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                      Replacement Cost Estimation Worksheet
Client ID: (Quote/Binder Number or Other ID)                1234
Insured Name:                                               asdkj
Dwelling Address:                                           24234 redshoe lane
City/State/Zip:                                             Dallas
State                                                       Texas
Zip Code                                                    75212

Current Year                                                                2011
Year Constructed New                                                        2007
Dwelling Square Footage (excluding garage)                                  1100
Dwelling Style                                                       1 - 4 corner        fourcorner3
Structure Quality Class                                                   3 Good              4
Zip Code                                                                      752
Area Modification Factor                                                     0.95
Base Rate                                                                 118.12
Base Value                                                   $          123,435
Add Ons
  Central HVAC                                                             Yes $             6,391.00
  Fire Place (wood burning/gas)                                             No $                  -
  Garage Square Footage                                                    400
  Garage*                                                      Attached Carport $            6,420.00

   *Garage Note: If garage or is detached then value of garage is not included in Estimated values.

Replacement Cost Estimation                                       Amount                 Per Sq Ft.
Estimated Replacement Cost Value**                           $     129,826.40        $        118.02
Estimated Replacement Cost Low (RCV -10%)                    $     116,843.76
Estimated Replacement Cost High (RCV +10%)                   $     142,809.04

Actual Cash Value Estimation                                      Amount                 Per Sq Ft.
Age of home                                                                    4
Remaining Life Years (based on 100 life)                                      96
Remaining Life % (based on 100 life)                                     96.80%
Estimated Actual Cash Value**                                $       125,671.96 $              114.25

Disclosure: This worksheet is meant to be used as a general guide or tool in
estimating replacement cost and depeciated values of single family dwellings. Each
dwelling will present it own unique features and characteristics. In addition data
entered into this worksheet is interpreted by the user and is outside the parameters of
this worksheet. Therefore guarantees and warranties of the resulting estimates are not
made for this worksheet.

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