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					                                                                           Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
                                                                                                            Plan of Study

                                      Instructions: Each graduate student must complete a Plan of Study. Each graduate student must
                                      file this plan in the department/graduate program office and the School of Graduate Studies and
                                      Research by the midterm of the first semester of the student's coursework.

               Student Last Name                                                                        First Name                                                                      SID#

                                                                                                                                                                       Indicate with an "X"                  Grade for
 (indicate Semester and                  Course                                                                                                           Credit                                 Grade
                                                                                                   Course                                                               all required courses                 Repeated
   Year Course will be                   Number                                                                                                           Hours                                 Received
                                                                                                                                                                              for degree                      Courses
                                      OCC 5301           Occupational Basis of the Profession                                                                   3

                                      OCC 5401           Physiological Factors of Occupation                                                                    4

                                      OCC 5303           Analysis of Occupation                                                                                 3

                                      OCC 5304           Occupational Development Across the Lifespan                                                           3

                                      OCC 5201           Professional Roles and Behaviors                                                                       2

                                      OCC 5100           Fieldwork Practicum A                                                                                  1

                                      OCC 5302           Methods of Inquiry and Evidence Based Practice                                                         3

                                      OCC 5402           Neurobehavioral Factors of Occupation                                                                  4

                                      OCC 5305           Impact of Conditions on Occupational Performance                                                       3

                                      OCC 6501           Occupational Interventions: Childhood through Adolescence                                              5

                                      OCC 5101           Fieldwork Practicum B                                                                                  1

                                      OCC 5211           Research Proposal Development                                                                          2

                                      OCC 5306           Occupation Interventions: Mental Health                                                                3

                                      OCC 6201           Rehabilitation Technology                                                                              2

                                      OCC 5102           Fieldwork Practicum C                                                                                  1

                                      OCC 6304           Specialized Practice in Occupation Therapy                                                             3

                                      OCC 5212           Conducting Occupation-Based Research                                                                   2

                                      OCC 6502           Occupational Interventions: Adults through Aging                                                       5

                                      OCC 6301           Professional Issues in Healthcare                                                                      3

                                      OCC 6303           Application & Integration Seminar                                                                      3

                                      OCC 6101           Fieldwork Practicum D                                                                                  1

                                      OCC 6302           Research Writing and Dissemination                                                                     3

                                      OCC 6601           Fieldwork Level IIA                                                                                    6

                                      OCC 6602           Fieldwork Level IIB                                                                                    6


                                      OCC 5105           Cross Cultural Competence in Healthcare                                                                3

                                      OCC 6140           Independent Study in Occupational Therapy                                                              3

                                                         Total Credits                                                                                          78
                                                                                                                                                                                                * Currently Enrolled
This Plan of Study is agreed upon by the above mentioned student and the graduate program academic advisor. This plan of study in no way guarantees the
degree candidacy, which will only be granted after a period of successful courses of study established by the University and signified on this Plan of Study.

                Student Signature                                                                    Date                                                             Program Advisor                      Date


Has the student fulfilled all academic requirements for graduation?                                                                                             Yes                No
Has the student received more than two (2) grades equivalent to “C’?                                                                                     No              Number of "C" grades       0
Is the student’s current grade point average (GPA) above or equal to a 3.00?                                                                                                           GPA =

             Program Coordinator                                                                     Date                                                       Dean, Graduate Studies and Research        Date

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