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     Apply my extensive technical skills & business experience as a S oft ware Architect /
     Developer Consultant on a contractual basis.

         More than 17 years experience developing and deploying solutions using a wide variety
      of technologies.
        Very recent experience with the latest Web 2.0 technologies and Open Source
      Frameworks, including Spring, Hibernate, A CEGI S ecurity, Dojo Toolkit, DHTML, XML, and
      the Javascript-based TinyMCE Editor. This experienc e also included the architecting of a
      software product that had to be deployable to multiple back-end technologies.
         Recent experience as a founding team member of a California-bas ed startup, working
      from the initial business concept, providing the technology leaders hip through a Series A
      round of funding, and on to becoming a Series-B funded company using high-profile
      investors and Venture Capital firms based in Palo Alto, California. The company was
      ultimately purchased by Intuit for $60 Million cash within 3 years of being established.
       Hands-on experience in many roles including s oft ware architect, software developer,
      development team lead, business analyst, DBA, technical evaluator of 3 party software,
      mentor to developers, technical project manager.
       Specific expertise wit h a number of Java Application Servers including Tomcat, JBoss,
      OracleAS, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere and A TG Dynamo.
       Specific expertise with a number of Database Servers including MySQL, Oracle, SQL
       Direct consulting experience with Content Management Systems (CMS) and Learning
      Management Systems (LMS).
         Excellent business, inter-personal, leadership and communication skills.
       Unique ability to straddle both the technical and business worlds, and to provide insight
      and cohesiveness to both sides of this sometimes difficult divide, aimed at providing
      appropriate solutions to meet the business need.
         Honesty, integrity and professionalism in all situations .
         Ample experience working in high-pressure situations with tight timelines.


          2006–2008 Prinova Software Inc.

          Ma y 2006 –     Senior Software Architect – Product Development
          March 2008      Goal: Architect and build a brand new E nterprise Software Product
              aimed at the large-scale print industry, while concurrently building a
              brand new office and staffing it with personnel from the local high-t ech
                 Architected and built a brand new web-based Enterprise Software
                  Product to assist users in the manipulation & production of high -
                  volume print jobs, using the latest Java Open Source Frameworks
                  and Utilities, while adopting a Web 2.0 approach. Technologies
                  utilized in building the web-based software product, which had to be
                  deployable to multiple back-end technologies concurrently, included
                  Spring, Hibernate, ACEGI Security, Dojo Toolkit, TinyMCE Editor,
                  DHTML, XML, Tomcat, IBM WebS phere, BEA WebLogic, JB oss,
                  MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle 10G.
                 As the first technology employee for this brand new company,
                  established a local team of talented technology employees, which
                  grew from one (myself) to more than ten, in less than two years .
                 Handled all IT-related tasks for the first year, including establishing
                  a local server room, finding an ISP, sourcing hardware, setting up
                  multiple environments to host our s oft ware, directing IT staff on
                  day-to-day tasks and priorities.
                 Performed multiple client demos of the new soft ware product,
                  handled due diligence exercises with various V C’s, matched client
                  requirements against software product features & functionality, lead
                  technical client discussions regarding new features required for
                  their environment.

2004–2006                 StepUp Commerce, Inc. -

Ma y 2004 –   Chief Architect – StepUp Commerce, Inc.
Apr 2006
              Goal: Create a brand new consumer-focused e-commerce web site,
              starting from the initial business concept, which allows shoppers to
              connect with merchants and find relevant products in their local area.
                 One of 3 Founding Team Members, including CEO Kendall Fargo
                  and VP of Marketing Frank Loeffler (both formerly of Handspring).
                 Participated in growing the overall value of the business f rom an
                  idea and an initial $150k investment, to a $60M buyout by Intuit, as
                  Chief Architect.
                 Translat ed business requirements int o technical solutions, through
                  ongoing discussion & prioritization of the business goals.
                 Architected 6 new systems, primarily using Java/ J2EE tec hnologies
                  running on an open source plat form (Apac he, JBoss, mySQL):
                      o   Public web     site   which   exposes    localized   inventory
                      o   mySQL database tables and the associated SQL query
                      o   Back-end data import system to process the incoming data
                      o   Internal administration system
                      o   Merchant administration system, used by local retailers, to
                          manage their invent ory
                      o   QuickBooks client which automatically extracts information
                          from onsite retail systems and submits product inventory
                          information to the StepUp web site
                 Managed the relationships & deliverables for the entire
                  development team which included Java development contractors,
                  the QuickBooks client developer, the QA team, and
                  various IT experts.
                 Involved in the company’s fund raising process, by educating
                  investors on the value of the company’s technological advantages .

