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									                      Heriot-Watt University

         Gender Equality Scheme Annual Report
                       June 2009

1.    Introduction

1.1   This is our second Gender Equality Scheme Annual Report. The report
      follows a similar format as our 2008 Annul Report covering: an
      overview of activity over the last year of the GES, including the key
      achievements; an outline of the challenges; areas highlighted for
      activity over the coming year; an update of the highlighted activity for
      2008/09 and an update of the GES Action Plan.

1.2   The Annual Report has been produced under the guidance of the
      Heriot-Watt University Equal Opportunities Committee which takes its
      membership from across the University. The Equal Opportunities
      Committee sees gender equality activity as part of a holistic approach
      to equality and diversity and as a result this document should be seen
      as running along side wider activities as outlined on our Equality and
      Diversity WebPages at www.hw.ac.uk/equality

2.     Overview of 2008/09 and Key Achievements
2.1    Activity over the last year has built on our ‘foundation’ year, 2007/08.
       We recognised early on in the process that the first year would not
       necessarily yield specific outcomes but would put in place the
       mechanisms to further develop a holistic approach to equality. We have
       continued with this approach. Over the last year we have seen a
       number of our building blocks finalised and are beginning to see
       outcomes as a result of this activity.

2.2    Training Provision

       The University acknowledged the need to train and support academic
       and support staff to ensure that equality and diversity is integrated into
       our working practices. This training and support take a variety of forms,
       and also includes awareness raising. A range of both formal and
       informal activity has been taken forward including input to team
       meetings, newsletter articles and website development. Importantly, a
       revamping of the University’s Induction processes have ensured that
       equality and diversity is particularly signposted to all new members of
       staff. In our 2008 Annual Report Heriot-Watt University undertook to
       take forward specific activities linked to training provision and the
       following examples give more detail to the progress made.

2.2.1 Online training

       The University purchased online training from Marshall ACM in autumn
       2008 to ensure that all staff would have access to adequate and
       immediate resources and also to provide a baseline level of equality
       and diversity training for all staff. Costs for the package have been split
       between Human Resources and the Equality and Diversity budget.

2.2.2 The training includes 3 modules; Diversity in the Workplace, Diversity
      in Learning and Teaching and Equality Impact Assessment. In the roll
      out of the training all staff will undertake Diversity in the Workplace
      Training. Academic and Research Staff undertaking any learning or
      teaching activity will supplement this with the learning and teaching
      module. All staff involved with policy development or review will also
      undertake the EIA training. Our online training will enable all staff to
      submit training requests to allow in-house training to be developed
      inline with staff needs.

2.2.3 The customisation, communication and ensuring compliance with data
      protection and University security requirements has taken a great deal
      of effort over 2008/09. In partnership with colleagues overseeing data
      protection, the University Information and Computer Services and
      Corporate Communications a detailed communications plan as well as
      customisation process has been taken forward. The roll out of the
      training will begin in June 2009, with the aim of training all staff by the
      end of December 2009.

2.2.4 In choosing online training as a base level for all staff has led the
      University to think of alternative ways to enable staff with out access to
      PCs to have alternative means of accessing the training. As a result all
      staff members are to be allocated email accounts nd a ‘Learning Kiosk’
      booking system is to be piloted in the Library with preferential booking
      for staff members. The process will enable not only all staff to undergo
      online training but will allow personal and professional development of
      staff and allow for other online training processes (such as health and
      safety) to use the same system for reaching these specific staff groups).
      More       information       will    be      available      shortly     at

2.2.5 Diverse Possibilities

       ‘Diverse Possibilities’ was originally a training collaboration between
       Queen Margaret University and Edinburgh Napier University. The
       universities had identified equality and diversity development for all
       staff as core to achieving their equality duty action plans and saw an
       opportunity for joined up working. The training workshop was
       developed over 2007 and delivery began in October 2007. The
       Edinburgh College of Art joined the collaboration in February 2008, with
       HWU joining in January 2009. The University of Edinburgh is currently
       considering its involvement.

