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  Canada’s Not So Best Kept Winter Secret!

  Ski and Snowboard Destinations
  Near Quebec City

  A Winter Wonderland for Family Getaways                  Fall/Winter 2010

PLUS Travel Tech! Featuring Canadian Destination’s TOP 10 Picks for- 2010!
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                  6   ALBERTA’S WINTER
                      WONDERS                          FALL / WINTER 2010
                      Canada’s Not So Best Kept
                      Winter Secret!

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                      Ski and Snowboard Destina-
                      tions Near Quebec City

              37      HORSESHOE RESORT
                      A Winter Wonderland
                      for Family Getaways

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                e are very pleased to offer Canadian Destinations as a travel guide for
                our home. Canada offers a unique diversity in scenery and culture, with
                rich history and passionate people. The goal of Canadian Destinations
                is to highlight places of interest within the country to make travel in
Canada a more informed vacation choice. Each issue provides information on destina-
tions, resorts, hotels, spas, restaurants, and more, giving the reader travel tidbits which
are helpful when deciding on places to go and what to see.

This issue features some of the incredible winter experiences offered to Canadians who
want to take on the season with zest. We start out with a journey to Alberta’s world re-
nown ski and snowboard country. Starting out in Calgary we headed to Sunshine Village
and Lake Louise and highlighted the many great winter destinations to be experienced
in the region. Quebec is a fabulous destination in anytime of year, but in winter there
seems no end to the exciting offerings. Quebec city has numerous events throughout
the winter, but less than 30 minutes away is the incredible Mont-Sainte-Anne Ski and
snowboard destination. Only a short jaunt further is Le Masiff, which also offers a won-
derful ski and snowboard mecca. We follow this up with a piece on Ontario’s Horseshoe
Resort which offers a winter wonderland family getaway.


                                                -Nathalie Ellison

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              Winter Wonders
Alberta’sSo Best Kept Winter Secret!
 Canada’s Not

           hen I made some inquiries about Canadian
           Ski and Snowboard destinations, Alberta
           was a common response. I have been to
Alberta’s Banff Park and Lake Louise in the beautiful
summer season so I was happy to know that Alberta
had much to offer in the winter as well. As it turned
out the region absolutely transforms into a winter
wonderland and I felt I was in a different world.
	         The	 first	 part	 of	 my	 journey	 landed	 me	 in	
Calgary, a beautiful city with loads of winter fun.
The	airport	was	well	organized	and	filled	with	many	
interesting regional artefacts and I was made to feel
very	welcome.	I	chose	to	fly	in	late	to	maximize	my	
experience so I was a little tired. However, within
what seemed to be moments, the luggage was re-
turned and I was in my vehicle and heading toward
the hotel.
          Before I hit the huge rocky slopes in Banff
and	Lake	Louise,	I	knew	I	needed	to	first	sharpen	my	
snowboarding skills. The best place to do this was at
Canada Olympic Park the next morning. So I checked
into the Four Points by Sheraton Calgary West
( situated opposite
Canada Olympic Park and offering an in-town resort
atmosphere. The hotel has the advantage of being a
few minutes from the
countryside and Rocky                  Canada Olympic
Mountains, while at the               Park’s halfpipe is
same time close to all amongst the largest in
the attractions the Cal-        the world and the first
gary downtown core               of its size in Canada.
has	 to	 offer.	 I	 finally	      It was the model for
went to bed after ex-               the construction of
citedly staring out my
                                      the 2010 Olympic
window at the illumi-
                                  Winter Games half-
nated Canada Olympic
Park across the road.
                                 pipe in Cypress, BC.

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Canadian Destinations            6
Whether Skiing or Boarding,You’ll Love
What’s Available For the Whole Family!

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                         Canadian Destinations    11
  Canada Olympic Park
            After a good night of rest and in the spirit of winter                  of the most unique athletic environments in the world.
  sporting activities I visited the Canada Olympic Park, the                                  My visit to Canada Olympic Park was timely and ex-
  prime location of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. It was actu-                     hilarating because it happened to be the season of the 2010
  ally quite nostalgic for me personally because I recall watching                                               Olympics held in Vancouver. The
  the Calgary Olympics as a kid and it was interesting to see some                     Unique in its vision patriotic buzz was incredible. After
  of the landmarks that were used those years before. I was even                       and purpose, Win- touring the facility I tried my hand
  more amazed to learn that the facilities still serve as an industry                   Sport Canada has at snowboarding to prepare for
  standard winter sport training facility, now operated by a proac-                 become the yardstick the next days journey to Banff and
  tive association called WinSport Canada. The Canadian Winter                         by which the world Lake Louise. I found the snow con-
  Sport	 Institute	 is	 planned	 to	 be	 the	 first	 facility	 of	 its	 kind	 in	
                                                                                       measures Olympic ditions excellent and I was amazed
  Canada and one of the only training facilities in the world where
                                                                                      legacies and winter at the 22 foot half pipe, which oth-
  athletes from many different sport backgrounds can come to-                                                    er regional ski and snowboard des-
  gether and learn from each other’s success. It will be a place
                                                                                       sport development
                                                                                                                 tinations do not have. Visit them at
  where state-of-the-art training facilities, research, coaching, cli-                           programs.
  nicians and sportsmanship are blended together to create one

8 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations                12
Canmore, Alberta
      Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours

                                    Issue 1 - 2007 9
                      Canadian Destinations   13
  Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours
             Late morning I explored the beau-
  tiful city of Canmore. After visiting the city
  and eating lunch at the Crazy Weeds Res-
  taurant, I headed for the nearby Snowy
  Owl Sled Dog Tours to go dog sledding, an
  experience I had wanted to do for years but
  never had the chance. The backdrop of the
  rocky mountains made it a fantastic location
  to	experience	this	sport	for	the	first	time.	I	
  met up with a number of others guests who
  were	also	experiencing	this	sport	for	the	first	
  time, and after a short guide-led drive we
  reached our sledding destination. Our guide
  was very friendly as we weaved through the
  mountains and she provided lots of useful
  information about the region, the dogs and
  the company.
             Created over a quarter of a century
  ago by Connie and Charles Arsenault, Snowy
  Owl Sled Dog Tours has evolved into the
  foremost sled dog touring and racing company in Bow Valley is     Canmore is a beautiful little town located on
  and considered one of the top winter attractions in the Banff,   the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies,
  Lake Louise and Canmore area. In the 1988 Calgary Winter
                                                                                    1 hour west of Calgary and
  Olympic Games, Snowy Owl’s Connie Arsenault had the distin-
                                                                          1.5 hours west of the Calgary airport.
  guished honour of presenting the sled dog sport to the world.

