July 2004 Committee Meeting Minutes by ashrafp


									                                  Pack 618 Committee Meeting Minutes
                                             July 13, 2004

Attendees: Ron Popovich, Cindy Warner, David Dutcher, Stephanie Dutcher, Tom Meyer, Kathy Meyer,
Jeanne Milkulics, Linda Pleines, Steve Gibson, Chris Rizzuti, and Anne Runnalls.

Call To Order: Ron called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM

Old Business
Rancho Bernardo Parade- We had a low turn out this year. There were 6 boys and 7 adults. The low
turn out was attributed to the day of the week the holiday fell on. Because it was a Sunday there were a lot
of families out of town. Our pack will plan to participate next year.
Beach Party in Oceanside- Seven families attended. A fun time was enjoyed by all.
Review of Summertime Activities-
          The Wave Waterpark- Wednesday, July 28 from 12 to 5:30. The cost is $9 per person, which is
the group rate. The Wave is requiring a $25 deposit. People attending will need to tell the person at the
desk that the are with Pack 618. They will need to enter the park and pay Linda Pleines, and Linda will pay
the park.
          There is no re-entry and no food is allowed. They do have a food special for $3 or $4, which can
be purchased at the park. You may bring in a bottle of water
          Iron Mountain Hike- Saturday, August 7 at 7:00 AM. Denise Davis is chairing the activity. We
will meet at the parking lot at the trailhead. Wear sunscreen, and bring plenty of water.
          Painted Rock Service Project- Saturday, August 14 at 4:00 PM. Bring your own gardening
tools and water.
          Welcome Back Picnic- Sunday, August 22 from 11-2. Jeanne will get there early to reserve a
spot. We will potluck salads and dessert, and the pack will order pizza. Summer Awards will be given out
during the picnic.

New Business
2004-2005 Budget- Jeanne will work out a budget for the upcoming year. We will plan to have 60 to 65
boys and 25 registered leaders.
Fall Round up Wednesday, September 15. September’s theme is “Time in a Capsule”. We are taking
that to mean exploring space and new frontiers. The theme will be used in the Round up and incorporated
into the Pack Meeting.

Finance Report- Current cash on hand is $4700, assuming we have $430 in our BSA shop account.
Jeanne is going to the shop this week to try to reconcile the account. She will also verify who is allowed to
purchase items on credit at the shop.
         Because of our large amount of cash it was proposed we purchase a new scale for the Pinewood
Derby, and costumes for our ceremonies. .

Awards/Advancements Report- Anne-Marie has been given the names for the Summertime Activities, to
date, as well as the information from Webelos Resident Camp. All achievements completed at Day Camp
will need to be submitted to Den Leaders, by the scouts parents, who will turn in the information to Anne-
         Summer Awards will be given out at the Welcome Back Picnic, which will lessen the number of
awards needed to be given at the September Pack Meeting.

Membership Report- We have 7 new scouts, 3 are Tigers. We expect this number to increase after the
Round –up.

Den Issues- Kathy has asked to be given the Den assignments for the year so she can post them on the
         We will be having several new Dens this year. Even though Den numbers 3 and 4 will be
available this year it was decided to use higher numbers this year and we will begin using the lower
numbers in future years.
         Webelos Den 1 and 2 will be combined and will need to find one more Assistant Leader to
accommodate the larger number of boys.
         The Pack is looking into adding Den Chiefs to the dens. Chris and Ron will ask for a list of
volunteers in September.

Other Issues
Welcome Package- It was mentioned that families new to the Pack be given a Welcome Package
containing information on how to access all programs and information regarding Cub Scouts. Currently
New Families are directed to the Website and its links as a source of information. This package will
complement the direction to the website.
          Another way to inform families is that if someone attends an event they feel is exceptional, they
can come back and promote it to the Pack at the Pack Meetings.
Tiger Safari Conflict- The Tiger Safari is scheduled the same day as our Fall Family Campout. Because
of the difficulty to reschedule the campout we will keep it on this date (11/6-11/7). The Tigers can join us
after the Tiger Safari is over.
Fall Family Camping- We determined that it would be better to have Co-Camping Chairs. We hope to
recruit Anne-Marie for administrative work (reservations etc.). Kathy and Stephanie will be in charge of
food. Tom will organize the availability of ranges, and Steve will organize other activities.
Rain Gutter Regatta- Linda Pleines is organizing Pack 618’s first Rain Gutter Regatta in October. The
kits will need to be disbursed at the September Pack Meeting. More information will follow.

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