2.2.6 The workshops are regular events taking place every six weeks. The
      venue is rotated around the institutions allowing staff not only to mix
      with staff from other universities, but also to visit different workplaces.

2.2.7 The aim of the workshop is to create a supportive environment where
      staff can reflect about the people they work with, and how they can
      meet individual, or group, needs in a proactive, sensitive and inclusive
      manner. It provides an opportunity for staff to consider potential
      changes that will eradicate/reduce direct or indirect workplace

2.2.8 The workshop has also been developed to be team-specific, in which
      the session is tailored specifically for individual teams. The
      collaboration is currently exploring the provision of finance specific

2.2.9 Training for Board and Committee Members

       Awareness raising training sessions are being held for all Board and
       Committee Members to ensure a broad understanding of equality and
       diversity across the decision making structures of the University. 4
       sessions were held over May/June 2009 with further sessions to be
       held in the coming academic session. A write-up of issues arising from

      the sessions will be posted on the Equality and Diversity WebPages at

2.3   Athena SWAN

      A key outcome for us during 2007/08 was the successful submission to
      Athena SWAN for a Bronze Award, awarded in August 2007. The
      Athena SWAN Charter is a scheme which recognises excellence in
      Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) employment for women in
      higher education and research. Any university or research institution
      which is committed to the advancement and promotion of the careers
      of women in SET in higher education and research can apply for
      membership       (www.athenaswan.org.uk/html/athena-swan/).      The
      Charter was launched in June 2005, with Heriot-Watt University a
      founding member. The University produced its first Progress Report in
      May 2009. A copy of the report which includes statistical information
      regarding the number of male and female researchers and academics
      can be found at www.hw.ac.uk/equality/Athena.htm

2.4   Equality and Diversity Webpage Development

      The Equality and Diversity WebPages have continued to be developed
      over 2008/09. The pages are a first point of information and resources
      for all members of the University community and beyond. It is likely that
      in line with changes to the Heriot-Watt Website the equality and
      diversity pages will change further in the coming year.

2.5   Headstart Dragonfly

      During 2007/08 the University took steps to hold a HeadStart Dragonfly
      event. Headstart is a well-established education programme whose aim
      is to encourage students interested in mathematics or science to
      consider technology-based careers. It provides an opportunity for
      those in Year 12/S5 to spend up to a week at university prior to making
      their UCAS application (www.headstartcourses.org.uk/ ). Dragonfly
      Days are specifically designed for females going into Year 13/S6 to
      develop basic project management skills further by working with others.
      Heriot-Watt University hoped to run a Dragonfly event in December
      2008 following a poor uptake for an event run earlier in the academic
      year. As a result of close working between the Widening Participation
      Team and the commitment of the School of Engineering and Physical
      Sciences the HeadStart Dragonfly there was such a large degree of
      interest that 4, well attended sessions were held in December 2008.
      These events are to be repeated in December 2009.

3.    Challenges

3.1   Our 2008 Annual Report highlighted interlinked challenges in taking
      forward equality and diversity activity. The highlighted areas included,
      improving co-ordination of activity, better use of existing staff and
      student information and ensuring the decision-making and strategic
      level of the University is explicitly linked to equality outcomes. We
      grouped these challenges under the headings of involvement,
      participation and information gathering and Equality Impact
      Assessment. We have come someway forward in addressing these
      challenges but we recognise that there is no quick fix to these issues.

3.2   The challenges we face for the coming year are to continue to make
      progress in these areas. In addition, we face specific challenges as we
      try to harmonise our approach to equality and diversity via the creation
      of a Single Equality Scheme. We face some challenges in ensuring that
      our statistical data collection is fit for purpose and meaningfully
      reported. Finally we will be challenged as we try to move toward project
      based activity.

