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									                                               Newsletter                                            APRIL 2011           | ISSUE SIXTEEN

                                                                                Children’s Min
                                                                                               istr              y
   Spring is here and the signs of life are all                                  A Jr. High teen attende
                                                                                                         d the Alpha healing nig
                                                                                prayer time, we prayed                               ht.  During the
   around us! The colors, the sounds, the smells                                                          for anyone in the gro
                                                                                relationship due to  add                           up with a broken
   announce that spring has arrived.  The                                                                 iction.  This registered
                                                                                                                                    with one young
                                                                                teenager as he thoug
                                                                                                       ht about his relationshi
   Kingdom of God is also here and the signs of                                who has battled addic                               p with his father,
                                                                                                        tion for many years. He
   life are all around us! Read these stories for a                            prayed together. That                                and a leader
                                                                                                       Sunday,  the leader req
                                                                               Children's and Family                              uested Alpha,
                                                                                                       Ministry workers to ga
                                                                               young man to join for                              ther around this
                                                                                                      ces against the enem
                                                                              healing. A week later,                            y and ask God for
                                                        n                                             this young man's dad
                                      e Taste of Missio                                                                         showed up
           Singles Pastorat                                     st
                                                                              seeking to mend their
                                                                                                      relationship. The two
                                     thered for a BBQ this pa                                                                   attended church
           Ed Gove’s pastorate ga                                             together that Sunday.
                                     for our next missional
           Saturday to get ready                      these types of
           adventure. (W   e hope to go on a lot of
                                      s coming  year). We spent time
           adventures through thi
                                                                                                                      ery dollar
                                                                                     "We're extremely grateful for ev d Special
                                                       plastic eggs
            decorating 50    Easter bags, filling 400
                                     Easter drama  . We are heading
            and reviewing a short                                                                                    rove
            out Saturday    to partner with a minis
                                                     try here in
                                                  to share Jesus’
                                                                                     given to the CA Center -App !"
                                                                                      in Russia. Thanks, Living Fa
                                       and Truth”
            Vineland called “Spirit
             love with chi ldren in our communit                                                                                 oscow
                                                                                                                          - Steve V. from M

Building Update                                       by Pastor Nate Howard

Thanks again to all who participated in           2) But God spoke repeatedly that we are              It also became clear that we had been
our week of prayer.  It was a very positive          in a very good place.  This wilderness is         working toward constructing a new
time for our church and it was very clear            safe for us.                                      building based on certain assumptions
God led us.                                       3) Many of us were surprised how much                that needed to be questioned.  During
                                                     we sensed God wasn’t really speaking              the fast, a number of questions began to
Some obvious things we heard from God                                                                  surface, like: 
                                                     about our building but about our lives.
as we prayed together: 
                                                  4) It became abundantly clear that right                 ‣ What ministries or vision for ministry
1) As a church renting two buildings each                                                                    are currently being hindered by a
                                                     now, though we are renting, we are in
   week, we are like God’s people moving                                                                     lack of a building?  
                                                     a good place, and though we are
   through a wilderness. 
                                                     confident there will be a time for a                   ‣ At what point would it be absolutely
                                                     building, now is not that time.                         necessary to build for us to achieve
                                                                                                             our vision?
                                                                                                                                  continued on page 4

  Living Faith Alliance Church                                            SUNDAY SERVICES: 8:30 /10:30 am
                                                                          Wallace Middle School 688 N. Mill Rd. Vineland, NJ 08360
       1987 South Lincoln Avenue • Vineland, NJ 08361
                                                                          WEDNESDAY CLASSES: 6:30 pm
            856-696-3444 • www.LFAChurch.org                              Cumberland Christian School 1100 W. Sherman Ave. Vineland, NJ 08360
                                                                    Taste of Mission Sunday
                                                                                                                                        by Matthew Rudd
                                                                    It’s going to be an exciting summer; not only is the next total lunar eclipse
                                                                    happening,* but we are ramping up for some great missional pursuits. In
                                                                    addition to the Summer Camps and Missions Trips, we are going to have a
                                                                    Taste of Mission Sunday on July 10th.