Nov 2004 –    Java Software Architect –
Feb 2005
              (while concurrently working part-time on
              Goal: Re-architect an existing web site to implement a new S OA
                 Design a new architecture t hat leverages some existing
                  components, utilizes a new set of infrastructure components from a
                  3 party vendor, and uses an XML-bas ed back-end servic es layer.
                 Responsible for managing the workload of 3 Java developers .
                 Met frequently with the client and 3 party vendors to work through
                  the design & architecture issues related to the new system.

2003–2004 Research In Motion (RIM)

Aug 2003 –    Systems Architect – IT Business Systems Group
April 2004    Goal: Architect new and maintain existing internal -facing applications,
              as well as provide technical consulting expertise for RIM internal
              groups, assisting with t echnol ogy assessment, selection and
              implementation decisions.
                 Architected a new wireless-enabled application to assist on-call
                  personal with system support issues.
                 Maintained and enhanced suite of internal-facing Java applications.
                 Cons ulted with the eLearning group on their requirements for an
                  LMS, as well as participat ed as the lead technical resource in
                  evaluating and performing due diligence on several vendor
                 Technical Lead on an Identity Management P roject with t he goal of
                  selecting a vendor Product Suite and implementing a single sign-on
                  capability for two of RIM’s external-facing business systems.

2002–2003 Oracle

Sept 2002 –   Technical      Consultant       (Pre-Sales)–       Java     &    J2EE
July 2003     Products
              Goal: Educate existing and potential c ustomers, as well as internal
              employees, about Oracle’s set of Java Products.
                 Build and deliver Proof-Of-Concept prototypes to customers who
                  wish to see Oracle’s Java Technology in action.
                 Understood customer requirements by directly discussing their
                  business needs, developed technical specifications bas ed on t he
                  their requirements and outsourced the development of proof-of-
                  concept solutions to a Java Development Team in India, lat er
                  delivering those solutions directly to the customers
                 Deliver online training iS eminars about specific Java products or
                  features including Web Services support, Oracle9iAS, JSP Tag
                  Library support in the JDeveloper IDE, Oracle WebCac he, Oracle’s
                  BC4J Framework, Struts support, Oracle9iAS clustering, etc.
                 Delivered a keynote talk at the March 2003 Toronto Java Users
                  Group meeting on “Advanced Persistence Architecture Utilizing
                  Oracle TopLink”

1998–2002 Cyberplex

Mar 2002 –    Java Software Architect
Aug 2002
              Goal: Architect a new enterprise system to facilitate the storage and
              delivery of eLearning Content.
                 Attended several meetings with client to determine project scope
                 Developed detailed specifications
                 Documented requirements with design strat egy, system taxonomy,
                  use cases, software arc hitecture and ER Diagrams
                 Selected appropriate technologies to meet project requirements
                 Wrote proof-of-concept code in Java

Jan 2002 -    Java Software Developer
Feb 2002      Goal: Develop a web-based proto-type system, which demonstrates the
              concepts involved in a large integrated system.
                 Designed a working 3-tier solution which would demonstrate the
                  concepts for a new web-bas ed integration net work
                 Developed a solution utilizing several technologies including:
                  Jakarta Struts; Java Beans; Java Servlets; J2EE; S ession E JBs;
                  Oracle Database; Oracle Stored Procedures; BEA WebLogic
                  Application Server

Sept 2001 -   Strategic Technical Consultant
Dec 2001      Goal: Review, analyze and recommend 3 party technical software
              solutions to meet very specific customer needs.
                 Interviewed client to det ermine the perceived need
                 Examined int ernal inefficiencies to diagnose existing process
                 Developed client requirements documentation
                 Developed detailed questionnaire and product scoring spreadsheet
                 Performed onsite reviews of several 3 party software vendors
                 Documented findings and wrote summarizing documentation and
                  PowerPoint presentation with recommendations
                 Presented findings to CEO and other high-level executives at client
Ma y 2001 -   Java Software Developer
Aug 2001      Goal: Develop a web-bas ed product schematic tracking system, which
              allows the user to easily determine the cost of any sub-component,
              within the entire electronic product hierarchy of the Handspring Visor.
              Client: Handspring
                 Met with the client to determine project feasibility
                 Developed initial scoping documentation to develop high -level
                  timeline and budget constraints
                 Participated in det ailed tec hnical design sessions with a group of
                  technical arc hitects, information architects and user-centered
                  design specialists
                 Developed work plans         and    delegat ed        work   amongst   the
                  development team
                 Developed the final s olution utilizing several technologies including:
                  Jakarta Struts; Java Beans; Java Servlets; J2EE; S ession E JBs;
                  Oracle Database; Oracle Stored Procedures; Formula One
                  Spreadsheet Control; JRun Application Server

