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Waiting For The Harvest

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									Summer 2006          Phone (505) 820-1443 or (800) 334-9099           Fax (505) 820-7565    

              Waiting For The Harvest


                                                                  José Luis Zárate, Carolyn Fairman, and                      ICSUR
                                                               Arturo Tello of ICSUR with project participants
                                                                          in San Francisco Jacona.
               Successful mushroom harvest

By Carolyn Fairman                                   brought their mushroom harvest to San            promote the development of knowledge
                                                     Francisco Jacona and together they cooked        and skills for communities to be better
   High up in the mountains of the Selva
                                                     various mushroom dishes, people were             able to face immediate challenges. This
Negra in Chiapas, Mexico, I learned
                                                     reassured that the mushrooms would not           helps communities to recognize and utilize
about perseverance. The communities of
                                                     kill them. It’s true, no one died. Now, after    resources already available to them. And
Tapalapa and Pantepec have implemented
                                                     sharing the delicious results of the harvest,    it includes finding ways to diffuse rumors
an Edible Mushroom Project and have
                                                     they laugh about the experience and are          and articulate the benefits of a project
already had 3 successful harvests. They
                                                     more motivated then ever to make this            while addressing the fears people may feel
are enjoying the new found food source
                                                     project work for themselves.                     in trying something new and unfamiliar.
and have reaped the benefits of selling
a portion of each harvest to their neigh-
                                                        Much of this motivation stems from               Community members in San Francisco
bors. Meanwhile in nearby San Francisco
                                                     the fact that the Edible Mushroom Project        Jacona, together with technical support
Jacona, Coffee Kids partner, Association
                                                     directly addresses the problem of organic        from ICSUR, went through the arduous
for Research and Training of Southeastern
                                                     wastes from coffee and other agricultural        process of constructing a module – a sort
Mexico (ICSUR), has been working with
                                                     products. It utilizes organic waste from the     of shelter with one portion completely
this community for 2 years now to imple-
                                                     coffee pulp generated from the wet mill          blocked from light -- to harvest the
ment an edible mushroom project and
                                                     as well as the husks from corn, another          mushrooms. The construction and location
there has been no harvest as of yet. Why
                                                     largely grown agricultural product and a         of the modules are critical to a healthy
hasn’t the community of San Francisco
                                                     basic food staple in this region. By provid-     harvest. Unfortunately the chosen con-
Jacona had the same success and why
                                                     ing an additional food source and the abil-      struction site was not sufficiently protected
haven’t they given up?
                                                     ity to sell the surplus at the local market,     from the rain and humidity and was not
                                                     the project seeks to alleviate the enormous      properly sterilized. This meant the planted
  It didn’t help when rumors began about
                                                     dependency that the people have on the           mushrooms were overtaken by more ag-
people dying from eating mushrooms.
                                                     coffee crop.                                     gressive mushrooms and were therefore
Of course, people were referring to the
                                                                                                      unable to sprout and grow.
poisonous kind of mushrooms. After
                                                        ICSUR works with these communi-
members from the community of Tapalapa
                                                     ties in projects such as this as a means to                            Continued on page 5
                                                                 Letter From The Executive Director
    Bill Fishbein                                 For many of us summer marks a                Last year, Coffee Kids helped pro-
    CO-FOUNDERS                               time for relaxation, vacation, warmth        vide these much needed alternatives to
    David Abedon                              and spending time outdoors with              communities with a sole dependency
    Dean Cycon                                friends and family. For coffee farmers,      on coffee in two additional regions:
                                              it brings the essential rains to nurture a   Chiapas, Mexico and Paraxaj, Guate-
                                              healthy coffee harvest. They are think-      mala. With your support we were able
    Rick Peyser, President
                                              ing about the future and what they           to implement projects in these two
    Rob Stephen, Vice President
                                              hope next year’s harvest will bring.         new regions while providing consis-
    Susan Wood, Treasurer
                                              At Coffee Kids, it marks the begin-          tent support to our long-term part-
    Bill Fishbein, Secretary
                                              ning of our new fiscal year. It is a time     ners throughout Mexico and Central
    David Abedon
                                              when we reflect on the successes and          America. Projects are not only grow-
