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					Camera Mounting Information

Info and images of the sea perch video camera mounting are provided.

In competition last year, there were some delays caused by non compatibility of some of
the team's video equipment to provided monitors. This year we will provide a
complete camera/battery/monitor set up in each lane so each team will be given
tie wraps to mount the provided camera to their sea perch (judges will help). The
below along with attached images provide the info necessary for teams to plan for
camera mounting.

The video camera mounting plate is 2 inch by 2 inch square. The mounting holes are
1.5 inch by 1.5 inch square. The total height of the camera and mount is 4 inches. The
total length of the camera is 6 inches. It will be close to neutrally buoyant, so it will not
drastically affect the ballast of the craft.

If a team chooses to use a camera that they have, they will be responsible to provide
power to the camera. We have a limited number of BNC to RCA connectors, so if you
need this connector for your camera please let us know. The judges will help attach the
camera to you Perch using zip ties and tape.If a team chooses to bring their own camera
already mounted on their sea perch, then you must:

 1) provide battery power for your camera
 2) notify Bob Valtos at in advance and identify the type of
connection that the camera has to interface with the monitors.

Any questions, please e-mail Bob Valtos ( or Steve Michetti