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					Myth pulsed electro magnetic field therapy ( PEMF ) – a new technology ( iMRS )
opens new perspectives!

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field ( PEMF ) systems for home use have been available
for almost 20 years. Initially referred to as quackery and profiteering, over the years
many dubious suppliers contributed to the negative image of magnetic field systems
and the true meaning and purpose with all the positive effects has remained hidden
for a long time. In the last few years a rethinking has taken place among people as
well as in the medical community. Many alternative and complementary treatment
methods are experiencing a renaissance and in particular magnetic field therapy,
also called magnetic resonance stimulation, is finding more support from the public,
because of the holistic effects as well as the simple and risk-free application. It is now
also being used increasingly as an accompanying and supportive, successful
addition in traditional medicine. At present there are only a handful of reputable
suppliers, as the chaff has separated from the wheat over the years and the market
has rectified this situation as much as possible. Although magnetic field application is
still not a fully recognized medical procedure in many countries, numerous home
users are turning to this holistic application with modern magnetic field systems every
day ( MRS 2000 or MRS2000 ). As of March 2011 the next generation of magnetic
field systems appears on the market, developed and built by engineers and scientists
of MediConsult Group. Under the brand name iMRS (= intelligent magnetic
resonance stimulation), a new chapter for wellness and prevention is being written.
The new iMRS system generates, via a digital control unit using various applicators,
a pulsating electromagnetic field, which is similar in its frequency spectrum and
intensity to that of the earth magnetic field. Numerous clinical studies and scientific
reports conclude that especially low-energy magnetic fields produce an immediate
very positive effect on the whole organism, the overall body energy increases, the
quality of life and the feeling of wellness can be improved considerably. All that
without any negative side effects or interactions! The generalized wellness effect can
now be specifically tailored with the new iMRS for each user. With the help of the
biofeedback technology ( iMORE ) the iMRS has the option to measure the heart rate
variability during each application and adjusts the parameters of the magnetic field
intensity according to the calculated results. In addition there is an optional, so-called
iSLRS available for the iMRS. The iSLRS is a combined light and sound system,
which uses audio-visual stimuli to provide brain wave stimulation. This can be used
independently or synchronized with the magnetic field application. The built-in music
player inside of the iMRS control unit plays special wellness music via the
headphones that are included with the iSLRS set. For more info visit:

Description: iMRS - the new benchmark in PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology for home use