    Kathleen O’Sullivan (In Absentia)
                                              challenges from the past year and look       ing stronger, they are expanding, and
    Manuel Rodríguez Aguirre
                                              toward new opportunities in the              more families are benefiting from
    Mona Blaber
                                              coming year.                                 Coffee Kids programs and support.
    William Allen
    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                            For all of us, planning                                   This year Coffee
    Carolyn Fairman                           for the future while meet-                                 Kids will be working
    MANAGING DIRECTOR                         ing the most basic needs                                   with three new partner
    Mary Bellman                              in the present is a reason-                                organizations in Nica-
                                              able goal, and indeed is                                   ragua, Guatemala, and
                                              fundamental for growth                                     Peru. We will be working
                                              and sustainability. Yet                                    with children, to teach
    José Luis Zárate                          despite the best planning,                                 them the importance of
    OUTREACH COORDINATOR                      the future is still un-                                    a sustainable future and
    Suzanne Garney                            known. For coffee                                          provide new opportuni-
                                              farmers, any number of things can            ties beyond the coffee harvest to create
    Pamela Walter                             go wrong in the present that create          that sustainability. We will be working
                                              disaster in the future: not enough rain      with communities to institute sustain-
    BOOKKEEPER                                yields a low coffee harvest; too much        able environmental practices that
    Therese Francis                           rain destroys roads and infrastructure       go beyond the benefits of a healthy
    OFFICE MANAGER, OAXACA                    essential to processing the coffee; and      environment and actually create new
    Juliette Delafield Harding                 infestations can destroy entire crops.       resources that alleviate economic
                                              With so much unknown, it is impos-           dependencies through the creation of
                                              sible for a coffee farmer to rely on         bio-fuels. With your continued sup-
                                              income from coffee, particularly given       port, we will be able to continue sup-
    Coffee Kids is an international non-      that income from coffee is earned only       porting those partners whom you have
    profit organization established to
    improve the quality of life for coffee-
                                              3 to 5 months out of the year. What          stood by all these years while expand-
    farming families.                         happens when income from coffee              ing into new communities and helping
                                              runs out? What do they plan for, then?       more families improve their quality of
    To help coffee-farming families pro-
                                                  Coffee Kids supports coffee-farm-
    mote economic diversification so coffee
    is no longer the sole source of family    ing communities by providing alter-             So, enjoy the summer. But keep in
    income.                                   natives to coffee. That means com-           mind the tentative future for coffee
    To facilitate forums where local          munities have support not only during        farmers. You can make their future
    community groups identify their most      the coffee season, but throughout the        more secure.
    pressing problems and implement their     entire year. That way, when income
    own long-term, sustainable solutions.     from coffee runs out, they can still put
    To educate coffee consumers and           food on the table the remaining 7-9
    businesses about prevailing conditions    months of the year. They are able to
    in coffee-growing communities and let     plan for their future by sending their
    them know how they can help.
                                              children to school so they have more
                                              opportunities; by providing healthcare
                  Coffee Kids
           1305 Luisa Street, Suite C         so families can stay healthy; and by
             Santa Fe NM 87505                supplementing their incomes so they
                (505) 820-1443                alleviate their dependency on coffee.
                                       Nick Sinclair-Brown
                                            Coffee Kids suffered a huge loss this year when Nick Sinclair-Brown, Found-
                                          ing Chairman of Coffee Kids UK, passed away suddenly. Nick had been ill
                                          for some time, but despite his illness had kept active and productive so much
                                          so that none of us really knew just how ill he really was. Nick was instrumen-
                                          tal in crafting the first Coffee Kids agreement in the United Kingdom with
                                          Food Brands Group (FBG), distributors of the Percol Coffee Brand. It was
                                          not an easy task crafting our first Trans-Atlantic agreement, which required
                                          all of Nick’s professional expertise along with his limitless charm and most
                                          incredible sense of humor. For eight years Nick continued to strengthen the
                                          relationship between Coffee Kids and
                                          FBG, creating a foundation that has
                                          become the platform upon which Coffee
                                          Kids is building a presence in the Euro-
                                          pean Union.