10 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations        14
                                                                                            It was clearly evident to me
                                                                                            the staff love their dogs and
                                                                                            the dogs love their life!

          Dog sledding through Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours re-       anticipated that a tour was about to begin. However, when the
quired no previous experience. The instructors are very well      guides gave the command, indicating the start of the trip, the
qualified	and	the	tour	began	with	an	informative	thirty	minute	   dogs went into an excited barking and frenzied excitement.
introduction and instruction. The instructors taught us how to              The trip was thrilling and our guide gave us ample time
safely drive the sled and manage our dog teams accordingly        to drive our own team. Gliding along the snow amidst this win-
and then coached us at all times on tour.                         ter wonderland was a memory I will cherish.
          I would best describe the company as a group of
likeminded people who love their dogs and, based on my own
observations, saw that the dogs absolutely love their life too.
It was a unique experience to watch the personal connection
the guides had with their dogs. It was not uncommon to ob-
serve one of them experiencing a private moment with a dog,
speaking affectionately and giving big hugs and pats. During
the orientation I was amazed to watch how the dogs eagerly              Visit them online at

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                                                                                                 Canadian Destinations          15
    The Bow Valley Parkway is the relaxed scenic
    route to Lake Louise and a convenient way to
      get a taste of the wilderness, wildlife, and
      natural beauty of Banff National Park.

12 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    16
              Issue 1 - 2007 13
Canadian Destinations   17
                                           Banff, Alberta

  	         I	finally	left	Canmore	and	headed	to	the	city	of	Banff.	      places and full kitchens and patios or balconies. Each evening
  Banff National Park offers rugged beauty, unspoiled landscapes          I enjoyed and relaxed in the sauna and soaked in their giant
  and pristine mountain ranges. Visitors can discover an array of         outdoor hot tubs while taking in the incredible views overlook-
  wonderful accommodations, cool restaurants and stores, fun              ing the town of Banff and mountains.
  activities, colorful festivals and unique sights. As far as winter                All guests of Hidden Ridge Resort receive compli-
  activities are concerned, there is a range of activities to do in       mentary Roam Passes to and from the downtown core. This
  Banff. Visitors can snowmobile hundreds of miles of powdery             gives you access to some of the prime locations including the
  forest	trails,	go	fishing	or	hiking,	refresh	in	soothing	natural	hot	   downtown shops, boutiques, restaurants, Tunnel Mountain, Sul-
  springs and especially hit the slopes to ski and snowboard one          phur Mountain Gondola and Banff Upper Hot Springs and the
  of the region’s large and impressive mountains.                         Castle in the Rockies, the Banff Springs Hotel. Because Hidden
  	         My	first	stop	in	Banff	was	to	check	into	the	beautiful	       Ridge Resort is situated high on Tunnel Mountain in Banff, it
  Hidden Ridge Resort. Tucked away on Tunnel Mountain, this               has stunning views of the Banff town site and some of Banff’s
  wonderful establishment offered a quiet and secluded location           most famous mountains including Cascade, Rundle, Tunnel, and
  with some of the most spectacular views in Banff and the Ca-            Bourgeau. The property also has easy access to hiking trails,
  nadian	Rockies.	It’s	modern	condos	feature	wood	burning	fire-           including the HooDoos Trail and the Tunnel Mountain Summit
                                                                          Trail. I would consider Hidden Ridge Resort one of Banff’s best-
                                                                          kept secrets. Visit
                                                                                    That evening, after I explored the incredible Banff
                                                                          downtown area, I dined at Timbers Food Company which
                                                                          has specialized in Italian cuisine for the last 26 years. This gem
                                                                          features one of the largest open air patios in Banff and it is
                                                                          not uncommon to observe Chef Nigel Walke preparing gourmet
                                                                          homemade quality dishes during the summer months. Timbers
                                                                          is a favourite among the locals and has a very relaxed atmo-
                                                                          sphere. Some of the features include fresh mussels cooked with
                                                                          Chorizo sausage in a white wine butter sauce, chipotle rubbed
                                                                          lamb chops with lamb sausage vegetable and mint sauce, or-
                                                                          ange infused salmon served with ginger glaze and Mediter-
                                                                          ranean salad and braised lamb shank served with white bean
                                                                          cassoulet and red wine jus. Timbers Food Company is noted for
                                                                          its ambiance with a prefect blend of casual dining and unique
                                                                          home made dishes. Visit them at
14 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations           14
      It was actually a little
  frustrating at times. Just
   when you geared up to
     continue on down the
 mountain, another great
opportunity presents itself!

                                               Issue 1 - 2007 15
                                 Canadian Destinations   19
Beautiful sceneries line the Bow Valley
Parkway on the way to the Lake Louise
and Sonshine Village ski resorts.

     Mt. Norquay, Lake Louise & Sunshine Village.
              I awoke the next morning and basked in the aroma
    and tastes of breakfast after which I was ready to tackle some
    of the Alberta’s trophy ski and snowboard destinations. Banff
    National	Park	is	home	to	three	of	the	world’s	finest	ski	resorts;	
    Mt. Norquay, The Lake Louise Ski Area and Sunshine Village.
    The three resorts maintain almost 8,000 acres of skiable terrain     Mt. Norquay
    on one convenient, tri-area lift ticket. There are slopes to suit              Just minutes from the Town of Banff, Mt. Norquay of-
    every level and desire, from gentle groomed runs to some of          fers family-friendly experiences and outstanding conditions for
    the world’s most extreme in-bounds challenges.                       beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers and riders. It has
              The region’s high altitude and inland location often       the only night skiing in Banff-Lake Louise as well as a fully lit
    guarantee dry & light snow conditions. There is free transpor-       terrain park and expert snowmaking. Mt. Norquay is famous for
    tation between many hotels and the resorts with a tri-area lift      being the training ground of Olympic and World Cup athletes,
    ticket the ease of access and options is considerable. Amidst the    and with excellent beginner slopes, everyone will love this small,
    stunning mountain backdrops, the lack of lift lines and friendly     family-friendly	resort.	For	more	resort-specific	information,	visit	
    local hospitality make the experience unforgettable.       

