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					Directory of Abbreviations & Acronyms
For Air Pollution, Power Generation and Emissions Control Technology
A&WMA     Air & Waste Management Association                   CCAA      California Clean Air Act
AAM       Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers                 CCC       Closed Coupled Converter
          Air Toxics “Hot Spots” Information & Assessment
AB 2588                                                        CCGTS     Combine Cycle Gas Turbines
ACP       Alternative Compliance Program                       CCM       Catalyzed Converter/Muffler
ACSA      America’s Climate Security Act of 2007               CCP       Cities for Climate Protection (Campaign)
AECC      Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst        CCR       California Code of Regulations
AEIL      Annual Existing Immission Load (German)              CCRT      Catalyzed Continuously Regenerating Technology
AEIU      Annual Emissions Inventory Update                    CCT       Clean Coal Technology Program
A/F       Air: Fuel Ratio                                      CCV       Closed Crankcase Ventilation
AFR       Air: Fuel Ratio                                      CDPF      Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter
AFUE      Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency                   CDM       Clean Development Mechanism (World Bank)
AIAM      Alliance of International Automobile Manufacturers   CE-CERT   Center for Environmental Research & Technology
ANPR      Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking                CEM       Continuous Emissions Monitor
APCD      Air Pollution Control District                       CEMS      Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
APHEA     Air Pollution and Health European Approach           CEQ       Council on Environmental Quality
AQ        Air Quality                                          CEQA      California Environmental Quality Act
AQMD      Air Quality Management District                      CFF       Clean-Fuel Fleet
AQR       Air Quality Research                                 CFFP      EPA Clean-Fuel Fleet Program
AQS       Air Quality System                                   CFR       Code of Federal Regulations
APCD      Air Pollution Control District                       CFV       Critical Flow Venturi
APC       Air Pollution Control                                CFV       Clean-Fuel Vehicle
APCO      Air Pollution Control Officer                        CHAPIS    Community Health Air Pollution Information System
APCS      Air Pollution Control System                         ChERRP    Community Health Environmental Risk Reduction Plans
APH       Air Preheater                                        CI        Compression Ignition (Diesel)
API       Air Pollution Index                                  CIAQC     Construction Industry Air Quality Coaltion
          Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission
APTZEV                                                         CI ICE    Compressions Ignition Internal Combustion Engine
APU       Auxiliary Power Unit                                 CIMAC     International Council on Combustion Engines
AQI       Air Quality Index                                    CLRTAP    Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution
                                                                         Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (Improvement
ARB       Air Resources Board                                  CMAQ
ATCM      Airborne Toxic Control Measures                      CNG       Compressed Natural Gas
ATCM      Air Toxic Control Measure                            CO        Carbon Monoxide
AT-PZEV   Advanced Technology Partial Zero                     CO2       Carbon Dioxide
BAAQMD    Bay Area Air Quality Management District             COMEAP    Committee on Medical Effects of Air Pollutants
BACT      Best Available Control Technology                    COPA      Control of Pollution Act (1974)
BARCT     Best Available Retrofit Control Technology           COV       Coefficient of Variance
BART      Best Available Retrofit Technology                   CPO       Catalytic Particulate Oxidizer
BAT       Best Available Technique                             CR-DPF    Continuously Regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter
          Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive
BATNEEC                                                        CRT       Continuously Regenerating Trap
BEE       European Environmental Bureau (France)               CRT       Continuous Regenerating Technology
BEIS      Biogenic Emissions Inventory System                  CSI       Certification Summary Information
BF        Bi-Fuel Vehicle                                      CTG       Control Technique Guideline
BMEP      Brake Mean Effective Pressure                        CVS       Constant Volume Sample
BPG       Best Practice Guide (London)                         CWMF      Catalyzed Wire Mesh Filter
BPT       Best Practicable Technology                          DAR       Division of Air Resources
BREF      Best Available Technique Reference Notes             DEC       Department of Environmental Conservation
BTU       British Thermal Unit                                 DECs      Diesel Emissions Control Systems
BUG       Back-Up Generator                                    DEEP      Diesel Emissions Evaluation Program
CAA       Clean Air Act                                        DEER      Diesel Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Research
CAAA      Clean Air Act Amendments                             DEF       Diesel Exhaust Fluid
CAAP      Clean Air Action Plan                                DEIL      Daily Existing Immission Load (German)
CAFE      Clean Air for Europe                                 DEP       Department of Environmental Protection
CAFE      Corporate Average Fuel Economy                       DEQ       Department of Environmental Quality
CAIR      Clean Air Interstate Rule                            DF        Deterioration Factor
CAMR      Clean Air Mercury Rule                               DF        Dual-Fuel (Vehicle)