  Nick was a Fellow and Vice-President of Hughes Hall at the University of Cam-
bridge. He was also a Fellow of the Cambridge Lauterpacht Research Centre of
International Law and a member of the Law Faculty. Nick published a range of
articles and papers on the international politics and regulation of such topics as
corruption, terrorism and counter terrorism, arms and dual use export controls, and
conservation of, and trade in, endangered species. He was an international attorney
with an expertise in undersea salvage.

   Beyond his endless qualifications and experience, Nick was a pleasure to be
around. He was completely dedicated to Coffee Kids. We all had the pleasure of
his company when he attended the All-Partner Encuentro in Veracruz in 2004 where he met hundreds of Coffee Kids par-
ticipants and program partners. It was his family’s wish that in lieu of flowers, contributions in his honor should be made
to Coffee Kids.

  We all miss him terribly.

Coffee Kids would like to thank the following individuals, businesses & organizations
who made donations to Coffee Kids in memory of Nick Sinclair-Brown:

  Clear Vision Accountancy                Michael & Leo Dierckx                       M. E. Wilson
 Mr & Mrs. M. Hoare                       Graham & Ann Jessop                         Mr. & Mrs. A. Avery
 Prof. & Mrs. J. Crawford                 Marika & Ronny Pock                         Mr. & Mrs. B. & L. Li
 Ms. P. Nevill                            Mr. E. Hudson                               Stephen Pheasant Memorial Fund
 Mr. & Mrs. P. Gilliver                   Mr. A. Alford                               Miss L. Pelham
 Mr. H. Thompson                          Ms. N. Gallagher                            Ms. S. J. Davies
 Dr. & Mrs. N. Assimis                    Prof. Peter Richards                        Ms. A. Kalbe
 K. Assimis                               Mr. & Mrs. D. Briggs-Fish                   Mr. A. Cooper
 Dr. & Mrs. F. Griffith Dawson             Mr. R. Landau                               Brian, Jo, Tracey & Kersty Snewin
 Mr. & Mrs. J. Forsyth                    Mr. N. Landau                               P. A. Brooke-Turner
 Lord Catto                               Mrs. S. Del Monte nee Landau                Mr. K. Capper-Johnson
 Lady J. Catto                            Prof. Sir Elihu Lauterpacht                 The Hughes Hall Graduate Law
 Mrs. C. Mason                            Ms. A. Skenner                              Society
 Mr. D. Floudas                           Mrs. W. Cooke
 Heleanna Vlastara                        L. A. Wilson

                                                 Fun Ways To Fundraise

    • Green Coffee Coop (GCC) – George Holt hosted his             (minimum of $25 per person) who attended the event at
    second fundraiser for Coffee Kids on the GCC website           Mark’s home. “These are great events that give a good
    forum page,, and raised $361.             exploration of quality coffe to people off the street,” says
    Running from May 1-30, 2006, each participant donated          Prince. “We’ve run the Brasil and Columbian events so
    $10 to Coffee Kids for a chance to win three great prizes.     far, raising $175 and $150 at these events, and have more
                                                                   planned throughout the year. Attendees are told about
    • Aromas Inc., Huntsville, AL – Donated $307.24 to             Coffee Kids and encouraged to visit the website and learn
    Coffee Kids through their “Customer Loyalty Program,”          more about your efforts.”
    in which customers collected points for their purchase
    and instead of redeeming them for free beverages or            • The Tri-County Technical College Spanish Club,
    whole bean coffee, they donated them back to Aroma.            Central, SC – Held a fundraiser to raise awareness and to
    Aroma converted them into cash (6,000 points in all)           give back to the growers of coffee. Faculty, staff and stu-
    for Coffee Kids.                                               dents enjoyed various coffee drinks and in return donated
                                                                   $123.70 to Coffee Kids. The coffee was donated by Turtle
    • Kaladi Brothers Coffee Co., Denver, CO – Hosted an art       Creek Coffee Roasters, Columbia, SC. Dana Leighton, a
    show in May in which the house commission of $241.20           Coffee Kids member, donated the espresso machine, as
    was donated to Coffee Kids.                                    well as chocolate and flavored syrups. Kari Daus, another
                                                                   Coffee Kids member, is the club’s faculty advisor.
    • – Mark Prince gathered a bunch of
    “CoffeeGeeks” in the past few months to sample the top         • Eric Svendson, Silver Spring, MD – Sells espresso
    coffees from various Cup of Excellence (COE) auctions,         machine calibrators online and requests that each buyer
    as a way to raise money for Coffee Kids (CK), and con-         contributes $15 to Coffee Kids. Please check out
    sumer awareness for both CK and for the COE program.           Eric’s site at:
    A requested donation for CK was made by the participants

                                                      Thanks A Latte

    • Coffee to the People, San Francisco, CA: $335 in staff       • Students at Asbury Elementary School, Denver, CO:
    tips.                                                          $700 for our scholarship program in Costa Rica, by holding
                                                                   an Art Show at Kaladi’s Coffee Shop in Denver. The stu-
    • It’s a Grind, Long Beach, CA: $98 in tips from the fran-     dents sold prints and valentines that they designed.
    chisees, accrued while they were attending Java Univ.
                                                                   • DaVinci Gourmet, Seattle, WA: Kindly offered to display
    • Murky Coffee, Arlington, VA & Washington, DC : $490          our brochures, newsletters, and other promotional materials
    on their Anniversary, $245 from staff tips and the rest        at the 2006 Coffee Fest & Dessert Expo in Las Vegas, NV,
    matched by Ryan & Nick of Murky Coffee.                        June 9–11.

