Dosing pumps

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					Pump application profile                                                  Dosing pumps
Company name: _________________________
Customer name: _________________________
Address: _________________________
Telephone: _________________________ E-mail address: _________________________

Main application: _________________________            The information marked * must be provided.
application profile
1. Pump data                                             If yes, size of particles: _______________
1.a Required capacity* _________l/h                      4.h Does the liquid have phenomena such as:
1.b Required counter pressure* ________bar
1.c Required power supply* ___________V/Hz               5. Use and environmental conditions*
1.d pump Type. Diaphragm / Plunger                       5.a Injection place
1.e drive type Electric Motor / Pneumatic                Open reservoir
1.f ATEX                                                 Pipeline
1.g EX Zone rating                                       5.b Pressure in the pipeline
1.h IP Rating required                                   Min. _______________ bar
1.i Installation* Wall / Floor                           Max. _______________bar
                                                         5.c Max. temperature at the injection point ____°C
2. Version required                                      5.d Max. ambient temperature ______________ °C
                                                         5.e Suction lift _______________ m
2.a Control panel position*                              5.f Length of suction line _______________ m
S = side-fitted
                                                         5.g Length of discharge line _______________ m
F = front-fitted
                                                         5.h is connection at bottom of tank permitted?
                                                         5.i Dosing into open tank?
3. Application
Cooling tower
Boiler                                                   6. Application details*
Swimming pool                                            6.a Quantity to be dosed
Primary & process water (for industrial application)     Litres per Hour
Biological wastewater & sewage treatment                 _______________
Drinking water treatment
Irrigation                                               Example: 10 ml/l of chlorine or 10 ml/l of a 5% solution, the
3.a OEM application                                      latter meaning that 200 ml/l must be dosed to achieve the
Car wash                                                 correct dosage.
Mechanical component wash
Surface plating                                          7. External pump control*
Other (please specify)                                   7.a Pump control
                                                         Manual / Pulse / 4-20 mA
4. Liquid to be injected                                 Water meter
4.a Type of liquid* _______________                      pH
4.b Commercial name _______________                      Redox (ORP)
4.c Concentration* _______________
4.d Specific gravity_______________                      Other (please specify)_______________
4.e Viscosity at normal liquid temperature* _____
4.f Viscosity at lowest liquid temperature ______
4.g Does it contain solid particles* Yes No
Precipitation              Gasification
Crystallisation            Toxidity mg/m
Pump application profile                                      Dosing pumps

8. Accessories required

      1. Installation kit (pos. 3 + 4 + 5)    12. Counter-pres. and isolating valve
      2. Control cable and plug               13. Automatic vent valve
      3. Tubing                               14. Pulsation dampener
      4. Foot valve                           Connector
      5. Injection valve                      Dummy plug
      6. Multifunction valve                  Pressure gauge
      7. Flow indicator                       15. Priming aid
      8. Pump connection (retro fitting)      16. Tank
      9. Rigid suction line                   Hand mixer
      10. Level control unit                  Electric agitator
      11. Counter-pressure and relief valve   17. Water meter