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					Feist                           Rock        Let It Die
Fermin, Anna & Trigger Gospel   Roots       Oh, The Stories We Hold
Ferreira, Richard               Roots       Somewhereville
Ferrick, Melissa                Roots       Valentine Heartache
Fiery Furnaces, The             Rock        Rehearsing My Choir
Fiery Furnaces, The             Rock        The Fiery Furnaces EP
Fig Dish                        Rock        That's What Love Songs Often Do
Fine Young Cannibals            Rock        The Finest
Firewater                       Rock        The Ponzi Scheme
Firstman, Joe                   Rock        War of Women
Fite, Tim                       Rock        Gone Ain't Gone
Five Blind Boys of Alabama      Roots       Spirit of the Century
Flamin' Groovies, The           Rock        Teenage Head
Flaming Lips, The               Rock        At War With The Mystics
Flaming Lips, The               Rock        Clouds Taste Metallic
Flaming Lips, The               Rock        The Soft Bulletin
Flaming Lips, The               Rock        Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
Flat Duo Jets                   Rock        Lucky Eye
Fleetwood Mac                   Rock        The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac
Fleshtones, The                 Rock        Beachhead
Floating Men                    Roots       Involving Michaelangelo
Floating Men                    Roots       Tall Shadows
Flying Burrito Brothers         Roots       Sin City - The Best Of
Fogerty, John                   Rock        Blue Moon Swamp
Foley, Sue                      Blues       Love Comin' Down
Foley, Sue                      Blues       Ten Days in November
Foley, Sue                      Blues       Young Girl Blues
Folk Implosion, The             Rock        The New Folk Implosion CD
Follow The Train                Rock        Breath Of Sigh
Foo Fighters                    Rock        In Your Honor
Foo Fighters                    Rock        One By One
Forbert, Steve                  Roots       Jackrabbit Slim
Forbert, Steve                  Roots       What Kinda Guy - The Best of Steve Forbert
Foreigner                       Rock        The Very Best…And Beyond
Forsyth, Guy                    Rock        Can You Live Without
Forsyth, Guy                    Rock        High Temperature
Forsyth, Guy                    Rock        Love Songs - For & Against
Forsyth, Guy                    Rock        Needlegun
Forsyth, Guy                    Rock        Steak
Foster, Ruthie                  Soul        Runaway Soul
Fountains Of Wayne              Rock        Welcome Interstate Managers
Four Tops, The                  Soul        The Ultimate Collection
Frames, The                     Rock        Burn The Maps
Franklin, Aretha                Soul        30 Greatest Hits
Franklin, Aretha                Soul        I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
Franklin, Aretha                Soul        Lady Soul
Franklin, Aretha                Soul        Live At the Fillmore West - 2 Disc Deluxe Ed.
Franklin, Aretha                Soul        Love Songs
Franklin, Aretha                Soul        The Best of Aretha Franklin, Vol. 1
Franklin, Aretha                Soul        Young, Gifted And Black
Franz Ferdinand                 Rock        Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand                 Rock        You Could Have It So Much Better
Freewheelers, The               Rock        Freewheelers
Freewheelers, The               Rock        Waitin' For George
French Kicks                    Rock        The Trial Of The Century
French Kicks, The               Rock        One Time Bells
Freund, Tom                     Rock        Sympatico
Frostbitten Grass               Bluegrass   Acoustic Beef
Frostbitten Grass               Roots       Acoustic Beef
Fruit Bats                      Rock        Mouthfuls
Fruit Bats                      Rock        Spelled In Bones
Fugaza                          Rock        End Hits
Fugazi                          Rock        13 Songs
Fugazi                          Rock    Repeater/Three Songs EP
Fulks, Robbie                   Roots   Couples in Trouble
Fulks, Robbie                   Roots   Georgia Hard
Fulks, Robbie                   Roots   South Mouth
Fulson, Lowell                  Blues   Rollin' Blues - The Best of Lowell Fulson
Futureheads, The                Rock    The Futureheads
G. Love & Special Sauce         Rock    Electric Mile
Gabriel, Peter                  Rock    Shaking The Tree - 16 Golden Greats
Gabriel, Peter                  Rock    So
Gaffney, Chris                  Roots   Loser's Paradise
Galactic                        Rock    We Love 'Em Tonight
Galaxie 500                     Rock    On Fire
Galaxie 500                     Rock    This Is Our Music
Galaxie 500                     Rock    Today
Gang of Four                    Rock    Entertainment
Gang of Four                    Rock    Solid Gold
Garage A Trois                  Jazz    Emphasizer
Garcia, Jerry                   Rock    Garcia Plays Dylan
Garner, Larry                   Blues   Double Dues
Garrett, Vernon                 Soul    Half Past The Blues
Gatton, Danny                   Rock    88 Elmira St.
Gatton, Danny                   Rock    Cruisin' Deuces
Gauthier, Mary                  Roots   Dixie Kitchen
Gauthier, Mary                  Rock    Drag Queens In Limosines
Gauthier, Mary                  Roots   Filth and Fire
Gauthier, Mary                  Roots   Mercy Now
Gaye, Marvin                    Soul    Command Performances
Gaye, Marvin                    Soul    Let's Get It On
Gaye, Marvin                    Soul    The Very Best of Marvin Gaye
Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, Tammi   Soul    Greatest Hits
Gear Daddies, The               Rock    Billy's Live Bait
Gear Daddies, The               Rock    Let's Go Scare Al
Genesis                         Rock    A Trick Of The Tail
Georgia Satellites, The         Rock    Let It Rock: The Best of the Georgia Satellites
Germino, Mark & The Sluggers    Rock    Radartown
Ghost Buffalo                   Rock    Ghost Buffalo
Giant Sand                      Roots   Is All Over The Map
Gillespie, Dizzy                Jazz    Ultimate
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale            Roots   Spinning Around The Sun
Gilmore, Thea                   Roots   Avalanche
Gilmore, Thea                   Rock    Burning Dorothy
Gin Blossoms, The               Rock    Outside Looking In - The Best Of
Gingersol                       Roots   Nothing Stops Moving
Gnarls Barkley                  Soul    St. Elsewhere
Go To Blazes                    Roots   Anytime, Anywhere
Go To Blazes                    Roots   Waiting Around For The Crash
Go! Team, The                   Rock    Thunder, Lightning, Strike
Gob Iron                        Roots   Death Songs For The Living
Go-Betweens, The                Rock    1978-1990
Go-Betweens, The                Rock    Bright Yellow, Bright Orange
Goldberg, Barry                 Rock    Stoned Again
Golden Shoulders                Rock    Friendship Is Deep
Golden Smog                     Roots   Another Fine Day
Golden Smog                     Roots   Down By The Old Mainstream
Golden Smog                     Roots   Weird Tales
Gomez                           Rock    Abandoned Shopping Trolley Disc 1 & 2
Gomez                           Rock    Bring It On
Gomez                           Rock    How We Operate
Gomez                           Rock    In Our Gun
Gomez                           Rock    Liquid Skin
Gomez                           Rock    Split The Difference
Goober & The Peas               Rock    The Complete Works of Goober & The Peas
Gordon, Dexter                  Jazz    Go
Gordon, Kevin                       Roots   Cadillac Jack's #1 Son
Gordon, Kevin                       Roots   Down to the Well
Gordon, Kevin                       Roots   O' Come Look At The Burning
Gordon, Rosco                       Blues   Memphis, Tennessee
Gordon, Sax                         Blues   Have Horn Will Travel
Gordon, Sax                         Blues   You Knock Me Out
Gourds, The                         Roots   Blood Of The Ram
Gourds, The                         Roots   Bolsa de Aqua
Gourds, The                         Roots   Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
Gourds, The                         Roots   Shinebox
Gov't Mule                          Rock    Deja Voodoo
Gov't Mule                          Rock    Dose
Gov't Mule                          Rock    Gov't Mule
Gov't Mule                          Rock    Life Before Insanity
Gov't Mule                          Rock    The Deep End - Vol 1 & 2
Graham, Jon Dee                     Roots   Escape From Monster Island
Graham, Jon Dee                     Rock    Full
Graham, Jon Dee                     Roots   Hooray For The Moon
Graham, Jon Dee                     Roots   Summerland
Graham, Jon Dee                     Roots   The Great Battle
Grails                              Roots   Redlight
Grand, Otis                         Blues   Always Hot
Grand, Otis                         Blues   He Knows The Blues
Grand, Otis                         Blues   Nothing Else Matters
Grandaddy                           Rock    Sumday
Grandpaboy                          Blues   Dead Man Shake
Grandpaboy                          Rock    Mono
Grant Lee Buffalo                   Rock    Jubilee
Grateful Dead                       Rock    American Beauty
Grateful Dead                       Rock    Wake Of The Flood
Grateful Dead                       Rock    What A Long Strange Trip It's Been - Best Of - 2 Discs
Grateful Dead                       Rock    Workingman's Dead
Grateful Dead, The                  Rock    Anthem Of The Sun
Grateful Dead, The                  Rock    Blues For Allah
Grateful Dead, The                  Rock    From The Mars Hotel
Grateful Dead, The                  Rock    In The Dark
Grateful Dead, The                  Rock    Postcards At The Hanging - The Songs of Bob Dylan
Gray, David                         Rock    A Century Ends
Gray, David                         Rock    Flesh
Gray, David                         Rock    Sell, Sell, Sell
Gray, David                         Rock    White Ladder
Great Crusades                      Rock    Damaged Goods
Great Crusades                      Rock    The First Spilled Drink Of The Evening
Great Lake Swimmers                 Roots   Bodies and Minds
Green Day                           Rock    American Idiot
Green On Red                        Rock    Little Things In Life
Green On Red                        Rock    This Time Around
Green, Al                           Soul    Absolute Best
Green, Al                           Soul    Everything's OK
Green, Al                           Soul    I Can't Stop
Green, Pat                          Roots   George's Bar
Green, Pat                          Roots   Lucky Ones
Green, Pat                          Roots   Wave On Wave
Greene, Jackie                      Rock    American Myth
Greene, Jackie                      Rock    Gone Wanderin'
Greeson, Liz Mandville              Blues   Look At Me
Greeson, Liz Mandville              Blues   Ready To Cheat
Griffin, Patty                      Folk    Living With Ghosts
Groove Hogs, The                    Blues   Wrong Side of The Street
Grushecky, Joe & The Houserockers   Rock    Coming Home
Guess Who, The                      Rock    Greatest Hits
Guided By Voices                    Rock    Earthquake Glue
Guided By Voices                    Rock    Half Smiles Of The Decomposed
Guided By Voices                            Rock          Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
Guided By Voices                            Rock          Isolation Drill
Guided By Voices                            Rock          Under The Bushes Under The Stars
Guided By Voices                            Rock          Universal Truths & Cycles
Guitar Shorty                               Blues         Roll Over Baby
Guitar Shorty                               Blues         Topsy Turvy
Guitar Shorty & The Otis Grand Blues Band   Blues         My Way Or The Highway
Gun Club                                    Rock          Death Party
Gun Club                                    Rock          The Las Vegas Story
Guns 'N' Roses                              Rock          Greatest Hits
Guster                                      Roots         Ganging Up On The Sun
Guster                                      Roots         Keep It Together
Guthrie, Sarah Lee & Irion, Johnny          Roots         Exploration
Guy, Buddy                                  Blues         Blues Singer
Guy, Buddy                                  Blues         Bring 'Em In
Guy, Buddy                                  Blues         Damn Right I've Got the Blues
Guy, Buddy                                  Blues         Heavy Love
Guy, Buddy                                  Blues         Slippin' In
Guy, Buddy                                  Blues         Sweet Tea
Guy, Buddy                                  Blues         The Best of Buddy Guy
Guy, Buddy                                  Blues         Walkin' Down Through The Woods
Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells                   Blues         Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues
Hacienda Brothers                           Roots         What's Wrong With Right
Hackensaw Boys                              Roots         Love What You Do
Haggard, Merle                              Country       If I Could Only Fly
Haggard, Merle                              Country       The Lonesome Fugitive - The Anthology
Haley, Bill & His Comets                    Rock          The Essential 20th Century Masters
Halfacre Gunroom                            Rock          Wrecked
Hall & Oates                                Rock          The Very Best of Hall & Oates
Hall, Michael & The Woodpeckers             Roots         Dead By Dinner
Hamilton, Nathan                            Roots         All For Love and Wages
Hammond, John                               Blues         Push Comes To Shove
Hammond, John                               Blues         Wicked Grin
Hancock, Wayne                              Country       A-Town Blues
Hancock, Wayne                              Alt-Country   That's What Daddy Wants
Hancock, Wayne                              Roots         Wild, Free & Reckless
Handsome Family, The                        Roots         In The Air
Handsome Family, The                        Roots         Twilight
Haney, Pat                                  Roots         Ghost of Things to Come
Hangdogs, The                               Roots         Beware of Dog
Hangdogs, The                               Roots         East of Yesterday
Hangdogs, The                               Roots         Wallace '48
Hangtown                                    Roots         11 Reasons
Hangtown                                    Roots         Here For Now
Happy Mondays                               Rock          Loads - Best of
Hardin, Dave                                Roots         Nine Years Alone
Harper, Ben                                 Rock          Both Sides Of The Gun
Harper, Ben                                 Rock          Diamonds On The Inside
Harpo, Slim                                 Blues         The Excello Singles Anthology
Harpo, Slim                                 Blues         The Excello Singles Anthology
Harris, Corey                               Blues         Downhome Sophisticate
Harris, Corey & Henry Butler                Blues         Vu-Du Menz
Harris, Emmylou                             Alt-Country   Elite Hotel
Harris, Emmylou                             Alt-Country   Pieces of the Sky
Harris, Emmylou                             Alt-Country   Red Dirt Girl
Harris, Emmylou                             Roots         Spyboy
Harris, Emmylou                             Roots         The Very Best of Emmylou Harris
Harrison, George                            Rock          All Things Must Pass
Harvey, P.J.                                Rock          Bring Me Your Love
Harvey, PJ                                  Rock          Is This Desire?
