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2008-09 Men’s Basketball    C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   75
                         2008-09 VIKINGS
     1 9 2 9-30 :
     192 9-30:
     Fenn College goes 5-5 in its first season of intercol-
     legiate basketball. Homer E. Woodling, who also
     serves as Fenn’s athletic director, is the school’s
     first head basketball coach. Dec. 6, 1929: Ted
     Okonski scores seven points as Fenn loses in its
     first-ever basketball game, 27-18, at Hiram. Dec.
     7, 1929: Fenn defeats Wilcox, 50-22, for the first
     win in school history. Feb. 1930: Fenn defeats Y
     Commerce, 29-6, to set the school record for fewest
     points allowed in a game.

     193 0-31:
     1 9 3 0-31 :
     Fenn records its first winning season with an 8-6
     mark. Jan. 1, 1931: St. Mary’s defeats Fenn,
     29-27, in the only New Year’s Day game in school
                                                             The 1929-30 Fenn Foxes were the school’s first organized men’s basketball team. Pictured are: Front
     193 1-32:
     1 9 3 1-32 :                                            Row (L-R): Ted Okonski, L. Ulrick, manager F. Haddad, Walter Okonski & J. Glover. Second Row (L-R):
     A 7-7 record gives Fenn its third straight non-         George Parmalee, H. Gebler, head coach Homer Woodling, Clifford Sahle & Ed Reps. Back Row (L-R): A.
     losing season. Fenn wins its last four games, the       Frush, Virgil Speece & H. Benditz
     longest win streak to date. Fenn also loses four        1934 -35:
                                                             193 4- 35:                                          1935-36 :
     straight games for the first time.                       Fenn suffers through a record six-game losing       Fenn suffers its fourth straight losing season
                                                             streak as part of a 5-12 campaign. Feb. 23,         by going 4-11. Offensive players are no longer
     1932-33:                                                1935: Fenn tops Hiram, 44-27, in the first battle    permitted to park themselves in the lane as the
     Fenn has its first losing season with a 4-6 record.      for the “Woody Brick”. The Woody Brick, which was   three-second rule is instituted.
     Feb. 4, 1933: Ralph Staten ties a record with 17        bought by coach Homer E. Woodling for $1.00 after
     points in a 40-35 win over Rio Grande.                  Hiram’s Administration Building had burned down,    1936-37:
                                                                                                                 1936-37 :
                                                             would be awarded to the winner of the Fenn-Hiram    The Foxes tie the record for victories as they
     1 9 3 3-34 :
     193 3-34:                                               matchup for the rest of Woodling’s tenure.          improve to 8-9. Dec. 28, 1936: Fenn defeats
     The Fenn Foxes set a record for defeats during a                                                            Lawrence Tech, 41-37, in the 100th game in
     5-11 campaign. Feb. 10, 1934: Fenn goes over                                                                school history.
     the 50-point mark for the first time ever in a 54-19
     win over Franklin.                                                                                          1937-38:
                                                                                                                 1937-38 :
                                                                                                                 Fenn slips to 6-10. The center jump ball after every
            Fe nn Foxe s :
       T he F e n n F o xe s:                                                                                    basket is eliminated. Dec. 12, 1938: The Foxes
       Just as Cleveland State University, one of Ohio’s major                                                   defeat Alliance, 44-32, for Homer E. Woodling’s
       state-supported universities, traces its beginnings                                                       50th win. Feb. 23, 1938: Ed Hrdlicka sets the
       to Fenn College, a small private college noted for its                                                    school scoring record with a 25-point explosion in
       engineering and business schools, so too do the Cleve-                                                    a 56-47 win over Slippery Rock.
       land State Vikings cagers recognize the ancestry of the
       Fenn Foxes. With its newly appointed athletics director,                                                  1938-39:
                                                                                                                 1938-39 :
       Homer E. Woodling, serving as the head coach, Fenn                                                        The 10th season of basketball sees Fenn post a
       launched a varsity basketball program in 1929 with                                                        3-13 record. Dec. 29, 1938: Despite having three
       a 27-18 loss to Hiram, followed by a 50-22 win over                                                       Fenn players foul out, the 0-4 Foxes upset Ohio
       Wilcox Business College. With Fenn students obligated                                                     Wesleyan (5-1), 47-41, as the teams combine
       by the college’s co-operative education curriculum to                                                     for 36 fouls.
       alternate quarters between the classroom and on a job
       related to their course of studies, playing a basketball                                                  1939-4 0:
       schedule extending over two quarters created some                                                         The Foxes go 4-11. Dec. 30, 1939: Fenn tops As-
       unique and occasionally insurmountable problems,                                                          sumption College from Windsor, Ontario, 39-30, to
       such as hoping players could find a job within hail-                                                       end a record eight-game losing streak that started
       ing distance of the campus--or at least the city-- and often-times make their own way to games.           the season before.
       Nevertheless, the Foxes managed to compile .500 or better records in nine of their 34 seasons (the
       program was suspended for two years during World War II) and 15 of their players, beginning with          1940 -4 1:
                                                                                                                 194 0-4
       charter class member Al Jones, were subsequently deemed worthy of induction into the CSU Ath-             Fenn compiles another 4-11 record. Jan. 31, 1941:
       letic Hall of Fame. Included in that group are Dan Avis, Tony Fedor, Ed Hrdlicka, Fred Infield, Dave       The Foxes give up a school-record 67 points in a
       Jacklitch, George Kappos, Alex Jamieson, Weldon Kytle, Dennis Lenk, Ted Okonski, Dennis Turkall,          loss to Mt. Union. After 12 seasons, Homer Woo-
       Jack Shaugnessy, Ralph Staten and Don Yontz.                                                              dling steps down as head coach.
76   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                   2008-09 Men’s Basketball
                                                                                          2008-09 VIKINGS
1 9 41 -42:
194 1-4 2:                                            1947-4 8:
                                                      194 7-48:
Bruce T. Brickley becomes the second head coach       Fenn records its first winning season since 1930-
in school history but Fenn can manage just a 2-12     31 and sets a school record for victories with a
record. Dec. 12, 1942: Kent State defeats Fenn,       10-8 record. Feb. 1948: The Foxes outlast Kent
59-27, in the 200th game in school history.           State-Canton, 80-76, to shatter their single-game
                                                      scoring record.
1 9 42 -43:
194 2-4 3:
Aaron L. Andrews assumes the coaching reins but       1948-4 9:
                                                      194 8-49:
the Foxes suffer their first-ever winless season,      A 4-14 season sets a school record for defeats.
going 0-13. Fenn suspends its basketball program      Dec. 9, 1948: Kenyon defeats Fenn, 57-40, in
following the season until the fall of 1945 because   a game called after three quarters because of
of World War II.                                      a power failure. George McKinnon steps down
                                                      as head coach after compiling a 20-40 record in
1 9 43 -44
194 3-4 4 & 1 94 4-4 5:
            1944-45:                                  four seasons.                                         Homer Woodling, who was hired as Fenn’s first
Fenn College did not field a men’s basketball team                                                          athletic director in 1929, retired from coaching
because of World War II.                              194 9-5 0:
                                                      1949-50:                                             in 1940-41, only to return to coach in 1952-53.
                                                      George Rung takes over the head coaching duties      He retired in 1966 after 36 years as athletic
194 5-4 6:
1 9 45 -46:                                           and Fenn goes 9-8. The Foxes set records with        director.
Fenn resumes play after a two-year hiatus with        five straight wins and seven home wins. Jack          1955-56:
George McKinnon as the head coach. The Foxes          Shaughnessy twice sets a record with 33 points       Fenn goes 3-15 in the school’s silver anniversary
go 1-8, playing the fewest games in school history.   in a game. Dan Avis ends his career as Fenn’s top    season of basketball. John Harper becomes the
Jan. 12, 1946: Fenn defeats Hiram, 53-35, in the      scorer with 706 points.                              school career scoring leader with 873 points.
latest season-opener in school history, ending a
record 16-game losing streak.                         195 0-51:
                                                      1950-51:                                             1956-57:
                                                      Fenn compiles a 6-11 mark in the 20th season of      For the second straight year, Fenn goes 3-15. Feb.
1 9 46 -47:
194 6-4 7:                                            basketball. Dec. 9, 1950: The Foxes set a single-    16, 1957: Fenn defeats Edinboro, 81-68, in the
The Foxes improve to 5-10. March 1, 1947: Fenn        game scoring record as they slip past Western        school’s 400th game.
squeaks past Hiram, 68-67, setting the school         Reserve, 84-83. March 3, 1951: Dave Jacklitch
record for points in a game.                          sets records with 41 points and 16 field goals        1957-58:
                                                      as Fenn defeats Hiram, 80-67, in the 100th win       George Rung steps down as head coach with a
                                                      in school history. Jacklitch becomes the career      34-107 record in eight seasons. Fenn improves
                                                      scoring leader with 712 points.                      to 6-13.

                                                      195 1-52:                                            1958-59:
                                                      Fenn drops to 4-12 as George Rung steps down as      Bill Gallagher is head coach for one season as
                                                      head coach. Dec. 11, 1951: Fenn drops a 59-46        Fenn goes 7-12. Dec. 6, 1958: Gallagher wins
                                                      decision to Oberlin in the 300th game in school      his first game as head coach, a 45-42 victory in
                                                      history. Feb. 29, 1952: Fenn sets the school scor-   four overtimes over Kenyon, the longest game in
                                                      ing record in a 94-73 win over Hiram.                school history.

                                                      195 2-53:                                            1959-60:
                                                      Homer Woodling returns for his final season as        Fenn suffers its worst season ever as the team
                                                      head coach and Fenn goes 2-15, setting a record      goes 0-19 in Jim Rodriguez’s first season as head
                                                      for losses in a season. Feb. 21, 1953: The Foxes     coach.
                                                      defeat Steubenville, 54-53, in Woodling’s final
                                                      game as coach. Woodling leaves with a 65-128         1960-61:
                                                      record in 13 seasons.                                The Foxes improve to 4-15 as Fenn marked its
                                                                                                           30th season of basketball. Feb. 25, 1961: Ernie
                                                      195 3-54 :                                           Kremling grabs a record 25 rebounds against
                                                      George Rung returns as head coach and Fenn           Allegheny.
                                                      again sets a record for losses with a 1-18 record.
                                                      Jan. 12, 1954: Fenn sees an opponent top the         1961-62:
                                                      century mark for the first time in a 113-63 loss to   Weldon Kytle, the greatest player in Fenn history,
                                                      Baldwin Wallace.                                     helps Fenn improve its record to 6-13. Kytle sets
The 41 points scored by Dave Jacklitch against                                                             records with 363 points and 287 rebounds as
Hiram on March 3, 1951 remain the third-highest       195 4- 55:
                                                      1954 -55:                                            a freshman to become the first player in school
single game total in school history.                  The Foxes “improve” to 2-15.                         history with 300+ points and 200+ rebounds in
                                                                                                           a single season.