3.3   Involvement, participation and gathering information

      Involvement and participation with the University community in how we
      work is key to providing the best possible learning, living and working
      environment. In addition, there is a legal requirement for us to ensure
      we communicate and consult with those affected by how we ‘do’ our

3.4   Along with involving people in specific gender equality activity (such as
      the engagement activity undertaken with females in Computer Science)
      we have been working to ensure that our mainstream activities take full
      account of equality and diversity related issues to enable us to better
      use the information we gather. At the strategic level this means that via
      our planned engagement activity with Focus on the Future we have
      ensured that equality and diversity is effectively incorporated. Specific
      examples are outlined below.

3.3.1 Example 1

      Under the banner of the People Theme Team the Values Programme
      is a project which is looking to establish both core values for the
      University and establishing people related Key Performance Indicators
      and reporting mechanisms. Equality and diversity has been crucial to
      the process of creating core values that reflect the aspirations of the
      University along with establishing a range of core attributes that make

      Heriot-Watt distinctive. The involvement activity has been based on a
      range of staff, student and trades union representation. Future
      engagement activity will further build on this template.

3.3.2 Example 2

      The People Theme is also leading work on a Staff Survey. The survey
      is being used to gather a range of information about the perceptions of
      staff about the University. The survey is due to repeated enable us to
      track change over time. A range of detailed equality profiling questions
      and equality perception questions are being asked within the survey.
      This information will be the first data used to inform the creation of a
      Single Equality Scheme for the University.

3.4   Equality Impact Assessment Roll-out

      Equality Impact Assessment was highlighted as key challenge in 2008
      and continues to be so. Since 2008 the EIA process has been formally
      adopted by the University with Impact Assessment underway more
      widely, however there is still work to be done.

3.5   The Equal Opportunities Committee has made significant progress
      completing a mapping and screening exercise of the University’s
      policies and procedures for retrospective EIA. In addition, online
      training and previously completed EIAs are providing strong support for
      the process to be taken forward in a more cohesive manner. There is a
      need to continue to improve in this area. More information on EIA can
      be found at www.hw.ac.uk/equality/EIA.htm

3.6   In addition to the challenges above, we highlighted that the University
      is currently undergoing a significant period of change with the
      implementation         of      Focus         on        the      Future
      (www.hw.ac.uk/internal/focusonthefuture/). Focus on the Future
      continues to drive the University forward. In addition, a new Principal
      joins Heriot-Watt in September 2009 to drive forward Focus on the
      Future and ensure the University continues to improve.

3.7   Single Equality Scheme

      A major challenge for us is to create a process by which we have one
      reporting process for all our equality and diversity requirements ahead
      of expected changes to the legal framework. These changes are likely
      to enable equality and diversity reporting to be incorporated into our
      existing reporting procedures. However, ahead of those changes
      coming into effect the Equal Opportunities Committee has agreed to
      create a Single Equality Scheme (SES) to come into effect from 5
      December 2009 – following the final update of the Disability Equality
      Scheme. This is likely to affect reporting on all our Schemes and
      Action Plans.

3.8    The Scheme will incorporate all our equality strands and is likely to
       extend to the protected grounds outlined by the Equality Bill. There will
       be specific actions relating to Race, Disability and Gender to ensure
       that our legal obligations are fulfilled by the SES. All information
       relating to the SES will be on our WebPages at www.hw.ac.uk/equality
3.9    Statistical Data Collection and Reporting

       We have recognised the need to create more robust systems for
       collecting and reporting statistical information. New processes have
       been created and will be populated during summer 2009 to form the
       basis of information for the SES. Reporting of this information will begin
       November/December 2009.

3.10   New Projects

       In addition to the changes to the strategic framework of our equality
       and diversity activity the Equal Opportunities Committee has been
       exploring the possibility of undertaking project based activity which
       while initially seen to impact particularly on females could have a wider
       positive effect on the University community as a whole. Projects
       currently being considered are detailed below.

3.11.1 Maternity Pilot Project

       Linked to our Athena SWAN activity HWU is currently looking at the
       possibility of running a pilot project based on teaching holidays for
       women returning to work following maternity leave, to enable academic
       staff to have the time to take forward research activity (it was
       recognised that this could be a policy for any member of staff returning
       to work after a long period of absence). This activity could lead to a
       Maternity Mentoring Project which is currently be researched on the
       basis of successful projects at the University of Glasgow and the
       Scottish Parliament.

