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									" Empowering people … towards
   an interdependent culture"

                  Business Partner’s Safety

                       16th November 2009
                  Goltens QHSE department
                     A. Maslow's hierarchy of needs
                                                                                     Organizational Examples

                                                                                               Challenging Job
                                              Self actualisation
                                              (achieving one’s
                                                true potential
                                         Ego Needs (The need for
                                         acclaim, the need to be                                 Job Title
                                          noticed – Honour and
Learn from our
                                    Social Needs (The need to belong – to                Friends in work group
social environment
                                     be one of the group to be accepted)

                         Safety & Security Needs (Freedom from deprivation and                   Pension plan
                                   want, the role of the family provider)

                 Basic or Physiological Needs (The need for food, drink, air, rest, shelter)
                                                                                                  Base Salary

                     Emphasis is placed on higher order needs.
                     Appeal to an employee’s pride through awards & recognition
                     Provide training, encouragement, involvement & responsibilities
           Why Empower Employee ??
   It is the process of an individual enabling himself to take
action, control work and decision making in autonomous ways
   Empowering helps employees own their work and take
responsibility for their results
   Gives Managers more time to devote to other strategic
  Serves as a Catalyst to pave way towards an interdependent
HSE culture

Goltens gives the responsibility to all employees to create a work
environment which helps foster the ability and desire of employees
to act in empowered ways
                  Why Empower Employee ??

Degree of empowerment
& leadership                                          Enabling,
                                                      Employees in taking more and
                                                      bigger decisions without having to
                                                      refer to someone senior.

                              Employees in taking responsibility for     •Increased responsibility &
                              improving the way that things are          commitment to health & safety.
                              done.                                      •Less resources required for
                                                                         monitoring & inspections
            Encouraging                                                  •Reduction in Incidents
            Employees to play an active role in                          •Proud workforce
            their work                                                   •Increased productivity

                                                                       Organizational benefits
         6 ways To Empower employees

1. Take the time to listen to your employees. Your employees are
   always listening to you, so try listening to them for a change.
2. Communicate in a straightforward and clear manner when
   speaking with your employees.
      • Upward Communication
3. Tap into the talents of employees. Find out what each employee
   does well, in addition to what they enjoy doing.
4. Coach your employees to success. Don't manage your employees--
     • Training & Recognition
   coach them, instead.
5. Give your employees positive reinforcement when they get it right.
   Employees are likely to second-guess their work if they don't
      • Self regulated Work
   receive feedback about it.
6.   Evaluate the results of your empowerment techniques. Make it a
     part of your monthly review.
                                    HSE Culture

“Culture is a function of the values, norms and assumptions shared by
                                                Systems, Procedure, Standards,
  members of the Organization”.
       Knowledge, Skills, Abilities,             Equipment, Tools, Machinery,
       Intelligence, Motives, Attitude,                    Housekeeping, Climate, Effluent
Culture is manifest in ways such
                  Personality             as:                         Control
1. How power is used and shared
2. Organization’s orientation towards risk or safety
                                  hidden or
3. Whether mistakes are punished, BEHAVIOUR used to guide future learning
4. Visions, mission, principles, policies etc Complying
                              Following procedure,
                                   with standards, Using PPE,
5. Artifacts, layouts and      amenities our power, Coaching
        Evaluating the current HSE culture of organization
        is the key !!

Downward Communication:
Flow of information from people at higher level to those
at lower level in the organizational hierarchy.
Implies authoritarian structure of an organization
Instructions for subordinates
The vision and mission of the Company
Policies and procedures of the Company
Performance feedback to employees
            Hazard Analysis & Risk
 Hazards and risks are assessed for all activities in
 consultation with all relevant employees
 Objectives formed to reduce the risk levels in the
 HSE policy formulated to serve as a document of commitment
 to sustain the risk mitigation measures.
                  HSE POLICY

Key Features of the Policy
1.Setting quantifiable Targets
2.Organising for health and safety
3.Health and safety arrangements
4.Reviewing the policy
            HSE Objectives
1. Translate overall aims into objectives
2. Should be set out as quantifiable targets
  just as any other business objectives
3. Ideally should be proactive (based on
  leading indicators)
4. Time based
5. Should be linked to departments or key
  Individual’s performance targets.
                                       GOLTENS QHSE Management System

