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					Fall of the American Empire – May 1,
Israel – Well things just got a lot worse. Hamas and Fatah have agreed to end their four year old division.
They intend to hold elections to rule Gaza and the West Bank. The problem is the USA and the EU both
consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization. Israel has suspended a $89,000,000 tax payment to the
Palestinian Authority out of fears it might be used by Hamas and Fatah to fund terrorist actions against
them. They will surely try hard to disrupt peace with Israel. Expect this to push oil prices up, along with
Gold and Silver. Eventually the tension there are really going to either interrupt oil flow or drive prices up
out of fears of such an event.

Syria – Assad is still resorting to violence. He is circling the drain at this point in time. Assad has not
broken the spirit of the people. He will go. The next regime will be very pro Muslim. They will become
antagonistic towards regimes like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Israel. The trouble and problems will
intensify. The muslims would love to see oil at $200 to $300 a barrel. This would truly break the economic
backbone of Europe and possible North America.

Yemen – The dictator of Yemen has changed his mind and will not sign an agreement to step down. The
revolutionaries are contemplating stepping up their efforts. They gave Sahel a chance to step down and gain
immunity. New elections would have been held in sixty days. He too is circling the drain.

Egypt – The muslim brotherhood is taking hold in Egypt. They are expected top get 50% of the seats in the
next election. They are saying the Camp David Accord does not require them to sell natural gas to Israel.
They might stop this altogether or raise the prices so as to make it not feasible for Israel to buy it. The
interim government in Egypt has opened its border crossing with Gaza. This allows terrorists to easily get
weapons to use against Israel. It has also openly embraced Hamas and the group's sponsors in the Iranian
regime. Hamas actually has its origins in the Muslim Brotherhood, and if the latter comes to power in
Egypt, the Palestinian group can be expected to profit considerably and of course cause more problems in
the middle east. The new regime in Egypt has freed Hezbollah members from prison and let them go to
Gaza. The muslim brotherhood was once outlawed in Egypt. Mubarak the ousted dictator could be facing
the death penalty.

Obama – Well Obama the Incompetent is still there. It is entirely possible that the middle east problems
were initiated by Obama (unlikely since he is so ineffective) or that it is taking place because he is so inept.
He is a President who has to cover his background. Maybe the birthed issue was a response to some foreign
power blackmailing him over this hole in his background. They then publicized it to make it lose
credibility. The Saudis seem to be behind the seating of Obama. Now they are in dire straits. As the
muslims gain control of more countries in the middle east, their staying in power becomes more unlikely.
In fact they could wind up getting sentenced to death or going to prison if the revolutionaries with a muslim
orientation take over. If they flee they will need asylum which could provoke muslim terrorists to terrorize
a country granting such asylum. They would also be exposed to having their wealth confiscated. The Saudi
Royal Family could become a hot potato, too hot to touch. This may be causing the Saudis to unseat
Obama. They seated him (some think so including this writer), the thought they probably have is they can
unseat him. All of this latest birther publicity could be designed to do just that. Trump is beating the birther
drum hard. The latest birth certificate Obama released is being attacked already. Some of these attacks are
somewhat based in fact. If they expose this birth certificate as a fraud then he is gone. This sounds easier
than it really is. If the Saudis are throwing billions at this they will raise a contingent in DC to lead the
charge. Obama supporters are very small in numbers. The problem is under his insane leadership the
middle east is going to wind up in major turmoil. The oil supply for much of the world will be in jeopardy.
Iran is going nuclear. Israel is likely to be attacked as in war and then they will be forced to defend
themselves. Their capabilities are vast. They are not a true super power because they are not set up to
conduct wars far away from their country. Now in their region they are a super power. The Iranians have
stated publicly they intend to destroy Israel. An already ailing economy in USA and Europe will suffer an
extremely hard blow if oil reaches $200 a barrel, $300 a barrel could also happen. Much of the EU is
paying $9.00 a gallon at the pump now. Imagine $18 a gallon. They could not survive economically. Think
about gas in the USA and Canada hitting $8.00 a gallon. How would people get to work? A tank for an
SUV would run $160. Some people use over one tank a week. Imagine the cost of winter heating oil hitting
$1600 a month for those in cold regions. Then comes the declining dollar, homeless people, the foreclosure
crisis, high unemployment, soaring gun sales, soaring militia enrollments, the idiotic TSA debacle, Obama
care and the exemptions, the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan and we could keep going. If Obama wanted to
intentionally destroy the United States he did a good job. If he is so stupid that this was unintentional, then
it is time for him to go and this could be what we are seeing. It would not be just that he is stupid, it would
also be that he is unaware of his limitations and does not obey his handlers and supporters. The birth
certificate he produced came a few years too late to be real. The forgery was probably a low level one since
he could not enlist the government experts to do the work. If he got the NSA or CIA involved then they
would own him. Obama is a scary figure now and it is doubtful very many wish to align themselves with
him. His days can be coming to an end. He has failed miserably or else he destroyed the nation with intent
and design. Either way it is coming to an end. I am doubting they are going to wait until the next election.
By then the middle east will be in shambles. He is not the sort of chap who is just going to go quietly like
Nixon. Remember what Nixon did to get himself ousted was float the dollar and take us off of silver.
Watergate was the alibi, not the problem.

EU Control Over Herbal Remedies Takes Effect – Now most herbal remedies sold in the EU will be
banned. Herbal remedies would have to be registered. There are some already registered herbal remedies
like echinacea, St. John Wort, and valerian which will continue to be sold. Under the new rules the
manufacturer will have to meet productions standards and label a specific dose. There have been 211
applications and 105 have already been approved. Many practitioners are afraid this will drive them out of
business. They have at best caused a large increase in the price of herbal remedies. At the worst they have
driven many of them off of the market.

Wikileaks - "Wikileaks has just posted hundreds of cables from US personnel in New Zealand that reveal
regular government lobbying on copyright, offers to draft New Zealand three-strikes-and-you're-out
legislation, and a recommendation to spend over NZ$500,000 to fund a recording industry-backed IP
enforcement initiative. The funding raises the question of whether New Zealand is aware that local
enforcement initiatives, including raids and court cases, have been funded by the US government." This is
not much of a surprise.

Outlook – The middle east is getting hotter than ever. Something is going to blow. Obama is incapable of
keeping a lid on it. Consider investing in gold and silver. Get ready for fuel problems. Those of you living
in moderate temperature zones are fortunate. No need to heat home or run A/C. This is the climate in
Guatemala (55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit all year.

Be careful about new presidential candidates. The ones that held offices in past and then got on TV shows
can very likely prove to be nothing more than election promise breakers. Trump may be real but then again
where is he on guns, federal reserve, IRS, civil rights, Constitution, etc.

Getting Out of Dodge – If any of you wish to leave give us a call. We might be able to give you some
suggestions. There will soon be some newsletter editions entitled “Getting Out of Dodge”.