Harvey, PJ                                  Rock          Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
Harvey, PJ                                  Rock          Uh-Huh Her
Hay, Colin                                  Roots         Company Of Strangers
Hay, Colin                       Roots         Going Somewhere
Hay, Colin                       Roots         Man At Work
Hay, Colin                       Roots         Topanga
Hay, Colin                       Roots         Transcendental Highway
Hayes, Isaac                     Soul          Greatest Hit Singles
Haynes, Boys, The                Roots         Guardian Angel
Hazeldine                        Roots         Double Back
Healthy White Baby               Rock          Healthy White Baby
Heart                            Rock          Greatest Hits
Heartless Bastards, The          Rock          Stairs and Elevators
Hell, Richard & The Voidoids     Rock          Blank Generation
Henderson, Bruce                 Rock          Beyond The Pale
Henderson, Bruce                 Rock          Wheels Roll
Hendrix, Jimi                    Rock          Axis: Bold As Love
Hendrix, Jimi                    Rock          Band Of Gypsys
Hendrix, Jimi Experience         Rock          Electric Ladyland
Hendrix, Jimi The Experience     Rock          Are You Experienced?
Hendrix, Jimi The Experience     Rock          The Ultimate Experience
Henry, Joe                       Roots         Fuse
Hensley Sturgis                  Roots         Open Lanes
Hentchmen, The                   Rock          FormFollowsFunction
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Anthology Vol 1-2
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Beneath This Gruff Exterior
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Bring The Family
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Crossing Muddy Waters
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Master of Disaster
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Perfectly Good Guitar
Hiatt, John                      Rock          Riding With The King
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Slow Turning
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Stolen Moments
Hiatt, John                      Roots         The Tiki Bar Is Open
Hiatt, John                      Roots         Walk On
High & Lonesome                  Roots         For Sale or Rent
Hightower, Willie                Soul          Willie Hightower
Hill, Lauryn                     Soul          The Miseduction of Lauryn Hill
Hinton, Eddie                    Soul          A Mighty Field Of Vision - Anthology 69-93
Hitchcock, Robyn                 Rock          Greatest Hits
Hitchcock, Robyn & The Venus 3   Rock          Ole Tarantula
Hives, The                       Rock          Tyrannosaurus Hives
Hobart, Rex & The Misery Boys    Country       Empty House
Hobart, Rex & The Misery Boys    Alt-Country   Your Favorite Fool
Hobex                            Soul          U Ready Man?
Hogan, Kelly                     Roots         Because It Feel Good
Hogan, Kelly                     Roots         Beneath The Country Underdog
Hoge, Will                       Rock          Blackbird On A Lonely Wire
Hoge, Will                       Rock          Carosel
Holcombe, Malcolm                Roots         A Hundred Lies
Hold Steady, The                 Rock          Almost Killed Me
Hold Steady, The                 Rock          Boys and Girls In America
Hold Steady, The                 Rock          Separation Sunday
Holiday, Billie                  Jazz          Ken Burns Jazz
Holliday, Billie                 Jazz          Lady In Satin
Holliday, Billie                 Jazz          Songs For Distingue Lovers
Hollies, The                     Rock          Anthology
Hollingsworth, Taylor            Rock          Tragic City
Holly, Buddy                     Rock          Greatest Hits
Holmes, Brothers, The            Blues         Simple Truths
Holmstrom, Rick                  Blues         Hydraulic Groove
Honeydogs, The                   Roots         Here's Luck
Hoobastank                       Rock          Every Man For Himself
Hood, Patterson                  Roots         Killers and Stars
Hooker, Earl                     Blues         Simply The Best
Hooker, John Lee                 Blues         20 Greatest Hits
Hooker, John Lee                   Blues         Burnin'
Hooker, John Lee                   Blues         The Ultimate Collection
Hooks, Ellis                       Blues         Uncomplicated
Hoopsnakes, The                    Rock          Ten The Hard Way
Hopkins, Lightnin'                 Blues         Blues Kingpins - Best Of
Hot Snakes                         Rock          Audit In Progress
Hot Snakes                         Rock          Automatic Midnight
Hot Water                          Rock          Hot Water Music
Hot, Hot Heat                      Rock          Elevator
Hot, Hot Heat                      Rock          Make Up The Breakdown
Hothouse Flowers                   Rock          The Best of Hothouse Flowers
Houndog                            Blues         Houndog
Howlin' Wolf                       Blues         Back Door Man
Howlin' Wolf                       Blues         Moanin' At Midnight
Howlin' Wolf                       Blues         The Best of Howlin' Wolf
Howlin' Wolf                       Blues         The Chess Box
Howlin' Wolf                       Blues         The Real Folk Blues - More Real Folk Blues
Howling Diablos                    Rock          Car Wash
Hoy, Johnnie & The Bluefish        Blues         Trolling The Hootchy
Hubbard, Ray Wylie                 Roots         Growl
Hubbard, Ray Wylie                 Roots         Snake Farm
Huff, Mark                         Roots         Happy Judgment Day
Huff, Mark                         Roots         Skeleton Faith
HUM                                Rock          Downward Is Heavenward
HUM                                Rock          You'd Prefer An Astronaut
Humble Pie                         Rock          Smokin'
Humble Pie                         Rock          The Millennium Collection
Hummer                             Rock          Premium
Hunt, Kelley                       Blues         New Shade of Blue
Hunter, Ian                        Rock          Rant
Hunter, Long John                  Blues         Border Town Legend
Hunter, Long John                  Blues         Ride With Me
Hunter, Long John                  Blues         Swinging From The Rafters
Hurt, Mississippi John             Blues         The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt
Husker Du                          Rock          Candy Apple Grey
Husker Du                          Rock          Flip Your Wig
Husker Du                          Rock          New Day Rising
Husker Du                          Rock          Warehouse - Songs & Stories
Hutto, J.B.                        Blues         Slidewinder
Ides Of Space                      Rock          There Are No New Clouds
Idol, Billy                        Rock          Greatest Hits
Iggy & The Stooges                 Rock          Raw Power
Iggy Pop                           Rock          Nude & Rude - The Best of Iggy Pop
Ill Lit                            Hip Hop       Tom Cruise
Immortal Lee County Killers, The   Rock          Love Is A Charm Of Powerful Trouble
Impossible Shapes                  Rock          Bless The Headless
Ingram, Jack                       Alt-Country   Hey You
Insley, Mark                       Roots         Supermodel
Insley, Mark                       Roots         Tucson
Interpol                           Rock          Antics
Interpol                           Rock          Turn On The Bright Lights
INXS                               Rock          The Best of INXS
Iron Butterfly                     Rock          In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Isaak, Chris                       Roots         Forever Blue
Isley Brothers, The                Rock          Shout - The RCA Sessions
J. Geils Band, The                 Rock          Blow Your Face Out
Jackson, Joe                       Rock          Greatest Hits
Jackson, Wanda                     Roots         Heart Trouble
Jackson, Wanda                     Roots         Queen of Rockabilly
Jacobs, Neil                       Roots         American Gypsy
Jacobs, Neil                       Roots         Secret Places
Jagger, Mick                       Rock          Wandering Spirit
Jam, The                           Rock          In The City
Jam, The                              Rock          The Sound Of The Jam
Jam, The                              Rock          This Is The Modern World
James                                 Rock          Laid
James Gang                            Rock          Greatest Hits
James Gang                            Rock          Rides Again
James Harman Band The                 Blues         Cards On The Table
James Harman Band The                 Blues         Do Not Disturb
James, Elmore                         Blues         The Sky Is Crying - The Best of Elmore James
James, Etta                           Soul          Her Best
James, Etta                           Blues         The Definitive Collection
James, Jan                            Blues         Color of the Rose
James, Jan                            Blues         Limousine Blues
James, Steve                          Roots         Boom Chang
James, Tommy & The Shondells          Rock          The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells
Jamiroquai                            Rock          Dynamite
Jane's Addiction                      Rock          Nothing Shocking
Jane's Addiction                      Rock          Up From The Catacombs - Best Of
Janovitz, Bill                        Roots         Lonesome Billy
Jarvis Humby                          Rock          Assume The Position It's Jarvis Humby
Jarvis, Duane                         Roots         Certified Miracle
Jason & The Scorchers                 Alt-Country   A Blazing Grace
Jason & The Scorchers                 Alt-Country   Clear Impetuous Morning
Jason & The Scorchers                 Alt-Country   Essential Jason & The Scorchers
Jayhawks, The                         Roots         Blue Earth
Jayhawks, The                         Roots         Hollywood Town Hall
Jayhawks, The                         Roots         Rainy Day Music
Jayhawks, The                         Roots         Smile
Jayhawks, The                         Roots         Sound of Lies
Jayhawks, The                         Roots         Tomorrow The Green Grass
Jeff Beck Group, The                  Rock          Beck-Ola
Jeff Beck Group, The                  Rock          Truth
Jefferies, Garland                    Rock          Escape Artist
Jefferson Airplane                    Rock          Crown of Creation
Jefferson Airplane                    Rock          The Worst of Jefferson Airplane
Jelly Roll Kings                      Blues         Off Yonder Wall
Jenkins, Johnny                       Blues         Blessed Blues
Jennings, Mason                       Rock          Boneclouds
Jennings, Waylon                      Country       Honky Tonk Heroes
Jennings, Waylon                      Roots         Nashville Rebel - 4-Disc Box Set
Jennings, Waylon & Nelson, Willie     Country       The Outlaws
Jesus & Mary Chain, The               Rock          Automatic
Jesus And Mary Chain, The             Rock          Honey's Dead
Jesus and Mary Chain, The             Rock          Psycho Candy
Jesus Lizard                          Rock          Bang
Jesus Lizard                          Rock          Shot
Jesus Lizard, The                     Rock          Down
Jesus Lizard, The                     Rock          Liar
Jet                                   Rock          Get Born
Jethro Tull                           Rock          Aqualung
Jim Carroll Band, The                 Rock          Catholic Boy
Jim's Big Ego                         Roots         More Songs About Me
Jocque, Beau & The Zydeco H-Rollers   Zydeco        Gonna Take You Downtown
Johansen, David & The Harry Smiths    Blues         David Johansen & The Harry Smiths
John, Elton                           Rock          Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player
John, Elton                           Rock          Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
John, Elton                           Rock          Honky Chateau
John, Elton                           Rock          Madman Across The Water
John, Elton                           Rock          Tumbleweed Connection
Johns, Evan & His H-Bombs             Rock          Rollin' Through The Night
Johnson, Big Jack & The Oilers        Blues         All The Way Back
Johnson, Big Jack & The Oilers        Blues         Memphis Barbecue Sessions w/ Kim Wilson
Johnson, Big Jack & The Oilers        Blues         Roots Stew
Johnson, Big Jack & The Oilers        Blues         We Got To Stop This Killin'
Johnson, Blind Willie                     Blues     The Complete Blind Willie Johnson
Johnson, Freedy                           Rock      Can You Fly
Johnson, Jack                             Rock      Brushfire Fairytales
Johnson, Jack                             Rock      In Between Dreams
Johnson, Jack                             Rock      On and On
Johnson, Judah                            Rock      Kisses & Interrogation
Johnson, Luther Guitar Jr.                Blues     Talkin' About Soul
Johnson, Mike                             Rock      I Feel Alright
Johnson, Mike                             Rock      What Would You Do
Johnson, Robert                           Blues     King Of The Delta Blues
Johnson, Syl                              Soul      Back In The Game
Johnston, Richard                         Blues     Foot Hill Stomp
Jolene                                    Roots     Hell's Half Acre
Jolene                                    Roots     In The Gloaming
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The          Blues     Acme
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The          Blues     Extra Width
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The          Blues     Now I Got Worry
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The          Blues     Orange
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The          Blues     Plastic Fang
Jones, George                             Country   All-Time Greatest Hits
Jones, Lloyd                              Blues     Love Gotcha
Jones, Tom                                Soul      The Best of Tom Jones
Joplin, Janis                             Rock      18 Essential Songs
Joplin, Janis                             Rock      I Got Dem Old Kozmic Blues Again Mama
Joplin, Josh                              Roots     Jaywalker
Joseph, Emory                             Roots     Labor & Spirits
Joy Division                              Rock      Closer
Joy Division                              Rock      Permanent: 1995
Joy Division                              Rock      Substance
Joy Division                              Rock      Unknown Pleasures
Joy Division                              Rock      Unknown Pleasures
Joyner, Simon                             Roots     Hotel Lives
Joyner, Simon                             Roots     Lost With The Lights On
Junior Boys                               Rock      So This Is Goodbye
Junior Wells                              Blues     Better Off With The Blues
Junior Wells                              Blues     Hoodoo Man Blues
Junior Wells                              Blues     You're Tuff Enough
Junkhouse                                 Rock      Strays
Justin, Amyl                              Blues     Pressure Cooker - With Kid Bangham
Kaiser Chiefs                             Rock      Employment
Kane, Kieran; Welch, Kevin; Kaplin Fats   Roots     Lost John Dean
Karate                                    Rock      Some Boots
Karate                                    Rock      The Bed Is In The Ocean
Karate                                    Rock      Unsolved
Kauffman, Seth                            Rock      Ting
Keane                                     Rock      Under The Iron Sea
Kearney, Mat                              Rock      Nothing Left To Lose
Keen, Robert Earl                         Roots     Picnic
Keene, Tommy                              Rock      Crashing The Ether
Keene, Tommy                              Rock      Songs From The Film
Keene, Tommy                              Rock      Ten Years After
Keith, Toby                               Country   Shock 'N Y'all
Kid Rock                                  Rock      Devil Without A Cause
Killers, The                              Rock      Hot Fuss
Killers, The                              Rock      Sam's Town
Kimbrough, Junior                         Blues     Most Things Haven't Worked Out
Kimbrough, Junior                         Blues     Sad Days, Lonely Nights
Kimbrough, Junior                         Blues     You Better Run - The Best of Junior Kimbrough
Kimbrough, Will                           Rock      Home Away
Kimbrough, Will                           Rock      This
King Crimson                              Rock      In The Court Of The Crimson King
King Ernest                               Soul      Blues Got Soul
King Ernest                               Soul      King of Hearts
King Johnson                       Blues         Hot Fish Laundry Mat
King Johnson                       Blues         Luck So Strange
King Khan & His Shrines            Rock          Three Hairs And You're Mine
King, Albert                       Blues         The Best of Albert King
King, B.B.                         Blues         Blues On The Bayou
King, B.B.                         Blues         Blues Summit
King, B.B.                         Blues         Do The Boogie - Early 50's Classics
King, B.B.                         Blues         The Best of B.B. King
King, B.B.                         Blues         The Ultimate Collection
