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									                         Justification for Use of Bona Fide and Full-Time
                                   Regular Employee Exemption
                          For Disclosure to Qualifying Full-Time Employee Pursuant to ITAR

ITAR authorizes US institutions of higher learning to disclose unclassified ITAR controlled
technical data in the form of information and software to individuals who are neither US citizens
nor US permanent residents if:
     The employee’s permanent abode throughout the period of employment is in the U.S.;
     The employee is not a national of a country* to which exports are prohibited pursuant to
        22 CFR 126.1; and
     The employee has been informed in writing** that the information may not be transferred
        or disclosed to other foreign persons with express prior approval.
Note: Graduate student Research Assistants and researchers with a J-1 visa are not considered
to be bona fide and full-time regular employees of UML for the purposes of this exemption. This
exemption therefore does not apply to foreign person RAs or researchers in J-1 status.

The fundamental research project described below requires that a member of the research group
who is neither a US citizen nor a US permanent resident have access to unclassified ITAR
restricted information or software. This foreign person researcher meets the eligibility criteria for
this Bona Fide and Full-Time Regular Employee exemption.
Describe information or software to be disclosed:
Fundamental Research Project for which information is required:
Title of Research Project:
Name of PI:          School or Department:
Print Name of Disclosing Party:
Purpose for Which the Information is Being Disclosed:
Transmission Method:
Transmission Date and Time:
Employee Recipient:
Recipient’s Nationality:
Recipient’s Passport Number:

Recipient’s Certification:
I, (insert name)        , hereby certify to the following:
    I am a regular full-time employee of UML; my permanent abode throughout the period of my
employment at UML is the U.S.;
    I am not a national of a country to which exports are prohibited pursuant to 22 CFR 126.1;
    The above-identified information will not be transferred to other foreign persons.
Contact Information (Permanent Address, Email, and Phone No):
Recipient Signature:                                               Date:

* Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, N. Korea, Syria, Vietnam, Myanmar (formerly Burma), China, Haiti,
Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, or Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), any UN Security
Council arms embargoed country (e.g., for certain exports to Rwanda).

Submit form to Elaine Major, Director of Institutional Compliance at or fax to 978-934-3018.

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