    • High school students at La Salle High School, Milwaukie,     • The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE):
    OR: $887 by selling bags of Coffee. Carrie Owen, La Sal-       Provided a table for Coffee Kids at the SCAE World Spe-
    le’s Spanish teacher, combined her curriculum of the UN        cialty Coffee Conference, May 19-21, in Bern, Switzerland.
    Human Rights Declaration and social concerns in Central        Many thanks to Betty Atwood, SCAE Sales Administrator,
    America into a fundraising lesson for her students. Longbot-   for all her help coordinating the materials for the table.
    tom Coffee (a longtime donor) suggested Coffee Kids as the
    recipient. A huge thanks to the students, Carrie Owens, her    • GTECH Corporate Communications, West Greenwich,
    colleagues Jim Ruppa and Lisa Moran, and to Longbottom.        RI: $250.00 to Coffee Kids on behalf of employee
                                                                   Shannon McHale. Shannon spent over 25 annual hours
                                                                   raising money and awareness about Coffee Kids.
                                         What’s Brewing At Coffee Kids
         Pamela Walter

                                            William J. Allen - New Board of Directors Member
                                            We are honored to welcome William J. Allen
                                            to our Board of Directors. Throughout a career
Pamela Walter                               of over 35 years, Bill has been an innovative and
                                            strategic leader in the philanthropic and nonprofit
As we bid                                   sectors. Bill has worked as an advocate for the poor
Chipper Harris                              in many capacities, including leading efforts to suc-
a fond farewell,                            cessfully reform welfare legislation in Rhode Island.
we welcome                                  He has held senior management positions with
Pamela Walter as our new                    United Way in Broome County, New York (1971-
Membership Administrator.                   1973); Portland, Maine (1973-1977); and he served
Pamela comes to us from the                 as Executive Vice President of Community Services
Santa Fe Humane Society where               (1977-2004) at the United Way of Rhode Island.
she worked in the Membership                Currently he is an adjunct assistant professor of public policy at Brown Uni-
Department. This experience as              versity and a lecturer at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work and
well as her years of administrative         Providence College. In addition, he serves on the boards of Butler Hospital,
background, are a tremendous as-            RI Kids Count, Library Board of Rhode Island, and the Women’s Develop-
set to her new role at Coffee Kids.         ment Corporation. He is also president of the board of Amos House and chair
She also worked as a Technical              of the RI Service Alliance. Bill and Amabel Allen have two daughters and
Designer while living in Seattle,           live in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Coffee Kids is fortunate to have this op-
for 18 years, and has been play-            portunity to work with Bill and to learn from his outstanding experience.
ing as an artist for many more.
Pamela is very happy to be a part
of Coffee Kids.

                    Green Beannie                                    Coffee Kids would like to extend a special thanks
                                                                     to Roxanne Darling & Shane Robinson of Barefeet
   Congratulations to Mona Blaber, Coffee Kids                       Studios in Honolulu, HI, and Jamie Michael of 24/7
  Board of Directors member, on the arrival of her                   in Santa Fe, NM for their ongoing support of
     “healthy and happy” baby girl, Natasha.                         designing, configuring and maintaining our computer
                                                                     and technical infrastructure.

Continuation of page 1
  Everyone re-grouped and chose a new improved location to           their faces and hear in their voices that they were far from dis-
build a module. Project participants again gathered and pro-         heartened. In fact, they were excited to keep trying. Their will-
cessed the materials and planted new mushroom seeds in their         ingness to persevere until they had their harvest was more than
new home. I want to emphasize that this is not a simple or fast      impressive; I was truly inspired by their motivation. We have all
process. It involves gathering the waste materials from the fields,   confronted a time when perseverance was the best solution, yet
chopping the materials into smaller, more manageable pieces,         we haven’t always chosen to persevere. Having seen (and tasted)
boiling them for sterilization and planting the seeds in a sterile   the successful harvests from the neighboring communities and
environment. Any amount of contamination that enters in any          the possibility of having a new, permanent and nutritional food
of these steps will mean the mushrooms will not grow. This           source for the family, proved to be an exceptionally motivating
time around, however, the mushrooms sprouted and began to            force for the people of San Francisco Jacona. I was humbled that
grow and an actual healthy harvest was well on its way. Unfor-       the people I met appreciated our support and our willingness
tunately a local wild animal called a Tlacuache discovered the       to not give up on them. It provided me with the opportunity to
food source and forced its way into the module and ate the entire    remind them that they are not alone in their struggle; that thou-
harvest!                                                             sands of Coffee Kids supporters are behind them and care about
                                                                     the success of their project. And it reminded me that persever-
  When I met the people in San Francisco Jacona I could see on       ance signifies hope, and together it changes lives.
                                Coffee Kids & Supporters Shine At SCAA 2006