2008-09 Men’s Basketball                                                                 C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   77
                         2008-09 VIKINGS
                                                                                                                           CSU’s Most Outstanding Player award for a second
                                                     Weldon Kytle (1962-65)
                                                     Wel do n Ky tl e ( 1962-65)                                           time. McLendon leaves CSU with a record of 27-
                                                     The greatest player in Fenn College basketball history, Weldon        42 in three seasons to become head coach of the
                                                     Kytle closed out his collegiate career in 1964-65 by earning his      Denver team in the ABA.
                                                     third straight Athletic Alumni Association Most Valuable Player
                                                     Award. In his three seasons, Kytle set school career records for
                                                     points (1,408), scoring average (18.8), rebounds (1,241) and
                                                                                                                           1969- 70:
                                                     rebounding average (16.5) and almost 40 years later, he still holds   Ray Dieringer becomes the ninth head coach in
                                                     the school standard for rebounds and rebounding average. He           school history. The Vikings set a record for losses
                                                     was inducted into the CSU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1976.              in a 5-21 season. Dec. 30, 1969: CSU defeats
                                                                                                                           Federal City, 81-74, for the 200th win in school
                                                                                                                           history. Feb. 11, 1970: The Vikings score a record
                                                                                                                           117 points in a win over Walsh.

                                                                                                                           1970- 71:
                                                                                                                           CSU celebrates the 40th season of basketball.
     1962 -63 :
     1 9 6 2-63:                                                  1967 -68:
                                                                  1967-68:                                                 Thirty-year old LaMoyne Porter, who served eight
     Fenn goes 9-9, the first non-losing season in                 CSU goes 7-15. Jan. 17, 1968: The Vikes lose
                                                                                                                           years in the Air Force before coming to CSU, scores
     13 years. Dec. 15, 1962: Fenn defeats Detroit                to Detroit, 85-81, in the 600th game in school
                                                                                                                           180 points and grabs 104 rebounds as the oldest
     Tech, 64-56, in the school’s 500th game. Feb.                history.
                                                                                                                           player to ever play basketball in school history.
     23, 1963: Kytle pulls down a record 27 rebounds
     as Fenn tops Fredonia, 61-49. Kytle receives the             1968-69:
                                                                  1968 -69:                                                1971- 72:
     first Athletic Alumni Association Most Outstanding            The Vikings win a record 12 games, going 12-14 in
                                                                                                                           The Vikings improve to 8-18. Dec. 11, 1971: Toledo
     Player award.                                                John McLendon’s final season as coach. Mike
                                                                                                                           tops CSU in the school’s 700th game.
                                                                  Campbell becomes the third player to be named
     1 9 6 3-64:
     1963 -64 :                                                                                                            1972- 73:
     The Foxes go 10-9, their first winning season since
                                                                                                                           CSU compiles a 9-14 record. Dec. 29, 1972: Gale
     1949-50. Dec. 10, 1963: Fenn passes the century
                                                                                                                           Drummer blocks a record seven shots in CSU’s 76-
     mark in 112-72 win vs. Walsh. Feb. 13, 1964:
                                                                                                                           73 triple overtime win over Wichita State.
     Weldon Kytle sets a record with 30 rebounds in
     a win over Malone. Kytle, who becomes the first
                                                                                                                           1973- 74 :
     player to score 1,000 career points, repeats as
                                                                                                                           The Vikings slip to 6-20. Jan. 19, 1974: Wilbur
     the team’s Most Outstanding Player and is named
                                                                                                                           Starks scores 37 points on a record 18 field goals
     Fenn’s Athlete-of-the-Year.
                                                                                                                           against Ball State. Pat Lyons becomes the first
                                                                                                                           Academic All-America, which is awarded by the
     1964 -6 5:
     1 9 6 4-65:                                                                                                           College Sports Information Directors of America.
     Fenn once again goes 10-9 in the final season
     of basketball as Fenn College. In 34 years, Fenn
                                                                                                                           1974 -75 :
     teams compiled a 167-386 record. March 6, 1965:
                                                                                                                           The Vikes win a record 13 games in a 13-11 cam-
     Fenn goes out on a winning note with a win over
                                                                                                                           paign. Gale Drummer becomes the third player
     Carnegie Tech. Kytle is named Most Outstanding
                                                                                                                           in school history to score 1,000 points, finishing
     Player for the third straight year.
                                                                                                                           with 1,039 points. Drummer is named the team’s
                                                                                                                           Most Outstanding Player as well as CSU’s Athlete-
     1 9 6 5-66:
     1965 -66 :                                                                                                            of-the-Year. Homer Woodling and Al Jones (‘37) are
                                                                   In 1970-71, 30-year old LaMoyne Porter (54)
     The Fenn College Foxes become the Cleveland
                                                                   became the oldest player to suit up for the             members of the first class inducted into the CSU
     State University Vikings. CSU goes 4-14 in its                Vikings.                                                Athletic Hall of Fame.
     inaugural season. Jim Rodriguez steps down
     as head coach, owning a 43-88 record in seven                     Ji m Ro dr igu ez ( 195 9-94 )
                                                                       Jim               (1959-94
     years.                                                            An athletic administrator and coach at Fenn College and
                                                                       Cleveland State for 35 years, Jim Rodriguez served as
     1 9 6 6-67:
     1966 -67 :
     John McLendon takes over as head coach and                        men’s basketball coach for seven years (1959-66). He
     becomes the first African-American to coach at                     coached baseball from 1959-72 before moving into the
     an integrated college in the country. McLendon                    athletic administration in 1972 as assistant athletic
     guides CSU to an 8-13 mark. Jan. 11, 1967: The                    director, a position he held for 22 years until retiring
     Vikes top Walsh, 24-22, to give McLendon his                      in 1994. He was inducted in the CSU Athletic Hall of
     500th career victory. Dennis Lenk becomes the
                                                                       Fame in 1995.
     second player in school history to score 1,000
     points, finishing with 1,032.

78   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                             2008-09 Men’s Basketball
                                                                                                      2008-09 VIKINGS
                                                                                                                          1979- 80:
    ra nk li n E dw ar
  F r a nklin Edwar ds                                                                                                    The Vikings go 14-1 at home and win a record 17
  (1 9 77-81)
  ( 1977- 81)                                                                                                             games in an 17-9 season. Jan. 31, 1980: CSU
       By the time he finished playing, Franklin Edwards                                                                   defeats Xavier, 85-75, for the 300th win in school
  had rewritten the CSU record book. The 6-1 guard from                                                                   history. Franklin Edwards and Andre Battle both
  New York, NY, held 23 career, season and single-game
                                                                                                                          surpass the 1,000 point mark, the only time in
  records when he finished his collegiate career. Today,
  he still holds 11 of them.                                                                                              school history that two players have accomplished
       Edwards led CSU in scoring in each of his four                                                                     it in the same season. Edwards becomes CSU’s
  years and was the first Viking to score 2,000 career                                                                     career scoring leader with 1,571 points. Edwards
  points. His 21.9 average tops the CSU list while his                                                                    sets records with 637 points (25.5 ppg) and is
  2,235 points are second all-time. He averaged a                                                                         named All-American, CSU’s Athlete of the Year
  school record 25.5 ppg in 1979-80. In his senior year                                                                   and Most Outstanding Player. The CSU Hall of
  of 1980-81, he averaged 24.6 ppg which included a                                                                       Fame inducts Dan Avis (‘51), Ted Okonski (‘34)
  school record 49 points against Xavier. Edwards also                                                                    and Don Yontz (‘60).
  set the school record with 265 field goals and a .882
  free throw percentage. He finished his career by scoring
  in double-figures in a school record 68 straight games.                                                                  1980-81:
                                                                                                                          1980- 81:
  He is second all-time with 459 assists and fifth with                                                                    CSU goes 18-9, breaking its record for wins in the
  204 steals.                                                                                                             golden anniversary season of basketball. Jan. 29,
       Edwards, CSU’s first two-time All-American, was                                                                     1981: CSU falls to Marquette in front of a record
  named CSU’s Most Outstanding Player three times and                                                                     7,441 fans at Public Hall. Franklin Edwards
  the school’s Athlete-of-the-Year twice. He was the #1                                                                   passes the 2,000-point mark en route to earning
  pick of the Philadelphia 76’ers in 1981 and played in                                                                   All-America honors and his third straight Most
  the NBA for eight years.                                                                                                Outstanding Player award. Edwards becomes the
       CSU’s color analyst for television, Edwards cur-
                                                                                                                          first basketball player to be named CSU’s Athlete
  rently resides in Sacramento, Calif., and is employed
  by the NBA.                                                                                                             of the Year twice. Edwards ends his career with
                                                                                                                          2,235 points and becomes the first player to have
                                                            Player award. Darren Tillis blocks a record 51                his number retired (14). Alex Jamieson (‘37) Wil-
1975 -76:
1 9 7 5 -76 :                                                                                                             liam Pugh (‘41) and Leo Johnson (‘71) are inducted
CSU goes 6-19. Jan. 7, 1975: Wright State defeats           shots. Jack Shaughnessy (‘50) is inducted into the
                                                            CSU Hall of Fame.                                             into the CSU Hall of Fame.
CSU in the 800th game in school history. Dave
Kyle becomes the school’s first All-American after
averaging 24.5 points a game. Kyle is also named
                                                                                                                          1981- 82:
                                                                                                                          The Vikings go 12-0 at home en route to a 17-10
CSU’s Most Outstanding Player and Athlete-of-
                                                                                                                          season. Darren Tillis earns All-America accolades
the-Year. Former Fenn stars Dave Jacklitch (‘51)
                                                                                                                          after grabbing a record 348 rebounds. Tillis ends
and Weldon Kytle (‘66) are inducted into the CSU
Athletic Hall of Fame.
                                                                                                                           Cl e v e lan d St at e 82,
                                                                                                                           Cleveland State
1976 -77:
1 9 7 6 -77 :
The Vikings improve to 10-17. Dave Kyle becomes                                                                            Akr
                                                                                                                           A kr on 82:
                                                                                                                           On Feb. 8, 1983, Lee Reed, then a Viking guard, fired
the fourth player in school history to pass the
                                                                                                                           a long jumper at the final buzzer to lift the Vikings
1,000-point mark, repeating as the team’s Most                                                                             to an 83-82 victory over arch-rival Akron. You can
Outstanding Player. Kyle ends his career with                                                                              look it up. Just ignore the headlines which appeared
a record .544 FG%, second with 1,168 points                                                                                in papers around the country two days later read-
and third with 726 rebounds. Fenn standout Ed                                                                              ing “Cleveland State Beats Akron, 82-82.” Seems
Hrdlicka (‘38) is inducted into the CSU Athletic                                                                           the official scorer had inadvertently credited CSU
Hall of Fame.                                                                                                              for a missed free throw in the first half but Akron
                                                                                                                           coach Bob Rupert had stormed to the scorers table
                                                                                                                           at halftime and again at the end of the game to
1 9 7 7 -78 :
1977 -78:
                                                                                                                           grab his scorebook on his way to the locker room.
Franklin Edwards scores a freshman record 467
                                                                                                                           An Akron reporter had questioned the scoreboard
points as the Vikings finish with a 12-13 record.                                                                           shortly after the phantom free throw was scored,
Former Fenn stars George Kappos (‘53) and Den-                                                                             but the totals in the official scorebook jibed and
nis Turkall (‘65) are inducted into the CSU Hall                                                                           the Akron scorekeeper never had an opportunity
of Fame.                                                                                                                   to total his book. So when the referee asked the
                                                            Ray Dieringer
                                                            R ay D ie ri n ge r                                            perfunctory “does everything check out?” both
1978 -79:
1 9 7 8 -79 :                                               ( 1969 -83)
                                                            (1969-83)                                                      scorekeepers nodded , the official book was signed
The Vikings set a school record for wins with a             The winningest coach in Cleveland State University history,    and the game officially ended. Only the next day
                                                                                                                           when the play-by-play was closely rechecked did
15-10 record. Franklin Edwards ties his record              Dieringer took over as head coach in 1969 and compiled
                                                            149 wins in 14 seasons. Included in the total was a            the mistake surface and another coaching lesson
with 467 points and wins the Most Outstanding
                                                            then-school record total of 18 wins in 1980-81.                was learned the hard way.

