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									                                                                                                                      WEAVING A NET
              Organizing Sponsors                                                Our Purpose

   Duke Human                      Univ. of North
                                                                  We are convening a coalition of human rights,
   Rights Center                   Carolina Center                faith-based, activist, legal and professional
                                   for Global                     groups to coordinate a push for accountability
                                                                  for extraordinary rendition at the state and

                                                                  regional levels.
   North Carolina                  The Trent
   Stop Torture Now                Foundation                     Accountability means:

   Karl von der                    University of
                                                                  (1) Creating and distributing a detailed and
   Heyden                          North Carolina                 broadly available public record of North
   Endowment at                    Office of                       Carolina’s state and local involvement in

   Duke University                 International
                                   Affairs                        extraordinary rendition;
                                                                  (2) Building alliances at the state, national and
    University of North Carolina School of                        international levels to push for accountability;
    Law, Immigration & Human Rights Policy
                    Clinic                                        and
                                                                  (3) Preventing continued use of state and local
                     Co-Sponsors                                  infrastructure for torture and extraordinary
ACLU of North Carolina
ACLU of Western North
                                  Piedmont Unitarian
                                  Universalist Peace Alliance
                                  NC Triangle Veterans for
                                                                  rendition through recommendations and new
                                                                  laws implemented at the local and state level.       TAKING ON EXTRAORDINARY
                                                                                                                      RENDITION AT THE STATE AND
American Muslim Political         Peace                                           Our Method
Leadership & Education PAC        Social Action Committee of
(AMPLE)                           Unitarian Universalist
Amnesty International, Group      Fellowship of Raleigh           To achieve these goals, ”Weaving a Net of
213 (Raleigh)                     War Resister League Asheville   Accountability” will bring together key
Durham Bill of Rights
Defense Committee
Elders for Peace
Human Rights Coalition of NC
Human Rights Law Society,
                                  Wilmington Peace Group
                                  Women's International League
                                  for Peace and Freedom,
                                  Triangle Branch
                                  Minister Robert L Campbell
                                                                  international, national, and local activists,
                                                                  experts and journalists. Participating will be
                                                                  representatives from religious, legal,
                                                                                                                           REGIONAL LEVEL
Duke University Law School        Reverend J. Mark Davidson       psychological, state, ethical, human rights,
Charles M. Jones Peace &          Stephen Dear                    academic, and advocacy groups. A key goal is
Justice Committee of the          Julia Elsee
Community Church of Chapel        Sarah Farber                    to lay the groundwork for a North Carolina           † A FREE PUBLIC CONFERENCE ¢
Hill UU                           Frank Goldsmith                 Commission of Inquiry, composed of respected        Featuring a keynote address. “The Unresolved
Muslim American Society           Deane and Sandy Irving
(MAS)-Freedom                     Reverend Maj-Britt Johnson      North Carolinians and national figures. The          Legacy of Guantánamo” by Scott Horton,
National Lawyers Guild            Cy and Carolyn King             Commission will hold open hearings to create a      Contributing Editor Harper's Magazine, a video
North Carolina Council of         Mark Kleinschmidt
Churches                          Reverend Michelle Cotton
                                                                  formal public record of North Carolina’s role in    teleconference with Bisher al-Rawi, a survivor of
NC Peace Action                   Laws                            the extraordinary rendition program. It will        extraordinary rendition now living in Great
North Carolina Peace Action       J. Griffin Morgan                develop recommendations to local, county and
Education Fund                    Slater Newman                                                                       Britain, and Panel Discussions by International,
Orange County Bill of Rights      Lewis Pitts                     state officials on how to create and/or enforce      National, and Local experts in Law and Human
Defense Committee                 T.D. Poole                      bans on use of tax dollars and public facilities
Orange County Peace               Pat Seibert                                                                         Rights.
Coalition                         Reverend Robert Seymour         for torture and extraordinary rendition.
Orange County Progressive
Peace and Justice Commission
                                  Edward Whitfield
                                  Barbara Zelter
                                                                              Find Out More At
                                                                                                                        APRIL 8-10, 2010
of the Church of Reconciliation