                                     This year’s Specialty Coffee   tured speaker on the panel “Social & Environmental Market-
                                     Association of America         ing: Walking the Fine-Line between Awareness & Exploita-
                                     (SCAA) trade show served       tion,” and he also spoke at the session on “Enhancing Your
                                     as a major gathering place     Career with Coffee: Exploring Avenues for Career Growth.”
                                     for the coffee industry and    Coffee Kids’ Executive Director, Carolyn Fairman, together
                                     for Coffee Kids. Held in       with our partners Anabella Meneses Hernéndez, owner of
                                     Charlotte, North Carolina,     Finca Santa Felisa in Guatemala, and Clara Palma, coordina-
                                     from April 7th- 10th, the      tor at Self-managed Development (AUGE) in Mexico, led
                                     SCAA provided us the           the panel “Working Toward Equality: Integrating Women’s
                                     opportunity to meet with       Voices from Origin to the Board Room.” In addition,
    long-time supporters as well as to meet new friends. Both at    Carolyn spoke about the importance of working with
    the Coffee Kids’ booth and at our annual reception, Coffee      women at the panel
    Kids’ supporters learned about our current programs and         “Connecting Women through Col-
    welcomed Carolyn Fairman as the new Executive Director.         laboration, Community-Building
    Numerous fundraisers were held to support Coffee Kids over      & Dialogue.”
    the weekend, evidence of the growing recognition of Coffee
    Kids’ long-term commitment to coffee farmers and their          Heartfelt thanks to the scores
    families. In the picture above, Bill Fishbein and Rick Pey-     of supporters who donated their
    ser are taking their turn manning the Coffee Kids booth.        time and resources to Coffee
                                                                    Kids at this year’s SCAA!
    Coffee Kids also participated in several panels to share our
    experiences and insights. Founder Bill Fishbein was a fea-
                                                                                                     Anabella Meneses Hernéndez

                                   Peter Guiliano &
                                   Cindy Chang of
                                   Counter Culture

                                                          Carolyn Fairman               Clara Palma and José Luis Zárate
       The Coffee Kids Reception held at the SCAA Trade             featuring the inauguration of the Coffee Kids/AUGE
       Show and Conference each year has become one of the          Education and Training Center in Veracruz, Mexico.
       most popular events of the year for Coffee Kids and a        Clara Palma of AUGE also shared a few words about the
       featured event at the trade show as well. Counter Cul-       dynamic programs in Veracruz, Mexico. Rick Peyser,
       ture Coffee sponsored this year’s reception, which was       Coffee Kids Board of Directors’ President concluded the
       attended by close to 300 people, many of whom were           presentations.
       unable to squeeze in the room but held their own mini-re-
       ception outside in the hallway. The reception was held as    Past reception sponsors include Panache, Green Mountain
       the exhibits began to close on Saturday. Food and drink      Coffee Roasters, Dunkin’ Donuts, Batdorf & Bronson
       provided by Counter Culture Coffee provided a well           and Coffee Exchange. Sponsorship costs $7500, of
       deserved respite for the tired attendees.                    which a minimum of $2,500 is designated for projects at
                                                                    origin. Interested in sponsoring next year’s Coffee Kids
       Counter Culture Roastmaster Peter Guiliano made a com-       Reception at the SCAA trade Show in Long Beach,
       pelling introduction. Bill Fishbein, Coffee Kids Founder,    California? Contact Coffee Kids Executive Director,
       introduced Carolyn Fairman as Coffee Kids’ new Ex-           Carolyn Fairman, at or
       ecutive Director followed by a brief video presentation      call 505-820-1443.

                               Fundraisers And Tours At The SCAA 2006

     The following companies went out of their way to host fundraisers for Coffee Kids at the SCAA 2006

Allied Service Committee for the 2006 SCAA Confer-
ence held its first ever T-Shirt Auction at the Welcome
Reception and raised over $3,000. Organized and coor-
dinated by Sue Rauda of Espresso Supply, Inc., the goal       Max Crema’s Espres-
was to raise money and awareness for various coffee           so & Coffee Bar not
related charities. Seventeen coffee shops donated t-shirts    only raised money
to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and each t-shirt   for Coffee Kids at the
represented a specific coffee-related charity. The fol-        auction, but through
lowing coffee companies chose to represent Coffee Kids        a promotion at their
with their t-shirt donation:                                  booth, also raised $3,140 for us.

