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updated 09/08/08
Org Type           City-Organization                              Name                    Contact
City               Atherton                                       Eileen Wilkerson        752-0546
City               Belmont                                        Laura Kirby             637-2988
City               Belmont Police Department                      Kathy Joe               595-7431
City               Brisbane                                       Stuart Schillinger      (415) 508-2115
City               Broadmoor                                      Steve Rettinger         755-3838
City               Burlingame                                     Nancy Augustini         558-7206
City               Colma                                          Lori Burnes             997-8306
City               Colma Fire Department                          Geoff Balton            755-5666
City               Colma Police Department                        Anita Landis-Thorsnes   997-8343
City               Daly City                                      Natalie Sakkal          991-8028
City               East Palo Alto                                 M.L. Gordon             853-3100
City               Foster City                                    Barbara Hanna           286-3200
City               Half Moon Bay                                  Terry Houk              726-8280
City               Hillsborough                                   Kristin Armbruster      375-7502
City               Menlo Park                                     Mary Liedl              330-6676
City               Menlo Park Police Department                   Nicole Acker            330-6325
City               Millbrae                                       Jeff Killian            259-2338
City               Millbrae Police Department                     Jon Aronis              259-2302
City               Mountain View                                  Rebecca Wolfe           903-6052
City               Pacifica                                       Donna McKinley          738-7303
City               Palo Alto                                      Theresa Moreno          329-2125
City               Portola Valley                                 Angela Howard           851-1700 x15
City               Redwood City                                   Leah Lockhart           780-7285
City               Redwood City Fire Department                   Stan Maupin             780-7454
City               San Bruno                                      Tami Yuki               616-7055
City               San Bruno Police Department                    Tim Mahon               616-7113
City               San Carlos                                     Anita Olsen             802-4171
City               San Carlos Police Department                   Greg Miller             802-4235
City               San Mateo                                      Letty Juarez            522-7264
City               San Mateo City Fire Department                 Letty Juarez            522-7264
City               San Mateo Police Department                    Letty Juarez            522-7264
City               South San Francisco                            Kathy Mount             877-8522
City               South San Francisco Fire Department            Jess Magallanes         829-3950
City               South San Francisco Police Department          Jim Thane               877-8921
City               South San Francisco School District            John Thompson           877-8725

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City               Woodside                                         Janet Koelsch           851-6790
Nonprofit Agency   Achieve Kids                                     Jean Spurr              494-1200
Nonprofit Agency   AIDS Community Research Consortium               Gladys Balmas           364-6563
Nonprofit Agency   Center for Independence of the Disabled          Ray Pittsinger          645-1780 x113
Nonprofit Agency   Child Care Coordinating Council                  Rodney Ryce             655-5033
Nonprofit Agency   Child Care Partnership Council                   Nirmala Dillman         802-5443
Nonprofit Agency   Coastside Children's Program                     Josephine Pritchard     726-7413
Nonprofit Agency   College of San Mateo                             Beverley Madden         574-6538
Nonprofit Agency   Community Development Institute                  Lome Aseron             327-5846
Nonprofit Agency   Community Gatepath                               Guri Mehta              259-0176
Nonprofit Agency   Family Service Agency                            Francine Weiss          403-4300
Nonprofit Agency   Fatherhood Collaborative                         Eve Agiewich            655-6770
Nonprofit Agency   Health Plan of San Mateo County                  Juanita Nebiolini       616-2149
Nonprofit Agency   HEART - Housing Endowment & Regional Trust       Paula Stinson           872-4444
Nonprofit Agency   HIP Housing                                      Laura Fanucchi          348-6660 x303
Nonprofit Agency   IISME-Industry Initiative for Sci. & Math Edu.   Jennifer Bruckner       (408) 553-2249
Nonprofit Agency   Legal Aid Society                                Judith Goldstein        558-0915
Nonprofit Agency   Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalitions                 Angelica Alvarez        356-2960
Nonprofit Agency   Mills-Peninsula Health Services                  Cindy Ahern-Patel       696-5801
Nonprofit Agency   Mission Hospice                                  Matt McCoy              554-1000
Nonprofit Agency   Peninsula Bridge                                 Grainger Marburg        473-9461
Nonprofit Agency   Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center             Russell Brunson         513-0330
Nonprofit Agency   Peninsula Humane Society                         Dan Hoffer              340-7022 x322
Nonprofit Agency   Peninsula Volunteers                             Michelle Knapik         326-0665
Nonprofit Agency   Project Ninety                                   Stacey White            579-7881
Nonprofit Agency   Salvation Army                                   Bonnie Miller           368-4645
Nonprofit Agency   Samaritan House                                  Sharon Petersen         341-4081 x11
Nonprofit Agency   San Mateo Convention and Visitors Bureau         Gina Alhands            348-7600
Nonprofit Agency   San Mateo County Office of Education             Jennifer Adams          802-5381
Nonprofit Agency   Second Harvest Food Bank                         Larry Diskin            610-0800 x216
Nonprofit Agency   Sequoia Hospital                                 Sharon Henderson        482-6134
Nonprofit Agency   Shelter Network                                  Tanja Stanfield-Rieck   685-5880 x11
Nonprofit Agency   Silicon Valley Community Foundation              Frances Stewart         450-5400
Nonprofit Agency   Sitike Counseling Center                         Rhonda Ceccato          589-9305
Nonprofit Agency   Sonrisas Community Dental Clinic                 Julia McKeon            726-2144
Nonprofit Agency   Teen Pregnancy Coalition                         Kris Ahmed              367-1937
Special District   CA Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection         Linda Cooper            (831) 335-6705

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Special District   CA Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection        John Sims              345-1612
Special District   Central County Fire                             Mark Ladas             558-7604
Special District   Highland Recreation                             Margaret Glomstad      341-4251
Special District   Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District      Sonya Morrison         625-6501
Special District   Mosquito Abatement District                     Karen Williams         344-8592 x11
Special District   North County Fire Authority                     Sue McGuirk            991-8138
Special District   San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans)    Jennifer Rodriguez     508-6287
Special District   South Bayside Systems Authority                 Linda Bruemmer         594-8411 x126
Special District   South County Fire - Belmont/San Carlos          Gary Fauth             740-7207

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