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									                 ELIMINATING NON-VALUE ADDED COSTS


The order fulfillment process from customer order through to delivery is composed
of several related and dependent activities. Each of these activities is a function of
time, quality and cost. The focus of the seminar is to increase capacity throughput
in each activity, improve the cycle times and decrease added cost factors. There is
a disciplined methodology that can be utilized to improve process, quality and cost
and the seminar will focus on:

   1. Understanding the methodology
   2. Functional understanding and analysis of each activity being analyzed
   3. Level of detail required, information gathering process and what information
      is requisite
   4. Evaluation of the process
   5. Innovative and creative ways of improving the activity
   6. Approval and implementation process
   7. KPI’s
   8. Final evaluation of results

This process can be used with any supplier to improve the cost, quality and time
dependent activities to service the customer. The Purchasing professional can use
the process to promote overall improvement in supplier performance while at the
same time, reducing the landed costs of materials and services.

The seminar approaches successful supplier development with the objective of
quality, service and cost reductions as a required component of the process and
continued method improvement methodology as an integral supplier requirement.

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