King, Freddie                      Blues         Hide Away - The Best of Freddie King
King, Freddie                      Rock          Live At The Electric Ballroom - 1974
King, Willie & The Liberators      Blues         Living In A New World
Kingbury Manx, The                 Rock          Aztec Discipline
Kings of Leon                      Rock          Aha Shake Heartbreak
Kings Of Leon                      Rock          Because Of The Times
Kings of Leon                      Rock          Youth & Young Manhood
Kinks, The                         Rock          Come Dancing: Best of 77-86
Kinks, The                         Rock          Greatest Hits
Kinks, The                         Rock          Kink-Ass Classics
Kinks, The                         Rock          The Kink Kontroversy
Kinks, The                         Rock          The Village Green Preservations Society
Kinks, The                         Rock          You Really Got Me/Kinda Kinks
Kinski                             Rock          Alpine Static
Kirchen, Bill                      Roots         Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods
Kitchell, Sonya                    Folk          Words Came Back To Me
Knife In The Water                 Rock          Red River
Knight, Cheri                      Roots         The Northeast Kingdom
Knight, Chris                      Roots         A Pretty Good Guy
Knight, Chris                      Roots         Chris Knight
Knight, Chris                      Roots         The Jealous Kind
Knitters, The                      Roots         Poor Little Critter On The Road
Knitters, The                      Roots         The Modern Sounds of The Knitters
Knopfler, Mark                     Rock          Golden Heart
Knopfler, Mark & Harris, Emmylou   Roots         All The Roadrunning
Knoxville Girls                    Rock          In A Paper Suit
Kooks                              Rock          Inside In - Inside Out
K-Os                               Hip Hop       Joyful Rebellion
Koufax                             Rock          Hard Times Are In Fashion
Kurtz, Dayna                       Roots         Another Black Feather
LaFave, Jimmy                      Roots         Blue Nightfall
LaFave, Jimmy                      Roots         Highway Trance
LaFave, Jimmy                      Roots         Road Novel
Lamont Cranston Blues Band         Blues         Lamont Cranston Blues Band
LaMontagne, Ray                    Roots         Acre Of Land
LaMontagne, Ray                    Roots         One Lonesome Saddle
LaMontagne, Ray                    Roots         Til The Sun Turns Black
LaMontagne, Ray                    Roots         Trouble
Landreth, Sonny                    Roots         Levee Town
Landreth, Sonny                    Roots         The Road We're On
Lanegan, Mark                      Rock          Scraps At Midnight
Lanegan, Mark Band                 Rock          Bubblegum
Lang, Jeff                         Roots         Cedar Grove
Lang, Jonny                        Blues         Wander This World
Langford, Jon                      Rock          All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds
Langford, Jon & The Sadies         Roots         The Mayors Of The Moon
Lanois, Daniel                     Rock          Devil's Workshop
Lanois, Daniel                     Roots         For The Beauty of Wynona
Lauderdale, Jim                    Alt-Country   Pretty Close To The Truth
LaVette, Bette                     Soul          Child Of The Seventies
LaVette, Bettye                    Soul          I've Got My Own Hell To Raise
Led Zeppelin                       Rock          Houses of the Holy
Led Zeppelin                       Rock          In Through The Out Door
Led Zeppelin                       Rock          Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin                            Rock            Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin                            Rock            Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin                            Rock            Led Zeppelin IV - Zoso
Led Zeppelin                            Rock            Physical Graffiti
Led Zeppelin                            Rock            Presence
Lee, Tim                                Rock            All That Stuff
Lee, Tim                                Rock            Under The House
Leftover Salmon                         Rock            Live
Legendary Shackshakers, The             Roots           Believe
Legendary Shackshakers, The             Roots           Cockadoodledon't
Legends, The                            Rock            Up Against The Legends
Leigh, Keri                             Blues           Arrival
Lemhouse, Mark                          Blues           Big Lonesome Radio
Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B.              Rock            Rock 'N" Roll Forever
Lemonheads, The                         Rock            It's A Shame About Ray
Lennon, John                            Rock            Imagine
Lennon, John                            Rock            Lennon Legend - The Best of John Lennon
Lennon, John                            Rock            The Plastic Ono Band
Leo, Ted & The Pharmacists              Rock            Hearts of Oak
Leo, Ted & The Pharmacists              Rock            Shake The Sheets
Leo, Ted & The Pharmacists              Rock            The Tyranny Of Distance
Leonard Cohen                           Rock            The Essential Leonard Cohen
Lerche, Sondra                          Folk            Faces Down
Lerche, Sondra                          Folk            Two-Way Monologue
Lerche, Sondra & The Faces Down         Rock            Phantom Punch
Lerche, Sondre                          Jazz            The Faces Down Quartet - Duper Sessions
Let's Active                            Rock            Afoot
Let's Active                            Rock            Cypress
Levine, Duke                                            Country Soul Guitar
                                        Instrumental - Rock
Lewis, Jerry Lee                        Rock            Last Man Standing
Lewis, Jerry Lee                        Rock            Original Golden Hits Vol. 1-2
Libertines, The                         Rock            The Libertines
Libertines, The                         Rock            Up The Bracket
Lightnin' Slim                          Blues           The Best of Lightnin' Slim
Lil' Ed & Dave Weld                     Blues           Keep On Walkin'
Lil' Ed & The Imperials                 Blues           Chicken, Gravy & Biscuits
Limbeck                                 Roots           Let Me Come Home
Lind, Derek                             Roots           Slippery Ground
Linden, Colin                           Roots           Raised By Wolves
Lindley, David                          Rock            El Rayo X
Lindley, David                          Rock            Very Greasy
Little Axe                              Blues           Champagne & Grits
Little Axe                              Blues           Hard Grind
Little Buster & The Soul Brothers       Blues           Right On Time
Little Feat                             Rock            Dixie Chicken
Little Feat                             Rock            Down On The Farm
Little Feat                             Rock            Feats Don't Fail Me Now
Little Feat                             Rock            Hoy-Hoy
Little Feat                             Rock            Little Feat
Little Feat                             Rock            Sailin' Shoes
Little Freddie King                     Blues           Sing, Sang, Sung
Little Mike & the Tornadoes             Blues           Hot Shot
Little Milton                           Blues           Anthology 1953-61
Little Milton                           Blues           Stax Profiles
Little Richard                          Rock            The Georgia Peach
Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul   Rock            Born Again Savage
Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul   Rock            Men Without Women
Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul   Rock            Voice Of America
Little Village                          Rock            Little Village
Little Walter                           Blues           His Best
Little Willie John                      Soul            Fever: The Best of Little Willie John
Little Willies, The                     Roots           The Little Willies
Living Blue, The                        Rock            Fire, Blood, Water
Living End, The                           Rock          State Of Emergency
Living Things                             Rock          Ahead Of The Lions
Logan, Jack                               Rock          Buzz Me In
Logan, Jack                               Rock          Monkey Paw
Loney, Dear                               Rock          Loney, Noir
Long, P.W.                                Rock          Remembered
Long, P.W. & Reelfoot                     Rock          Push Me Again
Long, P.W. & Reelfoot                     Rock          We Didn't See You On Sunday
Loose Diamonds                            Roots         Burning Daylight
Lords of Altamont, The                    Rock          To Hell With The Lords of Altamont
Los Lobos                                 Rock          Good Morning Aztlan
Los Lobos                                 Rock          How Will The Wolf Survive?
Los Lobos                                 Rock          Kiko
Los Lobos                                 Rock          Ride This
Los Lobos                                 Rock          The Neighborhood
Los Lobos                                 Rock          This Time
Los Straitjackets                         Rock          Tis The Season for Los Straitjackets
Louis XIV                                 Rock          El Rayo X
Louisiana Red                             Blues         A Different Shade Of Red - Woodstock Sessions
Louisiana Red                             Blues         Midnight Rambler
Love                                      Rock          Forever Changes
Love & Rockets                            Rock          Sorted - Best of
Love Dogs, The                            Blues         Heavy Petting
Love Dogs, The                            Blues         I'm Yo Dog
Love Dogs, The                            Blues         New Tricks
Lovett, Lyle                              Alt-Country   I Love Everybody
Lovett, Lyle                              Alt-Country   Joshua Judges Ruth
Lovett, Lyle                              Alt-Country   Lyle Lovett
Lovett, Lyle                              Alt-Country   Lyle Lovett and His Large Band
Lovett, Lyle                              Alt-Country   My Baby Don't Tolerate
Lovett, Lyle                              Alt-Country   Pontiac
Lovett, Lyle                              Alt-Country   Step Inside This House
Lovett, Lyle                              Alt-Country   The Road to Ensenada
Low                                       Rock          The Great Destroyer
Lowe, Nick                                Rock          Basher- The Best of Nick Lowe
Lowe, Nick                                Rock          Labour of Lust
Lucero                                    Roots         Lucero
Lucero                                    Rock          Nobody's Darlings
Lucero                                    Rock          Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers
Lucero                                    Roots         Tennessee
Lucero                                    Roots         That Much Further West
Lucero                                    Rock          The Attic Tapes
Lynn, Lorretta                            Country       Van Lear Rose
Lynyrd Skynyrd                            Rock          Thyrty - The 30th Anniversary Collection
M. Ward                                   Rock          Transistor Radio
MacLeod, Doug                             Blues         Unmarked Road
MacLeod, Doug                             Blues         Whose Truth, Whose Lies
Madden, Bruce                             Blues         Talking With The Angels
Magic Numbers, The                        Rock          The Magic Numbers
Magic Sam                                 Blues         West Side Soul
Magic Slim & The Teardrops                Blues         Blue Magic
Magic Slim & The Teardrops                Blues         Scufflin'
Magness, Janiva                           Blues         Blues Ain't Pretty
Magnolia Electric Company                 Rock          What Comes After The Blues
Mahal, Taj                                Blues         The Natch'l Blues
Major Lance                               Soul          The Very Best of Major Lance
Malin, Jesse                              Rock          The Fine Art of Self Destruction
Malkmus, Stephen                          Rock          Face The Truth
Malone, Michelle & The Low-Down Georgia Revue           Stompin' Ground
Mamas & The Papas, The                    Rock          16 Greatest Hits
Mando Diao                                Rock          Bring "Em In
Mann, Aimee                               Rock          Bachelor No. 2 - The Last Remains of the Dodo
Mann, Aimee                               Rock          I'm With Stupid
Mann, Aimee                                Rock     The Forgotten Arm
Manson, Jono                               Roots    Almost Home
Manson, Jono                               Roots    Little Big Man
Marah                                      Roots    20,000 Streets Under The Sky
Marah                                      Rock     If You Didn't Laugh You'd Cry
Marah                                      Roots    Kids In Philly
Marah                                      Roots    Let's Cut The Crap and Hook Up Later Tonight
Mar-Keys, The                              Soul     Last Night/Do The Pop-Eye
Marley, Bob & The Wailers                  Reggae   Catch A Fire
Marley, Bob & The Wailers                  Reggae   Exodus
Marley, Bob & The Wailers                  Reggae   Legend - Deluxe Edition
Marley, Bob & The Wailers                  Reggae   Natty Dread
Marley, Bob & The Wailers                  Reggae   Survival
Marley, Bob & The Wailers                  Reggae   Uprising
Maroon Five                                Rock     Songs About Jane
Marquis De Suave                           Roots    Promo
Marshall Tucker Band, The                  Rock     Anthology - The First 30 Years
Marshall Tucker Band, The                  Rock     Carolina Dreams
Marshall Tucker Band, The                  Rock     Where We All Belong
Martin Sexton                              Folk     The American
Martin, Dean                               Pop      Dino: The Essential Dean Martin
Martin's Folly                             Rock     Man, It's Cold
Martsch, Doug                              Rock     Now You Know
Masters Of The Hemisphere                  Rock     Protest A Dark Anniversary
Mathus, James & His Knockdown Society      Blues    National Antiseptic
Mathus, James & His Knockdown Society      Blues    Play Songs for Rosetta
Mathus, James & His Knockdown Society      Blues    Stop & Let The Devil Ride
Matt Pond, PA                              Rock     Several Arrows Later
Matthews, Iain                             Roots    God Looked Down
Mayfield, Curtis & The Impressions         Soul     Anthology - 1961-1977
MC5                                        Rock     Big Bang - The Best of the MC5
McCarthy Trenching                         Roots    McCarthy Trenching
McClain, Mighty Sam                        Blues    Blues for the Soul
McClain, Mighty Sam                        Blues    Journey
McClain, Mighty Sam                        Blues    Nothing But The Truth
McClain, Mighty Sam                        Blues    Sledgehammer Soul & Down Home Blues
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Classics Volume 1
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Classics Volume 2
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Cost Of Living
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Genuine Cowhide
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    I'm With You
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Keeper of the Flame
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Never Been Rocked Enough
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Nothing Personal
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    One of the Fortunate Few
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Room To Breathe
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Second Wind
McClinton, Delbert                         Blues    Victim of Life's Circumstances
McCombs, Cass                              Roots    Best Of Cass McCombs
McCray, Larry                              Blues    Born To Play The Blues
McCue, Anne                                Roots    Roll
McCutcheon, Boris                          Roots    When We Were Big
McDermott, Michael                         Roots    Last Chance Lounge
McDowell, Mississippi Fred                 Blues    Heritage Of The Blues
McKee, Maria                               Roots    Maria McKee
McKee, Maria                               Roots    You Gotta Sin To Be Saved
McKeown, Erin                              Folk     Sing You Sinners
McMurtry, James & The Heartless Bastards   Rock     Live In Aught-Three
McNally, Shannon                           Roots    Geronimo
McNeil, Brian & Shoe Money                 Roots    The Great American Novel
McPhatter, Clyde                           Soul     The Mercury Sessions
McTell, Blind Willie                       Blues    Pig 'N' Whistle Red
Meat Puppets                               Rock     Classic Puppets
Meat Puppets                                 Rock          Huevos
Meat Puppets                                 Rock          Meat Puppets II
Meat Puppets                                 Rock          Too High To Die
Meat Puppets                                 Rock          Up On The Sun
