractor w/cab, 520 front-end         4’ tiller, 5’ bush-hog, $13,000. Lowndes                                                 both run, sell together, only $3,000.         $800; Moline GB LP tractor, $1,200;
                                             Co., Mantee, 662-494-2336.                  Attala Co., Sallis, 662-653-3656.
loader, bucket & hay spear, 1,750 hrs.,                                                                                               Covington Co., Seminary, 601-722-             Moline GB LP tractor, $1,000., all good
kept under shed, new clutch plates last                                                  INT 4366 4WD tractor, $5,000. Monroe         3641.                                         restorable tractors. Panola Co., Como,
fall, $18,500 OBO. Jackson Co.,              JD 2840 tractor, w/good rubber, looks                                                                                                  662-487-1269.
                                             & runs good, $8,500 OBO. Scott Co.,         Co., Aberdeen, 662-319-8813.
Vancleave, 228-369-8001.                                                                                                              Farmall Super A tractor, motor over-
                                             Forest, 601-469-3949.                                                                    hauled, new battery & alternator, new         JD 4010 diesel tractor, 85 HP, runs
                                                                                         15’ JD double disc grain drill, w/grass
JD 2950 tractor, 82 HP, w/canopy,                                                        seed attachment, in good cond., $750.        paint, w/full set cultv., field ready for     good, w/wide front end, clutch, brakes,
1,400 hrs., 10’ Howse bush-hog,              2005 JD 8120 2WD tractor, w/deluxe                                                       use, $3,200. Jones Co., Seminary, 601-        trans., PTO, lift & seat are all in good
                                             cab, 4 remotes, quick coupler, adj.         Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-928-5288.
$16,000; JD 4-row planter, $1,200;                                                                                                    752-2255.                                     cond.,    $6,950.      Noxubee       Co.,
JD 8-row planter, $1,000; 14’ disk,          front axle, 20 front weights, dual tires,                                                                                              Brooksville, 662-361-7711.
                                             750 hrs., ext. warranty, $80,000 OBO.       Southwind fert. spreader, 300 lbs. cap.,
$1,000. Yalobusha Co., Water Valley,                                                                                                  1997 JD 1070 4x4 truck, 40 HP, fresh
                                             Bolivar Co., Shelby, 662-398-7941.          $300 cash. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-
662-458-5242.                                                                                                                         fluids & filters, exc. tractor, in great      20’ JD pasture clipper, used 4 seasons,
                                                                                                                                      cond., 451 hrs., asking payoff, $10,500.      $7,500. Newton Co., Lawrence, 601-
Ford 3000 gas tractor, w/good paint,         2 bottom turning plow, $200. Calhoun                                                     Lincoln Co., Bogue Chitto, 601-613-           683-3789.
                                             Co., Vardaman, 662-682-7423.                MF 35 diesel tractor, w/new paint,           5953 leave message.
good tires, runs very good, $4,500.
                                                                                         completely rebuilt, $5,000. Wayne Co.,                                                     Kubota 20 HP 2WD diesel tractor, like
Tippah Co., Walnut, 662-223-5239.
                                             Allis-Chalmers-Gleaner self propelled       Waynesboro, 601-687-5886.                    Jaylor 1500 cutter/mixer/feeder wagon,        new, w/5 new implements, $7,000., will
Kubota L2250 tractor, very nice,             gas combine, starts & runs good, $600.                                                   in good cond., $12,000; JD 4020 trac-         deliver. Covington Co., Seminary, 601-
w/2,300 hrs., canopy/top, mid PTO,           Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-      JD 3970 silage machine, all elec. con-       tor, late model, good cond., $8,000;          722-9000.
new belly rotary mower, RC60-25,             0648.                                       trols, shedded, $11,000; 2 JD silage         48’ x 8” transport auger, 5 HP motor,
$7,600. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-                                                    wagons w/tops, on 1275 running gear,         $3,000. Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-341-          INT 1066 tractor, w/2-post canopy, new
7859.                                        1991 Alamo 15’ bush-hog, w/stump            $2,500     each.     Neshoba      Co.,       8508.                                         hyd., & injector pump, new paint &
                                             jumpers, in very good cond., $2,750.        Philadelphia, 601-479-9389.                                                                decals, field ready, in use daily, in exc.
2 Firestone 20.8R38 rice/cane tires          Kemper Co., Dekalb, 601-479-1807.                                                        Amco 4-row heavy disk, reworked,              cond., $5,500. Alcorn Co., Walnut, 662-
mounted on inside rims & 2 Goodyear                                                      1999 JD 6210 2WD tractor, w/cab-air,         $1,950. Madison Co., Carthage, 601-           223-0749.
20.8-38 rice/cane tires mounted on 10        JD 8820 Titan II combine, $8,500.           1,800 hrs., in exc. cond., w/640 self lev-   267-7851.
bolt duals, $1,800., will separate. Lee      Tallahatchie Co., Charleston, 662-647-      eling loader & large bucket, $28,000.                                                      2001 NH 18 HP tractor, w/box blade &
Co., Plantersville, 662-213-7093.            5798.                                       Jones Co., Soso, 601-580-4546.               Allis-Chalmers D17 diesel tractor             dirt scoop, turf tires, 250 hrs., in exc.
                                                                                                                                      w/Allis-Chalmers front-end loader,            cond., $5,000. Hinds Co., Terry, 601-
10’ Bush Hog 3210 bush-hog, semi             2000 JD 6410 4WD tractor, w/cab-air,        Big 12 module builder, in good cond.,        $5,000; Side-Winder bush-hog, $550;           371-6679.
mount, w/safety chain shields on front       in exc. cond., $29,500. Lowndes Co.,        $6,500. Leake Co., Walnut Grove, 601-        MF 4-bottom plow, $350; Tye no-till
& rear, like new, $4,500. Copiah Co.,        Crawford, 662-329-9826.                     267-7054.                                    drill, $2,500., cash only. Tate Co.,          6’ drag type disk w/several angle set-
Wesson, 601-643-5040.                                                                                                                 Coldwater, 662-233-1219.                      tings, $300. Madison Co., Madison,
                                             4’ bush-hog in exc. cond., used 1 sea-      JD 4650 tractor, w/cab-air, duals, runs                                                    601-856-4743.
Yanmar 1500 tractor, w/48” disk, box         son to cut 2 1/2 acres, w/stump jumper,     great, $15,000; JD 4755 tractor, w/cab-      6’ 3PH Brush Whacker bush-hog,
blade, cultv., bush-hog, tractor needs       $300. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-       air, duals, exc. cond., $20,000. Sharkey     heavy duty, $550; 15’ Alamo pasture           Ford 8N tractor, starts, runs good,
crankshaft, tires, rear end & hyd. lift in   323-7722.                                   Co., Cary, 662-873-1354.                     clipper, heavy duty, foldup sides, in         good tires & sheet metal, front bumper,

August 15, 2006                                                                   MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                    Page 9
lights, $2,000. Copiah Co., Wesson,        INT 484 diesel tractor, 50 hrs. since       Case 1570 tractor, $5,500; IH 1456           20’ gooseneck tandem axle trailer             Wells Cargo 6’ x 12’ enclosed trailer,
601-643-9047.                              eng. overhaul, new clutch, pressure         tractor, $5,500; 21’ Case disk, $1,500;      w/brakes on 1 axle, 6’ 10” inside rails,      options: red, V-front, side door, rear
                                           plate & bearings, PS, aux. hyd. valve,      IH grain drill, $850; 2 MF 510 com-          platform above gooseneck, 750-16              ramp door, diamond plate, stone guard,
JD 8820 Titan II 4WD combine, $8,500;      4 spd., w/6’ INT disk, $6,500. Winston      bines, $3,500; MF 410 combine,               tires, $2,700. Yazoo Co., Benton, 662-        chrome wheels, vents, spare, like new,
24’ 924 flex head, $5,000; Trailer for     Co., McCool, 662-803-4681.                  $2,500. Prentiss Co., Booneville, 662-       673-9394.                                     $3,400. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-
header, $1,000; 20’ JD 1530 seeder,                                                    728-3777.                                                                                  8363.
$15,500. Lawrence Co., Jayess, 601-        JD 320S tractor, $10,500; 1936 JD B                                                      4’ x 8’ all metal trailer, w/let down load-
587-7008.                                  tractor, $3,750; JD M tractor w/mower,      15’ Rhino SE 15-4A bush-hog, $9,250;         ing ramps, all metal sides/floor, 14”         Tandem axles w/slide, running gear
                                           $2,150; JD 420W tractor, $2,400; JD         Post hole digger w/9” auger, $550;           wheels, wiring, lights, new, never used,      from 40’ box trailer w/tires, $300.
Allis-Chalmers 160 front-end loader,       430T tractor w/cultv. & planter, $4,000.    Heavy duty loader bucket, $550.              great for hunters & 4-wheelers, $775.         Madison Co., Flora, 601-946-5642.
for 60 HP tractor or above, w/hay spear    Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-321-2372.              Lincoln Co., Ruth, 601-833-0916.             Rankin Co., Pearl, 601-939-3375.
& bucket, $1,325 OBO. Lawrence Co.,                                                                                                                                               7’ x 14’ dump trailer, w/factory built
Jayess, 601-587-7897.                      1996 JD 5200 4WD tractor, w/front           INT 454 gas tractor, less than 50 hrs.       4’ x 12’ 4-wheeler trailer, $300. Wayne       sides, 7k axles, bumper pull, $6,500.
                                           weights, dual rear hyd’s., 798 hrs., runs   on engine overhaul, looks good, runs         Co., Waynesboro, 601-735-6528.                Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-303-0826.
24’ INT 485 disk, in exc. cond., $3,000    good, $14,000. Marion Co., Columbia,        great, $3,500. Covington Co., Collins,
OBO; Fontaine 7-ton spreader buggy,        601-731-2675.                               601-517-2030.                                1995 38’ Travis dump trailer, 90%             New 5’ x 8’ utility trailer w/drive-on
w/big tires, works but needs some                                                                                                   brakes & tires, new roll tarp, in exc.        ramp, has expanded metal floor, rail
repair, $800. Hinds Co., Learned, 601-     2000 MF 4225 tractor, 65 HP, w/Quicke       8’ heavy Tufline 3PH disk, in exc.           cond., $20,000. Calhoun Co., Bruce,           around sides & front, lights, fenders,
885-2852.                                  720 front-end loader, bucket, hay forks,    cond., 20’ notched blades w/scrappers,       662-983-0144.                                 14” tires, safety chain, 2” coupler,
                                           canopy, 618 hrs., in good cond., barn       $1,000. Lowndes Co., Columbus, 662-                                                        $575. Webster Co., Mathiston, 662-
2002 JD 5520 tractor w/cab-air, dual       housed, $17,500. Smith Co., Madison,        251-4739.                                    24’ gooseneck trailer w/dovetail,             258-2899.
hyd’s., JD front-end loader brackets &     601-331-6050.                                                                            $3,800. Alcorn Co., Walnut, 662-223-
bumper, in exc. cond., $28,000.                                                        Yanmar 2000 diesel tractor w/box             9764.                                         Gooseneck trailers, $1,000-$1,500.
Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-389-        Super C tractor, w/new paint, complete      blade, $3,750. Marion Co., Columbia,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Hinds Co., Edwards, 601-415-6597
2025.                                      tune-up job, new battery, muffler, 3        601-441-9245.                                2 mobile home axles w/tires & wheels,         days.
                                           new tires, w/cultv., disk, turning plows,                                                1 w/brakes, 1 w/o brakes, $200 for all.
24’ INT batwing disk, in good cond.,       all quick hitch, cranks/runs good,          A & L 450 grain cart, 500+ bushels,          Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-0702.
                                                                                       field ready, $3,500; Forrest City 8-row                                                    2 house trailer axles & 4 lowboy tires,
$2,400; 8’ Sture Dream no-till grain       $1,650. Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc, 662-
                                                                                       do-all, hyd. fold, 3PH, $1,000. Rankin                                                     $200 OBO. Covington Co., Mt. Olive,
drill, model F725, in good cond.,          489-2240.                                                                                2005 32’ Excel gooseneck trailer w/5’
                                                                                       Co., Sandhill, 601-750-6247.                                                               601-797-4790.
$1,600. Hinds Co., Crystal Springs,                                                                                                 dovetail, 20,000 lb. payload, $6,000.
601-878-0052.                              Tri-State grain cart, 200 bu. cap., side                                                 Lamar Co., Lumberton, 601-796-2610.
                                                                                       1979 JD 2130 diesel tractor, 70 HP,                                                        1999 Timpte super hopper trailer, 48’ x
                                           extensions, good augers, new gear box,
Lewis self loading spreader, $750 OBO;                                                 w/PS, in exc. cond., $6,500. Attala Co.,                                                   102” wide, air ride, in good cond., fair
                                           exc. rubber, $1,000. Sunflower Co.,                                                      1999 35’ Sure Pull trailer, $5,700.
JD pto spreader, needs 2 boards, $350                                                  Kosciusko, 662-417-2635.                                                                   rubber, $18,000. Pike Co., Magnolia,
                                           Moorhead, 662-246-5244.                                                                  Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-687-
OBO. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-                                                                                                                                                1-601-783-5989.
8125.                                      JD 950 diesel tractor, no PS, in very       JD 5410 4WD tractor w/JD 540 loader,
                                           good cond., $6,500; MF 135 gas tractor,     good tires, canopy, rear wheel weights,                                                    Pintle hitch trailer, 20’ long w/4’ dove-
                                                                                                                                    2 JD silage wagons w/tops, on 1275            tail, ramps, 3 axles, 18,000 lbs. cap.,
3630 Spray Coupe w/diesel eng.,            $2,800 OBO. Madison Co., Canton,            sync. shuttle, $23,750. Jones Co.,           running gear, $2,500 each. Neshoba
$16,000. George Co., Lucedale, 228-        601-898-1434.                               Ellisville, 601-477-3745.                                                                  $2,900. Jones Co., Ellisville, 601-477-
                                                                                                                                    Co., Philadelphia, 601-479-9389.              1224.
                                           INT 806 tractor, $4,000. DeSoto Co.,
1948 Ford 8N tractor w/front-end
loader, good tires, not bent up, runs
                                           Southaven, 662-349-9500.                        MACHINERY,                               31’ 5th-wheel drop deck trailer for
                                                                                                                                    combine hauling, w/ramps, factory
                                                                                                                                                                                  Trailmaster 10-ton 20’ flatbed goose-
                                                                                                                                                                                  neck trailer, in great cond., w/5’ dove-
very good, $2,500. Newton Co.,
Decatur, 601-635-2606.
                                           MF 135 diesel tractor, $3,650 cash;
                                           Ford 9N tractor, $950 cash, firm.
                                                                                          EQUIP.,TRUCKS                             built, $3,500. Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-566-
                                                                                                                                                                                  tail, $5,900 OBO; Gooseneck dump
                                                                                                                                                                                  trailer, 12’ x 6’ 6” x 4’, strong, new

JD 4430 tractor w/cab, 5,500 hrs., used
                                           Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-833-
                                                                                           & TRAILERS                               Cat. motor grader 8T9039, was run-
                                                                                                                                                                                  paint, $4,500 OBO. Lee Co., Saltillo,
                                                                                          All machinery, equipment, trucks &        ning when set up, trans., needs repair-
for deer plots mostly, new batteries,                                                   trailers listed under this heading must     ing, $900. Yazoo Co., Benton, 662-673-
$9,500; 15’ JD disk, w/new cylinder,       IH picker rear wheel, 11:25 x 24”, $75;      be offered for sale by persons in                                                         20’ dovetail trailer w/4’ ramps, 4 axles,
$1,500. Jefferson Co., Jackson, 601-       Assortment IH 810 combine head               Mississippi actually engaged in farming                                                   lights, very heavy duty, shop built, pin-
720-7002.                                  parts, $10 & up; 18:4 x 34” dual wheel       and must have been used on their farm       40’ flat bottom grain trailer, $1,200;        tle hookup, $1,400. Lauderdale Co.,
                                           rim, $75. Sunflower Co., Shaw, 662-          in agricultural pursuits. Dealers are not   32’ 5th-wheel tandem flatbed trailer,         Meridian, 601-693-7333.
JD 4230 tractor w/cab-air, 6,500 hrs.,     754-3591.                                    allowed to advertise. Machinery, equip-     $800. Bolivar Co., Cleveland, 662-721-
avg. cond., $14,500. Benton Co.,                                                        ment, trucks & trailers bought by farm-                                                   1987 Ford Lariat 4x4 truck, many new
Lamar, 662-551-0693.                       1942 David Brown tractor, made in            ers for resale purposes are not eligible                                                  parts, in good cond., $3,500 firm.
                                           England, runs & drives good but needs        for this free advertising. Only in-state                                                  Leake Co., Carthage, 601-278-9638.
1964 Ford 4000 gas tractor, 4 cyl., 42                                                  residents are allowed to advertise with-    14’ heavy duty trailer, heavy duty
                                           a little work, must sell, $2,000.
HP, in exc. cond., $4,500. Tippah Co.,                                                  in this category.                           ramps, can haul tractor or cars, $700.
                                           Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-467-5114.                                                                                                 1997 Timpte hopper bottom grain
Ripley, 662-837-3448.                                                                                                               Jasper Co., Louin, 601-739-3441.
                                                                                                                                                                                  trailer & 2000 Peerless open top chip
                                           5’ Tufline disk, w/sealed bearings,                 EQUIPMENT                            18-wheeler trailer body, good storage,        or cotton seed trailer w/Shurlock roll
IH 7140 4WD tractor w/cab-air,             adjustable angle, $400. Lowndes Co.,                                                                                                   tarp, Timpte $17,500., Peerless
$25,000; 6 yd. Midland dirt pan,           Steens, 662-327-3395.                           TRAILERS & WAGONS                        8’ x 40’, fair cond., $2,500. Leake Co.,
                                                                                                                                                                                  $20,000. Newton Co., Union, 601-942-
$5,000; IH 1086 tractor, $6,500.                                                                                                    Lena, 601-654-9364.
Webster Co., Bellefontaine, 662-258-       Ford 5000 tractor, very dependable,         8-ton gravity flow wagon in good
7531.                                      $4,000; 6’ Side-Winder bush-hog,                                                         2005 7’ x 18’ equip. trailer, heavy duty,
                                                                                       cond., $3,000. Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc,                                                     New 2006 25’ dual tandem trailer
                                           $600; 6’ heavy offset disk on wheels,                                                    2- 3,500# axles, brakes, lights, dovetail,
                                                                                       662-509-2723.                                                                              w/dovetail, 10-tons, pintle hitch, new
4’ King Kutter bush-hog w/3PH, in          $550. Forrest Co., Petal, 601-582-2491.                                                  ramps, toolbox, $2,500 OBO. Madison
                                                                                                                                    Co., Canton, 601-898-1434.                    spare tires, $7,000. Forrest Co.,
good cond., $300; 5’ Squealer bush-hog                                                 24’ gooseneck flatbed trailer, w/elec.                                                     Hattiesburg, 601-264-2702.
w/3PH, welded & patched but cuts           INT 1466 tractor w/canopy & dual            brakes on both axles, 2 toolboxes,
good, $250. Union Co., Tupelo, 662-        wheels, in good cond., $5,500. Copiah       $3,600; 16’ tandem axle trailer, $700;       Bell water trailer, 1,000 gal. elliptical
                                                                                                                                    tank w/mixing tank, Briggs & Stratton         Homemade 10’ all metal trailer, pin
401-7012.                                  Co., Wesson, 601-643-2606.                  20’ car hauler/equipment trailer,                                                          pull, heavy, needs tires, $250. Copiah
                                                                                       w/elec. brakes, $2,000. Rankin Co.,          motor & pump, $3,000. Issaquena Co.,
8’ 3PH disk, new cond., $1,175; 4’ box     JD 5410 tractor w/521 loader, bucket,                                                    Valley Park, 601-636-6637.                    Co., Crystal Springs, 601-892-3884.
                                                                                       Brandon, 601-383-4639.
blade, $325; 9” post hole digger, $575.    ROPS, canopy, sync. shuttle trans., 65
Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-3092.     HP, exc. cond., 355 hrs., $21,000.          Covered wagon, holds 20 people, pull         Kalyn dual tandem 20,000 lb. equip.
                                           Jackson Co., Hurley, 228-588-3175.          w/truck or tractor, $875; 2-wheel trail-     trailer, exc. tires, pintle hook, air                  TRUCKS,
10’ Bush Hog brand 3210 bush-hog,                                                      er w/7’ bed, $50. Lowndes Co.,               brakes, 19’ flat, 5’ dove, $4,800 OBO.           ACCESSORIES & PARTS
pull type w/3rd wheel, barn kept, in       7’ box blade, $475. Walthall Co.,           Caledonia, 662-356-6483.                     Jasper Co., Laurel, 601-729-8636.
perfect cond., $4,800. Marion Co.,         Tylertown, 601-876-5588.
Hattiesburg, 601-467-5047.                                                             Dual tandem combine trailer, low pro-        Pintle hitch 20-ton lowboy, 15’ 8” deck       1997 Ford F-150 1/2-ton truck, V-6,
                                           Kubota 2350 tractor, 25 HP, 575 hrs.,       file, $2,000. Wayne Co., Waynesboro,         w/3’ dovetail, 8.25/15 tires, $4,000;         104,000 miles, does not use oil, clean,
MF Super 90 diesel tractor, 69 PTO HP,     w/finishing mower, $7,700; Heavy duty       601-735-5289.                                Nabors 25-ton lowboy, w/grading               $2,850. Lincoln Co., Bogue Chitto,
low hrs., PS, 8 forward, 2 reverse         disk, $650. Grenada Co., Grenada, 662-                                                   ramps, 20’ 4” deck, 2’ dovetail, $6,500.      601-734-6533.
trans., $5,400; 2- 18.4 x 34 R/C tires,    226-4101.                                   Shop made lowboy, $1,000 OBO.                Pearl River Co., Lumberton, 601-796-
$500 for pair. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,                                                Covington Co., Hattiesburg, 601-270-         2000.                                         1979 Chev. 1/2-ton LWB truck, 350
601-754-7562.                              Firestone tires, 2- 35.5L-32 & 2- 18.4-     4115.                                                                                      eng., needs trans. work, $400; 1980
                                           30 on rims that fit CIH combine, exc.                                                    1974 Palmer 20’ steel dump trailer,           Chev. 1-ton cab (chassis only), 350
15’ Terrain King foldup bush-hog,          cond., $3,500; Bell water trailer, 1,000    Donahue implement trailer, 8’ x 28’,         w/bed liner, roll up dolly, in good cond.,    eng., good motor, 4-spd., truck is
$600. Lauderdale Co., Lauderdale, 601-     gal. elliptical tank, $3,000. Issaquena     $1,200. Bolivar Co., Cleveland, 662-         $8,500. Prentiss Co., Baldwyn, 662-           rough, $300. Chickasaw Co., Okolona,
679-8693.                                  Co., Valley Park, 601-636-6637.             721-6579.                                    365-5657.                                     662-231-8657.

8’ Brillion double roller cultipacker,     Yanmar 1700 diesel tractor w/new            8’ x 40’ KBH cotton trailers, $1,000         2005 Ranchers Pride feed wagons               1996 Ford F-150 ext. cab 4x4 truck,
pull type, $1,100; Like new, 7’ 3PH        tires, paint/decals, new front-end          OBO; 36’ cotton trailers, $750 OBO; 32’      (green), single axle, 5- 2,000 lb. bins,      XLT pkg., 5.8, auto., all power, 4” lift
disk, would be exc. for deer plot prepa-   loader, $4,500; 35 HP diesel tractor,       cotton trailers, $500 OBO; 24’ cotton        $800 each, 2- 4,000 lb bins, $1,200           kit, chrome brush guard/nerf bars,
ration, $950. Kemper Co., Dekalb, 601-     w/good paint & tires, $3,500. Tate Co.,     trailers, $400 OBO. Bolivar Co., Shelby,     each, all in good condition. Walthall         9,000 lb. Warn winch, $15,000.
743-5284.                                  Senatobia, 662-562-7304 after 6 p.m.        662-398-7941.                                Co., Tylertown, 601-467-5114.                 Webster Co., Mathiston, 662-263-6596.

Page 10                                                                         MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                     August 15, 2006
Ford F-250 4x4 crew cab truck, 6.0          1999 Ford F-350 4-door 4x4 dually,         4 tires on rims 235/75-15 w/Dodge cen-        1997 Dodge Dakota club cab 4x4 SWB           2005 Ford F-150 Lariat super crew cab
turbo diesel, auto. trans., Lariat pkg.,    white, V-10 eng., 56,000 miles, bench      terpieces, $75. Copiah Co., Wesson,           truck, red, V-8, auto., loaded, w/hitch,     4x4 truck, white/tan, loaded, w/electric
leather, auto., PW, PL, 70,000 miles,       seats (front/back), good work truck,       601-643-5137.                                 PW, PL, toolbox, bed liner, new tires &      back glass, running boards, bed liner,
w/100,000 mi. warranty, exc. cond.,         $16,500. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-                                                   brakes, exc. cond., $6,500. Tishomingo       towing pkg., 31,000 miles, exc. cond.,
$27,000 OBO. Attala Co., Ethel, 662-        3094.                                      1993 Ford Ranger truck, only 54,000           Co., Golden, 662-424-0869.                   $25,500. Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-
674-2292.                                                                              miles, needs trans. work, auto. OD,                                                        222-1367.
                                            1990 Ford F-350 super crew cab diesel      $1,500. Danny Dixon, Amite Co.,               1988 Ford Ranger truck, 4 cyl., good
1969 Ford step side 4WD SWB truck,          dually, runs great, in good cond.,         McComb, 601-249-0032.                         gas mileage, 68,400 actual miles, clean,     2000 Ford F-350 truck, red, 7.3 diesel,
in good cond., 6 cyl., 4 spd., ready to     $4,995; 1998 Chev. Z71 4WD ext. cab,                                                     clear title, 95% rubber, $2,350 OBO.         13’ steel bed, cold A/C, PW, PL, 6 spd.,
restore, $1,850. Lawrence Co., Jayess,      127,000 miles, in good cond., $8,500.      2005 Colorado Z71 ext. cab truck,             Yazoo Co., Bentonia, 662-673-1396.           cruise, looks great, runs good, starts
601-587-2875.                               Newton Co., Conehatta, 601-562-9549.       25,000 miles, 11,000 mi. warranty,                                                         hard, $9,000. Rankin Co., Brandon,
                                                                                       Vortec 4 cyl., 23 mpg, assume pay-            1994 Chev. Silverado 1/2-ton truck,          601-825-7700.
Steel plate w/2” trailer ball, taken out    1999 Chev. Silverado Z71 LS truck,         ments, payoff $21,000. Scott Co.,             V-8, 350, 5.7 liter eng., 168,000 miles,
of 1986 Ford truck, $20. Monroe Co.,        blue/tan, 150,000 miles, CD, leather,      Morton, 601-537-3751.                         gooseneck hitch, elec. brakes, in good       2000 Chev. 3500 cab/chassis SWB 4WD
Aberdeen, 662-369-8700.                     PW, 3” body lift, very nice, $9,900.                                                     cond., $3,000. Newton Co., Union, 601-       truck, almost new tires, 5.7 liter gas
                                            Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-629-4417.       1993 Chev. LWB truck, 196,000 miles,          774-8847.                                    V-8, auto., A/C, PS, AM/FM, 43,500
1998 Chev. 2500 4WD truck, 113,000                                                     in good cond., $2,800. Yazoo Co.,                                                          miles, fair-good cond., $6,950. Choctaw
miles, Vortec 350, auto., A/C, 4 new        2004 Ford F-250 FX4 super duty crew        Benton, 662-673-9992.                         1988 Toyota ext. cab 4x4 truck, auto.        Co., Ackerman, 662-285-3493.
Buckshot Maxxi Mudders, heavy duty          cab truck, bright red, 6.0 diesel, PW,                                                   trans., cold A/C, everything works,
towing pkg., toolbox, in great cond.,       PL, trailer brakes, gooseneck hookup,      2006 Dodge 2500 4x4 diesel truck, 6           $3,000. Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-      Venco crane model ET20000 for 1-ton
$6,800. Hinds Co., Utica, 601-622-          cruise/tilt, sharp truck, 89,000 miles,    spd., Laramie pkg., 15,500 miles, very        273-0769.                                    or larger service truck, 2 1/2-ton cap.,
8994.                                       $24,600. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,          nice truck, exc. cond., charcoal grey in                                                   manual extend boom, 20’ control
                                            601-833-9406.                              color, asking payoff, $36,000. Lincoln        1998 Chev. 2500 truck, 5 spd., very          cable, $4,500. Lowndes Co., Columbus,
1957 Chev. 1/2-ton SWB truck needing                                                   Co., Bogue Chitto, 601-613-5953.              tight, uses no oil, no leaks, in very good   662-327-2179.
restoration, $1,000. Choctaw Co.,           1985 Dodge truck, V-8, 318, auto.                                                        cond., $3,150. Kemper Co., Dekalb,
Ackerman, 662-285-7073.                     trans., body & engine in good cond.,       1991 Chev. 3/4-ton truck, 350 eng.,           601-479-1807.                                2003 Chev. Silverado Z71 4-door 4WD
                                            $1,200. Coahoma Co., Clarksdale, 662-      auto., good farm truck or hunting                                                          truck, 327 Vortec eng., almost new
1986 Dodge Power Ram D150 4x4 SWB           902-1185.                                  truck, runs good, $1,400. Simpson Co.,        1987 Ford F-350 diesel truck w/20’           tires, auto. trans., A/C, pewter color,
truck, 318 eng., auto. trans., clean,                                                  Mendenhall, 601-847-5485.                     gooseneck trailer, dual axle, dual           79,000 miles, $14,500. Leake Co.,
$2,500. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-418-     4- 2000 Toyota TRD-SR5 15” wheels                                                        wheels, ramps, $7,000. Pike Co.,             Carthage, 601-267-8187.
2624.                                       w/center caps, 6 lugs, like new, $380;     1993 Ford F-150 XLT ext. cab 4x4              Magnolia, 601-783-2230.
                                            Like new UWS truck in-bed toolbox,         truck, 38,500 original miles, fiberglass                                                   1991 Ford F-150 farm truck, could be
Silver & black fiberglass topper, fits      48” long, 18” tall, $150. Jones Co.,       camper shell, auto. trans., A/C, AM/FM        1999 Ford F-350 Power Stroke diesel          used for parts, needs wiring harness,
Dodge Dakota LWB truck, $225; Seat-         Laurel, 601-319-6600.                      cassette, needs minor body work,              engine & trans., exc. cond., eng.            good V-6 eng., 26,000 original miles, 5
bed insert for same, $125. Tallahatchie                                                $5,000 OBO. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,         $3,000., trans. $1,250. Adams Co.,           great tires, $900 OBO. Jackson Co.,
Co., Charleston, 662-647-3345.              1973 Ford 1/2-ton truck, 351, auto.,       601-482-4714.                                 Natchez, 601-446-7178 leave message.         Moss Point, 1-228-475-8502.
                                            $1,200; 454 motor, complete rebuild,
1966 Chev. Custom cab SWB truck             stock, new Edelbrock intake & 750          1997 Ford F-150 4x4 SWB truck,                2001 Chev. Silverado ext. cab 4x4            2002 Ford F-350 crew cab 4x4 truck,
w/large rear window, factory A/C, $950;     carb., fuel pump, starter & flywheel,      white, A/C, auto., 4.6 V-8, motor is          truck, very clean, new tires, $10,300;       7.3 liter diesel, 85,000 miles, black/tan
2-ton Chev. front axle w/20” tires &        chrome accessories, $3,000. Covington      locked up, 111k miles, good looking           1989 Chev. step side 4x4 truck, black,       leather, loaded, brush guard, like new
rims, steering box & radiator               Co., Collins, 601-765-9436.                truck, $2,500. Winston Co., Louisville,       2” lift, $3,100. Attala Co., Kosciusko,      cond., must see, $24,500. Walthall Co.,
w/shroud, $450. Montgomery Co.,                                                        662-773-2572.                                 662-289-7283.                                Tylertown, 601-467-5114.
Winona, 662-417-3351.                       1997 Chev. Z71 truck, 145,000 miles
                                                                                                                                     2000 Dodge Dakota truck, $7,500.             1995 Chev. S-10 reg. cab truck, red,
                                            on body, 50,000 miles on crate motor,      1939 Ford truck cab, hood & 1 fender,
                                                                                                                                     Pearl River Co., Lumberton, 601-796-         4 cyl., 5 spd., 174k miles, A/C, good
1995 GMC SLE Z71 ext. cab 4WD               w/camo bug guard, window rain guard        has PW custom interior, $700. Leake
                                                                                                                                     2000.                                        cond., $2,900. Scott Co., Forest, 601-
truck, maroon, 5.7 liter gas, auto.         & seat covers, $9,500 OBO. Hinds Co.,      Co., Carthage, 601-919-7829.
trans., 8,000 lb. Warn winch, new tires,    Raymond, 601-966-0360.                                                                   1987 Ford Ranger 4x4 flatbed truck,
91k miles, always garaged, nice,                                                       1997 Chev. Z71 ext. cab truck, white,
                                                                                                                                     V-6, 5 spd., A/C, good tires, runs good,     2001 Dodge 1500 ext. cab 4x4 truck,
$10,000. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-          1972 Chev. Cheyenne 10 LWB truck,          PW, PL, CD, bed liner, 125k miles,
                                                                                                                                     $1,250. Tate Co., Senatobia, 662-562-        112,000 miles, 5.2 V-8, nice/clean
942-1550.                                   fleet side, A/C, tilt, cruise, 350 V-8     clean, exc. cond., $9,000. Jones Co.,
                                                                                                                                     7304.                                        truck, must sell, $9,500 OBO. Rankin
                                            (2 yrs. old), $7,500; Tri-Glass brand      Laurel, 601-649-3438.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Co., Pelahatchie, 601-854-6745.
1997 Ford F-150 ext. cab 2WD LWB            fiberglass cover w/key lock, $600. Pike                                                  1976 Ford F-250 4WD parts truck,
truck, 5-spd. manual trans., 115,000        Co., Magnolia, 601-248-7546.               1989 & 1992 Nissan trucks, 1 has title        $550. Copiah Co., Crystal Springs, 601-      1997 Ford F-350 Super Duty dually, 7.3
mileage, well maintained & in good                                                     & 1 for parts, not running, $500 for          214-2803.                                    liter turbo diesel, 5th-wheel, rails, grill
cond., $5,500 OBO. Rankin Co., Pearl,       1986 Chev. Silverado LWB truck, 350        both. Tate Co., Sarah, 662-560-6556                                                        guard, 193k miles, clean, good cond.,
601-420-0202.                               V-8, one owner, w/good body & paint,       after 6 p.m.                                  1998 Ford F-150 step side truck, w/PW,       runs great, $9,000. Lamar Co.,
                                            good eng., $3,500. Lowndes Co.,                                                          PL, clean, exc. cond., 4.2 eng., 6 cyl.,     Sumrall, 601-583-7449.
1995 Nissan ext. cab truck, 4 cyl., good    Caledonia, 662-356-4902.                   1990 Chev. 4x4 Z71 K1500 reg. cab             sharp & dependable for any age, many
tires, AM/FM/cassette, Pioneer system,                                                 LWB truck, 63,000 miles, V-8, auto.,          extras, $6,800. Copiah Co., Wesson,          1993 GMC Z71 3/4-ton 4WD reg. cab
5 spd., diamond plated toolbox, chrome      4 Buckshot Maxxis Mudder tires,            A/C, tilt, cruise, trailer pkg., bed liner,   601-894-1216.                                truck, clean inside/out, new trans.,
Ralley rims w/white letter tires, $4,500.   30x9.5R 15 LT, used 1 year local, $55      Michelin 265/75R16 all terrain tires,                                                      engine runs strong, diamond toolbox,
Newton Co., Union, 601-389-2139.            each. Hinds Co., Clinton, 601-925-         $6,400. Harrison Co., Biloxi, 228-388-        2000 Ford F-350 Lariat ext. cab 4x4          cold A/C, everything works, $4,000
                                            5227 no calls after 9 p.m.                 8420.                                         truck, w/Power Stroke, 6 spd. trans.,        OBO. Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-883-
2005 Ford F-250 4-door 4WD truck,                                                                                                    $12,500; 1980 Chev. 4x4 truck, 350           9943.
black/tan, near perfect cond., $35,000      1979 Chev. 1-ton truck w/welding bed       1999 Ford F-350 ext. cab 4x4 truck,           eng., 4 spd. trans., $2,000. Copiah Co.,
OBO, serious inquiries only. Kemper         & 200 amp Lincoln welding machine,         new 7.3 liter diesel motor w/approx.          Utica, 601-885-8890.                         2000 Ford F-250 ext. cab truck
Co., Dekalb, 601-743-4900.                  truck & welder run on butane, $3,500.      10,000 miles, 150,000 real miles on                                                        w/flatbed, 7.3 Power Stroke diesel, 5
                                            Copiah Co., Crystal Springs, 601-892-      truck, in great cond., $18,000. Lamar         Brush & grill guard, $300; Hood, $75;        spd., 136,000 miles, one owner, in exc.
2003 Ford F-150 crew cab truck,             2241.                                      Co., Purvis, 601-794-2473.                    Left front fender, $65; Front bumper,        cond., $9,500. Clay Co., West Point,
leather, PW, PL, power seats, towing                                                                                                 $100., all slightly damaged, fits 2004       662-494-8391.
pkg., $17,000. Madison Co., Madison,        1995 Ford Super Duty flatbed truck,        1973 Chev. 4x4 LWB truck, auto., 350,         Chev. Silverado truck. Madison Co.,
601-260-6220.                               100 gal. fuel tank w/elec. pump, 64,000    49,000 actual miles, looks rough, runs        Canton, 601-859-1080.                        2004 Ford F-150 Lariat super crew
                                            miles, $12,500. Lamar Co., Lumberton,      great, $900. Alcorn Co., Corinth, 662-                                                     truck, w/leather, sunroof, spray-in bed
1993 Toyota ext. cab 2WD truck, red         601-796-2610.                              665-2010.                                     1999 Chev. 2500 LWB truck, red, 350          liner, chrome running boards, excel-
color, completely rebuild motor, great                                                                                               auto., $3,950 OBO. Newton Co.,               lent as new, 28,500 miles, 1 1/2 yr. war-
gas mileage, $2,750. Scott Co., Morton,     1998 Dodge Ram reg. cab 4x4 truck,         1952 GMC 1/2-ton Amry cargo truck,            Decatur, 601-527-7998.                       ranty, $22,500. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-
601-537-3601.                               130,000 miles, lots of extras, $6,500.     6x6, all wheel drive, runs good, no                                                        425-4913.
                                            Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-324-        brakes, $1,500. Newton Co., Decatur,          1989 Dodge W150 4WD LWB truck,
1998 Ford Ranger 4x4 reg. cab, black,       8470.                                      601-635-2606.                                 318, V-8, 4 spd., AM/FM cassette, A/C        1998 Ford Ranger XLT ext. cab truck,
90,000 miles, 6 cyl., auto., PW, PL,                                                                                                 works, alum. rims, decent tires, solid       in exc. cond., 4.0 V-6, 5 spd., toolbox,
$7,000 OBO. Newton Co., Hickory,            1990 Ford Ranger truck, it runs, good      1997 Dodge 1-ton flatbed truck,               truck, $3,200. Winston Co., Louisville,      bug shield, class III receiver hitch, JVC
601-479-8441.                               body, needs a little mech. work, $1,000.   w/Cummins, 188,000 miles, 5 spd.,             662-803-3757.                                CD player, $5,000 OBO. Lamar Co.,
                                            Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-299-     A/C, in good cond., $7,500. Tishomingo                                                     Hattiesburg, 601-270-6880.
1995 Dodge Ram 3500 ext. cab 4WD            0264.                                      Co., Iuka, 662-423-3863.                      1998 Chev. Silverado 3/4-ton ext. cab
dually, Cummins diesel eng., diamond                                                                                                 4WD truck, extra sharp, dark blue            2001 GMC Sierra SLE 2500 ext. cab
cut alum. bed w/gooseneck hookup,           2002 GMC 4x4 reg. cab truck, SLE           2000 Ford F-350 XLT super cab truck,          metallic, power everything, runs like        4x4 truck, w/PW, PL, 119,000 miles,
$8,500. Alcorn Co., Walnut, 662-223-        pkg., auto., 8.1 Vortec, loaded, 6 new     135,000 miles, 7.3 diesel, manual             new & will pull your biggest trailer         $12,000. Neshoba Co., Philadelphia,
9764.                                       tires, clean, 74,000 miles, $17,200.       trans., $12,900. Oktibbeha Co.,               w/ease, $11,300. Simpson Co., Magee,         601-656-1207.
                                            Copiah Co., Hazlehurst, 601-573-2036.      Starkville, 662-769-3963.                     601-867-3737.
2001 Ford F-150 ext. cab 4-door truck,                                                                                                                                            2000 Chev. 3500 crew cab truck, dual
loaded, two-tone red/tan, Triton V-8,       2004 Ford F-350 4-door 4x4 dually, 6.0     Camper shell for Chev. fleet side LWB         1996 Z71 reg. cab sport side truck, V-8      wheels, factory flatbed, under boxes,
103,000 miles, in perfect cond., first      turbo diesel, auto., Lariat pkg., 34,000   truck, fiberglass, front sliding glass,       power, 3” body lift, 35” tires, many         gooseneck hookup, exc. work truck,
$10,000 takes it. Pearl River Co.,          miles, excellent, $32,000. Smith Co.,      dark blue, $350. Copiah Co., Crystal          extras,   $8,000.      Wayne       Co.,      $8,000. Claiborne Co., Hermanville,
Henleyfield, 601-772-9132.                  White Oak, 601-968-7585.                   Springs, 601-892-3884.                        Waynesboro, 601-410-3193.                    601-437-4869.