  16 Canadian Destinations
    Canadian Destinations          20
Sunshine Village Ski Resort
	         Due	to	limited	time	in	Alberta	I	spent	my	first	day	at	    Strawberry Chairlift to access longer trails. The Continental Di-
Sunshine Village Ski Resort. It is Canada’s highest elevated re-     vide Express Chairlift on Lookout Mountain has the long 1.5
sort and boasts of guaranteed positive snow conditions from          mile (2.5 kilometres) corduroy groomed easy #34 Green Run
December to May with an average annual snowfall of over 30           trail leading from the summit back down into the Village. The
feet on over 3,300 acres of land. Sunshine Village has many          Wolverine Express Chairlift also has long winding tree lined be-
interesting features that make it unique. One example is that        ginner trails winding all the way down to the Gondola Base sta-
unlike other ski destinations in the area, Sunshine Village Ski      tion.
Resort offers Banff-Lake Louise’s premier ski-in, ski-out accom-                Intermediate ski and snowboarders can access the
modations in the newly renovated Sunshine Mountain Lodge.            entire mountain on groomed trails at Sunshine and each chair-
Following a multimillion dollar wing replacement, the Lodge          lift has at least one intermediate trail leading down from it.
opened 30 new eco-luxurious rooms in December 2009. An-              The long World Cup Downhill
other novel opportunity I enjoyed was to snowboard in both the       trail on Lookout Mountain on          For 80 years Sunshine
provinces of Alberta and British Columbia on the same run.           the left hand side of the Con-     Village Ski & Snowboard
          Sunshine Village has interlinked ski and snowboard         tinental Divide Chairlift is a        Resort has been serv-
runs	spread	across	three	mountains;	Goat’s	Eye	Mountain	Look-        particular favourite for inter-        ing up what is usually
out Mountain and Mount Standish. Terrain ranges from extreme         mediates to test their speed        only found in skiers’ and
inbound steep cliff drops and chutes to mogul runs, treed ter-       and turning skills. Angle Flight     snowboarders’ dreams:
rain and long groomed linked trails and gentle beginner areas.       trail also on Lookout Mountain     endless mountain terrain
          Beginner ski and snowboarders can learn on the Mighty      is a fast trail great for morning       in the heart of an un-
Mite gentle sloping wide ski hill serviced by the Ski School Magic   warm up runs. On Goat’s Eye
                                                                                                               spoiled wilderness.
Carpet	 on	 Mount	 Standish.	 Once	 confidence	 grows	 catch	 the	   Mountain the 2 mile long (3.1
                                                                                                                       Issue 1 - 2007 17
                                                                                                    Canadian Destinations          17
  kilometres) Sunshine Coast trail is seemingly endless winding its     made stairs. The Sunshine Ski and Snowboard School has guid-
  way across the mountain face.                                         ed	 tours	 for	 first	 timers	 in	 the	 Dive.	 To	 ski	 or	 snowboard	 in	
            For the advanced skier and Snowboarder the double           Delirium Dive you must carry correct avalanche equipment and
  black diamond terrain on the upper areas of Goat’s Eye Moun-          have at least one other person with you. The most challeng-
  tain is steep wide and ungroomed leading down into heavily            ing mogul runs on the mountain are under the Mount Standish
  treed slopes and tight steep moguls. On Lookout Mountain all          Chairlift;	the	moguls	are	huge	and	being	under	the	chairlift	you	
  the terrain on the left hand side of the Angel Express Chairlift is   also have a critical audience judging every turn.
  advanced #70 Horto’s Revenge trail leads into some tight treed                   The eight acre Sunshine Terrain Park is also a fun draw
  terrain.                                                              and is located on the right hand side of the Continental Divide
  	         Confident	advanced	skiers	and	snowboarders	head	di-         Express Chairlift. It has boxes, rails, jumps and tabletops suit-
  rectly for the double black ‘Delirium Dive’ an extreme inbounds       able for intermediate and advanced freeriders. For more resort-
  area below the summit accessed by a 15 foot cliff drop or man         specific	information,	visit

      With over 30 feet of
     Canada’s Best Snow
      dumped annually at
        Sunshine Village,
      skiers and boarders
           always have an
      opportunity to enjoy
             fresh powder.
18 Canadian Destinations
                                                                                                       Throughout the day I found
                                                                                                         myself constantly looking
                                                                                                        up and being mesmerized
                                                                                                        by the stark beauty of the
                                                                                                       mountainous surroundings.

Lake Louise Ski Area                                                         of differing abilities to be able to ski and snowboard together.
           The next day I headed to the Lake Louise Ski Area.                           On the frontside beginners learn to ski or snowboard
With over 4,200 acres of terrain spread across four mountain                 in the base area on the gentle slope #6 serviced by the Sunny
faces, Lake Louise offers unparalleled skiing and snowboarding               T-Bar	 and	 a	 magic	 carpet.	 Once	 confidence	 grows	 catch	 the	
just minutes from the Village of Lake Louise. The exceptional                Glacier Express Chairlift up to access the green #1 trail back
layout allows families and groups of all abilities to ski together           down to the base area. From the top of the Grizzly Express
with beginner, intermediate and expert runs from every chair.                Gondola trails #15, #14 and #18 are long and winding. On the
The spectacular views of mountains, glaciers, lakes and forests              backside of the mountain, in the powder bowls, area trails #15
are truly unique.                                                            and #29 will take beginners for a long ride back down to the
           The scenery at Lake Louise is both vast and varied and            frontside base area. For an extra long run catch the Paradise
the wilderness is pristine and inspirational. Located in the heart           Chairlift up from trail #15 before winding along the ridge on trail
of majestic, historic Banff National Park, Lake Louise is truly leg-         #34 and linking back with trails #15 and #29.
endary and offers world class terrain. With 4200 skiable acres,                         Intermediate skiers and snowboarders can enjoy long
Lake Louise is one of the largest ski areas in North America.                linked corduroy groomed cruisers across Lake Louise before
With beginner, intermediate and expert runs down from every                  testing themselves on some of the steeper powder areas in the
chair, the unique layout allows families and groups of varying               backside powder bowls. For some good GS turns on the front-
abilities to ski together. Beginners and intermediate skiers have            side catch the Summit Platter Chairlift up above the tree line to
access to an abundance of gentle slopes and long cruising runs.              access trails #8 #9 and #9,1 they are fantastic after a snowfall.
Experts can explore endless chutes, glades, gullies and remote               Also accessible from the Summit Platter Chairlift is trail #30 in
bowls in some of the Rockies’ most challenging terrain.                      the powder bowls. The fast trail winds between double black
	          Lake	 Louise	 is	 naturally	 divided	 into	 three	 areas;	 the	   diamond ungroomed areas and links with trail #110 that con-
frontside, the backside and the Larch area. The land between                 tinues through the Larch area. In the Larch area the tree lined
the three areas is made up of extreme steeps, huge powder                    trails #25 #26 and #23 are steep for intermediate standards
bowls, heavily treed areas, long groomed linked trails and gentle            making them quite a challenge.
beginner areas. The mountain is very well laid out with almost                          Advanced skiers and snowboarders can enjoy great
every lift offering a beginner, intermediate and advanced trail              tree skiing and snowboarding on the frontside on trail #35 ac-
which makes Lake Louise a great choice for groups and families               cessed via the Paradise Chairlift, it leads down into very heav-
                                                                                                                                Issue 1 - 2007 19
                                                                                                           Canadian Destinations         19
20 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    24
  Whether you are taking a morning walk, ice skating or
enjoying the magnificent ice sculptures, Lake Louise is a
        beautiful and tranquil place to spend your winter.

