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									Technology Budget Summary for the E-rate Application Process

The Technology Budget Summary Sheet is used to estimate the district resources beyond any E-rate funding that will
be available to support technology initiatives. It is used during the application process to certify that districts have the
funds budgeted to pay their share and aren't just counting on E-rate funds to pay for technology initiatives.

Districts are asked to show (estimate) how much money from all sources--excluding E-rate funds--is budgeted for
technology per the categories listed below. (Again, this is an estimate as it is understood that budgets are not
final/approved for next year at this time.)

Note that this document differs from the detailed budget submitted with Technology Plans in that (1) it is a summary,
(2) source of funds is not identified, and (3) it is exclusive of E-rate eligible services and E-rate funding.

To Complete: Please enter the amounts in your district's overall budget that have been allocated for resources
according to the categories listed below. Include all items regardless of funding source, e.g., federal/state grants, aid,

 Category                        2011-2012 Estimated Budget                Examples include but are not limited to

                                                                   Computers, printers, fax machines, video equipment,
                                                                   scanners, CD-ROM drives, servers

                                                                   Ongoing technology-related training for technical staff,
 Professional Development

 Software                                                          End-user applications

                                                                   Systems maintenance and operations costs for
 Contractual (Maintenance;
                                                                   hardware; electrical wiring, asbestos removal, building
                                                                   modifications, renovations, repairs

 Staffing                                                          Salaries of technical staff

             Total                                          -

        School District:

         School Year:                      2011-2012

     Please return to Robyn Prell, OCM BOCES / CNYRIC, by October 15 via email attachment to rprell@cnyric.org.
        Should you have any questions or desire further assistance, please feel free to call me at 315.433.8378.

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