August 15, 2006                                                                 MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                   Page 11
2001 Ford F-150 Lariat super crew          1990 GMC van, $2,000. Pike Co.,                mileage, rare, $5,700. Lincoln Co.,         rears, good tires, stand up sleeper, 2      straight, air windows & locks, $28,000.
truck, w/138,000 miles, clean, 5.4 V-8     McComb, 601-249-3626.                          Brookhaven, 601-754-7562 after 5 p.m.       beds, recent eng. work, $25,000.            Pike Co., Magnolia, 1-601-783-5989.
eng., eng/trans. serviced regularly,                                                                                                  Chickasaw Co., Okolona, 662-231-
$12,000. Clarke Co., Quitman, 601-         2002 Nissan Xterra, 33,000 miles,              1990 Jeep Wrangler 4x4, red w/lots of       0789.                                       1976 GMC 6000 series parts dump
776-6808.                                  auto., A/C, PW, PL, CD player, roof            chrome, new tires, rims & 700 miles                                                     truck, good 350 eng., $700; 2 spd.
                                           rack, running boards, exc. cond.,              on 2.5 eng., included hard top, soft top,   1984 INT dump truck w/9 yd. bed,            trans., $400; Axle $200 OBO. Jackson
1973 Chev. truck w/76,000 actual           $15,500 OBO. Stone Co., Lumberton,             bikini top, $7,000. Adams Co., Natchez,     $8,000. Newton Co., Little Rock, 601-       Co., Moss Point, 1-228-475-8502.
miles, 350 engine w/30,000 miles,          601-928-3346.                                  601-695-2660.                               513-2054.
some body work needed, $850. Newton                                                                                                                                               1993 Freightliner dump truck, single
Co., Lawrence, 601-775-9212.               2003 Explorer XLT, black, fully loaded,        1993 Mazda minivan, cold A/C, new           1973 Dodge dump truck, needs carbu-         axle, 6 cyl. Cummins, 6 spd. trans.,
                                           leather, power everything, cruise, key-        belts, clean inside, V-6, auto., PL, PW,    retor, $500 as is; Old IH truck             2004 American 8 yd. dump body w/air
1968 Ford 1-ton truck, 390 V-8, fresh      less entry, 6-disc CD player, new tires,       $2,195. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-       w/spreader body & air brakes, truck         gate, pintle hitch, in exc. cond.,
carburetor, 4-spd. trans., duals on        90k miles, very sporty, exc. cond.,            7700.                                       needs some work, $500. Copiah Co.,          $16,000. Forrest Co., Hattiesburg, 601-
back, custom built metal flatbed, new      $14,000 OBO. Kemper Co., Scooba,                                                           Hazlehurst, 601-894-3503.                   264-2702.
seat, good glass, truck runs good,         662-425-6256.                                  1999 Chev. Express Van 1500, w/55,000
$2,000. Webster Co., Mathiston, 662-                                                      actual miles, 8 passenger, front/rear       1994 Chev. Kodiak, 3116 Cat. eng.,          1974 Ford F-600 truck w/14’ metal tilt
552-1435.                                  1999 Chrysler Town & Country van,              A/C, 5.0 V-8, deep tinted windows, in       6 spd. trans., 5th-wheel, single axle,      bed, $5,000; 1960’s Chev. C-60 truck
                                           white, w/all accessories, including fac-       exc. cond., tan color, $8,300. Hinds Co.,   165,000 miles, A-1 cond., $5,800. Pearl     w/tilt bed, $5,000; 1960’s Dodge truck
                                           tory VCR, super clean, never been              Terry, 601-373-7891.                        River Co., Carriere, 601-798-1507.          w/bed, $2,500. Prentiss Co., Booneville,
        SPORT UTILITY                      wrecked, $9,000. Kemper Co.,                                                                                                           662-728-3777.
                                           Collinsville, 601-986-8316.                    2003 Ford Escape, V-6, auto., 68,000        2 off road 25 yd. dump trucks, $10,000
       VEHICLES & VANS                                                                    miles, looks/runs good, $9,300.             each. Hinds Co., Edwards, 601-415-
                                           2003 Isuzu Ascender SUV, approx.               Newton Co., Decatur, 601-635-2639.          6597 days.                                        HEAVY MACHINERY
1985 Chev. Suburban, needs trans.          82,000 miles, in-line 6 cyl. eng., towing
                                           pkg., $12,500. Itawamba Co., Golden,           2001 GMC Jimmy SLE 4-door, all elec.,       1984 Ford 600 2-ton truck w/flatbed,                & EQUIPMENT
work, $850; 1990 Ford F-150 truck,
$975. Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-248-         662-585-3412.                                  112k miles, very clean, $7,000. Pike        50-ton PTO winch on flatbed, new tires
6144.                                                                                     Co., Summit, 601-684-7345.                  & exhaust, 370 low mile engine, $1,200      1981 Cat. D5B, straight blade w/tilt,
                                           1953 Dodge Power Wagon, Army issue,                                                        OBO. DeSoto Co., Hernando, 662-429-         new eng., power shift, $18,500 OBO.
2002 Dodge Durango, dark gray color,       w/Braden winch, cloth top, all wheel                                                       6976.                                       Noxubee Co., Shuqualak, 601-677-
3rd row seating, leather interior, exc.    4x4, exc. cond., $9,500. Pike Co.,                       INDUSTRIAL                                                                    3765.
                                           Magnolia, 601-248-7546.                                TRUCKS & VANS                       1984 Volvo/White dump truck, w/350
cond., $9,500 OBO; 1994 Ford
                                                                                                                                      Cummins, 9-spd., new tires on front,        Hitachi EX60 trackhoe, in good cond.,
Explorer, gold color, new tires, 160,000
                                           2000 Toyota 4-Runner SR5, w/100,000                                                        eng. & drive train excellent, $12,500       steel pads w/90% undercarriage,
miles, $3,000 OBO. Scott Co., Morton,                                                     1980 R model Mack truck, twin screw,
                                           miles, sunroof, in exc. cond., $12,500.                                                    OBO. Lawrence Co., Jayess, 601-587-         Nissan diesel eng., 24” bucket
601-537-3601.                                                                             heavy duty winch, rebuilt eng., no title,
                                           Itawamba Co., Nettleton, 662-862-                                                          7897.                                       w/thumb, $21,500 OBO. Walthall Co.,
                                           4010.                                          $2,500. Covington Co., Hattiesburg,
2000 Ford Explorer 2WD, everything                                                                                                                                                Tylertown, 601-876-9908 nights.
                                                                                          601-270-4115.                               1979 Mack R600 truck, w/237 eng., 5
works, in great cond., $5,900. Pontotoc                                                                                               spd. trans., LWB, log bolsters &
                                           1988 Jeep CJ5, it runs, needs body                                                                                                     Cat. D6C bulldozer w/straight & cut-
Co., Ecru, 662-489-7113.                                                                  Fontaine 5th-wheel, in good cond.,          headache rack, 44,000# springs, heavy
                                           work, $1,100; 1985 Jeep Cherokee,                                                                                                      ting blade, $13,000. Webster Co.,
                                           blue, great farm vehicle, $850. Pearl          $200. Lauderdale Co., Lauderdale, 601-      trailer hitch, $4,000. Lauderdale Co.,
1984 Ford Bronco 4x4, full size, w/lift                                                   479-9045.                                                                               Bellefontaine, 662-258-7531.
                                           River Co., Poplarville, 601-299-0264.                                                      Lauderdale, 601-679-8693.
kit, great hunting/fishing truck,
$1,800. Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-726-                                                      1987 Peterbilt w/wet kit, in good cond.,                                                Cat. 12 motor grader, 99E S.N., sliding
                                           1988 Chev. 4x4 full size Blazer, loaded,                                                   1961 Chev. 2-ton dump truck, w/good
1255.                                                                                     $12,000. Covington Co., Mt. Olive, 601-                                                 mold board, elec. start, good cond.,
                                           exc. cond., $4,500. Simpson Co.,                                                           tires, runs good, in good cond., $1,250.
                                                                                          797-4236.                                                                               $8,000. Washington Co., Hollandale,
                                           Pinola, 601-847-4463.                                                                      Tate Co., Senatobia, 662-562-7304.
2003 GMC Yukon, tan leather interior,                                                                                                                                             662-822-8609.
Bose, OnStar, XM satellite radio, 3rd      Receiving hitch off Ford Explorer, $50;        1984 Ford W9000 truck w/wet kit, twin       1990 Peterbilt 379 ext. hood, Big Cam
row, middle row 2 captains seats, front                                                   screw, 350 Cummins, 10 spd. w/OD,                                                       Riley tag along delimber, in exc. cond.,
                                           Front & rear bumper w/receiving hitch                                                      III, Cummins motor, new major over-
seats heated, FlexFuel, $19,000.                                                          good tires, very clean truck, $4,950.                                                   $6,000. Greene Co., Richton, 601-315-
                                           off Jeep Wrangler, 1990’s model, $100.                                                     haul, 15 spd., Eaton 370 rears, air ride,
Kemper Co., Dekalb, 601-743-4900.                                                         Kemper Co., Dekalb, 601-479-1807.                                                       0212.
                                           Copiah Co., Wesson, 601-643-5137.                                                          all new tires, $17,500. Copiah Co.,
                                                                                                                                      Utica, 601-885-8890.
1995 Ford Explorer w/front end dam-                                                       1980 Chev. C-60 6 yd. dump truck, 366                                                   Komatsu 300 trackhoe, $35,000. Hinds
                                           Willis Jeep, was running when set up,
age, new tires, new trans., good motor,                                                   eng., good tires, good farm truck,          1990 INT school bus, 7.4 diesel, auto.      Co., Edwards, 601-415-6597 days.
                                           needs work, $600. Yazoo Co., Benton,
body like new, $1,500. Wayne Co.,          662-673-9992.                                  $2,500. Amite Co., Liberty, 601-810-        trans., w/handicap accessibility, every-
                                                                                          3695.                                                                                   Komatsu D21 bulldozer, 70% under-
Richton, 601-735-5517.                                                                                                                thing works, can drive home today,
                                           1996 Jeep Cherokee 4x4, 6 cyl., auto.,                                                                                                 carriage, in good cond., great for fire
                                                                                                                                      $1,500. Lawrence Co., Monticello, 601-
                                           A/C, new tires, 128k miles, looks good,        1987 Mack R model dump truck, all                                                       lanes or food plots, $9,300 OBO; 14’ x
1996 Chev. Suburban, diesel eng., fully                                                                                               587-4427.
                                           drives & operates perfect, $3,900.             new parts, 300 HP, 6 spd., tandem axle,                                                 48’ Holly land plane, great cond.,
loaded, all leather interior, new tires,
                                           Winston Co., Louisville, 662-773-2572.         14 yd. bed, $13,500. Scott Co., Morton,     1996 12’ alum. van body, Thermo-King        $3,500 OBO. Attala Co., Sallis, 662-
185k mileage, great fuel mileage,
                                                                                          601-732-8694.                               nose unit, w/elec. stand-by, like new,      653-3656.
$7,500 OBO. Pike Co., Progress, 601-
783-3679.                                  2002 Chev. Trail Blazer LS, dark green                                                     $5,000. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-953-
                                           w/tan interior, all power, towing pkg.,        18’ insulated van truck body w/pull up      7326.                                       Mustang excavator, w/heat & air, rub-
                                           good gas mileage, $12,000. Lauderdale          door, $1,500. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-                                                  ber tracks, hyd. thumb, blade 36” &
1999 Chev. Tahoe LS 4-door, in exc.                                                                                                                                               18” buckets, 1,700 hrs., 19,000 lbs.,
cond., 95,000 miles, $8,500. Neshoba       Co., Collinsville, 601-986-2814.               366-6070.                                   1985 INT S-1900 truck, DT 466, 5+2
                                                                                                                                      spd., no bed, very good, $3,500; 1985       very strong machine, $59,000. Lamar
Co., Philadelphia, 601-389-5411.                                                                                                                                                  Co., Lumberton, 601-796-2610.
                                           1986 Jeep CJ7, Dana 44, 4 spd., 258            1973 Chev. 2-ton dump truck, grain-         INT S-1900 diesel truck, 5+2 spd., 6 yd.
2001 Chev. Blazer 4-door, blue, grey       inline 6, drives exceptional, 4” super         debris w/roll back curtain, in good         dump, $6,000. Copiah Co., Crystal
                                           lift, Warrior heavy duty shackles, stain-      cond., $5,000. Pearl River Co.,             Springs, 601-214-2803.                      JD 644A 4WD front-end loader w/dirt
leather interior, power seats, PL, PW,                                                                                                                                            bucket & log handling separate attach-
cruise, OnStar, antilock brakes,           less steel brake lines, needs paint,           Lumberton, 601-796-2000.
                                           $10,000. Marion Co., Foxworth, 601-                                                        1983 INT S-1700 truck, 345, 5 spd.,         ments, $14,000; Hydro-Ax 611EX cut-
CD/cassette player, dual air bags, 84k                                                                                                                                            ter, $45,000; 275E Barko loader w/CTR
                                           731-1620.                                      Used industrial grade truck tarps for       2 spd. rear axle, PS, runs on butane,
miles, $7,200. Lauderdale Co.,                                                                                                                                                    delimber, cutup saw, $45,000. Attala
                                                                                          over the road traveling, 1 red & 1          good tires, exc. cond., 8’ x 12’ steel
Meridian, 601-655-0065.                                                                                                                                                           Co., Ethel, 662-674-2129.
                                           1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4WD, 6 cyl.,          green, $180 each. Lawrence Co.,             flatbed w/bins, $2,250. Lauderdale Co.,
                                           auto., 117k miles, 3” lift, 33” tires, steel   Monticello, 601-587-4966.                   Meridian, 601-681-4052.
1977 Jeep CJ-7, 304 V-8, turbo, 400                                                                                                                                               1980 INT TD15 bulldozer, w/power
                                           rims, hard & soft top, $9,000. Rankin
auto., full size, Dana 44 axles w/4.88                                                    1965 Brockway diesel truck, tandem          1965 Ford all alum. body bread truck, 6     shift, straight blade w/hyd. tilt, addi-
                                           Co., Brandon, 601-454-1134.
gears, 5” suspension lift, 2” body lift,                                                  drive, 2 winches, long gin poles, rigged    cyl., 2 spare tires, used for camper,       tional root rake included, $18,500.
35” Super Swampers, $6,500 OBO.            5 brand new tires & wheels, taken off          for heavy duty wrecker service, 250         w/table that folds down to make bed,        Tishomingo Co., Iuka, 662-423-5175.
Walthall Co., Tylertown, 1-601-876-        Jeep Wrangler, Goodyear Wrangler               Cummins eng., runs like new, $4,500.        $2,500. Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-
9908.                                      215-75R-15, alum. spoke wheels &               Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-833-7541.          749-5850.                                   1993 Bell Super T tree cutter, in exc.
                                           caps, $450. Madison Co., Canton, 601-                                                                                                  cond., low hrs., $23,500 OBO. Noxubee
1984 Ford van, extended body, diesel       859-4119.                                      1998 Freightliner truck, Century Class      1980 GMC 66 passenger school bus,           Co., Shuqualak, 662-726-5440.
motor, customized w/queen bed & 4                                                         mid roof, 430 Detroit, 9 spd., tilt,        exc. cond., all glass, lights & mirrors
captains chairs, $4,250. Rankin Co.,       1985 GMC Jimmy, full size, w/lift kit,         cruise, jake brake, cold A/C, $11,500.      intact, ready for church, all seats in      Komatsu D45A bulldozer, w/power
Brandon, 601-613-3671.                     new 35” Remington Mud Brute tires,             Tallahatchie Co., Charleston, 662-647-      good cond., 366 gas eng., $1,800.           shift, winch, extra parts, in good cond.,
                                           good cond., $3,500 OBO. Rankin Co.,            5798.                                       Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-7771.        $15,000. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-
2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4x4, 40,000      Pelahatchie, 601-854-8927.                                                                                                             849-5628.
miles, burgundy, hard & soft top, new                                                     1994 Peterbilt 379 w/50” flat top sleep-    Log bed for bob-truck, will haul 12’-22’
tires, $17,800. Itawamba Co., Fulton,      2002 Chev. Blazer 4x4, all power, tilt,        er, 425 HP Cat., wet kit, jakes, good       cuts, bed built by Bowman Machine           JCB backhoe, shuttle shift trans., good
662-862-9013.                              cruise, 120,000 miles, clean, $6,500;          rubber, dual exhaust & breathers,           Works in Ackerman, MS, good straight        motor, trans., hyd. system & tires, no
                                           2004 Chev. Venture van, all power, tilt,       alum. wheels/tanks, in good cond.,          bed, in exc. cond., $1,400. Webster Co.,    leaks, cranks/runs good, operates very
2001 Kia Sportage SUV, 4-door, 80k         cruise, 85,000 miles, like new, $7,750.        $18,500. Lowndes Co., Crawford, 662-        Mathiston, 662-258-2899.                    well, clamshell front bucket, $7,500.
miles, in exc. cond., auto. trans., A/C,   Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-8435.             329-9826.                                                                               Clarke Co., Shubuta, 601-776-6586.
PW, PL, $5,200 OBO. Yazoo Co., Yazoo                                                                                                  1995 Peterbilt 379 ext. hood, stand up
City, 662-746-2948. Email for pictures:    1991 GMC full size Jimmy (last year),          1994 Peterbilt 379 ext. hood, Unibuilt,     63” sleeper, 425 Cat., 13 spd., 355         D5 bulldozer w/4-way blade, runs                         SLE, loaded, second owner, 350, low            12.7 liter Detroit, 15 spd., 370 Eaton      rears, 285 wheel base, loaded, 6”           great, needs know work, good under-

Page 12                                                                            MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                  August 15, 2006
carriage, can run on my farm, $13,000.     Yazoo self propelled mower, 24” cut,                                                   3PH Bush Hog wood splitter, $500.            16’ cattle trailer, $900. Leake Co.,
Madison Co., Canton, 601-278-1419.         w/8 HP Wisconsin motor, in good                   MISCELLANEOUS                        Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-5588.       Carthage, 601-267-0461.
                                           cond., ready to use, $250. Rankin Co.,              EQUIPMENT
1984 Cat. D4E bulldozer, hyd. straight     Brandon, 601-825-6965.                                                                 55 gal. plastic drums w/clamp on lids,       150 & 250 gal. water troughs, both for
blade w/tilt, $18,000. Grenada Co.,                                                                                               $15 each; 15 gal. drums, $8. Lincoln         $200. Jefferson Davis Co., Sumrall,
Grenada, 662-226-4101.                     Cub Cadet (red) model 682 w/44” deck,     Homecraft bandsaw, 1/2 HP, 5 1/2”            Co., Ruth, 601-833-0916.                     601-943-5932.
                                           17 HP, only 300 hrs. on engine, $725.     clearance, 72” blade, $50. Oktibbeha
16’ Savanah side log loader, PTO-truck     Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-540-2312.        Co., Starkville, 662-323-7722.               1800’s hand tools, blacksmith, carpen-       1994 C&M 16’ stock trailer, $1,800.
mount, will load long or short logs, in                                                                                           ter, also knives, $15 & up, cash. Hinds      Scott Co., Forest, 601-625-0493.
good cond., $750. Tishomingo Co.,          Kut-Kwiek heavy duty industrial           Old blacksmith 100 lb. post vise, large      Co., Terry, 601-878-6682.
Golden, 662-424-0869.                      mower, 5’ cut, 14 HP Wisconsin eng.,      type, Colombia, works excellent, $300.
                                                                                                                                                                               13” Jack Foster saddle, needs rawhide
                                           new blades, $500. Harrison Co., Biloxi,   Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-798-          Wood-Mizer LT40 HD 36 super hyd.,            replaced on saddle horn but otherwise
Tree & brush chipper, 1993 Altec           228-392-5705.                             8238.                                        w/low hrs., board return, debarker, lots     solid, breast strap & back girth includ-
Whisper Chipper model WC16, diesel                                                                                                of professionally sharpened blades,          ed, $275. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,
eng., good cond., $8,000. Hinds Co.,       2- 12 HP Snapper riding mowers, will      500 gal. diesel tank, $500. Newton Co.,
                                                                                                                                  great mill, extra parts, $23,500. Leake      601-833-9406.
Clinton, 601-924-9091.                     not run, $550. Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-   Little Rock, 601-513-2054.
                                                                                                                                  Co., Carthage, 601-214-6089 ask for
                                           248-6144.                                                                              Boyd.                                        Burdizzo & tattoo set, $30. Simpson
Cat. D4 bulldozer, old tractor but like                                              Hydraulic poly pipe retriever, $1,000.
                                                                                     Washington Co., Hollandale, 662-822-                                                      Co., Mt. Olive, 601-849-4526.
new motor & running gear, $9,500.          New John Deere 72” belly mower, still                                                  55 gal. metal drums, $5 each. Jefferson
Copiah Co., Utica, 601-885-8890.           in the crate, will fit compact utility    8609.
                                                                                                                                  Davis Co., Sumrall, 601-943-5932.            Self feeders, 2-4 tons cap., good to exc.
                                           tractors, $1,800. Madison Co.,                                                                                                      cond., plenty to choose from, $700 &
                                                                                     Old hand operated wall mounted drill
CTR slasher saw, as is, $1,500. Copiah     Ridgeland, 601-898-4552.                                                               2 stainless steel mixing tanks w/mixing      up. Panola Co., Courtland, 662-560-
                                                                                     press, $400. Simpson Co., Mt. Olive,
Co., Crystal Springs, 601-214-2803.                                                                                               motors, 250 gal. for $150., 400 gal. for     3990.
                                           Sweets Swisher finishing mower, pull      601-849-4526.
                                                                                                                                  $250., or both for $300. Copiah Co.,
Cat. D6 bulldozer, 40% undercarriage,      behind, 44” cut, 11 HP Briggs &                                                        Wesson, 601-643-5040.
                                                                                     Like new, Titan Industrial 8000 high                                                      Barrel saddle w/14” seat, $350;
$7,500. Prentiss Co., Booneville, 662-     Stratton, 2 yrs. old, moved & don’t       performance generator, 120 & 240 volt                                                     Hereford saddle w/15” seat, $450. Jones
728-3777.                                  need it anymore, $500 OBO. Forrest                                                     100 gal. round butane tank, $125.
                                                                                     service, approx. 30 hrs., paid $1,450.,                                                   Co., Soso, 601-763-3298.
                                           Co., Hattiesburg, 601-583-8178.           asking $850. Scott Co., Morton, 601-         Walthall Co., Brookhaven, 601-876-
Komatsu D31P-16 bulldozer, serial                                                                                                 9852 call between 6-9 p.m.
#29088, 4-way 8’ blade, in good cond.,     Frontier 60” finishing mower, rear dis-   537-3154.                                                                                 Cattle/horse trailer, 16’ long x 5’ wide x
$9,000. Forrest Co., Hattiesburg, 601-     charge, in exc. cond., $1,400. Madison                                                                                              7’ tall, bumper pull, dual axles, new
                                                                                     2005 Hudson 36” hyd. bandsaw mill,           Grist mill, hit & miss engine redone, 7      9-ply tires, must sell, $800 OBO. Pike
264-2702.                                  Co., Jackson, 601-879-3895.               good cond., ready to cut logs, see it cut,   HP, Fair Banks & Marshall, $3,500.           Co., Magnolia, 601-248-7546.
                                                                                     $20,350. Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-       Jasper Co., Paulding, 601-727-7263.
JD 450C bulldozer, diesel, 6-way blade,    1988 Yamaha Terrapro 4-wheeler,
                                                                                     876-5711.                                                                                 1999 Logan Coach 3-horse slant trailer,
new sprockets, new pins/bushings,          needs some work, w/48” lawn mower                                                      Wood-Mizer LT 40 portable sawmill, 25
ROPS, $15,500; JD 300B tractor front       attachment & tiller, $2,000. Yazoo Co.,                                                                                             16’ bumper pull, drop down windows,
                                                                                     55 gal. plastic barrels, $10 each.           HP Onan motor, in very good working          dressing room, 4 tier pull out saddle
loader, diesel, manual trans., ROPS,       Bentonia, 662-571-7427 evenings.          Itawamba Co., Nettleton, 662-862-            cond., selling because of health con-
runs good, $4,900. Newton Co.,                                                                                                                                                 rack, perfect floor, heavy rubber mats,
                                                                                     4010.                                        cerns, $9,100. William Walker, Newton        $6,500. Kemper Co., Bailey, 601-737-
Decatur, 601-635-2044.                     Troy-Bilt tiller, $450.    Pike   Co.,
                                                                                                                                  Co., Decatur, 601-479-7225.                  2868.
                                           McComb, 601-249-2468.                     Wood splitter burned in fire, “I” beam,
1997 Bobcat 763 skid steel loader                                                    wedge, cylinder & tank only, could be        Van Dale mixing wagon, in very good
w/dirt bucket, in good cond., running      Lawn mowers: Murray, 16 HP, 42” cut,                                                                                                Circle Y 17” all around roping saddle,
                                                                                     rebuilt, $100. Rankin Co., Florence,         cond., w/digital scales, auger off loader,   in very good cond., all leather, used
but will need motor work, $6,800.          fair, MTD, 11 HP, 38” cut, clean, both    601-845-3060.
                                           need minor repairs, all for $300 OBO.                                                  $8,000. Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-       very little, $450. Stone Co., Wiggins,
Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-320-                                                                                                 693-7333.
2055.                                      Madison Co., Canton, 601-594-1625.        8,500 watt generator, foreign made                                                        601-928-5856.
                                                                                     (Kenowa Tools), used 4 days during           Blacksmithing coal, 100 lb. bags, $25
Shaver stump grinder, SC-50, 3PH,          John Deere 757 zero turn mower, 920       Katrina, w/elec. start, on wheels, runs                                                   4-horse walker in good cond., 36’
                                           hrs., 25 HP Kawasaki, 60” cut, in good                                                 each. Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-        radius, $1,750. Pontotoc Co., Belden,
requires 50-100 HP tractor, purchased                                                110/120 & 240 V-plugs, $850. Simpson
                                           cond., $4,500. Covington Co., Collins,                                                 798-0060.                                    662-296-5873.
in May 2006, less than 20 hrs. of use,                                               Co., Mendenhall, 601-918-5941.
$4,500. Claiborne Co., Port Gibson,        601-765-9436.
                                                                                                                                  Ryobi 3000 10” table saw, $200;              1998 4-Star 4-horse trailer, w/drop
601-456-1030.                                                                        Christmas tree farm equipment, Yule          Craftsman 10” radial arm, $150;
                                           Poulan Pro 300EX riding lawn mower,       trimmer shearing machine, tree baler,                                                     downs on front & rear, mangers, mid
                                           w/42” cut, used very little, $1,350.                                                   Craftsman 10” belt drive table saw,          tack, hay rack, rear tack, A/C, heat,
Cat. D8 46A series, hyd. blade, direct                                               $2,500. Harrison Co., Biloxi, 228-392-
                                           Newton Co., Newton, 601-683-6219.                                                      $150; Shop full of woodwork equip-           microwave, shower, sink, elec. jack,
start, 95% undercarriage, $25,000;                                                   5705.                                        ment, $5 & up. Hinds Co., Terry, 601-        $27,000. Chickasaw Co., Houlka, 662-
Case 580 Super K loader/backhoe,
                                           6’ Bush Hog brand finishing mower,                                                     372-0103.                                    419-3753.
enclosed cab, 6,400 hrs., $13,200.                                                   Old timey stalk cutter, pulled by 2
Madison Co., Canton, 601-278-1342.         FTH 720, in good cond., well main-        mules, $200 firm. Clarke Co.,
                                           tained, $1,100. Hinds Co., Raymond,                                                    New 200 ft. 1” nylon rope, $100. Pike        Sooner Dynasty 6-horse gooseneck
                                                                                     Enterprise, 601-659-3238.
1988 JD 555B crawler loader, 5,200         601-857-2193.                                                                          Co., Summit, 601-684-3009.                   trailer, alum., 6 fans, 7’ tall & wide
hrs., 4-in-1 bucket, pedal steer, new                                                2 butterbean shellers, each shells 1                                                      inside w/lights, water tank, dressing
                                           New & completely assembled 42”            bushel at a time, 1 shells peas or but-      1 HP A.O. Smith jet water pump,              room carpet, drop down windows, exc.
undercarriage, rollers, idler, pads,
                                           Craftsman deck for riding mower or        terbeans, $900 each. Simpson Co.,            worked when set out of service in 1985,      cond.,     $14,000.    Madison    Co.,
sprockets, pin & bushing, $19,500
                                           lawn tractor #176634, deck/subnum-        Magee, 601-849-3182.                         free, write to: Bill Diehl, 377 Hwy. 532,    Ridgeland, 601-506-3686.
OBO. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-506-
                                           ber of 169583, $200. Pearl River Co.,                                                  Mt. Olive 39119. Covington County.
8669.                          Email:                Carriere, 601-569-0237 evenings.          250 gal. propane tank, $500. Copiah                                                       2002 CM 3-horse slant trailer, in great
                                                                                     Co., Utica, 601-894-2477.                      LIVESTOCK HANDLING &                       cond., no rust, 4 new tires, mats on
Mitsubishi BD2G bulldozer, 45 HP,          Troy-Bilt Horse tiller, 6 HP Tecumseh                                                                                               floor, removable plexiglass sides,
looks/runs good, w/power shift, good       ing., $500. Bill Diehl, 377 Hwy. 532,     13” Craftsman professional planer-                TACK EQUIPMENT                          $5,000. Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-
undercarriage, $11,000. Simpson Co.,       Mt. Olive 39119. Covington County.        molder, model 21733, 2 spd, extra                                                         644-3961.
Magee, 601-849-4318.                                                                 blades, hardly used, $275 OBO. Rankin        2005 Cherokee Tomahawk 4-horse
                                           48” Scag mower, walk behind or ride       Co., Pearl, 601-420-0202.                    slant load trailer, 8 1/2’ shortwall in      New, still on pallet, large weatherproof
Ditch Witch 5110, in good cond.,           behind, in exc. cond., 15 HP, has not
                                                                                                                                  dressing room, rear tack, stud wall,         animal feeder/waterer, cost $600., ask-
$9,000; JD 450B front end loader, in       been used for commercial use, one         Trenton anvil, 100 lbs., old, very good
                                                                                                                                  nice trailer, like new, $16,500.             ing $295. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,
exc. cond., $19,000. Pearl River Co.,      owner, $1,000. Covington Co.,             face & cond., $300. Pearl River Co.,
                                                                                                                                  Lawrence Co., New Hebron, 601-694-           601-483-9510.
Poplarville, 601-795-3663.                 Seminary, 601-722-4338.                   Picayune, 601-798-7451.
                                           26” self propelled Big Wheel lawn         Circular saw blade, 42”, good for crafts,                                                 13” Alamo Saddlery youth show saddle,
INT 500C bulldozer, manuals included,                                                                                             New round pens, 50’ w/4’ gate, $775;         beautiful saddle w/lots of silver, in like
$11,000. Smith Co., Mize, 601-733-         mower, 9 HP eng., exc. cond., $400        $25; Furniture moving dolly, $10. Pike
                                           OBO. Hinds Co., Terry, 601-371-6679.      Co., McComb, 601-249-2468.                   60’ w/4’ gate, $900; 50’, 6’ tall, $1,025;   new cond., kept inside, used only a few
5718.                                                                                                                             240x140 arena w/10’ gate, $3,375. Pike       times, $500 OBO. Pearl River Co.,
                                           Murray riding lawn mower, 42” cut, 16     Wood Tiger M5, INT 466 eng., $10,000;        Co., McComb, 601-249-1928.                   Carriere, 601-798-3100.
JD 648G, ROPS, new eng., $35,000;
JD 648G, w/cab-air, $35,000; JD 643D,      HP eng., $250. Newton Co., Decatur,       40,000 gal. propane tank, $15,000;
                                           601-635-2639.                             8,000 gal. alum. fuel tanker, $5,000.        1987 McQuery alum. 6-horse trailer,          1997 Exiss Maximum SX II 5-horse
new eng., 20” Koehring, $45,000;                                                                                                  custom made for Nolan Ryan, w/good           slant trailer, A/C, refrigerator,
Peerless 2170B SL/DL, tight, $65,000.                                                Monroe Co., Aberdeen, 662-319-8813.
                                           Older Snapper riding mower, 30” cut,                                                   floor/tires, separate tack & A/C dress-      microwave, water heater, cabinets,
Claiborne Co., Hermanville, 601-437-                                                 25-ton McKessen pulley, $110;                ing room, need flatbed truck to pull,        sink, fresh water holding tank, cowboy
                                           has new 8 HP Briggs motor, new tires,
4869.                                                                                Platform scales, $45; Compress scales,       $4,500. Choctaw Co., Ackerman, 662-          shower, porta-potty, drop downs,
                                           mower needs work, $75. Hinds Co.,
                                           Terry, 601-954-9994.                      $175; Cotton scales, $35; Solid brass        285-6993.                                    $16,500. Simpson Co., Braxton, 601-
       LAWN & GARDEN                                                                 grain probe, $175. Coahoma Co., Rena                                                      847-3251.
                                           Murray 12.5 HP riding mower, 38” cut,     Lara, 662-624-5660.                          Rabbit cage, 48x48, 3-compartments
         EQUIPMENT                         like new cond., $500 OBO. Lincoln Co.,                                                 w/feeders, $90. Newton Co., Little           24’ Big Valley gooseneck horse trailer,
                                           Wesson, 601-833-8185.                     Antique tools, several hundred to            Rock, 601-986-4749.                          w/tack room, good floors, rubber mats,
Troy-Bilt Horse model tiller, w/elec.                                                choose from, carpenter, farm, black-                                                      $2,800 OBO; 1990 Big Valley
start & hiller furrow, less than 2 tanks   Craftsman lawn mower, 16 HP, 46” cut,     smith & mechanical, $5 & up. Tom             2- 16” used roping saddles, fully rigged,    horse/stock combo gooseneck trailer,
of gas used, like new, $1,250. Bolivar     in good cond., $500. Rankin Co.,          Keller, Clay Co., West Point, 662-494-       1 Diamond L, 1 Santa Fe, $450 each.          16’ hauling space, $2,700. Oktibbeha
Co., Cleveland, 662-843-8464.              Richland, 601-939-8935.                   3334.                                        Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-418-2624.         Co., Starkville, 662-574-2881.