                                             Issue 1 - 2007 21
                              Canadian Destinations     25
  treed terrain. Trail #2 and #90 which lead down to the base          the Purcell Mountains through RK heliski company. For more
  area are renowned for huge moguls. Above the tree line in the        resort-specific	information,	visit
  massive backside powder bowl area the ungroomed Ultimate                       One cannot visit the area with out spending some
  Steeps and Hector Ridge terrain is all marked double black dia-      time in the town of Lake Louise or at the Fairmont Lake Louise
  mond and littered with cliff drops and natural gullies. In the       Chateau, which is one of the Canadian Rockies’ most beloved
  Larch area the tree skiing and snowboarding is best on the right     destinations, with turquoise waters sparkling underneath the
  hand side of the Larch Express Chairlift on runs #88 and #69.        towering Victoria Glacier. The day I skied in Lake Louise was a
            Lake Louise also offers a Terrain Park and Halfpipe        very special day for me. For most of the day I spent time with
  located on Easy Street under the Glacier Express Chairlift. The      Chris Scharf, Lake Louise Ski Area’s expert snowboarding guide.
  park has over 30 jumps, table tops, hits and rails all of varying    He showed me the mountain and we spent hours exploring and
  sizes suited to differing ability levels. It is meticulously main-   skiing. I was lucky to visit on the day that Team Canada battled
  tained with new features added regularly throughout the winter       the USA in Olympic hockey. Chris and I joined in with all the
  season. To top it all off, experts can enjoy 930 square miles of     other fans gathered at the pub to watch Canada, after a long
  powder	filled	open	bowls,	forests	and	endless	powder	pistes	in	      hard	and	nail	biting	game,	finally	win	the	gold!

22 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations 22
  Canadian Destinations          26
         What topped off the evening for me was my drive to      Willow Stream Spa. Regarded as one of the top destination
Lake Louise Chateau where I was able to play hockey on it’s      spas in North America and covering an area of 38,000 sq ft, this
frozen lake. I cannot imagine anywhere else, other than the      treasure’s amenities are as impressive as its range of services.
Vancouver stadium, where I could celebrate the golden mo-                  The focal point of the Willow Stream Spa is the pool
ment as I did at such an iconic Canadian Destination.            area	 which	 has	 a	 central	 warm	 pool	 filled	 with	 mineral	 water	
         As the day reached it’s end I was exhausted from sev-   which	makes	it	extremely	easy	to	lie	back	and	float.	The	mineral	
eral days of skiing and snowboarding at some of Alberta’s most   salts that promote buoyancy in the water are not the same as
celebrated destinations and I thought about how wonderful it     the minerals in the natural Banff Hot Springs, which smell of
was going to be spending time in the Banff Springs Hotel         sulphur. Here in the spa there is no sulphur smell at all, and the
                                                                 water feels like silk on the skin. Around the main pool are three
                                                                 smaller ponds, all indoors, each with its own waterfall. Guests
                                                                 are advised to progress through these, from the very warm one
                                                                 through to the third, which is rather cool. Some guests have
                                                                                                    been known to cheat and stay
                                                                 Above: After playing
                                                                                                    in the warm water all day.
                                                                 hockey on Lake Louise                   Exhausted, yet exhilarated,
                                                                 to celebrate Canada’s              I returned to Hidden Ridge Re-
                                                                 2010 Olympic victory!              sort where I spent a relaxing
                                                                 Left: An incredible                night. The next morning I woke
                                                                 Willow Stream Spa                  up early, took a number of pic-
                                                                 experience to remem-               tures, and headed back to Cal-
                                                                 ber after a day of                 gary where I caught the plane
                                                                 snowboarding.                      to head back home.
                                                                                                                       Issue 1 - 2007 23
                                                                                                      Canadian Destinations 23
                                                                                                  Canadian Destinations     27
                                                                                                      WHERE TO STAY

         If you have the opportunity I would strongly suggest a tour of the region’s Fairmont properties,
        all of which have historical links to the era when the Canadian Pacific Railway pushed west in the
                  late 1800’s. Today they stand as Canadian icons, each which are truly unique.

                                              The Fairmont Banff Springs
                                              Few hotels in the world can rival the majesty, hospitality
                                              and scenery of The Fairmont Banff Springs. Its unique
                                              blend of opulence and seclusion has been a symbol of
                                              Rocky	Mountain	magnificence	for	more	than	a	century.

                                  The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
                 Nestled in between captivating and majestic mountains and
                     enchanting lakes, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge wel-
                 comes you to the Grand Rocky Mountain Lodge Experience.

                                              The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
                                              Situated on the banks of a breathtaking lake with
                                              the majestic Rocky Mountains providing an astound-
                                              ing backdrop, The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
                                              combines beautiful scenery with unrivaled service to
                                              make your stay a moment to cherish.

                                                 The Fairmont Palliser
                           Set in the heart of the city, The Fairmont Palliser
                             is a historical landmark which offers distinctive
                                    accommodation in elegant surroundings.

24 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations      24
Quebec Ski Mecca
 Ski and Snowboard Destinations Near Quebec City
                             Story by Chris Ellison

