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					     FORM 5 PROJECT

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School:                                       Class:                                         PMB Result: 5

    TARGETS AGREED                         STRATEGIES                            EQUIPMENT/SUPPORT                SUCCESS CRITERIA

   1. I need to understand        •   Work through Wolstenholme’s       1.Wolstenholme (2005)                  Better performance in
      inference questions             book/CD Rom on how to             Key Skills in Comprehension            monthly comprehension
      for Paper 2                     answer reading comprehension      2.Cambridge O- Level Examination       tests.
      comprehension                   questions                         3.Distinction in O Level
                                  •   Go through the exercises in         Comprehension
                                      Cambridge O level exams           4.Morgan, Terry O Level
                                  •   Work through Distinction O          Comprehension and Summary
                                      level comprehension                 Practice
                                  •   Undertake class exercises set
                                      by teacher
                                  •   Undertake critical thinking
                                      worksheets as supplied by the

   2. I need to improve the   •   Read more lexically dense written     1. Novels from the reading boxes at    Less evidence of confusion
      way in which I use          materials to work out how words          school                              over vocabulary use in
      English vocabulary in       function in context                   2.Word Power                           composition writing
      my compositions         •   Use the school’s reading &            3.Teacher developed reading
                                  vocabulary development kit               passages and worksheets             Evidence of increased
                              •   Develop skills for understanding      4. Magazines such as Muhibba and       appropriate use of new
                                  unknown lexis using Word Power           National Geographic                 vocabulary in compositions
                              •   Use a thesaurus as much as
                              •   Develop a lexical log to record all
                                  new words and their meanings in


   3. I need to improve my       • Talk to as many English speaking      1. Fluent English speakers           Teacher Observation:
   communicative speaking           people as possible                   2. English music and films              • Evidence of logical
   skills for English            • Encourage my friends to speak only                                                sequencing in
   conversation                    English at School                                                                 conversation
                                 • Listen to English music                                                       • The ability to
                                 • Watch English films                                                               respond to changes
                                 • Take part in the Ten Minutes with a                                               in conversation
                                   Teacher programme at school                                                   • The ability to
                                 • Undertake speaking activities on                                                  support an
                                   pronunciation and intonation as set                                               argument to give
                                   by the teacher                                                                    reasons and
                                 • Be more aware of the differences                                                  examples (as per O
                                   between Malay and English                                                         level oral paper)
                                                                                                              Ability to converse for 3 –
                                                                                                              5 minutes (as per O level
                                                                                                              exam requirements)

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