August 15, 2006                                                               MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                 Page 13
Circle Y park & trail saddle, 16”, has       13” youth roping saddle, basket weave,                                                   4-wheeler, $2,500. Yazoo Co., Satartia,     Primos, $300. Scott Co., Morton, 601-
some silver, $650. Rankin Co.,               ruff out fenders, never been roped off      HUNTING, FISHING,                            662-746-6617.                               732-6174 after 5 p.m.
Florence,     601-845-2471.     Email:       of, $400. Newton Co., Hickory, 601-                             635-2999.                                   & CAMPING ITEMS                              1998 Yamaha Timberwolf 2WD
                                                                                                                                      4-wheeler, green in color, looks/runs
                                                                                                                                                                                  Hoyt Magnetech bow, right handed,
                                                                                            All hunting, fishing & camping items                                                  w/29” draw, sight, quiver, stabilizer, 6
Stage coach, full size, very good look-                                                  listed under this heading must be adver-     good, $2,000 OBO. Jefferson Davis Co.,      arrows (carbon), rest, Sims Limbsaver,
ing, w/hyd. lever controlled brakes,         2003 Exiss 4-horse trailer, w/drop win-                                                  Prentiss, 601-792-5941.
                                                                                         tised from in-state residents only. No                                                   exc. cond., $300. Kemper Co., Dekalb,
slight wheel repair is needed before         dows on front, A/C, walk thru door,
                                                                                         businesses or dealers are allowed to                                                     601-743-4058 leave message.
using w/equine, $1,250. Jones Co.,           $14,900 (payoff). Lamar Co., Purvis,        advertise. Only in-state residents are       2006 Yamaha Grizzly 660 4x4 4-wheel-
Laurel, 601-428-5964.                        601-297-2121.                               allowed to advertise within this category.   er, Realtree Hardwoods camo, 26” type       PSE Polaris bow, 30” draw, 60-70#,
                                                                                                                                      7 wheels w/black & chrome edge, very        Whisker Bisquit rest, pep sight, PSE
1985 48’ Wilson alum. cattle trailer,        Child’s saddle, new, $100. Jones Co.,                                                    nice, asking payoff, $7,700. Lincoln
90% brakes & tires, in good cond.,                                                         ATV’S & ACCESSORIES                        Co., Bogue Chitto, 601-613-5953 leave
                                                                                                                                                                                  quiver, Tru Glow 4 pin sight,
                                             Laurel,     601-426-6369.     Email:                                                                                                 Limbsaver, stabilizer, bow case, several
$9,000. Calhoun Co., Bruce, 662-983-                                                                   message.                                    arrows, $175. Warren Co., Vicksburg,
0144.                                                                                   2000 Honda 450ES 4-wheeler, in good                                                       601-634-0986.
                                                                                        cond., $3,600. Madison Co., Madison,          1995 Kawasaki 300 4-wheeler, w/good
Amish buggy, 2-seater, w/top & cur-          WW 2-horse trailer w/walk-in dressing      601-853-2078.                                 tires, in good cond., just been tuned
tains, rubber tires, ball bearings, hyd.     room/tack, white, very good cond.,                                                                                                   Darton bow, $125. Webster Co.,
                                                                                                                                      up, ready to go, $850. Pearl River Co.,
brakes, in good cond., full set of buggy     $1,950. Clay Co., Montpelier, 662-494-                                                                                               Mathiston, 662-542-8206.
                                                                                        1995 Honda 300 FourTrax 2WD                   Picayune, 601-273-0769.
harness, $3,500. Lowndes Co., Steens,        7038.                                      4-wheeler, new battery, new tires, front
662-328-6334.                                                                           & rear racks, kept in garage, in exc.         2001 Honda Foreman 450 ES 4x4                CAMPING & ACCESSORIES
                                             Horse collar & hanes, $30. Lincoln Co.,    cond., $2,200. Scott Co., Morton, 601-        4-wheeler, in good cond., $2,450. Attala
Size 21 mule collar, all leather, w/pads,    Ruth, 601-833-0916.                        732-8772.                                     Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-7283.
hanes, trace chains, backboard, also                                                                                                                                              Bumper pull 2 5/16” 22’ Layton travel
size 14, 18, 19, 20 collars w/all above,                                                New 2006 Honda Rancher 2WD                    Go-cart, like new, 7 mos. old, only 15      trailer, will sleep 8 if friendly, needs
$100-$200 cash only. Lawrence Co.,           4’ x 8’ trailer, no wood, half sides,      4-wheeler, red, $4,000 or take up notes.      hrs. of riding time, large 2-seater         tires, $2,500; Venture crank-up camper
Jayess, 601-587-7319.                        w/top, double latch doors, will haul       Walthall Co., Sandy Hook, 601-876-            w/safety belts, roll bar, new all terrain   w/closet, 3-burner stove, icebox, $900.
                                             goats, sheep, calves & miniature hors-     2662.                                         tires, $700. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-     Tallahatchie Co., Charleston, 662-647-
1999 W&W 3-horse bumper pull trail-          es, $800 firm. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-                                                   317-6788.                                   3345.
er, w/tack room in front, slant loaded,      649-5357.                                  2003 Yamaha Grizzly 660 w/On-
in good cond., new tires, pulls good,                                                   Demand 4WD, auto., w/digital display,         2004 Honda Foreman 450 4x4                  2004 Springdale 24’ 5” bumper pull
clean,     $4,250.    Lincoln      Co.,      16’ gooseneck cattle/horse trailer, in     2,500# Warn winch, front/rear racks,          4-wheeler, yellow, w/ITP wheels & Mud       camper, air/heat, queen bed, full bath,
Brookhaven, 601-734-2555.                                                               garage kept, like new, purchased              Light tires, still has 2 yrs. warranty,     owner bought new Feb. 2004, extra
                                             good cond., w/new paint job, $1,500.
                                                                                        12/8/03, $5,500 firm. Scott Co.,              very well kept, $4,000 firm. Adams Co.,     clean, like new, sleeps 4, $10,000.
2001 Sundowner Trailblazer II 3-horse        Scott Co., Pulaski, 601-536-2191.
                                                                                        Sebastopol, 601-625-9949.                     Natchez, 601-695-2660.                      Newton Co., Decatur, 601-635-2660.
trailer, w/living quarters, elec. jack,
drop down windows on head & butt,            DM Turbo lifter bit, black steel w/medi-   2- 4-wheelers, 90cc & 150cc, bought in        2005 John Deere Gator 4x4, hunter           1999 Jayco Designer 36’ camper, w/2
stud divider, 20’ awning, $29,500.           um port correction mouth, $90.             Dec. 2005,. $1,300 for both. Pearl River      green, HPX, w/2,500 lb. Warn winch,         slide outs, extra clean, rear kitchen,
Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-681-           Newton Co., Meridian, 601-527-5875.        Co., Picayune, 601-798-8238.                  93 hrs., shop kept, $7,750. Oktibbeha       new tires, lots of storage, $17,500.
8295.                                                                                                                                 Co., Starkville, 662-312-7160.              Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-2353.
                                             Tucker saddle, Montreal light trail sad-   1987 Honda FourTrax 2WD 4-wheeler,
2001 Sundowner 3-horse bumper pull                                                      owned by senior citizen, kept inside,         2001 EZ-GO elec. golf cart, w/6” lift,      2002 Cherokee 29’ 5th-wheel camper,
trailer, w/escape door, front dressing &     dle, exc. cond., brown, 17” seat, hooded
                                                                                        everything in exc. cond., new tires, has      Knobby tires, windshield, lights, pick-     w/super slide, bunk beds, table &
tack room, drops on head, slides on          stirrups, $550 firm. Winston Co.,                                                        up bed, winch, Beast eng., new batter-
                                             Louisville, 662-773-6824.                  book with it, $1,500 OBO. Grenada Co.,                                                    couch, queen in front, like new cond.,
rear, load lights, rear tack & extras,                                                  Grenada, 662-226-8493.                        ies/charger, extra tires & eng., $3,300.    w/cover, $15,000. Walthall Co.,
$8,800. Adams Co., Natchez, 601-392-                                                                                                  Jefferson Davis Co., New Hebron, 601-       Tylertown, 601-876-5351.
9312.                                        1997 Exiss alum. 4-horse trailer           2004 TRX 500 FA Rubicon GPS Honda             792-2904.
                                             w/4 1/2’ shortwall, living quarters &      500cc 4-wheeler, w/racks, alum.                                                           1996 Coachmen Catalina Lite 24’
2006 Calico 16’ bumper pull                  rear tack, in exc. cond., $13,500 firm.                                                  2001 Honda Rancher 350 4WD
                                                                                        wheels, ext. warranty, $4,900. Marcus                                                     bumper pull camper, w/central
horse/stock trailer, $3,600; 2006 Calico     Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-928-9590.                                                        4-wheeler, w/brush guard & winch,
                                                                                        Peagler, Madison Co., Madison, 601-                                                       heat/air, full bath, stove, electric/gas
12’ bumper pull horse/stock trailer,                                                                                                  $4,000. Pearl River Co., Lumberton,
                                                                                        927-6785.                                                                                 refrigerator, microwave, good tires,
$3,200. Clay Co., West Point, 662-494-                                                                                                601-796-2000.
2328.                                        2-horse trailer, bumper hitch, like                                                                                                  sleeps 6, in good cond., $7,500. Jones
                                             brand new, completely enclosable, CMI      1994 Polaris Magnum 425 2WD                                                               Co., Ovett, 601-344-5564.
                                                                                                                                      Honda 300 FourTrax 2WD 4-wheeler,
Heavy duty roping chute, extra tall &        brand, red in color, $2,500; Rubber        4-wheeler, w/new front tires, front gun
                                                                                                                                      green, like new, one owner, garage
extra long to accommodate large              tired wagon, w/good top, hyd. brakes &     rack, in good cond., $2,100. Copiah                                                       1995 Terry Fleetwood camper, sleeps
                                                                                                                                      kept, new tires & battery, front/back
steers, nice & heavy constructed, $950.      bucket seats, $1,000. Pontotoc Co.,        Co., Hazlehurst, 601-894-5867.                                                            6-8, 22’ long plus 3 1/2’ tongue, 8’
                                                                                                                                      racks, gun carrier, $2,400 cash firm.
Simpson Co., Magee, 601-849-4566             Pontotoc, 662-489-6059.                                                                  Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-278-5888.          wide, in great cond., must see, $8,000.
                                                                                        1994 Yamaha Timberwolf 4-wheeler,                                                         Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-9739.
leave message.
                                                                                        runs good, w/winch, $1,500. Smith             2003, clean, Club Car & EZ-GO golf
                                             Circle Y Martha Josey pay window, exc.     Co., Magee, 601-733-9449.
15” western pleasure show saddle                                                                                                      carts, add-on accessories for both          36’ Class A Itasca motor home, under
                                             cond., 14” seat, $600; Sports saddle,
w/matching breast collar & headstall,                                                                                                 makes, rear seats, lift kits, big tires,    20,000 miles, must see, w/2 huge
                                             14” seat, exc. cond., $500. Hinds Co.,     2004 Yerf-Dog Scrambler go-cart/dune
fully tooled, dark oil, w/Montana silver                                                                                              windshields, starting at $2,350 & up.       slides, 50 amp power, 7k generator, lots
on all pieces, very comfortable, very        Terry, 601-842-7631.                       buggy, w/canvas roof, adult ridden                                                        of upgrades, $45,500 OBO. Copiah Co.,
                                                                                                                                      Marion Co., Columbia, 601-736-5981.
good cond., $600 OBO. Sharkey Co.,                                                      about 25 hrs., in exc. cond., $1,600.                                                     Crystal Springs, 601-941-5068.
Anguilla, 662-873-7278.                      Barrel saddle, 16”, Billy Cook Saddlery,   Madison Co., Canton, 601-209-8935.            1994 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4x4 4-wheel-
                                             Greenville, TX, still in box, has tags,                                                  er, w/front & rear baskets, winch, limb     1999 Springdale Lite 29’ camper,
1999 steel stock trailer, holds 4 horses                                                2002 Yamaha Warrior 350cc 4-wheeler,
                                             never been on a horse, feather design,                                                   jumper, never been in mud, kept in          w/queen bed, full kitchen, full size
or 3-4 4-wheelers, w/full living quar-                                                  $2,000; 1999 Honda Foreman 450S 4x4
                                             maroon seat, silver trim, $450. Marion                                                   garage, in exc. cond., $2,650. Hinds        bath, bunk house, bedroom, electric &
ters, sleeps 3, in exc. cond., new paint,                                               4-wheeler, $2,900; 2003 Yamaha
                                             Co., Columbia, 601-736-7496.                                                             Co., Crystal Springs, 601-878-0052.         gas operation, $8,500. Greene Co.,
$7,500. Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-                                                   Beartracker 250cc 4-wheeler, $1,900;
                                                                                                                                                                                  Leakesville, 601-989-2425.
876-9515 call before 9 p.m.                                                             2002 Honda Recon 250cc 4-wheeler,             Club Car golf cart, in very good cond.,
                                             2 mo. old Martin trail saddle w/17” seat   $1,600. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-         $1,250. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-      2006 Jayco 27’ camper, bumper pull,
Horse/donkey cart, 3’ x 4’, 2” pipe,         & matching breast collar, $900. Clarke     754-6504.                                     8363.
                                             Co., Quitman, 601-776-6808.                                                                                                          no pets, non-smoker, central H/A,
1” x 6” treated lumber, 13” wheels, tan-                                                                                                                                          queen size bed, bunks, sleeps 8, new
dem, solid, newly built, w/antique col-                                                 26x12x12 Super Swamper Vampire                2005 Yamaha Rapture 660 R 4-wheeler,
                                                                                        tires on chrome ITP wheels, like new,                                                     cond., no slides, $16,000. Lawrence
lar & harness, $200 cash. Rankin Co.,        Quality bedding for horses, 4 cu. ft.                                                    in exc. cond., GYTR accessories, BUB        Co., Jayess, 1-601-833-3438.
Brandon, 601-824-4696.                       bags, $2.75 picked up, deliver 50 bags     fits Honda or Kawasaki 750, chrome            exhaust, $4,000. Clarke Co., Quitman,
                                             $3.20., 100 bags $3.10., 200 bags $3.      center caps & lug nuts included, $450.        601-776-3959.
2002 Cherokee 3-horse slant load trail-                                                 Union Co., New Albany, 662-534-8170.                                                      1973 Holiday Rambler 24’ bumper pull
                                             Rankin Co., Pelahatchie, 601-720-                                                                                                    travel trailer, late model, w/new tires,
er, all alum., first slant is a steel wall   1113.                                                                                    2- 28 x 11 x 12 589’s, 2- 28 x 9 x 12
divider, drop down windows w/drop                                                       2- 6 HP go-carts, w/double seats, roll        589’s, on ITP C-series rims, tires still    roof top air, central heat, elec. refriger-
down bars, front dressing room,                                                         bars, seat belts, helmets, $600 each or       look new, $475. Rankin Co.,                 ator, recently upholstered, $2,900.
$12,500. Jasper Co., Bay Springs, 601-       Heavy gauge galv. feed trough, 10’         $1,100 for both. Yazoo Co., Bentonia,         Mendenhall, 601-591-2256.                   Newton Co., Hickory, 601-201-5832.
764-2894.                                    long, 34” wide, 8 3/4” deep, in exc.       662-571-7427 evenings.
                                             cond., $100. Winston Co., Louisville,                                                                                                1993 Winnebago Warrior 21’ micro
Dog pen, 12 x 12 x 12 x 6’, in good          601-856-4743.                              2005 Kawasaki Prairie 360 4-wheeler,             BOWS & ACCESSORIES                       mini motor home, 3 liter V-6, Toyota
cond., $200 firm. Hinds Co., Jackson,                                                   auto. 4x4, front rack, still under ext.                                                   chassis, fully self contained, non-smok-
601-373-2548.                                                                           warranty, rode very little, like new,         PSE Nova bow, 60-70 lb. draw w/65%          er, interior updated, $8,500. Rankin
                                             WW 2-horse trailer, bumper pull, good
                                                                                        $4,500 firm. Marion Co., Columbia,            let off, 28”-30” draw length, PSE 3-Pin     Co., Florence, 601-845-4922.
                                             tires, floor & lights, $800. Covington
Hydraulic WW Ranch Master cattle                                                        601-731-5452.                                 sights, Wisker Biscuit arrow rest, 8
squeeze chute, in exc. cond., $7,000.,       Co., Mt. Olive, 601-797-3988.                                                                                                        1965 Ford all alum. body bread truck, 6
                                                                                                                                      alum. arrows, $250. Leake Co.,
can deliver; 2003 ProStock Sundowner                                                    2- Harley Davidson golf carts, 1 gas,         Carthage, 601-267-9272.                     cyl., 2 spare tires, used for camper,
gooseneck alum. livestock trailer, 6’ 6”     45’ Barrett cattle trailer, $6,000; 42’    1 electric, not running, need minor                                                       w/table that folds down to make bed,
wide x 24’ long, $9,000. Stone Co.,          Wilson cattle trailer, $5,500. Madison     repairs, $150 each. Simpson Co.,              PSE Team Primos bow, right handed,          $2,500. Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-
Wiggins, 601-928-5288.                       Co., Canton, 601-859-2851.                 Braxton, 601-847-3251.                        single cam, w/arrows, signed by Will        749-5850.

Page 14                                                                          MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                    August 15, 2006
1969 Ruinston 20’ travel trailer, rustic,    master,     $31,500.    Walthall Co.,        er, extras, like new cond., $3,800 firm.    work, magazine & scope rings, all in      Walthall Co., lease for hunting, 160
dual axle, $1,600. Amite Co.,                Tylertown, 601-467-5114.                     Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-668-6548.           exc. to new cond., $460. Marion Co.,      acres near Enon, 20 mi. north of
Smithdale, 601-810-3907.                                                                                                              Foxworth, 601-731-1620.                   Louisiana, hardwood & pine on Carters
                                             1986 Toyota Sunray motor home,               1973 Wesco ski boat, 460 Ford                                                         Creek, w/pond, good deer/turkey hunt-
Coleman pop-up camper, w/air, 2 dou-         51,000 actual miles, 14-15 mpg, new          w/V-drive & prop, trailer, $3,995. Lee      TC Encore .308, shot 3 times, original    ing, $25 per acre. Johns, 601-825-0113.
ble beds, sink, stove, $1,200. Hinds Co.,    CD player & CB radio, $6,500. Marion         Co., Tupelo, 662-321-2372.                  box, like new, black on black, $550.
Terry, 601-878-5586.                         Co., Foxworth, 601-731-5794.                                                             Clarke Co., Meridian, 601-693-1120.       Forrest Co., campground membership,
                                                                                          14’ Lund fg. Jon boat, w/25 HP                                                        modern & progressive campground,
1977 Dodge motor home, runs good,            2003 Jayco Eagle 5th-wheel travel            Johnson, Minn Kota trolling motor,          WWII 30 cal. carbine, mfg. by General     $100 plus transfer costs. Petal, 601-
w/new tires, A/C works good, 72,000          trailer, bunk beds, 5 CD player, super       lightweight boat, $1,500 firm. Warren       Motors in Arlington, VA, w/original       582-2491.
actual miles, sleeps 6, $2,000 firm.         slide, in exc. cond., $19,000. Lincoln       Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-7771.               strap & oiler, clip pouch & 5- 30 round
Adams Co., Natchez, 601-446-7490.            Co., Brookhaven, 601-835-2059.                                                           clips, bayonet w/sheath, $1,000 firm.     Leake Co., 120 acres, 8 mi. east of
                                                                                          1974 22’ Catalina sailboat w/trailer,       Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-7771.      Carthage, 10 mi. west of Pearl River
2006 Cruiser 30’ 5th-wheel camper,           14’ Shasta camper, older model, sleeps       mainsail, jib & genoa, 4.5 HP out-                                                    Resorts, plenty of deer/turkey, $14 per
used 3 times, w/double sides, quad           4, good for deer camp, $500. Jones Co.,      board, needs cleaning, great boat, easy     Howa Lightning 1500 blue/synthetic        acre. Carthage, 601-267-7695.
bunks, lots of add-on’s, $26,000. Hinds      Laurel, 601-428-5128.                        to sail, $1,250. Panola Co., Sardis, 662-   300 WSM, rings & bases, new cond.,
Co., Terry, 601-238-6848.                                                                 487-1111 leave message.                     $400. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-       Winston/Noxubee Co., needed quality
                                             1996 Prowler 5th-wheel camper,                                                           3775 ask for Terry.                       members for family hunting club of
33’ older Wilderness bumper pull             w/super slide out, 16’ awning, washer        Fiberglass type canoe, can carry up to 3                                              3,000 acres for 2006/2007 season, still
camper, w/bedroom, large bath, new           & dryer, walk around queen size bed,         persons, does not leak, $200. Perry Co.,    Marlin lever action 30-30 w/scope,        hunting only, DMAP program, $800
floor & tires, clean, great for residence,   sleeps 6, gas or electric, very clean,       Beaumont, 601-525-6607.                     $300; Ruger 10/22 w/30 round clip,        per membership. Macon, 662-726-
lake or deer camp, $3,900 OBO. Tate          $10,000. Noxubee Co., Brooksville,                                                       $200. Clarke Co., Meridian, 601-693-      1499.
Co., Coldwater, 662-233-2954.                662-705-0368.                                1996 Fish Master 12’ alum. boat &           1120.
                                                                                          trailer, w/6 HP Evinrude motor, less
                                                                                                                                                                                Noxubee Co., 6,000 acres, 1,000 acres
1997 Terry by Fleetwood 31’ 5th-wheel        New 2006 Coachman Spirit of America          than 10 hrs. on motor, $1,500. Wayne        Savage model 116 7 mm. Win. Mag.,         still hunting only, private roads, run,
camper, w/2 slide outs, central H/A,         27’ bumper pull camper, w/slide out,         Co., Richton, 601-671-8790.                 stainless steel w/black stock, Simmons    gun & family type club, kids welcome,
recliner, sofa/sleeper, dinette, large       sleeps 6-8, $20,000 OBO. George Co.,                                                     3-10x44 SS scope, great cond., $500.      $500 individual, $600 family.
kitchen area, gooseneck hitch, clean &       Lucedale, 601-947-4187.                      1989 Lowe 16’ alum. boat, 40 HP             Jones Co., Ellisville, 601-477-3745.
                                                                                          Johnson motor, just tuned, 2 depth                                                    Shuqualak, 601-677-2923.
spacious, $11,800. Pike Co., Magnolia,
601-810-3521.                                2005 Jayco Eagle, 29BHS, bumper pull,        meters, 40 lb. Minn Kota trolling           Remington 30-06 Woodmaster w/4x           Jefferson Co., 650 acres, lodging, hunt
                                             sleeps 8, w/warranty, $17,500.               motor, good trailer w/spare, $2,500         Redfield scope, $150; Remington 1100      trophy deer, $150/day, 45 deer stands,
2005 Wildwood 28.5 LTD 5th-wheel             Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-241-          OBO. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-        12 ga., 30” full choke, $150. Warren      food plots, Big Buck program, DMAP
camper, rear living w/twin recliners,        5862.                                        4766.                                       Co., Vicksburg, 601-636-5741.             program & QDM program, booking
super slide in living area w/foldout sofa                                                                                                                                       bow/rifle hunts. Chuch Hill, 601-446-
& convertible dinette, sleeps 6, $20,000                                                  19’ Walkabout w/cuddy cabin, sleeps 3,      Tarus 22 cal., semi, $150; Tarus 38
                                                      FISHING,                            $4,000. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-373-                                                  7178.
firm. Carroll Co., Carrollton, 662-237-                                                                                               Special, 5 shot, $225; Sentinel Deluxe
0045.                                           BOATS & ACCESSORIES                                                                   22 cal., 9 shot, $150. Clay Co., Cedar    Simpson Co., Big Woods Hunting Club
                                                                                                                                      Bluff, 662-492-0732.                      has memberships available, 5,200
2005 Montana 5th-wheel camper, w/4                                                        Motor Guide foot control trolling
                                             5 HP Sea King outboard motor, in exc.        motor, model 727, Whisper Guide, 24                                                   acres, still hunting, DMAP for 3 yrs.,
slides, fireplace, oak cabinets, corner
                                             cond., has extra prop, $225. Madison         lb. thrust, $75. Hinds Co., Terry, 601-         HUNTING/FISHING                       modern clubhouse, dues $1,500 for
counters, 2 A/C’s, oven, pulled 2 times,
                                             Co., Madison, 601-607-3254.                  954-9994.                                                                             deer, $2,000 for deer/turkey. Jackson,
in exc. cond., lists $62,000., asking                                                                                                  LEASES & MEMBERSHIPS                     601-364-1010.
$39,900. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-
331-8833.                                    18’ V-hull fiberglass boat, w/canopy &       2004 18’ Regal ski boat w/alum. trailer,
                                             windshield, 40 HP Johnson, elec. start,      130 HP Mercury I/O, red/white, only 26      Copiah Co., family type hunting camp              MISCELLANEOUS
2005 Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer,        steering wheel, 4-seater, must sell,         hrs., exc. cond., $13,500 OBO. Rankin       memberships, camp house w/camper
bumper pull, in great cond., 29BHS,          good cond., $1,600 OBO. Wayne Co.,           Co., Brandon, 601-918-6083.                 sites, dog/still hunting, meals fur-
                                             Waynesboro, 601-410-0464.                                                                nished, $400 per year. Georgetown,        Summit Climbing Treestand, original
VIN 1UJBJ02P051EN0932,            w/20’
                                                                                                                                      601-858-2418.                             model, used less than 10 times, stand
awning, slide out, must sell, make offer                                                         GUNS, PISTOLS,
                                             1979 15’ fiberglass fisher boat, 35 HP                                                                                             has shooting/hand rail & seat, hand
or first $14,500. Rankin Co., Pearl,
601-932-8881.                                Johnson motor, everything on it works           RIFLES & ACCESSORIES                     Neshoba Co., wild hog hunts, $300 &       climber, $100 cash. Hinds Co.,
                                             good, $1,500. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-                                                   up, food, lodging & fishing available;    Raymond, 601-922-5596.
1998 Allegro Bay 36’ camper, w/slide,        421-6320.                                                                                Booking 2006-2007 quail hunts now,
                                                                                          20 ga. single shot N.E. Firearms, clean,                                              Cajun coon hunter light, Stinger Plus
leveling jacks, 7 KW generator, many                                                      $100. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-418-       $125 per person, call for details.
other features, good tires, 37,000           21’ Sleekcraft of California, 125                                                        Philadelphia, 601-656-5717.               model w/accessories, $260., if shipped
                                                                                          2624.                                                                                 $385. Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-
miles, all equipment in good working         Mercury, used 5 times, ski & cruise,
cond., $35,000. Lauderdale Co.,              speed 63 plus, tunnel hull, $10,000.                                                     Perry Co., openings in a year round       798-7451.
                                                                                          Savage Tactical 7 mm. mag., w/6x24
Collinsville, 601-626-8518.                  Yazoo Co., Satartia, 662-746-6617.           scope, $400. Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-       managed hunting club, lakes, creek &
                                                                                                                                      river frontage, 21 food plots, estab-     Custom built shooting houses on legs
                                                                                          613-9179.                                                                             or on ground, 4x4 on 8’ legs & painted
1999 Jayco 30’ travel trailer, used very     New 2006 G3 camouflage boat w/new                                                        lished shooting houses, good family
little, w/new tires, tile & carpet less      trailer, 16’ x 52”, live well, console,                                                  environment, yearly dues $550. New        $300., w/plexiglass $335; 4x6 on 8’ legs
                                                                                          Winchester shotgun, Super X2,
than 1 yr. old, top of the line, $8,500.     front/back deck, trolling motor,                                                         Augusta, 601-964-3662.                    $400., w/glass $445. Wayne Co.,
                                                                                          Sporting Clays model, 12 ga. auto., 28”
Hinds Co., Edwards, 601-885-0255.            4 stroke 50 HP Yamaha motor (new),                                                                                                 Buckatunna, 601-648-9088.
                                                                                          barrel, 3” chamber, NIB-Unfired, $550.
                                             $12,500. Calhoun Co., Big Creek, 662-        Smith Co., Mize, 601-733-9177.              Winston/Attala Co., Hunting club,
2002 Forrest River 28’ travel trailer,       628-6849.                                                                                11,000 acres, deer/turkey, has openings   Shooting house, 5x5, 6’ 1”, w/treated
w/front kitchen, super slide, double                                                      Remington model 7 Youth 7-08                for members, dog & still hunters wel-     floor & carpet, sliding plexiglass win-
door refrigerator, A/C, awning, like         14’ boat, 42” semi-V front, 20” sides,       w/scope, $425; Mossburg bolt action         come, Big Buck Program, $1,000 dues.      dows, mounted on 6x6x6 treated plat-
new, $12,500., will deliver in-state. Tate   walk thru, well & dry storage, w/2004        30-06 w/scope, $325. Hinds Co.,             Philadelphia, 601-479-7605.               form, in real good cond., $400. Smith
Co., Senatobia, 662-562-0666.                25 Yamaha pull start 2-stroke motor &        Raymond, 601-668-6548.                                                                Co., Raleigh, 601-536-3961.
                                             trailer, $2,650. Pearl River Co.,                                                        Perry Co., memberships available in
1989 Coachman 24’ bumper pull travel         Picayune, 601-798-8238.                      Browning Belgium light 12, vent rib,        2,500 acre club, deer/turkey, still/dog   ATS Tracking System, 2 collars, $450.
trailer, in good cond., ready to use,                                                     $850; Browning Belgium regular 12,          hunting. Petal, 601-941-6913.             Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-687-
$3,200. Simpson Co., Mendenhall, 601-        1988 Bayliner ski boat, 3.0 liter, in/out-   $650; Browning Belgium Magnum 12,                                                     5886.
847-1400.                                    board, upholstery redone, cabin cuddy,       vent rib, $1,000; Browning Japanese         Attala Co., hunting club needs 8 mem-
                                             water ready, $3,500. Union Co., New          light 12, vent rib, $850. Carroll Co.,      bers, plenty of deer/turkey, camp site,   API Big Man Climbing Treestand,
1987 35’ gooseneck travel trailer,           Albany, 662-534-8170.                        McCarley, 662-237-4344.                     2,000 acres hunting land, annual dues     never used, paid $300 new, asking
$5,500. Newton Co., Decatur, 601-527-                                                                                                 $450. Florence, 601-540-1826 ask for      $100. Webster Co., Mathiston, 662-
7998.                                        100 HP Evinrude boat motor, model            Remington 1100 12 ga., w/modified &         Mike.                                     542-8206.
                                             #100883B, serial #E07435, for parts or       full choke barrels, like new, $300.
1989 Allegro motor home, only 50,000         fix up, $250. Lafayette Co., Water           Union Co., Hickory Flat, 662-988-3090.      Monroe Co., hunting lease, 1,000 acres    Treestands: 1 Tree Lounge stand, never
miles, like new, fully self contained,       Valley, 662-473-3969.                                                                    for hunting deer, turkey & rabbits.       used, $200; 2 climbing stands, $50
new tires & road ready, Onan genera-                                                      1 pair of special engraved Turkish 12       Prairie, 662-369-7733.                    each or $250 for all three. Copiah Co.,
tor, large awning, barbeque, non-            16’ Alumacraft boat, w/40 HP motor,          ga. shotguns, 1 O/U, 1 side-by-side,                                                  Hazlehurst, 601-894-2267.
smoker, $11,500. Simpson Co., Magee,         steering wheel, live well, trolling          never been fired, comes w/chokes &          Stone Co., Ruster Creek Hunting Club,
601-867-3737.                                motor, $3,000 OBO. Calhoun Co.,              cleaning kit, $3,000. Newton Co.,           memberships available, several thou-      Dog pen, 12 x 12 x 12 x 6’, in good
                                             Calhoun City, 662-637-2343.                  Lawrence, 601-683-6884.                     sand acres, still & dog hunting, food     cond., $200 firm. Hinds Co., Jackson,
2005 Hornet 29’ pull behind camper,                                                                                                   plots, camper spots, club house, big      601-373-2548.
used for 6 mos. after the storm, exc.        2001 19’ Bayliner ski/fish boat, I/O 250,    CVA Optima 50 cal. muzzleloader             game, $600 per person. Lumberton,
cond., $14,000. Hancock Co.,                 live well, trolling motor, 2 depth find-     w/Simmons 3-9 scope, in exc. cond.,         228-326-2123.                             Ole Man Vision treestand, like new,
Pearlington, 228-533-7070.                   ers, exc. cond., $8,000. Simpson Co.,        $250; CVA Mountain Stalker 50 cal.                                                    $140. Covington Co., Collins, 601-517-
                                             Mendenhall, 601-847-1400.                    muzzleloader, $50. Kemper Co.,              Holmes Co., dove hunting, Labor Day       2030.
2005 32’ Mountaineer by Montana                                                           Dekalb, 601-743-4058 leave message.         weekend, booking now, 18 slots avail-
triple slide 5th-wheel camper, like new      15’ Weldcraft alum. boat, 42” wide, 20”                                                  able, 3 day hunting (6 total), 2 hunts    Cast steel camouflage gambrels, exc.
cond., must see, w/recliners, TV center      deep, front deck seats, 25 Mercury elec.     Ruger 77/22 magnum, blued finish            each day, $200., no alcohol, food &       for skinning deer, $12 each. Rankin
w/desk, queen sleeper, booth, queen          start, Motor Guide trolling motor, trail-    w/walnut stock, factory box, paper-         drinks served. Brandon, 601-573-9450.     Co., Florence, 601-506-2984.