Within 30 minutes of Quebec City
you can be geared up and taking
your first run!
                                                   Issue 1 - 2007 25
                                     Canadian Destinations   29
             any Ski and Snowboard critics claim that some of the
             best skiing in eastern North America is available in
             Quebec. In fact, over a million people indulge each
  year in the joy of downhill skiing and snowboarding on the 90
  mountains located within a relatively easy distance of Qué-
  bec City and Montréal. The province has three major ski areas
  and a combined 800 trails of all levels in the Laurentides, the
  Québec City region and the Eastern Townships. Within each
  region are many world renown resorts offering excellent condi-
  tions, activities and packages that include meals, lessons and
  lift tickets. Some even offer accommodations right at the foot
  of the slopes.
             Saint-Sauveur resorts in the Laurentides, the Orford,
  Bromont and Sutton resorts in the Eastern Townships and Mont
  Sainte Anne and Le Massif near Québec City. On a recent trip
  to Quebec City, I had the chance to skip over and sample some
  Quebec’s premier Ski and Snowboard destinations at Mont
  Sainte Anne and Le Massif.
             I started out in Quebec City, of course, because of
  it’s reputation as one of the country’s iconic notable winter
  activity destinations. As one might expect Quebec City itself
  is beautifully decorated with a winter celebratory theme. It has
  earned many favourable accolades and has been named 12th
  Top destination in the World by Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s
  Choice Awards and 3rd Top North American city by Travel +
  Leisure magazine. When you visit, you’ll certainly see why!
             Among Quebec City’s celebrated events that make it
  a prime winter playground include dogsledding, snowmobiling,
  slides, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, as well as ice ho-
  tel and igloo stays. Another event that has attracted a world
  audience for years is the Québec Winter Carnival. Named the
  world’s biggest winter carnival visitors will enjoy a host of ac-
  tivities for all ages, including snow baths, night parades, snow
  slides, giant foosball, outdoor movies, snow sculptures, shows,
  sleigh rides, an ice palace, and skating. The Red Bull Crashed
  Ice extreme skating competition also has attracted a huge fol-
  lowing and has put Quebec City on the map for the enthusiasts
  of this exciting new sport. Onlookers will cheer as they watch
  this high-octane skating race along
                                                  Quebec City is
  some of the city’s steepest streets
                                                a wonderful city.
  with a breakneck descent that would
  make even the most hardened dare-
                                                    Whether you
  devils think twice. Learn more about             are visiting as
  Quebec City and its incredible winter            a family, as a
  offerings at            couple or alone,
             Standing high on a bluff over-    there is so much
  looking the mighty St. Lawrence River,          to do. and see.
26 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations          26
I stayed at The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, which is desig-
nated a United Nations World Heritage Site. With its castle-like
architecture and turrets, The Château offers an unparalleled
level of luxury and service, with elegantly styled chateau fur-
nishings and regal décor. The hotel is full of history and truly is
a destination in itself. Readers are encouraged to visit or learn
more about this destination at
          During the evening of my visit to Quebec City I dined
at an exceptional restaurant called TOAST! which was well rec-
ommended and touted as serving a variety of the city’s best
cuisines. Upon our arrival we received a warm welcome and felt
at home until the last sampling of the many great tastes. The
atmosphere was comfortable and we received personalized ser-
vice	from	our	waiter.	The	Combinations	of	flavors,	textures	and	
presentations of the food was original, and very well planned.
There was a very good wine selection and the staff are both
attentive and knowledgeable.
          Among the tasty offerings available at Toast! that are
raved about is the rabbit stuffed with sausage cooked ‘’sous
vide,’’ which is a method of cooking that is intended to maintain
the integrity of ingredients by heating them for an extended
Below is the              period of time at relatively low tem-
famous Fairmont peratures. Other favorites included the
                          homemade	 confit	 leg,	 Meaux	 mustard	
Le Château
                          and sage, braised shoulder wrapped
Frontenac.                in bacon, and much more. Visit Toast
Left is a picture         when you are in Quebec City and learn
taken from the            more about them at
hotel room.     

                                                  Issue 1 - 2007 27
                               Canadian Destinations           31
                                                                             Le Massif

  	          My	 first	 Ski	 and	 Snowboard	 destination	 was	 a	 mere	   tinations for off-piste adventure, which refers to off trail skiing
  hour’s drive from Quebec City to the beloved Le Massif de Char-         where the snow has not been compacted by overuse. Some say
  levoix. The drive was beautiful as I sauntered along the edge           this kind of skiing tends to be more exciting but less regulated
  of the mighty Saint Lawrence River and passed several smaller           and more dangerous.
  French-only communities. Le Massif is an unusual ski area and                     Seeking to reduce its ecological footprint and bring
  has been named Top 3 Best Powder locations in Canada by                 the mountain closer to the city, Le Massif is launching a new
  Ski Canada Magazine. Not only are the 48 trails and glades di-          daily transportation service to Québec City, operating from De-
  rectly accessed via the summit of the mountain where one of             cember 26 to March 28. Departing from both Place Sainte-Foy
  the country’s most spectacular riverside sceneries unfurl, but it       and the tourist information centre across from the Fairmont Le
  also boasts the longest skiable vertical in Eastern Canada. The         Château Frontenac Hotel, it is offered to Ski & Stay guests and
  mountain Le Massif also proudly boasts of the greatest vertical         sports enthusiasts from the Greater Québec City Area.
  drop	(770	metres;	2,526	feet)	and	the	largest	annual	snowfall	          Le Massif enjoys a solid reputation which rests on the quality
  (650	cm;	21	feet)	east	of	the	Canadian	Rockies.                         of its free après ski performances, when both renowned and
             Deep in the heart of a territory designated as a UNES-       up-and-coming singers, songwriters, composers and perform-
  CO World Biosphere Re-                                                                                        ers take to the stage. Dur-
  serve, Le Massif is consid-                                                                                   ing my stay, the mountain
  ered a microclimate, which                                                                                    swayed to the rhythms of
  is a local atmospheric zone                                                                                   Bob Marley in a day-long
  where the climate differs                                                                                     group celebration of mu-
  from the surrounding area.                                                                                    sic at Le Massif’s tradition-
  It promises average annu-                                                                                     al Reggae Bash. For more
  al precipitations in excess                                                                                   information about the ski
  of 6 metres which elevates                                                                                    area, it’s music events or
  the ski area to one of the                                                                                    performing artists and ar-
  top Canadian powder des-                                                                                      tisans visit their website
  tinations. Le Massif is also                                                                         
  considered one of the best
  new Eastern powder des-
28 Canadian Destinations
During my visit to Le Massif de Charlevoix, I stayed in the his-   the	location	of	the	first	show	using	the	name	Cirque	du	Soleil	
toric and artistic town city of Baie-Saint-Paul, which was named   during “La Fete Foraine de Baie-Saint-Paul” in 1984. I thorough-
among the Top 3 Best Canadian Ski Towns to Live In by Ski          ly enjoyed strolling down Rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, which is lit up
Canada Magazine. The city offers several opportunities to dis-     and decorated all winter long, walking in and out of stores, art
cover it’s many wonderful tourism experiences. Baie-Saint-Paul     galleries, artist workshops and dining in it’s great restaurants,
is where Cirque du Soleil originated back in the early 1980s and   and bistros.