CAP       Corrective Action Plan                               DG        Distributed Generation
CAPCOA    California Air Pollution Control Officers Assoc.     DI        Direct Injection
CAPoC     Catalysis and Automotive Pollution Control           DICE      Diesel Internal Combustion Engine
CARB      California Air Resources Board                       DNT       Diesel NOx Trap
CARE      Community Action for a Renewed Environment           DOC       Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
CAT       Climate Action Team                                  DOC       Diesel Oxidation Converter
CB-DPF    Catalyst Based Diesel Particulate Filter         DOCM        Diesel Oxidation Converter Muffler
DOE      U.S. Department of Energy                      FF           Flex-Fuel (Vehicle)
DOT      Department of Transportation                   FR           Federal Register
DPF      Diesel Particulate Filter                      FTF          Flow Through Filter
DPFS     Diesel Particulate Filter System               FTP          US Federal Test Procedure
DPM      Diesel Particulate Matter                      g/bhp-hr     Grams per brake horsepower-hour
DRP      Demand Response Program                        g/bk kW-hr   Grams per brake kilowatt-hour
DRRP     Diesel Risk Reduction Plan                     GC-MS        Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy
         Decision Support System for Integrated
DSS                                                     GD           Gas Diesel
         Pollution Control
DVMT     Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled                   GDI          Gasoline Direct Injection
EA       Environmental Agency                           GEF          Global Environment Facility
EA       Environmental Assessment                       GEP          Good Engineering Practice
EC       Elemental Carbon                               GF           Green Fund
EC       European Community or European Commission      GHG          Green House Gas
ECTs     Emission Control Technologies                  g/hp-hr      Grams per horsepower-hour
EEA      European Environmental Agency                  g/hr         Grams per hour
EEB      European Environmental Bureau                  GIS          Geographic Information System
         Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
EERE                                                    g/km         Grams per kilometer
         Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle
EEV                                                     g/kW-hr      Grams per kilowatt-hour
         European Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle
EEV                                                     g/mi         Grams per mile
EF       Emission Factor                                gpm          Grams per mile
EFEG     Environmental Fuels Expert Group               GRC          Governance, Risk & Compliance
EGF      Electric Generating Facility                   GVWR         Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
EGO      Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor                      GWP          Global-Warming Potential
EGR      Exhaust Gas Recirculation                      HAPS         Hazardous Air Pollutants
EH&S     Environmental, Health & Safety                 HC           Hydrocarbons
EIA      Energy Information Administration              HCCI         Homogeneous Charge Compressions Ignition
EIA      Environmental Impact Assessment                HCHO         Formaldehyde
EIC      Enforcement Initiation Criteria                HC-SCR       Hydrocarbon Selective Catalytic Reduction
EIIP     Emissions Inventory Improvement Program        HDD          Heavy-Duty Diesel
EIS      Environmental Impact Statement                 HDDT         Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck
EJAC     Environmental Justice Advisory Committee       HDE          Heavy-Duty Engine
EMA      Engine Manufacturers Association               HDV          Heavy-Duty Vehicle
         CARB emissions model for calculating on-road
EMFAC                                                   HEIL         Hourly Existing Immission Load (German)
         vehicle emissions
EMS      Environmental Management System                HHDDE        Heavy Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine
EPA      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency           HHDE         Heavy Heavy-Duty Engine
EPC      Environmental Performance Commitments          HI           Hazard Index
         Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-
EPCRA                                                   HLDT         Heavy Light-Duty Truck
         Know Act
         European Programme on Emissions, Fuels &
EPEFE                                                   HP           Horsepower
         Engine Technologies
EPER     European Pollutant Emission Register (EU)      HPCC         Highly Premixed Cool Combustion
EPN      Emission Point Number (TX)                     HRSG         Heat Recovery Steam Generator
ERC      Emission Reduction Credit                      HV           Hybrid Electric Vehicle
EQIP     Environmental Quality Incentives Program       IAQR         Interstate Air Quality Rules
ERIG     Emissions Reductions Incentive Grant           IC           Internal Combustion
E/S      Emergency Standby (Generator)                  ICAC         The Institute of Clean Air Companies
ESP      Electrostatic Precipitator                     ICE          Internal Combustion Engine
ETAP     Environmental Technologies Action Plan (EU)    ICLEI        International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
EtOH     Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)                        IDI          Indirect Diesel Injection
         Environmental Technology Verification
ETV                                                     IEI          Initial Emissions Inventory
EU       European Union                                 iF           Intake Fraction
EUETS    EU Emissions Trading System                    IGCC         Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (technology)
EZEV     Equivalent Zero Emissions Vehicle              ILEV         Inherently Low-Emission Vehicle