3.11.2 Computer Science Female Focus

       A well attended Focus Group session was held with female students in
       Computer Science to discuss ways of encouraging growth in the
       number of female undergraduates studying Computer Sciences. The
       session was linked to identifying ways of linking with the Widening
       Participation Team, creating welcome events for new undergraduates
       and improving existing mentoring processes. The session will be used
       to create an outline of future activity for the School.

3.11.3 Student Association Involvement

       In addition to taking forward activity linked to staff, we are mindful of the
       need to ensure better engagement with the student community. Work is
       currently underway to establish project based activity that can be taken

forward with newly elected members of the Heriot-Watt University
Student Association.

4.       Key activities for year 2

4.1      Our first Annual Report highlighted a number of activities as central to our work over year 2. The table below outlines our
         successful progress in these areas.

Action             Purpose                Desired Outcome             Deadline     Lead          Update                          Status
In-house training A baseline provision of In-house provision of Schedule        of SV            Diverse Possibilities now in
provision         face-to-face Equalities tailored HW      E&D training session in with          place. Collaboration with Achieved
                  training across the training                  place Sept 2008    HR            Edinburgh                based
                  University                                                                     Universities        to    share
                                                                                                 resources        and    provide
                                                                                                 training for all staff.
E-Learning ToolsConsortium with other     HWU to have e-              Decision        in SV      Online training purchased,
                FE and HE providers       learning package to         principle    June          customised and being rolled Achieved
                to secure e-learning      achieve basic training      2008                       out June 09.
                tools                     on E&D across all staff
EIA roll out at Link   to   Strategic     EIA undertaken at           People  Theme SV           EIA    process      reported,
strategic level Review Group and          strategic level of HWU.     Team June-Sept lead        agreed   at    Infrastructure Partially
                Theme Teams               Will provide a filter for   2008           with        Board. SRG delegated EIA Achieved
                                          other      activity    at                  SRG         and wider E&D activity to
                   Undertake EIA          operational level.                                     People Theme Team.

                   Report on EIA                                      October 2008
EIA roll-out       Continued via HR and EOC to lead legal             Mapping          and EOC   EOC completed mapping
                   Student       Welfare requirements for EIA         prioritising October       exercise Jan 09. Online Underway
                   Services.                                          2008                       training to assist.

                                                                      EIA high level             EIA undertaken on policies
                                                                      begins Aug 2008            affecting staff and students.

Action          Purpose             Desired Outcome      Deadline          Lead      Update                     Status
Communication   More        effective Stronger mechanisms Links to Athena Athena     Highlevel   meetings    re
                involvement           for    communicating SWAN            SWAN      Athena and E&D taken Achieved
                mechanisms            E&D across HWU       communication   Group     forward. Redevelopment of and
                                                           strategy review and       webpages     and     wider continuing
                                                                           EOC       communication underway

5.     GES Action Plan Update

1. Heriot-Watt University Working Culture: Staffing Issues

Responsibility: Human Resources and Education Development Unit

Identified Issue         Action                    Update 2009                                           %          %
                                                                                                         complete   complete
                                                                                                         2008       2009
1.1 Current Working      Publicise Flexible        A number of flexible working arrangements are in      60%        70%
    arrangements/        working arrangements      place. Job share is accepted practice. Awareness
    flexible working                               raised and number of staff using flexible working
                                                   has increased. HWU considering adopting flexi-
1.2 Attitudes (2.3 in    Communication, training Better communication mechanisms are being               50%        65%
    Submission)          and support to ALL staff. developed. Links to work with Athena SWAN,                       Ongoing
                         Links to GES training     improved webpages and wider reaching activities.
                         action point 1.5          Articles in E-newsletter and communications vis the
                                                   Principal have all taken place over the last year
1.3 Support for          Commonality among         Basic gap analysis complete but currently producing   10%        25%
    research and         Schools of support        a survey to check provisions on a School by School
    academic staff(1.8   mechanisms with           basis. Athena SWAN activity has raised the profile
    in Submission)       gender equality issues    of issues. Work underway to produce guidelines for
                         built into guidance       line managers and mentors
1.4 Support for          Better support for        PGCAP in place. Additions to PGCAP have               60%        85%
    probationers (2.1,   probationers in all       included disability and general equality related
    2.2, 3.1 in          aspects of academic       issues. Workload management and career
    Submission)          practice from workload    progression is linked to PDR process – now in place
                         management to

