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role of water for health


Role of Water In Diabetes Mellitus

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									                       Role of Water In Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. Diyah Eka Andayani, MS, SpGK (PDGMI-Jaya)

Diabetes mellitus (DM) or known as diabetes is a disease of increasing incidence rates
in Indonesia. It is estimated that, in 2030, there will be more than 20 million diabetes
sufferers in Indonesia and this is more worrying is that this disease not only affects the
elderly, but the tendency to occur earlier in life (adult), young growing.
Diabetes mellitus did not directly cause death, but complications caused to lower the
quality of life to end in death. In addition to its heredity, obesity and habits of life that one
becomes an important trigger factor. When blood sugar levels can be controlled well,
then the complications caused by this disease can be prevented.
Beware the following signs:
• Frequent urination, especially at night
• Often feel thirsty or fast
• excessive hunger or eat a lot
• rapid weight down
• Feeling weak and tired easily
• Often feel tingling, especially in the feet and hands
• blurred vision, dry or itchy skin, frequent infections or bruises, which need healing in a
long time
• Examination of fasting blood sugar reached 126 mg / dL or even more, and checking
blood sugars 2 hours after fasting reach 180 mg / dL. When the examination was not
done while fasting, is said to suffer from diabetes when blood sugar levels reach
between 140 mg / dL and 200 mg / dL, especially when above 200 mg / dL
Here is a complication of diabetes
1. Neurological disease, affects nearly all the body's nervous system
2. Eye disease, can cause vision problems
3. Cardiovascular disease (heart)
4. Kidney disease; impaired renal function
5. Digestive disorders such as stomach upset, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea,
6. Easy to infection, such as infections due to poor healing wounds
Water is an important substance for the body. Water what we choose our times will be
saving us in the future. Simple habit of choosing what water we drink, can cause spikes
in blood sugar levels are high in the future that leads to obesity and risk for diabetes.
White water, a glass of tea without sugar, fresh fruit juices without sugar is the right
choice of beverages to help keep blood sugar levels remain well preserved.
In people with diabetes, the body no longer able to control blood sugar levels because
the hormone insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas, which is responsible for
controlling blood sugar levels) no or few in number. As a result, the kidneys can not filter
glucose (sugar) to go back into the blood, then the kidneys will draw additional water
from the blood to destroy the glucose released through urine of patients. This causes
people with diabetes frequent urination. When this condition is not addressed by either
the patient's body would be prone to become dehydrated. It is very important in
diabetics to keep his body remains well hydrated.
Change the wrong living habits, can reduce the risk for the occurrence of diabetes.
Applying a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet (increased fruit and vegetable
consumption and reducing foods high in carbohydrates and fat), get enough rest and
regular exercise can prevent disease kecing sweet and keep blood sugar in the body
remains stable. Do not forget, drink at least eight glasses of water a day; than sufficient
for the body also helps the various processes in the body, such as the process of
detoxification, body temperature regulation, blood circulation and facilitate the digestive
HOW TO SEE OUR BODY hydration status?
Many ways can be done to determine the body's hydration status. Of course, each
method has advantages and disadvantages. Cara2 include: 1) measure total body water
by dilution, 2) measure the osmolality and plasma volume: 3) concentration of urine; 4)
bioelectrical impedance, and 5) measurement of body mass. Although cara2 are very
sophisticated and precise to determine the hydration status of the body, but difficult and
expensive to do at any time.
Well, there is a practical, easy and no cost that can be done anytime and anywhere,
whether at home or at work. The trick is to compare the color of our urine with a row of
color in visual aids PURI (check your own urine.) By using this PURI then we can
immediately corrected if the body is not well hydrated by drinking water consumed
immediately clean, safe, and healthy.

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