FBC      Fuel Borne Catalyst                            IPCC         Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
FC       Fuel Cell Vehicle                              IPPC         Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control (Directive -EU)
FCAA     Federal Clean Air Act                          IRIS         Integrated Risk Information System
FE       Fuel Economy                                   ISA          Integrated Science Assessment
FEL      Federal Emission Limit                         ISC          Interruptible Service Contract
FELs     Family Emission Limits                         ISC          Industrial Source Complex
FSOR     Final Statement of Reasons                     ISIC         International Standard Industrial Classification
ISO         International Organization for Standardization      NAC       NOx Absorber Catalyst
ISO         Independent System Operator                         NBB       National Biodiesel Board
ISO         International Standards Organization                NBP       NOx Budget Trading Program (EPA)
ISR         Indirect Source Review                              NCDC      National Clean Diesel Campaign
ITR         Ignition Timing Retard                              NCP       Nonconformance Penalties
            International Union of Air Pollution Prevention &
IUAPPA                                                          NEDC      New European Driving Cycle
            Environmental Protection Association
                                                                          North Eastern States for Co-ordinated Air Use
km          Kilometer                                           NESCAUM
kN          Kilonewton                                          NESHAP    National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
kW          Kilowatt                                            NGO       Nongovernmental Organization
kWh         Kilowatt-Hours                                      NGV       Natural Gas Vehicle
LAAPC       Local Authority Air Pollution Control (UK)          NH3       Ammonia
LAER        Lowest Achievable Emission Rate                     NHTSA     National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
LAPC        Local Air Pollution Control (UK)                    NIOSH     National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
lbs/MMBtu   Pounds Per Million British Thermal Units            NIST      National Institute of Standards and Technology
LCA         Life Cycle Analysis                                 NLEV      National Low Emission Vehicle Standard
LCFS        Low Carbon Fuel Standard                            NMHC      Non-methane Hydrocarbons
LCP         Large Combustion Plant                              NMOG      Non-methane Organic Gases
LCV         Light Commercial Vehicle                            NNSR      Non-Attainment New Source Review
LDDV        Light Duty Diesel Vehicle                           NO        Nitric Oxide
LDT         Light Duty Truck                                    NO2       Nitrogen Dioxide
LDV         Light Duty Vehicles                                 NOx       Nitrogen Oxides (oxides of nitrogen)
LE          Low Emission                                        NRD       Non-Road Diesel
LEC         Low Emissions Certificate                           NRDC      Natural Resources Defense Council
LEV         Low Emissions Vehicle                               NRML      National Risk Management Research Laboratory
LEZ         Low Emission Zone                                   NRSC      Non-Road Steady Cycle
LFC         Low Fuel Consumption                                NRTC      Non-Road Transient Cycle
LHDDE       Light Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine                      NRTEE     National Round Table on the Environment & Economy
LHDE        Light Heavy-Duty Engine                             NSCR      Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction
LLDT        Light Light-Duty Truck                              NSPS      New Source Performance Standards
LMOP        Landfill Methane Outreach Program                   NSR       New Source Review
LNG         Liquefied Natural Gas                               NSRC      NOx Storage and Reduction Catalyst
LNT         Lean NOx Trap                                       NTC       NOx Trap Catalyst
LOC         Light Off Catalyst                                  NTE       Not-to-Exceed Limits (ARB)
LSD         Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (500 ppm)                    NTRD      New Technology Research & Development
                                                                          New York State Energy Research & Development
LSI         Large Spark-Ignition (Engine)                       NYSERDA
LTC         Low-Temperature Combustion                          O2        Oxygen
MACT        Maximum Achievable Control Technology               O3        Ozone
Max Hp      Maximum Horsepower                                  OAL       Office of Administrative Law (California)
MCR         Maximum Continuous Rating                           OAR       Office of Air and Radiation (U.S. EPA)
MDV         Medium Duty Vehicles                                OBD(E)    Onboard Diagnostics (Europe)
            Manufacturers of Emissions Controls
MECA                                                            OBM       Onboard Measurement (Emissions)
MEI         Maximally Exposed Individual                        OD        Operational Directive
MFC         Mass Flow Controller                                ODP       Ozone Depletion Potential
MHDDE       Medium Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine                     ODS       Ozone-Depleting Substance
MK          Modulated-Kinetic Combustion                        OE(M)     Original Equipment (Manufacturer)
MMTCO2E     Million Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalents              OEHHA     Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
MND         Mitigated Negative Declaration                      OEMFAC    Overall Emission Factor
MOA         Memorandum of Agreement                             OSC       Oxygen Storage Capacity