August 15, 2006                                                                    MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                            Page 15
                                             able, Scott Co., Harperville, 601-625-       Reg. polled Hereford yearling bulls,        5 Reg. Angus heifers, 10-12 mos. old,         Reg. Charolais bull, polled, gentle,
    AQUACULTURE                              7111.                                        very gentle, Domino bloodline, $1,000
                                                                                          ea., $1,800 pairs, Wilkinson Co.,
                                                                                                                                      $1,000 ea., or $4,450 for all, Pike Co.,
                                                                                                                                      Magnolia, 601-783-3179.
                                                                                                                                                                                    extreme growth, 28 mos. old, HBR 93P
                                                                                                                                                                                    bloodline, add growth to your calves,
   Any item advertised in this category
 must be raised on your farm and your        100 Brangus/Angus cows, 2-6 yrs. old,        Woodville, 225-721-1478.                                                                  $2,000, Copiah Co., Crystal Springs,
 advertisement must have the following       spring calves/fall calves, 3 Reg.                                                        Reg. Limousin bulls, horned or polled,        601-892-3682.
 statement along with a signature:           Brangus bulls, $850 & up, Rankin Co.,        PB Charolais bulls, guaranteed, very        2 yrs. old, $1,400 & up; Heifers, open,
 “These were raised on my farm and I am      Brandon, 601-946-8697.                       gentle, large selection, 18-24 mos. old,    $900 & up; Cows, $1,000 & up, Greene          PB & percentage Gelbvieh heifers,
 not a dealer, buyer, seller or business                                                  $1,000 & up, Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,       Co., Leakesville, 601-394-4911.               weaning age to breeding age, $600 &
 person engaged in trade.” Only in-state     Reg. Angus bulls, breeding age, semen        601-823-3656.                                                                             up, Yalobusha Co., Water Valley, 662-
 residents are allowed to advertise with-    test guaranteed, $1,200 & up; Angus                                                      Sold land, cows must go, 65 cows with
 in this category.
                                             show cattle, bulls & heifers, $1,500 &       25 Brangus, Brangus cross/Charolais         45 calves, Gelbvieh/Angus/Brangus
Channel catfish fingerlings, $150/1,000      up, Covington Co., Mt. Olive, 601-797-       cross bred heifers, bred to Cow Creek       background, $70,000, Marion Co.,              29 excellent crossbred catle, 3-5 yrs.
& up, delivery available. Greene Co.,        4236.                                        Brangus, heifers/bulls, start calving       Hattiesburg, 601-467-5047.                    old, large frame, 10 calves on ground,
Sand Hill, 601-989-2466.                                                                  Nov. 15, $800-$1,250, Noxubee Co.,                                                        group, $28,075, Hinds Co., Terry, 601-
                                             Replacement heifers, $550; Exposed or        Macon, 662-726-5664.                        Reg. Texas Longhorn bulls, 3 yr. old          613-5021.
Channel catfish, $150/1,000 & up; All        bred heifers & cows, $800-$900,                                                          red/white son of “Ace’s Lawman”,
bream, $200/1,000; Grass carp, $5            Covington Co., Collins, 601-517-5700.        Gelbvieh bulls, 1 FB, 10 black, all AI,     $1,200; 16 mo. old black/white grand-         Coming 2 yr. old Reg. Black Angus
each; Large mouth bass & Florida bass,                                                    some homozygous black, 11-12 mos.           son of “Dynamite”, $850 firm, George          bull, Sitz Alliance son, out of VRD
$1 each, pick up or deliver. Forrest Co.,    10 black commercial heifers, 6-8 mos.        old, you pick, $1,500, Hancock Co.,         Co., Lucedale, 601-947-2216.                  daughter, performance tested & ultra
Hattiesburg, 601-544-2238.                   old, vaccinated, very gentle, $600 ea., if   Kiln, 228-255-9310.                                                                       sounded, $2,000, Hinds Co., Terry, 601-
                                             all taken, $650 ea., buyer pick, Wayne                                                   40 head of crossbred cows, gentle &           878-6756.
Native Bluegill, 2”-3”, 20¢ each. F.O.B.     Co., Waynesboro, 601-520-4309.               Reg. Black Angus bull, 3 yrs. old,          good shape, some heavy bred, $575 ea.,
Farm, Eden Fisheries, Yazoo Co.,                                                          $1,500, Simpson Co., Pinola, 601-847-       if all taken, Covington Co., Seminary,        Reg. Black Angus open heifers, $950
Yazoo City, 662-746-5085.                    Reg. polled Hereford bulls, 15-18 mos.       4663.                                       601-722-4338.                                 each; Bred heifers, $1,300 each;
                                             old, gentle, good quality, Victor breed-                                                                                               Cow/calf pairs, $2,000; Bulls, top
Channel catfish, $130/1,000; All bream,      ing, $900 & up, Jefferson Co., Union         Reg. Horned Hereford bulls, 18 mos.         Reg. Angus, 4 cows, 4-5 yrs. old, 2           bloodlines, $950/up, sold farm, must
$200/1,000; Fathead Tuffy minnows,           Church, 601-532-6327.                        old, excellent EPD’s , ready for service,   heifers, all to calve in fall, 3 open         sell, Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-467-
$40/1,000; Grass carp, black crappie                                                      $1,500, Pearl River Co., Carriere, 601-     heifers, $800-$1,600, Pike Co.,               5114.
bass, koi & goldfish, $10/lb. Randall        30+ Black Angus cows & heifers, $500-        798-5715.                                   McComb, 601-684-0494.
Slade, Pearl River Co., Lumberton,           $900; Exposed bred heifers & cows,                                                                                                     Reg. Gelbvieh bull, black, polled, 2 1/2
601-796-2000.                                $800, 3-in-1, $900; 1 Tames Angus bull,      Reg. Red Brangus bulls, top bloodlines,     PB Charolais bulls, 12-18 mos. old,           yrs. old, $1,500, Neshoba Co.,
                                             $1,000, vaccinated & wormed, Walthall        gentle, low birth weight, breeding age,     very gentle, $1,000; PB Charolais             Philadelphia, 601-389-2025.
                                             Co., Tylertown, 601-876-4844.                guaranteed, $1,250 & up, Leake Co.,         heifers, 12-18 mos. old, very gentle,
AQUACULTURE EQUIPMENT                                                                     Carthage, 662-289-3409.                     $900, Covington Co., Seminary, 601-           Reg. Red Brangus bulls, low birth
                                             2- Brangus pairs, 2 yrs. old, 1 with                                                     722-4609.                                     weight, top bloodline, $850 & up,
                                             heifer calf, $1,200, Oktibbeha Co.,          15 bred & gentle stocker cows, mostly                                                     always guaranteed, Noxubee Co.,
11-ton elevated feed tank in great
                                             Starkville, 662-418-2624.                    black, some crossbred, $765 each,           Reg. Angus bulls, excellent bloodlines,       Brooksville, 662-272-5030.
cond., $2,900 OBO, you move.
Sunflower Co., Moorhead, 662-246-                                                         Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-2368.             7 mos. old or older, $700 & up, Tippah
                                             Reg. Angus bulls, weaning age to 10                                                      Co., Ripley, 662-837-1060.                    2 PB Beefmaster bulls, 9 mos. old,
5244.                                        mos. old, AI breeding, quality bulls,                                                                                                  excellent quality, excellent condition,
                                                                                          Reg. PB Beefmaster cows, exposed
                                             $900 & up, Calhoun Co., Water Valley,                                                    4 PB Black Angus bulls, 12 mos. old &         $600, Forrest Co., Hattiesburg, 601-
Delta aerator, will deliver in-state, exc.                                                heifers, bred cows & pairs, 1 red bull,
                                             662-413-4155.                                                                            up, from $1,200; 7 PB Black Angus             299-1001.
cond., 10 HP paddle wheel aerator, 3-                                                     all are U classified, $1,200 & up; Reg.
phase, breaker box & timer controls,                                                      Limousin, 6 yrs. old, $1,700, Pike Co.,     heifers, $1,500 ea., out of Traveler 217,
                                             Reg. full French Charolais bulls &                                                       register for $50, Greene Co., Richton,        4 Reg. Black Angus cows, registered
18’ total length, $2,200. Jackson Co.,                                                    Summit, 601-276-3435.                                                                     bull, 4 yrs. old, 4 registered calves,
                                             females, polled & dehorned, gentle,                                                      251-422-2949.
Moss Point, 1-228-475-8502.                                                                                                                                                         approximately 5 mos. old, cows bred
                                             excellent quality, weaned to breeding
                                                                                          20 Angus & crossbred cows, 3-7 yrs.
                                             age, $1,500 & up, Winston Co.,                                                           Reg. Limousin, polled, black bulls,           back to bull, all 9 for $10,000, Attala
                                                                                          old, some calving soon, will split, can
        LIVESTOCK                            Louisville, 662-773-6824.
                                                                                          deliver, $650, Kemper Co., DeKalb,
                                                                                                                                      15-24 mos. old, thick & stout, add
                                                                                                                                      pounds to calf crop w/Limousin bulls,
                                                                                                                                                                                    Co., West, 662-967-2062.

    All livestock must be from bona fide     Reg. Gelbvieh cows, 3 yrs. old, $1,100;                                                  $1,600, Carroll Co., Greenwood, 662-          90 commercial Angus heifers, 11 mos.
 livestock farmers. We cannot accept         Calves, 6-9 mos. old, $600-$700, all                                                     458-9889.                                     old, 650+ lbs., really nice, healthy,
 notices from livestock dealers, order       black cell; Crossbred Gelbvieh calves,       100 heifers, Black Angus, Brangus &                                                       $800; Reg. Angus bulls & heifers,
 buyers or persons selling on a commis-      $500-$600, Newton Co., Lawrence,             Charolais crosses, bred to low birth                                                      $1,000 & up, Lawrence Co., Monticello,
                                                                                                                                      Angus bulls, 16-18 mos. old, $1,800,
 sion basis. All livestock bought by farm-   601-683-6336.                                weight Angus & Brangus bulls, start                                                       601-587-7230.
                                                                                                                                      Holmes Co., West, 662-967-2407.
 ers for resale purposes are not eligible                                                 calving 9/1/06 - 12/1/06, $1,200,
 for this free advertising. All livestock                                                 Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-361-8004.
                                             Reg. Corriente, 2 heavy bred cows,                                                       Limousin bulls, FB, PB & 1/2 bloods,          Gentle Angus & crossbred cows, bred
 listings must have a signature and be
 accompanied by the following state-         red/black back, 1 champion bred solid                                                    red, black, some homozygous black,            to Brangus bull, $650 & up; Gentle
                                             black bull, multiple champions on            Reg. Corriente bull, 5 yrs. old, Cates      16-18 mos. old, starting at $1,600,           Brangus bull, $1,100, Smith Co., Mize,
 ment in order to be published in the                                                     bred, black in color, 3 show winners in
 Bulletin: “I am a farmer and not a live-    papers, 4 yrs. old, $3,000 for all, Pearl                                                Holmes Co., West, 662-967-2407.               601-733-9733.
                                             River Co., Henleyfield, 601-772-9132.        pedigree, $1,500, Lauderdale Co.,
 stock dealer, order buyer or persons
                                                                                          Meridian, 601-679-7602.                     Red Brangus & Red Angus, bulls, test-
 who sells on a commission basis.” Only
 in-state residents are allowed to adver-    Corrinete roping steers, never roped,                                                    ed, ready to work & semen, $1,250 &                     DAIRY CATTLE
 tise within this category.                  $475, Panola Co., Como, 662-526-             Reg. Red Santa Gertrudis bull, 6 yrs.       up, Hidden Creek Ranch, Monroe Co.,
                                             5021.                                        old, wormed yearly, gentle, selling due     Amory, 662-256-8114.                          Reg. Jersey cow, 6 yrs. old, with 4 mo.
                                                                                          to keeping heifers, $1,000, Scott Co.,                                                    old Reg. Jersey at side, $1,500 for pair;
           BEEF CATTLE                       4-H & FFA Simmental show calves &            Pulaski, 601-536-2191.                      23 Brangus heifers bred to Brangus            3 yr. old, Reg. Jersey bull, $1,000, all
                                             cows, blacks, reds, bulls, heifers, cows                                                 bull, start calving in early fall, $27,500,   gentle, Jones Co., Moselle, 601-752-
Reg. Gelbvieh cattle, black, red,            to choose from, many placing in              Reg. Angus bulls, 17 to choose from,        Covington Co., Collins, 601-517-1186.         2779.
Balancers, all polled, males/females,        shows, $1,000 & up, Prentiss Co.,            yearlings up to 2 yrs. old, EPD’s avail-
fully guaranteed, delivery available,        Booneville, 662-728-5685.                    able, $1,200-$2,000, Oktibbeha Co.,         Nice replacement cattle, ages 2-7 yrs.        Family milk cow w/second calf, easy to
$1,000-$1,800, Newton Co., Lawrence,                                                      Starkville, 662-769-1183.                   old, vet checked, bred cows, cow/calf         handle, bull calf born 07/28/06, $1,100,
601-775-9212.                                PB Black Brangus bull, 6 1/2 yrs. old,                                                   pair, 300 head, buy as many as you like,      will take any calf, Harrison Co.,
                                             gentle disposition, good conformation,       6 cows, 4 w/calves, 2 are Reg. Brangus,     $850 & up, Copiah Co., Wesson, 601-           Saucier, 228-831-1764.
25 head, 1 Charolais stock bull, 12          calves to show, excellent herd bull, can     3 yrs. old, 1 Reg. Simbrah, 2 yrs. old,     421-2788.
cows with calves, $23,500, Union Co.,        be registered, have application, $1,000,     Reg. Brangus bull, 2 1/2 yrs. old,                                                        Reg. Jersey bull, 15 mos. old, $700.
Myrtle, 662-538-5772.                        Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-       $10,000, Greene Co., Lucedale, 601-         Replacement heifers, Brangus, black-          Simpson Co., Mendenhall, 601-847-
                                             9970.                                        394-6188.                                   mots, black baldy, all shots, 600-700         0435.
1 Charolais bull, 3 yrs. old, 6 cows, 4-8                                                                                             lbs., $750 & up, Clay Co., West Point,
yrs. old, 5- 400 lbs. calves by side, all    Reg. Brangus bulls, 10-15 mos. old, top      Quality red Brahman cattle, Dixie           662-319-7879.                                 2 Holstein heifers, 2 yrs. old, will calve
bred back, $8,000, Leake Co., Carthage,      bloodlines, good EPD’s, clean, gentle,       National, MS State Fair & Houston, TX                                                     this fall, $1,200; 18 cross Jersey-
601-267-0461.                                proven herd bulls, raised on grass, low      champions, herd bulls, cows, show           Reg. Hereford bulls, polled, 13-18 mos.       Holstein heifers, 1 1/2 yrs. old, $850,
                                             birth weight, high milk, $1,200, Pearl       calves, $750/up. Neshoba Co.,               old, $850 & up; 2 Reg. Hereford heifers,      Covington Co., Sumrall, 601-758-3627.
Good selection of 2 yr. old PB Charolais     River Co., Lumberton, 601-796-9260.          Philadelphia, 601-656-5717.                 polled, 9 mos. old, $750, low birth
bulls, all have good dispositions,                                                                                                    rates, well developed, Wayne Co.,             4 Jersey steers, $300 each, Marion Co.,
$1,600, top price, Jones Co., Ovett,         Reg. yearling bulls or heifers, Angus &      Reg. Angus performance tested bulls,        Shubuta, 601-687-5821.                        Columbia, 601-441-9245.
601-344-7258.                                certified F-1 Brangus, Brafords, $850        18-24 mos. old, raised on grass, popu-
                                             with papers, $800 & up without               lar pedigrees, great EPD’s & disposi-       Reg. Angus bull, AI, K.F. Walker 417,         2 Jersey cows, w/Jersey bull calves,
Reg. Simmental show bull, solid red, 1       papers, Lamar Co., Lumberton, 601-           tions, $1,800 & up, Stone Co., Wiggins,     22 mos. old, wormed, vaccinated by            $1,000 ea; 1 Jersey bull, $700, Rankin
yr. old, past grand champion & place in      436-0124.                                    601-928-5288.                               vet, $1,800, Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-842-        Co., Florence, 601-845-8039.
top 5 MS bred bulls at 2006 Dixie                                                                                                     4220.
National, $1,200, Pearl River Co.,           Reg. Beefmaster herd bulls, sire-            3 Reg. Simbrah bulls, 5 yrs. old,
Picayune, 601-799-2781.                      Infinity, blood red, low birth weight,       black/tan, 3/4 x 1/4, show calves to        PB Black Angus bulls, 13 mos. old, Top                 GOATS & SHEEP
                                             best bull for 26 yrs., guaranteed in         show, $1,400; 2 yr. old PB, solid brown,    Dawg breed, ready to go, you pick,
Reg. full French polled bulls & females,     every way, $2,000, Madison Co.,              black points, $800, Wilkinson Co.,          $850, Pearl River Co., Lumberton, 601-        7 nannies, 1 billy goat, $350, Wayne
$1,250 & up, full French semen avail-        Madison, 601-856-8900.                       Woodville, 601-888-4990.                    796-2503.                                     Co., Waynesboro, 601-735-6528.

Page 16                                                                            MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                    August 15, 2006
PB Nigerian Dwarf doelings, born            1 Suffolk/Barbados ram lamb, born           3-compartment cage w/feeders, $90,                                                       Reg. black/white Saddle Horse gelding,
05/06/06, blue eyes, disbudded, CAE
free, hand raised, $75, Lafayette Co.,
                                            05/29/06, very colorful, 1 ewe lamb, 1
                                            ram lamb, both Tunis/Barbados cross,
                                                                                        Newton Co., Little Rock, 601-986-
                                                                                                                                     HORSES, MULES                               10 yrs. old, 15.2 H, plenty of go but no
                                                                                                                                                                                 buck, easy to load & catch, $1,500.
Water Valley, 662-473-3670.                 born 05/08/06, all make good breeders,
                                            $85, Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-726-           California/Flemish Giant hybrid rab-
                                                                                                                                        & JACKS                                  Union Co., Etta, 662-534-3483.
                                                                                                                                      All horses, mules and jacks must be
Very nice, 3 mo. old FB Boer buckling,      1428.                                       bits, extremely fast growers & heavily      from bona fide livestock farmers. We
                                                                                                                                                                                 Grey 12 yr. old trail horse, easy to ride,
$150; 3 mo. old 50% Boer buckling,                                                      muscled, excellent meat, fryers avail-      cannot accept notices from horse deal-       very gentle, $1,200; 2 Reg. stud colts,
$40, Greene Co., Sand Hill, 601-989-        3 FB South African does, 6 mos. old,        able, prices start at $5, Lawrence Co.,     ers, order buyers or persons selling on a    ready to start, $700 each. Jefferson
2960.                                       show quality, $350, Jones Co., Ovett,       Wesson, 601-894-2816.                       commission basis. All listings of horses,    Davis Co., Mt. Olive, 601-797-3152.
                                            601-344-7586.                                                                           mules or jacks must have a signature
Several goat wethers, different ages,                                                   ARBA show quality Mini Rex, pet or          and be accompanied by a statement            2 Reg. paint QH geldings, 3-6 yrs. old,
$50 & up. Forrest Co., Petal, 601-582-      FB Boer billy & nanny, $300; 2 FB           show, 2 Dutch does, $10-$25, Simpson        from the seller that he agrees to furnish    gentle, $2,000 each. Webster Co.,
2491.                                       Kinder nannies, $100, Grenada Co.,          Co., Mendenhall, 601-849-3248.              the buyer a copy of the original negative    Mathiston, 662-263-6596.
                                            Grenada, 662-226-7037.                                                                  Coggins test for Equine Infectious
2 Nubian-Boer cross does, born                                                          Florida Cottontail, Missouri Swamp          Anemia (E.I.A.) that was performed           Big & beautiful, 16.2 H, AQHA golden
10/2005, 1 neutered male Nubian-Boer        Reg. Fainting buck & does, all ages,        rabbits, $10, Rankin Co., Florence,         within the past 12 months prior to sale      palomino gelding, bred to run or can
cross, born 10/2005, have been grain        show quality, $150 & up, Marion Co.,                                                    on horses, mules and jacks, except nurs-     go out on the trail & ride all day,
fed since birth, shots/wormed, $45,         Columbia, 601-441-9245.                                                                 ing foals. Only in-state residents are       $3,000 OBO. Smith Co., Taylorsville,
Choctaw Co., Ackerman, 662-285-                                                                                                     allowed to advertise within this category.   601-466-8113.
                                                                                        High yield meat fryers, Californian,
6993.                                       4 Katahdin wethers, grass & grain fed,      New Zeland, mix rabbits available, $5 &
                                            daily, $70, Lauderdale Co., Meridian,                                                  Reg. Appaloosas, yearlings, 2 yr. olds &      5 gaited Saddle Horse mares, 1
                                                                                        up, Jackson Co., Moss Point, 228-475-
FB Boer goats & percentage does,            601-644-3961.                                                                          broodmares, $1,000 & up. Lincoln Co.,         Belgium, 2- 1 yr. old, $300 & up.
bucks, kids, $75 & up, Simpson Co.,                                                                                                Brookhaven, 601-833-3766.                     Tishomingo Co., Iuka, 662-427-8701.
Braxton, 601-847-5135.                      1 FB IBGA Boer buck, $200; 2- 15/16%,       3 California does, 1 buck, grown, $15
                                            4 bucks, $100, approximately 6 mos.                                                    Reg. Clydesdale mare, 9 yrs. old, beau-       9 yr. old sorrel John mule, 14.5 H,
                                                                                        ea.; 1 Dutch doe & 1 buck, grown, $15
Pygmy, non-registered, billies, 6 wks.-     old, Marion Co., Foxworth, 601-731-                                                    tiful & gentle, $750. Copiah Co.,             1,000 lbs., broke to ride & work, real
                                                                                        ea.; 7- 2 mo. old Dutch rabbits, $8,
6 mos. old, $50; Billy & nanny pairs,       6470.                                                                                  Crystal Springs, 601-892-6060.                classy mule, catch anywhere, $1,800.
                                                                                        Hinds Co., Utica, 601-885-6740.
$125; Billy w/2 nannies, $225, Lamar                                                                                                                                             Scott Co., Morton, 601-732-8694.
Co., Purvis, 601-794-2607.                  PB European saddleback Muflon sheep,                                                   APHA Reg. 6 yr. old mare, very flashy,
                                            4 ewes, 1 ram, 3 1/2 yrs. old, $2,500,                     SWINE                       runs poles & barrels, $3,900 OBO.             AQHA Reg. Skipper W broodmares,
Percentage Kiko doelings, $150 & up,        Jones Co., Ellisville, 601-477-1224.                                                   Jones Co., Soso, 601-763-3298.                sorrels & palominos, bred to buckskin,
Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-824-9255.                                                                                                                                               son of Classical Skipper, $1,650 & up.
                                            Reg. Boer buck, 5 yrs. old, changing        Pigs, all ages, most weights, $25 & up,                                                  Scott Co., Forest, 601-536-3808.
                                                                                                                                   AQHA buckskin mare, will do poles,
Boers, both white with red heads, 1-        herd bucks, $250; 4 Reg., Nubian buck-      Calhoun Co., Calhoun City, 662-412-
                                                                                                                                   barrels, quads, stakes & arena race,
1/2 Boer doe, has had one set of kids,      lings, disbudded, $75, Lauderdale Co.,      2089.                                                                                    13 yr. old Reg. AQHA palomino geld-
                                                                                                                                   trained cutting horse, exc. handle,
$75; 3/4 Boer buck, 4 mos. old, $75,        Toomsuba, 601-917-7372.                                                                make anyone a good trail horse,               ing, good pasture horse, exc. trail
Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-9272.                                                      3 pigs, 6 wks. old, $30, Scott Co.,                                                      horse, broke to death, catch anywhere,
                                                                                                                                   $1,500. Attala Co., West, 662-289-7820.
                                            2 Full South African bucks, coming 8        Morton, 601-732-2836.                                                                    no papers, $1,500. Panola Co.,
ADGA Reg. Nubians, 3 does,          born    mos. old, also 3 young FB does, 1 per-                                                 Reg. TW stallion, 6 yrs. old, dam-            Courtland, 662-560-3990
05/01/06, vaccinated, disbudded,   ready    centage doe, great bloodlines, $100 &       Yorkshire piglets, weaned, healthy, 6
                                                                                                                                   Royal’s Blended Lady, you can catch
to go, strong healthy animals       from    up, Jackson Co., Moss Point, 228-475-       wks. old, ready to go, parents on farm,                                                  Appaloosa horses & mules, 1 yr. old,
                                                                                                                                   this horse in open pastures, extra gen-
quality stock, $125, Wayne           Co.,   7394.                                       $40, Pike Co., Summit, 601-250-0248.                                                     solid colored mules, $550/pair; Colored
                                                                                                                                   tle, good disposition, has been shown,
Waynesboro, 601-687-5477.                                                                                                                                                        mules, $1,000 & up; Appaloosa fillies &
                                                                                        350 lb. white boar hog, $75, Smith Co.,    $1,800. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-
                                            Large part Boer male, 3 yrs. old, good                                                                                               colts, all colors, $650 each. Jones Co.,
                                                                                        Raleigh, 601-269-3641.                     5726.
ABGA stud buck, 7 enoblements in            breeder, very tame, $60, need new                                                                                                    Laurel, 601-428-5964.
Magnum/Eggs bloodlines, 3 yrs. old,         stock, also grown wether, $40, Newton
throws approx. 50% paint, used as pri-                                                  Baby potbelly pigs, $35, Amite Co.,        100% foundation bred AQHA gray, dun           17 yr. old heel horse, great for begin-
                                            Co., Lawrence, 601-683-2885.
mary buck 2 yrs. $500, Pike Co.,                                                        Liberty, 601-657-1224.                     & buckskin colts at weaning, best             ning roper, no bad habits, sound,
Magnolia, 601-783-0505.                     2 mo. old percentage Boer buck, has                                                    bloodlines, exc. conformation, even           $1,700. Lamar Co., Lumberton, 601-
                                            had all vaccinations, wormings, $125,                                                  tempered performance prospects,               794-3158.
Fainting goat buck, registered, 4 yrs.      Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-749-                       WORMS                        guaranteed to perform, $800. Leflore
old, $450; Young Fainting wether,           0877.                                                                                  Co., Greenwood, 662-453-5612.                 TWHBEA white broodmare, 4 yrs. old,
$125; Fainter/Pygmy or Boer cross                                                       Vigorous red worms, bedrun $15 per                                                       just weaned colt, safe in foal to TWH,
buck or doe, $100; Boer wethers, large,     Time to change, 2 brush billies, proven     1,000 plus postage or pick up at farm,     Going to college - no time to ride &          $875; Spotted stud, Rocky Mountain
$100, Jackson Co., Moss Point, 228-         breeders, $70 ea., Jackson Co., Moss        free worm care brochure available          need the money, 3 yr. old bay mare, will      gelding, not registered, great trail
475-1138.                                   Point, 228-475-8502.                        w/order. Harrison Co., Saucier, 228-       ride bareback or w/saddle, $1,000.            horse, $1,600. Covington Co.,
                                                                                        832-9509.                      Email:      Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-833-5823.            Hattiesburg, 601-549-1002.
FB Boer goats, 100% South African,          2 young billy goats, very friendly, $30
Codi PCI bloodlines, ages range from 4      ea., or $50 for both, Coahoma Co.,                                                     5 1/2 yr. old sorrel QH gelding, about        Mustangs, adopt your own piece of his-
mos. to 6 yrs. old, $150 & up, Prentiss     Clarksdale, 662-6445-1874.                                                             14.5 H, will be a good horse to an exp.       tory, a living legend, all around great
Co., Marietta, 662-416-2151.                                                            EXOTIC LIVESTOCK & PETS                    rider, $800., w/brand new saddle              horses, can teach anything, different
                                            Jacob sheep (4-horn sheep), 1 pair                                                     $1,000. George Co., Lucedale, 601-947-        ages, different colors, only $125.
Brush billy goat, $50; Brush billy goat,    6 mos. old, $150, Amite Co., Liberty,                                                  4781.                                         Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-634-0035.
                                                                                        Red deer meat, $2.99 per pound for
$60, Jackson Co., Vancleave, 228-826-       601-657-1224.
                                                                                        whole carcass dressed weights, low                                                       2005 buckskin colt, halter broke, good
9921.                                                                                                                              16 yr. old red/white (chestnut/tobiano)
                                            Pygmy wethers, nanny kids, 4 mos. old,      cholestrol & no fat, Covington Co.,                                                      disposition, Doc O’lena on top,
                                                                                        Taylorsville, 601-785-9700.                APHA Reg. mare, great bloodlines
Suffolk-cross sheep, big & healthy,         variety of colors, $50, Hinds Co., Utica,                                              including Paint A Doc & Smoke 49,             Freckles Playboy on bottom, $2,500;
$150 ea., or $800 for all, Neshoba Co.,     601-885-8436.                                                                          ridden when younger, used as brood-           1988 own daughter of Freckles Playboy
                                                                                        Red deer, 3 mature stages, 6 mature                                                      broodmare,     $4,500. Lamar       Co.,
Philadelphia, 601-389-6055.                                                                                                        mare, $1,000. Panola Co., Courtland,
                                            Goats, mixed & Boer, good pets, breed-      does, 5 yearlings, born 2005, 5 fawns                                                    Lumberton, 601-299-0628.
                                                                                        born 2006, must sell, $7,000 for all,      662-934-5377.
ADGA Reg. bucklings, 2 ea., ready to        ing, $75-$150, Jackson Co., Moss
go, born 04/22/06, out of super milking     Point, 228-588-6424.                        Winston Co., Louisville, 662-773-4851.                                                   Donkeys, keep dogs out of your pas-
                                                                                                                                   AQHA 16 mo. old sorrel filly, extremely
stock, will make great breeders, $150,                                                                                             pretty, bred for track or barrels, grand-     ture, train your show calves & colts the
Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-735-                                                         2 male ferrets, neutered, sweet, friend-                                                 easy way - use donkeys, $250 & up.
                                                          RABBITS                       ly, cage included, no time to spend with   daughter of Easy Jet on top & Leo bred
                                                                                                                                                                                 Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-
                                                                                        them, $300, Rankin Co., Florence, 601-     on bottom, $1,200. Hinds Co.,
                                                                                                                                   Raymond, 601-857-6111.                        5717.
PB Katahdin sheep, rams, 6-7 mos. old,      1 pair young of rabbits, 4 mos. old,        845-3622.
breeding age, $75 & up, Pike Co.,           Missouri Swamp/Lop Ear cross, $12,                                                                                                   7 yr. old paint mare, well broken, $600.
                                                                                                                                   2005 yearling homozygous bay/white
McComb, 601-250-1399.                       Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-4509.

                                            Missouri Swamp rabbits, $10; Florida
                                                                                         REMEMBER                                  tobiano stud colt, $2,500; Appaloosa
                                                                                                                                   mare, updated on shots, wormed &
                                                                                                                                                                                 Lafayette Co., Taylor, 662-236-5744.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Peruvian horses, great dispositions,
7- 3 mo. old 3/4 Boer goats, $300 for
all, $50 ea., Greene Co., Lucedale, 601-    Cottontails, $10, Rankin Co., Pearl,         If you wish to place an ad in the         trimming, $750. Rankin Co., Brandon,          colorful & well behaved, starting at
947-4789.                                   601-932-5983.                                                                          601-824-8988.                 Email:          $1,800. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-
                                                                                         Mississippi Market Bulletin, you
                                                                                                                                                   7094 after 6 p.m.
4- 6 mo. old percentage Boer billies,       San Juan rabbits, $10, Copiah Co.,          must be a subscriber and ads must
$45 ea., or $160 for all, Yalobusha Co.,    Wesson, 601-823-6555.                        be submitted to our office before         Reg. TWH’s, 9 yr. old black/white paint       1999 red dun AQHA mare, 15.3 H,
Coffeeville, 662-675-2647.                                                                                                         stallion, $1,500; Yearling palomino           trained for pleasure, used to work cat-
                                            Little “Hops” rabbits: Californians,          12:00 P.M. on the deadline day.          black/chestnut       fillies & stallions,     tle, gentle, easy to handle, bombproof,
Tennessee Fainting billy goat,              Dutch, Mini Rex & Polish, breeding                 See additional deadline             $1,000 each; Pleasure horses & brood-         $1,500. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-418-
black/white, $150, Hinds Co., Terry,        stock or small ones, also have good fry-                                               mares, $1,000 & up. Hinds Co.,                2624.
                                                                                                  dates on page 27.                Clinton, 601-317-3924.
601-878-6682.                               ers, $7 & up. Rankin Co., Pearl, 601-
                                            932-2074.                                                                                                                            TWH cremello filly, weanling, WGC
PB Boer buck, 6 mos. old, wide chest &                                                            Deadline for the                 Appaloosa 4 yr. old mare, white               bloodlines, top & bottom, $1,000;
long body, will make great commercial       New Zealand white breeding rabbits,                 September 1st issue:               w/buckskin spots on rear, used as trail       Other weanlings & riding horses, $500
herd sire, $175, Simpson Co.,               $10; Cages: 30x30 4-compartment cage                                                   horse, $1,200. Jones Co., Ovett, 601-         & up. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-847-
Harrisville, 601-847-9486.                  w/feeders & waterers, $75, 48x48              Monday, August 21, 12:00 P.M.            344-2669.                                     5025.