Meat Purveyors, The                          Roots         Sweet In The Pants
Medeski, Martin & Wood                       Jazz          Friday Afternoon In The Universe
Medeski, Martin & Wood                       Jazz          Note Bleu - The Best of the Blue Note Years
Mekons                                       Rock          Out Of Our Heads (OOOH)
Mekons                                       Rock          The Edge Of The World
Mekons, The                                  Rock          Original Sin
Mellencamp, John                             Rock          Freedom's Road
Mellencamp, John                             Rock          Scarecrow
Mellencamp, John                             Rock          The Lonesome Jubilee
Mellencamp, John                             Rock          Trouble No More
Mellencamp, John                             Rock          Whenever We Wanted
Mellencamp, John                             Rock          Words & Music
Mellencamp, John                             Rock          Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits
Mellowdrone                                  Rock          Box
Memphis Radio Kings                          Alt-Country   The Devil's Dutchman
Memphis Slim                                 Blues         Rockin' The Blues
Men At Work                                  Rock          Business As Usual
Mendoza Line, The                            Roots         Fortune
Mendoza Line, The                            Roots         Full Of Light and Full Of Fire
Mendoza Line, The                            Roots         If They Knew This Was The End
Mercury Rev                                  Rock          All Is Dream
Merritt, Tift                                Alt-Country   Bramble Rose
Merritt, Tift                                Alt-Country   Tambourine
Metallica                                    Rock          …and Justice for All
Metallica                                    Rock          Garage, Inc - Disc 1
Metallica                                    Rock          Master of Puppets
Metallica                                    Rock          Metallica
Metallica                                    Rock          Ride the Lightning
Metallica                                    Rock          St. Anger
Meters, The                                  Funk          Funkify Your Life - The Meters Anthology
Meters, The                                  Soul          Look-Ka Py Py
Metric                                       Rock          Live It Out
Midwood, Ramsey                              Roots         Shootout At The OK Chinese Restaurant
Mighty Imperials, The                        Soul          Thunder Chicken
Mike Bloomfield- Al Kooper- Stephen Stills   Rock          Super Session
Miles, Floyd                                 Blues         Going Back To Daytona
Miles, Lynn                                  Roots         Unravel
Miller, Buddy                                Alt-Country   Cruel Moon
Miller, Buddy                                Alt-Country   Midnight and Lonesome
Miller, Buddy                                Alt-Country   Poison Love
Miller, Buddy                                Alt-Country   Universal House of Prayer
Miller, Buddy                                Alt-Country   Your Love and Other Lies
Miller, Buddy & Julie                        Alt-Country   Buddy & Julie Miller
Miller, Frankie                              Rock          Frankie Miller's High Life
Miller, Frankie                              Rock          Full House
Miller, Frankie                              Rock          Once In A Blue Moon
Miller, Frankie                              Rock          The Rock
Miller, Scott & The Commonwealth             Roots         Citation
Miller, Scott & The Commonwealth             Roots         Thus Always To Tyrants
Miller, Scott & The Commonwealth             Roots         Upside Downside
Miller, Steve Band                           Rock          Best Of 1968-73
Mills, Chris                                 Roots         Every Night Fight For Your Live
Mills, Chris                                 Roots         Kiss It Goodbye
Mills, Chris                                 Rock          Plays & Sings & Nobody's Favorite
Mills, Chris                                 Roots         Silver Line
Mink DeVille                                 Rock          Cabretta
Mink DeVille                                 Rock          Coup De Grace
Mink DeVille                                 Rock          Le Chat Bleu
Mink DeVille                                 Rock          Return to Magenta
Mink DeVille                   Rock          Savior Faire
Mink DeVille                   Rock          Spanish Stroll
Mink DeVille                   Rock          Where Angels Fear To Gread
Minus Story                    Rock          The Captain Is Dead, Let The Drum Corpse Dance
Minutemen                      Rock          3-Way Tie For Last
Minutemen                      Rock          Double Nickels On The Dime
Mischo, R.J.                   Blues         Cool Disposition
Misfits                        Rock          Famous Monsters
Mission of Burma               Rock          A Gun To The Head -The Ace of Hearts Era
Mission of Burma               Rock          Vs
Mississippi Sheiks             Blues         The Best Of Mississippi Sheiks
Mitchell, Joni                 Folk          Blue
Moaners, The                   Rock          Dark Snack
Modern Lovers, The             Rock          The Modern Lovers
moe                            Rock          Tin Cans & Car Tires
Mofro                          Rock          Blackwater
Mofro                          Roots         Country Ghetto
Mofro                          Roots         Lochloosa
Mogwai                         Rock          Mr. Beast
Mondo Daio                     Rock          Hurricane Bar
Monk, Thelonius                Jazz          Underground
Monkees, The                   Rock          Then & Now - The Best of The Monkees
Montgomery, John Michael       Country       John Michael Montgomery
Mooney, John                   Blues         Gone To Hell
Moore, Ian                     Rock          Luminaria
Moore, Sam                     Soul          Overnight Sensational
Moorer, Allison                Roots         Getting Somewhere
Moorer, Allison                Roots         The Definitive Collection
Moorer, Allison                Alt-Country   The Duel
Morells, The                   Rock          Think About It
Morey, Frank                   Roots         The Delmark Sessions
Morgan, Mike & The Crawl       Blues         Full Moon Over Dallas
Morgan, Mike & The Crawl       Blues         I Like The Way You Work It
Morgan, Mike & The Crawl       Blues         Mighty Fine Dancin'
Morgan, Mike & The Crawl       Blues         The Road
Morgan, Teddy & The Pistolas   Roots         Crashing Down
Morgan, Teddy & The Pistolas   Roots         Freight
Morgan, Teddy & The Pistolas   Roots         Lost Love & Highways
Morphine                       Rock          B-Sides And Otherwise
Morphine                       Rock          Cure For Pain
Morphine                       Rock          Good
Morphine                       Rock          Like Swimming
Morphine                       Rock          The Night
Morphine                       Rock          Yes
Morrison, Van                  Rock          Astral Weeks
Morrison, Van                  Rock          Back On Top
Morrison, Van                  Rock          Blowin' Your Mind
Morrison, Van                  Rock          His Band And The Street Choir
Morrison, Van                  Country       Pay The Devil
Morrison, Van                  Rock          St. Dominic's Preview
Morrison, Van                  Rock          The Best of Van Morrison
Morrissey                      Rock          Best Of
Mos Def                        Rap           Black On Both Sides
Moss, Nick & The Flip Tops     Blues         First Offense
Moss, Nick & The Flip Tops     Blues         Sadie Mae
Motels, The                    Rock          No Vacancy: The Best of the Motels
Motley Crue                    Rock          Greatest Hits
Mott The Hoople                Rock          Greatest Hits
Mott The Hoople                Rock          Mott
Mott The Hoople                Rock          The Ballad of Mott - A Retrospective
Mould, Bob                     Rock          Black Sheets of Rain
Mould, Bob                     Rock          Body Of Song
Mould, Bob                     Rock          Workbook
Mountain                 Rock      The Best of Mountain
Moving Units             Rock      Dangerous Dreams
Mudhoney                 Rock      Piece Of Cake
Mudhoney                 Rock      Since We've Become Transparent
Mudhoney                 Rock      Superfuzz Bigmuff/ & Early Singles
Mudhoney                 Rock      Under A Billion Suns
Mulebone                 Roots     Mulebone
Mulehead                 Rock      Rocket Surgery
Mulvey, Peter            Roots     The Knuckleball Suite
Musselwhite, Charlie     Blues     Delta Hardware
Musselwhite, Charlie     Blues     Sanctuary
Mustard Plug             Rock      Evildoers Beware
Mustard Plug             Rock      Yellow #5
My Chemical Romance      Rock      The Black Parade
My Chemical Romance      Rock      Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
My Morning Jacket        Rock      It Still Moves
My Morning Jacket        Rock      The Sandman Cometh - Early Recordings
My Morning Jacket        Rock      The Tennessee Fire
My Morning Jacket        Rock      Z
Myers, Dave              Blues     Ting A Ling
Mysteries of Life        Rock      Come Clean
Nada Surf                Rock      High-Low
Nada Surf                Rock      Proximity Effect
Nadine                   Roots     Downtown Saturday
Nadine                   Roots     Lit Up From The Inside
Nadine                   Roots     Strange Seasons
National, The            Rock      Alligator
Neal, Kenny              Blues     Big News From Baton Rouge
Neal, Kenny              Blues     Double Take - With Billy Branch
Neckbones, The           Rock      The Lights Are Getting Dim
Nelson, Drew             Folk      Immigrant Son
Nelson, Willie           Country   The Essential Willie Nelson
Ness, Mike               Rock      Cheating at Solitaire
Ness, Mike               Rock      Under The Influences
Neutral Milk Hotel       Rock      In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Neville Brothers, The    Soul      Treacherous: A History of the Neville Brothers
Neville Brothers, The    Roots     Yellow Moon
Neville, Aaron           Rock      To Make Me Who I Am
New Midwest, The         Roots     The New Midwest
New Order                Rock      Get Ready
New Order                Rock      International
New Order                Rock      The Best of New Order
New Order                Rock      Waiting For The Siren's Call
New Pornographers, The   Rock      Electric Version
New Pornographers, The   Rock      Mass Romantic
New Pornographers, The   Rock      Twin Cinema
New Radiant Storm King   Rock      Leftover Blues 1981-2003
New Radiant Storm King   Rock      Winter's Kill
New Year, The            Rock      Newness Ends
New Year, The            Rock      The End Is Near
New York Dolls           Rock      New York Dolls
New York Dolls, The      Rock      One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This
Newman, A.C.             Roots     The Slow Wonder
Newman, Randy            Rock      12 Songs
Newman, Randy            Rock      Good Old Boys
Newman, Randy            Rock      Sail Away
Nightmare Of You         Rock      Nightmare Of You
Nile, Willie             Rock      Beautiful Wreck of the World
Nile, Willie             Rock      Places I Have Never Been
Nile, Willie             Rock      The Streets Of New York
Nile, Willie             Rock      Willie Nile
Nine Black Alps          Rock      Everything Is
Nine Inch Nails          Rock      Broken
Nine Inch Nails                         Rock      Pretty Hate Machine
Nine Inch Nails                         Rock      The Downward Spiral
Nine Inch Nails                         Rock      The Fragile
Nine Inch Nails                         Rock      With Teeth
Nineteen Wheels                         Rock      Six Ways From Sunday
Nineteen Wheels                         Rock      Tempermill Recordings
Nirvana                                 Rock      In Utero
Nirvana                                 Rock      Nevermind
Nirvana                                 Rock      Nirvana - Best of
No Doubt                                Rock      Return of Saturn
No Doubt                                Rock      Tragic Kingdom
Norah Jones                             Roots     Come Away With Me
North Mississippi All-Stars             Blues     51 Phantom
North Mississippi All-Stars             Rock      Electric Blue Watermelon
North Mississippi All-Stars             Blues     Polaris
North Mississippi All-Stars             Blues     Shake Hands With Shorty
North Mississippi All-Stars, The        Rock      Polaris
Nulisch, Darrell                        Blues     Bluesoul
Nulisch, Darrell                        Blues     I Like It That Way
Nulisch, Darrell                        Blues     Times Like These
Nulisch, Darrell                        Blues     Whole Truth
Nulisch, Darrell & Texas Heat           Blues     Business As Usual
Numan, Gary                             Rock      The Pleasure Principle
Numbers                                 Rock      We're Animals
O.A.R.                                  Rock      Any Time Now
O.A.R.                                  Rock      Stories Of A Stranger
Oasis                                   Rock      (What's The Story) Morning Glory
Of Montreal                             Rock      Santanic Panic In The Attic
Of Montreal                             Rock      The Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's Flower
Of Montreal                             Rock      The Sunlandic Twins
Offramps, The`                          Rock      Hate It When You're Right
O'Jays, The                             Soul      The Ultimate O'Jays
Okkervil River                          Roots     Black Sheep Boy
Okkervil River                          Rock      Down The River of Golden Dreams
Old Time Relijun                        Rock      2012
Old Time Relijun                        Roots     Witchcraft Rebellion
Olson, Carla                            Rock      Honest As Daylight - The Best of Carla Olson
Olson, Carla                            Rock      The Ring of Truth
Olson, Carla                            Rock      Within An Ace
Olson, Dave                             Roots     #80
Omar & The Howlers                      Blues     Swingland
Orbison, Roy                            Rock      Super Hits
Orbison, Roy                            Rock      The Very Best of Roy Orbison
O'Reagan, Tim                           Rock      Tim O' Reagan
Original Sinners                        Rock      Original Sinners
O'Riley, Cash & The Downright Daddies   Roots     Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartache
O'Rourke, Jim                           Rock      Insignificance
Osborne, Anders                         Roots     Living Room
Osborne, Anders                         Roots     Which Way To Here
Osborne, Joan                           Rock      Relish
Oscher, Paul                            Blues     Down In The Delta
Otis, Shuggie                           Soul      Shuggie's Boogie - Plays The Blues
Over The Rhine                          Roots     Ohio
Owens, Buck                             Country   21 #1 Hits - The Ultimate Collection
Ozomatli                                Rock      Ozomatli
P.J. Harvey                             Rock      Rid Of Me
Palace Music                            Rock      Lost Blues & Other Songs
Pale Pacific, The                       Rock      Urgency
Palmer, Robert                          Rock      Addictions - Volume 1 - Best Of
Palmer, Robert                          Rock      Best of Both Worlds - Best of Robert Palmer
Pantera                                 Rock      Vulgar Display Of Power
Pantones, The                           Rock      Sleepless Nights, Silent Mornings
Pardekooper, Kelly                      Roots     House of Mud
Parish, John                         Roots           Once Upon A Little Time
Parker, Graham                       Rock            Acid Bubblegum
Parker, Graham                       Rock            Deepcut To Nowhere
Parker, Graham                       Roots           Don't Tell Columbus
Parker, Graham                       Rock            Struck By Lightning
Parker, Graham                       Rock            The Mona Lisa's Sister
Parker, Graham                       Rock            Ultimate Collection
Parker, Graham                       Rock            You Country
Parker, Graham & The Rumour          Rock            Heat Treatment
Parker, Graham & The Rumour          Rock            Howlin' Wind
Parker, Graham & The Rumour          Rock            Squeezing Out Sparks
Parker, Kenny                        Blues           Raise The Dead
Parliament                           Funk            The Millenium Collection
Parsons, Gram                        Alt-Country     GP/Grievous Angel
Pavement                             Rock            Brighten The Corners
Pavement                             Rock            Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Pavement                             Rock            Slanted & Enchanted
Pavement                             Rock            Terror Twilight
Pavement                             Rock            Wowee Zowee
Pawtuckets                           Roots           Dogsbody Factotum
Paycheck, Johnny                     Country         The Soul & The Edge
Payne, Waylon                        Roots           The Drifter
Pearl Jam                            Rock            Ten
Pearl Jam                            Rock            Vitalogy
Pedro The Lion                       Rock            Achilles Heel
Peeping Tom                          Rock            Peeping Tom
