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									What Matters To prevent the establishment of Compassion

Man was created very special, complicated and strange. Not only the outward
and physical creation is very great, but the creation of a moral or maknawiahnya
even more remarkable and all-powerful.

See the nature of mind which can understand, describe, store, release
information, and others. Look at the nature of the heart that can feel the different
types of taste. There was a sense that there are positive and negative.

Why humans are created in such a situation? How do people have to balance
itself so that it became the best of creatures? This is the question the answer
must be sought. If not, people would be wrong to treat him and bad luck would
befall him. Like a gift we are given a knife, we must know that the knife has its
positive and negative. When and how do they work must be studied and followed
so that we benefit from it and safe from the ugliness.

Yes, in relation to the question of human self, which we suppose is to be loved,
why do things happen instead of people do not want to care for others? Logically,
if we want people to love us of course we used to love other people. Then you
have a response. As well, if we do not like people are angry at us, we must not
overlook other people. But the complexities of human nature is that he wants to
be loved but not love to love. In her hope people love him, he was angry, angry
people or things that make people not sayangkannya.

Why he did not give affection, if he really expect compassion? Why did not he
give sympathy if she expects sympathy? Why no respect for other people if you
want to be respected? Did not think he would love to give to the person that the
person is giving you to him? This does not, she just hope people love him, but he
does not love people. Until people get a result there is no love and another man,
as due, and no thanks to the people.

Why is this happening? Al Quran is to give the reasons and ways to overcome
this problem.

1. There are signs which read:
"Indeed it is very inviting Ammarah desire to crime." (Yusuf: 53))
"Satan is the enemy (spiritual) are real." (Yasin: 60)

Yes, apparently a piece of liver in son Adam was created is the worst enemy of
mankind. The enemy within is more dangerous than the enemy in the blanket.
The enemy within can bring people into the hell of the world and the hereafter,
because the enemies of the inner rise properties in the heart of a nasty
destructive of human life. Is he satisfied the properties that will harm human life?

Among them are cocky or arrogant or ego, the nature of ill-tempered, proud
nature, envy, miserliness, riyak (showing off) and others. These properties,
referred to as nature bad, really pushing people in crisis with another man and is
preventing people from giving love and affection of another human being, where
people memperturutkan mazmumahnya.

Which means he can not love others, and everyone else hates him, because evil
is diperturutkan. The crime is despised by the people. This is the main and
important reason why people who want him to be loved, not to love other people.
He likes the good done to him but can not do good to others.

Arrogant, would exaggerate her in front of other people, not friendly and did not
humble themselves, to others fear and hate him. People did not want to love him,
even though she was beautiful, clever, holding and other privileges available to
him. People wonder, but afraid to approach him. But he did not get love and
affection that should be obtained and a wish. Whereas if she is not proud, with
that special enough to be loved and to love him.

Mazmumah Thus, it prevents the human to human is no longer loving and even
hatred. This is true among people of one nationality and religion are not related
by blood.

2. For those who have blood relations like between mother and child or between
husband and wife, the love between them is tabi `i, or natural, is not as great as
possible mazmumah others. Means, usually the father is not proud of the child
and the child was otherwise not brag to their parents. But why did not arise

I guess the question is, you tabi `i can not fertilized because of being blocked by
ignorance. That each party does not know the importance of love as well
nourished and do not know how to give love. They are not taught about it either
at home or at school. If not trained to teach the Evil One, that the children voice
rising with her father, mother, father also likes to nag and aggression in children.
Though their mutual love-love. Tawarlah hearts when the situation is.

Similarly, teachers and students, not envy them, but because you do not know
how to prove, finally broke their hearts.

So it is a husband and wife, are mutual love-love (love lust), but because did not
know or do not know how to entertain feelings of each other, ultimately divisive.
Yes, as a result do not learn about science and keep giving love, the passion to
teach and the Healed Evil tabi `i love and love is biology.

3. Another barrier is not able to make people love each other to maintain the
nature impatient with various friends. Say two people are friends that love each
other, because each can keep the heart and give thanks. But the love between
them can still be resolved if there is no patience with the nature of evil and error,
or red with one another.

While humans are not quiet and wrong and wrong. For example, the friend
asked, and was eager to entertain him tired, and lose one's temper. Then he
frowned or farther away or revolt. Then lose the love and affection. Meanwhile, if
she can bear, of course you already have can be maintained.

4. We certainly recognize that while we have the feeling people want to be loved,
we are very selfish. This trait makes us think about the interests and feelings of
others as obsessed with our fate. We have less sympathy with the suffering of
others, instead, proceed to deal more to consider themselves and their family.
Consequently, we will be able to see the difficulty as long as we pleased.

That's why the stories of leaders abused the power of the people. Traders
increase the price of goods at the rate that should not be, a monopoly of wealth,
to pay wages too low to workers and others. The attitude of compromise,
compassion and sympathy for the people no longer valid.

So do not peliklah if we see today people do not love leaders, purchasers or
users hate capitalists and others.

5. Sense of community or group of fanatics is a reason why love is hindered.
Whenever people feel than to include the tribes, with their own people will look
down on other tribes. When this occurs, then they will be competing, racing and
bergelutan. Until tertutuplah doors to the birth of love between the groups with
the group.

I think the argument above five is enough to show that man is created in a very
strange and magical. Because of his good nature, there is a very evil enemy.
Itself, which originally was quite good but marred by internal enemies today. He
love the good, but because the enemy is deceived in him, he is committing a

Why does this man thus created?
Is this fair creation of this? Is not good for man to be created without an enemy in
him? Yes, there may be readers who asked that!

God's wisdom as to make the properties of good and evil in human nature. Then
created is reasonable to choose, think and act. If one is to choose the good, of
course he tried to get it. Similarly, if he chooses evil, he would also strive towards
it. Usually people are willing to do anything to achieve his choice.

But God, because man is not created in vain, and He will judge the choice of the
His words:
"Fortunately for anyone who purify their hearts. And the mengotorinya loser."
(Ash-Shams: 9-10)
"Whoever in the way we bermujahadah, then we show you the way we are." (Al
Ankabut: 69)

Although God allowed to choose, but God only receive His servants who choose
the good and work towards it. Who would choose evil, God will adili and hosted
soalkan and later, when he called the move to the grave or the Environmental
sentence and the Last. This is where logically there is life after death. That men
are given the results of the tests that confronted them in the world. If there is no
connection anymore, which means living in a world no results, no conclusion, no
justice and vengeance, to the events in the world of nature has not been
completed or expired.

If there is no enemy within, there is no reason Gunalah. If there is no reason, for
what this man created? Enough with the angels and the beasts of this world
meet. That is the purpose of God toward us of His creation. If we understand this
fact, we will know the purpose of life, a way to live, and where this life finally.
Because it is there in `catalog` the creation of this human

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