August 15, 2006                                                                  MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                Page 17
2 AQHA red roan fillies, 2003 models,        1 1/2 yr. old red/white Appaloosa stud,      TWH’s & spotted Saddle Horses, wean-         Reg. Appaloosa mare, 6 yrs. old, run-        12 yr. old standard bred gelding, 1,200
Hancock bred, very nice, $1,500 each;        big & flashy, $350; 2 yr. old red w/white    ling thru 2 yr. olds, $500 & up. Pearl       ning bred, Dash For Cash, started on         lb. buggy horse, dead broke, $1,500.
2006 foal crop, top bloodlines, greys,       star filly, half TWH - half paint Saddle     River Co., Poplarville, 1-601-795-6563.      barrels, $1,200; Reg. QH mare, 20 yrs.       Adams Co., Natchez, 601-442-2151.
roans & buckskins, $800 & up.                Horse, $250. Oktibbeha Co., Sturgis,                                                      old, used for lessons/trail, $750.
Sunflower Co., Tutwiler, 662-719-2228.       662-465-7512.                                10 yr. old sorrel gelding, barrel & trail    Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-323-          3 Reg. Paso Fino broodmares w/babies
                                                                                          horse, sound, no bad habits, $1,500;         5091.                                        at side, good bloodlines, sire- Emir,
Reg. POA ponies/horses, white, grulla,       Kids horse deluxe, beautiful 2002            6 yr. old AQHA bay gelding, walking                                                       Reteno Dol Ocho bloodlines, $2,000
bay, black, 2006 baby to 10 yr. old, all     AQHA gray Doc Bar mare, loping bar-          barrel pattern, well mannered, $2,000.       4 yr. old AQHA bay gelding, really stout     per pair. Grenada Co., Gore Springs,
very nice, $500 & up. Rankin Co.,            rels & poles, 14 H, heavy muscled,           Attala Co., Ethel, 662-674-2180.             & extremely fast, started on heel side       662-294-3276.
Florence, 601-845-3622.                      great handle, real confidence builder,                                                    but needs exp. rider, must see, $2,500.
                                             $2,500. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-540-        Reg. spotted miniature male donkey,          Lawrence Co., Jayess, 601-248-5942.          AQHA Reg. cow bred broodmares, year-
Reg. spotted Saddle Horse mare, sorrel       1409.                                        gray/white, off a 32” jenny & 31” jack,                                                   lings, 2 yr. olds, buckskins, palominos,
& white, 15 yrs. old, single foot gait                                                    can be weaned in early Sept., very cute      Peruvian horses, registered geldings,        roans, $850 & up. Oktibbeha Co.,
w/good speed & smooth, exc. brood-           Reg. paint gelding, 5 yrs. old, 15 H,        & loveable, $450. Wilkinson Co.,             ages 3-9 yrs. old, trail ridden regularly,   Starkville, 662-323-0870 nights.
mare, has had 3 colts, $1,500. Winston       really broke, stop, spin, tracking & rop-    Centreville, 601-645-5340.                   the smoothest ride you can experience
Co., Louisville, 662-773-6824.               ing cattle in arena, $2,700. Hinds Co.,                                                   on a horse, $4,500 & up. Madison Co.,        APHA 8 yr. old “Rocket Wrangler” mare
                                             Jackson, 601-624-5421.                       APHA 4 yr. old mare, great handle &          Canton,      601-421-2724.         Email:    w/Medicine Hat overo filly at side,
Mammoth jack, 15.1 H, Reg. TWH                                                            disposition, sorrel/white, 15.2 H, per-                          $1,500., w/2 yr. old buckskin filly, 3 for
black mare, 6 yrs. old, $750 each. Lee       AQHA gelding, 8 yrs. old, 15.2 H, liver      fect QH type conformation, exc. perfor-                                                   1 $2,000. Chickasaw Co., Houston,
Co., Guntown, 662-401-8977.                  chestnut w/blaze, nice disposition,          mance or show prospect, $4,000.              2006 AQHA bay stud colt w/blaze face         662-456-9643.
                                             shown in halter & walk-trot, $1,500          Jackson Co., Vancleave, 228-217-0625.        & 2 hind socks, out of Two Eyed Jack,
AQHA & APHA broodmares w/2006                OBO. DeSoto Co., Lake Cormorant,                                                                                                       13 yr. old sorrel mare, runs all timed
                                                                                                                                       Leo, King P234, great disposition, han-
colts, tobiano filly, red dun stud colt      662-429-3097.                                Miniature AMHA blue eyed bay pinto &                                                      events, easy to ride, $3,000; 2001
                                                                                                                                       dled since birth, $400. George Co.,
w/blaze, chestnut AQHA stallion w/star,                                                   other pinto easy catching/foaling                                                         AQHA chestnut gelding, 60 days rein-
                                                                                                                                       Lucedale, 601-766-1013.
$2,000/pair. Walthall Co., Tylertown,        5 time MS State Champion pony halter         mares, tiny 30.50” & under, $1,500 &                                                      ing, 60 days barrels, loping pattern,
601-467-5114.                                mare, bay, 51 1/2”, $7,500; 1983 AQHA        up; Glass eyed pinto filly, $950. Pearl                                                   $4,500. Harrison Co., Gulfport, 601-
                                                                                                                                       AMHA miniature horse stud weanling,
                                             mare, ROM in western pleasure in             River Co., Picayune, 601-749-9197.                                                        212-1515.
                                                                                                                                       red/white pintaloosa - lots of paw
Reg. TWH black filly, 15 mos. old,           Open & AMA, $7,000 OBO. Newton                                                            prints, appy spots on hip, 16 1/2” when
$1,000; QH mare, 6 yrs. old, rides/easy      Co., Hickory, 601-635-2628.                  AQHA sorrel mare, stocky built, team                                                      7 yr. old sorrel/white paint gelding,
                                                                                                                                       born, mature 26 1/2”, show quality,          broke but needs lots of exp. handling,
to handle, sorrel/white, bred to Reg.                                                     penning, barrels, etc., exc. broodmare,      $1,750. Kemper Co., Bailey, 601-737-
TWH palomino/white, $900. Simpson            2 yr. old sorrel gelding, neg. coggins,      anyone can ride, $2,250 OBO. Leake                                                        $900 firm, cash only. Stone Co.,
                                                                                                                                       2868.                                        Wiggins, 601-928-7398.
Co., Magee, 601-849-4555.                    up to date on shots, out of Crooked          Co., Carthage, 601-267-6490 leave
                                             Creek Farms cutting horse stock, hal-        message.                                     2006 palomino colt, AQHA, FQHR
TWH palomino, cremello & various             ter broke, blonde mane/tail, $500.                                                                                                     Pony, 5 time state pony halter champi-
                                                                                                                                       (97%) Peppy San Badger & Classical           on, 51 1/2” bay mare, $7,500; 1993
color colts & yearlings, Handshaker          Rankin Co., Jackson, 601-214-7970.           Haflingers, herd reduction, mares,           Skipper on papers, $1,500. Walthall
bloodlines, $300 & up. Chickasaw Co.,                                                     mares & colts, some geldings, also                                                        AQHA mare, ROM in open & AMA
                                                                                                                                       Co., Tylertown, 601-876-9515 call            western pleasure, $7,000 OBO. Newton
Prairie, 662-456-4348.                       AQHA yearlings & older, all halter           Haflinger mules, $500 & up. Neshoba          before 9 p.m.
                                             broke, some started, Three Bargains,         Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-7178.                                                          Co., Hickory, 601-527-5875.
Triple Reg. gaited gelding, 5 yrs. old,      Jet Deck, Rey, Otoe Chico, Platanero                                                      Reg. APHA horses, 2 yr. old black stal-      QH’s, some 3-in1- pkg., mares w/colts,
great for show or trail, $1,800; 2 yr. old   bloodlines, great dispositions, cow          Gaited filly, 6 mos. old, $300. Pike Co.,
                                                                                                                                       lion, 2 yearling fillies, 1 solid sorrel,    palomino stud colt, sorrel filly, child’s
tri-colored bay filly started under sad-     sense, speed, $500 & up. Kemper Co.,         Summit, 601-276-9515.
                                                                                                                                       tobiano, white & sorrel, several non-        pony, very gentle, $500 & up. Jones
dle, $500. Alcorn Co., Corinth, 662-         Scooba, 662-425-6256.                                                                     registered tobiano colts, $600 & up.         Co., Ellisville, 601-498-7365.
664-0392.                                                                                 Reg. APHA 11 yr. old mare, exc. blood-
                                                                                                                                       Newton Co., Lawrence, 601-775-0237.
                                             1 gaited sorrel 2 yr. old filly, gentle,     line, very fast, good mannered, exp.
Coon hunting black mare mule, lots of                                                     rider, easy keeper, very low mainte-                                                      2005 AQHA geldings, 1 dun K. C.
                                             broke, smooth ride, good trail rider,
                                                                                                                                       AQHA & grade QH’s, several to choose         Leaguer, 1 bay Good Bar, exc. pleasure
trail time, kid safe, about 650 lbs.,        has been shot off of, $1,000; Gaited         nance, to good home only, $3,000.
                                                                                                                                       from, green broke but have been in           prospects, $1,250 each. Lafayette Co.,
13 H, 52”, she won’t last long at this       colts, $500. Clay Co., West Point, 662-      Madison Co., Madison, 601-856-9745.
                                                                                                                                       pasture a couple of years, starting at       Oxford, 662-236-6758.
price, $700. Wayne Co., Waynesboro,          494-2328.
                                                                                          Tennuvian - Peruvian/TW cross, 4 mo.         $500. Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-528-
601-735-2269.                                                                                                                                                                       TWH’s, Reg. & blood typed, stallions,
                                             15.3 H bay/white Reg. spotted Saddle         old stud colt, good lines, sweet disposi-    9696.
                                                                                                                                                                                    mares, geldings, colts & weanlings,
Donkeys, $150 & up.           Pike   Co.,    Horse, very smooth & fast, easy to           tion, $1,500. Jefferson Davis Co.,
                                                                                                                                       AQHA palomino & sorrel mares, 1992           $1,500/up; Some cross-bred Apps, Paso
McComb, 601-250-1399.                        catch & very gentle, $1,500 OBO.             Prentiss, 601-792-2810.
                                                                                                                                       stallion, HYPP N/H, great disposition &      Finos, Mustang & Mountain ponies,
                                             Smith Co., Taylorsville, 601-725-4604.
2005 sorrel APHA gelding, imprinted                                                       AQHA 3 yr. old LA accredited sorrel          conformation, must see to appreciate,        $600/up. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-
at birth, handled daily, my daughter’s       APHA 5 yr. old gelding, ranch worked,        mare, Strawfly Special & Sail On             $500 & up. Covington Co., Taylorsville,      825-6583.
4-H project horse, up to date on shots,      pasture roped on, $2,200; APHA 5 yr.         Bunny bred, 60 days riding & ready to        601-785-4573 after 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                    AQHA broodmare, gorgeous, stout, no
farrier & worming, $1,000 OBO. Jones         old mare, trotting barrels, $2,500.,         start, great barrel prospect, $1,500.
                                                                                                                                       APHA & AQHA stallions & mares,               breeding or birth issues, 19 yrs. old,
Co., Seminary, 601-283-0515. Email:          both have exc. bloodlines, gentle &          Covington Co., Collins, 601-517-2478.
                                                                                                                                       some broke to ride, bay, grullo, dun &       bred to registered paint stud, $900;                        fast. Webster Co., Maben, 662-263-
                                                                                                                                       sorrel, $1,000 & up. Jasper Co.,             2 Reg. paint colts, $600 each. Greene
                                             5908.                                        2000 APHA bay tobiano mare, leads,
                                                                                                                                       Heidelberg, 601-787-4751.                    Co., Lucedale, 601-947-4789.
Dressage-jumper prospect, ApHA Reg.                                                       loads, clips, bathes, good for farrier,
gelding, 6 yrs. old, 16 H, 1,100 lbs.,       1991 appendix broodmare, great moth-         knows leads, has good stop, been trail                                                    QH mare, 7 yrs. old, brown, w/filly by
w/light brown eyes, black mane/tail,         er, Pacific Bailey, The Ole Man, Texas       ridden, well started, needs finishing,       2004 colt, top notch cutting, reining,
                                                                                                                                       team penning prospect, 7 NCHA                side, mare is broke to ride, bred back or
trained the natural horseman way,            Dancer, Clara Bryant bloodlines,             $2,000 OBO. Sharkey Co., Anguilla,                                                        exposed to same stud for 2007 foal,
$2,800. Hinds Co., Utica, 601-885-           $1,800; Yearling filly out of above          662-873-7278.                                money earners on his AQHA papers,
                                                                                                                                       $1,500. Pearl River Co., Carriere, 601-      $1,000 OBO. Kemper Co., Dekalb, 601-
2685.                                        mare, $1,000. Pearl River Co.,                                                                                                         743-4058.
                                             Poplarville, 601-795-3159.                   Buckskin QH, 20 yrs. old, well trained,      749-8456.                     Website:
2004 AQHA filly, Doc O’Lena, 90 days                                                      great trail horse, up to date on all shots
                                                                                                                                                                                    Reg. SSHBEA spotted mare, 7 yrs. old,
riding, very gentle, easy to catch, leads,   17 yr. old paint gelding, great trail        & worming, $600. Madison Co., Flora,                                                      broke, colt at side, $1,500; 7 yr. old gray
loads, ties, $1,600. Pike Co., Summit,       horse, plenty of spirit, but not bad, easy   601-879-9557.                                Jacks w/cross on back, gray, running
                                                                                                                                       w/cattle, easy to catch & handle, $150.      mare, very broke, w/weaning filly,
601-267-2297.                                keeper, $1,000. Smith Co., Raleigh,                                                                                                    $1,500., or sell separate. Perry Co.,
                                             601-536-3642.                                4 mo. old TWH filly colt, buckskin &         Leake Co., Lena, 601-654-8854.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Beaumont, 601-784-3381.
10 yr. old Reg. Appaloosa stud, green                                                     white w/black in mane/tail, father is
broke, never bucked, proven breeder,         1 black/white yearling filly, bloodlines     homozygous w/championship blood-             AQHA, 2 & 3 yr. old QH’s, broodmares,
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mammoth jack w/cross on back,
sire- Go To Win, dam- Rio Roxie Belle,       to Strait From Texas, 2 tobiano wean-        lines, $1,500. Union Co., New Albany,        yearlings & colts, foundation blood-
                                                                                                                                                                                    proven stud, gentle, $300. Forrest Co.,
bay in color, gentle, $2,500. Lawrence       ling fillies, will cow & perform,            662-534-7510.                                lines, many colors, most are good trail
                                                                                                                                                                                    Petal, 601-544-1875.
Co., New Hebron, 601-694-2775.               $1,000/up. Amite Co., Centreville, 601-                                                   riding horses, $750-$3,500. Tippah Co.,
                                             810-4912.                                    Reg. TWH’s, weanlings & yearlings,           Ripley, 662-837-8182.                        QH mare, 2 1/2 yrs. old, broke, gentle,
AQHA 16 mo. old sorrel stud colt, bred                                                    solids & spotted, many colors, also                                                       needs exp. rider, $850. Lincoln Co.,
for barrels or track, grandson of Pure D     2004 AMHA miniature horse, flashy,           Tennuvians, smooth riding & great            AQHA 1999 red dun mare, grand-               Brookhaven, 601-833-0256.
Dash, S.I. 121 w/Thoroughbred lines          sorrel pinto stallion, 32”, gentle, Bond     bloodlines, starting at $500 & up.           daughter of The Old Man, gentle,
on the bottom, nice, $1,200. Hinds Co.,      Snippet bloodline, $600. Pike Co.,           Simpson Co., Magee, 601-849-9502.            broke, used on cattle in pasture, also       23 yr. old AQHA sorrel gelding, runs
Jackson, 601-857-2800.                       Magnolia, 601-783-6606.                                                                   used for hunting & pleasure riding,          barrels & poles, easy keeper, good
                                                                                          AQHA sorrel mare, 7 yrs. old, Flaming        $2,500. Jefferson Co., Natchez, 601-         beginners horse, $2,000. Hinds Co.,
15 yr. old AQHA barrel horse, big &          Beautiful golden palomino colt, AQHA         Jet bloodlines, 2D barrel & pole horse,      442-5123.                                    Terry, 601-842-7631.
stout, running bred from War Chic to         Reg., 1 yr. old, Dash For Cash, Skip N       very gentle for kids, $6,500; 2 Shetland
Bugs Alive In 75, very gentle, easy to       Union bloodline, halter broke, very          pony geldings, $400 each. Amite Co.,         4 APHA Reg. mares, some w/babies,            Black/white Reg. TWH/SSH stud colt
ride, $5,500. Leflore Co., Itta Bena,        gentle, can email pictures, $2,500.          McComb, 601-276-7424.                        $1,000 each. Amite Co., Centreville,         out of world champion bloodline,
662-254-7566.                                Newton Co., Decatur, 601-479-6813.                                                        601-645-6565.                                $3,500; 13 yr. old SSH blue roan mare,
                                                                                          TWH/SSH double registered black &                                                         great trail horse, $2,200. Perry Co.,
Reg. TW gelding, home bred & raised,         2 palomino stud colts, 1 will be golden,     white filly, Magic’s Fancy Marker on         TWH 2 yr. old black stud, $500; TWH          Wiggins, 601-598-2488.
7 yrs. old, black, nice, no buck or rear,    Peppy San Badger breed, 1 is Bob Acre        top, out of John’s Solid Gold W mare,        yearling filly, sorrel w/4 white stock-
guarantee vet check sound, no drugs,         Doc, Smart Little Lena, Sonny Dee Bar        shots, wormed regularly, trained,            ings & blaze, $500., no papers, but          2 1/2 yr. old Racking mare, very spirit-
$2,000. Covington Co., Seminary, 601-        breed, $1,750 each. Noxubee Co.,             $1,200. Monroe Co., Aberdeen, 662-           both can be registered. Rankin Co.,          ed but gentle, white color, $3,000; 3 yr.
722-6090.                                    Macon, 662-726-1255.                         319-6693.                                    Brandon, 601-845-0771.                       old bay gaited TWH mare, very gentle,

Page 18                                                                            MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                    August 15, 2006
easy to handle, $2,000. Attala Co.,          2 Reg. black TWH mares, 4 yrs. old,           2004 AQHA palomino, dun, roan, geld-          Lawrence Co., New Hebron, 601-792-          Threat, bloodlines, Ivory’s Gold
McCool, 662-547-6774.                        good disposition, anyone can ride, both       ings, grullo filly, Docs Jack Frost, Dash     2904.                                       Generator, palomino, Royal/Ivory JFK,
                                             have 3 mo. old black colts by side,           For Cash, Poco Bueno, Blue Valentine                                                      Bud England bloodlines, fee $150.
1995 bay QH gelding, 15.2 H, exc. han-       $2,000 each pair. Walthall Co.,               bloodlines, broke to ride, gentle horses,     Reg. TWH/BEA 6 yr. old black mare,          Simpson Co., Magee, 601-847-5025.
dle, cow sense, heeled & team penned,        Tylertown, 601-876-5950.                      $1,500 each. Clarke Co., Shubuta, 601-        exc. disposition, wonderful personality,
good speed, $2,000; AQHA filly, Two                                                        776-6586.                                     $2,000; Spotted 6 yr. old jenny, $350;      TWH/RH, palomino 16+ H, cremello
Eyed Jack, Coosa, Winchester bred,           2000 AQHA red dun stallion, grandson                                                        14 mo. old jenny, grey w/strip, $200.       15+ H, both from Handshaker blood-
$800. Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-            of Peppy San Badger, out of a Genuine         Donkey, 18 yrs. old, standard jenny w/4       Forrest Co., Petal, 601-582-2491.           lines, great disposition & natural gait-
735-4433.                                    Doc & Doc Prescription mare, $2,500;          mo. old jack fold, both for $200; 1 stan-                                                 ed, fee $200., pasture bred. Chickasaw
                                             1996 AQHA team penning gelding,               dard spotted jack, $300. Pontotoc Co.,        AMHA pretty tri-color 3 yr. old 29”         Co., Prairie, 662-456-4348.
Black/white Reg. TWH/SSH stud colt,          $2,000. Tishomingo Co., Tishomingo,           Thaxton, 662-489-4888.                        mare, gentle, great bloodline, $1,500;
out of world champion bloodline,             662-438-7261.                                                                               AMHA black gelding, rides, very gentle,     APHA black/white Sonny Dee Bar &
$3,500; 13 yr. old SSH blue roan mare,                                                     Reg. AQHA sorrel filly, halter broke,         been shown by youth, $800. Jones Co.,       Mardelle Dixon bloodline, 15.2 H,
great trail horse, $2,200. Perry Co.,        Reg. AQHA sorrel gelding, Wimpy, Leo,         Three Bars, Native Dancer/Pudden, Jet         Laurel,    601-426-6369.        Email:      1,150 lbs., beautiful stud, exc. disposi-
Wiggins, 601-598-2488.                       Rey bloodlines, started on barrels, lots      Charger, $1,500; Reg. AQHA sorrel                         tion/conformation, very gentle, fee
                                             of potential for roping, etc., selling due    stallion, good disposition, Three                                                         $500., plus mare care. Noxubee Co.,
Bay head horse, great for beginners &        to owner’s health, $800 OBO. Kemper           Bars/Native Dancer, $3,500. Jackson           1996 appendix QH mare, English, great       Macon, 662-726-1255.
exp. ropers alike, very gentle, $3,500.      Co., Scooba, 662-793-4951.                    Co., Ocean Springs, 228-818-2633.             mover, $4,000; 2003 AQHA gorgeous
Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-436-                                                                                                   bay foundation broodmare, $1,000;           TWHBEA Down Home Blues, Reg.
0504 ask for Mark.                           Welsh pony gelding, dapple gray, very         2 Reg., fat, red dun fillies, halter broke,   2001 AQHA beautiful gray mare, west-        #953414, true black, no markings,
                                             flashy Arabian characteristics, 8 yrs.        w/stripe down back & around legs,             ern pleasure, $5,500. Stone Co.,            born 5/6/95, good background, gentle,
AQHA herd sellout, 3-in-1 broodmare          old, can be registered, champion              Little Peppy, Young Gun, Freckle              Perkinston, 601-408-9789.                   easy to catch, 17 H, fee: registered
pkg., stallions, geldings, Two Eyed          bloodlines, $1,500; Miniature colt,           Playboy bloodlines, $1,000 & $1,500.                                                      $175., non-registered $150. Scott Co.,
Jack, Leo, Docs Quixote, Poco Bueno,         small & really gentle, $600. Scott Co.,       Chickasaw Co., Okolona, 662-447-              Palomino gaited gelding, registered         Sebastopol, 601-625-8586.
Steel Bars bloodlines, $400 & up.            Homewood, 601-536-3155.                       2441.                                         from Spotted Saddle breed, 2 1/2 yrs.
Lincoln Co., Bogue Chitto, 601-833-                                                                                                      old, very gentle, sweet, smooth, fine,      AQHA bay stallion, King P234 blood-
6517.                                        2004 bay breeding stock stud colt,            6 yr. old grey roan jack, 500-600 lbs.,       $2,500; Reg. TW filly, black/white, rid-    lines, beautiful build, a must see, great
                                             $500. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-           bred mares, plow your garden, $400;           ing, $1,500. Clay Co., Montpelier, 662-
Reg. SSHBEA gaited colts, now being                                                                                                                                                  disposition, fee $250. George Co.,
                                             835-2059.                                     3 mules, work & ride, $400 & up. Perry        494-7038.
weaned, all colors, all natural gaited,                                                                                                                                              Lucedale, 601-766-1013.
                                                                                           Co., Petal, 601-582-1694.
gentle, beautiful colts w/great poten-       APHA 2002 buckskin overo stallion,                                                          AQHA 16 yr. old bay broodmare, On
tial, $600 each. Scott Co., Lake, 601-       APHA, AQHA & grade mare, all 3                                                                                                          Own son of Doc Tari by own daughter
                                                                                           36” chestnut pony stud, gentle, rides,        Guard, King breeding, easy keeper,          of Cutter Bill, fee $400 LFG plus $3
775-3733 after 6 p.m.                        mares trail ride, sell group for $3,500.      easy to catch, $400; 41” Shetland pony,       $750; Yearling bay filly from same
                                             Copiah Co., Hazlehurst, 601-277-3103.                                                                                                   daily mare care, pictures & pedigree on
                                                                                           rides & pulls buggy, sorrel/white, $550.      mare & High Set stallion, $500. Hinds       website: Pearl
6 yr. old gelding, 14 H, tri-colored,                                                                                                    Co., Terry, 601-955-5391.
                                                                                           Pike Co., Summit, 601-248-6253.                                                           River Co., Carriere, 601-749-8456.
good trail horse, $1,200. Oktibbeha          Herd dispersal, Paso Finos & Peruvian
Co., Starkville, 662-324-8470.               Pasos, championship bloodlines, great                                                       AQHA 19 yr. old blue roan gelding,
                                                                                           8 mo. old minature colt, black, friend-                                                   4- stallions: Reg. TWH w/WGC blood-
                                             trail horses, $1,500-$6,000; Bay                                                            stocky build, used on ranch checking,
                                                                                           ly, 31” tall, people oriented, small fea-                                                 lines, golden palomino, black/white
Beautiful 5 yr. old stud, 42” miniature      Thoroughbred, gentle as can be,
                                                                                           tures, $350. Neshoba Co., Philadelphia,       roping & doctoring cattle, approx.
horse, golden palomino w/flowing             $3,000. Harrison Co., Gulfport, 228-                                                                                                    tobiano, black, & black w/hind socks,
                                                                                           601-656-5068.                                 15 H, good conformation, $2,000. Pike
blonde mane/tail, 4 black hooves, very       604-2179.                      Email:                                                                                                   fee: Reg. $250., grade $100., mare care
                                                                                                                                         Co., Summit, 601-276-3117.
muscular & slick, good rider, easy                                                                                                                  $3/day. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-
                                                                                           Palomino mare, gentle, comes when                                                         6583.
keeper, $750. Rankin Co., Florence,                                                                                                      Palomino Walking mare, 7 yrs. old,
                                                                                           called, 4 yrs. old, 11 & 12 yr. old girls
601-317-2645.                                AQHA 2003 palomino stallion, w/blaze                                                        sound, used for trail riding & bird dog
                                                                                           ride, $1,000 OBO. Stone Co., Wiggins,                                                     Beautiful 5 yr. old stud, 42” miniature
                                             face & 4 white stockings, King &                                                            field trials, $1,500. Winston Co.,
2 yr. old AQHA gray gelding, Smart                                                         601-928-5686.                                                                             horse, golden palomino w/flowing
                                             Skipper W bred, started riding good,                                                        Louisville, 662-773-2242.
Little Lena breeding, broke & really         very nice colt, $3,500. Calhoun Co.,                                                                                                    blonde mane/tail, very muscular &
                                                                                           AQHA 2 yr. old mare, green broke,
pretty, $2,500. Rankin Co., Brandon,         Bruce, 662-983-7822.                                                                        AQHA 15.3 H, 1,300 lbs., beautiful          slick, fee $100 halter breeding or pas-
                                                                                           loads, good on ground exercises, medi-
601-832-8824.                                                                                                                            gelding, great handle, Offers Red Flash     ture breeding. Rankin Co., Florence,
                                             AQHA 2003 model buckskin mare, has            um size, $1,000. Newton Co., Hickory,
                                                                                                                                         x Mia Red Hope, $2,000. Jackson Co.,        601-317-2645.
6 yr. old pleasure gelding, easy to ride,    lots of ground work, a pleasure to be         601-646-0638.
great disposition, winning in at the big                                                                                                 Vancleave, 228-826-2258.
                                             around, catch anywhere, ready to go to                                                                                                  Bay Battle Colors, 3 yr. old stallion,
shows, $5,000. Pearl River Co.,                                                            1/2 Mustang & 1/2 QH chestnut geld-
                                             work, Poco Bueno bloodlines, $1,500.                                                        AQHA Reg. buckskin mare, 2 yrs. old,        Reg. TW paint stud, bay/white/black,
Poplarville, 601-299-0264. Email: cgas-                                                    ing, green broke but is in 10 days of
                                             Washington Co., Leland, 662-822-                                                            Poco bloodline, halter broke, $1,800;       beautiful, very gentle, 16 H, fee $250.                                                                             training now, will make a good cutter,
                                             7235.                                                                                       Palomino mare, 4 yrs. old, gentle for       Hinds Co., Utica, 601-668-9073.
                                                                                           $500. Lawrence Co., Silver Creek, 601-
APHA 16 mo. old filly & stud, beautiful                                                    886-0211.                                     anyone to ride, $950. Lincoln Co.,
                                             7 yr. old bay gelding, great for trail rid-                                                                                             TWH black/white homozygous, Spirit
conformation, King, Peppy San, Doc                                                                                                       Brookhaven, 601-754-4223.
                                             ing, $1,500. Stone Co., McHenry, 601-                                                                                                   of Apache top/bottom grandson, &
O’Lena, started under saddle, sold           928-9155.                                     14 yr. old broodmare, Easy Jet & Bugs
                                                                                           Alive, in foal to In The Red Zone (On         Hunting mule, 15 H, sorrel, very gen-       Direct Prides Generator stud out of
farm, must sell, $800 each. Walthall                                                                                                                                                 Merry Go Boy/Ebony Masterpiece
                                             AQHA fillies & colts, weanlings to 5          The Money Red, Bug Mania, Bugs                tle, 5 yr. old gelding, $1,000; Saddle
Co., Tylertown, 601-467-5113.                                                                                                                                                        mare, fee $200 each. Prentiss Co.,
                                             yrs. old, Zan Parr Bar bloodlines, $500       Alive), $2,000. Marshall Co., Holly           Horse gelding, dapple gray w/black
                                                                                           Springs, 662-564-1114.                        mane/tail, 15 H, hog hunting horse,         Booneville, 662-728-0920.
AQHA 2000 chestnut gelding, 14.3 H,          & up. Pike Co., Summit, 601-276-9305
1,000 lbs., lots of cutting/training, Doc    after 6 p.m.                                                                                $1,500. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-417-
                                                                                           Must sell, colts, mares & studs, start-       2635.                                       AQHA sorrel stallion, AAA, Racing Reg.
Bar, Doc’s Hickory, Sr. Instant Choice,                                                                                                                                              of Merit, 96 speed index, good disposi-
Doc’s Lynx, Gay Bar King, $4,800 OBO.        TWH herd reduction, black/white,              ing at $300., my health is bad & I’m
                                                                                           unable to take care of them. Pike Co.,        1998 AQHA gelding, Flaming Jet, Bugs        tion, breeding: Native Dancer & Three
Montgomery Co., Byhalia, 662-838-            black, sorrel, some homozygous, colts,
                                                                                           Magnolia, 601-783-5989 after 5 p.m.           Alive In 75, Triple Chick on papers,        Bars, fee $350., mare care $5/day.
2740.                                        yearlings, stallions & mares in foal, all
                                                                                                                                         prof. trained, been in pasture, exp.        Jackson Co., Ocean Springs, 228-818-
                                             are great bloodlines, $800 & up.
4 yr. old palomino, 30 days of barrels &                                                   Reg. TWH gelding, $750; Spotted               rider needed, working barrels nicely,       2633.
                                             Prentiss Co., Booneville, 662-728-
poles, very good handle, good trail rid-     0920. Email:           black/white filly, $750. Madison Co.,         $4,500. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-940-
                                                                                           Flora, 601-879-8800.                          1420.                                       2- Reg. American Indian Horse stal-
ing horse, $2,000. Newton Co.,
                                             Double Reg. TWH/Spotted chestnut                                                                                                        lions, 1- copper/blanket, spots/chrome,
Hickory, 601-635-2999.
                                             tobiano gelding, 9 yrs. old, 15 H,            AQHA weanlings, yearlings, 2 yr. old &        AQHA Reg. horses, roping, barrels,          1- palomino w/chrome, outstanding
5 yr. old Reg. APHA gelding,                 friendly, loads, handles good, exc. trail     broodmares, palominos, duns, buck-            trail, cutting & penning, various col-      calm dispositions pass on to foals of
black/white, Medicine Hat, started on        horse, $2,000. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-       skins, standard bred donkeys, $150 &          ors, great bloodlines, see to believe,      unique colors, fee $250. Hinds Co.,
barrels, quick learner, $1,800. Marshall     953-0867.                                     up. Benton Co., Hickory Flat, 662-316-        $1,000 & up. Copiah Co., Wesson, 601-       Terry, 601-878-5421.
Co., Holly Springs, 662-851-7426.                                                          9000.                                         757-8906.
                                             AQHA 7 yr. old gray mare, APHA 4 yr.                                                                                                    Solid black TWH/RH stallion, Prides
TWH’s, top quality, disposition, ridable     old tobiano mare, APHA 4 yr. old              Reg. TWH filly colts, 2 to choose from,       Moving - must sell, 2 registered paints,    Generator/Mississippi      Masterpiece
mares by I’m In Command, Sundrop,            homozygous sorrel stud, 5 mos. prof.          1 may turn gray, great bloodlines, $500       1 stallion out of Two Eyed Jack, 1 geld-    bloodlines, beautiful, gaited & good
Black Vengeance, Wired, beautiful            barrel training, $1,500/up. Lamar Co.,        each. Perry Co., Beaumont, 601-525-           ing, also piece of history - Reg. Mustang   disposition, fee $100., mare care $2.50.
babies by palomino Prides Generator          Purvis, 601-297-2121.                         6607.                                         mare, $750 & up. Hinds Co., Byram,          Forrest Co., Petal, 601-582-2491.
bred stallion, starting at $2,000.                                                                                                       601-214-6321.
George Co., Lucedale, 601-947-4448.          APHA paint gelding, 15 yrs. old,              15 yr. old tri-colored paint pony mare,
                                             black/white, $2,000; Palomino gelding,        runs all timed events, needs exp. rider,
                                                                                                                                                 HORSES AT STUD                             REMEMBER
TWH 14 yr. old 16 H gelding, black w/2       17 yrs. old, $1,200., both experienced        she is all business, $2,500. Lawrence
white socks, great pleasure horse, very      cow or trail horses, well broke, great        Co., New Hebron, 601-757-7563.                                                              In order to advertise in the
rider friendly, gaited, easy keeper, still   handle. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-519-                                                       Gaited black Mammoth jack w/white             Mississippi Market Bulletin,
very spirited, $1,800. Hinds Co.,            1389.                                         6 yr. old spotted Saddle Horse gelding,       points, 56 1/2” tall, exc. disposition &
Jackson, 601-668-9073.                                                                     15.1 H, $1,700; 12 yr. old gaited             conformation, proven producer of gait-        you have to be a subscriber
                                             2 Reg. QH’s: 1 red roan, 1 yr. 4 mos.         palomino pony, $1,400., both very gen-        ed mules, fee $150. Leflore Co.,               and your account number
Spotted Saddle Horse & Walking colts,        old, $650., 1 bay roan, 9 mos. old, $500;     tle. Madison Co., Flora, 601-853-9519.        Greenwood, 662-453-5612.
Reg., $850 & up, solid $650 & up.            Saddle Horse, broke, ready to ride,                                                                                                         from your mailing label
Tippah Co., Tiplersville, 662-223-6407.      $500. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-373-            5 yr. old miniature jack, gentle, easy to     Reg. TWH/RHA, Rock & Roll Threat,              must accompany your ad.
Email:                   9281.                                         catch, will pasture w/cows, $300.             black/white, Ebony Masterpiece, Triple