                                                                                                                     Issue 1 - 2007 29
                                                                                                  Canadian Destinations          33
                                                                                                           The Charlevoix
                                                                                                           region is chock-full
                                                                                                           of renowned
                                                                                                           restaurants, where
                                                                                                           the unmistakably
                                                                                                           robust flavours of
                                                                                                           fresh, authentic fare
                                                                                                           grown and raised
                                                                                                           right there, attract
                                                                                                           the world’s finest

            My favourite place to dine was clearly the elegant Le      Restaurant le 51’s team welcome you every evening. Visit www.
  Culinarium du Restaurant Le 51, which offered a profusion of
  fresh, gourmet fare brimming with Charlevoix colour. Exquisite                 I stayed at Hotel Baie-Saint Paul (www.hotelbaiesaint-
  pastries, viennoiseries, take-out gastronomy as well as chees-, a landmark destination relatively near the downtown
  es, pâtés and other delights prepared by local producers were        core, which stood out from the moment I arrive in this charming
  available. Since its opening in June 2006, the restaurant de ville   Charlevoix town. Located at the mouth of Baie-Saint-Paul at the
  Le 51 has not only won several gastronomy awards but has also        gateway to the Charlevoix region, Hôtel Baie-Saint-Paul is a very
  received praise from numerous gourmet writers and journal-           comfortable establishment with comprehensive onsite ameni-
  ists.	Whether	you	feel	like	discovering	new	flavours	as	a	couple,	   ties including 62 rooms and suites, a restaurant and health cen-
  among friends or with family, the chef Patrick Fregni all the        ter.

30 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations          30
          My favourite place to dine was clearly the elegant Le      Restaurant le 51’s team welcome you every evening. Visit www.
Culinarium du Restaurant Le 51, which offered a profusion of
fresh, gourmet fare brimming with Charlevoix colour. Exquisite                 I stayed at Hotel Baie-Saint Paul (www.hotelbaiesaint-
pastries, viennoiseries, take-out gastronomy as well as chees-, a landmark destination relatively near the downtown
es, pâtés and other delights prepared by local producers were        core, which stood out from the moment I arrive in this charming
available. Since its opening in June 2006, the restaurant de ville   Charlevoix town. Located at the mouth of Baie-Saint-Paul at the
Le 51 has not only won several gastronomy awards but has also        gateway to the Charlevoix region, Hôtel Baie-Saint-Paul is a very
received praise from numerous gourmet writers and journal-           comfortable establishment with comprehensive onsite ameni-
ists.	Whether	you	feel	like	discovering	new	flavours	as	a	couple,	   ties including 62 rooms and suites, a restaurant and health cen-
among friends or with family, the chef Patrick Fregni all the        ter.

                              Le Massif Welcomes you!
                            Plan your trip at

                                                                                                                      Issue 1 - 2007 31
                                                                                                         Canadian Destinations35
                                                                                                   Canadian Destinations
32 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    36

                        Issue 1 - 2007 33
          Canadian Destinations   37
            My second Quebec Ski and Snowboard destination             has hosted many World Cup events and offers unsurpassed re-
  was the incredible Mont-Sainte-Anne, a fabulous mountain ris-        gional beauty, with the St. Lawrence River to the south and the
  ing majestically from the St. Lawrence River offering spectacu-      Laurentians to the north.
  lar views whether looking up at the peak from the bottom or                    In addition to alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and
  gazing upon the grand river vistas that open up on the way           snowboarding, for which Mont-Sainte-Anne is most renowned,
  down.	It	was	in	January	1966	that	Mont-Sainte-Anne	officially	       Mont-Sainte-Anne offers a large variety of other outdoor win-
  became a ski resort with only 4 lifts, 10 trails and the only gon-   ter activities. Whether you prefer quiet outings in the woods
  dola in Eastern Canada! Today Mont-Sainte-Anne has grown to          or	“soft	adventure”,	you	will	find	numerous	activities	at	Mont-
  66 trails, offers night skiing and boasts the highest elevation      Sainte-Anne	that	will	guarantee	days	filled	with	“Joie	de	vivre”.	
  in Canada. A region of Côte de Beaupré’s Jewel, Mont-Sainte-         Some of the offerings include dog sledding, paragliding and
  Anne is also well known for the largest cross-country centre in      canyoning on ice.
  Canada. It has a huge vertical drop and celebrates it’s unique-                While at Mont-Sainte-Anne I stayed at the adjoining
  ness with it’s unmatched trio of expert glade runs called the        celebrated Château Mont-Sainte-Anne which offers premier ski-
  Forêt Noire.                                                         in/ski-out location. By the Saint Lawrence River, the Chateau
            With perfectly groomed slopes                                                      provides a spectacular setting and views
  and breathtaking views, Mont-Sainte-                                                         of Quebec City and the Charlevoix. The
  Anne is truly a skier’s paradise. I per-                                                     Château Mont-Sainte-Anne was built 30
  sonally experienced incredible snow                                                          years ago at the foot of the largest four-
  conditions and an impressive trail net-                                                      seasons resort in the Greater Quebec
  work across three sides of the moun-                                                         Area and offered is a successful pairing
  tain. Skiers and riders of all ages will                                                     of luxurious accommodations and rec-
  find	more	than	enough	land	to	revel	in,	                                                     reational activities up in the mountains.
  while the most skilful and demanding                                                         Over the years, the hotel has evolved
  athletes will discover a large expert ter-                                                   and adapted to its client’s tastes without
  rain, such as The Beast, a new double-                                                       compromising its prestigious reputation
  black diamond trail so steep it will push                                                    among vacationers, athletes and busi-
  your skills to the limit. Mont-Sainte-Anne                                                   ness people from around the world.
34 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations          34
      There is lots of great food
      to enjoy in the region,
      especially tasty maple
      syrop delights - for all ages.

          Constantly at the forefront of the latest trends in the
hotel industry are ever mindful of their clientele’s needs, the
hotel’s new owner-operators, M. Henri A. Roy, President, and
Sébastien Roy, CEO, as well as their partner, Charles Sirois,
have implemented a far-reaching program for improving and
refurbishing the hotel to ensure clients receive services that
meet the most exacting standards. Check out their website at
          Mont-Sainte-Anne and Le Massif are truly two moun-
tains of international reputation with the most impressive and
picturesque skiing area in East of the Rockies. Their proximity
which is so close to the not-to-be-missed Quebec City offers
one of the most incredible ski and snowboard destinations in
Canada! If you are considering a visit to this region, you will not
e disappointed. Visit for great
vacation ideas for your upcoming adventures.