Feb 2000 -    Development Manager for
Apr 2001      Goal: Provide overall leadership for a development organization with a
              focus on the delivery of multiple simultaneous software development
              Client: Handspring
                 Key organizational contact for Handspring
                 Regularly traveled to California to meet with various client
                  representatives, review progress on c urrent projects, and discuss
                  new work opportunities
                 Originally focused on t he development of software solutions for
                  critical problems on a technical platform of InterS hop 1.0, which
                  used Perl and SQL as the development language
                 Client -focused responsibilities included investigating all new project
                  opportunities, working with the client through business analysis and
                  scoping efforts, managing client expectations and deliverables, and
                  producing documented agreements for client sign -off
                 Internally-focused responsibilities included managing the entire
                  internal development team devoted to our client, assumed
                  responsibility for all resource allocations, mentoring and fostering
                  growth in the development organization, handling rare performance
                  issues with an internal developer
                 Handled a wide variety of development tasks, with the web-based
                  development utilizing ATG Dynamo, Java & JSP and the back -end
                  order processing system utilizing VB & Microsoft COM
                 Assisted the client with long-range technical archit ecture planning
                 Applied our 4D project life-cycle development process to ensure

Nov 1999 -    Strategic Technical Consultant
Jan 2000      Goal: Review, analyze and recommend a 3 party B 2C software
              solution for the next-generation Handspring web site.
             Client: Handspring
                Performed technic al evaluation of existing problems on the
        web site
                Developed client requirements documentation
                Short-listed several t echnologies including A TG Dynamo,
                 Broadvision, InterS hop, iPlanet, IBM WebSphere and BEA
                Developed detailed questionnaire for each soft ware vendor
                Performed multiple onsite reviews of short-listed vendors
                Documented findings and wrote summarizing documentation a nd
                 PowerPoint presentation with recommendations
                Presented findings to CEO and other high-level executives at client
                Began a long-term relationship with Handspring which resulted in
                 nearly two years worth of projects and millions of dollars in annual

Nov 1998 -   Microsoft COM Software Developer
Oct 1999     Goal: Develop soft ware solutions for use on the web site.
             Client: Chapters
                Delivered technical e-commerce solutions for
                 using the Microsoft Commerce S erver p roduct as the eCommerce
                Handled the entire project that split into
                 two sites (www. & s hop. to
                 address scalability conc erns and provide more flexibility with server
                Act as lead developer on several small to mid size projects,
                 performing all technical analysis, estimation efforts, delegation of
                 work, QA and code promotion activities, wit h solutions implemented
                 using ASP and VB/COM on MTS
                Key e-commerce team member for the project,
                 developing & enhancing the functionality of the checkout stream
                 from the shopping cart through to order placement
                Attended several meetings at the client location in Toronto to
                 discuss potential new projects, provide initial estimates of effort fo r
                 various possible solutions, assist the client with selection of a
                 solution, turning those decisions into a project plan and the resulting
                 launch on their web site

1991–1998 Mutual Life/Clarica/SunLife

Oct 1994 -   Microsoft COM Software Developer
Oct 1998     Goal: Develop soft ware solutions for use by the sales agents.
                Developed and maintained VB COM-based client-server soft ware
                 for an audience of over 2000 Mutual Life Insurance Agents

Jun 1991 -   Mainframe Software Developer
         Sept 1994     Goal: Develop soft ware solutions for the internal mainframe community.
                           Developed and maintained mainframe soft ware s olutions for
                            internal clients as part of the Support Services department

     1991-Present Several Training Courses
          Attended c ompetitive Application Server t raining course at Oracle HQ in California (1
           week )
          Attended Oracle TopLink persistence architecture training at Oracle (3 days)
          Attended JavaOne 2002 in San Francisco (1 week)
          ATG Dynamo for Java Developers (1 week)
          Java for C++ Programmers (1 week)
          Advanced Visual Basic (1 week )
          Myers Briggs
          Leadership Skills Training
          Leading E ffective One on One Sessions
          Performance Appraisals & Performance Management Problems
          Effective Objective Setting
          Time Management
          Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
     1991 Wilfrid Laurier University
          Bachelor of A rts – Economics and Computing