2008-09 Men’s Basketball                                                                                C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   79
                         2008-09 VIKINGS

                                                                                                                                              1985-86 Clevelan
                                                                                                                                              1985- 86 C l ev e l an d
                                                                                                                                                State Vikings
                                                                                                                                                St ate Vi ki n gs
                                                                                                                                                          NCAA Sweet 16
                                                                                                                                             From L-R: Hersey Strong, Pat Vuyan-
                                                                                                                                             cih, Tyrone Kingwood, Clinton Smith,
                                                                                                                                             Vince Richards, Eric Mudd, Elgin
                                                                                                                                             Womack, Shawn Hood, Bob Crawford,
                                                                                                                                             Eddie Brant, Warren Bradley, Ray
                                                                                                                                             Salters, Paul Stewart, Clinton Ransey,
                                                                                                                                             Steve Corbin, Marty Sweeney, Ken
                                                                                                                                             McFadden, Manager Dan Garven.

     his career with a record 197 blocked shots and is             1983-84
                                                                   1983 -84 :                                                    AMCU-8 Coach-of-the-Year and Smith the AMCU’s
     second in both scoring (1,423) and rebounding                 The “Run & Stun” era begins as Kevin Mackey                   Newcomer-of-the-Year. Ralph Staten (‘35) is
     (1,045). Dennis Lenk is inducted into the CSU                 leads CSU to a 14-16 record in his first season                inducted into the CSU Hall of Fame.
     Hall of Fame.                                                 as coach. Nov. 26, 1983: CSU drops an overtime
                                                                   decision to Eastern Michigan in Mackey’s first                 1985-86:
                                                                                                                                 1985- 86:
     198 2-83:
     1 9 8 2-83 :                                                  game, the 1,000th in school history. Dave Youdath             The most memorable season in school history as
     CSU drops to 8-20 in Ray Dieringer’s final season.             ends his career ranking fourth with 1,306 points.             the Vikings go 29-4, including a record 15-0 at
     The Vikes post a 1-4 league mark in the Associa-                                                                            home, and advance to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA
     tion of Mid-Continent Universities (AMCU), their                  84 -8 5 :
                                                                   1 9 84-85:                                                    Tournament. CSU wins the AMCU’s regular-season
     first-ever season in a conference. Dec. 4, 1982:               The Vikings win 20 games for the first time, cap-              title with a 13-1 record and goes on to claim the
     Jim Les plays a record 56 minutes in a 91-89 four             turing the first conference championship in school             AMCU tournament title as well. Nov. 30, 1985:
     overtime loss to Kent State. Dave Youdath, who                history with a 21-8 overall and an 11-3 AMCU                  CSU sets a school scoring mark in a 118-66 win
     leads CSU in scoring (466) and rebounding (231),              mark. March 2, 1985: The Vikings top Valparaiso,              over Central Connecticut State. Jan. 27, 1986:
     is named CSU’s Most Outstanding Player and                    105-87, in front of a Woodling Gym record crowd               The Vikings defeat Kent State, 75-55, for the
     becomes the first CSU player chosen to an All-                 of 3,429 for their 20th win of the season. Clinton            400th win in school history. Feb. 22, 1986: CSU
     Conference team (2nd Team All-AMCU). Dieringer                Ransey and Clinton Smith are honorable mention                routs Southwest Missouri State, 94-67, in front
     departs with a 149-311 record in 14 seasons at                All-America picks and share the team’s Most                   of a then-Woodling Gym record crowd of 3,599 to
     the Viking helm.                                              Outstanding Player award. Mackey is named the                 claim the AMCU-8 regular season crown. Feb. 24,

         he nato                 W i S t eak:
       T h e A n a t o m y O f A Wi n St r e ak :
       For 54 days in the Spring of 1986, the CSU men’s basketball team captured the attention of not only the sports fans in Cleveland, but across the country as well. The
       school-record 14-game win streak that culminated in an NCAA Sweet 16 appearance is unquestionably the most memorable run in program history. Here is a game-by-
       game look at the win streak:

       Date           Opponent                       CSU   OPP   Game Note
       Jan. 27        at Kent State                   75   -55   CSU shoots .739 (17-23) from the field in the first half to pull away and start the win streak.
       Feb. 1         Valparaiso                      91   -66   Ransey (6 points) and Mudd (5) ignite an 11-0 run to open the game and CSU never looks back.
       Feb. 8         UW-Green Bay                   103   -64   The Vikings break the school record with their ninth 100-point game of the year.
       Feb. 12        Illinois-Chicago               113   -75   Mudd (24 points, 15 rebounds) and Smith (23/12) each post double-doubles.
       Feb. 15        at Northern Iowa                80   -65   CSU claims its 20th win, giving it back-to-back 20-win campaigns for the first time in program history.
       Feb. 17        at Western Illinois             76   -64   Mudd grabs eight rebounds to become the ninth Viking to grab over 500 career rebounds.
       Feb. 22        Southwest Missouri State        94   -67   The Vikings cruise to a school-record 22nd win of the year.
       Feb. 24        Eastern Illinois                76   -68   CSU trails 8-3 in the first half, the largest deficit of the streak. Woodling attendance record falls.
       Feb. 27        at Valparaiso                   72   -50   Clinton Smith scores 25 points. The Vikings end the regular season with a 24-3 mark
       March 6        vs. Northern Iowa               73   -68   CSU opens the AMCU-8 Tourney by shooting .600 from the field (30-50).
       March 7        vs. Illinois-Chicago           100   -84   The Vikings go over the 100-point mark for the 11th time, including in all three games against UIC.
       March 8        vs. Eastern Illinois            70   -66   McFadden leads CSU to the AMCU-8 Tourney title with 13 points in the closest win in the streak.
       March 14       vs. Indiana                     83   -79   CSU outlasts the 14th-ranked Hoosiers as Smith goes over the 500-point mark for the season.
       March 16       vs. St. Joseph’s                75   -69   St. Joseph’s leads, 28-26, with 15 minutes left, the only second half CSU deficit during the streak.
       March 21       vs. Navy                        70   -71   Clinton Smith’s 25-footer at the buzzer is off the mark as the season ends in the NCAA Sweet 16.