•       Chaos Roasters/Caroline Coffee Roasters               Praxis International donated a roaster for a drawing at
•       Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company                     the Roaster Guild Reception. The event drew in close to
•       Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters                     $2,000 for Coffee Kids!
•       Coffee Labs Roasters
•       Max Crema’s Espresso & Coffee Bar                     Bongo Java Roasting Co., hosted a “Bingo Hold ‘em”
•       Pacific Bay Coffee Company & Micro Roaster             poker tournament at their booth, in which winners were
•       Easy Chair Coffee Shop                                to receive 50 lbs of coffee if they were a coffee retailer,
                                                              and a $100 donation to Coffee Kids in their names if
The most money paid for a single t-shirt at the event,        they were not. The winners were Daniel Hickey from All
came from Mike Love of Coffee                                                        World Coffees (Middlesex, NJ)
Lab Roasters, who donated $250                                                       and Adria Lambert from Bongo
to Coffee Kids. We would like to                                                     Java. The real winner was Cof-
extend our gratitude to Sue Rauda                                                    fee Kids, having received a $200
and to all the participating retailers                                               donation.
and successful bidders who chose
Coffee Kids.

                                       Coffee Kids staff Mary Bellman & Suzanne Garney
                                       at the T-Shirt Auction display

                                    Coffee Kids honored to receive S&D tour

                                         While in North Carolina for the SCAA conference in April, Coffee Kids
                                         had the tremendous honor of receiving a personal tour of the impressive S
                                         & D facility. Brian Bradley guided us through the offices and plant, show-
                                         ing us the intricate systems in place in their elaborate production process.
                                         It was a pleasure to meet Ryne and Alan as well as so many of the amazing
                                         staff who taught us about their areas of expertise in both coffee and tea. It
                                         was especially inspiring to learn about the incredible history of S & D and
                                         their tremendous growth since they were founded in 1927 as a coffee roaster
                                         to local grocers. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity and for your sup-
                                         port and commitment to Coffee Kids and all of the coffee-farming commu-
     Brian, Carolyn, Chipper             nities with whom we work.

                                                Fresh From The Field

    By José Luis Zárate & Juliette Harding
    Our program staff was recently in        saving stoves, and honey
    Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico visit-        production, benefiting an
    ing our partners Center of Support       average of 615 families.
    for the Popular Movement of Oaxaca       ICSUR is working on an
    (CAMPO) and Research and Training        edible mushroom project                        ������
    of the Southeast (ICSUR). CAMPO is       that benefits 40 families
    developing a highly diversified project   in the Zoque jungle in
    that includes worm composting, wood-     Chiapas.
                                                                                                 ������          �������

                                                                          Our trip to Santa Cruz Tepetotutla, in the isolated mountains
                                                                          of Oaxaca, started with a two-hour drive along an endlessly
                                                                          curving road. The damage from Hurricane Stan a year ago
                                                                          was still visible, indicating the difficulty of reconstruction in
                                                                          this region.

                                        Pedro Osorio Martínez,
                                        one of the main represen-
                                        tatives of the community,
                                        is also their best worm
                                        compost producer. He
                                        has an enormous range of
                                        experience as leader, town
                                        official, coffee producer
                                        and indefatigable natural
                                        researcher. He enjoys
                                        experimenting with new
                                        combinations of material
                                        to feed the worms, in an
                                        effort to create the highest
                                        quality compost.               Carolyn and José Luis visited a kitchen where a wood-saving
                                                                       stove had been built. The community is being educated about
                                                                       the benefits of these stoves in the protection of human health
                                                                       and the environment.

One of the most exciting moments of the trip
came during our visit to an apiary. This peaceful
place, a 30 minute walk from town, suddenly
filled with the surprising noise of thousands of
tiny wings, as the beekeepers informed us that
bees can smell the adrenaline in human perspi-
ration. They obviously smelled something on
our Program Coordinator José Luis, who they
dive-bombed and managed to sting twice.

                                                                 At 14, Erika García Antonio is
                                                                 the youngest beekeeper in the
                                                                 group. She has no fear of bees and
                                                                 sometimes works among the hives
                                                                 without the protection of gloves
                                                                 or shoes. Her school friends want
                                                                 her to teach them about beekeep-
                                                                 ing, and she has been encouraging
                                                                 them to build their own beehives.