                                                      Organizational Excellence

                                                                      ISO 9001 - 2008
                                    OHSAS 18001
                Management system

                                                                                                    ISO 14001

                                                                                                                Operations Needs
                                                                                                                Business Needs

                                                  EHS, DP World (DDW), various holding groups etc
Basic Control

                                                              Dubai Municipality Law

                                                       Legislative Requirements (Federal law)
Substance abuse and Smoking
         No alcohol or drug allowed into any
         Smoking is strictly prohibited in
         workshop and in office building.
         Smoking only allowed in the designated
         smoking corner
              Upward Communication

“Information from subordinates to superiors and higher up
                the organizational hierarchy”.

1. Primarily non directive
2. Found in participative organizational environment
3. Essential to know the effectiveness of downward
4. Employees are very motivated as Management
   listens to their voice.
5. Useful in providing ideas for improvement of
   processes/systems and information about feelings
   on work.
  Some upward Communication tools..@
Education & Trainings
HSE Induction/Acknowledgement
HSE alerts
Employee Suggestion Programmes (ESP)
Hazard Observation & Reporting (HOT)
Toolbox talks
HSE Handbook
Internal News Letters
Safety Corner
HSE Sign Boards
          HSE Education & Training

   Education:

   easily acquiring knowledgetry to answer the
              differentiate and information,
ToProcess in formal manner.
   Training:
   your of acquiring proficiency in daughter brought
If Process school age son or some skill or skill
home a school notice requesting you to
             Education                  Training

choose between two sex course offerings
for your child,1 would you choose sex
                                         Person 2

education or sex training ??
          [Knowledge]                [ Skill ]
                               Measurable value added
      HSE Education & Training

Education & Training
1. Should be aligned with overall strategic plan and business
2. Should be viewed as a strategic, cost justified investment
3. It is the cost of not training that needs to be addressed
4. Training is most beneficial when supported by top
5. Knowledge is power, creates confidence and contributes to
6. Integral element of an empowerment process
                         HSE Education & Trainings
      QHSE department organizes comprehensive training program/course for
       all employees and Sub contractors.
      HSE Orientation (Induction) program for all new employees
      IOSH – Supervising Safely training for all department HSE representatives
      Fire Fighting and Basic First Aid training participate from different
      Risk Assessment training for all foreman, supervisors and managers.
      Integrated Management System Internal Auditor Course for the selected
       internal auditors from various technical and non-technical departments

                            First Aid Training                                                   Internal HSE training

Fire fighting Training                           Int. Mgt. System Internal Auditors of Goltens
  HSE Induction/Acknowledgement

   HSE Induction training is mandatory for all new
employees and contractors on day One.
   Regular employees undergo a refresher induction
training every two years
   Briefly about the history of Goltens and it’s
   Further communicates to all employees, contactors
and visitors various safe work systems, potential
hazards and method of controlling risks through
control measures
          Health, Safety & Environment
                        Communication best practice alert
 Health, Safety & Environment alerts &Matrix
communicated to all employees after any near
miss/incidents/accidents/Hot observation
                           Incident/Near miss
 Alerts Displayed on notice board and also communicated by
           copy & circulated on Goltens circular by QHSEare drafted
electronic Effectiveness                             Alerts dept. to
Snr. Management/Supervisors
         verified through
            audits &

                                                   Alerts are
                        Supervisors / HSE
                        translate data into
                           tool box talk
                        models and deliver
                    Tool Box Meeting (TBT)
   One of the most simple & effective ways to communicate
the topical HSE issues.
   Information is channeled from Management/Mid
management to workers.
   Feedback from the respective TBT meeting, channeled back
to management for review and necessary action.
   Sub-contractors or visitors are included in TBT.
        HSE Handbook