80   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                                     2008-09 Men’s Basketball
                                                                                           2008-09 VIKINGS
1986: The Woodling Gym attendance record falls        1986-87 :
                                                      1986-87:                                               records for points and margin of victory (74) in a
for the second time in three days as 3,688 fans see   The Vikings top the 20-win mark again, finishing        135-61 romp over Clarion. Dec. 28, 1986: The
the Vikings edge Eastern Illinois, 76-68. March 8,    with a 25-8 overall record and appear in the NIT for   Vikes set a CSU and then-NCAA record with 29
1986: Cleveland State receives its first-ever NCAA     the first time. April 30, 1986: Popular sophomore       steals as they defeat Canisius, 82-61. March 12,
Tournament invitation, garnering an at-large bid      Paul Stewart dies of a heart attack during a pickup    1987: CSU runs past UT-Chattanooga, 92-73, in
as the No. 14 seed in the east regional. March        game in Woodling Gym. Dec. 1, 1986: CSU sets           the first-round of the NIT. Only a sophomore, Ken
14, 1986: Clinton Ransey scored 27 points as
CSU upends Indiana, 83-79, in the first-round
of the NCAA Tournament. March 16, 1986: Ken
McFadden scores 23 points, Clinton Smith adds
17 and Ransey 16 as the Vikings dismiss St.
Joseph’s, 75-69, to advance CSU to the Sweet 16.
March 20, 1986: CSU’s “Magic Carpet Ride”ends
as Navy defeats the Vikings, 71-70, in the NCAA’s
East Regional semifinals at the Meadowlands in
East Rutherford, New Jersey; Ken McFadden is
named to the East Regional all-tournament team.
All-American Clinton Ransey moves into second in
career scoring with 1,415 points. Ken McFadden
and Clinton Ransey each earn All-America honors,
McFadden being tabbed for the Basketball Weekly
fifth team while Ransey earned honorable mention
accolades from the Associated Press. Mackey
repeats as the AMCU’s Coach-of-the-Year. Ransey
and Smith are first team all-AMCU 8 picks while
Eric Mudd and Ken McFadden are second team
selections. Clinton Smith is tabbed as the Varsity
“C” Club Player of the Year.
                                                                          1986-87 Cleveland State Vikings
                                                                          1986- 87 Cl e v e l and St at e Vi ki ngs                        —
                                                                                                   IT Seco n d R ound
                                                                                                 N I T Second Rou nd
  A l m ost A n
      mo st An                                        Front Row (L-R): Shawn Hood, Clinton Ransey, Eric Mudd, Elgin Womack, Pay Vuyancih, Ray Salters &
                                                      Eddie Bryant. Back Row (L-R): Anthony Gay, Hersey Strong, Greg Lockhart, Darwyn Ingram, Warren
  I n er national Incident:
  In t e r n ati o n al In ci den t :                 Bradley, Ken McFadden, Kenny Robertson, head coach Kevin Mackey.
  It was only an exhibition game and the score
  is not even listed in the CSU record books, but
  the international contest between CSU and a
  traveling Yugoslavian team at Woodling Gym
  on Nov. 18,1988, provided a textbook lesson
  on how to destroy international goodwill. The
  visitors were held up getting through customs
  at the airport and arrived late, there was a
  problem in hanging up the Yugoslavian flag,
  some of the visitors’ uniforms were lost so the
  numbers in the program were wrong and the
  p.a. announcer with little time for prepara-
  tion had a battle with the pronunciation of
  names. Then the game began. The first half
  was fairly competitive, but fouls had begun
  to pile up on the Yugos, playing under less
  than familiar rules. With 11 minutes in the
  game, the nine-man visiting team was down
  to five worn-out players trying to keep up
  with the fatigue-inducing run-and-stun CSU
  game. The whistles kept blowing and with
  less than four minutes left it was 5 v 2. And
  then another whistle. Even though there was                             1987-88 Cleveland State Vikings
                                                                          1987- 88 Cl e v e l and St at e Vi ki ngs                        —
  3:07 left, the game was over. The remaining                                               N IT con d R o und
                                                                                            NIT Se c o nd Ro un d
  eligible player had no one left to inbound the      Front Row (L-R): Herb Dixon, Kenny Robertson, Ken McFadden, Eric Mudd, William Tomlin & Desmond
  ball to. Enjoy your stay in Cleveland fellas.       Porter. Back Row (L-R): Hersey Strong, Warren Bradley, Darwyn Ingram, Ray Foster, Mike Raby &
                                                      William Stanley.
2008-09 Men’s Basketball                                                                    C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   81
                         2008-09 VIKINGS
     McFadden passes the 1,000-point mark, ending
     the year with 1,161 points. Clinton Ransey closes           Ken “Mouse” McFadden (1985-
     his career with 1,946 points. Ransey and Eddie              89)
     Bryant set a CSU record by playing in 125 career                 Known as the “Mouse,” Ken McFadden played on some of CSU’s
     games. McFadden earns All-America honors.                   most successful teams, including the 1985-86 team that won a school
     McFadden and Ransey are named first team                    record 29 games and reached the NCAA Sweet 16.
                                                                      The 6-1 guard from New York, N.Y., is CSU’s all-time leading scorer
     All-AMCU and share the CSU Most Outstanding
                                                                 with 2,256 points and led the team in scoring three times. He is second
     Player award.                                               all-time with a 19.3 scoring average. He is the only Viking to average
                                                                 20.0 ppg three times. His 708 points in 1986-87 is the season record
     1987 -88 :
     1 9 8 7-88:                                                 and included a career- high effort of 41 points versus UIC.
     The Vikings return to the NIT with 22-8 record,                  McFadden also is one of CSU’s top foul shooters, holding the career
     tying a record by going 15-0 at home. Jan. 18,              mark for free throw attempts (761) and free throws made (597) as well
     1988: Kevin Mackey becomes the second coach                 as both season records with 233 attempts in 1987-88 and 177 free
     in CSU history to win 100 games as CSU defeats              throws made in both 1986-87 and ‘87-88. His ‘86-87 effort included
     Eastern Illinois, 95-84. March 18, 1988: CSU tops           a school record 27 straight. He also holds the all-time (463), season
                                                                 (177) and game (16) assist records. His 245 steals rank him second
     Illinois State, 89-83, in overtime in the first-round
     of the NIT to avenge an NIT loss from the year                   McFadden was named CSU’s Most Outstanding Player three times,
     before. Ken McFadden earns honorable mention                only the second player so honored, and is CSU’s only four-time All-
     All-America kudos while also being tabbed the               American.
     AMCU Player-of-the-Year. Eric Mudd earns first                    After playing overseas for several years, McFadden returned to
     team all-league honors, ending his career with              Cleveland. He currently resides in nearby Euclid.
     1,402 points.

                                                             1988 -89:                                                    Most Outstanding Player honors. March 6, 1989:
                                                             CSU is placed on probation for two years by the              McFadden has his number retired before his final
                                                             NCAA for recruiting violations. The Vikings battle           home game.
                                                             through a tough season to finish 16-12 overall.
                                                             Dec. 3, 1988: Kenny Robertson has a record 12                1989-90:
                                                                                                                          1989- 90:
                                                             steals vs. Wagner. Feb. 4, 1989: Ken McFadden                The Vikings finish 15-13 in Kevin Mackey’s final
                                                             becomes the second CSU player to score 2,000                 season as head coach. The AMCU becomes the
                                                             career points, ending his career as CSU’s top                Mid-Continent Conference. March 1, 1990: CSU
                                                             scorer with 2,256 points. McFadden receives All-             defeats UIC, 91-79, in Mackey’s final game as
                                                             America honors for the third straight year while             coach. He ends his seven-year reign as CSU coach
                                                             also garnering first team all-league and CSU                 with a 142-69 record and a school-record .673

                                                              1988-89 Vikings. . . LPL
                                                                   When an NCAA probation led to a temporary ban from being
                                                              eligible for the AMCU basketball title in 1988-89, head coach Kevin
                                                              Mackey elected to get a little creative to find a way to motivate the
       C l aiming
       Cl ai m i ng A                                              Despite the ban, the Vikings were permitted to play all the
       Re c o r d I n S tyl e:
       R e cor In Style:                                      games on their Mid-Con schedule as “independent” games. With
       With six seconds left in his college career, Kenny     not even a regular season conference title to play for and the
       Robertson, a 6-0 guard from Barberton, Ohio who        nucleus of a 22-8 team returning and in need of some incentive, the
       many felt was the best pure athlete ever to pull       resourceful Mackey proposed pitting his Vikes against the other Mid-
       on a Viking uniform, raced down court, uncorked        Continent schools by counting the results of CSU’s games with its
       a remarkable dive to intercept an Illinois-Chicago     old conference mates and publicly incorporating them into the
       pass, dribbled once and stopped with a huge smile      standings of their very own league, the LPL (short for the Let’s
       on his face as the Woodling Gym crowd erupted into     Pretend League.)
       a roaring ovation. In almost unbelievable fashion,          The Vikes, to the unappreciative frowns of some league mem-
       “Kenny Rob” had established a new NCAA career          bers, won the title with an 11-3 record, edging out arch rival
       records for steals (341), the first, and to date the    Southwest Missouri State (10-4). Before the opening game of the 1989-1990 season the returning members
       only, national record set by a CSU cager. A season     of the “championship” team were introduced to the strains of “You Gotta Have Heart,” and the specially
       earlier, in 1988-89, Robertson had given a hint of     designed 1988-89 “LPL” championship pennant was unfurled from the Woodling Gym rafters, hanging side-
       things of come by leading the NCAA in steals with      by-side with league championship banners from the 1984-85 and 1985-86 seasons.
       a 4.0 per game average, well ahead of runner-up             Mid-Continent officials, showing a complete lack of humor, quickly demanded the banner be taken down
       Mookie Blaylock’s 3.7 for Oklahoma. The single         and CSU administrators complied. But it remains a vivid memory to the 1988-89 team and its fans. Although
       season title was also a CSU first.                      you can no longer look up at it, you can look it up.

82   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                              2008-09 Men’s Basketball
                                                                                        2008-09 VIKINGS

                                                       After almost a decade of planning and construc-
                                                       tion, the Wolstein Center opened in time for the
                                                       start of the 1991-92 season. The Wolstein Center
                                                       is pictured above at the time of its opening (note
                                                       that Progressive Field is conspicuously missing
                                                       from the current background). The first event
                                                       came on Nov. 3, 1991 when a Randy Travis Concert
Pat Lyons, who made the first basket in the first
                                                       was held (right).
game in Woodling Gym, came back to make a
ceremonial last shot following CSU’s 71-65 win
over Eastern Illinois on Feb. 17, 1991, the final
men’s basketball game played in the gym.

winning percentage. Kenny Robertson ends his
career with an NCAA, league and school record
341 steals.

1 9 9 0 -91 :
1990 -91:
Mike Boyd is named the 11th head coach in
school history. CSU goes 12-16 overall and 8-8
in the Mid-Con. Jan. 19, 1991: The Vikings beat
Eastern Illinois, 58-56, for the 500th win in school
history. Feb. 18, 1991: CSU tops Eastern Illinois,
71-65, in the final game at Woodling Gym, clos-
ing out Woodling with a 130-24 (.844) record in
18 seasons.

1 9 9 1 -92 :
1991 -92:
The Vikes move into the 13,610-seat Convocation
Center. CSU improves to a 16-12 overall mark and
7-9 in the Mid-Con. Dec. 7, 1991: A record home
crowd of 13,055 watches the Vikes take on the                             1992-93 Cleveland State Vikings
                                                                          1992- 93 Cl e v e l an d St at e Vi kin gs                           —
Michigan Wolverines in the opener at the Convo.                                      Mid- C on t i nen t onference hampions
                                                                                     Mi d -C ontinent C on f er e n ce C h a mp i on s
                                                          Front Row (L-R): Student manager Ann Babitsky, strength coach Hal Estis, Mark Gannon, Craig
1 9 9 2 -93 :
1992 -93:                                                 Caldwell, Anthony Reed, Greg Allen, David Moore, Gravelle Craig, assistant coach Dave Balza &
CSU tops the 20 win mark for the first time since          manager Jimmy Meyer. Front Row (L-R): Head coach Mike Boyd, assistant coach Dave Paulsen,
1987-88, going 22-6 overall and a record 15-1             Juan Hill, Steve Belter, Walter Evans, Eric Nichelson, Shawn Fergus, Sam Mitchell, Matt Dellinger,
in the Mid-Con to capture its first regular-season         Reggie Welch, athletic trainer Jack McNeeley & assistant coach Shawn Hood.

2008-09 Men’s Basketball                                                                     C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   83
                         2008-09 VIKINGS
     championship since 1985-86. The Vikes run off           5-21, tying a school record for losses. The season
     a record-tying 14 straight wins. Feb. 20, 1993:         is also the final one as head coach for Mike Boyd.
     Anthony Reed becomes the 12th Viking to pass            Nov. 25, 1995: Elwyn McRoy hits a three-pointer at
     the 1,000-point mark as CSU outlasts Valparaiso,        the buzzer as CSU tops Iona 65-62, in the 800th
     85-81. Mike Boyd is named the Mid-Con’s Coach           game at CSU.
     of the Year. Sam Mitchell earns All-America honors
     from the Basketball Times after leading the team        1996-97:
                                                             1996 -97:
     in scoring.                                             Rollie Massimino becomes the 12th head coach in
                                                             school history. The Vikings improve to 9-19 overall
     1 9 9 3-94 :
     199 3-94:                                               and tie for sixth in the MCC with a 6-10 mark. Feb.
     CSU slips to 14-15 overall and finishes fourth           8, 1997: Malcolm Sims hits a three-pointer at the
     in the Mid-Con with a 9-9 mark, their 12th and          buzzer as the Vikings defeat UW-Milwaukee, 56-54,
     final season in the league. Dec. 10, 1993: The           in the 1,400th game in school history.
     Vikings lose to Cincinnati in the 1,300th game in
     school history.                                         1997 -98:
                                                             The Vikings continue to improve, going 12-15
     1 9 9 4- 95:
     199 4 -95:                                              overall and 6-8 in the MCC. CSU’s 9-4 home record
     The Vikings finish 10-17 overall and 3-13 in their       is the second best in Convo history.
     first year in the Midwestern Collegiate Conference.
     Dec. 17, 1994: CSU tops Ohio State, 77-75, in the       1998-99:
                                                             1998 -99:
     Rock-N-Roll Shootout at Gund Arena to gain their        CSU takes another step, finishing 14-14 overall,
     first-ever win over the Buckeyes. Former Viking          including a 9-5 mark at home. Nov. 18, 1998:
     head coach Jim Rodriguez is inducted into the CSU       James Madison explodes for a Convocation Center         Theo Dixon hit an 18-foot jumper at the buzzer to
     Athletic Hall of Fame.                                  record 33 points in a loss to Providence. Dec. 27,      lead Cleveland State to a 73-72 win over Rhode
                                                             1998: Theo Dixon buries an 18-foot jumper as time       Island in the Gatorade Rock-N-Roll Shootout at
     1 9 9 5-96 :
     199 5-96:                                               expires to lift the Vikes over Rhode Island 73-72 in    Gund Arena on Dec. 28, 1998. The shot earned
     The 65th season of intercollegiate basketball at the    the Gatorade Rock-N-Roll Shootout at Gund Arena,        him the Compaq “Play of the Week”.
     school and 31st under the CSU flag sees the Vikes        earning him the Compaq “Play of the Week.”
     suffer their worst season since 1969-70 by going

     Men’s basketball alumni, including most of the 1985-86 NCAA Sweet 16 team, returned to CSU in February, 2006 to celebrate the 75th season of basketball at Cleveland
     State and Fenn College.