August 15, 2006                                                                     MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                Page 19
                                             NKC Reg. Black Mouth Cur male, will         2 PB Beagle female puppies, adorable,      AKC Reg. Bloodhound male puppy,             Dachshund      puppies,    black/tan,
               DOGS                          be 2 yrs. old 08/08/06, nice looking
                                             dog, ready to train for whatever you
                                                                                         black, tan & white, 13”, born 04/17/06,
                                                                                         shots/wormed, parents on site, $75,
                                                                                                                                    black/tan saddleback, shots/wormed,
                                                                                                                                    DNA certified parents, $400; UKC Reg.
                                                                                                                                                                                shots/wormed, parents good squirrel
                                                                                                                                                                                dogs, mature at 25, 3 males, $200,
   Listings in this column must be
 accompanied by the following state-         want, $250, Wayne Co., Waynesboro,          Rankin Co., Florence, 601-540-1826.        Rat Terrier female, 15 mos. old,            Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-528-1072.
 ment with a signature: “I am a farmer       601-735-2269.                                                                          black/white, $100, Clay Co., Cedarbluff,
 and raised this dog (or these dogs) on                                                  CKC Reg. German Shepherd puppies,          662-494-8675.                               Beagle deer dogs, 2-5 yrs. old, 4
 my farm”. Rural addresses must be           AKC Reg. Great Pyrenees puppies,            born 06/13/06, shots/wormed, parents                                                   females, 3 males, $100 or all for $600,
 used. Dogs cannot be listed for kennels     purebred show quality, $300, Pike Co.,      on premises, another litter born           JackRats (1/2 Jack Russell - 1/2 Rat        Carroll Co., Greenwood, 662-453-1322.
 even though they are on a farm. Dogs at     McComb, 601-250-1399.                       around July, males $175, females $125,     Terrier) puppies, 5 males, 2 females,
 stud cannot be listed. Only in-state res-                                                                                          black/white, shots/wormed, tails
 idents are allowed to advertise within                                                  Jones Co., Sandersville, 601-649-1740.                                                 Silver Weimaraners, from hunting
                                             CKC Reg. Schnauzers, 2 females, 1                                                      docked, born 06/17/06, $100, Simpson        stock, can track, point & retrieve,
 this category.
                                             male, un-reg. 1 female Cocker, $700;        PB Jack Russell Terrier puppies,           Co., Mendenhall, 601-847-0046.              strong, beautiful, family oriented, par-
Reg. Rat Terrier puppies, small type,        Miniature Pinchers, 5 females, 2 males,     marked great, short, good pet or squir-                                                ents on premises, $400, Jefferson Davis
white/black,      tails      docked,         small, many colors, $1,400, Forrest         rel prospect, shots/wormed, health         UKCI Rat Terrier puppies, $85,              Co., Bassfield, 601-310-4801.
shots/wormed, out of treeing stock,          Co., Hattiesburg, 601-583-4885.             guarantee, $125, George Co., Lucedale,     Neshoba Co., Sebastapol, 601-656-
ready 08/07/06, $150, Covington Co.,                                                     601-770-0239.                              0821.                                       FB Australian Shepherd female, 1 yr.
Seminary, 601-722-6090.                      CKC Border Collie female, 2 yrs. old,                                                                                              old, very lovable pet, $100, Rankin Co.,
                                             $100, Alcorn Co., Corinth, 662-664-         Tiny male Yorkshire Terriers, Jack         CKC Yorkies, small, $600; CKC               Florence, 601-845-7261.
CKC Reg. Miniature Dachshund pup-            0392.                                       Russell Terriers, Toy Poodles, Toy         Pomeranians, small, blue, sable,
pies, 2 red males, born 05/01/06,                                                        Chihuahuas, $200 & up, Chickasaw           cream,     $300,    all  have     had       Reg. Pit Bull puppies, 7 red nose, 4
shots/wormed, $250, Wayne Co.,               AKC Australian cattle dog puppies, out                                                 shots/wormed, health guarantee, Leake
                                                                                         Co., Woodland, 662-456-3029.                                                           wks. old, 8 black nose, 6 wks. old, many
Waynesboro, 601-648-2166.                    of working parents, shots/wormed,                                                      Co., Carthage, 601-416-2350.                colors, out of excellent stock, $100,
                                             whelped 06/18/06, $300; 1 older
                                                                                         AKC English Mastiff, the gentle giants,                                                Scott Co., Lake, 601-934-1267.
CKC Reg. Chihuahuas, male or female,         female, $300, Wayne Co., Laurel, 601-                                                  AKC Reg. Lab puppies, block heads,
                                                                                         fawn, black mask, vet checked,
all sizes, $200 & up; Reg. 1/2 Border        426-9444.                                                                              stock build, parents are hunters, good
                                                                                         wormed, need loving home, $800,                                                        FB Rat Terrier puppies, small type,
Collie - 1/2 Sheltie, looks like Border                                                                                             pets, shots/wormed, 6 wks. old
                                             CKC Chihuahua puppies, short & long         Yazoo Co., Yazoo City, 662-746-2041.                                                   flashy & beautiful, tails docked, parents
Collie, $75, Clarke Co., Shubuta, 601-                                                                                              08/09/06, black females $175, rare
                                             hair, vet checked, shots/wormed, par-                                                                                              on premises, $100, Grenada Co.,
687-5781.                                                                                                                           white males $250, Amite Co., Liberty,
                                             ents on premises, $325, Jones Co.,          AKC Reg. Miniature Pinscher puppies,                                                   Grenada, 662-226-7037.
                                             Laurel, 601-426-6381.                       rare blue/tan male $500, female $700;
CKC Reg. Miniature Dachshund pup-                                                        Dachshund mini pups, black/tan, reds,                                                  ARF Reg. American Bulldog puppies,
pies, 6 wks. old, $200, Yazoo Co.,                                                                                                  AKC      Miniature      Dachshunds,
                                             CKC Reg. Feist puppies, tails docked,       double dapples, $250 & up, Rankin Co.,     “Freedom” puppies, born on the 4th of       (no Pit) shots/wormed, males, $225,
Bentonia, 662-746-7073.                                                                  Florence, 601-845-3622.                                                                females, $200; ARF Reg. female, 2 yrs.
                                             wormed, $100; CKC Reg. Jack Russell                                                    July, black/tan, $250, Clarke Co.,
                                             puppies, tails docked, wormed, $150,                                                   Quitman, 601-776-6984.                      old, $175, Clarke Co., Quitman, 601-
AKC Pomeranian puppies, small, dou-
                                             Itawamba Co., Fulton, 662-213-7771.         AKC Lab, white, blockhead, otter tail,                                                 776-5213.
ble coat, shots, health guarantee, white
                                                                                         90+ pounds, obedience training &           Reg. Great Dane puppies, born
& cream, sable, $400, Hinds Co., Terry,
                                             AKC Rhodesian Ridgeback, light              retrieving out of water, over $1,400       07/04/06, parents on premises, price        Young breeders, Boston Terriers, big, 2
                                             wheaten & red wheaten, 3 mos. old,          invested, asking $800, Choctaw Co.,        negotiable,     $500,    Smith  Co.,        females, $800 for both or $450 ea;
Beagle puppies, 3 1/2 mos. old,              $500, Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-372-          Kosciusko, 662-582-2623.                   Taylorsville, 601-466-9294.                 Miniature Pinschers, 3 females, 1 male,
shots/wormed, $50, Lafayette Co.,            0449.                                                                                                                              $1,000 for all, Simpson Co., Magee,
Water Valley, 662-473-3969.                                                              Black Mouth Cur puppies, cattle dogs,      CKC Reg. Miniature Dachshunds,              601-849-3851.
                                             PB Heeler puppies, males/females, 8         make good pets, $150, Covington Co.,       chocolate, reds, sables, solid black,
CKC Chihuahua male puppies, $250,            wks. old, several have black spot eye,      Mt. Olive, 601-797-4236.                   $200-$250; Cocker Spaniels, $250; Toy       PB Pit Bull puppies, born 06/26/06,
Simpson Co., Magee, 601-847-3567.            $75, Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-783-0505.                                                 Pomeranian, $300; CKC Dachshund             $150 & up, Covington Co., Collins,
                                                                                         UKC & CKC Reg. Toy Rat Terrier pup-        dapple male, 4 yrs. old, $150, Jones Co.,   601-323-5037.
AKC/CKC Toy Poodle puppies, blacks &         Irish Setter female, 6 yrs. old, tri-col-   pies, born 04/07/06, apricot/white,        Laurel, 601-649-5839.
silvers,      $300-$500;     AKC/CKC         ored, well trained, medium range,           black/white, good squirrel dogs, weighs                                                UKC Australian cattle dog puppies, Red
Pomeranian puppies, chocolate, red,          $600, Amite Co., Liberty, 601-341-          5-10 lbs., $100, Scott Co., Sebastopol,    AKC German Shepherd puppies,                Heelers, whelped 06/09/06, 1st
and      parti’s,    $300-$500;   CKC        3504.                                       601-625-0003.                              black/tan, sable, DNA tested, OFA in        shots/wormed, $250, Lowndes Co.,
Chihuahua         puppies,  $250-$350,                                                                                              pedigree, German bloodlines, training       Caledonia, 662-356-6860.
Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-835-            OMBCA Cur puppies, born 05/25/06,           NKC Treeing Feist puppies, $200; UKC,      on & off leash, $350 & up, Lincoln Co.,
4144.                                        Streak bred puppies, males/females,         PKC Treeing Walker male, born              Bogue Chitto, 601-698-4104.                 AKC Shelties, pups & adults, $400;
                                             $125; AKC Lab female, 2 yrs. old,           07/01/06, $150; Mountain Cur puppies,                                                  AKC Collies, 6 mos. old, $150; AKC
FB Bloodhound female, 2 1/2 yrs. old,        creamy yellow color, $150, Prentiss         $200, Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-   7 puppies, mother is Beagle, father         Standard Poodle, 1 yr. old male, $250,
$250, Madison Co., Flora, 601-720-           Co., Booneville, 662-728-5685.              772-9462.                                  unknown, free to good home,                 Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-928-6408.
2606.                                                                                                                               Covington Co., Seminary, 601-722-
                                             AKC Reg. Beagle puppies, black, tan &       CKC Boston Terrier, Cocker Spaniel,        3387.                                       CKC Reg. Cocker Spaniel, 5 yrs. old,
NKC Black Mouth Cur puppies, born            brown, born 06/14/06, from excellent        Bassett Hound, Papillon puppies, $250                                                  parti color, $150; Taking deposits on
05/24/06, 3 females, shots/wormed,           rabbit dog stock, 4 males, $100, Amite      & up, Marion Co., Improve, 601-731-        NKC Reg. Treeing Cur puppies, born          buff, Cocker Spaniels, born 07/13/06,
$175, Hancock Co., Perkinston, 228-          Co., Gloster, 601-225-7019.                 9706.                                      03/23/06, shots/wormed, ready to start      full price, $250, Tishomingo Co.,
255-0115.                                                                                                                           this fall, guaranteed to tree               Dennis, 662-438-6583.
                                             CKC Reg. Boston Terrier puppies, sire       Beagle puppies, 4 mos. old,                squirrels/coons, males/females, $150,
Doberman Pinschers, born 07/07/06,           is AKC champion, 4 males, black &           shots/wormed, $75-$150, Copiah Co.,        Scott Co., Forest, 601-469-4677.            2 Blue Heeler females, FB but they
reds & blacks, 4 males, 3 females, AKC       white, $500, Newton Co., Decatur, 601-      Wesson, 601-823-6555.                                                                  don’t have papers, $25, Jones Co.,
pedigreed champion bloodlines, ready         527-5875.                                                                              AKC German Shepherd puppies, $250-          Laurel, 601-649-1582.
08/18/06, taking deposits, $350-$450,                                                    CKC        Miniature       Schnauzers,     $300, Chickasaw Co., Houston, 662-
Lamar Co., Hattiesburg, 601-264-6926.        AKC Reg. German Shepherd puppies,                                                      456-0142.
                                                                                         shots/wormed, ready to go 08/08/06,                                                    AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies,
                                             parents on premises, good watchdogs,
                                                                                         solid white $450, salt/pepper male,                                                    born 06/17/06, 2 females, 3 males, red
AKC Reg. Beagles, 2 males, 1 females,        will be wormed 4 times/1st shots, $50                                                  AKC Pug puppies, blacks, fawns, males,
                                                                                         $250, salt/pepper female, $350, Pearl                                                  & white, $350, Scott Co., Morton, 601-
Lizard Creek Tadpole, Black Creek,           deposit holds pick, females $150, males                                                females, taking deposits, ready
                                                                                         River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-8524.                                                  732-2488.
Little Ireland bloodlines, papers &          $175, Chickasaw Co., Houston, 662-                                                     08/27/06, will have shots/worming,
pedigree, $300 for all, Lamar Co.,           456-4429.                                                                              $450 & up; CKC Boston Terrier males,
                                                                                         AKC Great Danes, 8 wks. old, males &                                                   PB English Shepherd puppies,
Purvis, 601-794-8821.                                                                                                               small, ready, $400, Pearl River Co.,
                                             FB Border Collie puppies, black/white,      females, black & bostons, $600, Pike                                                   black/tan, excellent line of cattle dogs,
                                                                                                                                    Picayune, 601-273-1722.
CKC Boston Terrier puppies, born             born 05/18/06, shots/wormed, 1 male,        Co., Magnolia, 601-542-5568.                                                           parents on premises, born 05/31/06,
06/01/06, black/white & brindle/white,       4 females, $75, Pearl River Co.,                                                       AKC Labrador Retriever puppies, rare        ready to go, shots/wormed, males $150,
6 females, 1 males, shots/wormed, par-       McNeill, 601-798-4472.                      AKC/CKC Jack Russell puppies &             white, 5 females, champion bloodline,       females $200, Clay Co., West Point,
ents on premises, $350, Marion Co.,                                                      adults, shots/wormed, healthy certifi-     health guarantee, father DNA tested,        662-494-8391.
Sandy Hook, 601-736-9772.                    ADBA & APBR Reg. Pit Bull puppies,          cate, tan/white, tri/white, $125-$300,     $500 or best offer, Tate Co., Senatobia,
                                             shots/wormed, 2 litters to choose from,     Covington Co., Hattiesburg, 601-549-       662-562-5477.                               CKC Pomeranian male, white & cream,
CKC Reg. puppies & adults, Chihuahua         Boudreaux & York, others Tonkawa,           1002.                                                                                  1+ yrs. old, very heavy coat, beautiful
&     Pomeranian,         $150-$200,         Hemphill & York, $400 & up, Rankin                                                     West Highland White Terriers, born          dog, great breeder, selling business due
Washington Co., Leland, 662-335-             Co., Florence, 601-664-0310.                4 Beagle mix puppies, 2 mos. old, dam      06/22/07, vet checked, 1st shots, males     to health reasons, $250, Pike Co.,
7856.                                                                                    is FB Warfield Red, sire is Mountain       $650, females $750, Lamar Co.,              McComb, 601-249-3920.
                                             CKC Reg., Miniature Pinscher red            Cur, should make good hunting or           Sumrall, 601-606-4183.
German Shepherd large white male,            female, 1 1/2 yrs. old, $200; CKC Reg.      companion dogs, $25, Chickasaw Co.,                                                    CKC Teacup Yorkies, long, silky hair,
good yard dog & family pet, 3 yrs. old,      Rat Terriers/Treeing Feist puppies, 2       Houston, 662-447-5573.                     UKC Reg. Coonhound female, whelped          baby doll faces, $900 & up; CKC Toy
regular vet care, $250, Lauderdale Co.,      males, 1 female, shots/wormed, $100,                                                   06/16/01, Uchtman, Smokey River             Schnauzers, parents 9 lbs., $350-$450;
Bailey, 601-737-4968.                        Marion Co., Foxworth, 601-736-3596.         Rat Terrier male, 4 yrs. old, proven       bred, good mama & puppy trainer, not        AKC Papillions, small type, $500,
                                                                                         breeder, good with kids, shots/wormed,     ill & easy to handle, $700, Lawrence        Kemper Co., Bailey, 601-737-2868.
CKC Miniature Dachshund puppies,             CKC Reg. 3/4 Yorkshire Terrier pup-         $80, Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-       Co., Sontag, 601-823-6701.
tiny,    black/tan,    chocolate/tan,        pies, females $400, males $350; Malti-      323-2203.                                                                              NALC Catahoula puppies, 2 litters,
males/females, shots/wormed, parents         Poo male puppy, $300; CKC Reg.                                                         AKC Pug puppies, fawn, 6 wks. old,          Diamond Cutter bloodlines, Full Boars
on premises, some ready now, taking          Yorkshire Terrier puppies, males $500-      AKC Reg. Pomeranian puppies, tiny,         shots/wormed, now taking deposits,          Bodie & Burkheads Budreaux blood-
deposits, $200-$250, Carroll Co.,            $600, females $700, Jones Co., Moselle,     orange/sable, taking deposits, $500,       $400, Winston Co., Louisville, 662-         lines, $100-$400, Walthall Co.,
Carrollton, 662-237-9384.                    601-582-9884.                               Greene Co., Richton, 601-989-2278.         773-7201.                                   Tylertown, 601-876-5583.

Page 20                                                                           MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                 August 15, 2006
AKC Airedale puppies, 6 wks. old, $300,     Running Walker dogs for deer, easy          $50-$300, Walthall Co., Tylertown,          NKC Reg. Red Black Mouth Cur male,            NKC Feist, 2 females, Bayou Buddy
1 male, 2 females; 2 puppies, 9 mos.        handling, $100, Adams Co., Natchez,         601-876-4509.                               1 yr. old, started treeing, out of excel-     stock, will tree, $100 or $150 for both;
old, males, $150, Scott Co., Morton,        601-445-9306.                                                                           lent squirrel & coon stock, great per-        Puppies, sire from Jack Buckley’s Grey
601-732-2836.                                                                           Beagle/Feist mix rabbit dogs, $35 & up,     sonality, loves children, $450 firm,          Tail Kennel, $100 or $150 for pair,
                                            AKC     Boston   Terrier    puppies,        puppies $20 or 3 for $50, Neshoba Co.,      Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-303-0379.        Greene Co., Leakesville, 601-394-5341.
CKC Reg. Toy Poodle puppies, $250;          shots/wormed, parents on site, $350-        Philadelphia, 601-656-5314.
CKC Reg. Teacup Poodle puppies,             $375, Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-783-                                                      Great Pyrenees/Komodor mix, 7 mos.            AKC Beagle female, Black Creek, $75;
$600, Winston Co., Noxapater, 662-          2282.                                       Walker coon dog puppies, 6 wks. old,        old, shots/wormed, good family dog,           1 male, 2 females, 1/2 Beagle - 1/2 Mt.
773-9226.                                                                               shots/wormed, $150, Jones Co.,              good around all farm animals, free to         Cur, 2 1/2 mos. old, $20, Rankin Co.,
                                            CKC Chihuahua puppies, small size,          Sandersville, 601-649-5213.                 good home, Jefferson Davis Co., New           Florence, 601-845-7139.
AKC Labs, rare whte, chocolate, yellow,     shots/wormed, $200 & up, older dogs,                                                    Hebron, 601-792-4463.
excellent bloodline, temperament,           $150 & up; Poodle puppies, small size,      6- 1/2 Boxer - 1/2 Lab puppies, very                                                      AKC Bassett Hound puppies, tri-color,
dewclawed, shtos/wormed, $400, Hinds        $300 & up, Simpson Co., Magee, 601-         cute, 1st shots, free to good home,         AKC Reg. Boxer female, 2 yrs. old,            red, white, sire AKC DNA certified,
Co., Raymond, 601-214-8950.                 849-2299.                                   Newton Co., Hickory, 601-635-2999.          fawn/black mask, $400, Pearl River Co.,       shots/wormed, $300, Winston Co.,
                                                                                                                                    Poplarville, 601-772-9771.                    Louisville, 662-779-0186.
CKC Feist puppies, Mullins Squirrel,        ABC Border Collie puppies, 10 wks. old,     German Shepherd puppies, 9 wks. old,
tails docked, shots/wormed, $100; CKC       shots/wormed, 2 females, 3 males,           registered parents on premises, good        Reg. CKC Siberian Husky puppies,              AKC Reg. Chihuahua & Miniature
Jack Russell puppies, tan/white, tails      black/white, tri-color, $200, Newton        for pets & good for personal protection,    whelped 07/16/06, parents on premis-          Pinscher puppies, 1st shots/wormed,
docked, shots/wormed, parents on site,      Co., Lawrence, 601-683-4784.                black/tan, tan/sable, $150, Jefferson       es, taking deposits, will be ready to go      $400 & up, Smith Co., Mize, 601-517-
$150, Itawamba, Co., Fulton, 662-213-                                                   Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-792-4327.          08/25/06, $400, Franklin Co., McCall          4001.
7771.                                       AKC Lab chocolate female, 3 yrs. old,                                                   Creek, 601-431-1205.
                                            blood trail dog, free to good home,         Pit Bull puppies, 2 males, 1 female, big,                                                 AKC German Shepherd puppies, 3
PB Border Collie, born in March, $100,      Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-613-9179.                                                       CKC Pomeranian puppies, $150-$200;            mos. old, sire German import, 1 sable
                                                                                        beautiful, parents on site, 3/4
Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-528-9696.                                                                                                   CKC Jack Russell puppies, $125; CKC           male, $200, 1 sable female, $150, 1- 4
                                                                                        Boudreaux, 1/8 Jeep, 1/8 Gator, born
                                            CKC Miniature Dachshunds, red, red                                                      Rat Terrier puppies, $50 & up, Calhoun        mo. old black/tan female, $200,
                                                                                        05/23/06,    $200,     Walthall     Co.,
Maltese males,    5 mos. old, $450;         sable, born 06/18/06, $200, Jasper Co.,                                                 Co., Big Creek, 662-628-4431.                 Chickasaw Co., Houston, 662-542-
                                                                                        Tylertown, 601-876-5848.
Papillion male,    8 mos. old, $300;        Louin, 601-739-3744.                                                                                                                  9317.
Maltese male,     2 yrs. old, $300;                                                                                                 AKC Reg. Boston Terrier male/female,
                                                                                        CKC       Pomeranian      puppies,          white/black spots, $400 ea., or $700 for
Male/female, 7      wks. old, $400,         CKC Reg. Boston Terrier puppies, 4          males/females, shots/wormed, $300-                                                        ABC Reg. Border Collie puppies,
Sunflower Co.,    Indianola, 662-265-       males,     champion     bloodline,                                                      both, Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-           black/white, born 07/06/06, both par-
                                                                                        $400, Simpson Co., Magee, 601-849-          835-0036.
5237.                                       shots/wormed, $400, Newton Co.,             2028.                                                                                     ents are farm dogs, beautiful puppies,
                                            Newton, 601-527-5875.                                                                                                                 $300, Madison Co., Canton, 601-853-
Bluetick coon dog puppies, whelped                                                                                                  AKC Labrador puppies, American
                                                                                        FB Bassett Hound puppies, born                                                            9679.
07/04/06, 1 male, 8 females, shots,         AKC Brussels Griffon puppies, adorable                                                  breed, exceptional loaded pedigrees on
                                                                                        06/28/06, $150, Harrison Co., Gulfport,     sire & dam, OFA, CERF, vet checked,
Smokey River Vaughn, Uchtman                toy breed, whelped 07/08/06, parents        228-868-1464.                                                                             PB Blue Heeler puppies, born 05/31/06,
breeding, parents on premises, $200,        on site, rough coats, beige color, to pet                                               dewclawed, field trial prospects, ready       out of working sire & potentail work-
Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-6431.        homes, $600-$800, Pearl River Co.,                                                      08/26/06, $450, Tippah Co., Walnut,           ing dam, great personalities, $50,
                                                                                        CKC Reg. Labrador puppies, chocolate,       662-223-4645.
                                            Carriere, 601-569-0237.                     yellow, exc. conformation, parents on                                                     Monroe Co., Nettleton, 662-963-7261.
Feist puppies, 6-10 wks. old, natual                                                    premises, $250, Pearl River Co.,
                                            Great Dane puppies, born 06/29/06,                                                      CKC Reg. Jack Russell puppies, small
tree dogs, parents are excellent squirrel                                               Poplarville, 601-299-0264.                                                                Bloodhounds, 1 female, 4 yrs. old, 1
                                            ready for delivery, 08/10/06, 2 fawn,                                                   type, short hair, bobtailed, $175,
dogs, medium size, 10-15 lbs., make                                                                                                                                               male, 3 yrs. old, both triple registered,
                                            w/black mask, 1 black, all females,                                                     Simpson co., Mendenhall, 601-847-
excellent pets, $50-$100, Pike Co.,                                                     AKC Weimaraner puppies, silver or                                                         $500 for pair, Lee Co., Saltillo, 662-
                                            $400, Amite Co., Liberty, 601-657-                                                      0795.
McComb, 601-684-6167.                                                                   blue, tails docked, dewclawed,                                                            790-4822.
                                            4732.                                       shots/wormed, $400, Pike Co.,               6 Beagles, 1 1/2 to 2 yrs. old, running
FB Chihuahua puppies, 3 males, 4                                                        Summit, 601-684-9795.                       rabbits good, $250-$300; 3 puppies,           Hog dogs, Catahoula, Black Mouth Cur
females, born 07/01/06, good compan-        UKC Reg. Carolina female, 2 yrs. old,                                                                                                 & Hound, started dogs & pups, some
                                                                                                                                    8 mos. old, $100; 1 Reg. female straight
ion/watch dog, $150, Simpson Co.,           obedience trained, buff, loves owner,                                                                                                 willl find & bay hogs, $100 & up, Attala
                                                                                        CKC Pomeranian puppies, 1 male, 1           rabbit dog, $275, Leake Co.,
Braxton, 601-847-0547.                      bred for protection, check Carolina dog                                                                                               Co., Kosciusko, 662-417-2635.
                                                                                        female, born 05/28/06, wolf sable, 4-6      Philadelphia, 601-253-2748.
                                            on internet, $400, Attala Co., West,
                                                                                        lbs.,   $300-$350,     Rankin     Co.,
CKC Afghan Hounds, 2 females, great         662-289-3956.                                                                           Reg. Rat Terrier male, born 06/18/05,         UKC Reg. Black/Tan Coonhound, born
                                                                                        Pelahatchie, 601-854-6745.
with kids, $300, Amite Co., Liberty,                                                                                                miney size, black/white, brown mark-          March 2001, hunted very little, $450,
601-657-4878.                               AKC Beagles, Shorts/Bo Knows, rabbit                                                    ings, shots, $125, Scott Co., Morton,         Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-
                                                                                        Beagles, females 3 1/2 yrs. old, $200;
                                            bloodlines, males, $300, Lamar Co.,                                                     601-732-6892.                                 1374.
                                                                                        Red Tick female, 2 yrs. old, $250; 1
Reg. Chihuahua puppies, beautiful,          Sumrall, 601-758-3413.
                                                                                        female, 3 yrs. old, $250; 1 male, 2 yrs.
healthy, shots/wormed, males/females,                                                                                               CKC Pug puppies, $350; 2 yr. old male,        Bay dog puppies, 1/2 Plott Hound - 1/2
                                            AKC/CKC Reg. Miniature Dachshund            old, $275, Scott Co., Forest, 601-625-
will be small dogs, $400, Jasper Co.,                                                                                               $200; Lhasa Apso puppies, loving,             Black Mouth Cur, excellent hog dogs,
                                            puppies, 2 litter, born 07/08/06 &          7314.
Rose Hill, 601-727-4572.                                                                                                            sweet, $100; CKC Papillons, $600-             $75, Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-
                                            07/09/06, parents on site, black/tan,                                                   $800; Welsh Corgi Pembroke female,            7283.
CKC puppies, Pomeranians, blue, red         red, short haired, $250 & up, Smith         AKC Cocker Spaniel puppies, parents
                                                                                        on site, now taking deposits, dam is        $50, Pike Co., McComb, 601-249-0165.
sable, sable, $300; Chihuahua males,        Co., Taylorsville, 601-785-4921.                                                                                                      Lab/Beagle female puppy, good childs
long haired, chocolate & tan, black &                                                   black, sire is silver, $300, Copiah Co.,                                                  pet, free to good home, Pike Co.,
                                                                                        Wesson, 601-643-5609.                       AKC Labrador Retrievers, dam trained
tan, $250-$300, Attala Co., Kosciusko,      5 CKC Chihuahua males, foam, gray,                                                      in field trials, & on premises, sire is Jr.   McComb, 601-684-7345.
662-582-2226.                               brown, shots/wormed, 6 wks. old, $250,                                                  Ch. tri-state in field trials, $350,
                                            Simpson Co., Magee, 601-941-2254.           Reg. English Shepherd female, 3 yrs.                                                      Feist dogs, natural hunting instinct,
                                                                                        old, $150, Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-        Lawrence Co., Silver Creek, 601-886-
Cur puppies from Ladner’s Cur, 6                                                                                                    0211.                                         old time bloodline, 3 females, 1 male,
females, 8 wks. old, $100-$200,             CKC Yorkie puppies, 4 males, black          835-6133.                                                                                 $60 or all for $200, Lauderdale Co.,
Lowndes Co., Columbus, 662-328-             with brownish feet, born 06/14/06,                                                      CKC Yorkies, small, $600; CKC Rat             Meridian, 601-934-7908.
6550.                                       shots/wormed, $450, Scott Co., Forest,      CKC Chihuahua male, longhaired,
                                                                                                                                    Terriers, $100; CKC Miniature
                                            601-775-8237.                               blonde, born 11/28/05, shots, $200;                                                       AKC Reg. Basset Hound puppies,
                                                                                                                                    Pinschers, $250, shots/wormed, health
Beagles, 2 females, 3 yrs. old, will not                                                CKC Peek-a-Poos, born 07/26/06, will                                                      lemon, tri-color, rare blue, $200 & up,
                                                                                                                                    guarantee, Leake Co., Carthage, 601-
run deer, 2 males, 3 yrs. old, straight     UKC Redbones, Dual Grand, sire, 2           have shots/worming, taking deposits,                                                      Copiah Co., Crystal Springs, 601-824-
rabbit dogs, $250, Hinds Co., Jackson,      females, born 06/12/06, $350; 3 males,      $300, Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-                                                      3474.
601-421-6320.                               2 females, born 07/04/06, $250; 1 male,     644-3307.                                   Reg. Austalian Shepherd puppies, out-
                                            18 mos. old, $350, Marion Co.,                                                          standing, from 2 litters, red merles,         Reg. Australian Shepherd puppies,
AKC Lab puppies, silver, 3 beautiful        Foxworth, 601-736-1174.                     CKC Boston Terrier male, black/white,       chocolate tri’s, black/white tri’s,           $150-$175; Jack Russell/Rat Terrier
males, all shots, ready for training,                                                   housebroken, small type, 12 lbs., $350,     shots/wormed, $150 & $175, Randall            puppies, $75, Mack Tucker, Jones Co.,
price reduced to $500, Choctaw Co.,         CKC Boston Terrier puppies, 1 male, 1       Smith Co., Forest, 601-507-8580.            Coker, Jones Co., Laurel, 601-319-            Laurel, 601-426-2037.
Weir, 662-547-9927.                         female, black/white, brindle/white,                                                     7376.
                                            guaranteed health, $250, Leake Co.,         CKC Jack Russell puppies, tails docked,                                                   AKC Australian cattle dog, beautiful,
Small Rat Terrier puppies, $75 & up,        Carthage, 601-267-7836.                     tan/white, black/white, smooth coat,        5 PB Beagle deer dogs, small type, $75;       red male, 14 wks. old, ready to start on
Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-2629.                                                         short,    $200;     Feist      puppies,     8 Beagle puppies, $30, Leake Co.,             cows, shots/wormed, $275, Wayne Co.,
                                            Straight Beagle rabbit dogs, $300 & up;     shots/wormed, black/white, tan/white,       Carthage, 601-267-8125.                       Laurel, 601-580-2606.
German Shepherd puppies, black, 8           Deer dogs - Walkers, hunted outside,        good squirrel stock, $90, Jones Co.,
wks. old, $100-$125; Black female,          $50 & up, Neshoba Co., Philadelphia,        Ovett, 601-344-7165.                        CKC Reg. Miniature Schnauzer female,          1/2 Black Mouth, 1/4 Catahoula, 1/4
good mother, $150, Monroe Co.,              601-656-5717.                                                                           salt/pepper, 9 mos. old, has been fixed,      Mountain Cur puppies, 6 wks. old, $50,
Aberdeen, 662-369-8656.                                                                 CKC     Boston      Terrier    puppies,     shots/wormed, friendly, good person-          Pike Co., McComb, 601-248-6945.
                                            Black/Tan Hounds, male & female, 20         males/females, brindle, black/white,        ality, paid $350, asking $200, Copiah
PKC & CKC Skuna River T.W. puppies,         mos. old, running with other dogs,          average size, born 06/08/06 & 07/19/06,     Co., Hazlehurst, 601-894-2267.                Peek-a-Poo male/female, $300; CKC
$150, Jones Co., Sumrall, 601-758-          $100; 1/2 Walker - 1/2 Beagle, 4 yrs.       $250, Kemper Co., DeKalb, 601-743-                                                        Reg. Jack Russell Terrier puppies,
3891.                                       old, $100, Leake Co., Carthage, 601-        5507.                                       CKC Red Heeler puppies, born                  smooth coat males, $100; Cocker
                                            267-3169.                                                                               06/26/06, 1st shots, wormed regularly,        Spaniel, black/white parti male, $250,
NALC Catahoulas, from old working                                                       Walker July Coonhound, 1 yr. old, nice      $200; CKC Red Heeler female, born             Smith Co., Magee, 601-269-3746.
bloodlines, started on cattle, guaran-      CKC Reg. Beagles, trained/untrained,        dog, $50; 2 trailing type AKC Beagles,      Dec. 2004, excellent breeder, compan-
teed to work, $250 & up, Jefferson Co.,     straight rabbit stock, most 13” &           jumps good, 1 yr. old, $75 & $100,          ion, working dog, $100, Jefferson Co.,        AKC Cocker Spaniel puppies, blonde,
Natchez, 601-442-5123.                      under, black/tan/white & red/white,         Walthall co., Tylertown, 601-876-6547.      Natchez, 601-786-8905.                        parents on premises, vet checked,

