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									Local Business Listing – Exclusively For United States…
Promote your Business Locally and Internationally
It’s always good to promote your products and services where most people search for the same. While almost every
marketer will be searching for the Internet spaces where people look for services, we have discovered the spots for
effective online promotion. We are proud to offer our discovery as a unique marketing service and we call it “The
Local Business listing”.

What, where and how do we list?
We’ll list your business in the appropriate category of the most popular Local Search Engines, yellow pages and local
Social Networks of United States like yahoo local, ask city, yp.com, and much more. These popular local listing
websites are the places where most Consumers search for services and products. Hence more people will find your
business and which in turn will get you more sales. Google recommends listing businesses in local search engines
and maps. According to Google, "If you're a brick-and-mortar business, you can show up for free in Google Local and
Google Maps. This helps us, and it helps you, because you can be found. Often the business listings in Google local
shows in the top of regular search results". Hence you will get more exposure to your business locally. If you have a
website representing your business, the local listings in these local search engines will drive more traffic to your
website and in turn increasing the visibility in search engine results.

Some of the Local Business Data centers like Superpages will share the listed business information with thousands
of affiliate local sites.

Most of the popular local search engines like yahoo local, Google local and windows live local needs separate mail
accounts to be created prior to the submission. Submitting your website in the local listing websites is very much time
consuming and confusing. We take this challenge and shows its expertise in the field of online business promotion.

    1.   Create unique email accounts for your business in these local search engines (username and password will
         be provided to you in the report once the project is completed)
    2.   Fill up the appropriate fields with your company information manually
    3.   Ensure that the listing has been done properly in the appropriate category.
    4.   Provide you with detailed reports including the user name and password associated with every listing so that
         you can get total control over the listings for any future updates

20 Manual Local USA Business Listings
Get your business listed in top 20 local search engines and local yellowpages for United States.

Project Duration: Get maximum exposure to your business through the 20 local listings done in a single working day

benefits: Get your business listed in top 20 local sites including like yahoo local, google local etc. Best and quick marketing
Strategy for all kinds of businesses
                            Rate : $20

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