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    Ministry                                         Meet the New Executive of Love INC
   Quicklinks                                                     NWRC

                                                   Hi! I'm Irv Cross, the newly appointed Executive
                                                   Director of Love in the Name of Christ of
                                                   Northwest Ramsey County. Prior to my arrival on
   Fare For All                                    June 1st, my career path had crossed a wide
                                                   variety of vocations from professional athletics,
 Save up to 50% on your
                                                   network television, athletic administration, board
   monthly groceries!                              chair of a number of non profits, including the
                                                   Minnesota Twins Community Fund, to a life-long
                             pursuit to study and live GOD'S word. My family and I consider this
  Ralph Reeder               appointment a calling from our Lord and Savior to share the Gospel
  Food Shelf -               and spread GOD'S love. I have been blessed with a wife (Liz) and a
                             son and daughter through 23 years of marriage and a spiritual life
  Moundsview                 which grows stronger with each challenging day. I want to extend my
 School District             thanks to the Board and above all to my Lord and Savior for the
                             opportunity to serve in the name of Christ. One tidbit of information
  The Ralph Reeder Food      you will not find is a conversation I had with my grandmother when I
   Shelf is a Community      was ten years old. She wanted me to become a Methodist minister.
 Education Program of the    When I was trying to decide on where to go to college on a full
    Mounds View Public       athletic scholarship, I selected Northwestern University. NU was
  School District offering
       emergency and         founded by the Methodist church in 1851, and in the middle of the
     supplemental food       campus is Garrett Seminary. I graduated in 1961, and my first job was
     assistance, school      in the NFL as a player for the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles. I
supplies, and holiday help   never became a minister in the formal sense, but I believe GOD has
to low income residents in
      our community.         brought me here today to do His work with our hands.

                             God put me on this earth to serve my fellowman and I give Him the
                             glory for every single life He allows me to touch. I look forward to
    Community                working with every one of you as we come together, led by the Holy
     Services                Spirit, to transform Northwest Ramsey County with LOVE IN THE
                             NAME OF CHRIST.
The Keystone Basic Needs
 Program helps feed the
hungry and assists people
 in crisis in a large service
  area in Ramsey County -                            Backpack and School Supply
from downtown St. Paul to
    Roseville, from Little
Canada to the Midway and
        the North End                                Please join us for this year's upcoming
    neighborhoods of St.                             backpack drive! We again are partnering
                                                     with the Roseville area schools and Ralph
                                                     Reeder in the Mounds View/New Brighton
    A Love Story                                     area. There are over 1,500 children in our
                                                     local area who are in need of school
When Rebecca, a                                      supplies that their families cannot provide.
young mother of three Ralph Reeder is specifically in need of backpacks and Roseville
children in Aptos,      Schools could use help with all of the items listed below.
California, had to      Love INC will be available to pick up the backpacks and school
leave an abusive        supplies at your church during the month of August or you can drop
living situation in an  them off at the Love INC office. If your church would prefer to donate
emergency, she          funds, Love INC would be happy to do super shopping for the school
moved into a low-       supplies and backpacks. Please call the Love INC office at 651-633-
income apartment        4194 if your Church is able to contribute. Please also let us know if
with nothing but a      you have any questions or need us to pick up your supplies.
mattress, a kitchen
table, and chairs. She                                   Items Needed
was working hard to                             · Backpacks (for all ages)
pay the landlord for                     · Wide-ruled notebooks (single subject)
the security deposit                                   · Pocket folders
when her car broke                                 · Boxes of #2 Pencils
down. Needing to                                      · Colored Pencils
repair the car in order                     · Boxes of pens (blue or black ink)
to get to her job,                      · Wide-line Washable Markers (not neon)
Rebecca found                                     · Boxes of 24 crayons
herself unable to keep                                    · Compasses
up with the additional,                                   · Protractors
unexpected bills.                                    · Kid-size scissors
When Rebecca called                                           · Rulers
Love INC of Santa                                            · Erasers
Cruz County, she was                                      · Glue Sticks
ready to send her                                      · 3-Ring Binders
children, ages 11, 9,
and 7, to live with
their grandmother       Together we can make a difference!
because she couldn't
                        Thank you,
adequately provide      Suzanne Hinderscheid
for their needs.        Board Member
Through Love In the
Name of Christ, three                                 Current Volunteer Opportunities
churches rallied
around this young                                    Intake volunteers - respond to calls from
family. Church                                       clients, taking them through the intake
members supplied                                     process, and beginning the resolving of
groceries, household                                 their needs. Data entry - inputing
supplies, furniture,                                 information regarding partner churches and
toys, and wood for                                   their ministries. Web master - ongoing
the fireplace. Another                               maintenance of the newly created Love INC
community               NWRC website. Furniture transport - donors offer large items but
organization            need pick-up and transfer to a storage facility, and clients need help
contributed gift          moving furniture from one home to another and from donation
certificates for the      facilities to new homes. Fare For All Express - back-up volunteers
children. Most            who set-up the distribution point, welcome clients, help them
importantly, church       transport food to their vehicles. They supplement the current roster
volunteers visited        which allows Fare for All Express to operate the low-cost food supply
with Rebecca and her      distribution point held in conjunction with Love INC NWRC, and
kids, building a          Emergency Food Shelf Network. The site is currently located at Real
special relationship.     Life Church. Seasonal drives - contacting churches to coordinate
"I had grown up           their participation in supplying school backpacks, winter coats,
resenting the             Christmas gifts, and other duties as the projects progress. Office and
church," said             reception assistants - volunteers with general computer and phone
Rebecca. "Because I       skills able to help the Executive Director and Intake Volunteers in the
was bitter, I would       administration of Love INC NWRC's office.
send my children to
church and wait                      Fare For All Express ~ It IS Fare For All!
outside in the parking
lot to pick them up.
One night just before I   Fare for All Express, a program of the Emergency Food Shelf
called Love INC, I        Network, works with community partners to offer quality, affordable
heard one of my           grocery packages each month. Affordable~ through it's volume-
children pray, 'God,      purchasing power, Fare For All Express is able to buy quality food
please have my            at below-retail prices and pass these savings on to all
mommy step inside         our participants. Nutritious ~ Fare For All Express packages contain a
the church."              variety of healthy, fresh, quality food items, including fruits,
Rebecca's mother          vegetables, and frozen meat items. There is no limit to the number of
had been praying the      packages that can be purchased each month! Serving Community ~
same prayer for her       In addition to great cost-savings on food purchases, Fare For All
daughter for many         Express is also committed to improving local neighborhoods and
years. Because of the     communities.
love shown to
Rebecca by caring
Christians during a          Please remind your congregations and friends of the
season of need,                                  following!
Rebecca's life was
transformed. Not only
did her living                  Fare for All Express is a food cooperative whose buying
circumstances                    power is increased as it is used by more people.
improve, she now                The savings are for everyone. This food is purchased at a
attends church and               reduced rate, and by buying it, you are not using a resource
has given her heart to           someone else might need more. You're increasing Fare for
Christ. Rebecca                  All's ability to help more people by strengthening its buying
gladly shares her                power
story with others of            If you hope to help someone with a need, purchase gift cards
how she was touched              from the Emergency Food Network (EFN, the umbrella
by the love of God.              organization with which Fare for All cooperates) and donate it
                                 to your church or Love INC or just give it to someone you
                                 know could use it.
      Financial                 The food is generally basic frozen meats and fresh veggies. It
     Statement                   is not pre-packaged foods.
                                Our numbers are growing. As more people hear about the
                                 new location in Roseville we have started to have "regulars"
Monthly 2010 budget:
                                 and new faces appear each week.
$2,500 (operating
expenses and salary
of Executive Director
                                   We Need Your Help To Make This Succeed!
serving at half time).
Avg received per
month in 2010: $1,308                        Upcoming Events
We operated without
an executive director                         Love INC Quarterly Lunch
for several months in
2010 through the                                     August 19, 2010
generous volunteer                                  11:30am - 1:00pm
help of Margaret                                Roseville Lutheran Church
Richter; this explains
our ability to continue     Special Presentation from Mobile Dental Neighborhood
operations despite                            Outreach Ministry
this shortfall.
However, such a           A community service drawing people to Christ. Gary Moberg, DDS
shortfall will very       and John Braddock will speak and answer questions. 5 minute video
quickly affect our        demonstrating how the ministry works. This new ministry
ability to continue       was referred to Love INC by North Heights Lutheran Church and
serving churches as       Medical Teams International. Please see here for Mobile
they reach out to the     Dental ministry website.
community, now that
we have hired                                        October 14, 2010
Executive Director Irv                           Topic ~ to be announced
Cross. Please
consider a gift to                                   11:30am - 1:00pm
Love INC NWRC so                                    River of Life Church
we can continue in
our mission to                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
mobilize churches to
serve those in need.                             Fare For All Express