Maria Luzneida Flores of Santa Cruz Pantepec, heads a
group of eight people (four men and four women) in the
mushroom cultivation project. We visited her at the end
of our trip, and [though she was visibly nervous at first]
she spoke proudly of the group’s work. She concluded her
talk by saying, with a touch of amazement, “Thank you for
coming so far just to see us; this visit was like a dream for

                                                                               During our visit to Chiapas we stopped at the
                                                                               ICSUR office for a media presentation about their
                                                                               mushroom production project. In the photo from
                                                                               left to right: Erubiel Hernandez Rojas, Executive
                                                                               Director of ICSUR; Carolyn Fairman, Executive
                                                                               Director of Coffee Kids; Arturo Tello, Coordina-
                                                                               tor of the edible mushroom project; and José Luis
                                                                               Zárate, International Program Coordinator of
                                                                               Coffee Kids.
Our visit to Chiapas started with a delicious breakfast in the house of
Señora Maria Gómez, which featured oyster mushrooms prepared in
three different ways — with scrambled eggs, in tomato soup, and in
vegetable soup.
                                                  Voices From The Field

                                            Coffee Kids Partners:
                                     CAMPO - Santa Cruz Tepetotutla, Mexico
                                        ADESPA - Paraxaj, Guatemala

                 Erika Garcia Antonio, 14                                         Maria Chicay Cujcuj, 45
         Youngest member of the bee-keeping group                              Participant in the literacy group
     I like doing this work, and     Today, as we reviewed the      In the morn-
     I feel good working with        beehives, the bees stung my    ing, the first
     the other people here. I like   toes. They do sting some-      thing I do is
     them and also want to learn     times, but I enjoy this work   tidy up the
     and be part of the team.        and even enter without a       house. Then I
     They are teaching me, and       mesh veil. In fact, I went     sell food be-
     I go with them [to the api-     into the apiary on my first    cause we are
     ary (bee yard)] whenever        day wearing shorts!            very poor,
     I can. Sometimes I don’t                                       and I want
     have time because I attend      Other people my age say        to be able
     school where I’m in the         they also want to work in      to help my
     eighth grade.                   bee-keeping, but at the        children who
                                     same time they are afraid.     are in school
     In ten years, I would like to   They want me to teach          to get ahead
     be improving both for my-       them when I’ve learned         in life. I sell
     self and also to help other     more about this work,          mangos,
     people. There are twelve        because they want to have      oranges, and                   other daughter, who is 18,
     children in my family, and      a bee-keeping project at       fried fish at the elementary   finished high school even
     counting my parents we          school.                        school. My husband works       though it was slow going...
     are fourteen. I have three                                     in the mountains as a day      my other kids are studying
     younger siblings. My par-                                      laborer. He earns very         too. We all have to struggle
     ents work in the fields and                                    little, and I need to help     to look out for the well-be-
     five of my brothers are in                                     him to put food on the table   ing of our children.
     the United States working                                      for our children.
     in a tomato packing plant.
                                                                                                   It’s fun to be among the
                                                                    My goal is to learn to read    group because I learn from
                                                                    and write because my           the others. This is where
                                                                    parents didn’t send me to      we met, and I’ve gotten
                                                                    school as a girl because       along with everyone. I
                                                                    they were very poor. That’s    know I can make a better
                                                                    why even though I’m older,     life, and I also ask God to
                                                                    I want to learn to read and    open our minds to learn to
                                                                    write to have a better life.   read and write and to have
                                                                    My oldest daughter didn’t      patience with us.
                                                                    go to school because she
                                                                    grew up with her grand-
                                                                    mother. My oldest son fin-
                                                                    ished sixth grade, and my

�     �������������
�     ���������������
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                                    July/August 2006, “Hot Topic,”
�     �������������������           by Lisette Gaviña Lopez.

�     �����������������             Fresh Cup, May 2006, “Changing for the Better:
                                    Organizations improve the lives of coffee farmers

                                    and their families,” by Jodi Helmer.

�     ��������������������          The Morning Cup (Daily SCAA Conference
                                    News), April 7-9, 2006, various articles promoting
�     �������������������
                                    Coffee Kids at the SCAA.

