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December 2010 – The first of December brought with it for Oasis a perfect ten in 2010, as its global equity
funds on this day marked their tenth anniversaries.

Launched to provide investors with well-managed exposure to high-quality global equities, the Shari’ah
compliant Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund and its conventional counterpart, the Oasis Global Equity
Fund, can now both boast exemplary ten-year track records.

“These Funds invest in a range of companies that are market leaders in their respective sectors and are
expected to remain so,” explains Adam Ebrahim, Chief Investment Officer. “We firmly believe that a
careful selection of world-class companies with solid business fundamentals in place will ultimately
provide significant outperformance at lower downside risk.”

The numbers speak for themselves, and over their decade-long history the Funds, domiciled in Ireland,
have consistently outperformed industry benchmarks and both conventional and Shari’ah compliant
peers. The Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund has provided a cumulative return since inception of 102%,
while that of the Oasis Global Equity Fund is 94%. In contrast, the comparable average return of the
funds’ Shari’ah compliant peer group was negative, while that delivered by their conventional peer group
was less than 6%.

As further testament to their outstanding quality and performance, the funds have also continued to
garner the ongoing recognition of the international investment community through various awards and

The most recent of these was the achievement by both the Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund and the
Oasis Global Equity Fund of the Standard & Poor’s 5 Year Long-Term Fund Management Rating. These
were awarded by the prominent rating agency in recognition of the fact that the funds have been
classified within its top rating bands for five consecutive years and continue to hold AA-ratings. In
addition, the Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund has received prominent Failaka Islamic Fund awards for
the past five successive years, including the award for the Best Global Equity Fund over Five Years
earlier in 2010.
Both these equity funds – along with the others in Oasis’ global range – have also now been approved by
the Financial Services Board for distribution in South Africa and by the Financial Services Authority (UK)
for distribution in the United Kingdom.

“As we enter these new markets we remain committed to creating real long-term wealth for all our clients,”
says Adam. “Our new and existing investors can rest assured not only by knowing that our products are
managed according to a strong moral mandate – and in the case of the Oasis Crescent range, strictly
according to Islamic principles – but also by knowing that we are at all times driven by excellence.”

And this is indeed an attitude that is exemplified by both the Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund and the
Oasis Global Equity Fund in their excellent quality and outstanding ten-year track records.


For more information please contact:

Oasis Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Ridwan Kajee
Tel. +27 (021) 413 7860
Email: marketing@oasiscrescent.com

Notes to editors:

Oasis Global Management Company (Ireland) Ltd

Oasis Global Management Company (Ireland) Ltd is an independent management company driven by its
internal stakeholders, dedicated management and multi-skilled staff. Through its association with asset
management company Oasis Crescent Capital (Pty) Ltd, the company is authorised to administer a range
of innovative Shari’ah compliant investment products, managed in accordance with Islamic principles. It is
regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority under an established EU regulatory
framework. Its products are also subject to review by an established independent Shari’ah Advisory
Board consisting of renowned Islamic scholars.

The company, launched in Dublin in 2002, was created to serve the investment needs of clients seeking
long-term capital growth and high levels of asset protection from downward market movements. Through
the application of a low volatility fund management philosophy that leverages off proven stock selection
skills and a meticulous research process, the company simultaneously strives to grow the real wealth of
investors during favourable market movements.

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