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									Plug & Play IP Camera
    By Scott Chang
        It begins with a demand

Flora is a mother with 6 months baby and need to check
her baby when she is away at work.
            Search for Solution

                                           Normal IP Camera

One day she is so happy to find a product called “Network
Camera” in local computer store and take it home with
great excitement and expectation.
                 Product Evaluation

                                      What is my IP Address?
                                       Static or dynamic?

                                        Should I do DDNS?

                                  What is default gateway and how
                                      to do port forwarding?

                                     Which TCP/UDP port to be

     A frustrated customer

After spending hours reading through product manual,
webpage and FAQs, she still can’t get her camera to work
remotely and become very disappointed.
                    Technical Barrier

         Network Setting
    IP Address:
  Subnet Mask :
 Default Gateway :
     DHCP or uPnP Enabled (?)
 DDNS Servers :
 DDNS Address: ycam3.dtdns.net
      UDP port: 6811 to 6899
        TCP port: 21 to 255

                                    Customer can get very frustrated with IP
                                   address, DDNS and router port forwarding

How could you expect ordinary people to get through
these complicated network setting?

Complicated network setup always get customers
        end up in anger and frustration

It’s simply a waste of you and your customer’s
            precious time and money
                Product Difference
                 StarVedia   Analogue     Normal
                 IP Camera     CCTV      IP Camera

 Installation    Very Easy     Easy        Difficult

                   5-10       0.5 to 1       Few
  Work Hour
                  Minutes      Hour         Hours

   3G Video       Anyone        No       Fixed IP only

                    Low        Low        Very High
                  Very Low   Very Low        High

Lack of technical skills is the biggest problem
            in selling IP cameras
                        Our Solution

                                Now we make IP
                               installation easier
                                   than CCTV

      StarVedia Scott

The True Plug & Play technology requires no more hassles for
IP address, DDNS, router setup and port forwarding.
                         How it Works
Step 1 – Connect power and network cable to router

     Plug the power and cable

   Step 1 - Plug
                                      Connect camera to router
       Step 2 – Installing the software to PC or smartphones



                                                     Step 2 - Install              iPad

(*For complete compatible list, please visit www.starvedia.com )              www.starvedia.com
              Remote Live Video
Step 3 – Seeing the video anywhere with ID/Password

                                The first mobile solution requires no RTSP
    Step 3 - Play               and IP Address in the world!

                   Apple iPad           Apple iPod Touch    Apple iPhone
Get the job done
within 3 minutes!

                              Baby Monitor

                             Pet Camera       Animal Watching

                             Home Security   Business Security
   Remote Live Video
         Product Difference

                    Installing IP surveillance system
                    require good IT skills and highly
                    trained IT technicians.

Now you will no longer need these IT people
      with Plug and Play technology
                Product Overview

Basic Type   Night Vision Pan/Tilt     Outdoor     Video Recording
• IC202      • IC212      •IC502w      •IC602      •NAS101
• IC202w     • IC212w

                     All Featured
                     • Innovative next generation IP technology
                     • Auto network configuring with zero setting
  Video Server Box   • Best support in 3G mobile surveillance
                      What’s Our Value?

                              Innovator of the best and easiest
                              plug and play IP video technology
                              in the industry.

   True Plug & Play

Live video on iPhone, iPad and other 3G
smart phones without RTSP address.

                                                       3G Solution

                       We provides the best product warranty up to
                       27 months to our customer worldwide.
            Product Testing

Download CamView 36 Channels Professional VMS Software
         Version: v2.1.1 (Updated at 26-July-2010)

        Click Here to Download
   Product Testing

1. Right click “Camera List”

    2. Add “New Camera”

               3. Key-in “CAMID” / “Password”
                Live Video Demo

ID: 001026135    ID: 001015205   ID: 001067110   ID: 001080121
PWD: 1234        PWD: demo       PWD: 1234       PWD: 4411

                                     Thailand        Turkey

ID: 001046103    ID: 001037055   ID: 001037055   ID: 001037071
PWD: 1562        PWD: 1234       PWD: ipcam      PWD: ipcam
             More Information

Available to download:
 mCamView for iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile
 Software for PC/Laptop, EeePC and Netbooks
 Live 3G Video Worldwide
 Specification, pricelist and user manuals…
                Be Our Distributor

                        StarVedia Technologies Inc,
                        3F, no. 247, Done Sect. 1,
                        Guangming 6th Rd, Jhubei City,
                        Hsin-Chu County 302
                        Taiwan, R.O.C.
                        Tel: +886-3-6588456 ext.107
                        Fax: +886-3-6588455
     Scott Chang        Skype: starvedia-scott
Sales Account Manager   MSN: starvedia-scott@hotmail.com
                        Website: www.starvedia.com
                        Email: scott@starvedia.com

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