                                                                    We want to live as a Missional Church, and one important value we must
                                                  ndis Ave.         embrace is an understanding that we are sent by God as missionaries in
                                       sion to La
                           as te of Mis
                  storate T                                         our own culture to make disciples of all peoples. It’s important to be aware
    Carter Pa                                                       that we can get so comfortable consuming in church, we forget that
                                      astic team time to
                         n enthusi                 ir               church is more than any four walls; it is the moving, growing, adapting,
            a t to see a ople donating the
“It was gre -minded pe                          .”                  infectious, Body of Christ. The book of Acts is filled with stories of the
            y                        tter place
communit ir downtown a be                    ainstreet
                                                                    early church being “filled with the Holy Spirit” and partnering with God to
 ma  king the                    or, VDID/M
                     tive Direct                                    advance His Kingdom.
          on, Execu                                   ith how
 -Todd No                                  pressed w work.”
                              “I was im          ere to
                                          kids w                    On July 10th we want to put ourselves in a place where similar stories can
                            eager the                    - Dave
                                                                    be our stories. As the Body of Christ we want to get in proximity with
                         eek for
              is every w                                            people who need Jesus. We are going to “do church” in our community. On
    “I’d do th chocolate.”
               ot                                                   that Sunday morning, we are going to be sent to a variety of pursuits in
    the free h
               ge 9                                                 the areas we live in; ranging from practicing listening or interceding for
     - Kevin, a
                                                                    our community to various forms of beautification. In some cases “church”
                                                                    will be as simple as praying while walking down the street, and in other
                                                                    instances we’ll be partnering with ongoing projects that have specific
                                                                    passion and vision.

                                                                    We have three specific goals for doing church in the community on July
                                                                    10th. First, and most simply, we want to bless our neighbors by doing
                                                                    church outside — in lieu of inside — any walls. Second, we want to
          Did you know that the first                                cultivate a love for the places where we live and the lost people who do
          Mother’s Day service was held                             life next to us. Lastly, we want to get exposure to the missional lifestyle
          at a church in Grafton, West                              and long-term opportunities in our region.
          Virginia, on May 10, 1908?
          Since then, our nation has kept                           Please be praying for God’s wisdom as we seek out and locate
          a tradition of honoring our                               opportunities for July 10th. Mark the date on your calendar, prepare your
          mothers each May. Here at LFA                             kids, listen carefully to what your neighbors need most, and get excited as
          we want to encourage you to                               you pray about what God is doing.
          take a few extra minutes and
          either honor your mom in                                                 *The total lunar eclipse on June 15 will only be visible in Africa, Asia,
          some way or cherish the                                                  Europe, South America, and Australia; basically everywhere but here..
          memory of your mother. Need

                                                                                 Guest Speakers:
          some great scriptures to reflect
          on? Check out 2 Timothy
          1:3-6; Proverbs 31:10-31; Acts
          16:11-15, 40; and I Samuel
          1:2-28 – 2:1-21.
                                                                                 Jim and Ka y Sappia
                                                                    Another couple serving in the creative access NCA region will be joining us
          Flowers and pictures can be                               on May 7th & 8th. Jim and Kathy served eight years in Thailand, and have
          great, but so can a framed                                spent their home assignment serving as the Missionaries in Residence at
          memory, a home-made card or                               Alliance Theological Seminary, in Nyack, New York. When they first returned
          coupon, or a funny photo-                                 on home assignment, they knew God had been challenging them to be
          shopped picture! Mother’s Day                             willing to do something new. After speaking with leadership, Jim and Kathy
          is May 8th this year, so join us                          were asked if they would be willing to join a team entering a brand new field
          on that Sunday when we pray                               in North & Central Asia. Leadership had been praying for a more seasoned
          over the women of our church!                             couple to join this new initiative and felt Jim and Kathy were an answer to
                                                                    that prayer. So this July, Jim, Kathy and their 3 kids will be leaving for Green
                                                                    Mountains, a new Creative Access Country, excited for what God will do in
                                                                    and through them as they simply seek to obey His leading in their lives. 
        Financial Update                                          Submitted by The Financial Review Committee