MON         Motor Octane Number                                 OSHA      Occupational Safety & Health Administration
MRL         Maximum Risk Level                                  OTAQ      Office of Transportation and Air Quality
MSHA        Mine Safety & Health Administration                 P         Rated power of engine family in kilowatts
            Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review
MSRC                                                            PAH       Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
            Committee (CA)
MTBE        Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether                         PAMS      Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations
MW          Megawatt                                            Pb        Lead
MWe         Megawatts of Electricity                            PCI       Premixed Compression Ignition
MW-hrs      Megawatt-hours                                      PEMS      Portable Emissions Measurement System
MY          Model Year                                          PGE       Platinum Group Elements (Pt, Pd, Rh, Ir, Ru, Os)
NAA         Non-Attainment Area                                 PGM       Platinum Group Metals (Pt, Pd, Rh, Ir, Ru, Os)
NAAQS       National Ambient Air Quality Standards              PIC       Product on Incomplete Combustion
PM       Particulate Matter                              SiC      Silicon Carbide
PM 0.1   Particulate Matter <0.1 micron in diameter      SIL      Significant Impact Level
PM 1     Particulate Matter <1 micron in diameter        SIP      State Implementation Plan
PM 2.5   Particulate Matter <2.5 microns in diameter     SMC      Significant Monitoring Concentration
PM 10    Particulate matter <10 microns in diameter      SMPS     Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer
PMP      Particulate Measurement Programme (EU)          SN       Smoke Number
         Pollution Prevention & Abatement Handbook
PPAH                                                     SNCR     Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction
         (World Bank)
ppb      Parts Per Billion                               SO2      Sulfur Dioxide
PPC      Pollution Prevention and Control                SOF      Solid Organic Fraction
ppm      Parts Per Million                               SOP      Standard Operating Procedure
ppmw     Parts Per Million by Weight                     SOP      Statement of Principles
PRTR     Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry         SOx      Sulfur Oxides
PSD      Prevention of Significant Deterioration         SPM      Suspended Particulate Matter
PTE      Potential to Emit                               SRES     Special Report on Emission Scenarios
PZEV     Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle                  SSEC     Stationary Source Emissions Control
QA       Quality Assurance                               SSM      Start-Up, Shutdown & Malfunction
QC       Quality Control                                 SULEV    Super-Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle
R&D      Research and Development                        SVOCs    Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
RACM     Reasonably Available Control Measure            TAC      Toxic Air Contaminant
RACT     Reasonably Available Control Technology         T-BACT   Toxics – Best Available Control Technology
RBRP     Rolling Blackout Reduction Program              TCE      Trichloroethylene
RES      Renewable Energy Standard                       TCEQ     Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
RES      Renewable Electricity Standard                  TERC     Texas Environmental Research Consortium
RFG      Reformulated Gasoline                           TERP     Texas Emissions Reduction Program
RFS      Renewable Fuels Standard                        THC      Total Hydrocarbons
RGGI     Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative              THCE     Total Hydrocarbon Equivalent
RIA      Regulatory Impact Analysis                      TLEV     Transitionally Low-Emissions Vehicle
RICE     Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine
                                                         TPD      Tons Per Day
MACT     Maximum Achievable Control Technology
rO       Rated Output                                    TPY      Tons Per Year
RON      Research Octane Number                          TRI      Toxic Release Inventory
RPM      Revolutions Per Minute                          TSPM     Total Suspended Particulate Matter
rPR      Rated Pressure Ratio                            TOU      Time-of-Use
RRI      Rich Reagent Injection                          TRS      Total Reduced Sulfur
RTD      Resistive Thermal Device                        TSP      Total Suspended Particulates
SAE      Society of Automotive Engineers                 TWC      Three-Way Catalyst
         South Coast Air Quality Management District
SCAQMD                                                   ULEV     Ultra Low-Emissions Vehicle (CARB standard)
SCR      Selective Catalytic Reduction                   ULSD     Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
SECA     Sulphur Emissions Control Area (EU)             VDECS    Verified Diesel Emission Control Systems
SEPA     State Environmental Protection Administration   VEMS     Visible Emissions Monitoring System
                                                                  Verminderung der Emissionen Realer Dieselmotoren im
SEQRA    State Environmental Quality Review Act          VERT     Tunnelbau (German) – English: Reduction of Diesel-
                                                                  emission in Tunnelling
SERG     Smart Energy Resources Guide (EPA)              VMT      Vehicle Miles Traveled
SET      Supplemental Emission Test                      VOC      Volatile Organic Compounds
SF       Single Fuel Vehicle                             VVA      Variable Valve Actuation
SFTP     Supplemental Federal Test Procedure             WHO      World Health Organization
SGIP     Self-Generation Incentive Program               ZEV      Zero Emissions Vehicle
SI       Spark Ignition

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