 Uniquely designed pocket book
aimed to acquaint Goltens Employees
on safe work procedure and practices,
in tandem with the applicable local /
international rules and regulation
including federal law no. 8 (1980)
 It focuses on the need too control the physical condition of the work
environment and processes that may give rise to acute accident risks.
It has been developed provide all employees during the HSE induction, with
answer to general questions of employees might have concerning health,
safety and environment in the workplace with aid of this information provided
in this booklet.
       Company Publication (Newsletter)
                        Quarterly published News letters and cascaded to
                       all employees.
                        All employees are aware of the latest updates in the

 News letter contains important message from top
management, Health, Safety & Environment tips, best
suggestions, new employees and miscellaneous
 Placed in camps and rest areas where employees
are encouraged to read in leisure time.
 All employees can contributes their ideas in the
news letters.
                         Safety Corner
1. Safety corner concept is “a way of direct and clear
   communication to workforce” using lot of visual aids
2. It is designed to remain as a focus corner and tempt people
   towards it
3. Situated in Goltens main workshop
4. Displays HSE alerts, Monthly QHSE Performance reports,
   Employee suggestions, Drills Reports, newsletters, information
   related to QHSE
5. Versatile communication tool
   which can be used by Top
   Management to directly
   communicate topical HSE issues
   and performance statistics etc.
                   HSE Sign boards
  One of the most visible & direct communication way to workforce is Sign
boards                 7 Effective Signboard tips
                     Mandatory Signs
                     the Action: Bias
1. Over Emphasis on Prohibition Signs the sign towards action. Signs are
                     Warning signs
   really advertisement for safety. They need to be persuasive.
                     Emergency Equipment Signs
2. Incorporating symbols: A symbol provides a quick way to reinforce the
   safety message and broaden your audience.
3. Choosing the Proper Header: The header helps get the sign noticed.
4. Describe the Hazards & Consequences
5. Write in a Headline Style: Use simple and direct words.
6. Provide Emergency Info.: Without a telephone number, lifesaving minutes
   can be lost.
7. Choose the Right Material: Installation and ordering costs are often more
   expensive than the sign itself. As a result, a durable sign always pay in the
   long run.
        Rewards or Awards ??
   The proactive approach is to reward things,
1. Rewards
   employees do right and alert them to things they
   are doing wrong.
   "Rewards" are the more intangible day-to-day activities
   It recognition and motivation that back and
2. of teaches employees not to sitare given to wait for a T
   shirt but rather take them and to action or display
   individuals to encouragea particular acknowledge their a
   particular behaviour.
3. Effecting
2) Awards behaviour change in employees requires
   them to be trained and reward them through
   "Awards" are the periodic provision of tokens of
   appreciation or symbols of recognition to individuals.
   Remember to place both in a managers &
4. Awards can takereward Middlegroup and a one-to-
   one basis, but in either instance they usually are publicly
        Monthly Best Employee
           Reward system
 Celebrating employee achievements is an important part of
developing a healthy and productive work experience.
 Employees being the real asset to a company, it is of paramount
importance to keep them motivated and give due recognition when so
 To increase employee morale and address ongoing needs for
employees retention and reward.
               Behaviour Based Safety –
                Recognition & Awards
1. Designed to promote
   safe working behaviour
   in employees.
2. Employees have to earn
   a yellow button initially
   by demonstrating a safe
3. Employees have to earn
   a second green button
   by sustaining the safe
4. Redeem gifts from the
   safety buttons earned.
       Employee Suggestion & Reward
1. To encourage shy and resourceful employees for
   sharing bright ideas.
2. Potential to improve HSE, methods, tools,
   eliminate accidents, bottlenecks, costs, fatigue,
   fire hazard, time losses, wastage etc.
3. All goltens employees are eligible to
   participate in the employee suggestion program.
4. All individual employees or a group of
   employees drop in the suggestions in suggestion
   box which is placed at strategic locations in the
   company facility.
5. Employees receive an acknowledgement from
   MD within a week.
         Employee Suggestion & Reward
1. Suggestion shortlisted as to be adopted will be
   forwarded for review.
2. Suggestions as evaluated to be adopted will win
   “The Best Idea” award which consist of significant cash
   award and a framed certificate of merit for his/her
3. The suggesters names and photo along with
   suggestions will be displayed on notice board,
   communicated to all on e-mail, newsletters etc.
4. Managing Director honors the employees with
   outstanding idea by awarding the certificate and
   prize at the monthly ceremony.
Hazard Observation, Reporting and
       Goltens in its endeavor to promote interdependent
       HSE culture & behavior based safety among the
       employees, has introduced HOT system with aim to,
       1. To encourage employees to be alert of their
       dynamic work conditions and observe any potential
       hazards at any workplace and motivate them to
       promptly adopt corrective measures/report to
       prevent it from spiraling into a risk.
       2. QHSE person will immediately attend the hazard
       sport and communicate to respective department for
       corrective action.
       3. All Goltens employees are eligible to participate in
       this program.
       4. Participants are suitably rewarded and recognised.
         Roles and Responsibility