       Thank you, Cheerful Givers! It is through
     your generous gifts that we continue to
grow and spread the word of Jesus Christ
throughout our local community and the world.
       “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly                   Totals for
      will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows                  the 1st
      generously will also reap generously. Each               Quarter 2011
      of you should give what you have decided in
                                                                  are in!
      your heart to give, not reluctantly or under
      compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”
                               (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)
                                                                                               January           February
General Fund                                                                                                                       March
                                                           General Fun (Budgeted)
Our annual General Fund budget for 2011 is                                                     $63,333            $63,333        $63,333
$760,000, with a monthly budget of $63,333.                  General Fund (Actual)
                                                                                              $58,671            $54, 153        $54,110
Even though we often under spend each                      General Fund Shortage
                                                                                              ($4,662)           ($9,179)
month, we still fall slightly short of our overall                                                                              ($9,223)
General Fund goal for the 1st Quarter.                                  Building Fund           $8,728             $4,817         $7,601
                                                         Great Commission Fund
Building Fund                                                                                  $4,308              $5,436         $4,116
In 2010, contributions to the Building Fund
averaged $7,600 per month. Based only on
1st Quarter data, contributions to the Building Fund                       Please remember your financial contributions
have averaged about $5,000 per month. At this rate, the                    can be sent in a variety of ways:
Building Fund giving will be about $31,000 less than last year.             • Sunday morning tithes and offering collection
                                                                            • Via our website: www.LFAchurch.org
Great Commission Fund                                                       • Mail or drop off at office: 1987 South Lincoln Avenue,
In 2010, contributions to the Great Commission Fund (GCF)                     Vineland, NJ 08361
averaged $4,000 per month. As of 1st Quarter 2011, we are
slightly above last year’s monthly average, but still below the            Thank you for your generous financial gifts; please continue to
goal of $5,000 per month.                                                  pray for wise stewardship.

                                                                           “I think a big thing for me was      difficult task already, but with
                                                                           making it a priority to  find time    four small kids it is near
                                                                           to spend with God so that I can      impossible.  Now that we have
                                                                           be emotionally healthy in my         the room, we have a place to
  Five pastorate leaders spent          • A fresh perspective for          relationships. I can only lead       go and our excuses for not
  two days at New Life                    leading others out of our        others to be emotionally             spending alone time with God
  Fellowship Church in Queens,            integrity with God,              healthy when I do the same           are limited. We have to meet
  New York attending the                  ourselves and others.            thing in my life. As soon as we      with Him. “
  Emotionally Healthy                                                      came home, Jayme and I                                        — Dave
                                        • New skills for dealing with
  Leadership Conference.                                                   created a place in our
                                          conflict.                                                              “Thank you Living Faith
                                                                           basement where we could
  What We Received:                     • Insights into the unique         quietly meet with God. We            Alliance Church for investing in
                                          challenges of leadership.        realized we had no place to go       and caring for your leaders!”
   • Personal renewal with
                                        • Steps to develop a rhythm        in our house that was a "quiet                                — Bill
     Jesus for our own spiritual
     formation.                           for slowing down and             place." Meeting with God is a
                                          embracing limits.
   • Practical helps to integrate
     emotional health and              “The conference taught me that
     contemplative practices           it is okay to be in a desert
     into our lives.                   season with God. He is
   • Insight into key ingredients      sovereign over that; silence and
     to creating long-term,            waiting are okay! “
     healthy communities that                                    — Joel
     remain missional.
“Building Update” continued from page 1