Pell Mell                                            Interstate
                                     Instrumental - Rock
Pepe Deluxe                          Electronica     Beatitude
Pere Ubu                             Rock            St. Arkansas
Pere Ubu                             Rock            The Art of Walking
Perfect                              Rock            When Squirrels Play Chicken
Perkins, Carl                        Roots           Dance Album
Perkins, Carl                        Roots           The Complete Sun Singles
Pernice Brothers                     Rock            Discover A Lovelier You
Pernice Brothers                     Roots           Live A Little
Pernice Brothers                     Rock            Yours, Mine & Ours
Pernice Brothers, The                Rock            The World Won't End
Peterson, Lucky                      Blues           Double Dealin'
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            Damn The Torpedoes
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            Echo
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            Hard Promises
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            Let Me Up - I've Had Enough
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            Long After Dark
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            She's The One
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            Southern Accents
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            The Best of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            The Last DJ
Petty, Tom, and the Heartbreakers    Rock            Wildflowers
Peyton, Rev. & His Big Damn Band     Roots           Big Damn Nation
Phelps, Kelly Joe                    Blues           Roll Away The Stone
Phelps, Kelly Joe                    Blues           Sky Like A Broken Clock
Phillips, Sam                        Rock            A Boot And A Shoe
Pickerel, Mark & His Praying Hands   Roots           Snake In The Radio
Pickett, Wilson                      Soul            A Man and a Half - The Best of Wilson Pickett
Pickett, Wilson                      Soul            It's Harder Now
Pickett, Wilson                      Soul            The Exciting Wilson Pickett
Pickett, Wilson                      Soul            The Midnight Mover
Pickett, Wilson                      Soul            The Sound Of Wilson Pickett
Pickett, Wilson                      Soul            The Very Best of Wilson Pickett
Pickett, Wilson                      Soul            The Wicked Pickett
Pinback                              Rock            Blue Screen Life
Pinback                              Rock            Summer in Abaddon
Pinetops, The                        Roots           Above Ground and Vertical
Pink Floyd                       Rock          A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Pink Floyd                       Rock          Animals
Pink Floyd                       Rock          Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd                       Rock          Echoes
Pink Floyd                       Rock          Meddle
Pink Floyd                       Rock          Obscured By Clouds
Pink Floyd                       Rock          Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Pink Floyd                       Rock          The Wall
Pink Floyd                       Rock          The Wall
Pink Floyd                       Rock          Wish You Were Here
Pink Mountaintops, The           Rock          The Pink Mountaintops
Pixies                           Rock          Bossa Nova
Pixies                           Rock          Complete B Sides
Pixies                           Rock          Doolittle
Pixies                           Rock          Surfer Rosa
Pixies                           Rock          Trompe Le Monde
Placebo                          Rock          Sleeping With Ghosts
Placebo                          Rock          Without You I’m Nothing
Pogues, The                      Rock          Red Roses For Me
Pogues, The                      Rock          Rum, Sodomy & The Lash
Poison                           Rock          Open Up and Say Ahhh
Police, The                      Rock          Every Breath You Take - The Classics
Police, The                      Rock          Outlandos D' Amour
Police, The                      Rock          Synchronicity
Police, The                      Rock          Zenyatta Mondatta
Pollard, Robert                  Rock          From A Compound Eye
Pontiac Brothers, The            Rock          Doll Hut/Fiesta En La Biblioteca
Pontiac, Marvin                  Blues         The Legendary Marvin Pontiac
Ponys, The                       Rock          Laced With Romance
Pop, Iggy                        Rock          A Million In Prizes - The Anthology
Pop, Iggy                        Rock          American Caesar
Pop, Iggy                        Rock          New Values
Porch Ghouls                     Rock          Bluff City Ruckus
Porchsleeper                     Roots         Every Day Is Better Than The Next
Porchsleeper                     Roots         Porchsleeper #1
Porter Hall Tennessee            Alt-Country   Welcome to Porter Hall Tennessee
Portishead                       Rock          Dummy
Posies, The                      Rock          The Best of The Posies
Possum Dixon                     Rock          Possum Dixon
Possum Dixon                     Rock          Star Maps
Postal Service, The              Rock          Give Up
Potter, Grace & The Nocturnals   Roots         Nothing But The Water
Preacher Boy                     Blues         Gutters and Pews
Presley, Elvis                   Rock          Elvis 30 #1 Hits
Presley, Elvis                   Rock          Elvis 56
Presley, Elvis                   Rock          Elvis Presley
Presley, Elvis                   Rock          From Elvis To Memphis
Presley, Elvis                   Rock          His Greatest Hits - 4 Discs
Presley, Elvis                   Rock          The Sun Sessions
Presley, Elvis                   Rock          Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Essential 70's Masters (Disk 2)
Preston School of Industry       Rock          Monsoon
Preston, Billy                   Soul          Ultimate Collection
Pretenders                       Rock          Last of the Independents
Pretenders                       Rock          Learning To Crawl
Pretenders                       Rock          Pretenders
Pretenders                       Rock          Pretenders II
Pretenders, The                  Rock          Pretenders - 2-Disc Remaster
Pretty Things, The               Rock          Pretty Things
Price, Lloyd                     Soul          20th Century Masters
Pride, Steve & His Blood Kin     Roots         Pride on Pride
Prima, Louis                     Pop           The Capitol Collectors Series
Primal Scream                    Rock          Dirty Hits
Primal Scream                    Rock          Dirty Hits
Primal Scream                   Rock    Give Out But Don’t Give In
Primal Scream                   Rock    Riot City Blues
Primich, Gary                   Blues   Company Man
Primich, Gary                   Blues   Dog House Music
Primus                          Rock    Pork Soda
Primus                          Rock    Sailing The Seas of Cheese
Primus                          Rock    Tales From The Punchbowl
Prince                          Rock    1999
Prince                          Soul    3121
Prince                          Rock    Dirty Mind
Prince                          Rock    Purple Rain
Prince                          Rock    Sign 'O' The Times
Prince                          Rock    The Hits 1
Prince                          Rock    The Hits 2
Prine, John                     Roots   Common Sense
Prine, John                     Roots   Sweet Revenge
Prine, John                     Roots   The John Prine Anthology: Great Days
Prine, John                     Roots   The Missing Years
Procol Harum                    Rock    Procol Harum
Procol Harum                    Rock    Shine On Brightly
Prodigy, The                    Rock    The Fat Of The Land
Professor Longhair              Blues   Big Chief
Promise Ring, The               Rock    Nothing Feels Good
Promise Ring, The               Rock    Wood-Water
Prophet, Chuck                  Rock    Age of Miracles
Prophet, Chuck                  Rock    Balinese Dancer
Prophet, Chuck                  Rock    Homemade Blood
Prophet, Chuck                  Rock    No Other Love
Prophet, Chuck                  Rock    The Hurting Business
Pryor, Snooky                   Blues   Shake My Hand
Psychedelic Furs, The           Rock    B-Sides & Lost Grooves
Psychedelic Furs, The           Rock    Greatest Hits
Psychedelic Furs, The           Rock    The Psychedelic Furs
Pulp                            Rock    Different Class
Pulp                            Rock    Freaks
Pulp                            Rock    Hits
Pulp                            Rock    This Is Hardcore
Pulp                            Rock    We Love Life
Queen                           Rock    Greatest Hits
Quicksilver Messenger Service   Rock    Classic Masters - Best Of
Quicksilver Messenger Service   Rock    Happy Trails
Raconteurs, The                 Rock    Broken Boy Soldiers
Radar Bros.                     Roots   And The Surrounding Mountains
Radar Bros.                     Roots   The Fallen Leaf Pages
Radar Bros.                     Roots   The Singing Hatchet
Radcliff, Bobby                 Blues   Dresses Too Short
Radcliff, Bobby                 Blues   There's A Cold Grave InYour Way
Radio Kings                     Blues   It Ain't Easy
Radio Kings                     Blues   Money Road
Radiohead                       Rock    Hail To The Thief
Radiohead                       Rock    Kid A
Radiohead                       Rock    Pablo Honey
Radiohead                       Rock    The Bends
Rainmakers                      Rock    The Good News and the Bad News
Rainville                       Roots   Collecting Empties
Raisins In The Sun              Roots   Raisins In The Sun
Raitt, Bonnie                   Rock    The Bonnie Raitt Collection
Ramones                         Rock    Loud, Fast, Ramones - Their Toughest Hits
Ramos, Kid                      Blues   Greasy Kid's Stuff
Ramos, Kid                      Blues   Kid Ramos
Ramos, Kid                      Blues   Two Hands One Heart
Ramos, Kid                      Blues   West Coast House Party
Ramsey, Bo                      Roots   In The Weeds
Randall Bramblett                    Rock    Rich Someday
Randolph, Robert & The Family Band   Blues   Live At The Wetlands
Randolph, Robert & The Family Band   Blues   Unclassified
Ranier Maria                         Rock    Long Knives Drawn
Rapider Than Horsepower              Rock    This Is My Big Night
Rapture, The                         Rock    Pieces Of The People We Love
Rascals, The                         Rock    The Ultimate Rascals
Raspberries, The                     Rock    Greatest
Ray Bonneville                       Blues   Roll It Down
Ray, Hank & The Raymen               Roots   Mainstream Death Country
Reckless Kelly                       Roots   The Day
Reckless Kelly                       Roots   Under the Table and Above the Sun
Reckless Kelly                       Roots   Wicked Twisted Road
Red Devils, The                      Blues   King King
Red Hot Chili Peppers                Rock    Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Hot Chili Peppers                Rock    Californication
Red House Painters                   Rock    Songs For A Blue Guitar
Red Red Meat                         Rock    Bunny Gets Paid
Red Red Meat                         Rock    Jimmywine Majestic
Red Rider                            Rock    As Far As Siam
Red Rider                            Rock    Don't Fight It
Reddick, Paul                        Blues   Villanelle
Reddick, Paul & The Sidemen          Blues   Rattlebag
Redding, Otis                        Soul    Complete & Unbelievable - The Dictionary of Soul
Redding, Otis                        Soul    Love Man
Redding, Otis                        Soul    Otis Blue - Otis Redding Sings Soul
Redding, Otis                        Soul    Pain In My Heart
Redding, Otis                        Soul    Tell The Truth
Redding, Otis                        Soul    The Dock of the Bay
Redding, Otis                        Soul    The Great Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads
Redding, Otis                        Soul    The Immortal Otis Redding
Redding, Otis                        Soul    The Soul Album
Redding, Otis                        Soul    The Very Best of Otis Redding - Vol. 2
Redding, Otis                        Soul    The Very Best of Otis Redding Vol. 1
Redding, Otis & Carla Thomas         Soul    King & Queen
Reed, Jimmy                          Blues   Blues Masters: The Very Best of Jimmy Reed
Reed, Lou                            Rock    Different Times - Lou Reed In The '70s
Reed, Lou                            Rock    New York
Reed, Lou                            Rock    Transformer
Reeks & The Wrecks                   Rock    Knife Hits
Refreshments, The                    Roots   The Bottle and Fresh Horses
Reggie & The Full Effect             Rock    Greatest Hits 1984-87
Reigning Sound, The                  Rock    Home For Orphans
Reigning Sound, The                  Rock    Time Bomb High School
Reigning Sound, The                  Rock    Too Much Guitar
Reilly, Ike                          Rock    Salesmen & Racists
Reilly, Ike - The Assassination      Rock    Junkie Faithful
Reivers, The                         Rock    Saturday
REM                                  Rock    Dead Letter Office
REM                                  Rock    Document
REM                                  Rock    Eponymous
REM                                  Rock    In Time - The Best of REM 1998-2003
REM                                  Rock    Murmur
REM                                  Rock    Reckoning
Replacements, The                    Blues   All Shook Down'
Replacements, The                    Rock    Don't Tell A Soul
Replacements, The                    Rock    Hootenanny
Replacements, The                    Rock    Let It Be
Replacements, The                    Rock    Pleased To Meet Me
Replacements, The                    Rock    Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash
Replacements, The                    Blues   Tim
Reverend Glasseye                    Roots   Our Lady Of The Broken Spine
Reverend Horton Heat                 Rock    Holy Roller
Revolutionary Hydra                     Rock          Knockout To Dispense
Rezillos, The                           Rock          The (Almost) Complete Rezillos
Ribeye Brothers, The                    Roots         If I Had A Horse…
Richard, Zachary                        Rock          Snakebite Love
Richards, Keith                         Rock          Main Offender
Richards, Keith                         Rock          Talk Is Cheap
Richards, Keith & The X-Pensive Winos   Rock          Live At The Hollywood Palladium
Richmond Fontaine                       Roots         The Fitzgerald
Richmond Fontaine                       Roots         Winnemucca
Ride                                    Rock          OX4 - Best of
Ridgway, Stan                           Rock          Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs
Rilo Kiley                              Roots         More Adventurous
Rising Sons                             Roots         Featuring Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder
Ritter, Josh                            Roots         Hello Starling
River City Rebels                       Rock          Hate To Be Loved
Rivergods, The                          Roots         Time Has Come
Robbers on High Street                  Rock          Tree City
Robertson, Robbie                       Roots         Classic Masters
Robertson, Robbie                       Rock          Robbie Robertson
Robertson, Robbie                       Rock          Storyville
Robertson, Sherman                      Blues         Here and Now
Robillard, Duke                         Blues         Dangerous Place
Robinson, Fenton                        Blues         Somebody Loan Me A Dime
Robinson, Jimmie Lee                    Blues         Lonely Traveller
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles         Soul          The Essential Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Robison, Bruce                          Roots         Wrapped
Robison, Charlie                        Country       Good Times
Robison, Charlie                        Alt-Country   Live Of The Party
Rocket From The Crypt                   Rock          Circa - Now
Rocket From The Crypt                   Rock          Group Sounds
Rocket From The Crypt                   Rock          RFTC
Rocket From The Crypt                   Rock          Scream, Dracula, Scream
Rockpile                                Rock          Seconds of Pleasure
Rodrigo y Gabriela                      Folk          Rodrigo y Gabriela
Rodriguez, Carrie                       Roots         Seven Angels On A Bicycle
Roll, Jim                               Roots         Inhabiting The Ball
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          12 x 5
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          A Bigger Bang
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Aftermath
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Beggar's Banquet
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Between The Buttons
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Big Hits - High Tide & Green Grass
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Black and Blue
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Bridges to Babylon
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          December's Children
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Exile On Main St.
