Best Ways to Keep your iPhones Up-to-Date

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					Best Ways to Keep your iPhones Up-to-Date

Technology is constantly improving itself; and this does not exclude the advent of
iPhones. Overtime, the iPhone series have become popular among masses and is now
becoming the ultimate phone for both business and pleasure. Of course, since the advent
of its pioneering model has not totally satisfied a lot of people it has gradually been
improved to meet such needs. That is why a lot of iPhone users feel cheated when their
"old" model of iPhones is replaced by a new and improved one. For instance, your old
phone may not include a time tracking software and the newer version does.

But don't worry about your old model of iPhone. There is in fact another way for you to
upgrade it without spending so much. Well, you can actually sell your current iPhone on
eBay so as to fully pay for a brand new one. It may seem difficult, but it's not as bad as it
actually seems. So here are some of the basic steps for you to sell your iPhones quickly
and upgrade it in just a matter of time.

1. It is a fact that new phones sell quicker on eBay. So take notice of your current iPhone
and see if it has damages beyond repair of the Apple store, for they will most likely
replace it with a new one for free. For example, if your iPhone has burns in them or its
battery life doesn't hold up as they're supposed to be, then the Apple store will be gald
enough to replace it for you. Either they'll fix it for free or send you a new one, you are
better off now than using your defectve iPhone.

2. Next thing you need to do is unlock your iPhone for it to be used by other carriers. The
process, known as jail breaking, is very effective in gaining potential buyers. You don't
have to worry about it though for the unlocking process is very simple to do. What you
need to do is just run the "QuickPwn" software on your phone and it will automatically
unlock in a few seconds. Pretty awesome, right? By doing such, your iPhone will be
much sellable and increasing the bid.

3. When your iPhone's line is now open, you can start selling it on eBay. Usually a 5-day
auction is enough for you to sell this hot item; plus, you need to take a good photo of it
for added sellable charm. You can even boost your bidding by selling your iPhone to
international clients. With your iPhone having an open line, you will definitely obtain
more money than what its original price is.

4. Like any other online stores, eBay contains a lot of featured listing options you can
choose from. By choosing any of the featured listing options, you will definitely make
your auction more popular than any iPhone sellers out there. For example, you can make
our auction appear on the top of the search list if you choose the $10 option for a much
faster salability. Furthermore, you can even add more options if you want to, but just be
careful when you do so. It is best that you strategize your sale to make excellent money.

5. In addition, you can also sell other accessories that come with your iPhone separately.
This will truly make your iPhone sell a lot quicker because people will buy items on what
they think they only need. Although you can sell these items separately, it does not have a
quicker response as when you sell your iPhone as a complete set.

6. If you've played the game right, you can earn more money than the set price. Much
like how you'll be impressed on having various time tracking software, gaming software
and the like installed in your iPhone, so will you be more impressed when you earn a lot
of money once you sell it. Veteran sellers on eBay are expert on this kind of business and
are glad to give you some tricks on getting the right price as well as upgrading your
account to a much larger size. This way, you'll be aware on how you can effectively sell
your iPhone at eBay and buy the latest model to use.

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Description: Technology is constantly improving itself; and this does not exclude the advent of iPhones. Overtime, the iPhone series have become