Jack-O-Lantern Cartoon by gjjur4356


                                                                 JACK-O-LANTERN CARTOON
Watch as this jack-o-lantern comes to life right before your eyes! Just grab a pencil and paper and you can create this
cool cartoon in no time!

    •   pad of paper                                                  •   colored chalks or colored pencils
    •   pencil                                                        •   eraser
    •   marker

    1. Loosely draw a circle with a pencil. Draw a circle and draw a larger, taller one right next to it. Then a smaller one
       next to that.

    2. Trace over lines with a marker. Put a stem on top. Make the second taller pumpkin a little bit behind the first.
       Draw the smallest one a little behind the large one. Add a stem.

    3. Erase all pencil lines.

    4. Use light lines for pumpkin ridges.

    5. Make the first pumpkin scary. Draw a “C” and a backwards “C” for eyes. Add 2 black dots in the center and
       thick eyebrows facing down.

    6. Draw a triangular nose and a long jagged smile for a mouth to make him look sinister. Use thick lines to show a
       carved pumpkin.

    7. For the tall pumpkin, draw eyes the same way with eyelids half closed. Put eyebrows up as he’s looking down at
       the other pumpkin. Give him a long noise and a small wavy line for a mouth to show that he’s thinking.

    8. Add a caption – “GULP!” - to show he’s scared. Add a few sweat drops and the word “BOO” above the first

    9. Give the smallest pumpkin closed eyes - 2 open upward triangles. Give him eyebrows going up with big smile,
       mouth wide open. Add a large nose.

    10. Give him zany Halloween teeth and darken in the inside. Write “YUK YUK YUK” above him to show he’s

    11. Color your pumpkins in with orange crayon. Add red for cheeks and tongues. Use green for the grass and add
        blue lines around the pumpkins. Use brown for the stems.

                  Did you know there’s a free web video for this activity with step-by-step instructions?
                                See all the fun activities for kids at www.activitytv.com.

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