1. Heriot-Watt University Working Culture: Staffing Issues

Responsibility: Human Resources and Education Development Unit

Identified Issue          Action                      Update 2009                                           %           %
                                                                                                            complete    complete
                                                                                                            2008        2009
                          teaching support            Examining e-learning provisions                       40%         95%
1.5 Training Support      In-house training           In house training in place. Linked to Diverse         80%         100%
                          support on general and      Possibilities.
                          specific equality strands
                          offered each semester       Ad hoc training available on request                  100%        100%

                                                      Examining e-learning provisions                       80%         95%
1.6 Information           As a forerunner to the      Mapping exercise linked to Strategic Review           70%         80%
    gathering: mapping    EIA map policies and        process. Report to SRG in summer term 07/08.
    of policies and       procedures to assist        Mapping exercise and prioritisation complete. Roll-
    procedures            prioritisation of EIA       out of activity linked to online training.
1.7 Information           Continued collection of     Continual collection of data by HR                    100%        100%
    gathering: HESA       HESA data and input to                                                            when each
    (1.1 in Submission)   national discussions on                                                           return is
                          categories                                                                        made
1.8 Information           Continued collection of     Continual collection of data by HR. Annual            80%         90%
    gathering:            data with publication in    Statistical Report contains data.
    applicants,           GES monitoring and
    interviews,           annual reporting            *New*
    appointment (1.7 in   mechanisms                  New spreadsheets for reporting trend data             -           40%
    Submission)                                       produced and to be worked on over summer 2009
1.9 Information           Standardised approach       Training evaluation form always used. Information     100%        100%

1. Heriot-Watt University Working Culture: Staffing Issues

Responsibility: Human Resources and Education Development Unit

Identified Issue          Action                       Update 2009                                           %          %
                                                                                                             complete   complete
                                                                                                             2008       2009
    gathering: Training   to monitoring uptake of      collected , collated and used to inform where there
    (1.2, 1.3 in          training                     are gaps in current provision and where to target
    Submission)                                        training.
1.10 Information          Ensure information           All available data is online. Some gaps still in      80%        80%
       gathering:         gathered is updated and      information being worked on. Continuning
       availability and   made available online
1.11 Employee             To complete a census-        EIP delayed due to National Framework. EIP still      10%        10%
       Information        style exercise to gather     planned outline form complete. Requires work with
       Update             employee related             TUs and HR system to be updated with outstanding
                          information re equalities    information. STILL NO PROGRESS - RESOURCE
1.12   Transsexual/tran   Ensure fit for purpose       Draft policy in production. Requires consultation     20%        35%
       sgender Staff      processes are in place       with specific groups.
       (links to 2.4)     to support
                          transsexual/transgender      Some work taken forward with Edinburgh based
                          staff. Provision of advice   universities to ‘trouble’ shoot policy. Planned
                          and liaison assistance.      completion September 2009
                          Link to GES 2.4
1.13   Promotion and      Raised profile of            Links to PDR process being led by HR and              60%        100%
       recruitment        transparent promotion        Promotion Procedures implemented as part of the
       procedures         and recruitment              National Framework. PDR process now in place. All

