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									Water Withdraw Permit Information

A Water Withdraw Permit is required for anyone desiring bulk water from the City of Bellingham water
supply. Application is made through the Permit Center at City Hall, 210 Lottie St. on a form provided.
This form is available at the Permit Center or on the City’s website at www.cob.org__________
Prior to application at the Permit Center the vehicle that will be hauling the water is required to be
inspected for approved backflow protection by the Cross Connection Control Program Manager or his
designee. Approved backflow protection shall be either an air gap or an approved Reduced Pressure
Backflow Assembly (RPBA). Please have the application form with you at the time of inspection so the
inspector can verify that on the application form.

Each truck used to haul water must have its own permit and key. A copy of the permit is required to be
with the truck using the withdraw station at all times. The permit shall be presented on request. The
permit is for water withdraw sites only. No water shall be drawn from any fire hydrants.

Water drawn is for non-potable use only. While the city delivers potable water to all points of use, once
it leaves our system the city is not responsible for its use and cannot guarantee it’s potability.

After inspection, application is made at the Permit Center.
The cost of the permit is $50 per month of use.
The water withdraw sites are supplied with tamper resistant hydrants accessed with a special hydrant
operating wrench kept in a lock box next to the hydrant. Use only the supplied operating wrench. To
access the lock box, a key is provided with the permit. A refundable deposit of $250 is required at time
of permit application. Upon return of the key to the Permit Center and refund is processed.

The city of Bellingham prohibits the use of fire hydrants by unauthorized persons, specifically for
construction water or for filling tanker trucks, per BMC 15.04.040. The City has four (4) designated sites
where water can be drawn from the system.

For any questions regarding this process, please contact the Public Works representative at the Permit

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