84   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                        2008-09 Men’s Basketball
                                                                                                  2008-09 VIKINGS
                                                                                                                    Waters named 14th head coach in program his-
                                                                                                                    tory. June 8, 2006: CSU announces formation of
                                                                                                                    CSU McLendon Scholarship Series with the Vikings
                                                                                                                    slated to host Ohio State at Quicken Loans Arena
                                                                                                                    on Dec. 18, 2007 in the series first game.

                                                                                                                    2006- 07:
                                                                                                                    Gary Waters debuts as head coach and leads team
                                                                                                                    to a 10-21 record. J’Nathan Bullock is the 13th
                                                                                                                    player to lead the team in scoring (13.5 ppg) in
                                                                                                                    consecutive years. Nov. 1, 2006: CSU announces
                                                                                                                    television partnership with SportsTime Ohio,
                                                                                                                    resulting in five men’s basketball games and a
                                                                                                                    weekly half-hour coach’s show being broadcast.

                                                                                                                    2007- 08:
                                                                                                                    Cleveland State tops the 20-win mark for just the
                                                                                                                    sixth time in program history and first since 1992-
                                                                                                                    93, appearing in postseason play for just the fourth
The 2007-08 squad, under second year head coach Gary Waters, became the first Viking team to play in the             time in school history and first since 1987-88. The
postseason since 1987. CSU earned an NIT bid after appearing in the Horizon League Championship game for            Vikings finish second in the Horizon League regular
the first time in school history. CSU finished the campaign with 21 wins, marking the sixth time in program history   season with a program record 12 wins. Dec. 18,
that the Vikings reached the 20-win mark.
                                                                                                                    2007: CSU hosts Ohio State at Quicken Loans Arena
                                                                                                                    in the inaugural McLendon Scholarship Series
1 9 9 9 -20 00:
1999 -2000:                                                2003-04
                                                           200 3-04 :                                               game. Jan. 12: Kevin Francis hits a three-pointer
The Vikings post a 16-14 mark, the program’s first          Mike Garland debuts as head coach but injuries           with 11 seconds left giving CSU a 65-63 win at
winning season since 1992-93. Senior Damon                 and a thin roster cause the Vikings to struggle.         Wright State. Jan. 17, 2008: CSU tops 12th-ranked
Stringer is named the MCC Newcomer of the Year             Omari Westley is named to the Horizon League             Butler, 56-52, just the second time in 26 tries that
and first-team All-MCC.                                     All-Newcomer team after leading the league in            the Vikings have knocked off a ranked opponent.
                                                           rebounding. Nov. 29, 2003: 11,534 fans see CSU           Jan. 19, 2008: J’Nathan Bullock scores 17 points in
2000 -01:
2 0 0 0 -01 :                                              nearly topple 10th-ranked North Carolina.                a win over Valparaiso, becoming the 17th player in
CSU goes 19-13 but narrowly misses out on a                                                                         school history to reach the 1,000 point mark. Feb.
postseason bid. The 11-2 home mark equals the              200 4- 05:
                                                           2004 -05:                                                11, 2008: J’Nathan Bullock scores a CSU Wolstein
1992-93 for the most wins ever in the Convoca-             The Vikings open the year with three straight wins       Center record 39 points in a win over Green Bay.
tion Center. Jan. 17, 2001: The Vikings hold UW-           for the first time since 1985-86. Omari Westley           Feb. 20, 2008: Cedric Jackson just misses the first
Milwaukee to a Goodman Arena scoring record low            leads the Horizon League in rebounding for the sec-      triple-double in school history, finishing with 18
in a 57-34 win. Theo Dixon is named MCC Player             ond straight year and Walt Chavis leads the league       points, nine rebounds and nine assists in a victory
of the Week three times and caps off the season            in steals. Raheem Moss sets a school record for          over Milwaukee. March 8, 2008: The Vikings defeat
with first team all-league honors. Dixon becomes            three-point field goals per game (2.6). Westley           Valparaiso in the Horizon League semi-finals to
the 14th 1,000 point scorer in school history as he        is named to the All-Horizon League second team           advance to the Horizon League Championship
wraps up the year with 1,161 career points.                with Moss being on the five-player all-newcomer           for the first time in 14 years as a member of the
                                                           team and Chavis on the all-defensive team. Jan.          league. March 11, 2008: Playing in the Horizon
2 0 0 1 -02 :
2001 -02:                                                  21, 2005: The CSU Board of Trustees formally             League Championship for the first time in school
CSU slips to 12-16. Senior Theo Dixon closes               change the name of the CSU Convocation Center            history, CSU falls at Bulter. March 19, 2008: The
out his career ranked fifth in scoring with 1,572           to the Bert L. and Iris S. Wolstein Center.              Vikings return to postseason play for the first time
points. Senior Jamaal Harris becomes the 15th                                                                       in 21 years, falling at Dayton in the first round
player in school history to top 1,000 points for his       2005-06:
                                                           200 5-06:                                                of the NIT. Bullock becomes just the third player
career, finishing with 1,297 points. Tahric Gosley          Cleveland State wins four straight league games          in school history to lead the team in scoring in
leads the league in blocked shots for the second           for the first time since 2000-01 but a 1-7 home           each of his first three seasons, earning first team
year in a row.                                             record in league play relegates the Vikings to an        All-Horizon League honors. Cedric Jackson sets a
                                                           eighth place finish. J’Nathan Bullock becomes the         school-record with 88 steals and is named to the
2 0 0 2 -03 :
2002 -03:                                                  fifth Viking freshman to lead the team in scoring         All-Horizon League second team, as well as the
The Vikings drop 13 of their last 14 games and             (11.3 ppg). Nov. 26, 2005: CSU plays first game           league all-defensive and all-newcomer teams.
finish with an 8-22 record. Rollie Massimino steps          in Woodling Gym in 14 seasons, routing Rochester         Gary Waters is voted the Horizon League Coach of
down as CSU basketball coach. April 17, 2003:              College, 76-43. March 31, 2006: Mike Garland             the Year in just his second season at the helm.
Mike Garland is named head coach.                          is removed as head coach. April 16, 2006: Gary

2008-09 Men’s Basketball                                                                           C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   85
                         2008-09 VIKINGS