  I would recommend visiting the Quebec Tourism
  website that identifies a number of options geared
    to your needs at
                                                                                    Issue 1 - 2007 35
                                                                      Canadian Destinations   35
36 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    40
                                          A Winter Wonderland
                                           for Family Getaways
                                                         Story and Images By   Chris Ellison

I stared up toward the summit of Horseshoe Mountain a little awestruck. It
had been a long time since I had skied last and admittedly I was way out of
practice. I stood next in line at the ski lift and although, in spirit, I felt ready to
venture upward, my body couldn’t help but hesitate a moment longer. 1 - 2007    Issue
                                                                 Canadian Destinations 41
          ust a little more forward, Sir… I heard the        or boarders fully enjoy the slopes but also the winter
          Snow Patroller say. So I took the plunge and       sports enthusiasts to hone their skills.
          headed up the mountain, polls gripped tightly.
  Surprisingly, after reaching the top and carefully ma-     Dining Extraordinaire!
  noeuvring down the slope, it was like riding a bike.       Another signature experience that many have come
  Most of my skills came back swiftly and the view was       to look forward to over the years is a visit to Silks
  beautiful. Most surprising to me as I eased down the       Restaurant. Established in 1987, Silks has been
  hill was when my 16 and 13 year old sons sailed past       celebrated as an ideal elegant dining room experi-
  me on their snowboards!                                    ence overlooking the picturesque Horseshoe Valley,
                                                             renowned for it’s beautiful Muskoka sunsets. Silk’s
  Ferfect for Families!                                      Online reviews boast         reputation   for   exceptional
  Horseshoe Resort offers what I consider to be one          that the Horseshoe           cuisine, superior service, and
                                                             Resort staff and service
  of the most ideal family-friendly getaway opportuni-                                    it’s award winning wine list
                                                             are getting more and
  ties north of Toronto. With its Alpine and Nordic ski-     more outstanding every       has remained an ongoing
  ing, boarding and tubing, the resort’s winter sports       year. They are known         feather in Horseshoe’s cap.
  options seem to have been offered with families in         to be so welcoming and
                                                                                          Whether it is the signature
                                                             personable and make
  mind. To top it all off, families can enjoy the resort’s   you feel like a celebrity.   Grilled   Thornberry,    Bison
  skating rink, Treetop Trekking in the snow, snowmo-        Check out the reviews        Shortloin, the Roasted East
  biling, hummer tours and even dog sledding. What           for yourself!
                                                                                          Coast Lobster tail or the infa-
  was also of interest was the Horseshoe Resort’s Kids       mous Sweet Potato and Vanilla soup your taste buds
  Korral,	which	ensures	that	not	only	first	time	skiers	     are sure to be tantalized.
38 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations     38
     Horseshoe Resort is said to have the best
 half pipe out there. There are numerous other
amazing features geared to the adventure and
             extreme snowboarder and skiiers!

                               Issue 1 - 2007 39
             Canadian Destinations         43
                                Whether its the          The children’s menu is also
                                Crazy Horse Saloon,      very impressive. The Restau-
                                Fire Side Café or
                                the infamous Silks
                                                         rant changes its menus season-
                                Fine Dining there is a   ally and prides itself in its locally
                                great experience for     grown products. With Executive
                                every taste!
                                                         Chef Dylan Tullock at the helm,
                                along with his culinary team, you are in for an unfor-
                                gettable experience.

                                Top Knotch Accommodations!
                                The accommodation offerings at Horseshoe Resort
                                are top notch! With three comforting room styles,
                                each offering a unique level of luxury, the spacious
                                rooms are elegant, clean and relaxing. Whether it
                                is	the	down	filled	comforters,	state	of	art	electron-
                                ics,	 fireplaces	 or	 oversized	 whirlpool,	 you	 will	 feel	
40 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    44
spoiled, relaxed and rejuvenated to tackle each day
of the many winter activities offered at Horseshoe

Although exhausted at the end of the weekend we
all were invigorated and wanted to plan a return trip.
I would encourage families to visit Horseshoe’s Re-
sort’s website for more information about their win-
ter experiences, as well as their summer programs at

                                                         The Citadel is a major icon in Halifax’s present
                                                              existence helping visitors appreciate the
                                                                          city’s glorious military history.

                                                                                           Issue 1 - 2007 41
                                                                       Canadian Destinations            45
42 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    46
         Canadian Destinations Presents
              TOP 10 Picks for 2010!
   Geared to Amateur-to-Professional Photographers
As technology advances in the industry of photography there are greater opportunities
than ever before to attain professional results. The quality of photographic equipment
and editing software has increased and become more user-friendly while the prices have
come down. Not only this, but some people are learning that there may be a demand for
their images in the marketplace. However, with so many choices how does one decide

on what to buy owwr they actually need.
                                                          The Lowepro Dryzone Rover
                                                          An amateur to professional photographer
                                                          can rest easy knowing that his or her valued
                                                          equipment is protected from the elements!
                                               The Lowepro Dryzone Rover is the world's first photog-
                                               raphy backpack designed to safely carry both a hydra-
                                               tion system and camera equipment all inside the same
                                               bag. The adjustable backpack harness with padded, con-
                                               toured shoulder straps, quick-release sternum strap and
                                               load adjustment straps is a definite asset. The Lowepro
                                               Dryzone Rover features ballistic nylon that is abrasion-
                                               and water-resistant for long-lasting dependability. The
                                               large top compartment carries outerwear and personal
                                                                      items, and features a built-in
                                                                      Hydrapak hydration reservoir,
                                                                      plus removable zippered pouch.
                                                                      Lower compartment, or Drypod,
                                                                      features a removable padded in-
                                                                      sert with an accessory pouch and
                                                                      built-in memory card pouches.

      CREATIVE Live Cam Socialize
      For photographers who need to interface with others while
      shooting in a variety of locations around the country, the Live!
      Cam Socialize HD webcam is perfect. Whether you need to
video blog, teleconference, or are simply chatting with friends, you
are guaranteed to always look your best. The Media Show and the
Desktop Share tool let you easily share media contents on your
desktop, making collaborations a snap.
                                                                                            Issue 1 - 2007 43
                                                                              Canadian Destinations   43
          Wacom Bamboo Fun
        Photographers will love Wacom’s Bamboo Fun. Not only is it very sleak
        and easy to store, it will let you get hands-on with your creative projects.
        Combining the benefits of Multi-Touch with the comfort and precision
  of Wacom's ergonomically-designed pen, you can navigate, scroll
  and work with simple hand gestures. With the tablet's large
  touch area, you have more room to navigate than you do
  with other touch devices. The pressure-sensitive pen
  to draw, sketch, edit photos, is a great feature
  and add handwritten elements to your cre-
  ations. The Bamboo Fun works with your existing
  desktop and/or laptop (PC or Mac) computer using a
  standard USB port. Photographers will really enjoy this
  product because it allows for advanced and precise editing
  tasks in the field.