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Flowers
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Forty Licks
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Goat's Head Soup
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          It's Only Rock N Roll
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Let It Bleed
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          No Security
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Out of Our Heads
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Rarities
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Some Girls
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Steel Wheels
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Sticky Fingers
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Stripped
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Tattoo You
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          The Rolling Stones Now!
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Their Satanic Majesties Request
Rolling Stones, The                     Rock          Through The Past, Darkly
Rolling Stones, The                       Rock    Voodoo Lounge
Romweber, Dexter                          Roots   Blues That Defy My Soul
Rookie Of The Year                        Rock    The Goodnight Moon
Roomful of Blues                          Blues   There Goes The Neighborhood
Roomful of Blues                          Blues   Turn It On! Turn It Up!
Rosas, Cesar                              Rock    Soul Disguise
Ross, Diana & The Supremes                Soul    Compact Classics - 20 Greatest Hits
Rouge Wave                                Rock    Descended Like Vultures
Rouse, Josh                               Rock    1972
Rouse, Josh                               Roots   Dressed Up Like Nebraska
Rouse, Josh                               Roots   Home
Rouse, Josh                               Rock    Nashville
Rouse, Josh                               Roots   Under Cold Blue Stars
Roxy Music                                Rock    Avalon
Roxy Music                                Rock    Country Life
Roxy Music                                Rock    For Your Pleasure
Roxy Music                                Rock    Siren
Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry                    Rock    Street Life - Best Of
Roy Owens, Jr., The                       Rock    Good Times
Rush, Otis                                Blues   Ain't Enough Comin' In
Rush, Otis                                Blues   Any Place I'm Going
Rush, Otis                                Blues   Cold Day In Hell
Russell, Leon                             Rock    Leon Russell
Russell, Leon                             Rock    Leon Russell & the Shelter People
Russell, Leon & Benno, Mark               Rock    Asylum Choir II
Russell, Tom                              Roots   Borderland
Russell, Tom Band                         Roots   Raw Vision
Rusted Root                               Rock    When I Woke
Ryan, Matthew                             Roots   Concussion
Ryan, Matthew                             Roots   East Autumn Grin
Ryan, Matthew                             Roots   Mayday
Ryan, Matthew                             Roots   Regret Over The Wires
Ryder, Mitch                              Rock    Never Kick A Sleeping Dog
Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels         Rock    Rev Up: The Best of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
Sahm, Doug                                Roots   The Return of Wayne Douglas
Sahm, Doug & The Last Real Texas Blues Band       Last Real Texas Blues Band
Sahm, Doug & The Sir Douglas Quintet      Rock    The Best of Doug Sahm - The Atlantic Years
Sahm, Doug & The Sir Douglas Quintet      Rock    The Best of the Sir Douglas Quintet
Salem, Kevin                              Rock    Ecstatic
Salem, Kevin                              Rock    Glimmer
Salem, Kevin                              Rock    Soma City
Sam & Dave                                Soul    Sweat 'N' Soul - The Anthology
Sam & Dave                                Soul    The Very Best of Sam & Dave
Sam Champion                              Rock    Slow Rewind
Sandman, Mark                             Rock    Sandbox - The Music Of Mark Sandman
Sansone, Jumpin' Johnny                   Blues   Crescent City Moon
Santana                                   Rock    Abraxas
Santana                                   Rock    Santana
Santana                                   Rock    Santana III
Santana                                   Rock    The Best of Santana
Satan & Adam                              Blues   Living On The River
Satelliters, The                          Rock    Hashish
Saves The Day                             Rock    Through Being Cool
Savoy Brown                               Rock    Raw Sienna/Looking In
Scaggs, Boz                               Soul    Come On Home
Scarce                                    Rock    Deadsexy
Schramms, The                             Roots   100 Questions
Schramms, The                             Rock    Dizzy Spell
Scofield, John                            Jazz    That's What I Say - The Music of Ray Charles
Scott, Russell & His Red Hots             Roots   Going Back Home
Scud Mountain Boys, The                   Roots   Massachusetts
Seam                                      Rock    Are You Driving Me Crazy
Sease, Marvin                             Soul    The Best Of
Sebadoh                      Rock          Bakesale
Sebadoh                      Rock          Harmacy
Sebadoh                      Rock          The Sebadoh
Secret Machines              Rock          Now Here Is Nowhere
Secret Machines              Rock          Ten Silver Drops
Selby, Mark                  Roots         Dirt
Self                         Rock          Breakfast With Girls
Seven Mary Three             Rock          Orange Ave
Seven Mary Three             Rock          Rock Crown
Sex Pistols, The             Rock          Never Mind The Bullocks
Sexsmith, Ron                Roots         Cobblestone Runaway
Sexsmith, Ron & The Uncool   Rock          Grand Opera Lane
Sexton, Charlie              Roots         Cruel And Gentle Things
Sexton, Charlie Sextet       Rock          Under The Wishing Tree
Sexton, Martin               Rock          Wonder Bar
Shadows, The                 Blues         Dark Side of the Shadows
Shannon, Mem                 Blues         Spend Some Time With Me
Shannon, Preston             Blues         All In Time
Shannon, Preston             Blues         Break The Ice
Shaver                       Alt-Country   The Earth Rolls On
Shaver, Billy Joe            Country       Restless Wind: The Best of Billy Joe Shaver
She Wants Revenge            Rock          She Wants Revenge
Shear, Jules                 Roots         Unplug This
Shelton, Roscoe              Blues         Let It Shine
Shields, Lonnie              Blues         Midnight Delight
Shields, Lonnie              Blues         Portrait
Shiner                       Rock          Lula Divinia
Shiner                       Rock          Starless
Shiners, The                 Roots         See Rock City
Shins, The                   Rock          Chutes Too Narrow
Shins, The                   Rock          Wincing The Night Away
Shivaree                     Rock          I Oughta Give You A Shot In The Head…
Shivers, The                 Roots         The Buried Life
Shocked, Michelle            Rock          Short, Sharp Shocked
Shooting Star                Rock          Hang On For Your Life
Silkworm                     Rock          Blueblood
Silkworm                     Rock          Developer
Silkworm                     Rock          Firewater
Silkworm                     Rock          In The West
Silkworm                     Rock          Libertine
Silkworm                     Rock          Lifestyle
Silkworm                     Rock          Platinum
Silos, The                   Roots         Cuba
Silos, The                   Roots         Heater
Silos, The                   Roots         Laser Beam Next Door
Silver Jews                  Rock          Tanglewood Numbers
Silver Jews, The             Roots         American Water
Silver Jews, The             Rock          The Natural Bridge
Silversun Pickups            Rock          Carnavas
Simon & Garfunkel            Folk          The Best of Simon & Garfunkel
Simon, Paul                  Rock          Graceland
Simon, Paul                  Rock          Surprise
Simon, Paul                  Rock          The Paul Simon Collection
Simone, Nina                 Jazz          Nina Simone & Piano
Simone, Nina                 Jazz          The Definitive Collection
Sinatra, Frank               Pop           Classic Sinatra - His Great Performances 1953-1960
Sinatra, Frank               Jazz          Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years
Siouxie & The Banshees       Rock          Twice Upon A Time - The Singles
Sister Hazel                 Roots         Fortress
Sister Hazel                 Roots         Somewher More Familiar
Skeleton Key                 Rock          Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon
Skeletons, The               Roots         Nothing To Lose
Skoro, Robert                Rock          That These Things Could Be Ours
Skygreen Leopards, The   Rock    Life & Love In Sparrow's Meadow
Sleater-Kinney           Rock    All Hands on the Bad One
Sleater-Kinney           Rock    The Woods
Sledge, Percy            Soul    It Tears Me Up - The Best of Percy Sledge
Sleepy Jackson, The      Rock    Lovers
Sloan                    Rock    One Chord To Another
Sloan                    Rock    Pretty Together
Slobberbone              Rock    Barrel Chested
Slobberbone              Rock    Crow Pot Pie
Slobberbone              Rock    Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today
Slobberbone              Rock    Slippage
Slow Jets                Rock    Remain In Ether
Slowpoke                 Rock    Virgin Stripes
Sly & The Family Stone   Soul    Fresh
Sly & The Family Stone   Soul    Stand!
Sly & The Family Stone   Soul    The Ultimate Sly & The Family Stone
Sly & The Family Stone   Soul    There's A Riot Goin' On
Smalcone, Micah Blue     Roots   Hither & Thither
Smaldone, Micah Blue     Roots   Some Sweet Day
Small Faces, The         Rock    First Step
Small Faces, The         Rock    The Small Faces
Smashing Pumpkins, The   Rock    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Smashing Pumpkins, The   Rock    Rotten Apples - Greatest Hits
Smith, Blyther           Blues   Mississippi Kid
Smith, Elliott           Rock    Either-Or
Smith, Elliott           Rock    Elliott Smith
Smith, Elliott           Rock    Figure 8
Smith, Patti             Rock    Horses
Smither, Chris           Folk    Leave The Light On
Smiths, The              Rock    Singles
Smiths, The              Rock    Very Best Of
Sneaker Pimps            Rock    Becoming X
Snider, Todd             Roots   Happy To Be Here
Snider, Todd             Roots   New Connection
Snider, Todd             Roots   Songs For The Daily Planet
Snider, Todd             Roots   Step Right Up
Snider, Todd             Roots   Viva Satellite
Snow Patrol              Rock    Eyes Open
Social Distortion        Rock    Mommy's Little Monster
Social Distortion        Rock    Prison Bound
Social Distortion        Rock    Sex, Love & Rock 'n' Roll
Social Distortion        Rock    Social Distortion
Social Distortion        Rock    Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Social Distortion        Rock    White Light, White Heat, White Trash
Soft Boys, The           Rock    A Can Of Bees
Solberg, James Band      Blues   L.A. Blues - Atomic Theory
Solberg, James Band      Blues   See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Solberg, James Band      Blues   The Hand You're Dealt
Soledad Brothers         Blues   Edge of Treason
Soledad Brothers         Blues   Soledad Brothers
Soledad Brothers         Blues   Steal Your Soul and Dare Your Spirit To Move
Son House                Blues   The Original Delta Blues
Son Volt                 Roots   Okemah And The Melody Of Riot
Son Volt                 Roots   Straightaways
Son Volt                 Rock    The Search
Son Volt                 Roots   Trace
Son Volt                 Roots   Wide Swing Tremelo
Songs-Ohia               Rock    Magnolia Electric Company
Songs-Ohia               Rock    The Lioness
Sonia Dada               Roots   Test Pattern
Sonic Youth              Rock    Daydream Nation
Sonic Youth              Rock    Dirty
Sonic Youth              Rock    Evol
Sonic Youth                           Rock    Sister
Sonic Youth                           Rock    Sonic Nurse
Sonics, The                           Rock    Here Are The Sonics
Sons And Daughters                    Rock    The Repulsion Box
Soul Asylum                           Rock    Grave Dancer's Union
Soul Coughing                         Rock    El Oso
Soul Coughing                         Rock    Lust In Phaze - The Best of Soul Coughing
Soullive                              Rock    Breakout
Soundgarden                           Rock    Superunknown
Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The          Rock    Behind The Music
Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The          Rock    Origin Vol. 1
South Filthy                          Roots   You Can Name It Yo' Mammy If You Wanna
Southern Culture on the Skids         Rock    Dirt Track Date
Southern Culture on the Skids         Rock    Liquored Up & Lacquered Down
Southern Culture on the Skids         Rock    Plastic Seat Sweat
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    All I Want Is Everything - The Best of
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    Better Days
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    Going To Jukesville
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    Hearts of Stone
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    I Don't Want To Go Home
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    Into The Harbour
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    Love Is A Sacrifice
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    Messin' With The Blues
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    The Best of Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - Vol 1
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    The Jukes
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes   Rock    This Time It's For Real
Sovines, The                          Roots   Truckers Welcome
Spady, Clarence                       Blues   Nature of the Beast
Sparklehorse                          Rock    Distorted Ghost
Sparklehorse                          Rock    Good Morning Spider
Sparta                                Rock    Threes
Speace, Amy                           Folk    Songs For Bright Street
Spector, Dave                         Blues   Blueplicity
Spencer, Jon Blues Explosion          Rock    The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Spinanes, The                         Rock    Manos
Spirit                                Rock    I Got A Line On You - Best Of
Spirit                                Rock    Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
Split Lip Rayfield                    Roots   In The Mud
Split Lip Rayfield                    Roots   Never Make It Home
Spoon                                 Rock    Gimme Fiction
Spoon                                 Rock    Girls Can Tell
Spoon                                 Rock    Kill The Moonlight
Springfield, Dusty                    Soul    The Very Best of Dusty Springfield
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Born In The USA
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Born To Run
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Devils and Dust
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Essential Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Hammersmith Odeon - London '75
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    In Concert: MTV Unplugged
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Live 12.19.78
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Live In Dublin
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Lucky Town
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Nebraska
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    The Rising
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    The River
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    The Wild, The Innocent & The E-Street Shuffle
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Tracks
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    Tunnel of Love
Springsteen, Bruce                    Rock    We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions
Squeeze                               Rock    East Side Story
Squeeze                               Rock    Singles, 45s and Under
Squeeze                                 Rock      Some Fantastic Place
Stagger, Jimmy                          Blues     The Triumphant Return of Slim Jim
Standard, The                           Rock      Albatross
Standard, The                           Rock      Wire Post To Wire
Staple Singers, The                     Soul      Stax Profiles - Best Of
Starflyer 59                            Rock      Everybody Makes Mistakes
Starflyer 59                            Rock      The Fashion Focus
Starks, Mack                            Roots     Blind Spot
Starks, Mack                            Roots     Elsewhere
Starlight Drifters                      Roots     EP
Starr, Edwin                            Rock      The Very Best of Edwin Starr
Staton, Candi                           Soul      Candi Staton - The Best Of
Staton, Candi                           Soul      His Hands
Steely Dan                              Rock      A Decade of Steely Dan
Steppenwolf                             Rock      All Time Greatest Hits
Stereolab                               Rock      Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Stereolab                               Rock      Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements
Stereophonics                           Rock      Just Enough Education To Perform
Stereophonics                           Rock      Language, Sex, Violence, Other?