1. Heriot-Watt University Working Culture: Staffing Issues

Responsibility: Human Resources and Education Development Unit

Identified Issue           Action                      Update 2009                                               %          %
                                                                                                                 complete   complete
                                                                                                                 2008       2009
                           processes. Linked to        staff trained on PDR and explicit links to E&D
                           national Framework          throughout.
1.14   Diversity of        Better understanding of     Links to PDR roll-out and promotion of flexible           60%        70%
       Senior              promotion procedures        working. To be taken forward with interim HR
       Management          and flexible working        Director.
                           policies among all staff.
                                                       Training for all staff has taken place. First promotion
                                                       boards not yet held
1.15   Equal Pay (1.4 in   Linked to single status     Equal Pay Audit to be undertaken. Preliminary             10%        40%
       Submission)         and planned Equal Pay       discussions underway.
                                                       Timetable of activity agreed and resources
                                                       allocated. Due to be complete December 2009
1.16   Appraisal           Introduce a                 PDR roll-out                                              60%        100%
       Processes (1.5 in   Performance and
       Submission)         Development Review for
                           all staff groups as part
                           of National Framework
1.17   Exit interviews     Better understanding of Better analysis of leavers information to enable              20% due to 20%
       (1.6 in             reasons for leaving      reflexive future planning                                    low return

1. Heriot-Watt University Working Culture: Staffing Issues

Responsibility: Human Resources and Education Development Unit

Identified Issue          Action                     Update 2009                                              %          %
                                                                                                              complete   complete
                                                                                                              2008       2009
      Submission)         report in monitoring and   . No further activity                                    rates?
                          annual reporting

2. Heriot-Watt University Learning Environment: Student Issues

Responsibility HWUSA and Student Welfare Services

Identified Issue          Action                     Update                                                   %          %
                                                                                                              complete   complete
                                                                                                              2008       2009
2.1 Gender Balance        Continue to collect        UG information collected as matter of course. Need       80%        85%
    Undergraduates        information about the      to more effectively use information to inform practice              Ongoing
    (3.4 in Submission)   gender balance in UG       such as open days.
                                                     Focus group held with PG students re gender
                                                     balance in Computer Science

2. Heriot-Watt University Learning Environment: Student Issues

Responsibility HWUSA and Student Welfare Services

Identified Issue         Action                    Update                                                    %          %
                                                                                                             complete   complete
                                                                                                             2008       2009
                                                   Dragonfly Days to repeat Dec 09
2.2 Gender Balance       Better understanding of   PG information collected but need to ensure               80%        80%
    Postgraduates        reasons for lower         commonality across Schools.                                          ongoing
                         number of females
                         taking up PG              *New*
                         opportunities                                                                       -          30%
                                                   Data gathering spreadsheets completed and
                                                   working group being pulled together
2.3 Attitudes            Awareness among           High level of understanding within HWUSA. Number          80%        80%
                         HWUSA of gender           of session held including equality related training for
                         equality issues for the   officer, Equality Week was held to collect
                         University                information and continued contact is required as the
                                                   officers change

                                                   Change of HWUSA officers means the above is a
                                                   continued update from 2008
2.4 Transsexual/         Ensure fit for purpose    Draft policy in production. Requires consultation         20%        35%
    transgender          processes are in place    with specific groups. See 1.9
    Students (links to   to support
    1.9)                 transsexual/transgender
                         Students. Provision of
                         advise and liaison

2. Heriot-Watt University Learning Environment: Student Issues

Responsibility HWUSA and Student Welfare Services

Identified Issue             Action                     Update                                              %          %
                                                                                                            complete   complete
                                                                                                            2008       2009
                             assistance link to GES
2.5 Information              Collect information        Attempt to hold student focus groups drew poor      30%        40%
    gathering                about the experience of    attendance. Looking to establish better contact
                             under represented          methods.
                                                        Activity working with HWUSA to creating lasting
                                                        contact methods.
2.6 Information              Ensure information         All collected data to available on web pages        20%        40%
   gathering: availability   gathered is updated and
   and access                made available online
2.7 Information              Collect and present        Information is available via HWU annual reports.    40%        40%
   gathering: attainment     information by School re   Some changes underway to student information                   ongoing
   levels by gender          gender and attainment      system
2.8 Applicants               Better guidance to         Information shared and used by Recruitment and      50%        60%
                             Schools for applicants     Admission.
                             visits and ensuring
                             equalities                 Links to Headstart/Dragonfly event
                             considerations are built
2.9 Peer-mentoring           Assess current             Peer-mentoring not currently being taken forward.   20%        30%

