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Indian Advertising Industry: An Analysis

Description:    This report starts with a historical overview of the Indian advertising industry and examines how
                advertising spend has undergone a change over the years. It looks at the trends and key drivers
                and their impact on the industry. A summary of the issues faced by the advertising industry has
                also been included. The report conducts a detailed external and internal study of the Indian
                advertising industry within the PEST and Porter frameworks.

                It also studies the competitive landscape including the top three agencies- JWT, O&M, and Lowe’s.
                Since the agencies are not listed and do not disclose their financial information, the report has
                alternatively covered a summary of their operations and competitive strategies. The report
                concludes with an outlook on the industry.

                The Indian advertising industry has been evolving at a fast pace over the past few years owing to
                the prolifieration of means of communication and the emergence of new distribution channels. In
                2005, this industry experienced a growth of xx%. Currently India has a low advertising spend as
                compared to other economies. Creativity leakage is a major issue confronting the industry.
                However, the television advertising is expected to register high rates of growth, as India is
                expected to become Asias leading cable market by 2010.

Contents:       1. Introduction

                1.1 Industry Definition
                The Indian advertising industry comprises establishments that create and sell advertisements for
                media such as newspapers, periodicals, radio, and television.

                 1.2 Industry Segments
                 Signs and Advertising Displays
                 Advertising Agencies
                 Outdoor Advertising Services
                 Radio, Television, and Publishers Advertising Representatives
                 Advertising Not Classified Elsewhere
                 Direct Mail Advertising Services

                 2. Market Dynamics

                 2.1 Market Overview
                 Indian advertising industry is being driven by rising consumerism and the entry of global brands.
                In 2005, the industry experienced a growth of 10%.

                 2.2 Trend Analysis
                 Increasing Popularity of Online Advertising
                 Shift towards a Fee-Based System
                 Growth in Out-of-Home Advertising

                 2.3 Key Drivers
                 Penetration of Delivery Platforms Rising
                 Increased Broadband Access
                 Mobile Advertising

                 2.4 Major Issues and Implications
                 Competition for the Outsourcing Business
                 Creativity Leakage

                 3. PEST Analysis
3.1 Political Factors
Review of Advertising Code
Ban on Surrogate Advertising Hitting Advertising Revenues
CAS Implementation Altering Viewership Distribution
Direct-To-Home Growth Spurring Niche Programming
FM Radio Deregulation Increasing Media Penetration

3.2 Economic Factors
Opportunities from Rural Income Growth
GDP Growth Fuelling Advertisement Spends

3.3 Social Factors
Tweens Emerge as Influential Consumer
Non-Metro India Influencing Advertising Strategies

3.4 Technological Factors
Digital and Graphic Innovation in Outdoor Advertising
Animation Industry Driving Creativity
INSAT-4A Launch
Internet Penetration Driving Online Advertising
4. Michael Porter’s Five Force Analysis

4.1 Buyer Power
Increased Bargaining Power of Buyers
Big Accounts Rule Over Agencies

4.2 Supplier Power
Shortage of Creative Talent
Mushrooming TV Channels Advantageous for Agencies

4.3 Intensity of Competition
Concentrated Market with MNCs Leading the Industry
Advertising Players Setting up Second Agencies
Rush for Neighboring Markets

4.4 Threat of New Entrants
Dominance of Top Agencies
India Gaining Popularity as an Emerging Market

4.5 Threat of Substitute Products
Direct Marketing

5. Competitive Landscape
Ogilvy and Mather

5.1 Competitive Positioning
Presence in Cities across India
Capitalize Billing
Creative Successes
Loss of Major Account
Key People

5.2 Competitive Strategies

Sets up Digital Media Network Firm

Consolidates Out-of-Home Businesses

Offers Brand Marketing Consulting

            Targets Airlines, Financial Services and Telecom

            Repositions Fortune as a Full Service Agency

            5.3 Operation Analysis

            5.3.1 Client Base
            O&M-Asian Paints, Castrol
            Lowe- Pepsodent, Close Up
            JWT-Pepsi, DeBeers

            5.3.2 Major Accounts
            O&M-Hutch: You and I, Fevicol: Building Bonds
            Lowe India- Surf Excel: Stains are Good, Axe: The Axe Effect
            JWT-Pepsi “Yeh Dil Maange More”, Lux: Beauty Soap for Film Stars

            5.4 Key Developments
            O&M –O&M Launches Meridian, Ogilvy Worldwide Outsourcing Work to India
            Lowe India
            Wins LG Account, Lowe loses Liril to McCann
            JWT- JWT bags Hero Honda Super Splendor, JWT loses Kentucky Fried Chicken

            6. Industry Outlook
            Indian advertising industry is forecast to grow at the rate of 12-15% in 2006.

            Appendix 1: International Conferences and Annual Meetings
            Appendix 2: Industry Associations and Organizations

            List of Tables/Figures

            Figure   2.1   Trend in Gross Advertising Spend 1992-2006
            Figure   2.2   Internet Users in India 2001-2005
            Figure   2.3   Advertising Spend: Category-wise Break Up
            Figure   2.4   Cable TV Penetration Across Countries
            Figure   2.5   Number of brands advertised on TV 1994-2004
            Figure   4.1   Advertising Share by Medium 2005

            Table   2.1   Relative Advertising Spends for Various Countries 2004
            Table   4.1   Indias leading advertisers 2005
            Table   5.1   Competitive Positioning
            Table   5.2   The Brand Equity Ad Agency Reckoner 2005
            Table   5.3   Client Base

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