August 15, 2006                                                                  MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                Page 21
                                           ★★★ UPCOMING EVENTS ★★★
ready 09/02/06, $225, Jefferson Davis                                                                                           Vaiden Farmers Market- in Vaiden, MS (Carroll Co.) is open for it’s 3rd year.
Co., Carson, 601-943-6628.                                                                                                      Hours will be from 9:00 a.m. until, Saturday & Wednesday. Fresh vegetables,
                                           Bluetick Annual Coon Dog Gathering- non-licensed hunt-all breeds wel-                fruits, honey and home baked pastries will be featured. We are an indoor mar-
Superior German Shepherd & Belgian
Malinois puppies, from AKC reg. par-       come. Plenty of food, fun and fellowship. Fri.-Sat., Aug. 18-19, 2006. Scott         ket and welcome local producers. For more information, call John Tollison at
ents, black, black/tan, golden sables, 8   County Coon Hunter’s Club, Lake, MS (Scott Co.) For more information,                662-464-5559.
wks. old, shots/wormed, males &            contact B. H. Patterson at 601-736-2878.
females, $100, Jones Co., Laurel, 601-                                                                                          Waveland Open Market - Open Sat., 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. & Wed., 6:00 a.m.-
498-3858.                                  ADOPT A Wild Horse- at the Canton Multi-Purpose Complex, Sat.-Sun.,                  12:00 p.m. Fresh produce, jewelry makers, birdhouses/feeders, delicious
                                           Aug. 19-20, 2006. Approximately 100 wild horses of all ages will be available        lunches, fresh baked good, handmade soap and more. Located 301 Coleman
OMCBA female puppies, born 06/08/06,       for adoption. Adoption fee $125.00 Application required. Preview the hors-           Ave., Downtown Waveland, MS (Hancock Co.) For more information, call
brindle/white, yellow/white, $200; UKC     es all day on Fri., Aug. 18, 2006. For more information call 1-888-274-2133          228-363-1759.
Treeing Feist female puppies,              or 601-977-5400.
black/white, $125, Pearl River Co.,                                                                                             Huge Sale - Every Sunday 1:00-4:00 p.m. Barn full of glassware, antiques,
Carriere, 601-749-2567.                    Trail Ride- benefit “This Horse Is Silent Cares”, Sat., Aug. 26, 2006. Trail ride,   furniture. Located at 3745 East Lincoln Road in Brookhaven, MS (Lincoln
                                           horse clinic by Matt & Mike Wolf. Barbeque dinner & music. Plenty of shade           Co.) 9.3 mi. from Hwy. 84 Bypass on East Lincoln Road on the left. For more
CKC     Boston      Terrier  puppies,      and water. 20 miles north of Holly Springs (Marshall Co.) For more informa-          information call 601-823-4263.
black/white, sire is AKC, great mark-      tion contact Amy Cothern at 662-851-0487 or
ings, shots/wormed, $350, Jones Co.,                                                                                            Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association - affiliated club Southern Crossfire
Taylorsville, 601-433-0819.                Dixie Riding Club of Natchez- would like to invite you to compete in their           located in Vicksburg, MS (Warren Co.) will be hosting an open practice and
                                           Ultimate Cowboy Challenge, to be held Sat., Aug. 26, 2006 at Pickens Retreat         informational clinic the fourth Saturday of each month beginning in July and
CKC Miniature Pinscher puppies,            (Adams Co.) This is a timed event with obstacles that the horse and rider            ending in September, at the Vicksburg Riding Club Arena. Southern Crossfire
black/tan, red, 1 female, 3 males, $250,
                                           must maneuver, such as the Texas Three Step, bridges, flag drop. Cash paid           extends an open invitation to all riders to bring your horse to a club practice.
Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-8039.
                                           to winner. Special section just for kids, 12 and under. All kids will recieve a      See how your horse handles through CMSA patterns and reacts to the sound
Reg. CKC Mountain Cur puppies,             prize. For more information contact: Sarah at 601-445-2396 or Patsy at 601-          of gunfire. For more information contact Kerry Southern at 601-638-2118 or
shots/wormed, born 03/31/06, $100;         442-2759. Email:                                                 John Morson at 601-634-8721.
Rat Terrier/Blue Heeler/Mountain Cur
mixed puppies, 10 wks. old, free,          Wagon Train Labor Day Weekend- Sat.-Mon., Sept. 2-4, 2006, Tishomingo,               Lamar County Fairgrounds- are now taking applications for arts & crafts and
Newton Co., Hickory, 601-635-4347.         MS (Tishomingo Co.) There will be a horse and mule show Fri. & Sat. night.           food festival vendors. Also looking for music acts for Friday night and
                                           For more information call 662-438-7261 or 662-424-2235.                              Saturday at the 1st Annual Lamar County’s Volunteer Firefighters Festival
CKC Siberian Husky puppies, blue                                                                                                and Fair, Nov. 16-18, 2006. For more information, contact Karen Saulters,
eyes, shots/wormed, $500, Lawrence         Fall Trail Ride- Grenada County Saddle Club would like to invite you to their
                                                                                                                                Fairgrounds Director at 601-794-1095 or 601-543-9590.
Co., Jayess, 601-587-4235.                 Fall Trail Ride, Sat., Sept. 9, 2006. Leave arena at 10:00 a.m. Lunch provided
                                           by Saddle Club. $15 per rider, age 5 & under free. Primitive camping available       Lil’ Piece of Heaven Petting Farm- fun and educational outings for families,
CKC Shih-Tzu puppies, black/white,         if needed. Located at Grenada Saddle Club Arena - Grenada, MS (Grenada               school groups, church groups, birthday parties, etc., handicap accessible. No
blonde/white, males/females, $350;         Co.) For more information contact: Bobby Cummins at 662-229-0788 or                  group is too big or too small. Mon.-Sat., 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. by appointment
CKC Miniature Pinscher male, $250;         Lexann Hyneman at 662-226-5433.
                                                                                                                                only, in Eupora, MS (Webster Co.) For more information, contact Chris or
Chi-a-Poms, males/females, $250,
Pugs, males/females, $300, Scott Co.,      3rd Annual Gourd Festival- will be held on Sat., Sept. 16, 2006, at Gourd            Karen Ray at 662-258-7244.
Forest, 601-469-2665.                      Gracious Farms in Collinsville, MS (Lauderdale Co.) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00
                                                                                                                                Equine Training Clinics- (Oxford, MS, Lafayette Co.) to be held by Mike &
                                           p.m. Classes again will be offered, many gourd craft booths will be available
CKC Poodle female puppies, $350; CKC                                                                                            Matt Wolfe. John Lyons certified trainers. Space is limited. For rates, dates &
                                           for you to see and buy some beautiful art work, great food will be sold. Sign
Pomeranian adults, 1 male & 2              up early for classes. For more information contact Ray Davis at 601-737-             other information, contact Mike or Matt at 662-234-6277 or 662-801-5083.
females, 1 has puppies, $800 for all; 3    5333 or email: You may also visit our website:            Website:
yrs. old Pomeranian female, $300, for directions and class
Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-833-4562.                                                                                              The C.O.W.B.O.Y.S. Inc. Clinics- Learn to rope and ride the Bible way at
                                                                                                                                risk. Boys (8-12) beginners only, from single parents and grandparents. Too
CKC Boston Terrier puppies, long-          Cowhorn Trails Trail Ride- Fri.-Sun., Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2006. Admission $25,          many video games and etc. Meetings are once a month for 6 months. It will
haired    Chihuahuas,      Miniature       6 & under free. Breakfast Sat. & Sun., included. Other meals available. 15 to        make them leaders. For more information, contact John Wayne at 601-824-
Schnauzer     puppies,    $150-$300,                                                                                            0750.
                                           18 mi. wagon ride. Wooded horse trails, primitive camping. No hookups.
Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-823-4216.
                                           Fri. & Sat., entertainment. For more information call 662-494-8184. Email:
                                                                                                Horse and Farm Animal Adoption Day- every Saturday at the Mississippi
1/2 Rat Terrier - 1/2 Pomeranian                                                                                                Animal Rescue League (MARL) in Jackson, MS, (Hinds Co.) MARL has
puppy, 2 mos. old, short hair, small                                                                                            between 10 and 15 horses at the shelter at all times available for adoption and
type, white/black spots, free to good      19th Annual Mississippi Pecan Festival- Sat.-Sun., Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2006,
                                           Hwy. 15 South of Richton, MS (Perry Co.) on Wingate Road. There will be arts         the adoption fees vary by animal and are very reasonable. MARL often has
home, Lawrence Co., Silver Creek,
                                           and crafts, antiques, blue grass & gospel music, mule pull, prettiest rooster        cows, goats, burrows, mules, chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits and other farm
                                           contest, live craft demonstrations by basket weavers, wheel pottery, broome          animals available for adoption too. For more information contact Heather at
CKC Pomeranians, ready 08/16/06,           maker, bowl turning, draft horse farming demonstrations, charity pecan               MARL at 601-969-1631.
wormed, white/cream females, $300,         bake-off, train rides, beauty pageant, tour 100-year-old log home and more.
black males, $275, Attala Co., McCool,     Admission is $6 per person. For more information, call 601-525-3792 or 601-          Chicken Sale- at Magnolia Farm Supply on Cook Avenue in Laurel, MS,
662-547-9663.                              964-8201.                                                                            (Jones Co.) Every Sat., from 7:00-9:00 a.m. Bring all types of small animals
                                                                                                                                to sell or trade. For more information call 601-433-3359.
3/4 Pit Bulldog - 1/4 Australian Heeler
puppies, 3 females, born 04/15/06, $30,
Kemper Co., DeKalb, 601-677-4374.
                                           ★★★ ONGOING EVENTS ★★★                                                               Chicken Sale- Every Sat. morning at Hub City West Farm & Garden in
                                                                                                                                Hattiesburg, MS (Forrest Co.) Chickens, ducks, guineas, rabbits & more. For
                                           Mississippi Farmers' Market - Open Mon.-Fri., 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. and
                                           Sat. 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Closed on Sunday. Located in Downtown Jackson               more information, call 601-268-9400 or 601-584-0939.
Reg. Bluetick puppies & young started
dogs, $250 & up, Webster Co.,              (Hinds Co.) at 929 High Street on the corner of High and Jefferson Streets           Soap Making Classes- Learn to make milk-based soaps using wholesome
Mathiston, 662-542-8206.                   adjacent to the Mississippi Fairgrounds. Space for produce and nursery prod-         ingredients like goats milk and cow cream. We teach the old-fashioned way
                                           ucts is available. For more information contact John Gordon Campbell at
                                                                                                                                using lye (not melt and pour). Excellent for gift giving and craft fairs. 3 hour
Dutch Shepherd puppies, out of work-       601-354-6575        or    601-354-6573       or     visit   our     website:
                                                                                                                                class $35. Bay Springs, MS (Jasper Co.) For more information, call 601-764-
ing stock, Breston & Arras Pegge,
excellent personal & executive protec-
tion or police K-9’s, $500, Chickasaw      Greater Belhaven Market- begins it’s 5th season at McDades parking lot on
                                           Fortification Street in Jackson, MS (Hinds Co.) Every Saturday, April through        Lumberton Arts, Crafts & Farmer’s Market- (Lamar Co.) has a number of
Co., Houston, 662-448-0862.
                                           December hours are 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Pastured chickens, turkeys, grass fed         spaces open. Vendors and farmers wanted. Located on a major state highway
Treeing Walker, 10 yr. old male, Nite      beef and pork, gourmet ready to serve meals, produce, delicious pastries, arti-      (Hwy. 13). Lots of traffic. For more information, call Paul Ockmand at (601)
Ch., can tree you a coon, $800;            san breads, arts and crafts, jewelry, candles, soaps, fresh eggs, honey, lawn        688-5050 or (601) 796-2060.
Redbone male, light started, $100,         furniture, cakes, pies, art of all kinds, demonstrations, live entertainment and
Perry Co., Petal, 601-582-1694.                                                                                                 First Saturday Adoption- Happy Healthy Pet Adoption is a volunteer, non-
                                           more. For more information or to become a vendor, call 601-720-7114.
                                                                                                                                profit organization for the purpose of caring for homeless, abused or unwant-
CKC Reg. Shih-Tzu male, white, 4                                                                                                ed animals while seeking permanent homes. HHPA is located on Hwy. 15
mos. old, $400; CKC Reg. Yorkie-           Sturgis Flea Market- 3rd weekend of each month from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.,             South in Bay Springs, MS (Jasper Co.) at the Bay Springs Veterinary Hospital.
Neese, $300; CKC Reg. Shih-a-Poos,         Friday & Saturday. Located in Historic Downtown Sturgis on Hwy. 12 in                HHPA will sponsor a special “First Saturday Adoption” on the first Sat. of
$300, Jones Co., Laurel, 601-426-6629.     Oktibbeha County. Indoor and outdoor spaces available. For more informa-             each month 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon. You can also adopt Mon.-Fri., 7:30 a.m -
                                           tion and monthly dates for flea market and gun show, please call 662-465-            5:00 p.m. by calling (601) 764-4129. Visit our website at
AKC Reg. Beagle rabbit dogs, good
                                           7552 or visit our website at:                    
young dogs to finished, $225 & up,
Smith Co., Raleigh, 601-537-3603.                                                                                               Mississippi Emu Association Meetings- The Mississippi Emu Association
                                           Noxubee County Farmers’ Market - located north of Macon on Hwy. 45 is
Cur puppies from tree dogs, born           open weekdays, Mon.-Sat., from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. daily. Fresh local pro-         meetings are currently being held on a quarterly basis. For more information
04/08/06, shots/wormed, healthy, ready     duce, pea sheller, cooler, washing sink. Best buy for tomatoes, okra and field       on emu or for those interested in attending, please contact Earl Burris, MSEA
for squirrel season, $50, Copiah Co.,      peas. Market phone 662-726-9929. Operated by Beat 4 Farm Co-op in coop-              President (601) 567-2513 or Deborah Flowers, MSEA Secretary (601) 532-
Crystal Springs, 601-892-3682.             eration with Board of Supervisors.                                                   6060.

Page 22                                                                       MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                              August 15, 2006
I-55 Flea Market- Every 2nd & 4th Sat. of each month. Sell, buy and trade          MS (Harrison Co.) For information on monthly meetings, annual bird fairs
your items and produce. Also Cajun food is featured. I-55 Exit 30 - West Side      and membership, call Steve Dunaway at (228) 872-4624 or visit us at
                                                                                                                                                                          MISSISSIPPI STATE
Bogue Chitto, MS (Lincoln Co.) For more information, call (601) 734-6606.                                                                            FAIRGROUNDS
Bogue Chitto Trade Day & Dog Sale- Buy, sell, trade, chickens, dogs, ducks         Central Mississippi Bird Club- Love parrots & exotic birds or just want to
                                                                                                                                                                              Jackson, Mississippi
& more. No charge. 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month. Brookhaven, MS               learn more? You can be a member of CMBC. Yearly fee $15/individuals,
                                                                                                                                                                               PH: 601/961-4000
(Lincoln County). For more information, call 601-734-3965 or 601-833-4162.         $20/family. We are established to learn more about avian nutrition, behavior,
                                                                                   breeding, medical care & rescue. Monthly meeting - “The Orchard” facility,
Historic Downtown Leland Farmers’ Market- Leland, MS (Washington Co.)                                                                                              
                                                                                   600 South Pear Orchard Road, (behind North Park Mall) Ridgeland, MS
Fridays 7:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. beginning June 10th. Produce and live plant ven-       (Madison Co.) For more information, contact Myrlene Carraway (601) 845-
dors needed. For more information, call 662-686-2687.                                                                                                                             Tue., Aug. 15
                                                                                   7639 or email:
                                                                                                                                                                        Mississippi Multi-Family Council
Ocean Springs Fresh Market- is seeking vendors for Saturday market. Food,          Attention Deer Farmers- If you are interested in a market for your cull or excess               Trade Mart
jams, honey, cheese, produce, flowers, breads & cakes. For more information,       deer, call (601) 796-9227.                                                                Thu.-Sun., Aug. 17-20
call (228) 297-1935.                                                                                                                                                            MQHA Regional
                                                                                   Pineywoods or Woods Cattle Owners- The Pineywoods Cattle Registry and                  Kirk Fordice Equine Facility
South MS Fair Flea Market- Jan.-Aug. & Nov.-Dec. 2004. Held Thursdays,             Breeders Association has been established to aid in the preservation of these
Fridays & Saturdays of each week at the Laurel Fairgrounds in Tie Barn, 1457       beautiful animals and their unique genetics by providing contact between                       Sat., Aug. 19
Ellisville Blvd., Laurel, MS (Jones Co.). For more information or vendor           breeders and information on histories of registered stock. Herd and individual                 Kid’s World
information, call (601) 649-9010.                                                  registrations are kept. A $25 yearly association fee allows for the registration                Trade Mart
                                                                                   of any number of approved animals by each owner. For more information,                         Sat., Aug. 19
Barrel Clinic- Every Saturday, one-on-one instructor. Located at Horse
                                                                                   contact David Ozborn, (601) 825-3622 or (601) 906-0595 email:                         Mississippi Magnolia Cloggers
Haven Stables in Byram, MS (Hinds Co.) Call for appointment (601) 502-
                                                                                                                                                  Agriculture Building
                                                                                   Equestrian Girl Scout Troop- Girl Scout Troop 672, “The Horse Troop”, meets               Thu.-Sat., Aug. 24-26
     ★★★ AGRICULTURAL★★★                                                           this fall at Reveillon Lodge Retreat Center and Arabian Horse Farm, between
                                                                                   Raymond and Byram, MS (Hinds Co.) We have openings for four girls. All
                                                                                                                                                                               Mega Open Barrel
                                                                                                                                                                          Kirk Fordice Equine Facility

ORGANIZATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS                                                        scout age groups accepted. Full scouting program plus certified professional
                                                                                   riding instruction. Beginner and experienced riders welcome. Horse owner-
                                                                                                                                                                             Sat.,-Mon., Aug. 26-28
                                                                                                                                                                             Wholesale Market Inc.
Mississippi River Beekeepers Association- Another year has passed and 2006         ship not required. For more information, call (601) 857-2545.                                   Trade Mart
dues are due. The cost is $5 for single and $7 for family. Please make checks
out to Mississippi River Beekeepers and send to Wanda Magliocco, 17370 Oak         Amory Gaited Saddle Club- Amory, MS (Monroe Co.) is looking for mule                       Wed.-Sat., Sept. 6-9
Ridge Road, Vicksburg, MS 39180. For more information, call 601-634-6167.          lovers that are interested in showing trail pleasure mules. For more informa-           Open State Championship
                                                                                   tion, contact: Ken Riley at 662-369-8700 or Robert Fowlkes at 662-257-6204.                    Horse Show
Mississippi Raccoon Hunter’s Association- Promote and protect the sport of                                                                                                Kirk Fordice Equine Facility
raccoon hunting with dogs. President, Leonard Burchfield, 662-674-5087.            Trail Dusters- We’re a family oriented club dedicated to trail riding, fellowship          Wed.-Sun., Sept. 6-10
Join today. Send $10 to: Jerry Wheat, 353 Humphrey Road, Poplarville, MS           and fun. A great ride is scheduled every weekend. Membership is only $12 a                    Disney On Ice
39470. For more information, call 601-772-9429.                                    year. For more information call Doug Jeter, (601) 636-6042.                                     Coliseum
Woodcarvers- Anyone interested in the art of woodcarving from novice to            Love Your Appaloosa? Would you like to meet and hang out with other                        Sat.-Sun., Sept. 9-10
expert is invited to attend the meetings of the Mississippi Pearl River            Appaloosa lovers? We have 6 shows scheduled this year to show off your hors-                Jackson Gun Show
Woodcarvers, Inc. This organization meets twice monthly (on each 2nd and           es. Some of us enjoy a good trail ride, a bunch of us have kids that love to ride               Trade Mart
4th Monday night) at Bass Pro Shop, 100 Bass Pro Drive, Pearl, MS (Rankin          and our show fees are cheap enough for the whole family to participate and                Fri.-Sun., Sept. 15-17
Co.) For more information, contact: Patty Fultz (601) 924-4850 or James Buie       not break the bank. Sound like you? Come check us out. Our website is:                           MQHA
(601) 924-4690. Website:                                                                      Kirk Fordice Equine Facility
Wood Turners- anyone having an interest in wood turning from beginners to          Do You Love Appaloosa Horses? If you are 18 and under, you can be a youth
advanced skill levels is invited to attend and bring a friend to the meetings of   member of the Magnolia States Regional Appaloosa Horse Club. You don’t                      MISSISSIPPI
the Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. This is a statewide organization that meets at
various locations in the state on the 3rd Sat. of every other month. For more
                                                                                   have to own an Appaloosa to join...just love them. For more information call
                                                                                   Kristy Carballo, Youth Coordinator at 601/932-0137 or e-mail: kcarball@bell-
                                                                                                                                                                               HORSE PARK
information contact: Sonny Vaughn, P.O. Box 82, Flora, MS 39071. Ph:                                                                                                         Starkville, Mississippi
601/879-8323 or 601/924-4275. email:                                                                                                                         PH: 662/325-0508
                                                                                   Magnolia States Regional ApHC- has much to offer your family. Our shows                           Website:
Mississippi Peacemakers- A Cowboy Action Shooting Club - affiliated with the       offer Appaloosa classes, as well as any breed classes with great year end awards.
Single Action Shooting Society. If you love the Old West, if you love Old Guns,    We have a youth incentive program allowing youth to accumulate points
if you love to have a good time in the company of friends and gunpowder -          toward halters, buckles, bridles and saddles. We offer clinics through out the                 Tue., Aug. 22
come visit us in Purgatory. We shoot the 3rd Saturday of every month at our        year from halter to barrels. Come see Appaloosa style Ultimate barrel racing,          Intro. to Therapeutic Riding
range in Mendenhall, MS (Simpson Co.) Currently the fastest growing shoot-
                                                                                   HORSE AGAINST HORSE! For more information and show dates:                                Tue.-Wed., Aug. 22-23
ing sport in the world. The guns we use are from designs patented pre 1900
                                                                          or call: Johnny Scruggs President 601-             Western Equitation Lab & Class
and we wear period clothing. For more information, contact Wayne
                                                                                   736-7667 or Melissa Baugnon 601-847-9234.
Humphreys (Squinter) at (601) 825-8640 or Ed Douglass (Leatherneck) at                                                                                                            Tue., Aug. 29
(601) 853-0117.                                                                    Paso Fino Horses are one of the most versatile horses available for show, plea-        Intro. to Therapeutic Riding
                                                                                   sure or other competition. They are considered the smoothest riding horses of            Tue.-Wed., Aug. 29-30
Mississippi Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association- Thundering hooves and
                                                                                   all. They are naturally gaited horses that are people oriented, intelligent and      Western Equitation Lab & Class
smoking guns - come join the fastest growing equestrian sport today.
Practicing weekly in Vicksburg, MS (Warren Co.) Timed competition on               willing partners with their rider. For more information about the Paso Fino
                                                                                   Horse, call 601-310-0799 or 601-795-0757.                                                     Tue., Sept. 5
horseback, firing 2- .45 caliber single action revolvers at 10- reactionary tar-                                                                                            TEAM Volunteer Training
gets, using CMSA certified ammo. If the old west and cowboy action is your         Mississippi Appaloosa Horse Association- Join the fellowship in one of the
interest, then this is the sport for you. The most fun you will ever have on                                                                                                       Tue., Sept. 5
                                                                                   country’s oldest state Appaloosa horse associations. Memberships for family            Intro. to Therapeutic Riding
horseback. For more information contact: Kim Wolhfiel (601) 629-3999 or
                                                                                   $25; single adult $15. For more information call Kevin Blakeney, 764-4821.
Kerry Southern (601) 638-2118. email:                                                                                                                     Tue.-Wed., Sept. 5-6
                                                                                   Mississippi Goat Association (MGA)- welcomes you to our membership. The              Western Equitation Lab & Class
Attention Mississippi Rabbit Growers- Interested in a Mississippi market for
                                                                                   MGA is a statewide organization that promotes goats of all breeds, while pro-               Tue., Sept. 12
your rabbits? Call 601/444-0069 for more information.
                                                                                   moting 4-H kids and clubs. We are family oriented and geared to improve                 TEAM Therapeutic Riding
Mississippi Hunting Dog Association, Inc.- “An organization dedicated to the       goats and goat products. Membership accepted. For more information, con-
                                                                                   tact Mark Huff at 601-824-9255. Website:                    Tue., Sept. 12
preservation of hunting game with dogs in the state of Mississippi.” If you are
                                                                                                                                                                          Intro. to Therapeutic Riding
interested in hunting with dogs, join now for $6.00 per year. For more infor-
mation contact: Marjorie Gordon, President (601) 847-1302 or Dan Pipkins           Mississippi Dairy Goat Association- invites you to join our membership. We
(601) 947-4013. website:                                   are the only statewide organization that specifically promotes dairy goats and
                                                                                   dairy goat products. We also sponsor 4-H shows each year. Membership is only            SCOTT COUNTY
Race The Thoroughbreds of the Sky- The Queen City Racing Pigeon Club in            $15.00 per year. For more information, please call: Carroll D. Pierce (601)
                                                                                   752-5552 or Elise Clark (662) 356-0095.
                                                                                                                                                                          FOREST COLISEUM
Meridian, MS (Lauderdale Co.) would like to invite you to join this exciting                                                                                                   Forest, Mississippi
family sport. Train your pigeons to compete in races up to 400 miles. Members                                                                                                  PH: 601/469-2928
will help you get started. For more information, contact Ronnie Shumaker           National Pygmy Goat Association- (affiliated club of Mississippi; Unique
(601) 659-3133 or Everett Stenman (601) 485-2346.                                  Petites Pygmy Goat Club) are currently the only official statewide club that is
                                                                                   promoting the pygmy goat. Our club is offering NPGA sanctioned shows.
                                                                                                                                                                              Fri.-Sat., Aug. 18-19
South Mississippi Bird Club- The purpose of our organization is to promote         Quarterly newsletter “Hoof Prints”. Educational seminars, informal gather-
                                                                                                                                                                               Southern Monster
interest and awareness of all bird species. Provide avian education to the pub-    ings with other pygmy goat owners and free farm listings at the club website.
                                                                                                                                                                               Truck Showdown
lic, support avian health and well being through fundraising and volun-            Membership dues are $20 for a family, $10 for single membership, and $5 for
teerism. Also assist in protecting threatened and endangered bird species          youth membership. For more information, please call Pam Goza, (601) 795-                  Sat.-Sun., Aug. 26-27
through captive breeding programs and public awareness. Located in Biloxi,         0765.                                                                                 David Reeves U.S. Calf Roping

August 15, 2006                                                              MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                        Page 23
                                                                                                                          RODEOS, BARREL RACES,
                       WEEKLY LIVESTOCK                                                                                     & TEAM PENNINGS
                       AUCTIONS & SALES                                                                                Youth Rodeo Dates
                                                                                                                          Aug. 19, 2006
                                                                                                                    Finals Sept. 9 & 10, 2006
                                                                                                                                                              Horse Shows
                                                                                                                                                       2nd Saturday of each month
                                                                                                                                                     Judged events start at 10:00 a.m.
                                          Rutland Livestock, LLC             Pontotoc, MS (Pontotoc Co.)                Begins 9:00 a.m.              Timed events start at 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                  K & under through 12th grade
 CATTLE AUCTIONS                        Sale Day - Tuesday - 1:00 PM              Ph: 662-489-4385               Amite County Riding Club Assn.
                                                                                                                                                    Jackson County Horseman’s Assn.
                                                                                                                                                         Hurley Arena - Hwy. 613
                                            Mize, MS (Smith Co.)                                                     Liberty, MS (Amite Co.)
  Billingsley Auction Sales, Inc.            Ph: 601-733-0112             Silver Bit Riding Club Horse Show                                          Ocean Springs, MS (Jackson Co.)
                                                                                                                        Ph: 601-657-4442
 Sale Day - Thursday - 11:30 AM                                            1st Sat. of Each Month - 7:00 PM                                                 Ph: 228-219-0660
                                       Southeast Mississippi Livestock                                          Deep South Bits & Spurs Club
     Senatobia, MS (Tate Co.)                                              3 mi. N. of Richton - on Hwy. 15                                              Tuesday Night Rides
                                        Sale Day - Monday - 1:00 PM                                                  Aug. 19; Sept. 16, 2006
        Ph: 662-562-8229                                                  Ph: 601-788-6393 or 601-583-8574.        Judged Events - 9:00 a.m.       Arena is open from 6:00-9:00 p.m.
                                        Hattiesburg, MS (Forrest Co.)
                                                                                                                    Timed Events - 6:00 p.m.            Gates open at 5:30 p.m.
 East MS Farmers Livestock Co.                Ph: 601-268-2587            Southern Livestock Producers, LLC
                                                                                                                        Bear Creek Farm               Gates will close by 9:30 p.m.
  Sale Day - Tuesday - 12:00 PM                                                4th Sat. of Each Month
                                               Stockyard, Inc.                                                    Taylorsville, MS (Smith Co.)            Cost is $5 per horse
 Philadelphia, MS (Neshoba Co.)
                                      Sale Day - Wednesday - 12:30 PM         Lucedale, MS (George Co.)                 Ph: 601-729-5722             Marshall County Fairgrounds
        Ph: 601-656-6732                                                                                                                           Holly Springs, MS (Marshall Co.)
                                            Tupelo, MS (Lee Co.)           Tack 11:00 AM - Horses 1:00 PM      Email:
  Farmers Livestock Marketing                Ph: 662-842-0522                                                            4D Barrel Race                    Ph: 662-252-5441
                                                                                  Ph: 601-466-3535
 Sale Day - Wednesday - 1:00 PM                                                                                       $1,000 added money                     Team Penning
                                              Tadlock Stockyard                      Lic. #834L
    Carthage, MS (Leake Co.)                                                                                           Sat., Aug. 26, 2006                    Saddle Series
                                        Sale Day - Monday - 12:00 PM
       Ph: 601- 267-7884                                                          T. Smith Livestock              Training starts at 10:00 a.m.      2nd & 4th Sat. of Each Month
                                            Forest, MS (Scott Co.)
        Glenwild Stockyard                                                   1st Saturday of Every Month            Runs starts at 2:00 p.m.                Vancleave Arena
                                              Ph: 601-469-3642
                                                                                                                        Open - $35 Entry              Vancleave, MS (Jackson Co.)
   Sale Day - Monday - 1:00 PM                                              Hattiesburg, MS (Forrest Co.)
                                          Tadlock Stockyard II, Inc.                                            Youth to follow Open - $20 Entry
    Grenada, MS (Grenada Co.)                                              Tack 10:30 PM - Horses 1:30 PM             Louisville Coliseum
                                        Sale Day - Thursday - 1:00 PM                                                                              Ph: 228-826-5739 or 228-217-5739
         Ph: 662-226-1900                                                 PH: 601-583-0828 or 601-544-6595        Louisville, MS (Winston Co.)
                                         Bay Springs, MS (Jasper Co.)
       Gowan Stockyards                                                                                        Ph: 662-547-6630 or 662-324-2043               Team Ropings
                                              Ph: 601-764-4134                   TKO Equine Sales
 Sale Day - Wednesday - 1:00 PM                                                                                                                      HD Team Roping Productions
                                                                                                                       Open 4D Barrel Race
                                              The Cattle Range                 All Breed Horse Sale                                                            Call For Dates
   Kosciusko, MS (Attala Co.)                                                                                             Sat., Aug. 26, 2006
                                             The Internet Market              2nd Sat. of Each Month                     $200 Added Money                   Bear’s Den Ranch
        Ph: 662-289-9727
                                               Place For Cattle             MS Livestock Producers Barn                 Trainers at 5:00 p.m.       Poplarville, MS (Pearl River Co.)
 Lincoln Co. L/S Commission Co.           Buy or Sale Your Livestock                                                      Open at 7:00 p.m.        Ph: 601-916-9449 or 601-273-1027
   Sale Day - Tuesday - 1:00 PM                                              Canton, MS (Madison Co.)
                                               On The Internet                                                 Buckaroo, Open 4D, Youth, 3D Poles       Team Penning & Sorting
  Brookhaven, MS (Lincoln Co.)          Website:              Tack 11:30 AM                                5T Arena           Every 2nd & 4th Sat. of Each Month
        Ph: 601-833-2654              Ph: 662-287-8494 or 662-423-8062            Horses 2:30 PM                     Winona, MS (Carroll Co.)            Beginning at 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                 Ph: 601-416-6076               Ph: 662-464-5612 or 662-417-2473
 Lipscomb Brothers Livestock Market           Walnut Sales Co.                                                                                          Pinola, MS (Simpson Co.)
 Sale Day - Wednesday - 7:00 PM                                                                                         2006 Summer Slam                    Ph: 601-847-4229
                                        Sale Day - Saturday - 1:00 PM             TKO Equine Sales
      Como, MS (Panola Co.)                                                                                                  Show Dates
                                          Walnut, MS (Tippah Co.)                All Breed Horse Sale                      Sept. 9, Sept. 30                   Timed Events
        Ph: 662-526-5362                      Ph: 662-223-4351                                                                                           3rd Sat. of Every Month
                                                                               4th Sat. of Each Month            IRBA & ABRA Co-Sanctioned MS
  Livestock Producers Assn. #1                                                                                       New Albany Fairgrounds                 Point Show G.C.A.
                                            West Point Stockyard              Farmer’s Livestock Market
  Sale Day - Tuesday - 12:15 PM                                                                                    New Albany, MS (Union Co.)       Vancleave Arena - Hwy. 57 South
                                        Sale Day - Tuesday - 1:00 PM          Carthage, MS (Leake Co.)
  Tylertown, MS (Walthall Co.)                                                                                  Ph: 662-489-5779 or 662-489-5779      Vancleave, MS (Jackson Co.)
                                         West Point, MS (Clay Co.)                   Tack 3:00 PM
        Ph: 601-876-3465                                                                                                                                    Ph: 228/826-5562
                                             Ph: 662-494-6635                                                       Deep South Team Sorting
                                                                                    Horses 6:00 PM                       Sat., Sept. 16, 2006               Open Horse Show
  Livestock Producers Assn. #2               Winona Stockyard
  Sale Day - Monday - 1:00 PM                                                     Ph: 601-416-6076                       Starts at 11:00 a.m.                 Every Saturday
                                       Sale Day - Tuesday - 12:00 PM                                                 5 classes - 2 youth classes         All Time Events ($5.00)
    Fernwood, MS (Pike Co.)            Winona, MS (Montgomery Co.)               TKO Equine Sales                 Lauderdale County Agri-Center           Gates Open - 2:00 PM
        Ph: 601-684-0017                     Ph: 662-283-1652                   All Breed Horse Sale              Meridian, MS (Lauderdale Co.)           Registration - 4:00 PM
  Lucedale Livestock Producers                                                 3rd Sat. of Each Month           Ph: 601-774-5197 or 601-527-8184              Show - 5:00 PM
 Sale Day - Wednesday - 1:00 PM        HORSE AUCTIONS                        Glenwild Livestock Building                Lazy K Riding Club                   R&D Riding Club
   Lucedale, MS (George Co.)                                                 Grenada, MS (Grenada Co.)                       Show Dates:                Jayess, MS (Walthall Co.)
        Ph: 601-947-3352                     Dutchman’s Arena                                                          Sept. 23; Oct. 7, 2006               Ph: 601/222-1433
                                                                                    Tack 3:00 PM                  Open Horse Shows, Stake Race,
     Macon Stockyards, Inc.             2nd Saturday of Each Month                                                                                            Team Pennings
                                                                                   Horses 6:00 PM                    Quads, Poles, Twin Poles,
  Sale Day - Monday - 12:30 PM            Open Feed Horse Show                                                                                    Every 1st & 3rd Sat. of Each Month
                                                                                  Ph: 601-416-6076                       Arena Race, Barrels
    Macon, MS (Noxubee Co.)                Laurel, MS (Jones Co.)                                                                                         Beginning at 7:00 PM
                                                                                                                 New Hebron, MS (Lawrence Co.)
        Ph: 662-726-5153                  Halter Classes 5:00 PM                                                Ph: 601-757-1141 or 601-757-7563 George County Team Penning Assn.
       Meridian Stockyards
                                             Ph: 601-428-0894               GOAT AUCTIONS                          Lincoln County Youth Rodeo
                                                                                                                                                         Multi-Purpose Building
                                           Meadows Livestock Sales                                                                                            Hwy. 63 South
  Sale Day - Monday - 12:00 PM                                                                                     Dates: Sept. 28; Oct. 21, 2006
                                              Horse & Tack Sale                    Clark’s Livestock                                                   Lucedale, MS (George Co.)
  Meridian, MS (Lauderdale Co.)                                                                                        Time: 9:00 a.m. - until
                                                                          1st Saturday Each Month - 12:00 PM           Lincoln County Arena        Ph: 601/947-1739 or 601/947-4972
        Ph: 601-482-7275                   Every 3rd & 5th Saturday
                                            Mize, MS (Smith Co.)               Sebastopol, MS (Scott Co.)             Industrial Park Road                     Open Rides
 Mississippi Livestock Producers                                                                                 Brookhaven, MS (Lincoln Co.)       Every Tue. & Wed. Nights, 5-8 PM
                                       Tack 11:00 AM - Horses 1:00 PM     Ph: 601-625-1722 or 601-469-1209
  Sale Day - Monday - 1:00 PM                                                                                  Ph: 601-835-3371 or 601-754-1796        Practice your barrel racing,
                                      Ph: 601-733-5439 or 601-733-2231
   Canton, MS (Madison Co.)                                                     Meridian Stockyards,                 Team Roping Practice            western, trail or pleasure rides
        Ph: 601-859-4158                    Meridian Stockyards,          1st Mon. of Each Month - 10:00 AM                                                 Fee $5 per horse
                                                                                                                     Tue. Nights at 7:00 p.m
                                           1st Sat. of Every Month                                                        $15 per roper                  Multi-Purpose Complex
        Natchez Stockyard                                                   Meridian, MS (Lauderdale Co.)
                                       Meridian, MS (Lauderdale Co.)                                                    Gold Dust Arena                Canton, MS (Madison Co.)
   Sale Day - Tuesday - 1:30 PM                                                   Ph: 601-482-7275
                                               Horses 10:00 AM                                                  Kilmichael, MS (Montgomery Co.)             Ph: 601/859-4358
    Natchez, MS (Adams Co.)
                                       Tack Sale Friday Night 5:00 PM          Pontotoc Sockyard, Inc.                 Ph: 662-299-1844
        Ph: 601- 442-0271                                                                                                                           Barrel, Pole & All Timed Events
                                              PH: 601-625-7709                Every Saturday - 11:00 AM                Open Horse Show
   Peoples Livestock Auction                                                                                                                           Every Tues. & Thur. Nights
                                           New Albany Stockyards             Pontotoc, MS (Pontotoc Co.)             Every Saturday Night           Prentiss, MS (Jefferson Davis Co.)
  Sale Day - Monday - 1:00 PM                                                                                         All Timed Events $4
  Houston, MS (Chickasaw Co.)           3rd Fri. Night of Each Month              Ph: 662-489-4385                                                          Ph: 601/792-8039
                                                                                                                     Gates Open 4:00 p.m.
       Ph: 662-456-3018                 New Albany, MS (Union Co.)                                                                                          Open Fun Show
                                                                                   Ripley Sale Barn                     Show 7:00 p.m.
                                       Tack 6:00 PM - Horses 7:30 PM                                            Jonathan Odom Memorial Arena            2nd Sunday Every Month
    Pontotoc Stockyard, Inc.                                                Every 3rd Saturday - 1:00 PM
                                              Ph: 662-534-5811                                                       Ovett, MS (Jones Co.)              Triple B Arena - 1:00 PM
  Sale Day - Saturday - 1:00 PM
                                                                               Ripley, MS (Tippah Co.)         Ph: 601-344-7502 or 662-820-3299    Ph: 601/372-1281 or 601/845-8830
  Pontotoc, MS (Pontotoc Co.)              Pontotoc Stockyard, Inc.
                                      1st Friday of Each Month 6:00 PM    Ph: 662-728-7094 or 662-728-5977
        Ph: 662-489-4385