                                                                            DUKE UNIVERSITY
                                                 Schedule of Events
           Thursday, April 8                     extraordinary rendition, obligations under the       Stephen Soldz, president-elect, Psychologists
                                                 Convention Against Torture, and how                  for Social Responsibility; and professor, Boston
  Interfaith Service on Torture                  international norms apply to state actors and        Graduate School of Psychoanalysis – the
5:30-6:15 p.m., Goodson Chapel, Duke Divinity    bystanders.                                          psychology of denial and accountability:
School, Westbrook Bldg., 403 Chapel Drive,                                                            breaking through the fog.
                                                 Margaret Satterthwaite, Director of the Center
Durham, NC                                                                                                  Lessons in Accountability
                                                 for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ)
     The Unresolved Legacy of                    at the NYU School of Law; author of Rendered
                                                                                                      Julia Hall, Counter-Terrorism Researcher in
           Guantánamo                            Meaningless: Extraordinary Rendition and the
                                                                                                      Amnesty International's Europe and Central
                                                 Rule of Law – where North Carolina's hosting of
7:30 p.m., Scott Horton, Contributing Editor,                                                         Asia Programme – where North Carolina fits in
                                                 extraordinary rendition flights fits into national
Harper’s Magazine, presents this, the Keynote                                                         with the rendition and torture accountability
                                                 and international law; and
Address, at Love Auditorium, Levine Science                                                           movement;
Research Center, 308 Research Drive, Duke        Steven Watt, senior staff attorney with the
                                                                                                      Cynthia Brown, Greensboro Truth &
University, West Campus.                         ACLU Human Rights Program, counsel in El
                                                                                                      Reconciliation Commission – lessons from
                                                 Masri v. Tenet and Mohamed v. Jeppesen –
             Friday, April 9                                                                          another grassroots “truth” process; and
                                                 challenges to the CIA’s extraordinary rendition
           Panel Discussions                     program on the status of torture/rendition           Lisa Magarrell, Senior Associate at the
                                                 accountability efforts and their results; state      International Center for Transitional Justice and
9 a.m.-5 p.m., John Hope Franklin Center, Room   secrets, Alien Tort Act, and civil suits.            author, Learning from Greensboro – lessons
240, 2204 Erwin Road, Duke University, Durham,                                                        from North Carolina and abroad for grassroots
NC. Lunch provided. RSVP Requested to Duke       Steven Edelstein, North Carolina civil and
                                                                                                      accountability work in North Carolina.
Human Rights Center via:,        employment rights lawyer, Edelstein & Payne –
919•668•6511, or   legal obligations of state and local officials.        A Roundtable: Developing a North
                                                                                                         Carolina Process for Torture
    North Carolina's Role in the                               Working Lunch                                    Accountability
       “Global Spider Web” of
     Extraordinary Rendition to                  Dr. Edward Horgan, Co-founder Shannon                Chaired by: Robin Kirk, Director, Duke Human
              Torture                            Watch, former officer Irish Defence Forces and        Rights Center.
                                                 United Nations Peacekeeper, experienced
Gavin Simpson, the Council of Europe's lead      international election monitor, peace and human                Saturday, April 10
investigator on extraordinary rendition –        rights activist will make a presentation, “Holding
uncovering the extraordinary rendition system;                                                        A by-invitation working meeting to lay the
                                                 the Irish Government Accountable for its
and                                                                                                   groundwork for a North Carolina Commission of
                                                 Failures to Uphold International Laws.”
                                                                                                      Inquiry on Extraordinary Rendition.
Christina Cowger, NC Stop Torture Now –                 The Moral Dimension of                        For additional details, contact:,
evidence assembled in NC and how state and              Extraordinary Rendition                       919•668•6511, or
local leaders have reacted
                                                 Bisher al-Rawi, by video teleconference from
      The Legal Context for                      the U.K., a survivor of extraordinary rendition in
   Extraordinary Rendition and                   2002 from the Gambia to Afghanistan, including
  Outlook for Restorative Justice                imprisonment and torture at two CIA facilities,
UNC law students Paula Kweskin, Taiyyaba         and subsequent transfer to Guantánamo;
Qureshi, and Marianne Twu – a history of         released without charges in 2007 – the human
international legal norms that protect against   reality of extraordinary rendition; and

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