1RenderTotallerETFPageEngine by arntolentino


									RenderTotallerETF Method (PageEngine Object)
The RenderTotallerETF method returns a variant that contains ETF code for the Group Tree.

variantData = object.RenderTotallerETF (RootGroupPath, StartingChildNumber, PastRootLevels, MaxNodeCount, ResultType)

MaxNodeCount - The maximum number of nodes for the Group Tree. PastRootLevels - An array of past root levels. ResultType - Returns CRRenderResultType (see table below) indicating whether the page will be rendered using strings or arrays. crBSTRType 8 crUISafeArrayType 8209 RootGroupPath - Specifies an integer array that represents the root group path (separated by "/"). An empty array would represent the entire report, an array (0, 1) would represent a drill down on the second group member within the first group member (i.e., 0 = first group in Group #1 and 1 = second group in Group #2). StartingChildNumber - The child level to display the report grouping at.

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