Stereophonics                           Rock      Performance & Cocktails
Stereophonics                           Rock      You Gotta Go There To Come Back
Stevens, Cat                            Folk      The Very Best of Cat Stevens
Stewart, Rod                            Rock      Reason To Believe - The Complete Mercury Recordings
Stills, The                             Rock      Logic Will Break Your Heart
Stills, The                             Rock      Without Feathers
Stinson, Tommy                          Rock      Village Gorilla Head
Stir Fried                              Roots     Last of the Blue Diamond Miners
Stone Sour                              Rock      Stone Sour
Stone Temple Pilots                     Rock      #4
Stone Temple Pilots                     Rock      Purple
Stone, Joss                             Soul      The Soul Sessions
Stooges, The                            Rock      Fun House
Stooges, The                            Rock      The Weirdness
Story Of The Blues - Tales              Blues     Various Artists
Story Of The Blues - Women              Blues     Various Artists
Story Of The Blues -Breakin' My Heart   Blues     Various Artists
Story Of The Blues -Voices              Blues     Various Artists
Stremel, Kristie                        Rock      All I Really Want
String Cheese Incident                  Rock      Carnival '99 - Edit
String Cheese Incident                  Rock      Outside Inside
String Cheese Incident                  Rock      Untying The Not
Stringfellow, Ken                       Roots     Soft Commands
Strokes, The                            Rock      Is This It?
Strokes, The                            Rock      Room On Fire
Stuart, Dan                             Roots     Can O' Worms
Style Council                           Rock      The Sound Of The Style Council - Best Of
Sub-bionic                              Rock      You I Lov///
Subdudes, The                           Roots     Annunciation
Subdudes, The                           Roots     Miracle Mule
Subdudes, The                           Roots     Primitive Streak
Sublime                                 Rock      40 Oz. To Freedom
Sublime                                 Rock      Sublime
Suburbs, The                            Rock      Love Is The Law
Subways, The                            Rock      Young For Eternity
Sugar                                   Rock      Copper Blue
Sugar                                   Rock      File Under Easy Listening
Sugar Blue                              Blues     Blue Blazes
Sundowners, The                         Country   Chicago Country Legends
Super Furry Animals                     Rock      Love Kraft
Super Furry Animals                     Rock      Phantom Power
Superchunk                              Rock      Come Pick Me Up
Superchunk                              Rock      Foolish
Superchunk                              Rock      Here's To Shutting Up
Superchunk                             Rock    No Pocky For Kitty
Superchunk                             Rock    On The Mouth
Superchunk                             Rock    Superchunk
Superchunk                             Rock    Tossing Seeds - Singles 89-91
Superdrag                              Rock    Head Trip In Every Key
Superdrag                              Rock    In The Valley Of Dying Stars
Superdrag                              Rock    Regretfully Yours
Supergrass                             Rock    I Should Coco
Supergrass                             Rock    In It For The Money
Supergrass                             Rock    Life On Other Planets
Supertramp                             Rock    Crime of the Century
Supertramp                             Rock    The Very Best of Supertramp
Sutliff, Bobby                         Rock    Bitter Fruit
Sutliff, Bobby                         Rock    Perfect Dream
Swann, Bettye                          Soul    The Best of Bettye Swann
Swearing At Motorists                  Rock    Last Night Becomes This Morning
Swearing At Motorists                  Rock    Number Seven Uptown
Sweet Japonic                          Rock    Two O'Clock Sirens
Sweet, Matthew                         Rock    100% Fun
Sweet, Matthew                         Rock    Altered Beast
Sweet, Matthew                         Rock    Blue Sky On Mars
Sweet, Matthew                         Rock    Girlfriend
Sweet, Matthew                         Rock    In Reverse
Swervedriver                           Rock    99th Dream
Swervedriver                           Rock    Raise
Swift, Ember                           Folk    Disarming
Swift, Ember                           Roots   Disarming
Swing Cats                             Rock    A Special Tribute To Elvis
Sykes, Jesse & The Sweet Hereafter     Roots   Oh, My Girl
T. Rex                                 Rock    Electric Warrior
T. Rex                                 Rock    The Slider
Tail Dragger                           Blues   American People
Taj Mahal                              Blues   Phantom Blues
Talking Heads                          Rock    More Songs About Buildings And Food
Talking Heads                          Rock    Popular Favorites 1976-1992
Talking Heads                          Rock    Popular Favorites 1976-1992
Talking Heads                          Rock    Remain In Light
Talking Heads                          Rock    Talking Heads '77
Tall Dwarfs                            Rock    Weeville
Tangle Eye                             Blues   Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed
Tangletown                             Rock    Ordinary Freaks
Tarbox Ramblers                        Roots   A Fix Back East
Tarbox Ramblers                        Roots   Tarbox Ramblers
Taylor, Eddie                          Blues   Eddie Taylor: Bad Boy
Taylor, Eric                           Roots   Shuffletown
Taylor, Hound Dog                      Blues   Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers
Taylor, Hound Dog & The Houserockers   Blues   Natural Boogie
Taylor, James                          Folk    The Best of James Taylor
Taylor, Johnnie                        Soul    Wanted: One Soul Singer
Taylor, Lewis                          Soul    Stoned
Taylor, Otis                           Blues   Double V
Taylor, Otis                           Blues   Respect The Dead
Taylor, Otis                           Blues   When Negroes Walked The Earth
Taylor, Otis                           Blues   White African
T-Bone Burnett                         Roots   The True False Identity
Tears For Fears                        Rock    Tears Roll Down - Best of 82-92
Tedeschi, Susan                        Blues   Live From Austin, TX
Television                             Rock    Marquee Moon
Temptations, The                       Soul    My Girl: The Very Best of the Temptations
Ten Years After                        Rock    Essential
Tenement Halls                         Rock    Knitting Needles & Bicycle Bells
Teresa James                           Blues   Oh Yeah!
Terrell                                Rock    Angry Southern Gentleman
Terrell                              Rock          Beautiful Side Of Madness
Terrell                              Rock          On The Wings of Dirty Angels
Terry, Sonny                         Blues         Black Night Road
Terry, Sonny                         Blues         Whoopin' The Blues: The Capitol Recordings 1947-1950
Texas                                Rock          Mother's Heaven
Thanksgiving                         Rock          The River By Thanksgiving
Tharpe, Sister Rosetta               Roots         The Gospel Of Blues
The Snake The Cross The Crown        Rock          Mander Salis'
The The                              Rock          45 RPM - Singles
The The                              Rock          Dusk
The The                              Rock          Hanky Panky
The The                              Rock          Mind Bomb
The The                              Rock          Naked Self
The The                              Rock          Soul Mining
Thee Shams                           Rock          Please Yourself
Thee Shams                           Rock          Sign The Line
Thibaud, Todd                        Rock          Favorite Waste of Time
Thibaud, Todd                        Rock          Little Mystery
Thibaud, Todd                        Rock          Squash
Thin Lizzy                           Rock          Dedication - The Best Of
Thin Lizzy                           Rock          Jailbreak
Third Eye Blind                      Rock          Third Eye Blind
Thomas, Carla                        Soul          Stax Profiles
Thomas, Earl                         Blues         Soul'd
Thomas, Irma                         Soul          Sweet Soul Queen - Best Of
Thompson, Richard                    Roots         The Old Kit Bag
Thorn, Paul                          Roots         Ain't Love Strange
Thorn, Paul                          Roots         Are You With Me?
Thorn, Paul                          Roots         Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
Thorn, Paul                          Roots         Pink Moon
Thornton, Big Mama                   Blues         Hound Dog - The Peacock Recordings
Thorogood, George & The Destroyers   Rock          The Baddest of George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Thrills, The                         Rock          Let's Bottle Bohemia
Thrills, The                         Rock          So Much For The City
Thunderbirds Are Now!                Rock          Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
Thunderbirds Are Now!                Rock          Make History
Tito & Tarantula                     Blues         Hungry Sally & Other Killer Lullabies
Tito & Tarantula                     Blues         Tarantism
T-Model Ford                         Blues         Bad Man
T-Model Ford                         Blues         Pee Wee Get My Gun
T-Model Ford                         Blues         She Ain't None of Your'n
Toadies                              Rock          Rubberneck
Tom Petty & The Hearbreakers         Rock          Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Too Slim & The Taildraggers          Blues         Blues for EB
Too Slim & The Taildraggers          Blues         King Size Troublemakers
Too Slim & The Taildraggers          Blues         Swamp Opera
Tool                                 Rock          10,000 Days
Tool                                 Rock          Aenima
Tool                                 Rock          Lateralus
Topley, William                      Rock          Black River
Topley, William                      Rock          Feasting With Panthers
Tossers, The                         Rock          The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
Tower of Power                       Soul          The Very Best of the Tower of Power
Townshend, Pete & Lane, Ronnie       Rock          Rough Mix
Tractors, The                        Alt-Country   Farmers In A Changing World
Traffic                              Rock          John Barleycorn Must Die
Traffic                              Rock          Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
Traffic                              Rock          Shootout At The Fantasy Factory
Traffic                              Rock          Welcome To The Canteen
Train                                Rock          Train
Traveling Wilburys                   Rock          Volume 1
Traveling Wilburys                   Rock          Volume 3
Treat Her Right                      Rock          The Anthology 1985-1990
Treat Her Right         Rock          What's Good For You
Triffids, The           Rock          Born Sandy Devotional
Troll For Trout         Rock          International Harvester
Trooper, Greg           Roots         Floating
Trooper, Greg           Roots         Straight Down Rain
Trower, Robin           Rock          Bridge of Sighs
Trucks, Derek           Rock          Songlines
Tubeway Army            Rock          Replicas
Tubeway Army            Rock          Tubeway Army
Tunstall, K.T.          Rock          Eye To The Telescope
Turner, Ike             Soul          Here and Now
Turner, Ike & Tina      Soul          Back In The Day
Turner, Ike & Tina      Soul          Proud Mary - The Best of Ike & Tina Turner
Turner, Ike & Tina      Soul          The Great Rhythm & Blues Sessions
Turner, Ike & Tina      Soul          The Soul Anthology
Turner, Tina            Rock          Simply The Best
TV On The Radio         Rock          Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
TV On The Radio         Rock          Return To Candy Mountain
Tweedy, Jeff            Roots         Sunken Treasure
Twinemen                Rock          Sideshow
Twinemen                Rock          Twinemen
Two Dollar Pistols      Alt-Country   Hands Up!
Two Dollar Pistols      Alt-Country   You Ruined Everything
Two Gallants            Roots         What The Bell Tolls
U.K. Subs               Rock          Time Warp: Greatest Hits
U2                      Rock          Best of 1980-1990
U2                      Rock          Best of 1991-2000
U2                      Rock          War
UB40                    Reggae        The Very Best of UB40
Ugly Casanova           Rock          Sharpen Your Teeth
Ulmer, James Blood      Blues         Birthright
Ulmer, James Blood      Blues         No Escape From The Blues
Ultravox                Rock          Ha, Ha, Ha
Umphrey's McGee         Rock          Safety In Numbers
Uncle Devil Show, The   Rock          A Terrible Beauty
Uncle Tupelo            Roots         89-93 - An Anthology
Uncle Tupelo            Roots         Anodyne
Uncle Tupelo            Roots         March 16-20, 1992
Uncle Tupelo            Roots         No Depression
Uncle Tupelo            Roots         Still Feel Gone
Unknown Hinson          Roots         The Future Is Unknown
Urge Overkill           Rock          Saturation
Used Carlotta           Rock          Reckless Wheels
Ussery, John            Blues         Cryin' & Screamin'
Van Zandt, Townes       Folk          Flyin' Shoes
Van Zandt, Townes       Roots         Live At The Old Quarter
Van Zandt, Townes       Roots         Nashville Sessions
Van Zandt, Townes       Roots         Rear View Mirror
Van Zandt, Townes       Roots         The Highway Kind
Vangaalen, Chad         Rock          Infiniheart
VanGaalen, Chad         Rock          Skelliconnnection
Various Artists         Rock          60's Gold
Various Artists         Rock          A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield
Various Artists         Rock          Classic Party - Frat Rock Hits
Various Artists         Soul          Eccentric Soul - Mighty Mike Lenaburg
Various Artists         Soul          Eccentric Soul - The Big Mack Label
Various Artists         Soul          Eccentric Soul Vol. 3 - The Bandit Label
Various Artists         Roots         Heard It On The X
Various Artists         Soul          Hi Times - The Hi Records R&B Years
Various Artists         Soul          I Believe To My Soul
Various Artists         Rock          KCBO Denver - Unplugged Vol. 2, 8-14, Retro
Various Artists         Novelty       Monsters, Ghouls, Goblins & Demons
Various Artists         Rock          Nuggets - A Classic Collection From The 60's
Various Artists                            Rock          Singers & Songwriters (American Pie, etc.)
