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									Torch Award                                                                                                        THE
              PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT
We hereby certify that
                                                  Enclosed is a check for $_________
(full name)
                                                  or Charge the following credit card
of _____________________________
Conference of The United Methodist Church,            Mastercard        Visa     Discover       Amex
meets all qualifications and criteria stated in
this brochure.
                                                  Card # __________________________
Signed: Both signatures are necessary.            Expir Date_______Security Code______
 ______________________________                   Print name on Card ________________
Conference Scouting Coordinator                   Signature ________________________
 ______________________________                   Billing Address ____________________
Presiding Bishop
                                                  Billing City _______________________
Please send medal, certificate, and               State, Zip ________________________
clutch-back pin to the following address:         email:___________________________
                                                  (if you would like to received email
_______________________                           confirmation of credit card charge)
                                                                          Send to:
                                                           Office of Civic Youth-Serving
                                                                                                          The Emblem
(Telephone Number with Area Code)                                Agencies/Scouting                        The Torch is an emblem
                                                                  P.O. Box 440515                        of Christian faithfulness.
I need this by: __________________                          Nashville, TN 37244-0515                     It recognizes the builders
Please allow a 30 day processing time.                            (615) 340-7145                           of Christian character
If less, it must be accompanied by a $25.00                     Fax (615) 340-1770
rapid processing fee.                                                                                      and service to others.
                                                           Price subject to change without notice.
                                                                This form may be duplicated
THE PURPOSE OF                                  CRITERIA FOR
THE TORCH AWARD                                 NOMINATING A CANDIDATE                                PROCEDURES
The United Methodist Church accepts             THE RECIPIENT OF THE AWARD MUST HAVE                  1. A special committee, appointed annually
the programs of Scouting and Civic Youth-       AN OUTSTANDING RECORD OF SERVICE TO                      by the Conference Committee on
Serving Agencies (Boy Scouts of America,        CHILDREN AND YOUTH AS DETERMINED BY                      Scouting, receives and reviews the nomi-
Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Camp Fire USA,       THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA:                                  nations and names the recipients.
and 4-H) as contributing to the church’s
goals in ministry with children and youth.      1. Is an active member of The United Methodist        2. The annual conference may give one
                                                   Church, demonstrating exceptional Christian           award each year, plus one for each
The United Methodist Church supports the           character.                                            100,000 church members or fraction
use of scouting programs as a proven way                                                                 thereof, and may confer an honorary
of reaching and ministering with boys and       2. Has a continuous record of using and                  award in recognition of meritorious
girls and their families. We urge churches to      supporting the programs (for a minimum of             service to persons not members of the
study the potential for ministry in the use        10 years) of the Scouting and Civic Youth-            annual conference.
of the programs of these organizations.            Serving Agencies in the life of the church at
                                                   the district and annual conference level.          3. Nominations may be made by an individ-
The General Commission on United                                                                         ual, by a local church or by the
Methodist Men, through its Office of            3. Has served these organizations on the unit            Conference Committee on Scouting and
Civic Youth-Serving Agencies/Scouting,             (troop, club, etc.), district, council, or other      forwarded to the special committee by
recognizes men and women who give                  level by active participation in the program.         April 1 each year.
unusual amounts of time and energy in
dedicated service to children and youth         4. Has a record of counseling young people            4. A citation will be prepared by the special
through these organizations.                       enrolled in the religious awards programs.            committee to be read in the annual
                                                                                                         conference session when the award is
The Torch Award is an appropriate               5. Is actively recruiting men and women                  presented.
recognition for adult leaders who have             for leadership in these organizations and
given exceptional service in the use and           programs.                                          5. Upon approval, the application is mailed
promotion of these programs.                                                                             to the Office of Civic Youth-Serving
                                                6. Has served effectively as a member of a               Agencies/Scouting in Nashville, Tennessee.
                                                   denominational or interdenominational                 A certificate of merit will be prepared
                                                   Church Committee on Scouting.                         along with a medal and clutch-back pin.
                                                                                                         A check for $50.00 (made out to OCYSA)
                                                7. Has served as a Camp Chaplain or has helped           must accompany the application to
                                                   promote religious services within one of the          cover all costs. Please allow 30 days for
                                                   scouting programs.                                    processing.

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