     Clev el and tat e         k etba ll G los
     C le v ela nd S ta te Bas ke t ball Gl os s ary
     All-Americans:                                        with the league in 1994-95 to join the Midwestern     Dave Burger: You’ll not
     CSU Basketball has                                    Collegiate Conference.                                find his name on the
     produced 11 All-                                                                                            official list of Cleveland
     Americans, 10 on                                      Danferd C. Avis: A 1951 graduate of Fenn College,     State’s head basketball
     the court and one                                     Avis has continued to work tirelessly on behalf of    coaches, but Burger,
     in the classroom.                                     his alma mater. Avis, who at one time held the        CSU’s head track coach
     Pat Lyons used his                                    Fenn career scoring mark and was voted into the       for over 30 years, was
     head to become                                        CSU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1991, has served         announced as the Vi-
     the Vikings’ first                                    as president of the Cleveland State Alumni As-        kings’ head cage coach
     honoree, as a first                                    sociation and the Athletic Alumni Association         in the spring of 1966 by retiring athletic director
     team Academic                                         and has played leading roles in a plethora of key     Homer E. Woodling. Shortly thereafter, John McLen-
     All-American in                                       fund raising activities for the university. He is     don became available for the job and Burger gra-
     1972-73. Dave Kyle                                    currently the executive director of the Varsity “C”   ciously — and many felt gratefully — relinquished
     became the first to                                    Club. A drive to raise $250,000 to fully fund a CSU   his assignment to concentrate on track.
     win All-American Ken McFadden, the only               basketball scholarship in his name was completed
     status solely for his four-time All-American          in the winter of 2004, making it the first endowed     Robert F. Busbey: A
     athletic prowess, in CSU history, receives            scholarship specifically for men’s basketball.         world class swimmer
     doing so in 1975-76. the basketball he used to                                                              who put Fenn College
                            score his 1,000th career
     In 1981-82 Darren                                     Andre Battle: One of 17                               very much in the na-
     Tillis joined Kyle as                                 Vikings to score 1,000                                tional collegiate athletic
     a first-team pick.                                    points in a career, he                                picture in the late ‘40s,
     Ken McFadden is the only Viking to earn All-          totalled 1,129 points                                 Busbey took over as the
     America kudos in all fours seasons. The rest of the   from 1976-80. He went                                 school’s second direc-
     Viking honorees were all honorable mention selec-     over the 1,000 point                                  tor of athletics in 1966
     tions, led by Franklin Edwards and Sam Mitchell,      mark against Akron on                                 and went on to preside
     who were each chosen in multiple seasons. The         Jan. 29, 1980, joining                                over a still unmatched
     most recent All-American came in 2007-08 when         teammate Franklin Ed-                                 period of growth for
     J’Nathan Bullock was named an honorable mention       wards, who had accomplished the feat earlier in       CSU basketball. On his
     choice to to the Mid-Major All-America squad by       the year. Battle and Edwards are the only men’s       watch, which ended in                                     tandem to go over the 1,000 point mark in the         1990, construction was
                                                           same season.                                          begun and completed
                                     AMCU: Cleveland                                                             on the Geodesic Dome
                                     State ended 53                                  Mike Boyd: CSU’s head       which provided the Viking cagers with their first
                                     years of basket-                                coach from 1990-96, he      on-campus practice facility, then the PE Building,
                                     ball competition                                was named the Mid-          whose Woodling Gym gave CSU its first home bas-
                                     as an indepen-                                  Continent Coach of the      ketball court and finally the Wolstein Center, one
                                     dent in July, 1983,                             Year in 1992-93 when        of the nation’s finest collegiate basketball arenas.
                                     joining Eastern                                 CSU won the regular         He was instrumental in the formation of CSU’s first
                                     Illinois, UIC,                                  season championship         basketball conference, the AMCU.
                                     Northern Iowa,                                  with a 15-1 record
     Southwest Missouri State, Valparaiso, Western                                   while also going 22-6       Craig Caldwell: The
     Illinois and UW-Green Bay to create the Associa-                                overall.                    only CSU player with 100
     tion of Mid-Continent Universities. Because the                                                             assists in each of his
     league was approved so late in the year, it played    ESPNU BracketBusters: The late February men’s         four seasons, he accom-
     a makeshift conference schedule in 1983-84 with       basketball extravaganza created to pit potential      plished it from 1991-95.
     some teams playing as many as 13 games and            NCAA tournament hopefuls has grown to 102             He was named to the
     CSU playing the fewest with five. The Vikings          teams for the seventh annual event (Feb. 20-21)       Mid-Continent All-New-
     played their first league game at Valparaiso on        CSU is 3-2 in the ESPNU BracketBusters, losing to     comer team in 1991-92
     Jan. 4, 1983, winning 52-49. The league changed       Eastern Michigan in 2004 and at Central Michigan      and earned honorable
     its name to the more upscale AMCU-8 in 1984-85,       in 2005 before upending Delaware in 2006, Cal         mention All-America accolades from Basketball
     went back to AMCU in 1987-88 after a couple of        State Northridge in 2007 and Marist in 2008.          Weekly in 1993-94. He ranks third at CSU with
     unkind souls, including Viking head coach Kevin       Twelve games will be televised on the various         455 career assists and is second with a .814 free
     Mackey, suggested publicly that AMCU-8 sounded        ESPN network channels this year as part of the        throw percentage (240-295).
     like a motor oil and in 1990 changed its name         sponsorship package.
     to the Mid-Continent Conference, a name it still                                                            Clarion: The Vikings established school records
     retains. Cleveland State ended its relationship                                                             for most points and scoring margin when they ran
86   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                   2008-09 Men’s Basketball
                                                                                           2008-09 VIKINGS
past Clarion, 135-66, on Dec. 1, 1986.                and field goals made (906). His 25.5 and 24.6           Robert Busbey didn’t like the song, likening it to
                                                      scoring averages from his junior and senior            a polka. Hagar, who played with the band from
CSU Convocation Center: The original name of the      seasons, respectively, remain the top two ef-          1979 until his retirement early in the 2004-05
Wolstein Center from its opening on Nov. 1, 1991      forts in school annals. He also holds the season       season (with a break from 1984-88 due to a stint
until the name change on January 21, 2005.            marks for field goals made (265) and free throw         in the miltary), brought the song back in 1989
                                                      percentage (134-152, .882) and the single game         as Busbey was retiring and the song has been
Ray Dieringer: He began the longest tenure as         standard with a 49-point explosion against Xavier      played ever since. Viking All-American Darren
the university’s head basketball coach--14 years-     in 1980-81. The 6-1 guard from New York City           Tillis is responsible for one edit in the song, the
-with the 1969-70 season, charged with the task       was the first round pick of the Philadelphia 76ers      Viking Trumpet Call in the middle of the song. As
of transforming the basketball program from           in the 1981 NBA draft and went on to play eight        the legend goes, it was added after Tillis repeat-
fledgling to full-                                     seasons with them, earning an NBA championship         edly attempted to duplicate the sound of the call
fledged major                                         ring in 1982-83. Now living in Sacramento, Calif.,     while being interviewed live on a local radio show,
college status.                                       he has served as the color analyst for CSU games       prompting Hagar to add the call to the middle of
Although his                                          in recent seasons.                                     the song. The lyrics are:
won-lost record
at CSU was only                                       Fenn College: The                                                 Oh hail the Green and White
149-211, he                                           forerunner to Cleve-                                                   and for our colors
produced two                                          land State, the school                                                   we shall fight
NBA first-round                                        was named in honor of                                                 To battle Vikings All
selections in                                         Sereno Peck Fenn who                                          We’ll sound the Viking trumpet call!
All-Americans                                         was president of the                                                 We always will defend
Franklin Ed-                                          Cleveland YMCA for                                             The pride of Cleveland faithfully;
wards and Dar-                                        25 years. The YMCA’s                                          For Cleveland State we’ll fight on to
ren Tillis, a third                                   educational programs                                                         Victory
All-American in                                       evolved into Fenn Col-
Dave Kyle and                                         lege. Fenn’s teams           The Fenn College Logo     Henry J. Goodman Arena: The varsity basketball
CSU’s only basketball Academic All-American           were known as the                                      bowl within the Wolstein Center is named for the
in Pat Lyons; moved the majority of CSU’s home        Foxes because an ad-                                   former president of the CSU Board of Trustees
games into the 10,000-seat Cleveland Public Hall      ministrator liked the alliteration of the name. The    who devoted many long hours to assure the con-
and notched victories over such established major     Fenn Tower and the Fenn College of Engineering         struction of the building. Boasting some of the
college foes as Wichita State, Xavier, Fairleigh-     keep the Fenn name alive at CSU.                       finest sight lines of any basketball facility in the
Dickinson, Pitt, VMI, Rutgers, South Carolina and                                                            country, it hosted its first men’s basketball game
Penn State.                                           Fight Song: The origin of the CSU Fight Song           on Dec. 7, 1991 when the University of Michigan’s
                                                      dates back to 1980 when Dave Hager, a high             highly-touted freshman ”Fab Five” squeezed by the
Flip The Script: Coined as a team goal prior to       school student playing in the Pep Band because         Vikes, 80-61, before an official crowd of 13,055.
the 2007-08 season, the term refers to the Vikings’   his brother dragged him to the game because the        In anticipation of the opening event, CSU Coach
desire to take the 10-21 record from the season       band needed additional players, hastily scribbled      Mike Boyd, an ex-Wolverine assistant, had ca-
before and turn it around, making it 21-10 the        out the melody on pieces of scrap paper during
next year. CSU did just that, becoming just the       a game in Woodling Gym. CSU athletic director
16th program in NCAA history to go from losing
                              20 games in one
                              season to winning
                              20 in the next.

                               Franklin Edwards:
                               Probably the best
                               player ever to pull
                               on a CSU jersey,
                               he left school in
                               1981 as the holder
                               of six career, seven
                               season and four
                               single game CSU
                               records and he re-
                               mains the school
                               record-holder for
                               career scoring av-        Dave Hager, who played in the CSU Pep Band from 1979-2005, was responsible for writing the school fight
                               erage (21.9 ppg)          song in 1980.

2008-09 Men’s Basketball                                                                    C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   87
                         2008-09 VIKINGS
                                           joled the build-     respected league. Within two years, LaSalle, North-   ing Player in 1975-76
                                           ing’s contrac-       ern Illinois, Notre Dame and Xavier had elected       & 1976-77, he ranks
                                           tors to slightly     to move on, but the remaining nine teams have         11th in school history
                                           re-configure the      formed one of the best mid-major conferences in       with 1,168 career points
                                           seating plan to      the nation, with representation in five of the top     and sixth with 726 re-
                                           hike the seating     30 U.S. television markets.                           bounds. He was a sixth
                                           capacity for bas-                                                          round draft choice by
                                           ketball to 13,610,   Indiana: Until a more startling event takes place,    the NBA’s Milwaukee
                                           one more than        Indiana University will remain the most famous up-    Bucks in 1978.
                                           can be seated        set victim in CSU basketball annals. The Hoosiers
                                           at U-M’s Crisler     lost, 83-79, to CSU on March 16 in the first round     Weldon Kytle: The unchallenged choice as the
                                           Arena.               of the 1986 NCAA Tournament, marking the first         best player ever to wear the Red and Grey of Fenn
                                                                time a No. 3 seed had ever lost to a 14 seed and IU   College, he was the first Fox player to reach the
                                        Hagar & Helga:          Coach Bobby Knight’s first-ever first round loss in     1,000-point mark in career scoring and his final
     A pair of very familiar characters borrowed from           the championship playoffs, propelled the Vikes to     total of 1,408 was nearly 400 more than that of the
     the comic strip Hagar with the permission of its           an eventual berth in the Sweet 16 and onto the lips   any other Fenn player. He is one of two players to
     creator, Dik Browne, kept older Viking fans amused         of every college basketball fan in the country.       accumulate more than 1,000 rebounds in a career
     and kids delighted with their sideline antics, Hagar
     for two decades, Helga joining him when the Convo
     opened. CSU’s Vikings are believed to be the only
     team granted permission to use Hagar in their
     promotions, which they did in a variety of ways.

     Hall of Fame: Inducted in 1979, the late John
     McLendon, who coached at CSU from 1966-69,
     is the lone member of the CSU basketball family
     inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame
     in Springfield, Mass. There are also 25 basketball
                                                                The Carrier Dome scoreboard shows the results from the 1986 NCAA Tournament game against Indiana, which
     players and three basketball coaches in CSU’s              is considered by most to be the biggest win in program history.
     Varsity “C” Club Athletic Hall of Fame. Fenn head
     coach Homer E. Woodling and Fenn standout Al
     Jones were part of the first class of inductees in          In-Season Tournaments: The Vikings have played        at CSU and he has the three highest season aver-
     1975 while former Viking Mike Sweeney, inducted            in 27 in-season tournaments over the years, taking    ages and six best single game rebounding marks
     in 2005, is the most recent to enter the hall.             home the championship three times. CSU defeated       in CSU history. The 6-6 product of Euclid (OH) High
                                                                Buffalo State, 88-87, in triple overtime to win the   School, who was the only Fenn player ever drafted
     Hiram: Fenn lost to Hiram, 27-18, in the school’s          first Cleveland Invitational Tournament in 1967.       by an NBA team (the St. Louis Hawks), remained
     first game on Dec. 6, 1929. Hiram was also the              The Vikings defeated host Marquette, 72-70, to
     opponent when the Vikings lost, 83-65, on Dec. 1,          capture the 1987 First Bank Milwaukee Classic.
     1965 in its first game as Cleveland State. With             In 2000, the Vikes again defeated the host school
     the exception of a two-year hiatus due to World            as they slipped past Texas A&M-Corpus Christi,
     War II, Fenn-CSU squads played Hiram in each of            81-75 to claim the Islander Classic.
     the school’s first 37 seasons from 1929-68, the
     longest consecutive rivalry in school history. CSU         Jamal Jackson: A promising sophomore with the
     went 29-35 against Hiram with the 64 games                 1994-95 Vikings, Jackson was a second team
     played being the most CSU has played against               all-league choice after leading the team in scor-
     any opponent.                                              ing (16.4) and rebounding (8.1). He set a school
                                                                record for most points by a reserve when he poured
                                  The Horizon League:           in 31 points against Southern Utah State on Dec.
                                  Formerly known as             5, 1994. His life was tragically cut short in the
                                  the Midwestern Col-           summer of 1995 when he was murdered on a visit
                                  legiate Conference            to his hometown of Boston.
                                  until a name change
                                  in 2001. CSU left             Dave Kyle: Inducted into the CSU Hall of Fame in
                                  the Mid-Continent in          1987, Kyle played for CSU from 1974-77. He was
                                  1994 in favor of the          an honorable mention All-America choice in 1975-
     MCC, joining forces with five fellow Mid-Continent          76 when he set school records for points (613),        Before his life was tragically cut short following his
     members — UIC, Northern Illinois, Milwaukee,               field goals (255) and FG percentage (.544). CSU’s       sophomore year in 1994-95, Jamal Jackson was one
                                                                                                                       of the most promising players in the Midwestern
     Green Bay and Wright State — to enter the highly           Athlete of the Year in 1975-76 and Most Outstand-
                                                                                                                       Collegiate Conference.

