Golden Eagle Tournament Results by liuhongmei


									                               Golden Eagle Tournament Results
Championship Flight                      3rd Flight                        6th Flight (White Tees)
1st Place—Bob Gaff               1st Place— Dave Corbin                    1st Place—Nick Nixon
2nd Place—Allen Ross             2nd Place—George Kitchens                 2nd Place—Phil Lambert

1st Flight                       4th Flight
1st Place—Woody Simmons          1st Place—Hugh Hardaway
2nd Place—Jonathan Romero        2nd Place—Allan Franklin

2nd Flight                       5th Flight
1st Place—Lance Hampton          1st Place—Mike Olivella
2nd Place—Reid Brett             2nd Place—David Dye

                                         2008 Member-Guest
                                            First Flight
                                   1st  Joe Knapp & Ken Anders
                              2nd TIE      Jeff Corson & Steve Corson
                            2nd TIE     Greg Schulteis & Richard Ferrick
                                 4th   Mark McQuary & Austin Neal

                                           Second Flight
                                1st    Darrell Wilson & Mike Pulliam
                                2nd    Lance Hampton & Brad Collins
                               3rd    Bruce Shelfer & Bob Weatherford
                                4th    Mark Goldman & Bill Goldman

                                             Third Flight
                                    1st    Joe Manausa & Ron Rice
                             2nd TIE        Kevin Silver & Mitch Freeman
                            2nd TIE       Kerry Puhl & William Wentworth
                                4th     Bartow Myers & Brett Milgrom

                                           Fourth Flight
                                1st     Howard Martin & Steve Martin
                                 2nd    John McConnell & Peter Faas
                                    3rd   John Sims & Stan Davis
                              4th    Wayne Fountain & John McConnell

                                               Fifth Flight
                                   1st     Jeff Barbacci & Matt Buss
                                     2nd     Jim Pfeil & Ron Hurst
                                  3rd    Bob Hollar & Steve Mitchell
                              4th      Charlie Minter & Dennis Stoneman

                                           Sixth Flight
                                 1st  Matt Behnke & Bob Dearden
                                 2nd  Nick Nixon & John Olewski
                                3rd  Jerry Dufford & Kevin Dufford

                                            Seventh Flight
                                  1st     Derek Fink & Ron Hopkins
                                   2nd     Jeff Hartley & Doug May
                                  3rd     CL Williams & Lee Kuhlo
                                  4th     Randy Clay & Eddie Mills

                                           Eighth Flight
                                  1st   Nick Waller & Rob Nucatola
                                2nd   John Carnaghi & Jason Carnaghi
                              3rd TIE      Trey Desantis & Bob Powers
                            3rd TIE      Chip Boeneke & Bobby Boeneke

                               Winners: Derek Fink & Ron Hopkins
                                 Runners-Up: Nick Nixon & John Olewski

                 Any Juniors interested in a Sunday
afternoon Clinic with John in September, please call him at 524-1378.

                                       Upcoming Tournaments
                        Due to the football schedule in the month of
  September, the 15 & Over Handicap Tournament and the Golden Eagle Couples Tournament
                                will not be held this month.

                                      Tentatively scheduled:
                        Saturday, October 4th—15 & Over Handicap Scramble
                           Saturday, October 18th—Golden Eagle Couples

                           Boy Scouts Golf Tournament at Golden Eagle
The Suwannee River Area Council, Boy Scouts of America in Tallahassee, Florida will be hosting a golf
tournament. This year will mark our 12 year anniversary hosting a benefit golf tournament at one of the most
prestigious golf courses in Tallahassee. The golf tournament will be held at Golden Eagle Country Club on
Monday, November 10, 2008 and will benefit over 15,000 youth we serve in 13 countries of North Florida and
South Georgia. These counties include: Leon, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Jefferson, Taylor, Madison,
Wakulla, Thomas, Grady, Colquitt, Decatur and Seminole.

This will be an excellent opportunity for individuals, businesses and the Boy Scouts of America to partner
together to provide awareness in the community and build stronger values, character and citizenship for our
youth we serve. The youth in our community will be the future leaders of tomorrow.

The Suwannee River Area Council looks forward to seeing you on November 10, 2008 and if you have any
questions please feel free to contact Kevin McMurrian at 850-544-2756 or
Golf registration brochures are available in the Pro Shop.

                                          2008 MGA Schedule
                                          (subject to change)
                                October 11th & 12th—Saturday & Sunday
                                       Men’s Club Championship
                             November 22nd & 23rd—Saturday & Sunday
                            MGA 9:00 AM Shotgun(s) - Fall Member-Member
                                       December 13—Saturday
                                MGA 9:00 AM Shotgun—ABCD Jamboree
                                           (Team Bestball)

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