Various Artists                            Rock          Soundtrack - Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
Various Artists                            Soul          Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration
Various Artists                            Soul          The Complete Stax/Volt Singles
Various Artists                            Soul          The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968
Various Artists                            Jazz          Verve Remixed
Various Artists                            Jazz          Verve Remixed Vol 3
Vaughn Brothers, The                       Blues         Family Style
Vaughn, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble        Blues         Couldn't Stand The Weather
Vaughn, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble        Blues         In Step
Vaughn, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble        Blues         Soul To Soul
Vaughn, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble        Blues         Texas Flood
Vaughn, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble        Blues         The Sky Is Crying
Velvet Revolver                            Rock          Contraband
Velvet Underground                         Rock          The Velvet Underground & Nico
Velvet Underground, The                    Rock          Loaded
Velvet Underground, The                    Rock          The Very Best of the Velvet Underground
Ventures, The                              Rock          Walk - Don't Run - The Best of the Ventures
Vigilantes of Love                         Roots         Audible Sigh
Vigilantes of Love                         Roots         Blister Soul
Vigilantes of Love                         Roots         Welcome to Stuggleville
Vincent, Gene                              Rock          The Capitol Collectors Series
Viola, Mike & The Candy Butchers           Rock          Falling Into Place
Violent Femmes                             Rock          Add It Up - The Best of the Violent Femmes
Volebeats                                  Rock          Country Favorites
Volebeats                                  Rock          Mosquito Spiral
Volebeats                                  Rock          Solitude
Volebeats, The                             Rock          The Sky & The Ocean
Von Bondies, The                           Rock          Pawn Shoppe Heart
Votolato, Rocky                            Roots         Makers
V-Roys, The                                Rock          Are You Through Yet?
V-Roys, The                                Rock          Just Add Ice
Waco Brothers, The                         Roots         Do You Think About Me
Waco Brothers, The                         Roots         Electric Waco Chair
Waco Brothers, The                         Roots         Wacoworld
Waiters, Mel                               Soul          Material Things
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Blue Valentine
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Bone Machine
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Closing Time
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Heartattack and Vine
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Mule Variations
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         One From The Heart - With Crystal Gayle
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Rain Dogs
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Small Change
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Swordfishtrombones
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         The Heart of Saturday Night
Waits, Tom                                 Roots         Used Songs
Walkabouts, The                            Roots         Satisfied Mind
Walkabouts, The                            Rock          Scavenger
Walker, Butch & The Let's Go Out Tonites   Rock          The Rise And Fall Of…
Walker, Jerry Jeff                         Alt-Country   Great Gonzos
Walker, Jerry Jeff                         Roots         Navajo Rug
Walker, Jerry Jeff                         Alt-Country   Ultimate Collection
Walker, Junior & The All Stars             Soul          The Ultimate Collection
Walker, Peter                              Roots         Loaded
Walker, Peter                              Rock          Young Gravity
Walkmen, The                               Rock          Bows + Arrows
Walkmen, The                               Rock          Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone
Walsh, Joe                                 Rock          Greatest Hits - Little Did He Know
Walsh, Joe                                 Rock          Rocky Mountain Way
War                                        Soul          The Bet of War…And More
Ward, Robert                               Blues         Black Bottom
Ward, Robert                               Blues         Fear No Evil
Ward, Robert                               Blues         New Role Soul
Ware River Club, The                       Rock          Cathedral
Ware River Club, The                       Rock          Don't Take It Easy
Warren, Robert Burke                       Roots         To This Day
Waterboys, The                             Rock          Fisherman's Blues
Waterboys, The                             Rock          Fisherman's Blues Part 2
Waterboys, The                             Rock          The Whole of the Moon - The Music of the Waterboys
Waterloo                                   Rock          Going To The Sun
Watermelon Slim & The Workers              Roots         The Wheel Man
Waters, Muddy                              Blues         The Chess Box Set
Weakerthans                                Rock          Fallow
Weakerthans                                Rock          Reconstruction Site
Weakerthans, The                           Rock          Left & Leaving
Wedding Present, The                       Rock          George Best
Wedding Present, The                       Rock          Take Fountain
Wedren, Craig                              Rock          Lapland
Ween                                       Rock          Chocolate & Cheese
Weezer                                     Rock          Pinkerton
Weezer                                     Rock          Weezer
Welch, Gillian                             Roots         Time (The Revelator)
Welch, Kevin                               Roots         Beneath My Wheels
Welch, Kevin                               Roots         Kevin Welch
Welch, Kevin                               Roots         Life Down Here On Earth
Welch, Kevin                               Roots         Millionaire
Welch, Kevin                               Roots         Western Beat
Weller, Paul                               Rock          Illumination
Westerberg, Paul                           Rock          Besterberg - The Best Of
Whiskey & Co.                              Roots         Whiskey & Co.
Whiskeytown                                Roots         Faithless Street
Whiskeytown                                Roots         In Your Wildest Dreams
Whiskeytown                                Roots         Pneumonia
Whiskeytown                                Roots         Rural Free Delivery
Whiskeytown                                Roots         Stranger's Almanac
White Stripes, The                         Rock          De Stijl
White Stripes, The                         Rock          Elephant
White Stripes, The                         Rock          Get Behind Me Satan
White Stripes, The                         Rock          The White Stripes
White Stripes, The                         Rock          White Blood Cells
White, Jim                                 Roots         No Such Place
White, Tony Joe                            Rock          The Heroines
White, Tony Joe                            Roots         Tony Joe White
Whitehead, Earl C. & The Grievous Angels   Alt-Country   Angels & Inbreds
Whitesnake                                 Rock          Greatest Hits
Whitey                                     Funk          Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train
Whitley, Chris                             Blues         Dirt Floor
Whitley, Chris                             Rock          Living With The Law
Whitley, Chris                             Rock          Long Way Around - An Anthology
Whitley, Chris                             Rock          Rocket House
Whitley, Chris                             Rock          Soft Dangerous Shores
Whitley, Chris                             Rock          Terra Incognita
Whitley, Chris                             Blues         War Crime Blues
Whitmore, William E.                       Alt-Country   Hymns For The Hopeless
Who, The                                   Rock          Live At Leeds
Who, The                                   Rock          Quadrophenia
Who, The                                   Rock          The Who Sings My Generation
Who, The                                   Rock          Then And Now
Who, The                                   Rock          Who's Next?
Widespread Panic                           Rock          Don't Tell The Band
Wilco                                      Roots         A Ghost Is Born
Wilco                                      Roots         A.M.
Wilco                                      Roots         Being There
Wilco                                      Roots         Sky Blue Sky
Wilco                                      Roots         Summer Teeth
Wilco                                       Rock            Summerteeth Demos
Wilco                                       Roots           Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Wilco                                       Rock            Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos
Wild Child Butler                           Blues           Sho' Nuff
Wild Magnolias, The                         Roots           Live Is A Carnival
Willard Grant Conspiracy                    Rock            Everything's Fine
Willard Grant Conspiracy                    Rock            Mojave
Williams, Andre                             Rock            Mr. Rhythm
Williams, Andre & The Sadies                Alt-Country     Red Dirt - W/ The Sadies
Williams, Big Joe                           Blues           Nine String Guitar Blues
Williams, Big Joe                           Blues           No More Whiskey
Williams, Dar                               Folk            The Honesty Room
Williams, Hank III                          Roots           Lovesick, Broke & Driftin'
Williams, Hank III                          Roots           Straight To Hell
Williams, Lee Shot                          Blues           Cold Shot
Williams, Lucinda                           Roots           Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
Williams, Lucinda                           Roots           Essence
Williams, Lucinda                           Roots           Happy Woman Blues
Williams, Lucinda                           Roots           Live @ The Fillmore
Williams, Lucinda                           Rock            Lucinda Williams
Williams, Lucinda                           Roots           Sweet Old World
Williams, Lucinda                           Roots           West
Williams, Lucinda                           Roots           World Without Tears
Williamson, Sonny Boy                       Blues           His Best
Williamson, Sonny Boy                       Blues           The Real Folk Blues - More Real Folk Blues
Williamson, Sonny Boy - 1                   Blues           When The Sun Goes Down
Wilson, Jackie                              Soul            The Very Best of Jackie Wilson
Wilson, Kim                                 Blues           Lookin' For Trouble
Wilson, Kim                                 Blues           Smokin' Joint
Wilson, Michelle & The Evil Gal Orchestra   Blues           Wake Up Call
Wilson, Smokey                              Blues           The Real Deal
Wilson, U.P.                                Blues           The Good, The Bad, The Blues
Winehouse, Amy                              Soul            Back To Black
Winter, Edgar                               Rock            The Best of Edgar Winter
Winter, Johnny                              Blues           Johnny Winter
Wire                                        Rock            Chairs Missing
Wire                                        Rock            Manscape
Wire                                        Rock            Pink Flag
Withers, Bill                               Soul            Lean On Me - The Best Of
Withers, Bill                               Soul            Menagerie
Witherspoon, Jimmy & Jay McShann            Blues           Goin' To Kansas City Blues
Wolf Parade                                 Rock            Apologies To The Queen Mary
Wolf, Patrick                               Rock            The Magic Position
Wolf, Peter                                 Rock            Long Line
Wolf, Peter                                 Rock            Sleepless
Wolfmother                                  Rock            Wolfmother
Womack, Bobby                               Soul            The Soul Of Bobby Womack - Stop On By
Womack, Tommy                               Rock            Stubborn
Wonder, Stevie                              Soul            The Definitive Collection
Wood Brothers, The                          Roots           Ways Not To Lose
Wood, Ron                                   Rock            Not For Beginners
Wood, Ron & Lane, Ronnie                    Rock            Mahoney's Last Stand
Woolsley Band                               Roots           Marveling At The Rings
Woolsley Band                               Roots           Sometimes Mighty Tranquilized
Word, The                                                   The
                                            Instrumental - Rock Word
World Leader Pretend                        Rock            Punches
World Party                                 Rock            Goodbye Jumbo
Wray, Link                                  Rock            Guitar Legends - Best Of
Wrens, The                                  Rock            Secaucus
Wright, Luther & The Wrongs                 Roots           Guitar Pickin' Martyrs
Wright, Luther & The Wrongs                 Alt-Country     Guitar Pickin' Martyrs
Wright, O.V.                                Soul            The Soul of O.V. Wright
Wrinkle Neck Mules                          Rock            Minor Enough
Wrinkle Neck Mules              Roots         Pull The Brake
Wrinkle Neck Mules              Roots         The Wicks Have Met
Wynn, Steve                     Rock          Kerosene Man
Wynn, Steve                     Rock          Static Transmission
Wynn, Steve & The Miracle 3     Rock          Tick…Tick…Tick
X                               Rock          Ain't Love Grand
X                               Rock          Hey Zeus!
X                               Rock          Los Angeles
X                               Rock          More Fun In The New World
X                               Rock          Under The Big Black Sun
X                               Rock          Wild Gift
Xavier Rudd                     Roots         To Let
XTC                             Rock          English Settlement
XTC                             Rock          Upsy Daisy Assortment
Yardbirds, The                  Rock          Roger The Engineer
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs               Rock          Fever To Tell
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs               Rock          Show Your Bones
Yes                             Rock          Classic Yes
Yes                             Rock          Fragile
Yes                             Rock          The Yes Album
Yes Highlights                  Rock          The Very Best of Yes
Yo La Tengo                     Rock          And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
Yoakam, Dwight                  Alt-Country
Yoakam, Dwight                  Alt-Country   Gone
Yoakam, Dwight                  Alt-Country   If There Was A Way
Yoakam, Dwight                  Alt-Country   Just Lookin' For A Hit
Yoakam, Dwight                  Country       Population: Me
Yoakam, Dwight                  Alt-Country   This Time
Yoakam, Dwight                  Alt-Country   Tomorrow's Sounds Today
Yoakam, Dwight                  Country       Under The Covers
Yockamo All-Stars, The          Jump Blues    Dew Drop Out
Yonder Mountain String Band     Roots         Yonder Mountain String Band
Yorn, Pete                      Rock          Musicforthemorningafter
Young, Mighty Joe               Blues         Blues With A Touch of Soul
Young, Neil                     Rock          After The Gold Rush
Young, Neil                     Rock          American Stars & Bars
Young, Neil                     Rock          Decade
Young, Neil                     Rock          Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Young, Neil                     Rock          Freedom
Young, Neil                     Rock          Greatest Hits
Young, Neil                     Rock          Harvest
Young, Neil                     Rock          Harvest Moon
Young, Neil                     Rock          Hawks and Doves
Young, Neil                     Rock          Live At Massey Hall 1971
Young, Neil                     Rock          Live At The Fillmore East
Young, Neil                     Rock          Living With War
Young, Neil                     Rock          Mirror Ball
Young, Neil                     Rock          Neil Young
Young, Neil                     Roots         Old Ways
Young, Neil                     Rock          On The Beach
Young, Neil                     Rock          Prairie Wind
Young, Neil                     Rock          Ragged Glory
Young, Neil                     Rock          Rust Never Sleeps
Young, Neil                     Roots         Silver & Gold
Young, Neil                     Rock          Tonight's The Night
Young, Neil                     Rock          Zuma
Youth Group                     Rock          Skeleton Jar
Zanes, Warren                   Rock          Memory Girls
Zappa, Frank                    Rock          Apostrophe
Zappa, Frank                    Rock          Over-nite Sensation
Zellar, Martin & The Hardways   Rock          Born Under
Zellar, Martin & The Hardways   Rock          Martin Zellar & The Hardways
Zellar, Martin & The Hardways   Rock          The Many Moods of Martin Zellar & The Hardways
Zevon, Warren   Rock   Excitable Boy
Zevon, Warren   Rock   I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - An Anthology
Zevon, Warren   Rock   Life'll Kill Ya
Zevon, Warren   Rock   Preludes
Zevon, Warren   Rock   Reconsider Me - The Love Songs
Zevon, Warren   Rock   Stand In The Fire
Zevon, Warren   Rock   The Envoy

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