88   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                          2008-09 Men’s Basketball
                                                                                             2008-09 VIKINGS
                                                                                                             McLendon Scholarship Classic: The annual
                                                                                                             basketball game, which is hosted by CSU in con-
                                                                                                             junction with the National Association of Collegiate
                                                                                                             Directors of Athletics (NACDA), debuted during the
                                                                                                             2007-08 season to benefit several scholarships in
                                                                                                             the name of Hall of Fame basketball coach John
                                                                                                             McLendon and his wife, JoAnna. Cleveland State
                                                                                                             lost to Ohio State on Dec. 18, 2007 at Quicken
                                                                                                             Loans Arena in the inaugural series event. CSU
                                                                                                             will host Kansas State on Saturday, Nov. 22 in the
                                                                                                             second annual event.

                                                                                                             Ken ‘Mouse’ McFadden: The catalyst of the Kevin
                                                                                                             Mackey-led teams of the late 1980’s, McFadden
                                                                                                             ended his career as CSU’s career scoring leader
                                                                                                             with 2,256 points while also owning the career
                                                                                                             marks for assists (463) and free throws made
                                                                                                             (597) and attempted (741). He was named to
                                                                                                             four All-America squads and owned a national
                                                                                                             reputation unmatched by any Viking. The 6-1 guard
                                                                                                             from New York City has been voted into both the
                                                                                                             CSU and Greater Cleveland Sports Halls of Fame.
                                                                                                             Navy: The Midshipmen, led by center David Rob-
Kevin Mackey’s passion, which helped him to a school-record .673 winning percentage (142-69), is shown       inson, ended CSU’s record-setting 1985-86 season
in the series of sideline photos from the 1986-87 season.                                                    with a 71-70 victory in the Sweet 16 round of the
                                                                                                             NCAA Tournament. The Vikes gained a measure
extremely active in alumni affairs after gradua-                                 Rollie Massimino:
                                                                                                             of revenge when they scorched Navy for a school
tion until his death at the age of 47 in 1989. An                                The head coach of
                                                                                                             record 70 first half points in a 106-98 victory at the
endowed scholarship bearing his name is awarded                                  the Vikings from
                                                                                                             Gator Bowl Tournament on Dec. 1, 1990.
annually to an undergraduate working in a service                                1996-2003, he sur-
position with the athletic department.                                           passed the 500-vic-
                                                                                                             NCAA Tournament: CSU has made only one
                                                                                 tory mark for his
                                                                                                             trip to the NCAA Tournament, but it was some
Peter B. Lewis: A serious basketball fan, the CEO                                career against with
                                                                                                             journey. In March of 1986, the Vikes ignited the
and president of The Progressive Corporation, a                                  an 82-64 win over
                                                                                                             city and captivated the country with their first
major insurance organization headquartered in                                    Duquesne on Dec.
                                                                                                             round victory over Indiana at the Carrier Dome in
suburban Mayfield Heights, presented the CSU                                      27, 2001. The win
                                                                                                             Syracuse and continued their march to the Sweet
Athletic Department with a donation of $1 mil-                                   made him just the
                                                                                                             16 with a 75-69 win over St. Joseph’s (PA) in the
lion in 1997, the largest gift ever received by the                              16th coach ever to
                                                                                                             second round. A borderline “possession” call in
department. The gift was used to build the Peter                                 win both an NCAA
                                                                                                             the final seconds of the East Regional semifinals
Lewis Center for Academic and Athletic Excel-           championship and 500 games and the second
                                                                                                             at The Meadowlands led to a driving basket by
lence in the Wolstein Center. The Peter Lewis           to achieve win number 500 while at Cleveland
                                                                                                             Navy’s David Robinson with less than 10 seconds
Center includes a computer and learning lab, a          State.
                                                                                                             remaining to clinch a 71-70 win for the Middies
state-of-the-art interactive classroom/theater;
                                                                                                             and eliminate the Vikings.
and a student recreation and staff entertainment        John McLendon: The most renowned of all Viking
area. It is equipped with a kitchen for team meals      bench bosses, he served as head coach from 1966-
                                                                                                             NIT: Once the top post-season tournament op-
and VIP functions and an updated strength and           69. He became the first black coach to head a
                                                                                                             portunity in the country, it took a backseat to
conditioning center.                                    major college basketball program at an integrated
                                                                                                             the NCAA Championships when it emerged as
                                                        school when he took over the reins at CSU in 1966.
                                                                                                             a powehouse tournament in the 1960’s. Now a
Kevin Mackey: The holder of the CSU record for          Just nine games into his tenure, the man who
                                                                                                             32-team tournament whose field is selected once
highest winning percentage by a Viking head             was considered one of the leading proponents
                                                                                                             the NCAA Championship lineup is determined,
coach (.673), he guided the team to its only NCAA       of fastbreak basketball won No. 500 in startling
                                                                                                             Cleveland State has taken part in it three times,
Tournament bid in 1986 and to national accolades        headline-making fashion at Walsh College. The
                                                                                                             boasting a 2-3 overall record in the tourney. CSU
when it advanced to the Sweet 16. Mackey then           home team captured the opening tip and held the
                                                                                                             first played in the NIT in both 1986-87 and 1987-
guided CSU to two straight NIT post-season ap-          ball for almost nine minutes before taking—and
                                                                                                             88, taking a two-decade break before playing in
pearances (1987 & 1988) as well as its first-ever        missing—the first shot of the game. The tempo
                                                                                                             it again in 2007-08.
conference championship (1986). He compiled a           never picked up as CSU won, 24-22. McLendon was
142-69 record in seven seasons, including four          inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1979,
20 win seasons and a school-record 29 wins in           owning a 523-165 record.
2008-09 Men’s Basketball                                                                    C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   89
                         2008-09 VIKINGS
     Numbers Of Note: Every Viking fan should know:            The PE Building: Opened in 1973, the $9.1 million     Manhattan hotel to a game in Brooklyn versus Long
        10 & 14. . . the retired jersey numbers of Mouse       Physical Education Building provided Cleveland        Island University on New York’s subway system.
     McFadden and Franklin Edwards respectively.               State with its first true varsity, intramural and      The team did try to book passage on a train from
        27-3. . . the final regular season record of the        instructional physical education facilities. The      Sioux City, Iowa to Billings, Montana in 1970, to
     1985-86 team which earned it an at-large berth            building features two major competitive arenas,       avoid a 9-hour plane layover in Rapid City, S.D.,
     in the NCAA Tournament.                                   one a 50-meter by 25-yard competitive pool which      but that effort ended abruptly when the railway
        29-4. . . the 1985-86 team’s final record.              was in its early years considered the fastest pool    agent explained he would have no trouble moving
        17. . . CSU’s highest final national ranking in a       in the nation and became the site of four NCAA        the team’s livestock, but couldn’t get all those
     season (by USA Today, 1986).                              Division I National Swimming Championships.           people on the same train.
        7,9,12,14,15. . . highest preseason ranking            The other, the 3,000-plus seat Woodling Gym,
     (by various publications prior to start of 1986-87        hosted CSU’s first on-campus varsity basketball        LaMoyne Porter: The oldest player to take the
     season).                                                  game on Feb. 2, 1974 and eventually evolved into      court for the Vikings, Porter played for CSU from
        1. . . The team’s rank in final NCAA statistics in      a quintessential “home court advantage gym”           1969-71. After leading Cleveland East Tech High
     1985-86 in average margin of victory (19.3) and           before the varsity abandoned it in 1991 for the       School to a state title, he enlisted in the Air Force
     steals per game (13.2).                                   Wolstein Center. It remains the home for CSU vol-     and served for eight years. In 1969, Porter left the
        68. . . number of consecutive games that               leyball and wrestling.                                military and enrolled at CSU. He was 29-years old
     Franklin Edwards scored in double figures, a school                                                              when he took the floor for CSU during the 1969-70
     record.                                                   Peering Viking: The new athletic and spirit logo      season and he went on to set school records for
                                                               for Cleveland State, it made its debut on Aug. 22,    points (384) and free throw percentage (.800) en
     Ted Okonski: In-                                          2007, replacing Vike, the cartoon character that      route to earning team Most Outstanding Player
     ducted into the                                           had served as the primary athletic logo for more      honors. He went on to score 180 points and grab
     CSU Hall of Fame in                                       than a decade. The new mark was created by Frank      108 rebounds at the age of 30 during the 1970-71
     1980, Okonski and                                         Cucciarre, a former designer in the CSU Marketing     campaign, his last at CSU.
     his brother, Walter,                                      and Public Affairs office, who is now the president
     played for Fenn Col-                                      of Blink Concepts & Design in Perrysburgh, Ohio.      Public Hall: With no on-campus gym, CSU pur-
     lege from 1929-32.                                                                                              chased a portable floor and moved its basketball
     Ted scored seven of                                                                                             act to Public Hall for the 1970-71 season. A part
     Fenn’s 18 points in                                                                                             of the Cleveland Convention Center, the Hall served
     a 27-18 loss to Hi-                                                                                             as the Vikes’ full-time home until Woodling Gym
     ram in the school’s                                                                                             opened during the 1973-74 season. Even then,
     first game. A third                                                                                              the team continued to play the bulk of its games
     brother, Ed, lettered
     for Fenn from 1935-
                                                               Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Seventy-two
     Overtime: CSU has played three games that have            seasons of competition have taken the men’s
     been extended to four overtime periods. It defeated       cage team to 38 of the 50 states plus Canada,
     Kenyon, 45-42, to give Bill Gallagher his first win        Switzerland, Italy and Spain. To get to those games
     as Fenn head coach on Dec. 6, 1958. On Dec.               the squad has traveled by car, van, chartered bus,
     4, 1982, CSU dropped a 91-89 decision to Kent             a school-owned bus, commercial airliner and for
     State. The Vikings turned the tables on KSU on            one adventurous period in the early ‘70s via a
     Dec. 23, 1993 when they won a 104-101 thriller            chartered 17-passenger converted B-17 bomber.
     in the Wolstein Center. CSU is 37-34 all-time on          The team has never traveled by boat and, oddly,
     overtime games.                                           the closest they have come to train transportation
                                                               was in 1975 when the Vikes traveled from their

                                                                                                                     Cleveland State has a 2-4 record playing in nearby
                                                                                                                     Quicken Loans Arena, including this win over Ohio
     The completion of the Physical Education Center (left) in 1973 gave CSU Athletics its first true athletic
                                                                                                                     State in 1994.
     venue, consisting of Woodling Gym (right) and Busbey Natatorium.
90   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                        2008-09 Men’s Basketball
                                                                                             2008-09 VIKINGS
at the Hall until Kevin Mackey elected to move
all the home games to Woodling for the 1984-85
season. However, the team returned intermittently
to the Hall after its 1986 success in the NCAA’s,
defeating Wright State, 99-92, in its final contest
there on Nov. 25, 1990 in the consolation finals of
the North Coast Tournament.