     Board of                                        August 17, 2010
     Directors                                      September 14, 2010
                                                     October 12, 2010
  Dwight Nelson -
                                     Real Life Church, Roseville, MN 3:00pm - 5:00pm
    Board Chair
  Emmaus Lutheran                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                 Clothing Closet - Hosted by North Heights and
      Suzanne                                 Roseville Schools
 Hinderscheid - Vice
Chair - North Heights     The Clothing Closet has been serving many local families in need in
  Lutheran Church         the Roseville and Lauderdale area. In the last 5 months the Clothing
                          Closet has helped approximately 550 families. The families are very
    Chris Foye -          grateful and appreciative! In order to participate, you must first obtain
  Secretary - Christ      a voucher from Love INC NWRC - please call 651-633-4914.
  Temple Apostolic
      Church           If you have any questions on this service or would like to volunteer
                       please call the North Heights Outreach Ministries office at 651-797-
Greg Grandits - Board 7920. The Summer Hours for July and August.
 Treasurer - Real Life
       Church                                July 17   10:00am-1:00pm
                                             August 14 10:00am-1:00pm
 Jim Fereira - Board                         August 28 10:00am-1:00pm
 Member - Real Life
     Church                         New Partnership with Bridging

 April King - Board      Effective July 15th, Love INC met with Bridging to create a
Member - GracePoint        partnership. This will allow us to grow our ministry by
       Church             assisting those in need of household furnishing. Please
                               see here for information on Bridging services.

                                              Prayer Requests

                        Prayer for full and functioning Clearinghouse at Love INC NWRC;
                      Expanded Church partners; Successful drives and programs such as
                        Backpack and School Supply, and Fare For All Express. Pray for
                         Community leaders, Pastors, volunteers and Board Members.

                      We also give thanks and praise to our Lord for all the volunteers who
                            donate so much time and energy at Love INC Northwest
                                               Ramsey County.

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