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									                   AACC 2005 COUNCIL & COMMITTEES
                                    Prem Lalvani, Council Chair – Indian American
                             Suchitra Surapiboonchai, Council Vice-Chair – Thai American
                                John Miller, Council Secretary – Indonesian American
                                             C.W. Chan – Chinese American
                                         Calvin Manshio – Japanese American
                                        Canh Nguyen – Vietnamese American
                                              David Jun – Korean American
                                        Doug Nguyen – Vietnamese American
                                          Dr. Tariq Butt – Pakistani American
                                          Evelyn Nativida – Filipino American
                                       Fr. Ignatius Lam – Vietnamese American
                                       Fr. Joseph Thao – Vietnamese American
                                         Irene Cualoping – Chinese American
                                         Javed Iqbal – Bangladeshi American
                                         Kompha Seth – Cambodian American
                                            Lourdes Mon – Filipino American
                                    Msgr. Jerome Nguyen – Vietnamese American
                                              Paul Park – Korean American
                                             Paul Xiong – Laotian American
                                     Quynh Long Nguyen – Vietnamese American
                                         Rajinder S. Mago – Indian American
                                     Rev. Alfonse Nguyen – Vietnamese American
                                       Rev. Tung Van – Vietnamese Amewrican
                                          Roosy Miller – Indonesian American
                                       Sadruddin Noorani – Pakistani American

                                              HOST COMMITTEE
                                               Chair – Nguyen-Trung Hieu
                                    Co-Chair for Communication – Tran Buu Khanh
                                    Co-Chair for Administration – Nguyen Vu Luan
                                         Co-Chair for Membership – Mai Nghia
                                            Executive Secretary – John Miller
                                       Recording Secretary – Nguyen Duy Doan
                                         Financial Secretary – Tran Hong Phuc
                                       Vietnamese Emcee – Doug Minh Nguyen
                                   Vietnamese Webmaster – Michael Nghia Nguyen
                                     Membership Committee – Nguyen Mai Huong
                                      VIP Committee Chair – Hoang Diem Huong
                                      Conference Chair – Nguyen Xuan Ngoc Mai
                                     Cultural Performance Chair – Dong Tram Anh
                                         VPR Committee Chair – Phan Huu Tai
                                   Correspondence Committee – Nguyen Hoan My
                                      Logistics & Tickets Committee – Ly Da Thao
                                        Hospitality Committee – Cao Bich Ngoc

                                         PLANNING COMMITTEES
    This is a DRAFT document. Please check the spelling of your names. Thanks.
                                            Committee Chairs
                          Asian American Educators Committee Chair – Dr. Myrna Garcia, PhD
                                       Awards Committee Chair – Nguyen Vu Luan, MS
                                       Banquet Committee Chair – Mohinderjit S. Saini
                           Business Involvement Committee Chair – Ekanant Sunggoraneewan
                                  Catholic Seminars Committee Chair – Rev. Joseph Thao
                         Christian Seminars Committee Chairs – Rev. Tung Van & Tran Tan Nhut
                          Community Organizations Involvement Committee Chair – C.W. Chan
                                 Consulate Generals Relations Committee – John Miller, JD
                              Corporate Sponsorship Committee Chair – Sadruddin Noorani
                                   CPS Conference Committee Chair – Dr. Tariq Butt, MD
                                 Cultural Performance Committee Chair2 – Dong Tram Anh
                                Entertainment/Dancing Committee Chair – Nguyen Duc Tri
                                        Exhibits Committee Chair – Thu Anh Vo, MSW
                                   Fashion Show Committee Chair – Nguyen Quynh Long
                                  Government Liaisons Committee Chair – Doug Nguyen
                                   Government Relations Committee Chair – Amelia Ping
                                   Hindu Seminars Committee Chair – Prem Lalvani, MEd
                                         Hospitality Committee Chair – Cao Bich Ngoc
                                      Logistics & Tickets Committee Chair – Ly Da Thao
                                 Interfaith Prayers Committee Chair – Amarpal S. Matharu
                               International Delegations Committee Chair – Du Quang Nam
                                      Islamic Seminars Committee Chair – Roosy Miller
                                       Light & Sound Committee Chair – Mai Xuan Quy
                                         Lion Dance Committee Chair – Tran Duy Hy
                                         Liturgy Committee Chair – Rev. Joseph Thao
                                        Media Committee Chair – Irene Cualoping, JD
                                    Pan-Asian Relations Committee Chair – Lourdes Mon
                                  Political Forum Committee Chair – Rajinder Singh Mago
                                      Political Involvement Committee Chair – Paul Park
                                     Program Book Committee Chair – Tran Buu Khanh
                                        Program Committee Chair – Nguyen Duy Doan
                                       Public Relations Committee Chair – Prem Lalvani
                                   Reception Committee Chair – Hoang Diem Huong, MS
                                    Service Learning Committee Chair – Col. Kevin Kelley
                                     Sikh Seminars Committee Chair – Onkar S. Sangha
                                              Stage Manager – Nguyen Hong Linh
                                       Student Service Committee Chair – Robert Davis
                         Thai Buddhist Seminars Committee Chair – Suchitra Surapiboonchai, RN
                                        Tickets Online Committee Chair – Sunny Kular
                            Vietnamese Buddhist Seminars Committee Chair – Dieu Bich Long
                                   Youth Volunteer Committee Chair – Satnaam S. Mago
                                     Youth Volunteer Committee Co-Chair – Amrith Kaur

                                         Committee Members
                                       Awards – C.W. Chan, Chinese American
                                  Awards – Ekanant Sunggoraneewan, Thai American
                                    Awards – Javed Iqbal, Bangladeshi American
                                    Awards – Khanh Tran, Vietnamese American
                                    Awards – Kompha Seth, Cambodian American
                                      Awards – Lourdes Mon, Filipino American
                                        Awards – Paul Park, Korean American
                                      Awards – Prem Lalvani, Indian American
                                     Awards – Roosy Miller, Indonesian American
                                   Awards – Sadruddin Noorani, Pakistani American
                               Community Organizations Involvement – Thu Anh Vo, MSW
                                        Conference Registration – Amelia Ping

    Music, dance, fashion shows, etc.
      Cultural Performance – Doan Nguyen
Cultural Performance – Dr. Harjinder Khaira, MD
       Cultural Performance – Sunny Kular
     Cultural Performance – Tram Anh Dong
        Cultural Performance – Xuan Thao
         Education - Dr. Hongwei Yu, PhD
       Government Relations – Amelia Ping
Government Relations – Dr. Myrna Garcia, PhD
  Interfaith Prayers – Dr. Amarjit Atwal, DDS
        Islamic Seminar – Javed Iqbal, MA
               Media – Doug Nguyen
 Political Involvement – Dr. Amarjit Atwal, DDS
   Political Involvement – Thu Anh Vo, MSW
              Program – Onkar Sangha
           Program – Nguyen Duy Doan
    Public Relations – Mohan Karamchandani
        Public Relations – Mohinderjit Saini
                 Reception – Ai Giap
                Reception – Hanh Mai
              Reception – Lien Nguyen
             Reception – Linda Nguyen
             Reception – Thao Nguyen
          Service Learning – Javed Iqbal
           Sikh Seminar – Onkar Sangha
               Tickets – Krishan Sant
            Tickets Online – Sunny Kular

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