�     ���������                     Thedailygrind, Redcup Coffee Newsletter (UK),
                                    “Do it for the children.”
�     ��������������������������
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                                    Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, March 2006

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                                   � Coffee Talk, April 2006
                                   � Espresso Magazine, Spring 2006
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The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Company Inc    Arkell, Susan                     Hong, Noel                       Rodriguez, Enrique
(Canada)                                     Barber, Kathryn                   Ireland, David                   Romberger, Donna
The Coffee Hag (MN)                          Barnett, Clint                    Jackson, Kristine                Ronsheim, Ellice
The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea and Cocoa   Barry, Michael                    Jarvis, Elaine                   Rudesheim, Dina
(CA)                                         Bellman, Marlene                  Jensen, Carsten                  Sachs, Lenny
The Culver Coffee Company (IN)               Berenson, Jeffrey                 Joshua, Myron                    Samuelsen, Kelly
The Dripolator Coffeehouse (NC)              Bevers, Gary                      Juda, Ed                         Sarringhaus, Rick
The Easy Chair Coffee Shop (VA)              Bircher, Brian                    Kane, Daniel                     Sawada, Hiroshi
The Enchanted Nursery (TX)                   Blanchard, Casey                  Karon, Norene                    Schmidt, Terri
The Espresso Affair (CO)                     Boardman, Andrew & Yiing          Keating , Dennis                 Schooley, Caroline & John
The Hot Chocolate Sparrow (MA)               Bozarth, Ken                      Kemen, Mary                      Schuman, Henry
The Ridge Coffee Roasting Company            Bridge, Laura                     Kuphal, Lehea                    Shannon, Joe
(Canada)                                     Broin, Miriam & Robert            Kwiatkowski, Lisa                Shimkin, Michael
The Roastery (MN)                            Bunting, Amy                      Lange, Stephan                   Sinone, Penny
The Spice Merchant & Co. (KS)                Buratti, Daniel                   Larson, Dennis                   Smith, Becky
The Standard Coffee Service Company (LA)     Caine, Condo                      Larson, Ginger                   Smith, Paul
The Ugly Mug (MI)                            Cannard, Chris                    LeChevallier, Carrie & Georges   Solomon, Gloria
Toby’s Estate Coffee (Australia)             Capps, Kathy                      Lee, Susan                       Spawn, Carol
Turtle Creek Coffee Roasters (SC)            Carnett, Mick                     Leighton, Dana                   Stanton, Bill
Uncle Billy’s Bakery (IL)                    Carroll, Lawrence                 Liberman, Lyle                   Steel, Ian
United Way California Capital Region (CA)    Cavaseno, Richard                 Liebmann, Ann                    Stella, Aurelio
Urth Caffe Corporation (CA)                  Chwilka, Agnieszka                Luscombe, Ruth                   Struwe, Brett & Heather
US Supply & Distribution (NM)                Cohen, Jerome and Phyllis         Lynn, Jonathan                   Svendson, Eric
Vermont Green Mountain Specialty Company     Conary, Scott                     Maiuri, Jay                      Temple, Tyler & Kelly
(NY)                                         Cooper, Steve                     Martin, Beth                     Teverow, Lee
VICAM (MA)                                   Cowan, Jason                      McManus, Jordan                  Towle, Ally
Village Bean (NH)                            Cruz, Basia                       Menard, Carl & Laura             Trant, Rick
Vineyard Community Church (WI)               Davis , Kim                       Merrelli, Janet                  Two Crow, Sole
Visions Espresso Service (WA)                Dearth, Steven                    Metzger, Robbie                  Unsworth, Katherine
Vittoria Coffee P/L (Australia)              DeMartini, Kirk & Marianne        Meyers, Julie                    Van Alstine, Phil & Florence
VJ Concrete Construction (PA)                DeVries, Jerry & Judy             Miceli, Lulo                     Velasquez, Julia
Volcafe Specialty Coffee (CA)                Di Ruocco, John                   Morris, Daniel                   Vickrey, Chris
Volcanic Red Coffees (CA)                    Dial, Felix                       Morse, J. Michael                Wardle, Mandy
Wandering Goat Coffee Co. (OR)               Donohoe, Liam                     Mullan, Elizabeth                Weinstein, Philip
Watkins Atchitect Ltd (PA)                   Eldred, Cheryl                    Murray, Thomas                   Weisman, Michael
Whiting Coffee Co. (NM)                      Erickson, Breanne                 Novotny, David                   Weisselberg, Dianne
Whole Latte Love (NY)                        Fairman, Mary                     Olmstead, Laura                  Wheeler, James & Rebecca
Wicked Joe Coffee Roasting Company (ME)      Fell, Simon                       O’Sullivan, Kathleen             White, Jonathan K
Wilson’s Coffee & Tea (WI)                   Fishbein, Rose                    Padbert, Nancy                   Winans, Craig
Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative (WI)   Fleckenstein, Ann                 Palm, Tom                        Windham, Jada
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