Page 24                                                                MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                              August 15, 2006
                                                                                 JAMES LYNN CARTLIDGE                    SOUTH MS                             CANTON
      SPECIAL UPCOMING                                                             FORREST COUNTY                     FAIRGROUNDS &                        MULTI-PURPOSE
                                                                                 MULTI PURPOSE CENTER
   LIVESTOCK SHOWS/SALES                                                            Hattiesburg, Mississippi
                                                                                      PH: 601/583-7500
                                                                                                                     MAGNOLIA CENTER
                                                                                                                                                                 Canton, MS
    Board of Animal Health Regulations require that all public sales
   of livestock and poultry (even if they are on private property) must                                                     Laurel, MS                       Thu.-Sun., Aug. 17-20
   have prior approval by the State Veterinarian 30-days prior to sale.                                                  PH: 601/649-9010                    Wild Horse Adoptions
                                                                                     Thu.-Sun., Aug. 17-20
                For more information, call 1-888-646-8731.                                                        Website:
                                                                                    BARK Dog Agility Show
                                                                                      Fri.-Sun., Aug. 25-27           Mon.-Fri., July 17-Sept. 1        LAUDERDALE COUNTY
                Cattle Shows & Sales                                                 7th Annual Mississippi
                                                                                      Fish & Wildlife Expo
                                                                                                                        Grounds & Center
                                                                                                                        Closed For Repairs                      Meridian, MS
          5th Annual Southern Producer Replacement Heifer Sale
                                                                                        Tue., Aug. 29                                                         PH: 601-482-8498
                      Sat., Aug. 26, 2006 - 1:00 PM
                                                                                   NRA Fundraising Banquet
           Southeast Mississippi Livestock Barn - Hwy. 49 North
                                                                                         Thu., Aug. 31
                                                                                                                       LAMAR COUNTY
                      Hattiesburg, MS (Forrest Co.)                                                                                                             Sat., Aug. 19
                                                                                     Dierks Bentley Concert             FAIRGROUNDS                          NBHA 4D Barrel Race
300+ bred heifers. Pelvic measured screened. For more information con-                                                   Purvis, Mississippi
                                                                                   Thu.-Sun., Aug. 31-Sept. 10           PH: 601/794-8504                    Sat.-Sun., Sept. 23-24
tact: James Shoemake at 601-344-0924 or Joe Johnson at 601-268-2587.
                                                                                    Great Southern Stampede         Website:                 Booger Barter
                         Coldwater Cattle Company                                      Fri.-Sat., Sept. 1-2                                                Team Roping Productions
                        The Trusted Brand Bull Sale                              Southern Stampede Bull Riding             Tue., Aug. 15
                     Mon., Oct. 16, 2006 - 12:00 Noon                                   Championships                 Republican Party Meeting
              At The Ranch - Holly Springs, MS (Marshall Co.)                                                                Sat., Aug. 19
                                                                                                                                                         TUNICA ARENA AND
                                                                                         Wed., Sept. 6
                                                                                      Cattlemen’s College          Appaloosa Horse Registered Show       EXPOSITION CENTER
Selling 300+ 16-24 month old Brangus & Angus bulls. All bulls have been                                                 Fri.-Sun., Aug. 25-27                 Tunica, Mississippi
                                                                                      Fri.-Sat., Sept. 8-9
semen tested, ready to breed and ultrasound data, individual performance                                              South Mississippi Equine                PH: 662/363-3299
                                                                                        E & E Theriot
and EPDs are provided. For more information or to receive a catalog, call                                                                              Website:
                                                                                     Memorial Calf Roping             Association Horse Show
                                                                                         Sun., Sept. 10                  Sat.-Sun., Sept. 9-10               Wed.-Sun., Aug. 16-20
                                                                                           Showdeo                       Arabian Horse Show            Sam’s Town Summer Cutting Circuit
                Horse Shows & Sales                                                  Wed.-Sat., Sept. 13-16             Thu.-Sun., Sept. 14-17                Wed.-Thu., Aug. 26-27
                                                                                   Gulf Coast Ravens RV Rally      Dixieland Antique Tractor Show      Olive Branch Kennel Club Dog Show
                   Larry Meadows Annual Production Sale
                       Sat., Aug. 19, 2006 - 1:00 PM
                           Mize, MS (Smith Co.)
                                                                                                          If you are looking for products
Selling approximately 150 APHA & AQHA weanlings by halter and money
earning sires. All foals eligible for the LM Breeders Futurity. A catalog will                                made in Mississippi, go to:
be available at For more information call 601-

            Magnolia States Regional ApHC Summer Classic
                    Sat., Aug. 19, 2006 - 9:00 AM
      Lamar County Multi-Purpose Building - Purvis, MS (Lamar Co.)

Judge Terry LeDuke. Halter, Performance, Games Classes. Registered
Appaloosa classes (Nationally pointed) as well as any breed classes at just
$6.00 per class or all day fee of $65 one rider up to 2 horses. Added money
classes and your points count toward year end awards within our club.
Come see exciting Appaloosa style, Horse Against Horse barrels and poles.
For more information and class list contact president Johnny Scruggs 601-
736-7667 or Melissa Baugnon 601-847-9234 or visit our website:

                      Deep South Bits & Spurs Club
                       August 19; Sept. 16, 2006
              Bear Creek Farm, Taylorsville, MS (Smith Co.)

9:00 a.m. Judged Events. 6:00 p.m. Timed Events. For more information,
call Terry at 601-729-5722 or email:

                South Mississippi Equine Association
has moved to Lamar County Multi-Purpose Center - Purvis, MS (Lamar Co.)
                       Aug. 26; Sept. 23, 2006
                                                                                                     September 6, 2006
Shows start at 9:00 a.m. For more information, contact: Maggie at 601-
796-8466 or Linda at 601-582-5598.                                                         Forrest County Multi Purpose Building
               Southwest Mississippi Horsemen’s Association                                       Hattiesburg, Mississippi
                  Sept. 9; Sept. 23; Oct. 14; Nov. 11, 2006
             Pike County Fairgrounds - McComb, MS (Pike Co.)
                                                                                     A year after Katrina devastated thousands of Mississippi Farms,
Judged events start at 10:00 a.m. Timed events will not start before 2:00
p.m. Coggins test required. For more information, call 601-783-2177 or                the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, The Wax Company,
601-754-2407.                                                                       the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Foundation and its sponsors bring you
                       MAHA Will Host 2 Fun Shows                                  “Getting Back on Track”, a day-long workshop devoted to providing
                Sat., Sept. 23, 2006 & Sat., Nov. 18, 2006
        Brandon Multi-Purpose Building - Brandon, MS (Rankin Co.)                    information to help cattlemen improve their herd management.
                                                                                   Don’t miss this exciting program! For more information contact the
These are open to all breeds and will have speed events. There is a MAHA
meeting at 12:00 noon and show begins at 1:00 p.m. For more informa-                       Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association at 601-354-8951.
tion call 601-926-2032 or 601-956-0202.

August 15, 2006                                                             MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                     Page 25
                                                                                                                        Don’t Let It Go To Waste! Donate It!
                                           MISSISSIPPI                                                                  Do you have produce left in your field or orchard after harvest?
                                                                                                                        Do you have crops that don’t meet market standard (culls)?
                                                                                                                        If you find yourself with crops that can’t be harvested or sold, don’t

                                        FARMERS’ MARKETS                                                                let hard work go to waste. Call us! You can donate to non-profit
                                                                                                                        agencies that feed the hungry in your area!
                                                                                                                        Our volunteers will come and pick the produce from your fields or
                                                                                                                        orchards - or from your warehouse or packing shed. Whatever is
            Adams County                           Hinds County                           Oktibbeha County
                                                                                                                        easiest for you! We deliver them to a charitable agency and your
   Adams County Farmers’ Market            Mississippi Farmers’ Market                 Henry’s Farmers’ Market
                                                                                                                        food is on tables within 24 hours!
           613 Main Street                        929 High Street                        2080 Hwy. 12 West
         Natchez, MS 39120                      Jackson, MS 39202                       Starkville, MS 39759            We’ve been gleaning since 1984 and know how to do it.
       Open: April - November           Open: 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri.           Open: May thru December
                                                                                                                                      Jessica Burks, Program Coordinator
   7:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Saturday             9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Sat.               9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Fri & Sat.
                                                                                                                                             Society of St. Andrew
       Contact: Helen Brooks                     Closed on Sunday                        Contact: Jim Henry
                                                                                                                                                  P.O. Box 257
          Ph: 601-445-8479               Contact: John Gordon Campbell                    Ph: 662-324-1251                                    Mathiston, MS 39752
           Alcorn County                         Ph: 601-354-6573                           Pike County                                         Ph: 662-263-8648
      Corinth Farmers’ Market                       Hinds County                     McComb Farmers’ Market                                    Fax: 662-263-4964
            Shiloh Road                       Greater Belhaven Market                Downtown Parking Garage                            Email:
         Corinth, MS 38834              Corner of Fortification/Carlise Streets         McComb, MS 39648                                 Website:
       Open: July - November                     Jackson, MS 39202                  Open: June 3 thru August 26               Gleaning America’s Fields - Feeding America’s Hungry
    7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Mon.-Sat.              Open: April - December                 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Thu.
     Contact: Braddock Brawner             9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Sat. (Fall)              Contact: Libby Alford
          Ph: 662-286-7755              8:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Sat. (Summer)               Ph: 601-249-0116
           Calhoun County                      Contact: Cathy Massey                        Pike County                  Public Notice by Mississippi Pork Producers
  Calhoun County Farmers’ Market                  Ph: 601-352-8850                  Magnolia Farmers’ Market              Association and the National Pork Board
          121 Parker Street                      Jackson County                    Downtown Along The Railroad
         Pittsboro, MS 38951                                                                                              The election of pork producer delegate candidates for the 2007
                                         Jackson County Farmers’ Market                 Magnolia, MS 39652              National Pork Producers (Pork Act) Delegate Body will take place
        Open: Starting June 1              Jackson County Fair Ground                   Open: June - August
      3:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Thur.                                                                                         at 1:30 p.m., Friday, August 18, 2006 in conjunction with a Board of
                                              Pascagoula, MS 39568                   8:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Sat.          Directors meeting of the Mississippi Pork Producers Association in
     7:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Sat.             Open: Late April - November                 Contact: B. J. Chaplin
        Contact: Charlie Fitts                                                                                          Room 4046 of the Animal Dairy Sciences Department, Wise
                                        6:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Wed. & Sat.                 Ph: 601-783-6572               Center on the Campus of Mississippi State University, Starkville,
          Ph: 662-412-3177                      Contact: Jim Hart                          Prentiss County              Mississippi. All Mississippi Pork Producers are invited to attend.
          Carroll County                        Ph: 228-762-6043                  Prentiss County Farmers’ Market         Any producer, who is a resident of the state and has paid all
      Vaiden Farmer’s Market                                                          2301 North Second Street          assessments due may be considered as a delegate candidate
                                                  Jackson County
          Mulberry Street                                                               Booneville, MS 38829            and/or participate in the election. All eligible producers are encour-
                                            Ocean Springs Fresh Market
         Vaiden, MS 39176                                                               Open: June - October            aged to bring with them a sales receipt proving that hogs were sold
                                                     Cash Alley
      Open: June - November                                                       8:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Wed. & Fri.      in their name and the checkoff deducted. For more information,
                                             Ocean Springs, MS 39564
       9:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon                                                             Contact: Buddy Smith            contact Mississippi Pork Producers Association, Box 9815,
       Wednesday & Saturday                         Year Round
                                              8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Sat.                    Ph: 662-728-3946              Miss. State, MS, telephone 662-325-1689.
      Contact: Grace Voorhees
         Ph: 662-464-5429                    Contact: Diane Claughton                        Tate County
                                                 Ph: 228-872-1323                    Tate County Farmers’ Market
            Copiah County
                                                 Lafayette County                          North Fleet Drive
   Crystal Springs Farmers’ Market                                                                                      To All Syrup Producers Past and Present...
                                            Mid-Town Farmers’ Market                     Senatobia, MS 38668
           Held During The
                                            Mid-Town Shopping Plaza                      Open: May - October              In an effort to maintain a history of the "Southern Folk Art of Syrup
   Crystal Springs Tomato Festival,
  the last Saturday in June (1-Day)             Oxford, MS 38655                  7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Mon. thru Sat.    Making," we need your help. Many of us have rich family histories and
        West Railroad Avenue                   Open: May-September                    Contact: Steve Richardson         memories of making syrup. It may just be that you know stories of
      Crystal Springs, MS 39059              2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Wed.                      Ph: 662-562-4274             others who made syrup. Write these stories down and send them to us
    Open: Yearly, last Sat. in June          7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Sat.                      Union County                so they will not be lost forever.
          9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.                 Contact: Mitchell Diggs               New Albany Farmers’ Market            As an example, in Clarke County, Robert Bailey Price, Sr., of the
       Contact: Dr. Rick Snyder                  Ph: 662-234-6447                      112 Fairgrounds Circle           Elwood Community owned a grist mill, a saw mill and a sugar cane
           Ph: 601-892-3731                                                            New Albany, MS 38652             syrup mill in the early 1900's. All signs of the operation have vanished.
                                                     Lee County
                                                                                     Open: June 12 - November           The only thing we were able to put together was an artist' sketch from
           Harrison County                    Tupelo Farmers’ Market
                                                                                    7:00 a.m. Wed., until sold out      a 90-+ year young granddaughter, but we have it in our history. So, if
  City of Gulfport Farmers’ Market      South Springs Street at the Railroad                                            you would, please get out and record these stories and histories so we
        2625 Jones Park Drive                    Tupelo, MS 38804                       Contact: Stanley Wise
                                                                                          Ph: 662-534-1916              can share them with our decedents.
         Gulfport, MS 39501               Open: Mid May - Mid November
       Open: April - December           7:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Tue.-Thu.-Sat.             Washington County                                        Send those stories to:
     6:00 a.m.-until Tue. & Fri.               (Call for night market)               Greenville Farmers’ Market               The Mississippi Syrup Producers and Processors Association
        Contact: Butch Himel                     Contact: Jim High                    738 Washington Avenue                                   % Robert A. (Andy) Cochran
          Ph: 228-868-5907                       Ph: 662-841-6598                      Greenville, MS 38701                                          2601 CR 250
            Harrison County                       Lowndes County                     Open: 7:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon                            Shubuta, Mississippi 39360-8781
 Charles R. Hedgewood Farmers’ Market    Lowndes County Farmers’ Market                   Mon., Wed., Sat.,                               or e-mail:
            120 Cadet Street                     2nd Avenue North                       Contact: Joey Adams
           Biloxi, MS 39530                     Columbus, MS 39701                    Ph: 662-332-8616 ext. 10
       Open: April - December                 Open: April - November                     Washington County
   5:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Tue. & Thu.
       Contact: Steve Johnson
           Ph: 228-435-6198
                                         5:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Tue.-Thu.-Sat.
                                             Contact: Frank Goodman
                                                 Ph: 662-328-4164
                                                                                           Farmers’ Market
                                                                                   North of Old Hwy. 61 at Hwy. 82
                                                                                          Leland, MS 38756
                                                                                                                       Give The Perfect Gift!!
          Harrison County                         Noxubee County                        Open: Seasonal - call                The Mississippi Market Bulletin is only
     D’Iberville Farmers’ Market         Noxubee County Farmers’ Market                Contact: Shela Domino             $10.00 per year mailed inside Mississippi and
      10383 Automall Parkway            45 North of Macon, Macon, MS 39341                Ph: 662-686-2687
        D’Iberville, MS 39540              Open: May 24 thru Mid August                                                 $15.00 mailed out of state. Return this form and
       Open: April - December           8:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Mon. thru Sat.       For more information regarding        mail it along with your check or money order to:
   7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Wed. & Fri.              Contact: Larry Miller              Mississippi Farmers’ Markets,
      Contact: Wallace Freeman                   Ph: 662-726-9929                 contact: John Gordon Campbell,                   Mississippi Market Bulletin
          Ph: 228-392-9737                                                               Ph: 601-354-6573                 P.O. Box 1118, Jackson, MS 39215-1118
                                                                                                                       To: Name
                    Visit us at:                                                                                       Address
                                                                                     City                                State              Zip

Page 26                                                                    MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                     August 15, 2006
    MISSISSIPPI FARM MARKET PRICES                                                                                                                                                            Mississippi’s #1
                                                                                                                      Mississippi Market Bulletin
Steers (300 - 400 lbs.., large & medium, No. 1 & 2):                                                                         P.O. Box 1118, Jackson, MS 39215-1118
                                                                                                                                                                                             Agricultural Paper
#1- $140.00–$150.00 #2- $130.00–$140.00                                                                                                                                                     Since 1906, The Mississippi Market
Heifers (300 - 400 lbs.., large & medium, No. 1 & 2):                                                                                   Subscription Rates                                  Bulletin has been serving individuals
#1- $120.00–$130.00 #2- $110.00–$120.00                                                                                        In State                  Out-Of-State                       and families who have a vital and
Slaughter Cows: (850-1,200 lbs.) $40.00-$47.00                                                                              1 Year $10.00               1 Year $15.00                       shared interest in Mississippi
Bulls: (1,500-2,500 lbs.) $53.00-$64.00                                                                                                                                                     Agriculture. The Mississippi Market
Pairs: price per pair (medium & large, 2-8 yrs. old) $600.00-$900.00                                              Name _______________________________________________                      Bulletin is your best source for
Hogs (210–260 lb., Bryan at West Point) $49.00                                                                                                                                              information regarding machinery,
Prices reported the week of 7/31/06                                                                               Address ______________________________________________                    equipment, livestock, poultry, plants,
For current cattle prices call 601-359-1120                                                                                                                                                 seeds....anything        related     to
                                                                                                                  City _________________________State ______Zip __________
POULTRY:                                                                                                                                                                                    Mississippi Agriculture. It provides a
(¢ per lb. FOB-Dock, Miss. Procrs.) Prices reported the week of 7/31/06: 69.51¢                                   Amount enclosed $                                                         wealth of information delivered to
Eggs: (Grade A per dozen, wholesale)                                                                                                                                                        your door 24 times a year. It’s easy
                                                                                                                  You may subscribe for a maximum of 3 years.
Prices reported the week of 7/31/06: XL. 53-56¢, LG. 51-54¢, MED. 34-38¢.                                                                                                                   to subscribe. Just fill out the form to
For current poultry prices call 601-965-4662.                                                                                                                                               the left and mail it with your check
                                                                                                                  Renewal, Include mailing label or Acct. # ___________________             or money order.
CROPS (cash prices): Prices reported the week of 7/31/06
Cotton (¢ per lb.) . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53.70      HOW TO READ YOUR SUBSCRIPTION LABEL                                     SUBSCRIPTION RATES
Soybeans ($ per bushel) . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.76
Wheat ($ per bushel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3.88         Your Account                   Subscription                                  Mailed Inside Mississippi
Corn ($ per bushel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.37     Number                         Expiration Date                                    $10.00 - 1 year
Rice (¢ per c/wt.). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.18                                                                                       $20.00 - 2 years
For current crop prices call 601-359-1110.                                                                             39000-000100                                                                  $30.00 - 3 years
For the latest Mississippi timber report, contact your County Extension Service.                                       *************************************CAR-RT LOT***R001
                                                                                                                                P-3 P109                                                       Mailed Outside Mississippi
             ADVERTISING GUIDELINES                                                                                    123456
                                                                                                                       JOHN DOE, JR.
                                                                                                                                     09/01/06                                                         $15.00 - 1 year
 The Mississippi Market Bulletin is published on the 1st and 15th of                                                   789 FARM ROAD 6                                                                $30.00 - 2 years
each month by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and                                                            FLAT BOTTOM, MS 39000-0001                                                     $45.00 - 3 years
Commerce. The Mississippi Market Bulletin is an important way for the                                                                                                                            You may subscribe to the
                                                                                                                           If you have questions regarding your subscription                  Mississippi Market Bulletin for a
Department to disseminate news and information about issues affect-                                                                                                                              maximum of three years.
ing Mississippi’s agriculture industry and the Department’s operations.                                               please call the Mississippi Market Bulletin at 601-359-1155.
  Through its classified advertising section, the Bulletin provides a
forum for Mississippi residents to buy and sell agriculturally related
items while also giving statewide exposure to small farmers who might
not normally have the economic resources for such widespread adver-
                                                                                                                    ADVERTISING DEADLINE DATES
tising. The Bulletin does not publish commercial or display ads and all                                           SEPTEMBER 1 ISSUE....DEADLINE MON. AUG. 21, 2006 - 12:00 PM
items offered for sale must have been produced, raised, grown or oper-
ated on the seller’s property. Businesses, corporations, dealerships, bro-                                        SEPTEMBER 15 ISSUE....DEADLINE FRI. SEPT. 1, 2006 - 12:00 PM
kers or other commercial enterprises are not allowed to advertise in the
Mississippi Market Bulletin.                                                                                       If you miss the deadline for submission, your ad is automatically run in the next issue. You must submit
  Advertising rules and guidelines have been established for the                                                   your ad for each issue. We do not hold ads over for multiple insertion. We do not take ads over the phone.
Mississippi Market Bulletin in order to comply with regulations
enforced by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
and to maintain the objectives of the publication. The staff of the                                                     ADVERTISEMENT SUBMISSION FORM
Mississippi Market Bulletin reserves the right to edit, revise or reject                                          LIMIT OF 30 WORDS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED (SEE ADJOINING PANEL FOR MORE COMPLETE RULES)
any advertisement. The Mississippi Market Bulletin assumes no respon-                                                            PLEASE PRINT - WE CANNOT RUN ITEMS FOR SALE WITHOUT A PRICE
sibility for any notice appearing in the Bulletin nor for any transaction
resulting from published notices. Advertisers are cautioned that it is                                             IN ORDER TO ADVERTISE YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER!
against the law to misrepresent any product offered for sale in public
notices or advertisements carried in any publication that is delivered by
the United States Postal Service.
                                                                                                                  CATEGORY _____________________________________________________________
•  In order to advertise you must be a subscriber - All listings must
                                                                                                                  NAME __________________________________ACCOUNT NUMBER _______________
    be agriculture related (raised, grown, produced or operated on
    your farm).                                                                                                   ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________
 • At the top of your ad, write the category that the ad should be list-
   ed under. Next, write the ad the way it should be printed. We reserve                                          CITY ___________________________________STATE _______ZIP _______________
   the right to edit, revise or reject each ad. Please print or type your
   ad.                                                                                                            PHONE (______ ) _______________________________COUNTY __________________
• Each household is allowed to place two ads in the Bulletin, with one
   ad per category.                                                                                               AD: ___________________________________________________________________
 • There is a 30-word limit for advertisements, this includes; price (on
   the item you are selling) city, county and telephone number or                                                 ______________________________________________________________________
   name and complete address must be included in the 30-word limit.
   Include your name, mailing address, and signature (not to be print
   ed) with each ad. Your account number must accompany your ad.                                                  ______________________________________________________________________
• You must include a price on items being offered for sale. We cannot
   run your “For Sale” advertisement without a price.                                                             ______________________________________________________________________
• Ads cannot be held over from one issue to another. You must sub-
   mit them for each issue. Advertising deadlines are posted in each                                              ______________________________________________________________________
   issue of the Bulletin for your convenience.
• Out-of-state residents are not eligible to advertise with the follow-                                                                             MAIL ADS TO:
   ing exceptions: Out-of-state ads are allowed in the “Wanting To                                                            MS MARKET BULLETIN, P.O. BOX 1118, JACKSON, MS 39215-1118
   Buy” category. Out-of-state ads are allowed for individuals owning                                                                        FAX ADS TO: (601) 359-1260
   farm property within the state that is being offered for sale.
                                                                                                                                  EMAIL ADS TO: MARKETBULLETIN@MDAC.STATE.MS.US
   (See these individual category listings for complete rules regarding
   their use.)                                                                                                                      VISIT WEB SITE: WWW.MSMARKETBULLETIN.ORG

August 15, 2006                                                                                           MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                Page 27
Drought Stressed Soybeans Look For                                                                                           Helping Cattlemen Overcome
Relief - Crop Reported On July 25, 2006                                                                                      Challenges Following Katrina
   By Andy Prosser, MDAC Staff                                                                  these drought condi-                By LeAnne L. Peters
                                                                                                tions, we will see some          Mississippi Cattlemen’s
   The old saying goes, “It doesn't                                                             serious affects as we                Association
matter how you start, but how you                                                               draw closer to harvest."
finish.” The same could be said                                                                 Bernie Jordan, a soybean       A year after Katrina dev-
about Mississippi's soybeans this                                                               and cotton farmer from       astated thousands of
year. With the soybean crop begin-                                                              Yazoo City, confirmed        Mississippi farms, cattle-
ning earlier than ever in 2006, it                                                              that his area was also       men can attend a work-
broke out of the gate with one of its                                                           looking for rain as the      shop, aimed at helping
best starts in state history. However,                                                          heat wave continues.         improve their herd man-
as of late, soybean farmers statewide                                                           "The early dry land          agement. On September 6,
are craving moisture to help cope                                                               group 4's are really hurt-   the National Cattlemen's Beef
with current crop stress due to                                                                 ing in this area due to      Association, The Wax Company,
drought conditions and increasing         Drought damaged soybeans.                             lack of moisture, and        the Cattlemen's Foundation and its
irrigation cost. Mississippi, accord-                                              farmer's expectations in terms of         sponsors will present "Getting Back       will be covered in this interactive
                                             Mississippi Soybean Extension                                                   on Track", a day-long workshop at
ing to the U.S. Drought Monitor for                                                yield will be significantly lower than                                              session.
                                          Specialist, Dr. Alan Blaine, expressed                                             the Forrest County Multi Purpose            The afternoon breakout sessions
July 25, 2006, is under moderate to                                                what they expected. Later Group 4's
                                          his thoughts on the crop's current                                                 Center near Hattiesburg.                  will include animal identification,
extreme       drought      conditions                                              and Group 5 beans are tolerable at
                                          condition, the circumstances that                                                    "Cattlemen will find this workshop      export verification, feeding, manage-
statewide. Without timely rains in                                                 this point and can be salvaged if they
                                          have led us up to this point, and his                                              to be very helpful as they continue to    ment and much more.
the near future, Mississippi non-irri-                                             can get some moisture in the com-
                                          forecast for the upcoming harvest.                                                 rebuild their operations," says Gale         In addition to the sessions, repre-
gated crops, including soybeans, will                                              ing days. With that being said, I
                                          "We really are under some extreme                                                  Martin, Mississippi Cattlemen's           sentatives from the Farm Service
see a dramatic drop in yield.                                                      think the area's irrigated beans look
                                          conditions at this point. The crop                                                 Association president.                    Agency,       Natural       Resources
                                          really started great until we hit the    great and those yields should be in
                                                                                                                               This short course will include a        Conservation         Service,     and
                                          month of May, then we hit some dry       the good to excellent range."
                                                                                                                             combination of classroom and field        Mississippi      State     University
                                          spells that truly stressed the crop,"       Soybeans hold the lion's share of
                                                                                                                             activities. Participants will learn how   Extension Service will be on hand to
                                          said Blaine. "Now, here we are in late   acreage in Mississippi row crops this
                                                                                                                             to rebuild fences and handle cattle,      explain programs that are available
                                          July, and we are under more drought      year with 1.7 million acres being
                                                                                                                             utilizing low-stress methods. Randy       to cattlemen.
                                          conditions that could be seriously       planted, an increase of approximate-
                                                                                                                             Blach, Executive V.P. of Cattle-Fax           Pre-registration of $20 includes
                                          detrimental to this year's yields. I     ly 1% from 2005. With the threat of
                                                                                                                             will be discussing market changes in      lunch and registration the day of the
                                          believe due to the early planted         soybean rust being somewhat low,
                                                                                                                             the cattle industry and Dr. Jane          event will be $30. Doors open at
                                          crop's stress from lack of moisture,     insects and moisture needs have           Parish's session is designed to get
                                                                                   taken center stage. Hopefully in the                                                9:00 a.m. and the program begins at
                                          we are and will see a lot of cases of                                              producers back on track with many         9:30. If you would like more infor-
                                          pre-mature dry down. Not to men-         near future, the drought woes will        common operational management
                                                                                   be gone and give Mississippi soybean                                                mation, contact the Mississippi
                                          tion, that this has become a very                                                  challenges faced after the storm.         Cattlemen's Association at (601)
                                          expensive crop due to increased irri-    farmers a strong and profitable fin-      Practical farm examples and key           354-8951 or your county Extension
                                          gation and pest control costs that       ish.                                      steps in cattle management recovery       office.
                                          farmers are experiencing." Blaine
                                                                                     *** At print time, some early dry-

                                                                                                                                                    Got Hay?
                                          went on to add, "On a positive note,
                                          irrigated beans do look pretty good,     land soybeans were already being
                                          and if we do get some rain on some       harvested. This is seasonally early
                                          of the later non-irrigated beans that    to start harvest, and a sign that
                                          would be a tremendous help. I do
                                                                                   some area's soybeans lacked the           In response to concerns over hay supplies this year, a new
                                                                                   adequate moisture to fully develop.
                                          believe, however, if we continue in                                                Mississippi Hay Directory is now online at http://msu-
                                                                                                                    For more infor-
Therapy Program Needs An Additional Horse                                                                                    mation, contact your local county Extension office or
       By Linda Breazeale                 care is closely supervised, and they     period where they are introduced to       Dr. Jane Parish at 662-325-7466.
     MSU Office of Agricultural           are kept fit by the TEAM staff, volun-   wheelchairs, ramps, balls and other
        Communications                    teers and MSU’s Animal and Dairy         therapy tools used in the program.
   The MSU Extension Service’s 4-H        Science Department and College of        Anyone who has a horse they would
TEAM (Therapeutic Equine Activity         Veterinary Medicine.”                    be interested in donating should
Member) Program is one of two               Before being accepted in the pro-      contact Mary Riley, (662) 325-1695
accredited therapeutic programs in        gram, the horses are given a trial       or e-mail
Mississippi. The selection criteria for
their horses require they be in rea-
sonably good health, have a current
Coggins test, and be people friendly
and extremely calm.
   “These horses have a very special
temperament and never seem to tire
of their job,” said Mary Riley, TEAM
instructor/program       coordinator.
“The horses that we have were
donated by individuals with children
who have gone off to college, or they
were no longer riding their horses
and just wanted to find them a good
   “And what a good home it is,” Riley
   “The horses are loved on and pet-                                                                                         Russell (Rusty) Robbins, Jr. is shown with Commissioner Lester Spell con-
ted by the TEAM volunteers, riders,                                                                                          gratulating him on his 30 years of dedicated service to the Mississippi
family members and Extension staff.                                                                                          Department of Agriculture and Commerce. Rusty retired on June 30, 2006.
Our horses Nick, Bo and Bob work                                                                                             Rusty worked several years as a Heavy Scale inspector for the division
Tuesday mornings at the Mississippi
                                                                                                                             before being promoted in 1999 as Director of the Weights and Measures
Horse Park enabling their riders to       Oktibbeha County Hospital physical therapist Glenda Tranum holds Preston
become stronger and more indepen-                                                                                            Division. Commissioner Spell expressed his appreciation to Rusty for his
                                          Cook, age 3, up to pet his therapy horse before a recent hippotherapy ses-
dent in mind, body and spirit. The        sion at the Mississippi Horse Park. Denise Latil helped handle the horse           fine service to the agency and to the people of Mississippi. Rusty ensured
other days they spend in their grass-     throughout the session. The Mississippi State Extension Service 4-H                all consumers found equity in the market place. Rusty will be missed by his
filled pasture enjoying a life of         TEAM (Therapeutic Equine Activity Member) Program is one of two accred-            coworkers, as well as those in the industry who appreciated his willingness
leisure,” Riley said. “Their health       ited therapeutic riding programs in the state.                                     to work with them and their concerns.

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