  ‣ How much of our annual budget needs to be
                                                              Households Praying Toge er!
    given to prepare us for a building?                       “…for my house will be called a household of prayer for all nations.”
                                                                                                                Matthew 21:13
The one thing that seemed absolutely clear to the
Governing Elders is now is NOT the time to build or           Two families shared testimonies last Sunday of the joy they are
make our #1 priority raising funds for a building. As a       experiencing as they set aside time once a week to pray together for their
result, we have set aside 7 months to answer those            friends/neighbors who still need to know Jesus. How great to hear of
questions, challenge our assumptions, clarify our vision,     adults and children both growing in love for hurting people around them.
needs and discern our time table for building.                We believe our beautiful King wants to see His Kingdom come in our
What that means is we need you to continue praying,           community and around the world. Maybe as we take time to pray together,
and yes, continue giving toward a building, but know          God will lead us to show His love to
that we are settling into this rental situation for this      them in more tangible ways. If you
year.  We won’t be building and we won’t be launching         missed getting a Prayer Tool to
major fund raising. By November we hope to have a             help you get started, please
strategic plan which will clarify our needs, our vision,      visit us at the Family Ministry
and a time table for when we will be positioned to            resource table in the lobby.
Thanks so much for participating and following.  And
let’s thank God for what He is doing.
                                                                                                             Frank & Kim Medio
                                                                            this month is                     Sundays 4:30 pm
                                              Ministry leaders, remember                                       609.567.1324
                                                                             Pastors team is
                                              Leadership Community. The                                   frankmed@comcast.net
                                                                                , praying,
                                              looking forward to hanging out
                                                                                 you. This                   Mike & Kim Jelinek
                                              learning and  worshipping with                                  Sundays 1:00 pm
                                                                              ping 3 key
                                              month's focus will be  develo                                     856.697.4712
                                                                             tful leadership
                                               habits for sustained and frui                                jels11@comcast.net
                                                                                  ember,  if you
                                               in the mission of our King. Rem                           Steve & Sharon Schalick
                                                                                  church  office.
                        oon                    need child care please call the                               Sundays 1:00 pm
     April 30th | 9am-N                        Breakfast begins at 9!                                          856.457.2192
      Living Faith Linc                                                                                schalickpastorate@gmail.com
                                                                                                          Harry & Val Behrens
                                                                                                           Sundays 5:00 pm
                                                                                                           Dave & Jayme Carter
                                                                                                             Sundays 4:30 pm
     This summer young adults and teens                                                                 Joel Howard (young adults)
     will have the opportunity to                  fun and truth from God’s Word. Then,                      Sundays 7:00 pm
     experience the joy that can only              over the next three weeks, they will                       570.757.4851
     come from serving others by sharing           take that program in the evenings to
     with them the truths of the Kingdom           three locations. The dates and                            Hap & Sue Hyson
     of God.                                       places are:                                            Wednesdays 6:30 pm
                                                      July 25 – 29: Lincoln Falls for
     It all starts with training during the                                                           pastoratehayelect@verizon.net
                                                      LFAC children and their friends,
     week of July 18th: Young Adult                   4 years through 6th grade                             Larry & Leslie Baruffi
     interns will use the morning hours                                                                     Wednesdays 7:00 pm
                                                       August 1 – 5: Carl Arthur Center                         856.691.9211
     for preparing their hearts and minds
                                                       at 3rd and Plum in Vineland                        larrybaruffi@yahoo.com
     for leading our Senior and Junior
     high youth. After lunch the teens will            August 8 – 12: Millville (specific              Ed Gove (LFAC Fenimore Group)
     join the interns. Together, they will             location TBD)                                       Thursdays 6:00 pm
     use the afternoons to prepare their           Camp Director, Ryan Carr, will be                    gove.pastorate@gmail.com
     hearts and, under the direction of            looking for several adult volunteers
     the interns, prepare how to best              to help with things like registration,                  Bill & Patrice Fennen
                                                                                                            Saturdays 5:30 pm
     serve the children of our church and          providing refreshments and praying                          856.794.8237
     community with a program full of              for interns, youth and campers.                        wdfennen@comcast.net

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