             Victorinox Architecture 2.0 Big Ben Laptop Backpack
             Protective equipment for expensive camera gear is a must and equally important is computer
             gear. Photographers will love the intuitive organization, unsurpassed protection and conve-
             nient mobility of this Big Ben Laptop Backpack. Not only does it look professional when travel-
                                                ing but one can rest assured the computer is protected and
                                                easily accessible. Some of the many benefits include the
                                                dual main compartments that feature a built-in Aero Sleeve
                                                padded computer pod with breathable window, two interior
                                                peripheral pockets, a legal-sized fan file system and a large
                                                u-shaped zippered mesh pocket. The bottom organiza-
                                                tional panel features pen slots, business card holders, PDA
                                                or other electronic device storage, a key fob, a zippered
                                                mesh pocket and a stash pocket. Top organizational pan-
                                                el features two electronics pockets and music port. Other
                                                highlights include patented, zip-away water bottle pocket,
                                                comfort grip, contoured leather haul handle, padded and
                                                moisture-wicking back panel and shoulder straps.

          The Skullcandy Holua Headphone set
         It is clear to us that when striving for quality of sound
         while producing audio content in the field, or simply lis-
         tening to your downloaded songs, the best choice is the
  Skullcandy Holua ear-buds. This product offers a very elegant
  and high-end earbud headphone set designed for users of all
  ages always on-the-go. The headphones are designed with an
  in-the-ear, ear-bud style that is encompassed in a comfort in-
  ducing foam ear-bud cover. The Skullcandy Holua headphone
  set also features a 1.3m cable, a 3.5mm gold plated stereo
  plug, and a max input power of 200mW.
44 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    44
      FreeAgent Go
      Portable Hard Drive
      On the go, away from your computer and your camera
      memory card is are almost full? The incredible Free-
Agent Go offers an inexpensive portable hard drive option
with modern design, a variety of colors and capacities and
presently the thinnest drive on the market. It is very well de-
signed, fast and competitively priced.

The FreeAgent Go also boasts the world’s first hard drive
docking station for easy access to all your important files,
music and especially your images. You can sync data be-
tween computers and back up files using the optional dock.
The FreeAgent Go is available in a range of capacities, from
250GB to 1TB, the cables are compact and offer fast data
transfer with USB.

As an added bonus the encryption technology keeps your
files safe and easy synchronization means you always
have the most current version with you.

                                                     Adobe Photoshop CS5
                                                      Photographers who are involved in all kinds of ed-
                                                      iting in the field will love the new features offered.
                                                      This software redefines digital imaging with pow-
                                             erful new photography tools and breakthrough capabilities
                                             for complex image selections, realistic painting, and intel-
                                             ligent retouching. Enjoy cross-platform 64-bit support and
                                             a wide range of workflow enhancements.

                                             Achieve superior results in fewer steps when you remove
                                             noise, add grain, create vignettes, correct lens distortions,
                                             sharpen, and create HDR images. And enjoy better-than-
                                             ever raw file conversion. Explore fresh design possibilities
                                             with powerful new tools. Paint naturally and realistically
                                             with on-canvas color blending and textured brush strokes.
                                             Warp or stretch graphics, text, or image elements to create
                                             unique looks. Get exactly the look you want, more quickly
                                             than ever before. Easily select intricate image content,
                                             such as hair, for refinements, compositing, or placing in
                                             layout. Remove an image element and see the space fill
                                             in almost magically.

                                                                                               Issue 1 - 2007 45
          NIKON D300s
          The D300S digital SLR, combines pro-           (CF) and one Secure Digital™ (SD) card sepa-
          fessional-level performance with agility       rately, while one-button Live View, a new Quiet
          and enhanced D-Movie capabilities to           Shutter Release mode and Active-D Lighting
  deliver a new benchmark for creative versatility.      bracketing help users capture stunning images
  Engineered to leverage proven Nikon technolo-          like never before. WEBSITE
  gies, including a 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor
  and the 51-point autofocus system; the addition
  of HD video capture; and a faster 7 frames-per-
  second (fps), the Nikon D300S balances form
  factor, performance, versatility and reliability for
  serious photo enthusiasts and professionals.
          The D300S retains the photographer-
  friendly features of the critically acclaimed D300,
  while enhancing the speed, versatility and agility
  of the DX-format for a wide variety of photog-
  raphers, including advanced enthusiasts, wed-
  ding photographers and photojournalists. Dual
  card slots afford users the ability to seamlessly
  record stills and video to one CompactFlash™

           BONICA HD 1080 Underwater Video Camera
            The Bonica Snapper Dive 1080P HDDV           rain, snow, sand and scratch-
            Digital Media Camcorder features the         es. When the camcorder is
            innovative XP system (stands for ex-         inside the hard housing, it
  tra protection) that safeguards the camcorder          is ready to be submerged to
  against moisture by having a completely water-         180’. In case moisture gets
  tight silicone skin around the camera, much like       inside the housing, the digital
  a dry suit. While inside the Skin, the camcorder       camera is fully protected. The
  is an all-weather camcorder fit for all outdoor ac-    Bonica Snapper Dive 1080P
  tivities. The Skin protects the camcorder from         HDDV is a miniature camera
                                                         that resembles some digital
                                                         still photo cameras in its vertical layout.

                                                                                Canadian Destinations 4
46 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    46
      Canadian Destinations Presents...

 Our TOP
 PICK for
    2010 !
1    Gateway EC5811u Notebook
     There are a number of notebooks on the
     market but we have become increasingly
     excited with the quality and durability of
the Gateway brand. The EC5811u Notebook is
                                                        4GB of cutting-edge DDR3 memory, 320GB
                                                        hard drive, a full-size keyboard with dedicated
                                                        numeric        keypad,
                                                        and a multi-gesture
our top notebook pick because it offers so much         trackpad. Its 15.6"
to photographers. It offers strong performance          high-definition LED-
with up to 8 hours of battery life in a 15.6" thin-     backlit Ultrabright wi-
and-light package, which is essential when you          descreen gives you
need to pack light and are shooting in areas not        optimal 1366 x 768
readily accessible to an energy source. Boast-          resolution. All these
ing significant upgrades in processor, memory           are essential for
and hardware, the brushed aluminum Gateway              quality viewing and
EC5811u Notebook keeps you productive while             editing in the field.
mobile with 64-bit Genuine Windows 7 Home               There are numerous
Premium, a low-voltage 1.3GHz Intel® Core™2             benefits associated
Duo Processor paired with Intel® Centrino® 2            with this unit to list here, so check it out! WEB-
Processor Technology, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless,           SITE:

Honourable Mentions:

           Plantronics Voyager
           PRO Bluetooth headset
                Creative Sound Blaster              M-Audio Delta 44
                                               X-Fi Surround 5.1                External Sound Card
                                            WEBSITE:   WEBSITE:
                                                                                              Issue 1 - 2007 47
48 Canadian Destinations
  Canadian Destinations    52

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