Quicken Loans Arena: Normally the home to
the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Vikings own a 2-5
mark in The “Q” (formerly known as Gund Arena),
doing so as part of six Rock ‘N Roll Shootout ap-
pearances and the 2007-08 meeting with Ohio
State that served as the inaugural game in the
McClendon Scholarship Classic. Included in the
record is a 75-73 victory over Ohio State on Dec.
17, 1994, the Vikings’ first win over Ohio State in    Completed in 1991 at a cost of $55 million, the Wolstein Center served as a site of the 2005 NCAA Men’s Basketball
five meetings. CSU has also served as the host of      Tournament first and second round games.
an NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four (2006-07)
and regional (2005-06) in the facility.               season (111), becoming the only Viking to record           on the way to a 22-6 record and the Mid-Continent
                                                      a steal in every game in a season in 1989-90. He           regular-season title. The 1992-93 streak is CSU’s
Quiet Strength: The book by Indianapolis Colts        is the only Viking in the career top 10 in assists,        longest regular-season winning streak.
head coach Tony Dungy that has served as the          steals and blocks.
textbook for the third year of Success Class at                                                                  Mike Sweeney: The 28th — and most recent —
CSU. Instituted prior to the start of the 2006-07     Run & Stun: The immortalized name of the CSU               Viking basketball player inducted into the CSU Hall
season by head coach Gary Waters, the first year       attack installed by Kevin Mackey based on revolv-          of Fame when he was honored in January of 2005.
of Success Class was based on John Wooden’s           ing his players every four minutes to allow them to        Known for his competitiveness and toughness, he
book, Pyramid of Success. Last year, Waters           apply full court pressure during their entire stay         used electric stimulation on his knees when he was
turned to John Maxell’s Talent Is Never Enough        on the floor.                                               on the bench during games to battle tendonitis.
as his inspiration for the class. Waters teaches                                                                 A four-time recipient of the team’s Viking Award,
the weekly non-credit class to his players in order   Streaks: The longest winning streaks in school             he fought through chronic injuries to help lead his
to instill upon the Vikings what is necessary to      history are a pair of 14-game streaks. CSU won             team’s to a then-school record 67 wins during his
become a success, both on the court and in their      14 in a row from Jan. 27, 1986 to March 16, 1986           career. He was the squad’s sixth-man of the year
every day life.                                       en route to a 29-4 record, advancing to the Sweet          as a sophomore and started 46 games his final
                                                      16 of the NCAA Tournament. In 1992-93, CSU                 two years. He played professionally in Norway,
Clinton Ransey: An All-America choice in both         won 14 straight games from Jan. 16-Feb. 24, 1993           returning to CSU as an assistant coach for the
1984-85 and 1985-86, he was the first Viking to                                                                   1984-85 season.
earn all-league honors three times. He shares
the school mark with 125 career games played                                                                     Threes: The Vikings enter the 2008-09 campaign
with Eddie Bryant, starting a record 122 contests.                                                               having made a three-pointer in a school record
He ranks third in CSU annals with 1,946 points.                                                                  327 straight games dating back to the first game
Named the team’s Most Outstanding Player in                                                                      of the 1998-99 season. William Stanley holds the
both 1985 and 1987, he was selected to the Mid-                                                                  school individual record with a three-pointer in 19
Continent’s All-Decade Team in 1992.                                                                             straight games from February of 1989 to January
                                                                                                                 of 1990. Greg Allen holds the season mark with
Vince Richards: A regular in the Viking lineup from                                                              a trey in 18 straight contests during the 1991-92
1981-86, he became the first CSU player to make                                                                   season.
a three-pointer, doing so at Michigan on Dec. 8,
1981 in a game using the Big Ten’s experimental                                                                  Darren Tillis: A first team All-American on the
three-point rule.                                                                                                1981-82 First Interstate Bank (previously Helms
                                                                                                                 Foundation) Team, the 6-11 215-pound native
Pete Ritzema: The 7’2” center was the tallest                                                                    of Dallas, Texas was the third leading rebounder
player to ever don a Viking uniform and was just                                                                 in the nation as a senior (12.8 rpg). He set a
the third seven-footer to play for CSU.                                                                          CSU career record with 197 blocked shots and a
                                                                                                                 single season record with 346 rebounds, becoming
Kenny Robertson: A Viking from 1986-90, Robert-                                                                  just the second player in school history to record
                                                      In January, 2005, Mike Sweeney became the 28th
son set an NCAA career record with 341 steals. He                                                                1,000 rebounds (1,045) in a career. He became
                                                      Viking basketball player inducted into the CSU Athlet-
holds CSU’s records for steals in a game (12) and     ics Hall of Fame.                                          the Vikings’ second NBA first round selection,

2008-09 Men’s Basketball                                                                         C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y   91
                         2008-09 VIKINGS
     going to the Boston Celtics in the 1982 draft. He      Wolstein, who passed away in May, 2004, was a         Athletic Scholarships, was annually providing
     was inducted into the CSU Athletic Fall of Fame        graduate of the Cleveland-Marshall School of Law.     help for student-athletes in several sports. Just
     in 1999.                                               He was a fixture in the professional sports scene      like Woody did.
                                                            in Cleveland, serving as the founder and owner of
     Unsung Hero: The fourth                                the Cleveland Force indoor soccer team. It was        YMCA: The Fenn Foxes played the first home game
     floor atrium in the Wol-                                named after the couple made the latest in a long      in the program’s history against Detroit Tech on
     stein Center Annex has                                 string of contributions to the university, a $6.25    Dec. 28, 1929 at the YMCA located in downtown
     been named in his honor,                               million commitment to CSU Foundation that was         Cleveland. Fenn College, which was affiliated with
     serving as a reminder                                  the largest philanthropic gift in CSU history.        the YMCA at the time, owned a 1-1 record head-
     of the tireless efforts                                                                                      ing into the contest. Fenn opened the year with
     by Patrick Sweeney to                                                                                                   a 27-18 loss at Hiram on Dec. 6 before
     make the Wolstein Cen-                                                                                                  winning, 50-22, at Wilcox on Dec. 7.
     ter a reality. Sweeney,
     who was the minority leader in the Ohio House of                                                                       Youngstown State: The rivalry with
     Representatives in the early 80’s, played a major                                                                      Youngstown State is the oldest in
     role in securing the state’s approval for the con-                                                                     school history, having begun during the
     struction of the Wolstein Center. Now a part-time                                                                      1930-31 season when Fenn defeated
     CSU professor, he can be found in his courtside                                                                        Youngstown, 35-18, in the 15th game
     seat at Viking basketball games, a tradition he                                                                        in school history. The schools have
     established for himself long before there was a                                                                        battled 69 times in 47 seasons of play
     Wolstein Center.                                                                                                       with the Penguins holding a 35-34 edge.
                                                                                                                            Youngstown State and Akron (44) are
     Vikings: When Fenn College faded into history, so                                                                      the only schools CSU has played in 40
     too did the athletic teams’ nickname of the Foxes.                                                                     or more seasons.
     A survey of the student body came up with several
     new names which were voted on in a campus-wide                                                                         Derrick Zeigler: A multi-talented
     election. While athletic department personnel                                                                          player with CSU from 1993-97, Zeigler
     quietly rooted for such appropriate candidates                                                                         is one of two Vikings to end his career
     as “Foresters” or “Lakers,” when the ballots were      The Wolstein Center: The crown jewel in CSU’s         with 700 points, 400 rebounds, 200 assists and
     counted the landslide winner was “Vikings.”            conglomerate of athletic facilities, the Wolstein     100 steals. A force on defense, Zeigler was named
     Where did THAT come from? Election analysts had        Center is headquarters for Viking basketball, hous-   to the MCC’s All-Defensive Team as a senior in
     no problem coming up with the answer. Seems that       ing a 13,610-seat arena along with the athletic       1996-97.
     Cleveland State was drawing heavily upon Cleve-        administration and basketball offices. Built at a
     land St. Joseph High School for students at the        cost of $55 million and opened in 1991, the build-
     time. The nickname of St. Joe’s rabidly supported      ing annually holds numerous major public events
     athletic teams? The Vikings, of course.                ranging in scope from concerts and rodeos to trade
                                                            shows and business meetings. It has served as
     Bert L. & Iris S. Wolstein: The philanthropic couple   the site of the NCAA Division I championships in
     for whom the Wolstein Center gets its name. Bert       wrestling and women’s volleyball and the first
                                                            and second rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball

                                                            “Woody”: Seemingly nobody at Fenn College and
                                                            later Cleveland State knew him by any other name
                                                            for 45 years until they named Homer E. Woodling
                                                            Gym after him. He came to Fenn to start an in-
                                                            tercollegiate athletics program and stayed on to
                                                            launch every men’s varsity program in existence
                                                            here today. He coached most of those sports too,
                                                            including basketball for its first 12 years (1929-
                                                            41) and one encore season much later (1952-53).
                                                            He also drove the team bus and served as trainer,
                                                            equipment man and surrogate father. After 36          Derrick Ziegler is one of two Vikings to finish his
                                                            years as Fenn’s only athletic director, he spent      career with 700 points, 400 rebounds, 200 assists
                                                            one more year in office as Cleveland State’s AD.       and 100 steals.
        Homer Woodling, who served as athletic
                                                            When he died on Sept. 14,1984, he had the satis-
        director at Fenn College from 1929-66, is
                                                            faction of knowing that the athletic department’s
        widely recognized as the father of intercol-
                                                            largest endowed fund, the Homer E. Woodling
        legiate athletics at CSU.
92   C L E V E L A N D S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y                                                    2008-09 Men’s Basketball

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