2. Heriot-Watt University Learning Environment: Student Issues

Responsibility HWUSA and Student Welfare Services

Identified Issue         Action                      Update                                                %          %
                                                                                                           complete   complete
                                                                                                           2008       2009
                         arrangements for            Feasibility of the process to be examined by Athena              ongoing
                         mentoring and identify      SWAN Implementation Group
                         way forward

3. Heriot-Watt University: Institution Wide Issues

Responsibility EOC and EDA

Identified Issue         Action                      Update                                                %          %
                                                                                                           complete   complete
                                                                                                           2008       2009
3.1 Condensed GES        Produce a condensed      Decision taken not to produce a condensed version.       100%       100%
                         version of GES for wider
3.2 Equality impact      Roll-out process for     Links to Strategic Review process and ongoing EIA        20%        60%
    Assessment           taking forward EIA       within Student Welfare Service (Disability Service

3. Heriot-Watt University: Institution Wide Issues

Responsibility EOC and EDA

Identified Issue         Action                      Update                                                %          %
                                                                                                           complete   complete
                                                                                                           2008       2009
                         across the University       EIA as monitoring) and HR (EIA for all new policies
                         building on pilot           and to assist in existing monitoring arrangements).
                         projects.                   See 1.6
                         All new policies to be
                         impact assessed from
                         September 2007.
                         Retrospective EIA from
                         Sept 07

3.3 Equality Impact      Guidance for involving      Consultation mechanisms being examined.               30%        60%
   Assessment:           service users and           Currently ad hoc and based on policy/provision
   involving client      potential new clients       undergoing EIA
                                                     Wider involvement activity underway. Links to staff
                                                     survey, refreshed EOC, involvement with TUs and
                                                     better links to student population
3.4 Communication (3.2   Staff, students and         WebPages well populated and well used                 70%        85%
   in Submission)        visitors to be aware of                                                                      ongoing
                         H-W approach to
                         equalities via written
                         and web based

3. Heriot-Watt University: Institution Wide Issues

Responsibility EOC and EDA

Identified Issue             Action                    Update                                             %          %
                                                                                                          complete   complete
                                                                                                          2008       2009
3.5 Communication:       Produce generic leaflet       Leaflet produced summer 2007                       100%       100%
                         about equalities for staff,
    equalities leaflet for
    all staff, students  students and visitors to
    and visitors         help publicise equality
3.6 Communication: web Continued development           WebPages well populated and well used              70%        85%
    page development     and maintenance of                                                                          ongoing
                         effective online
                         information resource
3.7 Decision-Making      Links into decision-          Clear links between EOC, Infrastructure Board,      80%       90&
                         making via Equal              PME and LTB now established. Also links to input to
                         Opportunities                 the Strategic Review Group
                         Committee. Agenda
                         items across the
                         structures for equalities
3.8 Interface between    Better communication          EOC refreshed and undertaking duties. Includes     80%        90%
    support services and and enhanced Equal            capacity building of the EOC and ongoing support
    academic             Opportunities
    departments          Committee taking a            Currently broadening membership to specifically
                         central role in receiving     look at the involvement of academics
                         reports and

3. Heriot-Watt University: Institution Wide Issues

Responsibility EOC and EDA

Identified Issue           Action                    Update                                                    %          %
                                                                                                               complete   complete
                                                                                                               2008       2009
                          disseminating good
3.9 Interpretation of GES Better interpretation of   Proposed new survey to enable examination of              10%        35%
    Survey results        results and                recent activities (including National Framework) to
                          disaggregating of          be assessed. Linked to decision to develop a Single
                          returns                    Equality Scheme
3.10 Monitoring users Improved mechanisms            HWU needs to look into the possibility of formal          0%         15%
                          for monitoring usage       feedback procedure which can inform E&D activity.
                                                     Some activity taken forward linked to Matrix within
                                                     support services. Highlighted area for future activity.


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