Clearly defined, documented and communicated by the
   following means
1. Roles & Responsibilities are clearly integrated into a
   document called Job description.
2. Every new employee is given a copy of Job description
   which also becomes part of the employment contract
3. Refreshed during Induction upon signing the HSE handbook
4. Documented roles and responsibilities are available in
   Company network drives for easy referring
                 HSE Representative
Each department nominates a dept. HSE
All HSE representative are in the rank of
foreman or above
HSE representatives are imparted special
IOSH training
HSE rep. carry out HSE audits, inspection
within their department, in consultation with
QHSE department.
Enforce, communicate forward company HSE
rules and regulation to their workforce.
 HSE representatives are voice of employees
and represents where rubber meets the road
          Emergency Preparedness

 Emergency Preparedness plan for Fire /
  Accident in office building / workshop are
  posted on strategic locations
 More than 40 trained first aiders and fire
               SERT (Spill emergency
                  Response Team)
 Periodic drills planned to ensure effectiveness of
the plan.
 SERT members will know how to make an efficient
and effective Response during a real incident.
 This plan are reviewed and amended based on
the lessons learnt from the post mortem of the drill
conducted as required.
 Drill reports and conclusions are posted on notice
boards and circulated on e-mail.
                  Evacuation Drills
 Fire evacuation drills are a vital part of a comprehensive fire
safety program.
 Familiarize employees with drill and to make the drill a matter
of established routine
 Employees will know how to make an efficient and orderly
escape through Evacuation drills
 Effective method of verifying the adequacy of emergency
Monthly HSE Performance Statistic
                  1. All departments have targets
                     & are measured and graded
                     on 74 HSE parameters
                  2. This report is a result of
                     systematic examination of our
                     current HSE practices,
                  3. HSE performance is
                     compared with various
                  4. Manager of the department
                     sustaining the best HSE
                     performance is rewarded
                     during annual get together.
        Weekly House Keeping Review
Good housekeeping is the key to accident
prevention and industrial safety.
House keeping walk about through
company facility is held on once in a week
by Managing director, all technical
manager/Supervisors, QHSE representatives
 Our housekeeping Motto is “ A Place for
everything… Everything in its place…”
 Review reports are then communicated to
all relevant Department managers and HSE
representatives through e-mail.
           HSE Culture …..change in shift

“People’s attitude and opinions that
have been formed over decades of
life cannot be changed by holding a
few meetings or giving a few
Chairman Mao Tse Tung
                               HSE Culture .. the change in shift
                            I have to

                                                                                   Extent to which employee share
  Incident Frequency Rate

                                                                                        similar safety attitude
                                        I should

                                                   I want to

low                                                                                high
                             Percentage of employees with safety attitudes
The beginning of a long journey

        B           E
S       A           F           E
                    Empowered Team

        The Bradley Curve
                         The Magic Formula

                    Top Management

                                                             Change of
                                            Self          culture towards
  Upward               Training &   +                 =
                +                        Regulated        Interdependent
Communication         Recognition
                                         Work teams            Culture

                    Empowering process
we can get
home safe
every day.
   Closing Thought…..

Continuous improvement is better than
         delayed perfection.
                           Mark Twain

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